Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sherlock Holmes On Dimethltryptamine

LONDON: 2012

Inside of six months he memorized the entire Quran, became fluent in three dialects of Urdu, grew a long Taliban like beard and scoured the cities of Peshwar, Haribu and Swat systematically narrowing his search down to Abbotobad. He called me at home in London when he located the world's most wanted criminal.

"Watson I've located Bin Laden. Contact MI-5 at once."

I did as instructed and in turn MI-5 contacted the Americans. Obama received the credit for finding Bin Laden of course and Sherlock Holmes as always disappeared into the shadows. And now he's quite bored, hasn't had a case in a year, and spends most of his time listening to Lil Wayne while snorting, injecting, or smoking cocaine.  As always I'm worried about my old chum Holmes. I think he needs help, however he insists he's not an addict.

"Watson, it is not so much the cocaine that I enjoy as much as it is the stimulation that it provides. 'Stimulation' my good man, my intellect needs stimululation! When there are no mysteries to be solved I feel as if my existence is meaningless and thus I use cocaine as -. "

"'Stimulation'!" I said, snidely finishing the master sleuth's sentence.

"Precisely Watson!"

He did not look well, skinny, hadn't bathed in what smelled like a month and just last night our landlady Mrs. Hudson found him in the hallway staircase in a crack induced stupor with shattered  glass from his broken crackpipe littering the common area. He is a genius posessing immense faculties of deduction and extraordinary powers of observation but by all practical accounts he appears to be a common crackhead.

"Holmes for Godsake pull yourself together. You're a spectacular mess ole' boy."

"Watson I have a client!", said he, "one who I myself would never have suspected would ever require my services."

"That's the spirit! When did this individual come to call upon you?" I was excited for Holmes. When his special powers of deduction are not employed they appear to turn in on him and he litetally becomes quite self destructive.

"Me, Watson: my client is me!"

I sighed and settled deeper into my sitting chair burying my face deeper into my I-tablet. Often after too much cocaine his ravings become nonsensical.

"Well let's have it Holmes. What is this great mystery that you've employed yourself to solve?" My tone was condescending.

"Catch!" He said, throwing a glass vile of yellow powder across the room.

My reflexes are not what they use to be but I managed to snatch the flying glass vile from mid-air. After grasping it in my hand I slowly surveyed the peculiar vile filled with yellow powder.

"Yellow cocaine?"

"Watson you see but my good fellow you don't observe."

Holmes will put anything in his body.  Mrs. Hudson checks on him when I'm away to see if he's alive because he'll ingest anything if left to his own devices; drain cleaner; detergent; and even battery acid. God only knows what the lining of the man's stomach is made of.

"I haven't a clue, you're the great Sherlock Holmes, so what is it this time that your curiously mad mind has found in the dark back alley of some London slum? He gated across the room, snatched the vile out of my hand and in his quick-witted,methodical manner that only belongs to him began to explain the peculiar yellow powder as well as the preposterous notion that he would be both the detective and client in a case of his own making.

"Watson it has occurred to me that I am bored solely because there are things that I do not know.  As I indeed crave cocaine from time to time my craving to know all things is a million times greater than my need of cocaine."

"Holmes you can't know everything. Certain things must be given to divine providence, and patience with scientific progress, or the inevitable reality that there are just simply things man cannot know. It's an unfortunate condition of human existence: accept it and move on Holmes."

"Suppose a fetus could peep outside of the womb and have a gander at the world we see everyday? Watson I am that fetus!"

"I'm not following you. You're not a fetus Holmes and you gander at the real world everyday and judging from your widespread  popularity and fame as a great detective you seem to 'gander' at the world with an unparalleled accuity that is apparently second to none."

"Before I undertook the Bin Laden case I memorized the entire Quran and Muhammad spoke of the temporal nature of this life and the certainty of the after life unlike any other religious figure in history. The question of consciousness existing after death has been agitating my mind ever since my return from Pakistan. The Quran says there is a veil upon what we know to be reality."

"Holmes your Mohammedan jibberish doesn't explain the yellow powder you hold behind your back . You're clutching it as if it is some be-all-end-all magical pixy dust."

"Ah!" said he with the voice of a famed Shakespearian thesbian  "The Quran speaks of the veil on reality and on man's eyes-well if there is a veil-this powder is the unveiling. Dimethltryptamine otherwise known as DMT. Naturally produced by the pineal gland, and responsible for dreams during REM sleep. At the time of death the brain is flooded with massive amounts of DMT causing the dying individual to see what has been reported by those who research near death experiences as a 'bright light'. The pineal gland is nothing but a small cornea and retina-it is the third eye Watson and the mystical seat of consciousness."

"Poppycock! It's another hippie hallucinogen Holmes."

'Watson DMT is in you, in me, in many plants but somehow yet and still the most illegal drug on Earth-so pervasive in nature yet kept out of the reach of global citizens. It is the rocket booster of consciousness" Holmes said, pulling out his pipe, packing it with a generous amount of DMT, flicking the lighter placing the flame at the lip of the pipe, and inhailing the DMT deeply, thrice repeating this action.

6 minutes had elapsed and I had never seen him this perfectly still. It was as if he had died.

"Holmes! Holmes!" I touched his arm, to wake him.

A mumble came first, coupled with a grogginess and suddenly an electrical excitement jolted him back to himself.

"It was beautiful Watson. I beheld light upon light. My ego disappeared as if the frame of a picture being removed, leaving nothing save the painting of my essential nature.  My own thoughts stood before me and cerulean and golden elves leaped in and out of my translucent body. They displayed archetypical messages, brilliant and glowing ideas. It was utterly  remarkable. Our bodies are but clothes Watson-suits worn by ageless consciousness." Shaking his head, and covering his eyes with both hands he continued with his revelation. "We are all on a cosmic campus: the University of Earth, some of us will flunk out some of us will graduate. Watson, quickly, lend me your revolver!" He asked with urgency in his voice.

"What possible need do you have of my pistol Holmes?" I said handing my weapon over to my trusted friend.

As soon as he grabbed the weapon he put it to his head. "Bye Watson. I must leave. Mysteries of the afterlife await." To my chagrin he pulled the trigger, thank God the gun wasn't loaded.

"Sherlock Holmes-you've lost your bloody mind?!"

 "On the contrary Watson. This life is but an illusion and that which is real is beyond these mere garments we call bodies. Death is to get naked and bare one's soul fully. Life is but frivolous folly."

"Holmes you have gone completely mad. Who puts a revolver to their temple and pulls the trigger just to go speak with an elf in another dimension!? Gather your things. I'm checking you into a psychiatric facility at once."

To be continued...

Sherlock Holmes Created By Sir Author Conan Doyle
The Story of Sherlock Holmes On Dimethltryptamine Writen by Emblem

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why We Believe

Believe it or not everyone ‘Believes’. The biggest crock of shit you’ll ever hear is when someone says that they deal with knowledge and not belief such mutterings are utterly hoarse shit.  Every single one of us live with some belief or another-every second of every minute of every day we are alive on this Earth.  All human knowledge that has progressed to become a manifested tangible reality was at a stage of belief before it ever arrived at the point of being classified as actual knowledge from some objective scientific source. Pure Knowledge is objective. Elements like ‘Hydrogen’, ‘Carbon’, ‘Helium’ etc. exist in nature, and the fact that they do exist proves the objective nature of knowledge. The subjective nature of Knowledge manifests as ‘Wisdom’, ‘Understanding’, Culture etc.  Essentially every numerical value after the objective value of the pure reality of One is subjective, meaning that in ‘Oneness’ there is no difference, no expression of subjective multiples, in pure oneness there is no differentiation nor separation. Oneness is non-conceptual from its own standpoint, it would appear at the point of absolute ‘Oneness’ that there would be no alterable characteristics, nothing that distinguishes this from that or vice versa. If you associate the objectivity of ‘Oneness’ with Knowledge you add into this numerical adjective a conscious awareness.  Everything spawned from this Original Objective Oneness is a point of subjectivity.  While living in the subjective human form we gather information-information is a stream of data points, how we perceive the information shapes belief and  it is our ability to filter that which is pertinent and essential about any given data point that allows us to classify a bit of information as knowledge.

Very few of the 7 billion head of cattle on the Planet have the scientific instrumentation at their disposal to filter actual knowledge from belief.  It’s the non-scientific standard established in the majority of the human population that is steeped in belief-belief is not a bad thing necessarily, it is in fact a natural state of affairs for the human brain. It is the nature of the human brain to formulate patterns,  our brains actually seek out patterns because it is the nature of a human to feel secure in this very volatile universe.  In patterns connections are made, and in turn both meaningful and meaningless patterns are found.  A meaningful pattern will give us a branch of science and a meaningless pattern will give us a religion or a superstition. Example: An individual lay’s on his or her back in the grass, looks up at the sky and notices a cloud that appears to have the profile of Abraham Lincoln. The cloud has nothing to do with the former American President per se, however the observer has found a pattern of no real world consequence. Go to Wikepedia, or any other place on the Net and research the part of the brain known as the Anterior Cingulate Cortex, it is the part of the brain that regulates, emotion, decision making, rational thought, heart rate, blood pressure etc. It is this part of the brain that draws conclusions.  So why do people draw such fucked up conclusions? Decisions that we make as human beings are for the most part not well informed, all the data we use to make decisions are for the most part limited, particularly to the part of the human populace apart from the scientific community.  This is why religion and superstitions are big around the world.  Religion represents the fusion of emotionalism with rationalism and just as there are various emotions, there are multiple aspects of rationalism. Religion is not completely irrational. Religion is responsible for organizing large groups of human beings, it is a social force, it covers like a blanket the myriad of conclusions that an individual can draw with a singular answer: God. The natural question of a human being is ‘Why’ and Religion state ‘God’-God is Why. ‘God is Why’ is the same as ‘Why Equal Self’, the context is in essence virtually indistinguishable.  Religions state that God is behind ‘why’. This conclusion that religions form appeals to, and satisfies to the extent that people accept this so-called ‘God’ and as time passes it becomes tradition to passively accept this God.  By holding together large groups via belief the Religion becomes a Government in essence: Theocracy.   The belief keeps the cattle in check, and heresy in the first form of government is a crime punishable by death. An act of heresy is the cognitive process of the human being shifting toward science and away from religion. The core principle of any theocratic regime is God, when a herectic says the Sun doesn’t revolve around the Earth this scientifically progressive individual is labeled a ‘herectic’, as was the case with Galileo. Belief is only as rational as the state of affairs in which the belief is centered, if an individual is born into a culture, society, and community that has deep traditions centered around ‘God’ it would seem difficult for an individual to break with the historical momentum of that given belief.  The Black Christian Church is a prime example of a massive group of people steeped deeply in a common belief system.  The Black Church culture in North America remains a part of the American landscape, moving parallel to the American way, careful not to rock the American boat. The last time the Black Church rocked the American Boat was during the Civil Rights Movement, nowadays it remains a passive fixture in the Black Community, unspectacular outside of its merriment, succeeding only in effectively marketing and selling bottles of Jesus sleeping pills wholesale to black people. 

Jesus is not hard to sell to a people who by their nature are hardwired to believe, also Allah is not a ‘hard sale’ in the Middle East, Shiva is not a hard sale in India, nor is Yahweh a Hard Sale to the Jew. A mysterious God is in fact an easy sell to a human being who has not been taught to be scientifically objective.  For things that cannot be immediately explained ‘God’ is a quick fix, fast food for the existentially hungry.  Even their own consciousness does not reflect upon itself and take to ask their own self, “What Am I?” The thing about such a question is that it can never be fully answered in a substantive context, because ‘Consciousness’ is not fully understood. However the ‘seeker’ or the herectic are searching for the answers from within a new longitudinal and latitudinal paradigm. “What is going on with Me?”  “Who Am I?”: such a question leads to an existential awareness known as ‘Knowledge of Self’, from an individual framework this ‘Knowledge of Self’ can in no way be ‘Generic’. Religion is generic, it doesn’t cater to a human being’s true sense of individuality or originality.  The context of ‘Knowledge of Self’ is subjective and defies the Generic pseudo truths packaged in religions. Generic pseudo truths eventually arise to establish the political paradigm of the group, where as subjective truths tend to decorate themselves around personality types.  Knowledge of Self is an abstract idea, because to some extent every living being has ‘Knowledge of Self’. A coma patient’s level of awareness is below the threshold of awareness however the very fact that the coma patient is alive means that on some level a sense of being persists. Knowledge of Self in the sense of a social, political, and cultural framework shapes perception just like religion. Religion, and Knowledge of Self have differences, and distinctions. What runs consistent through them both is the need to believe. Science offers an incomplete model, because all that there is to know relating to human awareness is still relatively unknown and thus we believe. The best belief to have is that you can ‘know’, knowing that you can know is like knowing you will eventually graduate from a state of belief. There will always however be something that we believe until that something is fully known. No beginning Nor Ending is applicable to the wisp of Universal smoke that is consciousness. That which has no ending can never be fully known by a being created in finitum, and thus there will always be points of belief, and points of the ‘known’ on the eternal scale of no beginning nor ending.