Monday, October 8, 2012

Be God Allah Versus Right Add Allah: The Great Debate

       “Peace to the Nation of Gods and Earths. I come in the name of Emblem In-Sha Allah, and I will be the moderator of tonight’s debate. In tonight’s debate two very intelligent Gods will debate what I think is a very important issue. The God Right Add Allah holds the position that  Knowledge Wisdom Cipher, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math should indeed remain as they are, and constitute as the fundamental teachings of The Nation of Gods and Earths. The God Be God Allah is diametrically opposed in that he thinks that since Allah gave us Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math that that alone should constitute as the National teachings for The Nation of Gods and Earths. Equality means to be equal in everything and thus this debate will be manifested in equality. Each participant will be given God minutes to clearly state their position, their points of contention and support with reason, and evidence their respective position. Upon the conclusion of a participant’s opening statement the next participant will be allowed understanding minutes for cross examination. Each participant will then be allowed Build minutes for rebuttal and culture minutes for closing statements. It goes without saying that this debate will reflect the highest elements of civilization. I ask that each participant be courteous to the other, and of course no foul language because ‘its babies up in here God!’ Back stage the God B-God Allah won the coin toss and has elected to build first. You have God minutes God!”

   B God Allah walked to the podium, dressed casually and like most Gods the streets were written in his eyes punctuated by a powerful wisdom. His understanding pronounced itself through grey hair interwoven with the black hair scattered throughout a well groomed tight Caesar fade. Clearing his throat he greeted the Gods and Earths in Harriet Tubman auditorium with, “Peace!”awkwardly adjusting the podium’s mic before he began,

    “ Islam means ‘Submission’, so no matter what acronyms you use to describe ‘I’ in the Supreme Alphabet, whether it is I-Self-Lord-And-Master; I-Sincerely-Love-Allah’s-Mathematics; or I-Self-Lift-Automobiles Masterfully the acronym points to ‘Islam’ and it’s nature of submission. Personally I deal with I-God. Are we as a Nation-The Nation of Gods and Earths submitting to Elijah?  Now Cipher! As God we submit to no one.  Do you submit to Self? If you believe you submit to self this would mean there is a split in your psyche indicating a mental disorder of sorts, particularly if the claim is made that one aspect of the Self is subordinate to a dominate aspect of the Self. This would mean that you are simultaneously a Muslim and Allah which would be a contradiction as well as a mental disorder. Allah is not in a state of submission and thus we don’t deal with Islam so why are we still as a Nation walking down this religious road? Should not God be beyond ‘religious’ definition?”

    “The Nation of Gods and Earths have been dealing with Muslim Lessons for well over 43 years, and during this time we have used them as a measuring stick to who is sharp, and who is not, who is in the loop, and who is not. “Do you know your lessons?” has become a preeminent cornerstone question asked in our creed that has literally defined who we are as a collective.  I learned those Muslim lessons nearly 30 years ago and to be honest with you it has succeeded in orientating my mindset to be admittedly mildly religious. Of course I would have denied it back in the day if you would have accused me of being religious b.u.t. I wasn’t objective enough to realize and cee that the lessons were set in stone in my mind and I’d literally made them into a graven image and likeness of what and how I thought God should be or more accurately what God should know. Today the more I reflect on my own self I realize that my mindset was indeed religious, or at least symptomatic of a constraining religious train of thought. I couldn’t forget 120 if I tried, it is literally programmed into my muscle memory from balls to bone. As a young God my goal was to see how fast I could recite the entire corpus of it from who is the Original to Pluto. My best time was 15 or 16 minutes. Thinking back I sounded like a damn fool, with a mouth full of spit lookin’ like a fake ass Twister.”

   “Now-a-days I see and feel more than ever the irritating and frustrating umbilical that keeps us tied to the Nation of Islam, and realize why the Nation of Gods and Earths is having a very difficult time getting over a very bad religious flu that has become an epidemic in our Nation. Gods are always coughing up, and sneezing religious snot.  First infected when they took the knowledge cipher degree under-cap, completely unaware that it automatically groups The Nation of Islam with other religious Nations and by default The Nation of Gods and Earths are duly grouped in this religious category. The grouping process is in essence the beginning of psychological stagnation. Islam in that degree is described and pre-fixed by the word ‘Nation’ The use of ‘Nation’ in this context is indicative of a transcendent notion of the actual word ‘Nation’ as well as addressing ‘Nation’ in a non-political sense and making primary reference to the existential and epistemic sense nuanced in the word’s context. The reality is that the context of ‘Nation’ in the knowledge to knowledge the cipher is not viewed wholly as existential or epistemic. ‘Nation’ takes on a religious resonance and this umbilical cord that attaches to the Nation of Gods and Earths is in fact an umbilical cord connected to the bow ties, the Final Calls, the Muhammad Speaks, the Motherships, the Muslim Lessons and Fard with bean pie in tow that define those things that in terms of credo belong exclusively to The Nation of Islam and not The Nation of Gods and Earths.  Let’s Keep It real with ourselves. The Lessons are training wheels, and The Nation of Gods and Earths got them from the Nation of Islam over four decades ago. The question is when will we learn to ride this bike solely on what Allah gave us which is Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math and finally and truly build to be born in this glorious day?”

     “It is important to think of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad as a social reformer and not as an Islamic scholar. The previous statement is not to invoke hostility, but merely to state a fact. Elijah Muhammad and Wallace Fard, initiated an ideological revolution that brought fourth palpable social reform. The premises that they established were no doubt extremely effective and relatively successful. Their ideological revolt gave birth to a movement of social reform, equipped with a potent religious methodology. Why didn’t Elijah and Fard construct their movement with full blown Christianity? Why did Fard and Elijah choose Islam? Why did they tweak Islam with an ‘Asiatic’ theology steeped in myths such as the Tribe of Shabazz, The Mothership, and rich urban legends such as Yacob grafting white people though no record has ever been transmitted of such events ever having occurred in Islamic or world history? Many of us want these myths to be real to the point of embracing Elijah’s tales at the expense of being utterly irrational, and refuse to see them as they are which are archetypical explanations of reality emerging from the collective unconscious.  Elijah and Fard’s Asiatic theology is a mere decorative frame for a picture depicting social reform. It was a picture that encouraged Original People in the Wilderness of North America to stop drinking, stop using drugs, stop fornicating, take care of your family, be proud of your black self, stop eating pork, eat one meal a day, dress your best, love your brother, love your sister, stop depending on the white man and do for yourself. These were just a few of the important principles that they initiated as they pertain to community and social reform. God and Earth must realize that the frame of Asiatic theology and the picture of social reform are two very different parts and learn to distinguish between that which is religious and that which is socially necessary for original people.”

    “As a reactionary reflex Elijah Muhammad picked up Islam and was not fully cognizant of what it was as a religion and he used it as a weapon to strike a reactionary blow against white Supremacy. Original People in the Wilderness of North America were getting the shit kicked out of them, and Elijah picked up Islam as a stick. Islam was literally a foreign object and he utilized it in this social street fight, pushing back against the force of white supremacy while simultaneously breaking the knee caps of that so-called Mystery God. This mysterious being had been notably absent in the everyday demoralizing reality of Original people in The Wilderness of North America. This so-called God never showed up, irrespective of how many prayers the so-called Negro offered to him. Jesus proved unable and incapable of answering the prayers of Original people. Elijah and Fard concluded that no mystery God was coming to our aid and consequently tied in the religious yokes of the Bible, and the Quran with this truth that God is a Man. Ultimately Elijah makes out Fard to be the One predicted as the Second Coming of Christ and the one known as Mahdi in the Muslim tradition.  Elijah innocently, with no-ill will intended in my view created a secondary religious maze for Original People to trek through who were in affect themselves still searching for a Mystery God. Allah, The Father of The Nation of Gods and Earths managed to escape this maze configured by Elijah and Fard by figuring out the hidden nuances in Muslim lessons by taking these Muslim Lessons as stipulated by the N.O.I. under-cap and or memorizing them which had been a standing order of both the F.O.I. and the MGT in that those questions (Supreme Wisdom) were to be answered one hundred percent before the submission to a student to a subsequent Muslim lesson.”

    “Six Muslim lessons have now come to comprise exactly 75% of the criterion for the Nation of Gods and Earths, establishing an orientation into Elijah’s Asiatic worldview. Now a day such an orientation loses time as one must again trek through a maze of lessons to learn that He is God. Why hoe a road that your father has already hoed?   Objectively, what does this concocted story of Yacob have to do with matters of the black man being God? The black man being God has little or nothing to do with the Asiatic manner in which Elijah and Fard framed and hung this picture. Elijah and Fard’s theological frame is rather cumbersome, heavy, and deeply rooted in religion such to the extent that One can easily find somebody willing to sit down and tell you the story of Great Grand Daddy Shabazz who by the way had ‘good hair’. Really? Really? This religious tether is absolute insanity prominently parading on floats of illiteracy. Let us pay homage to Elijah’s successes as they relate to social reform not his lack of Islamic literacy in which he compensated for with fantastic tales of Great Grand Daddy Shabazz and the Mothership and the 1500 baby planes controlled by the thoughts of six year olds. Unconsciously Gods and Earths are still being choked by this iconic bow tie of irrationality and to this day continue to struggle with pulling a pin out of our domes and a shitty Stacy Adams shoe out of our asses”

    “With Supreme Math and Supreme Alphabet alone you can literally describe any science in the universe exactly as it is. We are a Nation who has a date with pure Mathematics, and the religious conjecture that Muslim lessons obsess and fixate over inevitably retards National development from achieving and reaching the Supreme mathematical destiny that awaits us.”
     “If Allah our Father told us that the Universe could be opened up with Supreme Mathematics then why are we still gravitating and clinging to a deeply religious Asiatic/Shabazzian myth?  Literally, we must be ever thankful to Allah our Father that he didn’t take the tale of the Mothership out of the Mosque or we’d be standing on the street looking up at the sky with the N.O.I. waiting on Wallace Fard to park the ship and beam us the father U Cee King up. Outside of those lessons which were pertinent to social reform a lot of it is Elijah’s imagination.  The Father was the first to figure out what can only be described as Elijah’s riddle, he metaphorically snatched the pebble from the Master’s palm. What did he figure out? He figured out that he himself was Almighty God Allah by virtue of the power vested in him which was the reality present in his own nature as a Black Man. Personally, the message that I receive from Allah Our Father are his words, “You’re God too Son.”  If this is the ultimate truth that can be derived from Muslim Lessons, and Allah has already snatched the pebble from the Messenger’s palm then what else then can be extrapolated from Muslim Lessons? Are we looking for some sort of Bible Code? All you can do with Muslim Lessons is build in the image and likeness of the Nation of Islam which will do nothing except further our descent into the prison house of religiosity.” 

   “These lessons have painted God and Earth into an Islamic corner in which we don’t belong. I Self Lord And Master, or I Sincerely Love Allah’s Mathematics have become slogans that reek of the religion of Islam. Islam is and will continue to be Arab imperialism which has nothing to do with ‘Blackness’? And further more if Islam means Submission and you define yourself as God then what are you submitting too? Of course we all submit to the laws of gravity; the Laws of the government; Physical laws governing dimensionality; and the anatomical laws of our bodies b.u.t. what intrinsic Law of transcendence are you in submission to? Emphatically None! You are unto yourself eternal consciousness in a form at present participating with the manifestation of the singular reality of ‘I’ which is ‘You’. ‘I’ not in reference to Islam b.u.t.‘I’ as in I-God. So be God and untie that rope that a righteous Muslim has tied around your neck.”  

    “These six Muslim Lessons contain phrases like, “Can a Devil Fool a Muslim?” “Original Muslims”; “Nation of Islam” “Why does Muhammad and Any Muslim…” “Why does Muhammad Make the Devil study…” “His Own Self Is a Righteous Muslim”; “…in all the history of Islam…; “Who Made the Holy Quran.” Etc. This is the rope that literally binds us into a religious world view. Six out of the eight points represent Muslim Lessons meaning that three fourths of the Universal Flag is under Elijah’s wisdom. Earth is covered under three fourths Wisdom not God!” “When the dominate portion of the flag is subject to and defined by Islamic and Muslim ideas for more than 43 years, realistically how Free can your Culture truly be?”

    “If I-God decided to use Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math exclusively how effective would such a system be? Firstly the system would be more efficient and easier to teach and capable of plugging into and adapting to every branch of mathematics known and unknown as easily and conveniently as a USB cord connects to computer based devices. The Nation that Understands Pure Mathematics will be victorious, not the Nation discussing religion all day-everyday.Peace”

“No one clapped, instead an intellectual silence was pervasive in Hariet Tubman’s auditorium. The God Emblem In-Sha Allah broke the silence, “Peace God. Thank you for your remarks. Next up is the God Right Add Allah. Peace God you may take the podium.”       

    “Peace, I come in the name of Right Add Allah and I represent Medina. I have had knowledge of Self for wisdom culture years and I love this culture and would die for this culture. Our duty as civilized people is to civilize the uncivilized. That requires a process-a mathematical process that necessitates a proper order of operations. The 85 percent are the uncivilized people poisoned animal eaters ‘slaves’-stop! Think about that: ‘a slave’. The knowledge Culture Freedom degree is very clear. A slave is what? Someone who is bound as the property of another, wholly subject and entirely under the domination of another’s control. According to the degree, what causes the conditions of the slave? The degree goes on to state ‘mental death and power’. The Wisdom degree provides a very poignant example, telling us that Musa had a very hard time in his efforts to civilize the devil. When you are civilizing someone, it requires tools. Knowledge Wisdom Cipher is not only a tool used in order to civilize another, it is a tool to be used when navigating in the Wilderness of North America. North America is defined as a ‘Wilderness’ because it is ‘wild’-wild beast lurk in every direction, North, East, West and South, and we need weaponry to combat these Wild Beast. Knowledge Wisdom Cipher allows us to defend ourselves against destructive interpersonal dynamics that may occur between you and another individual, or within side your own self and society. Knowledge Wisdom Cipher acts as a compass, a cognitive compass allowing us to process the dangers of this ‘jungle life’-a life that every God and Earth must go out and deal with daily.”

     “Allah showed and proved to us each degree, told us to take them under-cap, from who’s the Original to how far Pluto is from the Sun. It broadens not only how we view the world, it opens us up to our very Selves. In the very first degree I see Me. I can’t explain to you how important that is to look at my Knowledge degree in my Knowledge to Knowledge the Cipher and see Me! The next degree borns to me who my enemy is and the Understanding and Culture degrees give me a general idea of the populations, and if all I know is ‘Brooklyn’ the Power degree provides me with a global lens, allowing me to not only Be Wise to make Born the useful proportions of her in equality which then gives me insight as to what belongs to me and how to deal with the forces of devilishment that may occupy aspects of her equality. I know what I own. Knowledge Wisdom Cipher tells me that my enemy occupies a certain portion of Her psyche. Born and Knowledge cipher degrees tells me I have no birth record, and the knowledge cipher degree infers that I do the knowledge to the ciphers and birth records of other said nations. That is only Knowledge to Knowledge the Cipher. There are God more points on the Universal Flag each of which represents a respective body of lessons that are impactful when it comes to giving someone a fair chance to come back from a mental death. To dispense with the degrees would be the equivalent of committing cultural suicide and is in my view an emphatic Now Cipher. Peace”.

“Thank You God” Emblem In-Sha Allah said. “Next up is Be God Allah to make counter arguments.

  “I didn’t come here to bash Knowledge Wisdom Cipher. I learned my lessons nearly understanding cipher years ago. They remain an important part of who I am, and I could not forget them if I tried. Knowledge Wisdom Cipher is what Allah initially used to realize who he was. Our Universal Anthem manifest that we are building to be born in this Glorious Day!” ‘Now’ is the Glorious day. We don’t need to teach from Muslim Lessons. We are God! If we are in this Glorious day, then I ask you why are we still teaching from Muslim Lessons?  Allah gave us 36 keys to open up the Universe. Elijah and Fard made Muslims lessons for Muslims not for God. Why Equal Self it is indeed true that Allah took Muslim lessons under-cap and it allowed him to grow into who he was to manifest his determined idea. He taught ‘us’-the ‘Universal Self’ how to build. The God walked that path from Who is the Original to Pluto so we wouldn’t have to keep doing it. His gift to Universal Self is Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet so why are we still parroting the words of Elijah, and Fard? Those words belong to them. Every lesson in knowledge Wisdom Cipher can be shown and proven with Supreme Math and Supreme Alphabet if you are truly living mathematics out. Knowledge is the foundation, and the foundation is Allah who is God- I-God. Why must I always have Elijah’s words coming out my mouth like Elijah is the ventriloquist and I’m the dummy. We’re not parrots-We are God and Earth.  Allah to Zig is the Wisdom Equality to Build, and Knowledge to Born the Cipher represents the whole of my Universal Flag. If you want six of your eight points to represent what Elijah and Fard taught then sixth eights of our Flag belongs to The Nation of Islam. What is the fraction 6/8 when you reduce it to its lowest terms? Three fourths of our flag is covered under Elijah’s Wisdom.  We are not religious, so why am I focusing on Musa? Why am I focusing on Jesus? Why am I focusing on Muhammad? I don’t need a course on what prophets did. Why do I have to answer a question like 'what is his ownself' only to answer it with a belittling answer like ‘his own self is a righteous Muslim’. I heard some God say, “His own Self is a righteous God” That’s like Jay biting Biggies’ lyrics and flipping it. It is still a bite.  Like Ghostface said, 'Be Original!" The degrees say you are original right? So be original! You ain’t original when you got another man’s words and sentences coming out your hole every time you open it. That is not original nor supremely mathematical in anyway shape or form. God is supremely mathematical. 120 doesn’t mention the word ‘Mathematics’ not once-NOT ONCE! I don’t want nothing to do with Muslims or Muslim lessons if it is outside of Supreme Math. My Father Allah dealt with Muslims so I wouldn’t have to. Muslim lessons are a burden, a parroting badge of shame. They are saying that you are so unoriginal that you gotta spit another man’s words. Allah told us we are Allah, so why are we still spittin’ the words of a messenger and a so-called prophet as he is defined by Elijah in the Knowledge Knowledge degree in the one to forty 43 years after the Father returned to the essence? W.D. Fard wasn’t even referred to as God in the lessons. That whole ‘my uncle bit’ was an old con-game to get money during the depression era so why am I still quoting it?  You can awaken a man way quicker to the knowledge of himself with Supreme Math and Supreme Alphabet than you can by dumping a suit case full of Muslim lessons on him. Those Muslims lessons lock you into a religious mind-state. They weigh you down. Those lessons have created a religious hierarchy. Do you know how much progress we would have made as a Nation if we would have stopped using those lessons? The fundamental object is ‘knowledge’ and we sound exactly like Christians sound when they ask if someone has been ‘saved’, except we ask have you finished 120 yet! I’m one of those who finished 120, I still have it on cap, and it’s sharp-sharp in my head like a Nurse’s needle, it took me damn near understanding cipher years to realize just how absurdly redundant it is in I God Culture. It’s like putting two security software programs on a computer-they cancel each other out, and ultimately crash your computer. One of them has to be deleted, and in my view we should have gotten rid of Muslim lessons as our national teaching a long time ago. You hear Gods sit around quoting it like they’ve done something. You ain’t done nothing except succeed in being utterly un-original in a bogus attempt to impress the next God or Earth just to show you know Muslim lessons which are at present mathematically non-progressive and mathematically irrelevant. Muslim lessons ain’t mathematics. We must focus on the use of Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet. Peace!”
      “Right Add has asked that the format of the debate be slightly altered if you’ll agree B-God? He wants to question you. Is that peace with you God?” Emblem asked.


    “Peace God” Right Add said over the Microphone. I wanted to focus on questioning you because I think that ultimately you are contradicting yourself, and I can show and prove that you are contradicting yourself through questions more so than making or defending my statements. I hold that Supreme Math is right and exact. I hold that Supreme Alphabet is right and exact. And I also hold that Knowledge Wisdom Cipher is right and exact.”
    “Peace God. I assure you that I am not contradicting myself. Ask whatever question you deem necessary.”

    “How do you teach the meaning of civilization without 120?” Right Add asked
     “The entire definition of civilization is in Supreme Math and then some! If you teach a black man or black woman Supreme Math you have in effect taught them the meaning of civilization, and if they practice the principles in their actions they will manifest civilization.”

     “So what’s a savage God?”
      “One who ain’t got Supreme Mathematics! See God what you fail to recognize is that I don’t gotta quote nothing Elijah or Fard said to be God”

     “So who are the 85 percent God?”
     “A destroy power who destroys their power as well as yours.”

     “So who are the 5 Percent on this poor part of the planet Earth?”

    “Have you not heard that your word shall be bond regardless to whom or what?”
    “My word is ‘Wisdom which Borns Understanding allowing me to live my Culture out Freely on four squares of the Truth”.

      “Who is the colored Man?”

    “God how are you gonna classify a man as ‘destroy’?
    "Why can’t I? It is the opposite of build, ain’t it? ‘Destructiveness!  Why should I have to get all into religious terminology like ‘devil’? Devil is evil which focuses on destructiveness? I don’t need a religious motif nor a character of any color. All I need is Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet.”

“‘God’ is a religious term.”
   “‘God’ is a mathematical term.  God is represented by the symbol seven, however the symbol seven is not God. Seven is a symbol indicating the reality of God which is the substance behind the symbol. God is God.”

   “So who is God?”

    “The Black Man is God. I’m God. You God, Allah is God.”

“That is what the Knowledge degree tells us-so why wouldn’t we need lessons?”

“The life of The Father told us-‘us’ being the Universal Self that We are God. We need not refer to lessons anymore to demonstrate the reality of our Truth on our National Square. We represent the Understanding of The Father. So why should we continue to represent the Understanding of Elijah?”
    “God, what makes rain hail snow and Earthquakes?”

    “Master Equality, indeed I God.”

   “Quote the degree Lord?”

“Now Cipher. I’m not here to sound like I work for the Weather Channel. You asked me What Makes Rain Hail Snow and Earthquakes and I answered Master Equality, indeed I God.”

“That is unacceptable God. You have to show and prove.”

“How?  By parroting what Elijah said in Knowledge Born Understanding Culture? Now Cipher! I’ve already stated that I don’t have to parrot the answers of Elijah Poole to Be God.”

“That is now cipher God. You can’t slander him by calling him ‘Poole’ God.”

 “Why not?  He slandered my Father by calling him Clarence Knowledge Understanding Unknown.”

“So God. How do you teach this culture?”

 “Up until my last two students, everyone I have ever taught I made them take knowledge wisdom cipher under cee Allah power. Recently I realized that memorizing Muslim lessons should no longer constitute as a part of the process to become God. It just hit me one day that you can run everything in the universe through  Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet, and that the Muslim lessons are completely and utterly a waste of true I master equality especially if we ain’t no fuckin’ Muslims.”

“Yo God! It’s babies up in here. One more outburst like that and this debate is over.” Emblem warned.

“I hardly believe you can teach this culture with just Supreme Math and Supreme Alphabet  unless you are blind deaf and dumb God.”

“I ain’t blind, I ain’t deaf, and I damn sure ain’t dumb. The bottom line is that…" Be God paused, walked to the blackboard and began to write the following. He wrote it almost as fast and as loudly as he spoke it,

“Knowledge Equality to Power proves Refinement is the Equality of Power (16sa=5sm=6sa=5}) ‘E’ in Supreme Alphabet is Equality which manifest in the Supreme Mathematical Order of ‘Power Refinement’ proving  Refinement is the balance of Power. Knowledge God Queen prove He And Her can Build. Knowledge Build Destroy-He And Her Know Right to Rule to Born. Knowledge Born Self Savior which is Allah Manifesting to Self Savior to Born I God which Born God and Knowledge of The Equality is Father Who is Allah That Fat Her With the Cee Rule Equality Allah Master and Her Knowledge and Understanding of Divine Culture Freedom which is an Understanding of Culture so that she may Cee that which is Destructive and thus choose to Build. That's how I make rain, hail, snow and Earthquakes nigga. Shove them fucking Muslim Lesson up your ass!!”

“Now Cipher, God. It’s babies up in here. This debate is over!” Emblem yelled like a judge slamming his Fuji water bottle like a judge's gavel holding Be God Allah’s comments in contempt.

To Be Continued…