Monday, January 31, 2011

EMBLEM OF JUSTICE: The Gift Of All Gifts

On January 23rd I turned culture wisdom. I feel real good, I'm not fat, I'm not bald and I can still knock a nigga da fuck out. Last Year I stopped smoking Black & Milds (Not Weed), started jogging again, started working out harder and I feel good in my old-age. It feels good not to be fat and bald-I feel like I dodged that genetic bullet that makes your hair line race to the back of your neck. I've been treating myself good and it has really paid off. I'm not a vegan nor a vegetarian, and instead of becoming an out-right foodie, I do extended Fasts at least 3 times a year. Essentially, treating myself good is the gift I've given myself.

It was the gift that my Earth gave me that flipped my wig. It was literally the best Born Day Gift of my entire life. My Earth presented me with an authentic Samurai Sword. I was utterly speechless. On top of my blog there has always been a picture of a Sword, and ironically the sword that the Earth blessed me with is very similar to the sword at the top of my page. The Queen told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands. I stood there with my posture similar to how members of the N.O.I. pray and then, she placed the sword in my palms: I felt the weight of the sword, opened my eyes and saw it's beauty. Wow! It was utterly amazing. It was hands down the greatest born day gift of my entire culture wisdom years on The Planet Earth.

I've held countless weapons: M4 machine gun; S-K; Mossberg; Glock 9'; Glock 45'; Glock 17; Sig; Mac 10; Mac 11; 380; A-K; Israeli Uzzi-you name it. As much as I love guns I've never seen a more majestic, regal and honorable weapon in all my days on the Planet Earth than the Samurai Sword that the Queen got me for my birthday. Never! Ever! Never! This weapon had a soul to it, an indescribable spirit that spoke to me. The sword had both a 'war' and a silent 'peace' pulsating in the blade as I unsheathed it. It meant a whole lot to me on a sentimental level and I'm not a sentimental person. It was a privilege to hold it. It is very sharp, however, in order for it to become as sharp as a surgeon's scalpel it must go to a Sharpener's Shop: a place where steel sharpens steel for-real-for-real.

The sword came with a Samurai stand, where I can kneel before it and meditate-it is absolutely beautiful. The folklore of what a Samurai Sword can do is not exaggerated at all-if sharpened to it's maximum capacity, coupled with a practiced swing, it can easily take off an arm, a leg, a leg, an arm or a head like sliced butter: literally. If stuck into the front of someone it will smoothly come out the back. I've had dreams of murder before-who amongst us hasn't? Usually my murderous dreams involve a Glock or a 12 gauge-but never a sword. Never. As I held the sword I sadistically imagined murkin a movafucka with the sword and with the insight of an empath I felt the terror that such a weapon would invoke in an individual seconds before their death. A cold chill ran through me as I practiced my amateur like swing of the sword. Swinging the sword temporarily planted fear in me-a fear that quickly turned into an honorable awe and respect of it's majesty. It was a profound moment in my life, because I was holding the object that I represent: THE ONE AND ONLY 'EMBLEM' OF JUSTICE.

Guns hold power but the Samurai Sword holds a power as well as a refinement. It makes you respect life and death. When your eyes follow along the horizon of the stainless steel blade you understand why the Quran says that the life of this world is as fragile as a spider's web, because with a sword your essentially one swing away from the reality of death. There is a responsibility that comes with the Sword; a code of honor; an indwelling peace; as well as a blinding decapitating rage of justice all wrapped in one.

How do I see the Mathematics of my attribute 'Emblem Of Justice'? Which was the question I posed to myself as I held the Sword. The sword has caused me to reflect indeed, after all, a sword is what an Emblem of Justice is. So how do I see my Now Allah Master Equal as it relates to Self? Well, closer examination of the sword let me know that if I swing-it's final, and something will be severed, either a relationship or someone's head from their body. There are no re-attachments after an encounter with a Samurai Sword. The 'finality' of the swing of a sword is similar to the squeezing of a trigger. You can't take a bullet back once you let that hot shit go, and if I swing this sword at another human being it's an instant expiration date. I realize 'Responsibility' and 'Wisdom' must come with an Emblem of Justice.

What is an 'EMBLEM'?

It's a symbol that represents substance-which is the representation of reality. Words are symbols that represents signs. Ultimately we communicate with symbols, signs and emblems. Supreme Alphabet is essentially composed of letters. The letter itself is a symbol that represents a Supreme Meaning. Our numbers do the Same. Each Number is a symbol which represents a quantity. Supreme Math turns the basic numbers of our numerical system into Math by transforming the simplicity of quantity into Divine qualities.

You have the Mercedes, Cadillac, Masonic and the Eagle of the United States: all are emblems. The Emblem OF Justice in my time is the Understanding of the Sword that was used in Muhammad's Times which is the Holy Quran(My Cee) and thus this is the reason I desire to one day become a Qari and a Hafiz. Also The Quran is beautiful like my Sword.

Many have said that my writing can sometimes sting, especially when aimed at others. Many have also said I have the ability to deliver succinct expressions that can sometime cut painfully to the bone. Believe it or not-it is nothing that I try to do, sometimes I just think an inherent meanness exist as an integral part of my character. Meanness is not unrighteous it just is. The reality is-is that I have the ability to hurt with words, which is not good. On the flip side of that coin, my words can also inspire and teach thus I must know the edge of the 'ledge'. On the 'edge' of that ledge is where I must learn greater responsibility in my writing and also refinement with the actual sword itself.

'OF' is the Cipher Father, it's weird to have a preposition in your attribute b.u.t. with Supreme Math and Alphabet the meaning of this preposition becomes grammatically transcendent. The Cipher of Fatherhood urges me to truly BE a guiding force in Da Young God's life . He's knowledge build-in college, and that is the proper serautal mustaqeem (The Straight Path) to be on at his physical degree.

'JUSTICE' is truly a penalty or a reward. One side of my sword is sharp and the other is flat, proving penalty or reward.

I love boxing and can throw a punch or two and Now I want to learn the science of how to truly use a Samurai Sword-not to cut someone in half-b.u.t. to learn the correct movements of sword play:
C-A-P-T-A-I-N & L-I-E-U-T-E-N-A-N-T.

I thank my Earth LUMINOUS for such an exquisite gift-I love HER very much. Thank You.

May My Sword Never Shed A Human Being's Blood, but if a movafucka wantz it-a movafucka can get it. Early!!!


Friday, January 28, 2011

A Slither Of Hope

They gave him a free ride: a four year athletic scholarship to play football, he was the fastest middle linebacker the coaches had ever seen. He could pick up a lapsed coverage on an open receiver, tight end or running back. And more than anything he was the cherry on top of all of Kansas's blitz packages. And before any hole on that line could open he was there to stop any running back from rushing through. Needless to say he was the opposing quarterback's worst nightmare. Milton Davidson: All American Whiteboy..Pro scouts had been eyeing him hard, good grades, good stats: 7 sacks; 6 interceptions; and he was at the bottom of every pile-up, signifying that he was the first to make contact on 90 percent of tackles on the field. He was a beast. Milton was a team leader.

His secret to his tough play was raw pork. Yelp! Raw pork. Of course he had a good regimen of steroids, but it was the raw pork that was the gas in his football tank. The pork wasn't completely raw, but it was close: semi-cooked. He'd put whatever cut pork in the pan for 7 minutes only, doused it with a ton of salt, put it between two slices of bread, with thickly spread mayonnaise and bit in like he was entering heavenly salvation. He thought that cooking the pork all the way through defeated the purpose of the pork which he had heard was high in protein. He got free pork loins from a butcher shop off campus. The head butcher was a big University of Kansas football fan. Milton Davidson had been getting the free pork cuts for four years. In his four years of football at Kansas he'd heard a lot of things about how to increase strength. An assistant defensive coach once told him that raw pork worked well with steroids and gave an athlete the maximum advantage. He used 'Testin' steroid cream everyday and every three weeks he'd get a shot with a syringe filled with anabolic steroids in his left ass cheek. Afterward he'd workout-heavy reps, squats, bench presses etc. All American Milton Davidson would admire his muscular body in the mirror after hard workouts, aside from the acne on his back from the steroid use-he considered himself a Caucasian Football god. After his pose down in the mirror he would eat four pounds of raw pork-at least four pounds of raw pork. The NFL scouts want size and mass, weightlifting had become a routine, second nature. What Milton didn't know is that he had a few very large tapeworms growing in his colon, as the result of the raw pork. The worms had been growing in his bowels for four whole years. Not only had he been feeding the worms raw pork but by him taking steroids-the worms had also been growing abnormally large because of his heavy steroid use. The worms were big, strong and firm like their host. The worms had grew to the length and girth of actual snakes, if not bigger. They were ready to come out of their host, all they needed was a push.

Him and a few of his teammates went to a Mexican restaurant off campus one night and they dared Milton to eat the Hell Fire burrito, it was a 15 inch burrito made with the hottest peppers on Earth. Milton accepted the challenge and was cheered on by his teammates and the beer drinking college crowd as he bit into the flaming hot Hell Fire burrito. When the peppers got to his lower intestines it disturbed the parasitical snake sized worms incubating in his stomach. The hot peppers caused the worms to uncomfortably twist, and slither wildly. It was the first time he had ever felt the parasites move deliberately. With hot lips from the Hell Fire Burrito and a stomach that seemingly had a mind of it's own, he rushed to the toilet, pulled down his pants, recklessly placing his ass cheeks on the pissy toilet seat and he grunted like he was attempting to bench press five hundred pounds. The parasitical snakes in his stomach were stubborn-they didn't immediately come out, instead they moved around, causing indentations of their slithery movement to form on the outside of his stomach as evidence of their presence inside of him.

His teammates followed him in the small bathroom laughing-thinking everything was Okay: just a case of the bubble guts. They knocked on the stall door, laughing as the All American Football star grunted for dear life.

"Yo dude-you OKay??!" John Kacheveski the Defensive Tackle yelled.

With a voice sounding as if he was completely in distress, in a weak, defeated tone he uttered "I gotta shit. It won't come out." What made it worse is that his lips were hot from the Hell Fire Burrito. The snake sized worms were in his colon looking for a way out-they opened gaps in the cement-like fecal matter impacted solidly on the walls of his intestines causing air bubbles to form, making Milton let loose heavy ass, stereophonic farts, unnatural farts, buzzsaw sounding farts that seemed to never end. The five minute fart symphony stunk up the small bathroom in the Mexican restaurant so bad that it caused the Cornerback and the Nose Tackle to leave the small bathroom with their faces scrunched up tightly.

"Dude are you Okay?!!" John Kacheveski asked again--asking if he was okay was the closest thing he could offer to medical help. The snake sized worms in his colon continued to slush around, slithering in the midst of the undigested pork and shit in his bowel. He farted again and the fart was heard in the restaurant as other patrons ate. Everyone heard the five minute fart-it was unnatural-causing people in the restaurant to ask for their checks. They wanted to leave.

One of the snake sized worms sensed a way out, taking the same sliding board way out that shit takes through the lower intestines. As Milton, the All-American Middle Linebacker strained on the pissy toilet seat, the tapeworm on steroids squeezed his grayish, white head out of the line backer's asshole. It was the first time the tapeworm breathed air, the new atmosphere caused the snake like tapeworm to wildly wiggle with an explosion of movement. The linebacker yelled as the super sized tapeworm with the girth the size of a baseball bat was painfully expelled from his rectum. His eyez rolled to the back of his head as he shit out the snake. It was the Granddaddy of all tapeworms. A five foot tapeworm wildly slithered from the middle Linebacker's asshole, spewing blood and excrement all over the toilet bowl. Smaller worms easily fell out after such a big hole in the rectum had been made. His asshole looked like someone had stuck an M80 firecracker up his ass and lit the fuse.

Milton Davidson fell off the toilet and hit the stall door head first. His teammates tried to open the door but Milton's heavy 255 pound body was wedged between the toilet and the stall door. The slushing sound of the tapeworms on steroids splashed around in the toilet bowl. The splashing sound made the football players look at each other as if to say, "What the fuck is that?"

Finally, they got the door open and dragged their All Star middle linebacker out of the stall onto the bathroom floor. The defensive end was the first to look in the toilet bowl and the 340 pound man screamed like a 12 year old girl when he saw the slithering tapeworm attempt to raise up like a King Cobra preparing to strike.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" He screamed, slamming the toilet lid shut.

"What is it Mike?" The rest of the defensive players asked.

"It's a fucking Cobra dude! He shit a fucking Cobra!"

It wasn't a Cobra but it had the striking deliberation of a Cobra. The tapeworm hit the underside of the toilet lid causing it to jump.

"Mike, sit on it-for God sake dude don't let that thing out!" The 340 pound Defensive End sat on the toilet seat but still the strength of the tapeworm was pronounced as he felt the dull thud hit from the underside of the toilet seat's lid causing the big whiteboy to jump as if he were in a car rolling over a bump.

'Thud! Thud! Thud!' That tapeworm wanted out bad, and worst off--it was strong. Real strong!

"Flush the fucking toilet Mike!!!" Jovon Washington the outside linebacker yelled. Flushing was a good idea. Mike flushed and the tapeworm wiggled even wilder, struggling against the pressure of the flushing toilet. The tapeworm wasn't going anywhere. After surviving the vacuum like suction of the toilet flush the five foot tapeworm struck the underside of the lid with a crazy insane violence causing the 340 pound Defensive End to bounce on the toilet seat with each wild slam from the tapeworm. As the tapeworm became more violent the rest of the team dragged Milton Davidson out of the bathroom, pants still down around his ankles, bleeding profusely from his rectum, everybody in the restaurant got up yelling at the sight of the path of blood created from the bleeding middle linebacker's ass. They laid their teammate down on the floor. He looked up at his teammates and weakly whispered, "I think another one is about to come out!"

Number 88, Mustafa Hamid was a Sophomore Wide receiver from D.C.. He was at the Mexican restaurant with two white Cheerleaders named Hope and Chastity. He got up from his table and yelled, "What is yall crazy white motherfuckers doin now? And why is Milton bleeding from his ass?"

"Call the police!" The Mexican restaurant's owner yelled to his heavy set wife Marta. He thought a fight had broken out, but a fight wouldn't explain the gaping gash at the center of the Middle linebacker's ass. And then it happened-the Great grand daddy of tapeworms bust through the asshole of the middle linebacker. It slowly slithered out, squiggling, flopping, writhing, wiggling with a red blood stained tip, marking its grayish-white head. 8 feet in length and the girth of a baseball bat. It came out violently, destroying what was left of number 56's asshole. Milton would need reconstructive surgery on his ass.

The two blond Cheerleaders, Hope and Chastity froze, but not Mustafa-he used that 4.3 speed of his to get ghost, leaving the two white chicks at the table. Chastity jumped on the table and Hope fainted. Too bad for Hope. The tapeworm slithered quickly over to Hope, and searched for an orifice on the cheerleader's body. The tapeworm found her mouth and the 8 foot, bloody, shitty tapeworm slithered down the throat of Hope.


Don't Eat Pork!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Take Mario Puzo's Dick Out The Back Of Your Throat

Mario Puzo's novel 'The Godfather', and Francis Ford Coppola's adaption of transforming the book into a film has caused the phenomenon of the Italian Mafia to set the world ablaze. Puzo was the first writer to let outsiders into the world of the mafia. Prior to The Godfather, Hollywood had plenty of black and white shoot 'em up Gangster flicks featuring the likes of James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and others, but nothing rivaling the cinematography, drama and symbolism of The Godfather. America has since overdosed on the 'Mafia' brand and Hollywood has employed a select core of Italian American actors to sell this cinematic drug of choice to the American public. Robert Dinero, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano are just a few. Their masterful portrayals of Mafiosos have caused Italian blood to temporarily flow through every American's veins at one time or another. One of the art forms that has been effected the most by mafia films is Hip Hop. Hip Hop over the last 20 plus years has figuratively speaking put Mario Puzo's dick in the back of its throat, glamorizing half-original crime-from Wu-Gambino's-to 3-6 Mafia-and numerous other hip hop acts. The fact that so many Hip Hop artist have infringed on gangster films, by employing voice-overs, mafioso motifs in advertisements as well as excerpts from mafia movie dialogue to make their music more appealing is not original at all. I'm sure such massive copyright infringement pays for some big-time copyright Lawyer's summer home somewhere in the Hamptons.

Rappers have rhymed the names 'Pacino', and 'Dinero' countless times and many rappers at one time or another have referred to themselves as 'Don'. Yeah right: Don Mulinyan!

17 years ago when my son was approximately 18 months, I use to have VCR tapes that held hours of Barney episodes- Barney non-fucking stop. My son could watch that purple Dinosaur endlessly. I even began to learn the shows by heart myself. Similarly, I knew a dude who would watch Godfather 1, Godfather 2, and Godfather 3 over and over again, so much so that he developed the ability to parrot the entire trilogy effortlessly. In his defense, he claims that he was extracting 'jewels' from the movie-not for purposes of crime but to understand the mafia code of honor from Sicily known as 'Omerta'. He'd watch all of these movies that explore criminality, while never himself committing an actual crime. Watching mafia flicks over and over again in my opinion is unhealthy and can possibly lead to a delusional perception of self: fantasizing about being 'Made' is not fly. A grown man knowing all the words to the Godfather movies like my son parroted Barney-is not cool. It's actually sad, it's kinda like jackin' your dick to a porn flick but instead the individual masturbating busts a nut by mouthing to himself silently, "Lucca Brazzi sleeps with the fishes."

One thing I've learned about The Godfather, Mafia films, and Hollywood 'shoot 'em ups' is that no music plays when you kill someone in real life, you don't say anything cool like 'Leave the Gun- get the cannolis."; you don't kill a Police Captain and flee to Italy for five years, freely roaming the mountainous country sides of Sicily with Italian bodyguards until the 'heat' in America cools down. Mario Puzo sold a dysfunctional bill of goods to an already violent American public. America has always been ultra-violent-from the Revolutionary War; to gangster films; to video games; to TV. America is no stranger to violence.

Last night I watched 'The First 48', a show that investigates real murders, interviews real witnesses, and to the shows credit-it shows that there is nothing glamorous about murder. Tony Soprano murdered someone every week on the HBO original series 'The Sopranos', and strangely, I can't recall one episode in which 'T' saw the inside of an interrogation room. The Sopranos starts off real cool, catchy theme music while Tony drives over the bridge to his million dollar home in Jersey, smoking his cigar, blowing smoke, and looking out for the feds in his rear view mirror. Bottom line: Hollywood actors get theme music and real people don't. Everybody who has ever put in 'work' knows that there is no theme music in the game. Back in the day I once listened to 'Only Built For Cuban Links' before I rule cipher borned a dude. I was listening to the track entitled 'Spot Rushers'-anyway, that'z the closest I've ever come to theme music: a Goddamn Wu-Tang CD! In reality, there is no theme music, no editing, and no cinematography-just some dumb, impressionable kid, sitting in an interrogation room crying for his mommy, ready to cop to any deal a homicide detective or prosecutor puts on the table. Next, the poor kid will find himself standing before a white Judge looking at years in the penitentiary-years equal to the numbers on an average wide receiver's football Jerzey or worse: life-in-prison.

Every time I watch a gangster flick I remember that it's a Hollywood film crew that makes the Rain, Hail, Snow and Earthquakes around the actor. Tom Cruise is on a Motorcycle in a spy flick with the white bitch Cameron Diaz on the back, she flips around and holds two sub-machine guns and shoots at the cars in hot pursuit all while travelling at the terrific speed of a 120 miles per hour on a Ducchatti Motorcycle. In real life, both of the white people would be dead-even a super secret agent like Cruise. But with a little Hollywood trick-knowledge, Tom and Cameron can humorously flirt with each other in between the loud burst of automatic gun-fire, as cars flip and explode on a busy highway interstate during rush-hour. Get da fuck outta here!!!! Guns are loud: loud-loud! Accidents are deadly, blood flows indeed, and there are no stunt drivers waiting in the wings, and if there were; they'll be charged with homicide. And when said getaway stunt driver is taken into custody by cee cipher punks, placed in that chilly interrogation room he'll do his best to live up to the toughness of his tattoos for about 5 minutes. He'll start to hear phrases like '25 to Life' spew from the mouths of both the good-cop and the bad cop. He will quickly snitch and explain how it was all your idea. He will then realize that murder is not as cool as Don Corleone, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, 50 Cent or Mario Puzo made it out to be. There is no theme music to murder and one doesn't stroll away with a 'Michael Corleone' Gangster lean as the strings of the Godfather's violins cry. THE WHITE MAN WILL PUT YOUR BLACk ASS IN PRISON UNTIL YOU DIE(*and he won't blink).

The jewels I take away from Gangster flicks are that very few niggas got paid while they were being made, and if they did get a few dollars-it was probably for sweeping up the movie set after the film crew was done shooting for the day.

A black guy is sweeping up after a long day on the set of a gangster flick; Al Pacino is leaving his private trailer with the 5 pointed-star on the door as a testament to his celebrity status; and the black guy who's sweeping the floor waves at Al and says "Good Night Mr. Pacino."

Pacino steps into a waiting limo, wearing shades and the wave from the black guy sweeping is not returned by Al. Al Pacino, Robert Dinero and Marlon Brando don't give a fuck about your black ass, so mind your business, keep sweeping and take Mario Puzo's dick out the back of your throat.

Bada Bing,

Don Emblemo Justiano

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Art Of Islam

I Recite knowledge wisdom cipher like a jazz piece, and imagine Miles Davis in a cold blooded, focused headspace and elegantly executing every nuance of his musical notes. It's the 'subtlety' that makes a great artist-great. Miles lifts the sound from the core of his being, and then gives music to the world. So go from 'Who's the Original to Pluto' for the sheer love and majesty of the piece.

Recitation of knowledge wisdom cipher is important, not to be taken for granted. If you took knowledge wisdom cipher from knowledge to born, 120 is officially yours-it's paid for-you put the work in, bled over it, and it's now yours to keep. You are responsible for the up-keep as you would be for any other great work of art.

Keeping knowledge wisdom cipher sharp should become a personal priority, whether you're sober or in a state of experimentation. Earthquakes are caused by the 'mis handling' of high explosives, so handle high explosives with care. Do the knowledge on Yacob's babies-they handle high explosives everyday, and everyday their blowing things up-sometimes themselves, proving, "...ain't no peace amongst them." That's just what they do: don't be mad at 'em. 'Mad' doesn't solve problems, Mathematics solves problems.

Their father played with steel and just like their father they also play with steel. Why are the Pittsburgh Steelers called 'Steelers'? What is a 'steeler'. The entire process of bringing iron from inside the Earth and converting it into a useful product made with steel involves a worker called a 'steeler'. From furnace to forging-the steel industry is integral with a myriad of other industries. Steel not only is an integral element for actual building, steel defends nations as well. Historically, and Quranically, a nation without steel can easily be conquered by a Nation that possesses steel. Yacob was playing with two nations. Biblically speaking, in Genesis Chapter understanding power, verse knowledge cipher, Yacob changes his name to 'Israel'. If you read further it goes on to say that Israel's seed will become many nations. The idea of wisdom pieces of steel is a metaphor related to nations. Interestingly enough the wisdom understanding in the knowledge culture cipher asks, "Tell us what did he promise this nation he would do? That he would make a devil, graft him from his own people and he would teach them tricknowledge, and how to rule his people for 6,000 years." Yacob's promise to his Nation was a personal vow to himself. An aspect of any determined idea is keeping your word bond to yourself. Keeping your word to yourself insures knowledge born to cipher back to knowledge which is the revolving and evolving of the cipher. 'Back to knowledge': all that above comes from the foundation which is knowledge. To possess the power of causation of all that above is not inaccurate speculation, instead it's Self Realization or understanding as a sum, manifesting from wisdom's reflection of knowledge. Knowledge knowledge in the Supreme Alphabet is King. Knowledge-knowledging self is an aspect of wisdom. Wisdom yielded Understanding. Knowledge understanding asks, "B.U.T. Brings rain, hail, snow and earthquakes." "They continue daily..." And so must U.

More importantly the wisdom wisdom degree is after U. The constitution of who U are is acknowledging what is at the core of U. God is at the center of the Universal Flag-knowledge of Self is a central theme. 'What is his or her own self'. The science of everything in life as it pertains to the self: anatomy, physiology, biology, emotionally, psychologically, intellectually and a multiplicity of other ciphers followed by the unit of Self. The complexity and extent of the self in the knowledge understanding degree tells us simply, there is no beginning or ending. We are essentially limitless and the true Unit of Self never ends, it is the part of self having no ending. The 'unit' evolves, to revolve and returns to essence. 'One Self' or THE NATION OF ISLAM relates to the essence of life in the born degree-an egoless state without differentiation as it relates to energy or what some call the 'Universal Black Mind of Allah'-others say it's a term indicative of a mystery God. That's an Emphatic Now Cipher! It's a term that bares witness to the truth that Supreme Mathematics is ultimately without ego. Ego is a psychological component, a symbol to the crown of a King and the King's need for his word to Become a bond to life or law. Kings rule Nations with the knowledge to build and destroy. Be careful, in some instances the desire to build can become intertwined with vanity and the natural holy desire to build is then diluted mixed and tampered with.

A sadistic nature takes over: a need to exploit. Yacob's seeds rule with sadistic policies, "...Cremators who would burn the black babies when ever the nurses would bring them and also death to anyone who revealed the secret." Keep social equality with Cremators and you might come up missing.

Going through knowledge wisdom is a beautiful journey in the my eyes. So many things to see, people to meet and places to go. I go through knowledge wisdom cipher with a sense of adventure, embarking into the unknown of my daily Quran, like a prayer b.u.t. no particular movements-mainly just reciting while standing in the living room rhythmically waiving my hands from side to side, "R-0-P-E means the rope to bind in, it..." I stop, clasp my hands behind my back-because I don't want the waiving of my hands to be a part of a recitation tick. Then I put my hands in my pocket, ultimately you don't want to form subconscious recitation habits. Your flow should be natural. Knowledge wisdom cipher should flow from muscular memory at an involuntary level. Every person I consider true and living has dreamed about the actual sentences, words and the letters in their lessons flowing through their minds eye. Also, I have so many dreams in which I am reciting knowledge wisdom cipher-wake up and start picking the meaning of that degree apart that I just dreamt about. The mind is the ultimate lab, and the born jewel is the second lab. Standing in the middle of my second lab, I clear my throat like a singer. "'Who'" sparks off my lips causing me to feel a percussive echo in the center of my chest, "Is" comes out with a slight smile, "the" opens like the beginning of a tongue kiss,
and 'original' drops from my lips with the fire of a Jamaican politico. "Man" thrust me back up in to that 'Miles Davis' like serious headspace, characterizing both the serious and beautiful nature of 'Who's the Original-to Pluto'

Take The Trip,


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Surmounting The Laws Of Physics

The Holy Quran surah 2 ayat 30: "Behold", your Lord said to the angels, "I will create a vicegerent on Earth." They said, "Will you place there in one who will make mischief there in and shed blood? While we do celebrate Your praises and Glorify Your Holy name?" He said, "I know what you know not!"

Have you ever heard Elijah's cee on the above degree? Elijah says that this is Yacob talking. Farrakhan agrees, and many who come from the Asiatic tradition deal with the same cee. Is this degree in the Holy Quran making reference to the wisdom wisdom in the meat(1-40)? Personally I'm not going to chime in with a 'Y Equal Self' or a 'Now Cipher': I hold to the personal philosophy of 'Yo cee yo cee, my cee my cee'.

"So what is 'my cee' on this Quranic degree? First of all Gods and Earths who don't bare witness to Allah's manifestation out of three stages of darkness cause me great sadness. Why? Because 22 years ago I swore up and down to my mother that the '5 Percent Nation' was not a cult but instead a group of young mathematicians and scientist. "Mom we're just taking the teachings of Elijah to another level!" I said valiantly in defense of our unique Asiatic creed.

When I think back to those words I spoke as a young man, I didn't realize at the time that I was destined to one day critique America's K-12 system of public education and how such a system has failed many original people, including Gods and Earths. Many of those who I was defending in that argument with my mother didn't have a general knowledge of high school physics. Even Elijah who only went to the fourth grade bore witness to the mind of Allah creating the 'first atom' in darkness. Elijah in the Theology of Time wrote that it took six trillion years to create that first atom. I have no Idea how Elijah arrived at six trillion years? The reality is-is that there is a beginning to the physical universe-meaning that there is a beginning to the 'Black man'. Stars are made of gas, molecules, atoms, quantum forces etc.. A primordial intelligence does exist, nowadays this primordial intelligence resides in a physical vehicle. So does a primordial existence conclude that a Mystery God does exist? Now Cipher, b.u.t. how you understand your relationship to energy speaks volumes as to ones general understanding of physics and quantum mechanics.

Allah is pure intelligence-this intelligence is principled upon mathematics, and this intelligence does not have to be embodied in a human form with an ego at the steering wheel. "Ahh, that'z some Mystery God shit Em." Naw it ain't, Mystery God shit is believing that a black man was walking around on Earth 999,999,999 trillion years ago with a pair of Timz on-that'z some mystery God shit for yo ass!! Such mystery God shit that a physical black man has always been walking the Earth to and fro shows and proves that a nigga cut every science class of his academic life. I was in first period Physical Science learning that 10-15 Billion years ago the physical universe was born out of an explosion. An explosion deemed 'The Big Bang' by Western Physicist!

"Now cipher Emblem!!! The Black Man has always been here!"

In this omni-directional explosion called the 'Big Bang'-the initial temperature was millions of trillions of degrees. This heat initiated the nature of gravity and gravity as we understand it began to evolve. Within one second after this initial explosion, electro-weak forces split into electromagnetic weak forces. The temperature was estimated at a Trillion degrees, every highly trained physicist agrees that the quarks yielded protons and neutrons and the anti-quarks formed anti-protrons causing a collision between the sub-atomic material which then expelled the protons causing the emergence of photons causing the emergence of 'light'. The same 'Let there be light' that the bible speaks of and the same 'Kun fya Kun' the Quran speaks of: gravity, galaxies, stars, planets etc. was at that time, being 'grown and made from the beginning'. The Earth is estimated at 5 billion years old. Now, I know that Elijah said the Earth is 66 Trillion years old, so how does one justify the math of the Old Man? Time in the Dark room. 'Dark Room?' "Em, what da fuck are you talking about: dark room?"

Peep: Every picture that is developed must at some point have a relationship to darkness-this relationship to darkness allows the photographer to develop the picture. Darkness developed the light of the Universe into focus. In order to form a picture you need the 'negative'. The 'negative' in terms of the Universe's origin and or 'The Big Bang' was initiated by an implosion which was the reality of knowledge knowledge or Allah's undifferentiated/Energetic 'Black' mind dwelling in Eternal Peace, contemplating it's own eternity, showing proving 'No Beginning nor Ending' or as the Quran puts it 'Allah begeteth not nor is He begotten'(Lam yu lid wa lam yu lud). This Pure intelligence is a Holy mathematical construct which permeated pre-big bang origins: The dark room is where time is not physically perceived because there is no motion, no light, no perception of space-just singular consciousness relative to itself alone: without fragmentation. This is a state of egoless, undifferentiated consciousness: The One Self or Al Ahad-The One. The Highest Expression of 'The One' on Earth is the Black Man's Body. It is his genetic code that each and every other being on Earth emerged from, showing and proving that he is the 'Original Man', the 'Archetype' and the 'Father of Civilization', quranically speaking, and with Webster's dictionary at my disposal is essentially what 'Vicegerant' means.

Surah 2, Ayat 30: let's examine it again:
"Behold", your Lord said unto the Angels, "I will create a Vicegerent on Earth." They said, "Will You Place There in one who will make mischief there in and shed blood? While we do celebrate Your praise and Glorify Your Holy name?" He said, "I Know what you do not know!"

"Question: Emblem who are the fucking angels?" Again, adhering to my personal philosophy of 'Yo Cee-Yo cee and my cee-my cee': I see the Angels as man's psychological abstraction for laws that pertain to the physical universe. The mechanics of all that goes into the inner workings of the quantum fog; the motion of super strings, y-particles, x-particles; z-particles; bosons, gluons; neutrinos; quarks; and all the sub-atomic material that holds the atomic nature of things in the universe in check. The relationship of electro-magnetism; gravity and the quantum law governing every material happening in the Universe is the true meaning of the 'Angelic realm'(My Cee). 'Angel' is the word that Old Prophets used to describe the quantum realm and the physical laws that Govern space/time and energy(My Cee). These concepts were so beyond their mathematical comprehension during that time that the ancients described the abstract through stories(My Cee). The psychology of man projected his own ego onto these laws which led to the personification of quantum laws as angels in every religion and every biblical story hence the term 'Super natural'(My Cee). The quantum nature of things could not be explained then and thus the ancients attributed the unexplained and 'unknown' to 'Angels', Gods and produced and directed their own religious-psycho drama(My Cee).

Man's unconscious projection causes angels to be depicted in human form. So what are the 'wings' all about? Wings are an unconscious manifestation of man's relationship to gravity i.e. the physical universe: To mathematically elevate in spite of gravity.

According to Surah 2: Ayat 34, Allah commands the Angels to bow down to Adam. What does this really mean? Basically, man's knowledge of mathematics can elevate to no ending. As the intellect elevates via mathematics, man will make the laws of physics submit to his will: man will surmount the laws of physics, which would show and prove 'God of the Universe'.

Yo Cee, Yo Cee-My Cee, My Cee


Friday, January 14, 2011

Surah 2, Ayat 1: 'Aleef, Lam, Mim'

1500 years ago Muhammad recites, "Aleef, Lam, Mim" in the first ayat of the second surah, Baqara. These letters are considered mystical according to traditional Sunni scholarship. The meaning of the mystical letters has never been truly determined, it has been said that the order of the mystical letters that begin Baqara can be related to the word 'Knowledge', which in Arabic is 'alim'(knower); alam(knowledgeable), or 'ilm' (knowledge).

U.S. Constitution Article 1, Section 1:

There is no mystical meaning in Article 1, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Article 1, Section 1 establishes and specifies that congress be made up of two houses: The Senate; and The House of Representatives. At this point The Holy Quran and The U.S. Constitution are seemingly unrelated in terms of subject matter. The Quran is clearly mystical in the first Ayat of Baqara, while the Constitution quickly establishes a branch of government. Both of the initial statements from either political document initiates the religious adherent and political constituent into the realm of its doctrine, dogma and authority: indoctrination.

Surah 2, Ayat 2

"This is a book: in it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear Allah." If we understand that allegiance is an integral part of the formation of a religion, or a nation, we can see the idea that political structure is conceived in religious 'oath', 'allegiance' and 'fear'. The ayat attempts to convey to the listener, or reader a sense of personal responsibility to never doubt Quranic guidance. The verse acts similar to that of the first verse in The United States of America's pledge of allegiance, which starts off, "I pledge allegiance-to the flag, of the United States of America...". Islam's pledge is, "I bare witness that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger". Oaths lay the foundation for fear, allegiance and structure. Fear is one of the emotions along with a sense of 'respect' that solicit loyalty, whether it’s a fear of Government reprisal or of the Hell-fire after death-fear is planted early in religious and political soil.

Article 1, Section 2:
This section of the U.S. Constitutions specifies the cycle of elections for the House of Representives, explaining that each member is up for election 'biennially'(every two years). This Article and Section explains the structural mechanics of political authority designated to the House of Representatives and how it operates as a branch of the central government.

Sura 2, Ayat 3: "Who believe in the unseen, are steadfast in prayer and spend out of what we have provided for them."

This verse has psychological implications, implying that one believe in the unseen. Belief in the 'unknown' causes the Quran's adherents to form a psychological relationship with an unseen, mentally animated abstract entity-an abstraction that is inextricably synthesized into the muslim's imagination and defines his or her concept of an unseen 'God'. It's an ayat that attempts to prevent the mind of the religious adherent from being clouded by logic. The 'cloud' in this case would be rational or scientific conversation. Rationalism questions the existence of God, in this religious context, questioning the existence of a mysterious God would raise doubt, and thus, such a practice is frowned upon. In religion, it is the disbeliever who is considered 'irrational' or aberrant not the adherent.

Accepting an unseen entity is paramount to facilitating political acceptance. A receptivity to religious notions fosters orientation into the political realm.

*Operating maxim: 'If I can give you my God-I can give you my politics.' Exploitation soon follows. In the case of European communism: "If I can take your God away-I can give you my politics in exchange."

*note: It is my view that the so-called 'non-religious' stance that European communist nations take are nevertheless religious. Being anti-religious-is in fact, unwittingly religious. The innate quality of religiosity is nevertheless present in Human beings that claim not to be religious. They are 'religious atheist', which translates into 'religious'. 'God' in terms of 'existence', or 'God' in terms of 'non-existence', still puts 'God' center stage. 'God' Is A Religious Term. When 'God' is brought up in conversation-'religion' in substance is fully present, either Specified or in General. Religion does not have to have an official 'name' for an individual to behave along the psychological lines that characterizes Religion. Quickly, every religion finds a name as every Psychological disorder is so named, classified and noted in the field of psychiatry: 'Democracy'; Schizophrenia; Christianity.

*It is my contention that religion in general, facilitates and fosters the phenomenon of political structures, and that it is imperative to identify formative political ideas within Quranic, Biblical and other world religious text-relative to the hidden, unconscious religious notions in U.S. Constitutional content.

The Quran inter-orients an individual in an attempt to establish an intrinsic structure which then 'self polices' the muslim-in lieu of the overall state of Islamic affairs at home (domestic affairs) and abroad (international affairs). Islam builds its governments one muslim at a time and the U.S. Constitution establishes definitive branches of government one branch at a time. Religion and Politics are Two distinct routes, unconsciously aiming at the same objective but taking two different directions. Their objective is 'Government'.

Article 1, Section 3: "The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two senators from each State, chosen by the legislature thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have a vote...." It continues by explaining and describing the rules that lay the foundation for the workings of the U.S. Senate. The Constitution focuses on a structural body of government, while The Quran continues to allude to esoteric descriptions as they relate to loyalty and devotion. Each political document is forging the foundations of government-governments differing in 'methodology'-but nevertheless 'Governments' all the same.

Sura 2, Ayat 4:

"And who believe in a revelation sent to you and sent before your time, and(in their hearts) have assurance of the hearafter."

This ayat discusses the belief in the Quran as a revelation from an unseen God who is revealing his words via Muhammad. The ayat confirms other religious text that proceeded it. 'Quran' means 'recitation' and in the recital the words of this ayat reflects and expounds upon the previous ayat. Further, this ayat alludes to the fact that a muslim believe in the hearafter-or the unproven concept of life after physical death. Belief of life after physical death psychologically envelopes the religious adherent into a realm of faith. Faith is a convenient psychological mechanism to usher forth a lifetime of unquestionably, blind political loyalty and religious allegiance. 'Allegiance' is not synonymous with 'faith' per-se, but is however, closely related in political terms. The implication of the Holy Quran's religious content can ultimately be construed into a political context and thus forge the religious, and international will of the people. Those who accept the above terms claim to be guided by their Lord and they further claim it is they who will prosper. This ayat is behavioral modifier, an aspiring statement to motivate certain behaviors of believers to remain compliant with religious and quasi political agendas.

Article 1, Section 4:

"The times, places and manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each state by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of 'chusing' Senators. The Congress shall assemble at least once every year, and such Meeting shall be on the first Monday in December, unless they shall by Law appoint a different day." Again, the constitution's content has definite structural aims. Through Article 1, Section 4, power and discretion is given to state legislatures. This provides 'States' with broad latitude as it pertains to the manner of holding elections for their respective Representatives, which is subject to congressional override.

Surah 2, Ayat 5:

"They are on true guidance, from there Lord, and it is these who fear Allah."

The idea of fear is planted deep in the foundation of religion. Politics incubates in religion and consequently politics is fear-based: 'two peas in a pod'. Politics attempts to establish order in the face of disorder and make 'social arrangements' that are generally acceptable to constituency and to establish 'custom'. Politics is the logistical arrangement of power for purposes of establishing, and maintaining a sovereign structure for reasons of collective security and survival. Structure, security and survival are rooted in personal insecurity-born from the historical absence of security. Religion and Politics are compensatory social mechanisms for human insecurity and both are hard wired into the human being after millions of year of survival-a survival during which our genetics took into account the swift and changeable nature of our immediate, uncertain future. The swift in changeable nature of a jungle life yielded the religious and political models of group stability that affect the total population of the Planet Earth everyday in some way shape or fashion.

Article 1, Section 5:

"Each House shall be the judge of its elections, returns and qualifications of its own members and a Majority of each shall constitute a Quorum to do Business; but a smaller Number may adjourn from day to day, and may be authorized to compel the Attendance of absent members, in such Manner, and under such Penalties as each House may provide. "Basically, Section 5, spells out the qualifications of members, when and where they meet and do business. Both Senate and The House of Representatives determine the Rules of Proceedings. Punishments for disorderly behavior and with concurrence of two-thirds can expel a member. Also this part of the U.S. Constitution establishes 'A Journal of Proceedings.'

Examining these particular sections of the Holy Quran (Surah 2 Ayat 1-5) and The United States Constitution (Article 1: Sections 1-5) shows that people innately attempt to co-exist. 'They have agreed' is an essential idea to harmonious social avocation, whether it's religious, political, or otherwise. Organizational structures vary, and thus they warrant our study and attention, in order that we retain the right to establish and critique future Nations and Civilizations. Now, we learn from the bowels of a beast's inner workings for the purposes of our own National refinement.

Objectively, 20 Miles Outside


Friday, January 7, 2011

Economic Ebola: When There Is No More Blood To Suck

Ebola is a hemorrhagic fever virus, an infection characterized by devastating effects such as profuse bleeding from the gums, nose, rectum, followed by excruciating diarrhea quickly turning into desert like dehydration, causing the skin to stretch like paper which then makes the eyes recede deep in the sockets. From the time of the initial symptoms until death the progression of the virus is rapid. Human viruses are usually small oval like organisms, but when the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control peered at the Ebola virus under a microscope, scientist thought that the virus must have come from outer space. Devastating right? Yelp! Now imagine an Economic Ebola virus, consider for a moment, if you will, the U.S. Economy as a human being that is infected with an economic Ebola virus. If you have any economic foresight you can see as clearly as I can the progression toward the complete and total financial collapse of the U.S. Economy. Get past your emotionalism and the things that you are attached to, then step 20 miles outside of Mecca and objectively peer into an economic bubble on the eve of it bursting. Greed is an American virus, and the well has run dry of blood to suck. Greed is a cancer that has created a malignant common place attitude of American entitlement. Ahhhhh! The good ole illusion of 'American Entitlement', gluttonous for things as an obese person is for food. No place in the world can you find fat bums besides America. An insane appetite fueled by an insatiable lust for more.

Debt traps are everywhere like the infected blood and tissue in an Ebola victim's body. Auto-cannibalism sets in and the economic organism is starting to eat its ownself, creating an economic situation of perpetual debt and decay. Predatory lending by Country Wide Mortgage, issuing loans to applicants at obscene interest rates: cannibalism. Interestingly enough, the financial idea of 'interest' is haram in Islam. 'Haram' means forbidden. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac did the same thing, feeding the poor the wrong food, making interpretations, deceiving the people to believe in a 'Home in Heaven' or worst: a home in the suburbs. These lending institutions made home loans with fluctuating interest rates and from month to month 'home owners' played a game each month called, "Guess what my mortgage is going to be this month."

Why is this Economic Ebola virus ravaging the American economy now? Let's diagnose the systemic nature of the American virus called greed. Its ways and actions are like those of a snake of the grafted type, slithering, hissing and poised to sting someone else. Who else did the snake sting? My Uncle! Not my Uncle in the culture, power and the equality degree, but my real uncle who recently returned to essence. They stung him with a predatory loan-loaning him money against the value of the home he had already bought and paid for years ago. A trader literally made an interpretation that he would receive more gold. Wisdom born asks, "did he receive more Gold?". Understanding cipher manifest as, "hell no, the bankers disappeared, and my uncle returned back to essence not owning the house he bought as a young man." My Uncle Liked the Devil because the devil gave him nothing. Shit is real on the Economic battle field, Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds, and the banking industry gassed America. George W got on the true victory and told America in 'cipher build that America was on the verge of financial collapse if congress didn't act and bailout the big Wall Street investment banks. The same bankers that sucked America dry were in George W's cabinet, his fucking Golf partners-most of the movafuckuz in the U.S. Treasury were affiliated with Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. The pussies deregulated the banking industry in '03, making banking a 'no holds barred' blood sport, meaning suck all the blood out of these 85 percent movafuckuz. Truth is, in economic terms, the figure of '85 percent' is more like 99 percent now a day. When the country’s top one percent have a combined worth more than 99 percent of the rest of the U.S. that's not a democracy-it's what defined in political science terms as a fucking 'Plutocracy''- a Plutocracy and or Plutonomy is a government by the rich slave maker for the rich slave maker. The United States Constitution in its preamble starts off with 'We The People' and the banking industry said "Fuck The People! Fuck the people balls deep!"

Haves and Have Nots: those who have and those who do not have. A very wide gap has been created between the two economic classes. There use to be a buffer middle class. This buffer or bridging class was figuratively made of solid ice. The ice bridge melted as American greed reached a fever pitch during Reaganomics, that'z when Big Business officially slapped the U.S. Political system on the ass, whispered in the Government's ear and said, "Let's do it doggy style bitch!" And the U.S. Government smiled a coy smile then bent over for Wall Street and Wall Street fucked the shit outta the American Public. Wall Street pimped Reagan and told him to dismantle the Trade Unions and like all good hoes Reagan did as he was told and the solidity of the 'ice bridge'(my metaphor for the middle class) that connected the poor to the rich permanently evaporated.

The wide gap between 'have' and 'have nots' creates social fragmentation, disenfranchisement, and a collective reality of economic alienation. A humanitarian void has also been made, fostering a 'die nigga die' social philosophy. The distinction between the two classes borns a vehement distrust. Frustration on behalf of the poor is blood-stained with the poor's own ignorance, confusion, a false sense of hope, and consequently a justified but nevertheless inept social resentment-a resentment that forms in the face of a satanic system's gargantuan appetite for 'more'. Predatory lending on the elderly and unestablished, unqualified first time home buyers led to massive default, causing Wall Street to plummet like a movafucka. When Wall Street was falling I heard Mary J. Blige singing 'I'm going down', and Dow Jones was slowly nodding with a heroin filled syringe in his arm like a jazz musician in the 30's.

America's financial collapse is like the devastating diarrhea caused by Ebola, but instead this is 'economic' ebola flowing through the American blood stream. Economic Ebola caused all that shit to come out, super diarrhea and its, unstoppable shit. Wall Street was on its death bed and went to D.C. with their hand out asking for their bottom bitch a.k.a. the American tax payer to unlatch that scratch.

Congress didn't initially pass the Wall Street bailout so then good ole Hank 'Big Bank' Paulsen from Goldman Sachs purchased the democrats in a smoke filled back room. I can't even be mad-the whole shit that went down is right there in knowledge wisdom cipher. I have no social resentment: at least I don't think I do. Why should I? It really seems pointless because the average movafucka don't give a fuck. 'Dumbed down' is not just a phrase, but a social reality.

Social resentment fails to soundly critique the 'Haves': a true critique would manifest as a healthy dose of social revolt, instead the 'have nots' revolt on themselves, distracted daily, taught and conditioned to not think critically. 'Have nots' live to vote on who will be the next American Idol and no one wants to revolt-not armed revolt but a political revolt that transforms policy. A political revolt would act as a social antibody to attack America's invading Economic Ebola virus. However the ferocious onset of America's Ebola like greed has a voracious appetite and consumes the ignorant, causing the ignorant to consume and feed on themselves. The ignorant are made mindless, paralyzed, unable to move, biting their nails, anxious to know who will be America's next top model; who will win the Super Bowl; who will win the World Series; who will win the NBA title; will Floyd beat Pac?; and who accepted or rejected your friend request on facebook. And since misery loves company the 'have nots' are utterly miserable, politically dysfunctional, listening to their surround sound, watching in digital, clicking and pointing on iphones, thinking of something clever to status on twitter, writing shit like 'L' 'O' fucking 'L' in every reply. 140 characters is not enough to contain an economic analysis of the social insanity of this economic virus. Fuck a goddamn twitter or facebook status. 'LOL Nigga!'

That movafucka Allen Greenspan stuck the poisonous syringe filled with the Economic Ebola virus in America's arm by telling home owners, "take out a second mortgage against the value of the home you already own bitchez." Leave it to a Jew to sell you something that you already own and then make you pay more than you did the first time.

'...teach and keep our people illiterate...'-such a poignant phrase. Imagine that, to be 'taught' to be ignorant, to intentionally be kept ignorant. Wow! Ignorance in Hi-Def, 52 inches of flatscreen stupidity, thousands of channels; thousands of wayz to go to sleep; and millions of ways to mentally die. "...but there is a chance from a Mental Death...", yeah right-not wit 4G coverage it ain't!

The insanity of the 'have nots' 'and their masochistic mindsets are enforced by economic sadist daily, urging, and promoting that the 99 percent remain mindless. Hundreds of thousands of avenues of distraction are readily available. The rich man's hand is quicker than the poor man's eye, and the Rich Man's hand slits the poor man's throat, sacrificing 'have nots' like a Satanic Goat: Pardon the rhyme.

America's economic ideal of capitalism has always been corrupt and void of compassion, 'Let them movafuckuz drown'. That's what Ebola does: the infected person eventually drowns in their own fluid, resulting from massive, internal hemorrhaging from every anatomical, and in this case, 'economic' orifice of the infected person’s body. America's drowning in her own putrid bodily fluid, and the stench of U.S. debt reeks like the smell of excrement in an infectious disease ward in a rural remote part of what the devil calls Africa.

Examine the nature of America's DNA. Inequality and injustice are in the blueprint. The U.S. constitution initially classified a Black human being as three fifths of a Man, chattel to be traded, bought and sold like cattle, slave labor, a blackman was livestock. Ain't that a bitch!! This is capitalism, the private ownership of the means of production, a 'pimp and hoe', 'bitch better have my money' system. When the 'means' of production was/is an unrewarded, unpaid human being with no legal, material or existential rights to truly 'Be'. This slave is worked until there is no breath left in his or her body. Such a historical analysis helps us better understand the hearts of the industrial elite: there is no heart. So they continue to 'Minimize the Man'; Beat Down his sense of 'Self'; and make it a point to let that creature know 'It' is only three fifths of a human being: just partially real: it sucks to be you. Such cruel inhumanity has always been the sentiment of American capitalism with racism deeply programmed into the core of her economic DNA. Ain't The Statue Of Liberty a sexy bitch?!?!

"Build that pyramid you Black ass Hebrew-build that pyramid!" This was and still is an accepted attitude of those that 'Have'. This attitude is the true capitalistic ideal, a vicious virulent virus that has trickled down and infected the poor through the transmission of greed and inhumanity from one human being to the next. An economic infection as lethal as an actual case of Ebola found in the Congo. The 'owners' possessing the means to produce vs. non-owners lacking the ability to economically bust a grape. The industrial elite have established themselves as the dominate class, legislating, and economically manipulating themselves permanently into political power. Easily controlling the economic destiny of the masses, engineering ignorance and fashioning the laws that govern the political sleep of the non-owners. "Keep snoring!!!" The industrial elite plan to 'Lady Gaga', 'facebook', 'Little Weezy', 'smart-phone' and 'Jesus Christ' us ignorant ass 'Have Notz' to death. Death by way of Economic Ebola bitchez!

Politics As Usual


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Holy Quran and The U.S. Constitution: Comparisons & Contrasts

The United States of America's involvement and military push into Nations governed by Islamic rule is a geo-political mistake. President Obama, and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton have declared Pakistan an existential threat on multiple occasions. 'Existential Threat'--in other words, the entire region is in geo-political terms, unstable, primarily due to the underlying Islamic fabric that permeates the volatile nature of the region. The exercise of religious free-will on behalf of muslims, the unpredictable nature of the region and America's military involvement is portrayed as a war against 'Radical Islam', 'terrorism' or 'Islamic extremism', each of which are relatively false notions concocted by Western media. Ultimately, Islam is Islam and essentially the West is having a difficult time controlling an Islamic state of affairs. What the West does not understand is that they would have a better chance controlling China than controlling Islam, because, like all religions-Islam is transcendent of international borders.

The nature of Islam's expression is determined by an individual or an individual group's political motivations: everyone is politically motivated-Islamic countries are no exception. Islamic political expression is entirely subjective--a subjective expression that is determined by the living conditions of the people, the people's collective temperament and political will. An 'Islamic way of life is complex in scope, open to interpretation and full of variety in terms of Islam's political spectrum, particularly when the fullness of Islam is examined relative to the people--in which case these 'people' just so happen to be muslims. 'Muslim' like the term 'Jew' is transcendent of geography, nationality, race, and ethnicity. The transcendent term 'muslim' is the reason why President Obama and Hilary Clinton have deemed Pakistan an 'existential threat', with such a statement they have unwittingly declared Islam a threat. Religious terms are broader than geo-political terms. The religious vocabulary of Islam is in fact used as the political voice for muslims and this religious vocabulary extends from The Holy Quran into the geo-political arena.

The 234 year history of The United States Constitution and the 1500 year history of The Holy Quran have been on an ideological collision course since the U.S. Constitution was ratified on June 21, 1788. And within the last ten years Islam and Democracy have clashed more than ever. The Quran and The Constitution are two documents which contain and express two very strong ideological wills. Defeating men on a battlefield is easy-defeating an ideology is nearly impossible. This is why American Wars fought on Islamic soil are essentially lost causes. Hitler's hatred of Jews, and his failed attempt at their extermination was an exploration into the futile landscape of what it means to go to war with an ideology as your enemy. Judaism is a religion-a religion rooted in an idea, regardless of that idea, Judaism remains an idea that breathes; an idea that lives; and an idea that inspires the people to overcome whatever trials they face. Hitler's mistake was that he declared war on an idea, and mis-took the Jewish people for the idea. Religion is the first political ideology. The origin of every political doctrine is steeped and rooted in theocratic origins, proving all Government entities arise from the idea of a God. Who that God is-is only relevant to the religious adherents of that religion. Religion is an incubator that fosters the growth of politics. In discussing the comparisons and contrasts of the political ideas of The Holy Quran and The United States Constitution it is imperative one not be limited to viewing the Quran through the narrow lense of a mere religious text, but instead understand the Quran in political terms. Religion and politics are flip sides of the same coin, understanding this-is to understand the polarizing nature of the antithetical forces of religious and political world views. Essentially the ongoing debate between politics and religion is similar to a schizophrenic individual having a debate by him or herself. If one must look at the Quran as a religious text then one must also look at the United States Constitution as a religious text. Whether one chooses to Understand the Holy Quran as a religious text or not, is solely a decision for the individual to make. However, The Holy Quran is ultimately a 'Political Document' and very much a constitution in its own right. 'The Religion of America' is founded in the words of The United States Constitution and the religion of Islam is founded in the words of The Holy Quran. The Preamble of The United States Constitution:"We the People of The United States, In Order to form a more Perfect Union establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." The above is the beginning of an American idea, an idea that founded the 'Religion of America'-A religion we all partake in, regardless of your social, religious, or quasi-'National' affiliation, if you were born within the borders of the United States of America you are governed under, and subjected to, the laws of America's political system: like it or not, everyday you are forced to go to The Church Of The United States of America. It is this, 'Like it or not' attitude which can conflict with the idea of 'Liberty' mentioned in the preamble of The United States Constitution? Does it conflict? Not really, because one can legally leave the country and renounce U.S. Citizenship, such an option is in fact an extension of the preamble's mention of 'Liberty'. Philosophically speaking, 'Liberty' is a highly abstract concept, however in terms of governing; 'liberty' becomes legally functional, thus making 'Liberty' a conditional concept. 'Liberty' mentioned in the constitution is relative to the rule of law and not individual will. Understanding American 'Law' is critical to understanding the American system of governing and an understanding of American Law allows one to probe the conditional reality of American Liberty.

To understand the Holy Quran is to understand an Islamic system of government under Shariat. Can we investigate the Quran apart from Muhammad? Can we investigate The United States Constitution apart from those who drafted the document and signed it? First, before we examine the above two questions, let's examine that which would be considered the 'preamble' of The Holy Quran:Surah 1: Al Fatiha(The Opening)"In The Name Of Allah The Beneficent The Merciful Praise Be to Allah, Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds, the Beneficent The Merciful, Master of the Day of Judgment, Thee alone do we worship, Thine aide we seek, show us the straight way, the way of those on whom thou has bestowed thy grace and who's portion is not wrath and go not astray."The differences within the two documents begin in their initial declarations. How the two documents deal with the ideal of their primary reference points differ greatly. The Holy Quran makes mention of Allah as its primary author of Justice and law (Day of Judgment) and The United States Constitution's primary reference point is 'We The People'. Both documents speak in group terms, hence 'we', or other collective pronouns. In The Holy Quran's narrative 'the people' petition to an unseen, all-knowing God for guidance, as opposed to The United States Constitution's initial statements in which 'The People' assume, invoke and seize control of their own destiny with no mention of a God--instead, the people proclaim their own 'Union', establish their 'Justice', insure their domestic tranquility, protect themselves, promote their general welfare and secure for themselves the Blessings of Liberty and provide for the future of their children. Understanding the initial statements of both political documents is essential before investigating the next sequence of ideas: time period. When were the documents written? Critical events: what were the events leading up to ratification and implementation of both documents? What was the culture like for the people of the two contrasting times? What were the contemporary philosophies/political systems/ religions of the time? How was religion and philosophy instrumental in the construction of these two political documents? To be continued...Politics As Usual