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Holiday Bullshit

Gabcast! A.S.I.A. Talk #60 - Emblem builds about the NGE and Holidays

How Gods and Earths get through the emotions that come with holidays.

Greatest 3 Rounds Ever

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The Egos of Rappers don’t have shit on ours, Athletes aren’t in our league, Hollywood actors and actress’s egos who bicker about salaries and scripts don’t compare to our diva like, prima-donna attitudes. Writers are the greatest Megalomaniacs in History. Writers wrote ‘History’, and told the ‘Story’ from their biased point of view. Writers define world news, religion, popular culture, political strategies and even the corny jokes of late night talk show host. Writers write the scripts for our favorite movies that touch our heart; the law books that shape jurisprudence; the text books that educate our children; fiction books that shape our imagination; political speeches that define our leaders and every other form of popular propaganda is defined by movafuckuz like yours truly. We ‘literally’ define history, we shape perspective with words and in the process interject our ideas. People are informed based on what they read, so since we write what all people read we effect the global paradigm of the average individual. I had to step away from the keyboard for a second, and look at all the other egos sitting in front of keyboards.
This is the second time in my life I have written for nearly a year straight; The first time I ended up with 5 fiction novels. Now I have nearly two hundred blogs: Will I publish them? Naw! It was actually my idea that Deen publish his Asia journal. I was suppose to publish mine, but then I looked in the mirror and told myself to get a ‘grip’ movafucka. Why are you so special that movafuckuz are gonna buy some shit that you originally presented for free? “Turn it down a notch Emblem!”, I told myself in the mirror, “And who the fuck is Emblem any movafuckin way? You Sha-Sha from Pelon nigga, remember them roaches in the Frosted Flakes box?! Remember that mice shit on top of the refrigerator that looked like black ice cream sprinkles? Remember them worn out Adidas you had to rock for a year straight that movafuckuz in the six grade were laughing at behind your back? Remember the time movafuckuz stuck you up at fourteen and took your sneakers!? When you ‘remember’ the trials of the past it puts the ego in perspective. So calm your ass down Em’. My Pen name is Emblem, but Sha Sha is the force behind Emblem. Emblem is only a mask like Zoro and shit, but Sha is that real Movafucka. Sha comes from a family tree of Samurais-from the Father to First Born Prince to Ahad Knowledge Born, to Life Allah, to Yours Truly. Sha is a Sincere Movafucka, and sometimes I call shit so right and exact it hurts others. I know I’m sincere, because I know when I’m on some bullshit, most niggaz don’t know when they on bullshit. Once I accused Deen of ‘McDonalizing’ the culture of I-God with his You-Tube builds. When I first heard about that shit I was pissed, because I felt like that You Tube shit made that which was sacred cheap. I got over it! Preserved the best part for myself, did the knowledge on what was good about the You tube bullshit and moved on! I still have my reservations. I walked with the nigga one degree at a time and now the shit is plastered on YouTube (you damn right I was pissed). Vanity is the Ego’s twin sister, and the Nigga can’t get out the mirror. Vanity and writing are linked. I strive not to allow my ego nor my vanity to seep into my art: ‘A Sketch of Tranquility’ is a piece I am writing in another blog, ideally I would like it to be published one day as a novel and the blog is basically a portfolio. Either way it goes I’m still Sha. Writers need to get off their self righteous high horses and give their Enlightener a call before he takes a trip to Niagra Falls and is sittin’ out on your porch like Tony ‘Movafuckin’ Soprano. I heard Niagara Falls is Beautiful this time of Year!

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A lot of movafuckuz be frontin’ on Oprah, but I’m not one of them. I’m partial to Oprah, we have a lot in common(not the money): We are both born in ‘The Week of The Genius’(January 23-January 30), so I feel connected to the Queen in an astrological sense, so as a fellow Aquarian I can see into her emotional world deeper than those who always have something negative to say about her. Yes, like everyone else I was alarmed to see her put on all that weight, when I saw her, my jaw dropped and I asked her, mouthing quietly at the 73 inch flat screen TV in Best Buy, “What the fuck is wrong wit chu Ma!” I know-everyone thinks they know celebrities personally- but I’m different, no one reads character better than me. When it comes to people I can call shit like a dice roll: from cowards; to the arrogant; to the insecure movafucka with a false sense of self importance. My insight into people is sharper than the highest paid psychiatrist in Manhattan who charges $400 an hour. When the born degree implied to me to never take things on face value I may have taken it a bit to the extreme. My Enlightener use to build a whole lot and that blessed me with the gift of an analytical ear. My Enlightener made me a ‘Listener’, and living in big cities allowed me to hone the power of keen observation into an individual’s body language. Whether riding the 48 bus in Philly, the L in the Chi or the 2 train in Brooklyn I learned to ‘do the knowledge’, and as I did the knowledge on Oprah I saw her problem. Stedman is her problem: Yelp! Guess why? He is a Pisces! A Pisces is not a bad sign, but it is a bad sign for an Aquarius in terms of love, relationships and all that shit! “Why is Pisces not a good sign for an Aquarius Emblem?” A Pisces is emotionally very murky, and too cerebrally foggy. They are the humid cloud to an Aquarian’s natural emotional need to breath fresh air. Pisces in relationships with Aquarians throw the usually sharp Aquarian off with emotional ambiguity. I know this first hand, I kicked it with a Pisces bitch for wisdom and a half years. The bitch was swift and changeable as fuck, and no matter what-it would effect me emotionally, she threw my emotional navigation system off tremendously. As I wrote in the beginning of the blog I have the ability to read the shit out of movafuckuz, but I could not read that Pisces bitch for nothing. She was emotionally awkward, and her emotional vocabulary was very limited. In the book ‘Sula’ by Toni Morrison Sula’s quirky emotional world is very similar to that of the Pisces I was kicking it with: she was highly intriguing but completely unresponsive to normal emotional stimuli. Toni describes Sula as an Artist with no art, and Ms. Morrison goes on to write that such is a great tragedy (something like that). Oprah can’t solve the complex Piscean puzzle that is Stedman. She has interviewed damn near every famous person in the world but has yet to conclude her 20 year plus interview with Stedman Graham. The Solution to the Piscean addiction for the probing Aquarian is to realize that Stedman himself doesn’t understand his own emotional complexity. “Show and prove Emblem!” Bobby Fischer is perhaps the greatest chess player in recent memory, he beat the Russians at their own game. Bobby Fischer was a recluse, he was completely incapable of emotional intimacy and lived his life in an emotional cave. Stedman Graham is born on March 6, Bobby Fischer is born on March 9-in Astrology this Week is called, ‘The Week of the Loner’. Oprah looks like she ate a Volkswagon and is depressed because she’s trying to connect with a man who is emotionally not there. She needs to leave his movafuckin’ ass alone, say “fuck it” and 'keep it moving'!

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Dear President Elect Obama,

Look God, I saw that shit on CNN where you said shit(economy) is going to get worst before it gets better.” Naw dawg I can’t let that type shit ride, you got exactly 24 hours from the day you get inaugurated, and sworn the fuck in to fix shit. The devil’s mental and physical power is less than one third that of the Original Man, meaning your ass ain’t on white people time, you on Asiatic World time. You damn right I want a fuckin miracle movafucka. You are a fuckin miracle, your black ass became the President in the most racist country on the planet Earth. South Africa is racist but they had they first black president 20 years before the U.S. so believe it or not movafucka your very existence is a God Damn miracle. You made history and I expect another miracle, make shit happen like Jordan in the fourth quarter. Bulls use to be down, and Phil Jackson say, “I ain’t even got to tell yall movafuckuz who to give the ball to!” Thatz right, M movafuckin’ J, number twenty movafuckin’ three! It is the fourth quarter Obama and on 120(January 20) they gonna put the ball in your hands officially, take that rock through the lane and dunk that movafucka, get the foul, go to the line, make the free throw and when the recession gets the ball, strip their point guard and dunk that movafucka again. We 15 points down with three minutes to go before a depression, so you gotta hustle dawg, even if Michelle got to baby sit, do hair, while your hustlin’ nickel bags of funk out the back of the White House you gotz to get that economy up Dawg. Air Obama movafucka! You got no time to miss no shots, get you some weed, Grey Goose or whatever it is you do to get your mind right and make shit happen fam. Everybody talkin’ ‘bout ‘don’t expect no miracles’, movafucka I’m not one of them. I want that shit done. If they looked up miracle in the dictionary your face would be right next to Jesus’-so you damn right I want you to strip the recession’s point guard at mid court and leap from the foul line like Mike and dunk that movafucka. The worst numbers in the last thirty four years regarding the economy were posted last month-Naw movafucka, it is ‘MJ’ time, you from the Chi too(kind of), you damn right I want a fuckin miracle in the fourth quarter, so get them hands chalked up, wipe ‘em off on your shorts and do that goofy ass MJ walk to center court, chew your gum like a cow, get that look in your eye that MJ use to have and bring that MJ like performance to the oval office. No more negative talk, make that shit better Son.
Emblem(The Secretary of Enlightenment)


I have already built on the fact that I had to go live with my Old Earth in Medina in born build, niggaz came to get me and I had to become a Mystery God with da quickness! Living with my Old Earth at Wisdom Build years old was some hard shit for my ego to swallow; taking out the trash; going to the store; and lving by her rules in general was a nightmare. My Old Earth has no love for the Five Percenters, she understands the teachings, she was an MGT Captain, and a teacher at the University of Islam in Philly, so she is no slouch when it comes to the knowledge. What she hates is the fact that Gods and Earth look like a piss poor organization, and border line gang, on many occassions I have explained how the Father drew math up, but she was not feeling it. We are nothing but a splinter group of street wise, slick talking gang members in her mind. My first day back living with her, she lays down the rules, and basically she said any Five percenter notions of male dominance will not be tolerated. In my mind I am figuring out how long will it take me to move the fuck out, get another dope connect and get out the fucking prison house she was building. The Mighty Emblem had chores at wisdom build years old, definitely not one of my finest moments. I had no clothes, basically I had to leap out the back window of my apartment to save my life, and leave everything behind.
My old Earth had two cats; Misha; and September. Misha was a diva who thought she was the sexiest movafuckin' animal on Allah's Earth, and September was an obese, greedy bitch! My Old Earth was very attached to both these cats, she would talk to them cats like they were human, she treated them cats better than me. Emblem is not a cat person as you can tell, and my mother knows this. When I was 6 I had a puppy named Ghanja whom I loved,(my mother was going through a heavy marijuana phase after Elijah returned back to essence hence the puppie's name 'Ghanja'). At 10 my mother bought a cat, and named him Pharoh. I use to kick the shit out of Pharoh. 18 years had elapsed since I lived with a cat and my old Earth still thought I was capable of the same cruel behavior toward cats.
One day September came up missing! I ain't know what happened, when my mother couldn't find September she started looking at me like I murdered the cat. I knew what my mom was thinking, she kept questioning me as to my knowledge as to the events that led up to the disappearance of September. "When was the last time you saw September?" "How do you explain the bloody glove?" She made me feel like O.J..
And she kept interrogating me like It was an episode of CSI or Law and Order. Finally the fat ass cat was found a week later in the basement of the Brownstone, stuck between some window bars. September wasn't dead, but do you think my Old Earth apologized for pointing her accussatory finger? Hell No!

Educator VS. Enlightener

I am of those amongst us that use the term ‘Enlightener’ as opposed to ‘Educator’. Educator is way too ‘Western’ (colored) of an idea for my taste and lacks the concept of companionship, patience and brotherhood-concepts so eloquently mentioned in the Wisdom God degree in the knowledge to culture the ciphers. Usually you will hear Gods from my family tree use the phrase ‘Walk With’ in a manner reminiscent of Jesus ‘Walking With’ his disciples wearing some dusty ass sandals. My Enlightener, Life Justice explained to me early on that an Enlightener is one who illuminates light in another to show said person the Knowledge and Wisdom already present within them. When I think of ‘Education’ I think of indoctrination into a Nazi like training unit. Yes, it is definitely a petty distinction amongst family treez, but it has been something that I desired to address for approximately wisdom years. The first person I heard use the term was Eboni Joi, and I was like what da fuck is an ‘Educator’? Enlightenment is on some ‘Eastern’ Shit, Wise Man From the East type shit, and in my mind it allows the student to realize his ownself in terms of his or her individuality. Individuality is sacred-‘divine’ are those things which are sacred. An Enlightener illuminates the Good and Bad in said person, so that said God or Earth may cee his or her positive and negative qualities. In all of the students that I have ‘Walked With’ I have allowed them to discover the best part and the poor part of their core self from their cowardice to their hyper aggressiveness. My Enlightener discovered that my poor part was that I was prepared to Enlighten anybody (I was naïve). At one point I thought I could born knowledge to any Black movafucka on two feet. The way he corrected me was mad swift, he said I had to pay better attention to said person, and qualify or disqualify critically as to whether or not they are the said person of that ability. In his words he told me that I had to analyze the character of a person better. He was like a boxing trainer telling his fighter to get closer to land a punch. After he told me that-I began to think more about the students I took on and the innate qualities with in them. Once I had a student who was super sincere and truly desired 120 but could not get past the 1-10. He was diagnosed by psychologist as dyslexic and that he had a severe learning disability. As a young God I gave no credence to the diagnosis of Doctors given the fact that the Wisdom Build in the knowledge to culture ciphers Doctors, Ministers, Nurses and Cremator’s rule was to disqualify black babies from birth. I built with said God until my brain and his brain was bleeding. That plane crashed and burned horribly. You could cee the sincerity in his eyes, he wanted this Math bad, but he had a real learning disability. He was in learning disability classes throughout School. I argued with this God’s Old Dad that his Sun could learn 120, and his Old dad just laughed. This God was brave, he had no issues with cowardice, he stood by my side when niggaz came for my ass (he was a big movafucka) and I know for a fact that some of my most mentally gifted students would have ran like bitches. The God’s brain was not physiologically capable of clicking on all cylinders. He is God regardless to whom or what but he could not be ‘educated’ in the sense of the world ‘Education’, however he was ‘Enlightened’.

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"I'm from where niggaz argue all day about who's the best rapper; Jay-Z, Biggie or Nas"-Jay-Z
I have seen dudes about to come to blows over these rappers. Who is the best? Well BIG wins hands down, but that's because he returned back to essence and he became the legendary Biggie Smalls. But there still is the matter of the other two. Since Big is gone Jay-Z held BK down best he could, kept with the street shit, flosses a little more than he may care to admit but I guess flossing comes with a few hundred million dollars in the bank and the priviledge to lay next to one of the finest shorties on the planet Earth. When Jay and Nas started beefing I lived in Brooklyn and the whole city was abuzz about the beef of the two hip hop giants. Nas was the financial under dawg and Jay-Z's ego was probably bigger than the moon at that time. I don't quite remember how it all started but it got ugly, Jay-z and Nas's baby's mother may have gotten it all started but I think Jay was the initiator. Me and my sister had a discussion about the whole thing then, and I learned a value lesson, the lesson came off my lips: "Let the dead stay dead!". What I meant by that is that Jay was on top of the world at the time, hands down he was the heavyweight champion of rap and Nas was a long way from the glory days of Illmatic. I was a Nas head or should I say an Illmatic head back in the day and I still love Illmatic, but somehow he fell off, I dug Nas's second album-cops kicked my door in and it was blasting, by that time I had vacated the crib, but that was what I'm sure the Narcotics officers heard playing(Nas is Coming), but after that second Album I wasn't feeling too much of anything that came out of Nasir Jones' mouth. Nas kind of fell by the waisteside and Jay blew the fuck up on that multi millionaire super celebrity rapper bullshit, so yes I bought into Jay, the glitz, the floss, the street, the under current of the street anthem Reasonable Doubt still ringing and all the other super floss lyrics. His lyrics are always good for driving a whip smoothly on a summer day, but when he started the beef with Nas he opened up a can of lyrical worms and woke a sleeping giant, if Jay would have kept Nas's name out of his mouth, Nas would have remained buried in the graveyard with other former hip hop greats. The beef between the two giants made Nas find his A game again and he ripped Jay a new asshole in Ether. The moral of the story is-if you don't want beef-keep a niggaz name out your mouth. Is this coming from the fingers of the carnivore Emblem? You damn right! Jay gave Nas life again. When Jay poked at Nas he bit off more than he could chew, of course Jay has the most money and fame still but why take a fight you don't need? Nas was the wrong dead rapper to resurrect from a mental death, pick your fights wisely is in the back of every good boxing trainer's mind-never fight old sparring partners and never fight someone who has nothing to loose. A great fighter doesn't even bring up the name of a down and out hungry fighter. Sugar Ray Leonard was on top of the world at one point and Aaron Pryor wanted to get at that ass, but Sugar declined, not so much because of fear, but because there was more money to be made elsewhere-and who the hell needs a tough fight with a mad man with nothing to loose. It is not a question of bravery, it is a question of chess like engagement, why engage a minor piece when your objective is the King(Success)?

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What Snow Means To Me!

Today it is snowing, “..when this midst strikes a cold current it becomes solid ice in small round drops in form or in a light fluffy form which is caused snow..” When I think of the ‘fluffy form’ I think of being wrapped in the arms of a wisdom watching a movie and blowing and L back and forth. That is only one angle of how I cee the degree on another angle I think of ‘Flaky movafuckuz’. What is a "Flaky Movafucka"? In my mind a ‘Flaky movafucka' is wishy washy, swift and changeable, moody and lacking fortitude in terms actual self awareness. They want something but they don’t quite know what it is. I suppose we have all been flaky at one time or another, but as we mature flakiness should indeed dissipate from are conscious realm particularly when we embark upon the path of true Self Knowledge. Flaky movafuckuz are ambiguous in their communications, they are not direct, and aren’t fully aware of who they are. Flakiness last in women until motherhood and in men to about 33. By the age of 33 a man should know his path, and be set on it. Yes we have all been flaky at one time, not all of us have been as fortunate as Yacob to find are determined idea at 6, so we search for what we think exist within ourselves, sometimes finding and sometimes not finding are determined idea. When we understand that God is what we should be excavating from within we have to learn how that aspect of God or Earth in ourselves should be expressed via character. Most artist are flaky, as a writer who practices his craft on a daily basis writing allows me the luxury of organizing my thoughts and ideas. Other artist such as painters, poets, and musicians may have a harder time at organizing their ideas. Flaky movafuckuz are hard to do business with, they are poor and ambiguous communicators unable to say what they mean. So on this day of snow I think about the beauty of being within a refined Queen’s embrace and the flaky movafuckuz of the world who haven’t fully mastered the science of communication.
Last night I built with my Enlightener, me and DaGod often build about the neighborhood we grew up in: North Philly; Norris Street; Land of The War Toys; A.K.A. The Terror Dome! We built about the principles we learned there, and particularly the science of the ‘Fareone’. A ‘Fareone’ is a fight between you and whoever, before crack hit my hood it was ‘Fareone’ Central, Old folks on porches, children eating penny candy and other onlookers use to watch the fights from the curb as two combatants fought in the middle of the street. It was a beautiful time-less shooting then and young men placed more emphasis on how well they could fight than shoot. Philly is the capital of boxing in this country, Hollywood bares witness to this fact hence it is where their mythological grafted champion Rocky Balboa comes from. We didn’t build about boxing last night per se, we built about how the neighborhood oriented us toward confronting life’s demons. We talked about ‘heart’, if you got punked in my neighborhood back in the day we would say, “He took your heart!”(Courage)-ultimately it was your responsibility to go fight that man and get your heart back. Even if you couldn’t beat an exceptionally nice nigga who was sweet with his hands you had to give it your best: Win or Loose! It was a very organic process, usually after you lost a fight you would go in the house for a couple of days and search deep within and find the courage to come back outside prepared for a rematch. My Enlightener’s nemesis was a dude named Will, they were both approximately 11 years older than me and they appeared as giants in my eyes when they fought-My Enlightener fought Will many times. My Nemesis was ‘P-Whack’, Goddamn that nigga could fight-he was my ‘fear’-I had to fight this movafucka before school and after school like a religious ritual-I don’t think it’s a day that goes by that I don’t think about that nigga. Last night we built about how those type of showdowns created courage deep inside of us. We fought to maintain ‘Heart’. I was the only son from my mother and many of the other boys on the block had multiple brothers and at one time or another I fought everybody. That place in North Philly taught me how to smile when fighting, how to laugh if someone landed a good blow to my face- (even if it hurt) it taught me passion, and to be free of fear. In a fight all you can do is give it the best you got-In life all you can do is give it the best you got and never let anyone take your heart. We can teach all kinds of lessons; Supreme Math; Supreme Alphabet, 120, and Quran but no Enlightener or Educator can teach courage. Da Brothers that came up in that neighborhood were taught to confront one another Man to Man if they had a problem with one another and in life it is important that we tackle problems regardless to whom or what. Unfortunately not everyone was raised in my neighborhood, and many have never dealt with the military training that comes with a ‘Fareone’, so they suffer, unable to confront deep layers of fear in their third. Passive aggressive type individuals are people who have never found the high explosives of their own courage, and instead of causing Earthquakes they are the ‘Shook Ones’. No Enlightener or Educator in this math can teach a man or woman courage. Courage is a personal journey. All Queens should really make sure that the God you wake up with is not a ‘Bitch Ass Nigga’? Will he stand in your defense? Is he prepared to die for the sake of you and the babies? Does he have anxiety as it pertains to confrontation or conflict? GOD IS NOT A BITCH! All praises due to ‘P Whack’-my hands are what they are because of that Man!

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The Owner!
Today I paid my truck off! October 6, 2006 I drove it off the lot and December 1, 2008 I made the final payment. I hate debt, the shit feel like a sword over your head. Debt is indeed a bitch. I love B.I.G.'s line in Hypnotize "Condo paid for, no car payment.." Movafuckin bankz is foreclosing on Americans harder than Pimps slap hoes, the economy is fucked up and it was the banks primarily that caused this recession. Job loss, layoff and unemployment is high than a movafucka! Yeah I looked around the lot and saw some tight shit, they wanted to send me home with a new Tahoe today, but I ain't want to be no Hoe! I hate oweing movafuckuz cash. This country's is based on movafuckuz buying cars and homes and staying in debt to the blood suckers of the poor. First mortgages and then movafuckuz get so caught up they have to refinance. My next car I plan to own from jump, shit-I dream of buying my crib cash. Banks won't hesitate to foreclose on your ass, part of every Sheriff's job is to throw movafuckuz out they home. Yeah it is a fucked up economy indeed. Interestingly enough Muslims don't deal with 'interest' and interest is what this economy is based on. The Quran speakes against interest, and calls it Haram(Unlawful). Muslims also believe that interest causes Prostitution and that 'interest' is a Homosexual practice. I heard this one Islamic scholar state that 'interest' is a form of sodomy! And we have all heard that the American Consumer takes it up the ass. Our lessons state that 'The Devil taught him to eat the wrong food!' Is it no wonder that Thanksgiving advocates the consumption of many wrong foods and the next day is called 'Black Friday' which kicks off the season of mass consumption? I will be the first to admit that I am a sucker for a hot whip, but what keeps me in check is the degree that states, "He loves the devil because the devil gives him nothing" I am understanding my lessons slowly like everyone else with 120, and doing the knowledge on becoming more wise with my currency. That new Hybrid Tahoe is sick, it got Tahoe written across the side and the whole nine, but also like B.I.G. said in 'Ten Crack Commandments', "Niggaz want they money come rain, hail, snow!" Preach B.I.G. Preach! Yeah I'm gonna get some new shit, but the time will have to absolutely be right, and I really don't want to be into the ten percent for no whole lot of cheese! Feel me!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Movafuckuz make up stories-what I mean is that many individuals construct facts without doing the knowledge fully. The born degree implies that we take nothing on face value, yet you'd be surprised how many among us actually construct theories based on flimsy evidence, and rush to conclusions. The God degree states 'to make our people of North America 'Believe'...', the power degree states, 'also to deceive the people so they would believe....'. The knowledge to knowledge the culture just goes on and on about how people are easily led in the wrong mental direction. One thing that I have come to learn is that jealousy, envy, lust, and hatred are four attributes of the devil-I also knowledge the fact that the ego does trading daily with these attributes. If the devil is not taken off of the mental planet then schizophrenia sets in, usually its paranoid schizophrenia. When you think that you are all different inside, then you have fallin' victim to the devil's civilization and have slipped into the mental devil uncivilization of a paranoid schizophrenic delusion. Visions of Judas stabbing Jesus in the back on some snake shit is real talk in the world of psychiatry. Jesus was Judas' Enlightener, and Judas threw that nigga to the wolves on some paranoid schizophrenic jealousy shit. Scripture tells us that Judas was a highly intellectual individual, meaning he was a scholar before Jesus ever met him, but Judas lacked the 'umph' Jesus had. 'Umph' is a matter of being completely comfortable 'WITH YOURSELF' and free of interpersonal inadequacies. Judas was uncomfortable in his own skin, and instead of finding what was special about him he wanted Jesus' 'umph', consequently he never found his own 'umph'. 'What is his own self' is a degree that asks an individual to look for what is special about 'THEM'. Judas obviously had self esteem issues; He lusted after the knowledge that made Jesus so special, he hated DaGod Jesus' relaxed flavor of how he walked with math, he envied the umph that came from Jesus' mathematical light and all the while he praised Jesus to his face. Knowledge of self is about finding out more and more everyday about who you are, not who someone else is. Don't get me wrong-it is good to learn about great people but they should enlighten you to your own greatness. If you ever peeped the people who follow Farrakhan-you will cee in some of his FOLLOWERS- mild cases of schizophrenia. In a few mosques on more than one occassion I have seen brothers do Farrakhan imitations at the podium-it is a very ugly thing to cee. When you cee a brother try to do a Jordan move on the basketball court that OK. I remember Kobe use to do a helluva Michael Jordan imitation-don't get me wrong Kobe is a Monster on the court in his own right, but no matter how much he modeled Michael Jordan's 'on court' mannerisms he never found what was at the core of Mike. The same goes with those who mock Farrakhan in the Nation of Islam mosques across the country; their case is worst, because they imitate another Man's mind, and soul while in the process loose their own in a schizophrenic internal, self delusion. The best thing about being a member of the Nation of Gods and Earths is that your own personal flavor is fostered. I will go as far as to suggest that I am the first person in this Math to choose the attribute EMBLEM(first born Emblem)-I like the ring to that-I am the Father of God and Earth centered fiction(I like the ring to that). Yelp I'm tooting my own horn but I am writing all of this ego bullshit to get to the point that we all must find what is special at are own core and not get lost in the face value of others. Find your talent, find your gift, find your unique attribute, and your own self styled wisdom. Judas couldn't find his umph, hated his Enlightener Jesus, couldn't find what was special about his own self, and snitched DaGod out to da Feds.

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God on Earth
'Christ' consciousness is an anointed state of 'Being'. Every BlackMan can achieve this state potentially. 'Potential' is the key word in this esoteric supreme mathematical equation. The manifestation of Christ Consciousness on Earth is when the Mind of Allah is fully aware of its own existence Within the Black Man; The fullest state of Self Awareness at any given moment or what the Supreme Alphabet manifest as the 'Now' is the realization of the achievement of God Consciousness. Allah's Consciousness is expanding Omnidirectionally simultaneously from within the BlackMan's body unbenounced to 95% of All Black Men. The 5% know what is 'Causing All this to happen'-'All That' meaning-what is going on above the heads of 95% of the population of the planet Earth. 'Ain't no Mystery God' is the reality of what is truly going on. The 10% have born the trickknowledge to the 85% that an Egotistical omnipotent being exist above their head which is a westernized concept of Monotheism. 'Egotism' means that a being who is conscious of His own omnipotence is causing the events in our lives. This being is said to act unilaterally apart from are own consciousness and consequently arbitrarily wills 'bad', or 'good' events into are daily lives. The Omnipotent Being does Exist but this Omnipotent Being dwells within the Black Man's Being to a Supreme degree. This Supreme consciousness that dwells within the Black Man's body animates and occupies all forms of creation to a lesser degree showing and proving the BlackMan is God of the Universe. There is no entity separate from the Black Man who has his egotism in check. The ego is the result of all Nurse Pins placed in the heads of black babies at birth. From year one to Now is past Quran and Bible(Experience), from now forward is our 240(future). Renewing your history is to renew your obstacle course. The Devil manifest from four cardinal directions, but originates from within showing and proving the Reality that God Made Devil. Over coming obstacles in life is to show and prove the reality of God's power on Earth. Devils and obstacles mean work, showing and proving is about working to 'Make Her' or becoming the True and Living 'Maker'. The knowledge degree say, "Ever since He Made it", 'It' shows and proves she started off as an inanimate unconscious, unaware Six Sextillion ton object-Until mathematical light, energy, heat and magnetism touched her surface 'Properly'. Until that moment(let there be light) she remains a desolate object speeding at a terrific speed on a collision course with another wayward planet. Earth only becomes Earth when the magnetism of Supreme Mathematics draws her into 'ORBIT'! She must be at the proper emotional distance so God can born the understanding and equality in all her ciphers. The fact that a wisdom is in orbit doesn't mean she is Earth. 8 other bitches are in rotation as well but their atmospheres, mental surfaces and emotional depths don't hold the ability to bare and sustain life, light, heat and energy that comes with Supreme Mathematics(Every woman is a woman, but not every woman is a mother). These 8 other planets twist and turn nevertheless to the powerful mathematical rays of the Great Black Son but the 'mental' land is not Useful(Poor Part) for building the Home of I Self Lord And Master on. God keeps the 8 other planets that also knowledge God away from Earth. Solar Facts prove this: Earth stands between Venus and Mars. Venus is 67,000,000 miles away and Mars is 142,000,000 miles away. She can glimpse those bitches in the night sky, but they don't disrupt the Home of I Self Lord and Master. A collision course between the planets could mark the end of the Worlds! In your light she has to be secure, insecurity could cause an emotional tsunami or Earthquakes. God must know that Earth is intuitive, 75% of her surface is covered underwater. Water is analogous to wisdom, and wisdom is the interrelationship between Knowledge and Understanding, so ain't no way you can Zig and expect not to get caught up in the scorn of her Civilized Zag. It's eight other planets, and the build degree in the one to fourteen deals with the reality of filthy affairs that will leave your ass buried there in the dirt of a filthy affair. The total weight of the planet Earth is Six Sextillion tons, a unit followed by 21 cipherz, meaning she got a whole lot of swift and changeable emotions running through her heart and mind, so you can't add the weight of a filthy affair, such an act would hurt Mother Earth. Within her emotional atmosphere the emotional event would be disastrous. On the other side of the coin, as long as this woman remains untaught, she will dabble in trickknowledge. As God you have to teach her to go to war with all four devils in/on her mind. You got to build and destroy to take the devil off her planet. She has to be fully ready to bare mental or physical seed before the reality of useful land can be shown and proven. You have to teach her about the reality of her Actual Facts; The beauty found within her emotional oceans, lakes and rivers, she must understand the sensuousness of her tropical climates and every God should be wise enough not live on the desolation of her desserts, (her poor parts) and you must also warn her not to dwell on the emotional poor part of things-but nevertheless the understanding degree tells you that you must learn and know every square inch of Her.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baruch Spinoza: The Contradictions Of A Grafted Thought Process
No I am not a conventional thinker in terms of this Math. I am a conventional Mathematician in terms of the rules that govern quantitative branches of Math. Many amongst us say, “Now Cipher Emblem! Thatz not how da Father or da First Born did it-17 does equal 8!” Usually I laugh my ass off while I am reading a Math text book! How people can say they study math and be deeply engrossed in numerology befuddles the fuck out of the Emblematic One! Naw I don’t kick it with da Numerologist-I kick it with True live mathematical rationalist. This one colored man named Baruch Spinoza is a cat who I use to do the knowledge on hard. I do the knowledge on a lot of colored movafuckuz because they had a lot of time to think, more time to think than Original People. We have been surviving since the devil set up trading post in the continent he named Africa. Usually when you are in the constant pursuit of Jewels: food, clothing and shelter you can only consider the reality of Jungle Life, consequently it is very hard to deal with ‘higher order thinking’ as it relates to life. This is one of the reasons I said fuck Philly, New York and Chicago and moved to the boonies-it allows me time to think, write and really do Mathematics(not the all being born idiot shit). The pace of big cities can cause one to have more thoughts but not quality thoughts. Jungle life is crazy, and being one given to the quick impulses of pulling a trigger, bigger cities would probably land me in the penitentiary quickly. But small towns allow me the luxury to ‘mosey’ along with Original thinkers such as Cornell West, Garvey, and my nigga Langston-and I always get a wild ass white boy from the library who is spouting some crazy ideas. I love drawing all of them up with 120, Supreme Math, and Supreme Alphabet: Spinoza is a crazy ass white boy(1632-1677) he was a Rationalist-rationalist white boys really be on some Dr. Spock type shit. Spinoza was Jewish, and the Jewish elders kicked him out of the Synagogue because he drew shit up different-he disagreed with normative religious, Jewish values taught in the Synagogue-they cursed him with all the curses written in Deuteronomy. He broke from religious ideology, in that sense I can really identify with him. The Nation of Gods and Earths are becoming some religious movafuckuz so I was sitting back reading this white boy laughing my ass off when I saw the relationship between the Jewish Elders of the Synagogues and the Elders of the Nation of Gods and Earths. Wow! The similarities in terms of the Gods and Earths becoming religious was mind boggling when I started to draw comparisons to the Jewish Synagogues of Spinoza’s time. I guess I could be guilty of religious heresies by virtue of the fact that I am a fervent critic of that ‘All Being Born’ bullshit-you can’t collapse whole numbers in to each other, if you do-than you’re a numerologist not a Supreme Mathematician. So in that instance I am a Heretic (Run Emblem outta Allah School). I'll have no problem lacing up my God Damn track shoes, because I want no part of that ‘All Being Born’ Bullshit! But interestingly enough Spinoza had a great deal of scientific aptitude. Deep thing about this white boy was that he came up with this shit called Monadology. Monadology is Spinoza’s way of breaking down what the Gods and Earths may describe as ‘Be’. In my mind the White boy misses da point when he deals with ‘Be’ as a question. Spinoza describes ‘Be’ as ‘What is?’ but to him it is understood as a question, like Steven Hawking he probes for the reality of what is substantive in the Universe and much like Hawking he fails to accept ‘What is’ as a reality unto itself. Spinoza keeps probing for the underlying significance of the Universe, but never fines Knowledge. As God we know the foundation to ‘What is’ or ‘Be’ is not a Question at all but in fact 'Knowledge' which is ‘1’. Spinoza was close, he saw the Universe as One reality, and there is one set of rules governing the entire Universe. In those terms Da White Boy was on point, his only failure was that he didn’t understand that the Reality of the entire Universe is encapsulated in the Essential Nature of the Black Man-that is simply the truth, it shouldn’t be taken in a racist light. What is True is Simply Mathematics(a system without contradiction-'ABB'T is by its nature a Mathematical Contradiction!). Many faults can be found in Spinoza's espousal that ‘Substance’ is the basis of reality and that substance is not dependent on anything. He fails to connect knowledge to substance or what we may define as knowledge to wisdom, for wisdom is indeed the substance of the Universe showing and proving the ‘wisdom knowledge’ within the reality of ‘Universe’. He searched for the differences on a face value level proving that he was steeped in the separation of his Natural grafted thought process: On one hand he said he claims to cee the Unity of all things but on the other hand he looked for the reality of difference in all things. He was not connected to the Natural reality of Knowledge or Allah as the foundation of the Universe. As we get deeper into Spinoza the fragmentation of his thought process is shown and proven consequently becoming more evident. But I give the white boy props: He at least tried to glimpse the Mind of God. Ha!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Two Decades As An Enlightener: Best and Worst Memories of Students!

Enlightening individuals is a great thing. I measure my successes based upon my own Enlightener. Any of my students that have built with my Enlightener, and my Enlightener has said they are 'peace'-I count as a success. I have enlightened many over the years and have had many failures and few successes. Truth Allah and Saladin Allah are probably my landmark successes in terms of living out the culture in National terms, but there are many students that I have never mentioned. I taught two Gods named Sun-the first Sun knowledged 120 in 26 days, I have never seen anyone knowledge 120 that fast. God use to buy 4 and half or nine ounces of blow at a time from me. He taught three Gods; Freedom; Shakir; and Shakim. In terms of 'money' those were the fuckin' dayz. Freedom did a nickel in the pen, last time I saw the God he became a Sunni, and was working at Burger King. Shakir was returned back to essence with a shot gun blast and Shakim moved down South somewhere with his wiz. Sun became a body builder, da nigga eat like 12 meals a day and bench like 375, he do reps wit 250. I taught a God named Rasul and Dynamite(Bilal). I taught Rasul how to box and this nigga won a state Golden Gloves title then went pro. He was trying to fight Holyfield at one point. This nigga could not box when I first met him, we got in the ring at dawn every morning like we was on some Rocky shit for months and he finally got good and just kept at it and turned pro. I lost contact with him for like 15 years and he had retired from boxing(he still stays in the gym though), he became a crazy ass hat wearing pimp over the years wit a real live perm-(A real pimp), I'm not proud of that fact but he became one, he also has a home for foster kids and retarded adults, he got money coming in from bitches and the state. He is also a real estate tycoon if you let him tell it. He is always in a limo filled with hoes popping bottles. He forgot all his lessons but if you try to bomb him on degrees he is ready to knock a movafucka out and claim he God-he says that his fist are his 120. He funny as fuck, he call his self 'Big Country' now. Me and Da God Dynamite(Bilal) had a boxing match for 3 hours one time. This nigga would not back down, and his hands was just as nice as mines, next day we were both sore and fucked up but we established in that fight a profound respect for one another. Everytime we see each other we ask, "You remember that fight?" Damn right we both remember that fight! Dynamite got like six children now, forgot every degree but 'Who is the Original Man?', blew up to like 250lbs and still think he can box. I actually taught a God named Clarence, he never changed his name because that was the Father's government, he knowledged 120 and tried to sell dope with us but it just wasn't him, he actually just had his first seed, he has two beauty supply stores and him and his wife just bought a nice Kingdom. The most memorable thing about him is that all the Gods said I tried to kill him one time. He did get on my nerves sometimes however I don't remember ever trying to kill him, but I was snorted up most of the time so I don't remember too much of anything from them days. He actually drew up a Queen named Jade, she ended up gravitating to me and me and him never built after that too tough! I taught Jade , and she added on Mathematics as her attribute and became Jade Mathematics, she made it to the 36th degree in the 1-40's and ended up doing 18 months in the pen(Long Story- Shit got wild!) I also taught Red Asia-she knowledged 120, had a very strong grasp of 120(recital wise), she had my seed, got her Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate, but fell off in terms of 120 and jammed a Christianity pin in my black babies head(hell has seen no fury like the scorn of a woman). I taught two Hakeems, one of them was my right hand man-the irony of surrounding this nigga is that he could not get off his 1-10, but we partied hard than a movafucka-this nigga use to fuck all these ugly bitches, I only set my sights for top notch shorties-I aimed for quality, but not this nigga-he went for quantity. I use to tell that nigga he was crazy as fuck, ain't no way I'd put my dick in the bitches he put his dick in. This nigga use to be my roommate in college and one time I came out my room in the middle of the night-opened the bathroom door and it was a 300 pound gorilla sittin on my toilet. She looked at me-I looked at her-she screamed and I screamed too, this nigga bust out of his room and the pussy odor almost made me faint. The nigga rolled wit me hard though through thick and thin-Them D-Mecca niggaz cut they soldiers real thorough. For this nigga to have had only 1-10 he taught mad movafuckuz that they was God, one day this nigga came in the room wit like 40 niggaz behind him and he wanted me to explain how all of them was God, when it came to building a squad he was the best. I taught a lot of them niggaz that came in the room that day. I'm sure they fell the fuck off, mostly all of them past up 'Keem' in terms of degreez, but I trusted 'Keem' more than any of them movafuckuz-'Keem' knew where the gunz, da money and the dope was stashed. I lost contact with him for 15 years, he got his Bachelors and Masters and became a principal. Two Years ago He told me he became a Prince Hall Mason and that shit broke my heart. It broke my movafuckin Heart! That is a summary of my first Generation of students, I left out a lot because I don't remember all them niggaz names-that was da coke years-I actually call them da 'coke generation'. Fuck Weed-that 'Raw' was the reality of that time. A.C. means After Coke. Saladeen was from the A.C. generation of students. He was da first, I had made so many mistakes in teaching people but I really took my time with Deen, because I was aware not only of my own bad habits but of all the mistakes I had made-I began teaching Deen in the winter of born culture, Clarence was still rolling with me but we had this subconscious one upsmanship material battle going on, cars, couchs, cribs-bullshit materialism(My Uncle Likes the Devil because the devil gives him nothing). We both met Deen, and Clarence dimissed Deen as a broke ass college student, but I saw God, and started building with him. Even though Deen knew a lot of people I told him don't tell anyone he was gettin this type of knowledge till he was done 120. When he did finish, a new flood gate of students opened; Power U Cee King, True Cipher Rule; Kitaka; Golden Sun; Reality; Sun (Second Sun) Dialect; Truth and this one God from Power Hill who use to go on stick ups wit me named Perry (dumb nigga never changed his name) it was plenty of us-Wu Tang's music helped, this was definitely my weed generation, 12 blunts a day-nothing less, we all became full blown weed heads with bronchitis. I had went from selling coke to selling weed-thatz an economic depression for your ass. Weed money is nothing in comparison to coke money, stickin' up niggaz for pounds and then smoking it up, it was no profit-it was like hustling backwards. Most of that second generation of students was wanna be rappers, freestyling and all that bullshit. I was really depressed at the time, Saladin had a solid command of 120 and the Math but didn't have a thuggish bone in his body thus couldn't reach street niggaz, so I never had another real street team in the second generation outside of a nigga named Perry, and True Cipher Rule they wouldn't hesitate to go on stick ups wit me, but they didn't have a strong command of the math or 120, all Perry knew was that equality meant weed. Perry never got past the knowledge degree in the 1-10 and True Cipher Rule got half way through the 1-40's. One day I will write about my adventures with Truth, of everyone I have ever taught he spent the most time with me, the God took a charge, caught a felony, and was looking at 5 years-God didn't snitch! Truth and Jade Mathematics are the two people I taught that I owe an everlasting debt of gratitude to, both of them could have ratted my black ass out. Jade Mathematics told the cee cipher punks during her interrogation-when they asked about 'Raheem?' that she had to take a shit!(She was a Real Live Ride or Die Chick) Visiting her in the Pen was some of the hardest bullshit I ever had to do as a man let alone 'God'. I kept money on her books, but the visits were the hardest( I use to be distillin'-Experimenting with high explosives really does cause Earthquakes). I stayed celibate 18 months(nine months each in two Prisons) being faithful was the least I could do for her. I always say that she only made it to the 36th degree in the 1-40's but writing this caused me to remember that Jade did finish 120, but she did it in Prison. Yes I forgot-because that whole time was something I'd rather forget. Indeed Emblem got guilt buried there.

A.S.I.A. Talk #50 - Born Righteous Conquers -Born Degree Mountain

God is on his way traveling at a terrific Speed. Keep Traveling God!
Emblem builds with Born Righteous...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wisdom Knowledge-'Likes Repel'

Wisdom Knowledge in the knowledge culture cipher asks "Who was the founder of Unalike attracts and 'likes' repel?" The answer starts out 'an Original BlackMan who was a scientist...' .Well that math takes me into all kinds of realms-early on back when I first got knowledge of Self I came up with my cold blooded 'A-like', Me and Da God both Got da same tats on our hands and da whole nine, we was tight, pulled off a few capers together, and dealt with hours upon hours of building. Me and Da God would be building about Allah coming outta tripple darkness, and lessons- that shit was like a slam dunk contest at an NBA All Star game with Mike and Dominique in da final round(I was Mike), we built on Nietzche, Nihilism, Sir Author Conan Doyle da whole nine. When I was on top of my game da God came to visit me in my new Condo, met my Earth and seed and it was mad peace, but when I fell off, I ain't want to be seen, but da God insisted he come and visit me in Medina. Da God came through, he was shinning, I was living with my Ole Earth, and my pockets was fucked up, at the time his pockets weren't. We went out to eat, and I called him on some bullshit from way back-we was in a Spanish Restaraunt on Flatbush Ave-God got pissed that I brung up 'said' bullshit, but I wanted to know da truth. Da thing about me is I got a good memory, and if you tell me some shit I may cross examine you on that same shit knowledge cipher years later, well I did: My question was how da hell can you put a 38 caliber bullet in a 357 or vice versa and da gun fire properly? My Ole Dad is a former Marine and he worships guns like Christians worship Jesus, and he told me that was Emphatically Now cipher. I got drunk, called Da God on that info over the table and we fell out, and haven't spoken to one another in knowledge cipher years-He is indeed my brother, and I will always keep Da God in mind, but sometimes 'likes' just gotta repel. I don't like being in da company wit no whole bunch of movafuckuz for long periods anyway, but I love being in a room with a wisdom-showing and proving un-alike attract and 'likes' repel. Gods stay on that one upsmanship current, every God got they determined idea that they trying to pull off and shine brighter than da next star(a pissing contest)-this is da primary reason Allah School is da same rickety old shack that it was 40 plus years ago: ego-ego-ego! I'm guilty of Ego shit too! So I am not pointing no fingers, but at least I can hear my ego slithering around in my head like the snake it is, many still remain blind deaf and dumb to the snake of their ego in their own head. I ain't on that ego shit no more, took me some years but that 'What is his Ownself' degree got me off that pretentious 5%er Diva current, yeah I got a peace Understanding of Math, but so da fuck what-I still have more work to do in terms of personal 'Self Examination'. 'Maintaining the mindset of a Newborn helps control the ego. Keep learning and avoid the arrogant swag that comes with thinking you know it all-or your more God or Earth than another. I enjoy writing, stringing together sentences every now and then but ultimately my greatest love is building in the solitude of my own mind via learning. Thinking of concepts, and ideas as they correlate to the Quran , Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet, and 120 makes my heart content-everything else is vanity-even this last sentence!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


ISLAM: Who are the Jinn? “Certain Layers of Current Real Cold and Warm!”
When I first started to learn the Quran, one of my first questions was who are the Jinn? They are beings mentioned throughout the entire Quran. The Quran states that they are beings created from smokeless fire. Having had already had 120 on cap I could only search for meaning within the body of my foundation. 120 inoculated me from all forms of believing in ghostly apparitions and the insanity often found in spookism. As I investigated the meaning of Jinn further the smokeless fire angle appealed to the initial aspects of my investigation. As I broadened the scope of my investigation I stumbled across very interesting ideas and began to see how the idea of ‘Certain Layers of Currents’ a phrase mentioned in the build and destroy degree had profound significance as it related to Jinn. I began to draw Jinn up as a ‘Vibe’, ‘ a current of air’ and the human consciousness increasing or coming into contact with general moods found throughout the daily dynamic of the subjective human experience. When we watch television, movies we absorb the program, are consciousness becomes ‘Entertained’-something has entered our sphere of reasoning which can be either positive, negative or neutral(ZIGZAGZIG). Men watch Rambo and get amped by the visuals of what they see and hear, women or men may watch a movie that touches them to such emotional depth that they may literally distill because of what they have viewed. The screen comes to life in a radiant way, it is fire, but the fire is without smoke. When we listen to music; Hip Hop; R&B; Jazz; RocK N Roll etc. it touches the mind and increases with the current of air we were in previously . The Shaitan (Satan) in the Quran is not a fallen Angel as the bible describes but in the Quran Shaitain is Iblis (Shaitan)-Iblis is a Jinn, and he has sworn to Allah that he himself will not bow down in submission to man but instead attack man in his every path. Iblis or Shaitan is said to have went through the body of man, categorized man’s every weakness and now preys upon those weaknesses to take him into the fire of hell. The knowledge cipher degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture describes four devils: Jealousy, Envy, Lust, and Hatred all of these Devils enter the Mecca of the Mind, and occupy the root of civilization causing trouble amongst the righteous people. Jealousy is a current of air, Envy is a current of air, Lust is a current of air and Hatred is a current of air, we call them moods. They undermine the righteous thought patterns of women and men throughout the human family. As a youth when I first saw Scarface I became absorbed into the glamorous idea of becoming a drug dealer. AL Pachino is a Star, a star is composed of fire but we can all say that he is ‘smokeless’ in terms of the actual nature of ‘smoke’. Nevertheless the images of his fire(Nar) burned heavily in my conscious. Hollywood produces smokeless fire, they Tell Lies in Vision producing smokeless fire(Emotion). As a child my aunt told me to back away from the television because it would cause my eyes to go bad-why? The radiant quality of smokeless fire is found in Movie screens, hi definition television screens and the ipods and MP3 players we wear snug on our ears. The Quran does not say that all Jinn are Evil, in actuality it states that all Jinn should be in submission to Allah. As we become consumed with sounds and images we fall prostrate to the images and sounds while loosing our own souls in the process. The knowledge understanding degree states that they continue daily to teach the 85% that all they see and hear such as rain, hail, snow and Earthquakes comes from that Mystery God that no one will be able to see until he dies, this is believed by the 85%.....Jinns can control belief, a co-worker recently lost his job because he literally got lost in Madden X box. Jinns can manipulate the conscious realm of men, they are ideals, devices, drugs, alcohol, medicines, technological luxuries and hardcore pornographic visual images. Porn controls the assembly of Jinn that promote Lust(one of the four devils). The public library also is filled with all kinds of Jinn that promote a multiplicity of ideals. The conscious sphere of the human is very susceptible to a wide spectrum of ideals-ideals that can be either good or bad. What are our children exposed to? The Shaitan (Satan) is also mentioned in the Quran as being a whisperer. When I catch somebody whispering, I know that a deceptive force is present. They could be whispering about throwing me a surprise party or they could be whispering about a plan to murder me, nevertheless some form of deception is present. Our cell phones are also Jinn, the internet is loaded with them. Aladin’s lamp holds a Genie-Genie is the origin of the word Jinn, when we rub this lamp all are wishes can be granted. We must understand the origin of the things we wish for!

C.G. Jung, Freud And Elijah Wrapped Neatly In A Bow

Modern psychology is steeped in Freudian psychology, whether intellectuals agree or disagree with his approach to psychology-modern psychology screams his name loudly in the hallowed halls throughout academia. Freud is a ‘given’ within the academic discipline of psychology, but outside of Freud we find wonderful ideas elsewhere. C. G. Jung was Freud’s right hand man at one point. The two colored men did a great deal of building in terms of psychology. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung got out their shovels and dug into the soil of the unconscious to find what was buried there (grave robbers). They dealt with an aspect of psychology known as ‘depth psychology’. I dig Jung because he kept digging like an insane anthropologist in Egypt. Freud said, “Fuck it!” threw down his shovel and told Carl, “Yo I’m about to go get a toot of coke and some pussy! You want to go?” Jung declined and kept digging and he found some really interesting psychological artifacts buried in the unconscious mind. Jung ‘discovered’ (Not founded) the ‘collective unconscious’ of all movafuckuz on the planet: kindda like the original internet. It should be noted that the collective unconscious was already ‘buried there’ but he discovered it for ‘Colored people’. Psychology is the study of what motivates human behavior, and within the field of psychology there are many theories as to how movafuckuz mindz actually work, and why movafuckuz do the shit they do. Jung came up with an analytic perspective called Analytical Psychology. Freud ain’t like that shit, because it disagreed slightly with his theory ‘Psycho Analysis’. It seems like the same two words but these two movafuckuz got in big beef over that shit. Freud ain’t want another movafucka taking his shine. Freud at the time was like a Rock Star in the field of psychology and here comes his boy saying some other shit. So wasn’t no peace amongst these two movafuckuz, and they fell out. The irony is that Freud’s own ‘Ego’ got in the way of him and his boy adding on togehter. The fact of the matter is-is that Jungian psychology is on point in many areas-Colored or Original-there is no denying the truth of what he was proposing. Jung considered a person’s experience and then did comparative analysis to their responses to similar subjective experiences(the similarities of how we deal wit shit). How did the individual’s experience relate to the next and the next, and the next. As Jung kept digging he theorized that the Unconscious part of the mind is more active than the Conscious aspect, and the fullness of the connection between the two completes the ‘Being’ as a whole. In Jung’s unconscious excavation he stumbled upon the ideal of ‘archetypes’. An ‘archetype’ is the model, or pattern of unconscious symbols upon which we live life. In my opinion this is the initial software that comes with man. This brings us to Little Ole uneducated Elijah-when understanding archetypes in ‘Jungian’ unconscious terms- the being of ‘man’(Man in the General sense) is revamped by Elijah’s first question and answer: Who is the Original Man? When we absorb the question the archetype is made known to the Self, the ability to access source info(intuition) from the core being ‘buried there’ is now made available to the ‘digger’. We dig up some pertinent facts not only about ourselves but our relationship to the human family as a whole. “The Original Man is the Asiatic Blackman; the Maker; the Owner; the Cream of the Planet Earth; the Father of Civilization; and the God of the Universe.” The virtue of the answer opens up the unconscious Power once buried there in the unconscious mind of Original people, it now describes a clear relationship to culture from a global point of view, it assist in recapturing the lost treasure of ‘Self Esteem’ via identifying with ‘Cream’, and the lost ancient and esoteric knowledge of ‘God’ once hidden in the sky is now in the palm of a Blackman’s hand. How Original people lost the precious pearls of knowledge once held in the palm of their hands is made known in the wisdom degree. ‘Mathologically’ speaking a Blackman (Yacob) with a mythically large Head (ego) is responsible for the physical manifestation of Devil on Earth. The wonderful ideas born in the first question and answer to Elijah establish accurate but lost concepts of the Self, it should be understood that these accute concepts such as Maker, Owner, Cream, Father, God etc… became at one time in the past- grandiose concepts of Self, the grandiose concept of Self led to the ‘Fall’ in the ‘Biblical Sense’ ,‘Quranic Sense’, and the ‘historical Sense’. The second degree does not ask Who is the ‘White’ Man? Nor does it ask Who is the ‘Caucasian’ Man? It plainly asks- Who is the ‘Colored’ Man? Many make their living in this math with the use of ambiguity as their chief shield for their dirty religion, so we should take nothing on face value and deal clearly in disambiguation altogether: ‘Colored’ is a psychological term. The honorable concepts of Maker, Owner, Cream, Father and God quickly grafted into the big headed filthy affairs of egotistism, greed and devilish behavior. If you are looking at things in an egotistical way your mental vision is ‘Colored’ regardless of your complexion. Yacob’s head size is a archetype for all that is good and bad in the Black Man’s Head.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rain, Hail, Snow: ISLAM:

The Angel Jabril: 25,000 Years of Quran And The Mathematical Reality of A Year To Every Mile. Jeet Kun Do and ISLAM
I feel privileged to have been given a comprehensive understanding of ISLAM from a North American standpoint, it allows me to glimpse insights otherwise never fathomed by the Bowties, Sunnis and the fervent 120 heads throughout North America. Yes I am alone, if I said 'In a class bymyself' it would come off egotistical but the statement would nevertheless be true. In an indepth comparative study of the three forms of ISLAM in North America I definitely understand the oneness of 'Rain, Hail, and Snow'. The equations that I have drawn up cannot be spit to no one particular group or person. When I spit da Quran the Sunnis say "hamdulila"; When I spit Math the Gods and Earths say "Peace"; When I spit 120 the bowties say "Teach on that brother!" so in terms of the wisdom degree in the knowledge understanding equality-I definitely arrived at this place 'Bymyself'. When I first met Salidin 13 years ago the first words out of my mouth were, "I bare witness that there is no God but Allah!"-I said it in arabic but it was the truth regardless to whom or what. He told me that-that was not his thing, and so I formulated the structure of his curriculum to fit him and gave him 120, which was normal because Wu-Tang, and Digable Planets were hot at the time, proving popular culture was the order given by the total population. Styles and forms dictate how we learn. 'Egyptology', 'Buddhism', 'North American religion found among Indians(the Two Million) and Eastern Religions are good studies, but no book in History Mentions the name of Allah moreso than the Holy Quran. I have touched on other traditional religions in a minor capacity, but it always made sense to me that if a book mentions Your name the most, than it would only seem logical to engross yourself in that book(Quran). If several lessons within the doctrine of your study mention Mecca, Quran, and ISLAM than you should study all reference and source materials that correlate to your Major. It is very unfortunate that 'Rain', 'Hail' and 'Snow' in terms of the three forms of ISLAM appear foreign to one another nowaday. When the three forms of ISLAM are fragmented in to styles we loose 66.3333333% of ISLAM in our short sightedness. The Sunnis call Gods and Earths Kafirs(disbelievers), The bowties tell the Gods and Earths we don't adhere to the full scope of Elijah's teachings, and NGE and NOI are quick to tell 'African' American Sunnis we ain't no damn Arabs and Emblem is sitting back, shaking his head laughing at every fuckin' body. Bruce Lee came up with an interesting style of Kung Fu called Jeet Kun Do, it was based on the nature of 'Water'. I cee ISLAM as water, and if we know anything about water it adjust to any particular cipher. Rain, Hail, and Snow is water and I deal with ISLAM as such. Yes I cee the distinctions, but I preserve the best part for myself. 120 is a North American Tafsir(Quranic Interpretation). The knowledge degree says a "Year to Every Mile" and when doing the knowledge on the square miles of this poor part of the Earth, and for the Original People of this poor part 120 is a tremendous tool to open up the Quran. 120 opens The 'Quran' of our years and miles in North America. I feel as though I am qualified in weighing the pros and the cons of the best and poor parts of these three forms of water flooding North America. The Nation of Gods and Earth's Artistic conceptualization of Allah is collectively the best on the planet(In my opinion), the lifestyle of the Sunnis is a beautiful cultural expression of sincerity and the bowties do trading(business) efficiently with the centralization of their business interest in terms of a trading organization. The negative drawback of each is the failure to embrace the best parts of the other. The bowties centralize around a singular 'God Head' (Farrakhan or Silis), The Sunnis excel in their knowledge of Quranic content but loose a grip on reality in the process, and the Gods and Earths generally speaking cease education at 120. 120 is where I begin. The Angel Jabril began his revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) with one word: 'IQRA'-it means 'Read, Recite and Proclaim'. Do I get lost in the ethnicity of Muhammad? Hell No! Do I get lost in the question of Jabril as an Angel or a Man? Hell No! Do I get lost in the fact that this revelation occurred post Judaism, and Christianity when both religions were in full bloom? Now Cipher! Jabril in my mind was a Black Man who understood Mathematics much in the same way the Gods and Earths draw up God. This book Quran was already very much a part of the culture of Original People before its actual revelation to Muhammad. For those that don't know the Quran has just as much funk on it as Al Green singing, 'Love and Happiness', Aretha Franklin's Mantra of 'Respect' and Mahalia Jacksons joyful cries to Jesus. This book Quran is indeed an extension of Original People, an ancient scroll that comes from the genetic core of Original people. The book is known as Al Mifta(the key) which opens up Umi Kitab(the Mother book) bringing us to a year to every mile. The Quran is not revealed in English, but in Arabic, failure to breach another language is the fulfillment of the culture degree in the knowledge to understand the equality, "My Uncle does not talk his own language." For those that don't know-Arabic is a mathematically precise language(at least classical Arabic is). Algebra comes from the name Al-Jabbar which is one of the 99 attributes of Allah. In Algebra we glimpse the Unknowns(X) and the Whys(Y) of life's equations. The best part about The Nation of Gods and Earths is that we were taught the practice of drawing things up for ourselves and cross referencing the meanings of degrees as they relate to one another. When doing this with the Quran it literally puts your 120 on maximum turbo charged blast. I love it and invite all to do the same.

Friday, November 14, 2008

120 Supreme Mathematics & Flirtations With Combinatorics

‘1’ is one of a thing or one of a set of things. The discipline found within the study of Supreme Mathematics does not discount this truth: 1 is indeed 1. The study of Supreme Math takes the idea of ‘1’ of a thing or ‘1’ of a set of things a step further and establishes that ‘1’ is KNOWLEDGE. ‘1’ is now indicative of a qualitative and quantitative expression. Human identity can also be found in ‘1’ using 120, the very first degree in 120 describes the substantive nature of the first man on Earth-The Original Man. Combinatorics is a branch of Mathematics used to describe ‘finitum’ or things that have an ending(all Men have a physical ending) The Original Man is not a thing, but if we expand the idea of Combinatorics to embody a man then the inanimate object which is a thing becomes an animated being. As God breathed life into Adam in the bible, we can breathe life into this branch of mathematics called combinatorics allowing us to peer deeper into the nature of pure mathematics. Combinatorics delves within the idea of ‘enumeration’ or the act of counting. Can we count qualities? Emphatically yes! Within Sunni tradition Allah has 99 names, within Sufi tradition( the study of Islamic Mysticism) the idea of Dhikir(rememberence) of the Holy Quran and the ninety nine names of Allah is present. The Suffis also grasp other attributes of Allah, pronounce and morph them into life(Word is Bond-Bond is Life-Mantras etc). The attributes of Allah are truly eternal (No beginning nor ending) but of the study of the initial 99 qualities of Allah we find the finite (‘finitum’) amount necessary to approach the study of the mathematical branch of combinatorics. Combinatorics is about finding solutions by linking quantitative sets of raw numbers, when we understand this in terms of qualitative expression we link ideas found within 120, Supreme Alphabet, and Supreme Math. Linking degreez in 120 is the theoretical exercise to find combinations of lessons to solve psychological problems and problems within given ciphers(X,Y=C). Combining lessons in a coherent manner to arrive at solutions for your life is why we internalize 120, Supreme Alphabet, and Supreme Math. Suffis Dhikir(Rememberance) attributes of Allah and combine certain attributes to arrive at answers for life’s problems: Example they may recite Al Hakeem, and Al Sabr to invoke wisdom and patience within self. Sufis also Dhikir(Remember) verses of the Holy Quran in different combinations to handle certain dilemmas of life-Imams may prescribe said verses. Those who study 120, Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet may Dhikir (rememberance) a given degree: Ex: knowledge understanding degree in the 1-40’s in relationship to the Doctor, Minister, ‘Nurse’ and Cremator Motif found in the wisdom build-This is combinatorics (Combining ideas) or the Asiatic Branch of Mathematical Psychology I have coined as ‘Mathology’ not to be confused with ‘Mythology’. Those of us who study Supreme Mathematics should also be in rememberance of the Holy Quran and the ninety nine attributes of Allah. 120 allows us to do the knowledge on the sciences of everything in life. 120, Supreme Alphabet, Supreme Math and the Holy Koran are the core disciplines within ISLAM, they prepare the mind to absorb other disciplines. Before I return back to essence I would like to absorb as many sciences as possible, and to become proficient in those sciences, not for the sake of my ego, but for the sake of my love of learning. The more sciences you are able to link, the more you will fulfill the promise within the knowledge degree in the knowledge to knowledge the cipher; Maker; Owner; Cream; Father; and God of the Universe. Combinatorics allows us to link, connect, align, categorize, and apply all the sciences we take under study. How is Suffism linked to I Self Lord and Master? How is a Sunni approach to Islam good for containing egotism? What is the Egos relationship to devilishment? How is every phrase in 120 psychologically encoded mathematically and then applied to life? How can life be decoded using 120? Why is an in depth study of the Holy Quran a good study for unraveling The Religious ideas of the Indians exiled 16,000 years ago, the Kemetian Theology of Aincient Kemet and Yoruba religion? And how do all these cultures relate to the idea of Jinn in Islam? How does the ‘Mathology’ of Yacob translate into a study of history in an anthropological sense? What relationship does the ‘Mathology’ of Yacob have in relationship to the history of psychology in the modern world and the world of academia? All of these questions are formulated with the use of the mathematical branch known as ‘combinatorics’. Supreme Mathematics does not ‘box’ us ‘in’ or leave us relegated and stranded by the mere idea of ‘Set Quantity’ found in traditional combinatorics but instead the Asiatic Mathology found in Supreme Math are ideas that march with a new expansive approach while simultaneously transforming traditional combinatorics.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The born degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture contains a multiplicity of mathematical ideas that hold both internal and external significance as they relate to the Self. The born degree viewed as a singular group of ideas is a closed subgroup to itself. To identify the mathematical, sociological and psychological solutions within the sub group-is the mathematical definition of ‘radical’. The subgroup that contains the radical solution to the problems within the initial equation of the born degree can be found in the understanding culture within the knowledge to culture cipher. What are the problems implied in the born degree? The problem is that as you continue to travel further in your degrees you find in the understanding culture that you cannot reform devil- cancelling out Musa’s attempts, Jesus’ attempt, and Muhammad’s attempts at reformation(all of which can be found in the knowledge to knowledge culture). Musa had a hard time; Jesus got buried there; and Muhammad got pissed and finally picked up a sword. The solution is implied in degrees that follow the born degree such as the knowledge cipher degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture which leads to the idea of ‘murdering four devils’ which is the square root of the initial normative solvable solution found in the understanding culture: “All the Prophets have tried to reform him devil but have been unable….” more importantly “ …we have decided to take him off our planet.” It should be noted that this is not an advocation of a holocaust of colored people but a holocaust of the internal psychological devils that plague all the members of the human family. Taking the born degree under further scrutiny we find some rather interesting ideas in both the question and the answer.
“Why does Muhammad make the devil study from 35-50 years before he can call himself a muslim son/daughter? And wear the greatest and only flag of the universe?: The idea of 35-50 years of study is fundamentally a powerful concept particularly when understood as a psychological function(learning is a function of the collective human psyche). A fundamental attribute of Allah is found in this degree 'Raheem' means ‘Merciful’ in Arabic. To make a subgroup(400,000,000) study as opposed to taking their life is merciful. That option is indeed a mathematical sign and symbol of‘Mercy’. Moreso the numerical values of 35 and 50 are interesting numbers to be observed and taken under perusal, because they are indicative to the average lifespan during Muhammad’s times.(* If the numerical values of 35 and 50 are added they born 85-hmmmmmm!). Can this simplistic math problem point to the 85% mentioned within the body 120? Allowing the devil to wear the greatest and holy flag of the universe upon completion of such study is also a Mercy from Allah. The sword that is added to the upper part of the flag serves as a reminder of not only Mercy, but Justice. ‘Mercy’ and ‘Justice’ born the honorable idea of tempering Justice with Mercy. Establishing the Sword as an Emblem of Justice points to a mathematical sign of adherence to the law prescribed by I Self Lord and Master. ‘Wudu’ and ‘Ghusl’ are practices within Islam that are undertaken before prayer, fundamentally they are put into effect so that one cleans his self before prayer. “So that he can clean himself up….” is the first sentence within the body of the born degree. Teaching the devil that his body should be clean is a part of the study-in short Muhammad made the devil wash his ass 5 times a day, we all should wash our asses 5 times a day at least. “A muslim does not love the devil regardless to how long he studies.” This love that should not be directed toward colored people is ‘knowledge wisdom’ or amorous affection, however we know that love at its highest is Understanding, and it is this Understanding that allows us to cee our own internal ways an actions that may be 'devil' or less than right and exact. The born degree also mentions that the colored man is supposed to ‘learn and do like the Original Man’, meaning the colored man should fall prostrate in submission to the Original Man for right guidance. Within an internal level this means that our own psychological devils should be in submission to the greatest part of are being which is the Divine Self. This ‘chance’ we gave him to clean himself up, is suppose to be his secret to keep, and he is not allowed to reveal this secret. This idea establishes all the fundamental ideals within Masonry proving that Black Masons are in reality contradictions unto themselves. Masonry was established for the colored man, the actual ‘religion’ of Islam was also established for the colored man in order that he may be on a path to rise above his natural disposition of ‘weakness’. It should be noted that Yacob was the Father of the Devil, and that the rules Yacob left ultimately led to the practice of ‘devilishment’. Colored people were by nature given to a weak disposition and when coupled with the idea of ‘Devilishment’ caused the manifestation to fester into full blown devil. ‘Devilishment’ was on the planet long before colored people became the actual heirs to this negative energetic force via the determined idea that Yacob had born which was ‘Trick Knowledge’ (Lies, theft etc.). A baby only knows what it is taught, so colored people are socialized into the genetic fulfillment of their nature. This idea proves that we should understand that the devil to be taken off the planet( a planet is something grown or made from the beginning* also human). Devilshment must be taken off the planet of our own personal psychological paradigms to born that math which is ‘Holy’. Yes, ‘reformation’ of devil is a virtuous idea, however the understanding culture degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher is very explicit in that the reformation of the devil can not be achieved by a mere ‘prophet’. The genius nuance usually overlooked in the understanding culture degree is the word ‘Prophet’. As the algebraic linear equation of 120 expands it synthesizes into another problem: 'are you a Prophet or are you God?' The understanding build degree mentions that God makes devil for the sole purpose of showing forth power, and we must know that devil is made to born power-our 'actual power' in contrast to our 'potential power' is brought forth by the challenge that devilz in self and in society present. Subgroups, Radicals, Solutions; Thesis', antithesis', Synthesis' prove devil will manifest in one form or another within all spectrums of reality.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Balancing Equations In 120
Dealing with Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet, and 120 is about applying the ideas within the body of 120 to our lives: The God degree in the knowledge to knowledge culture can be analyzed, examined and drawn up as an internal psychological equation: "Why does the Devil call our people African? To make our people of North America believe the people of that continent are the only people they have and are all savages." If we examine this first sentence within the answer we find some interesting ideas: Firstly the idea surrounding 'belief' is prevalent in the first sentence of the answer in the God degree. 'Belief' in terms of it being a force within an individual is manipulated and colored to the satisfaction of the manipulator. I have stated in past blogs that 'belief' is power, and 'belief' has a relationship to an individual's Self Image. If our Self Image is based on how the manipulator portrays those from like Origins it can indeed lead to an individual having a poor Self Image. The poor Self Image is the result of the internalized Self Image fostered by the manipulator or Devil. "He bought a trading post in the Jungles of that continent." Hidden economic motivations are within the second sentence, these economic motivations are laced with devilish intentions to exploit and manipulate those Original People native to the continent of what the Devil calls Africa. This segment of the God degree when internalized should allow the user of 120 to conclude that motives based solely on economic aggrandizement should be thoroughly qualified or disqualifed in terms of Righteous validity. If you are rolling with a God or Earth and 'Gold' is the only current of their conversation-then the question should be asked to one's Self as to the Right and Exactness of actions to be undertaken to aquire said 'Gold'. The rule of thumb is never trust a greedy movafucka! "The Original People Live on that continent." This section of the degree establishes the Native psychological profile and allows us to understand the thinking of the said people in question via understanding ourselves fully. This Pan 'African' notion ushers forth further the idea of 'Human Family' and ties together closer kinship relations. Deeper exploration of Knowledge of Self through history,anthropology, sociology,and geo politcial economics should give us deeper insight into our own personal and collective psychological dynamic. The rule of thumb within this Mathematical phrase should be 'when you know self you will know others on 'that' continent or anywhere else on the Planet Earth'. "They are the people who strayed away from civilization and they are living a 'Jungle' life." When I think of 'Jungle' I don't think of 'savage', but instead 'rough terrain'. Rough terrain-though 'Rough' is nevertheless 'Useful' showing and proving useful land is not necessarily non useful. This rough terrain must be explored. We all have rough psychological terrain to be explored and mastered in self. This is a journey that all of us must undertake at one time or another in life. Jungle Life is the challenge of Self Mastery. Gorrillaz, Lionz, Snakez, Poisionous Plantz are examples of the violence of the Jungle Life. Many will fall victim to the Jungle Life. Rule of thumb in this mathematical phrase is to keep your blade (120) sharp. "The Original People call this continent Asia but the Devil call it Africa to try to divide them." This Mathematical phrase points to the idea that we should never take the Tarzan like images that the colored man paintz on 'Face Value', because if we do we loose all the Wisdom hidden within the subconscious mental Jungle. "He wants us to think that we are all different." To believe that we are separate from family is to graft psychological devil indeed. Paranoia is the 'belief in another'. We are not differrent, we are 'One' in terms of the One Mind of Allah traveling through the Human Family as a Whole.