Monday, December 28, 2009

Accurate Knowledge Is Being Made: Strip Off the Old Personality (By Maternal Luminous)

I am not religious. My 93 year old grandmother has called me on numerous occasions with hopes that I will consider “saving my life and the lives of my children.” I've dealt with religion for nearly three decades. Truth is, I've never been religious, I was simply born into a highly religious Jehovah's Witness cipher. I was never baptized as it was a conscious decision of mine. Something about going door to door preaching “the truth” to people and warning them of actions not pleasing to God was all to morbid for me. The word “religion” is derived from “religare” which means “to bind”. My grandmother has been religious for over sixty years and having faith in God has given her the necessary peace of mind she had searched years, months and days for. The difference is, walking years, months and days in my shoes only helped me arrive at the fact that praying to this “Supreme Deity” I never met was the wrong flavor in my cup of coffee. My grandmother thinks that I've lost my mind by the way she speaks in every conversation. Her outlook is there's no way I can provide for my children without daily worship. I remain respectful despite my feelings of wanting to tell her to mind her business. I know she loves me and I understand that she is taught that by spreading the message, she can potentially save my life. I can't knock it, she's doing HER duty. So, sharing the same blood, I stand strong and do MY duty. Our last conversation though was my last straw. Usually I tell her I'm not interested, and I know for self that over the last three decades, had I have had a change of heart, I'd know who to contact. This time, I politely explained how offensive it was for her to judge how I raise my children and that I am not a neglectful mother, I don't party every evening leaving my children at home, I have a full-time job, I don't break the law, I pay my bills and I am responsible without religion being an every day part of my existence. She did back off and had to respect it. I remember I had the same conversation with my Father awhile back. Its amazing that people think you have to fear God to act righteous. Is this a blog to bash Christians? No it is not. See, I spent years (especially the last four) examining different ciphers of “truth” and I take pride in being able to say, I'm not mad anymore. I used to avoid Witnesses at all costs because I wasn't feeling their approach. Negatives seem overwhelming when you refuse to focus on a person's positives, so I decided to strip off the old personality like that which is mentioned in Colossians 3:9,10. Unlike baptism, I've welcomed a righteous set of principles into my life, so I must do everything right and exact. In a sense however, choosing a righteous path is not all that different from choosing to be baptized. Its the process of renewal – of cleansing one's self. I'm dealing with accurate knowledge by choice, not by force. Interestingly enough I always liked certain bible scriptures. Regardless of what a person will tell you, there is plenty of Truth in the Bible. Many people seem to hold the theory that if you read the bible, you are religious. Well, I don't support that way of thinking. After all, as a civilized person, my duty is to teach the “science of EVERYTHING in life” and I cannot teach what I have not put into practice for self. I will admit that living in a religious household kept me from having run-ins with the law, it instilled a sense of compassion and I am extremely grateful for that. I can't speak for all religious people, but many Jehovah's Witnesses go hard. Many are trustworthy. If I needed something done in my home, I would hire one. In the Spring of 2010 I registered for two religion courses, Religions of the World and Religion, Meaning & Knowledge. My goal for 2010 is to find common similarities and stop being so overly concerned about why we don't see eye to eye. Per the New World Translation Bible 1 Timothy 4:16 reads “Pay attention to yourself and to your teachings. Stay by these things for by doing this you will save both yourself and those who will listen to you.” Paying attention to my thoughts is what helped me realize that my duty is to stay educated, take care of my children and teach others in which ever manner possible. I'm not posting signs saying that religious people are crazy, because most of the ones I KNOW are working hard citizens trying to find their place in this world hoping for the day when this wicked system of things comes to an end and they receive everlasting happiness. Who doesn't want that?! I on the contrary am working on everlasting happiness in the present, the here and now. Take a look at Luke 19:43, it reads “...days will come upon you when your enemies will build around you a fortification with pointed stakes and will encircle you...” and this scripture is the truth regardless of what walk of life you originate from. In 120, in the build degree in the knowledge to “culture the cipher”, we recognize that within any given cipher there will be “currents REAL cold” and they will be swift and changeable. Notice the degree doesn't build on semi-cool currents or chilly currents, it says REAL cold indicating that at some point in our ciphers we will have to cultivate our foundations because if we don't we allow others to bring down what we worked so hard to build up. A perfect example is 1 Corinthians 6:9,10 , “Do not be misled. Neither fornicators nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men kept for unnatural purposes nor men who lie with men, nor thieves, nor greedy persons, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit God's Kingdom.” Being that the planet Earth is the home of Islam, then that means I am symbolically part of God's Kingdom. Point blank, the original Blackman is God, the owner of the planet Earth and since he knows every square inch, he's not letting any nonsense into his cipher. I know for a fact I don't want one single idolaters, thief, drunkard or extortioner near my family. On TV and on the Internet its become popular to see men lie with men. They have popularized the true meaning of a filthy affair. So just because I draw up aspects in the bible to modern day happenings doesn't mean I wish to convert. I'm using multiple resources to show and prove that this system as we know it will corrupt us unless we take stand. Refusing to get on my knees and pray shouldn't offend anyone religious. After all, we have more in common than you probably realize, our outlook varies, that's all. Accurate knowledge is a rather redundant phrase being that knowledge is never inaccurate. Our perception of what knowledge is sometimes may be inaccurate, but knowledge itself is not. Seek the truth however you have to find it, even if it means you have to study concepts you once shun.

You never know where it will land you.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Separation of Church & Nation (by Allah Universal)

Peace...Just a thought before I begin…Some of you may have heard the story of the Indians in the Americas around Christopher Columbus time (not his real name, but that’s another topic) that could not see the ships that were approaching them from the waters, This may or may not be true, but is does have a good point, in that generally people can only see what they know or believe to be possible. It’s only the limits of Our own minds that can fail us, in any given situation. Acknowledging & exceeding those limits is how success and victory are attained.

I’m all for free thinking, and a person’s right to use and advocate whichever philosophy will get them through the day, and through life, without reaching out & touching someone or killing themselves. My physical family is from the state of Mississippi, which is in the so-called Bible-Belt, and aside from the many summer vacations in my earlier years, I recently lived in the state for 79 months and 4 days. The people there are for the most part friendly and congenial, and some of this is based on their attempts (sometimes less than earnest) to live according to their Christian beliefs. My opinion is that it’s more entrainment than anything, but it did make for a relatively comfortable stay. I mean, any attempt toward righteousness is better than not even trying. Because of the insight that I posses, I could see their strange mixture of complacency and dissatisfaction with their way of life. The majority, especially the young, can’t WAIT to get away from there, but it’s all that most of them know, so they just go through the motions. I’m no in anyway knocking small-town life, just the small-town mentality that comes along with it, where you tell them of what the world has to offer, and they can’t see it (24*, 1-36).

How they saw me, and I say this without arrogance or self-aggrandizement, was a near-perfection of what they were striving to live in regards to righteousness, and intelligent application of what (they think) their prophet Jesus taught, in other words, being Divine. I still get emails, texts, & calls of thanks and praise from many whose lives I’ve impacted for the better. Not to say that it was ALL good, or else I’d still be there. Just like anything positive though, there must be some negativity to balance (6*, SF). Most with any good sense KNEW that I had more Understanding of what they were being taught in their churches than what they actually got there, but some of them just couldn’t “believe” it to be real (23*, 1-36). And this is where the entrainment comes in: One of the hardest parts of teaching a person anything beyond what they know is getting them to see beyond the limits that they’ve been taught to place on themselves (2*, 1-14). When a person believes that Jesus’ level of Understanding (or anyone else for that matter) is unattainable to them, and that they can only pray & hope for forgiveness as a born sinner (negative self-image), they will not be able to reach or exceed said limitation no matter HOW much they want to, simply because they believe they can’t (12*, 1-40).

Another consequence is that they have a hard time believing that one who HAS meet and exceeded said goal can be real, so a certain level of denial and even envy comes into play. I was constantly compared to their ideal (Jesus), also scanned & criticized for flaws so that they wouldn’t have to face the fact that they themselves can also attain said goal, with directed effort. In terms of descriptions applied to me, I think “militant asshole” was the funniest I can remember, contrasting with “amazing” said by the same person. Talk about confusion. What I drew from it though, is that someone proving that you’ve been lied to, & wrong your whole life is quite a shock to the system. Some people refuse to see what’s right in front of them, simply because they don’t want to change. Ironically, change is inevitable & constant, & no belief can render that fact untrue.

I say all of that, to say this; My recent experience, along with my own experience with religion, has given me the insight into the limits religion & religious behavior puts on a person’s mental capacities, and the difficulty it takes to break that elusive “glass ceiling”, or to even see the elevator door that will take them to the next level that they inherently know exists, but misinterpret to their own detriment. And I also learned, unfortunately, that this to can happen amongst Allah’s 5%. Yes, the civilized are still in need of some refinement in Our pursuit of Happiness (17º, 1-40). If we are to build Civilization beyond where it is now, the small-town mentality has got to go (21*, SA)…

A recent topic revolving around the Nation of Gods and Earths has been people with religious teachings & tendencies that are “mixing” them with Science and Mathematics (9*, 1-14). Certain individuals and groups/nations (10*, 1-10) have been mentioned for their distorted use of Supreme Mathematics, as well as distortions of the Black Man in his Supreme Being role and the Black Woman in her Supreme Borning role So, naturally what results is high explosives & the absence of Peace amongst Original People. I have had direct experience with a few of those who are aligned with these causes, and met opposition, contradiction, and just plain lack of Understanding what We as Allah’s 5% Nation advocate, per the Prescribed Laws of Mathematics and Science. What’s worse, where there WAS Understanding, there was blatant distortion and adoption of a worldview that was made to fit the emotional agendas of the ones advocating that kind of teaching to me. And no relief came to me until I left them alone to prove themselves wrong (11*, 1-40).

In Yacub World Manifest, there are indeed scientists that adhere to religion, and if they’re not careful or wish to use science to advocate their worldview, they’ll inject that into their presentations and poison the minds of the people with pseudo-science. While it may be true that some of the said groups/nations ARE prostituting Our teachings willfully (12*, 1-40), WHY it’s even happening is a question that only WE can answer. I’ll tell you, because WE allowed it to get to that point. Don’t “believe” me? 120 has it all laid out. The 1-36 can be used to diagnose any problem with Us here in the Wilderness, so We can start there. Or, We can take a good look @ the whole 1-14, to see where Our mistakes were made historically. And the story of Yacub’s come-up right under the noses of those in charge in the 1-40 is a good lesson too. Ultimately, We let it happen. How? By not being where We could be Nowadays. This IS the near future spoken about in the ‘30s & 60’s, no more time to procrastinate.

The United States of America, in the 1797 Treaty of Tripoli, states as a nation that “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion”. While that may have been true then, look around, it’s now a triple lie. The United States of America, just like the Nation of Gods and Earths, didn’t start out with religion as Our foundation, but now look around, it’s all over. What & how did this come about? Attempts to advance us as a nation through general education, including the study of various branches of math & science are STILL being thwarted by some. (6*, 1-14) The Father has replaced the “ideal” Jesus who’s level of Understanding is unattainable in the minds of some Gods and Earths, and the result is a negative self-image, no different than the Christians I’ve been around for 6+ years (5*, 1-14). In order to make devil, one must begin by…(31*, 1-40)…

There can be no progress in this matter, or any other matter, until blame is placed where it belongs – not at said individuals and groups, but instead Our Own Selves. Yes, WE holding the Greatest titles on the Planet, brought these conditions upon Ourselves (13º, 1-40). What & How? By placing limits on what We can or can’t study, what We teach along with 120, where We go to teach, infighting, trying to outdo one another to see who can teach the most, or who has the sharpest sword, worrying about who can take who’s God or Earth, gossip about who did & didn’t come to the Universal Rally or Parliament, children born into the Nation who have the teachings “forced” upon them instead of fed to them, and rebel as a result (how’s that different from a religious household? 8º, 1-36), and many other “religious tendencies” that a Scientific Common-Unity shouldn’t fall victim to. Meanwhile, We can blame them for spreading their gospels all We want, but unbeknownst to many of Us, with Our OWN behavior We’re are creating the very Frankensteins that end up joining said groups & nations (9*, 1-14) because of their dissatisfaction with the Truth (their own personal reasons & the only one We can’t be accountable for), with personal issues amongst each other, with pins that trickled in to Our teachings instead of High Sciences, with uncivilized behavior amongst the so-called civilized, and general complacency with what The Father gave Us in the 60’s, as opposed to taking what he gave Us further as the CURRENT Fathers of Civilization (5*, 1-14). So, why DID We make these groups? To show forth & prove Our Power, that We CAN and WILL overcome Our internal affairs starting with Saving ourSelves from the de-evolution NOW, or end as a Nation (35º, 1-40).

In my travels through the Wilderness by myself with our uncle(an) (2-5*, 1-36) , I’ve seen in my Own Self the potential for both the positive and negative impact that We can have as a Nation, more positive by simply not being so goddamn stuck on Ourselves that We ain’t doing the knowledge to what the people around Us have been begging for: Us to get it together & get it to them. We can’t offer people a farm when we can’t even milk the cow our damn Selves (28º, 1-36), the youth see right through that. Where We fall short, they lose out. The youth in the country are hopping to whatever seems hip @ the moment simply because they haven’t gotten an alternative that they can’t see through yet, & so as long as they continue to find ways around Us via said nations, they will. And they MIGHT, just out of spite, proverbially burn Our Universal Flag while doing so. I say We don’t get emotional & lose time blaming them (10*, 1-40), & although they still have to answer for it (10*, SA), it’s Our Duty to fix Ourselves up so they don’t even go there. They’re essentially, at their root, no different than Us (7*, 1-14) in that We all want Freedom, Justice, & Equality (16*, 1-40), We just need to educate them on how to educate themselves better & to think bigger, by 1st being the example (18-20*, 1-40). Because I’m not about theories, I’m working my Own Plan for the solutions as an Individual, as We all should. Then We can put Our Minds together to find the best practices (minus the selfishness), and get this issue re-solved, with a Right and Exact permanent fix. Said nations will only have as much Power as We give them, (38*, 1-40), & We can’t give them Power without taking it away from Our selves 1st, such as publicity, which is why I didn’t name names (plus, that’s just not what I do)…plug the leaks & be careful of who, what, how, & why you teach…Then what happens? I could say more on this, but I’d rather let you, the reader, think freely on how you can do your part in upholding the weight (6*, 1-40)…

Separate the church from the Nation, & We’ll be able to govern Ourselves MUCH better, or should I say, Supremely…

Allah Universal
(Living Mathematics)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Black Woman's Desire to Sleep With Jesus by MISRAK AJA

The psychosis in the Black community is beyond conviction. The disease has infected our familial units until they appear to be outside of repair. Though many factors go into this silent yet loud theatrical tragedy, this blog is a simple examination of the Black woman’s emotional desire to mate with Jesus. For those who may look at the previous sentence with a blind eye, let me run down a brief synopsis on why Black women find the religious character attractive – emotionally and even sexually.

In this society the Black man is feared, despised, hated, lynched, and castrated while his adversaries are held at a level of unworthy esteem. The Black woman sees this, feels this, has internalized this until it has become one with her very core. She begins to identify and take sides with her man’s adversaries. This hurt has morphed into a deep-seeded rage that has left her broken and dependent upon her enemy for rations. She falls in love with her enemy like a sexually abused little girl in love with her abuser. Though her conscious mind is enraged from the abuse, her subconscious mind has been so infected with self-rejection that she continues to bathe in her own plague. This is indeed quite a depressing trend.

However, within her Biblical soap opera dreams exists an immeasurable man. She reads about him in scriptures while holding onto his every utterance. She soaks in his every word. She wears his emblem close to her heart. She prays for the day he will sweep her off her feet to whisk her to a land far removed from the grumpy broken man on the couch. Hell, he’s even sensitive like the late-night romantic songs on the radio- ‘Jesus wept’ after all. She can rest all of her burdens (including the burden of being in a psychotic relationship with the Black man) on the tender bosom of the white man hanging on her living room wall.

So how does her longing to be tantalized by Jesus play in the continuous breakdown of Black male/female relationships? All of the desires she displays for her mythological lover enrages her Black man. He’s made to feel inferior to a man who is seemingly perfect and impossible to match. Moreover, this man resembles the same figure that has worked for centuries to destroy the Black man’s very existence. Now he has his woman! He begins to subconsciously resent the Black woman for rejecting him. His anger and hurt towards her causes their separation to deepen.

I did not write any of the above to coax Black women into turning their backs on Christian doctrine. Nor am I suggesting that the concept of Jesus is the greatest blow against Black male/female relationships. This blog is simply a calling for Black women to find solace in the arms of Black men through the trials, through the hurts, and yes even through the disappointments. It is a calling for us to defiantly deny any and all persuasions that are meant to lead to the deterioration of Black female/male relationships. These things we MUST accomplish for the resurrection of our Nation. Peace.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On Vacation: Be Back New Years Day 1-1-10

Yall Be Peace!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mathematics, the Language of Symbolism, & the Nature of Progress (Allah Universal)

"...and I take ALL Knowledge & use it to benefit myself, I don't care WHO said it...the world is building on a square now, it’s going to be building a circle. And they don’t NEED yo’ ideas no mo’. Your ideas did what they was ‘sposed to do…All you gotta give ‘em is the basics & they’ll do it they own what? SELF!...So each generation brought this about right? So let the children bring about another new world… And for the benefit of aaanny country, certain people got to CHAAANGE! It’s not a shame in change. There’s no shame in change…and all things was put forth before I became involved myself in the Knowledge of Self & let THEM know!…& I can tell ‘em aaalll about them but they can’t tell me NOTHIN’ about me, cause I’m a new breed that they don’t know about…”

…Allah’s taped interview…
(pardon any paraphrasing, some of this is from memory, my tape broke years ago & don’t trust the transcript 100%)

"... Truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it..." - Max Planck
"One problem with all organized religions is that too much focus is placed on getting new converts taught “the basics” and very little effort is made to continue to nourish people who are ready to progress to a higher level. The result is that all you get is Sunday School baby talk and most of the veterans stop showing up after 3 to 5 years of hearing the same stuff week-after-week… Islam is mathematics and mathematics is Islam. This stands true and can be proven in no limit of time. If the Saviour is correct, if indeed, Islam is mathematics, then there must be lower and higher Islams even as there are lower and higher maths. Simple arithmetic is math, but certainly must be lower than quantum physics. It is interesting and funny to note that higher mathematicians easily see the truth in low math, low mathematicians are incapable of seeing the truth in higher math... One who knows Algebra can bear witness to the truth of simple Arithmetic, but a person who knows only Arithmetic is unable to see Algebra’s truth. How, he might wonder, can anyone be so primitive that they’d try to add, subtract and multiply letters? And to say X = 36 + 12? Likewise, someone who knows the higher Islam can see the validity of simple, basic (Arithmetic) Islam. But practitioners of lower Islam will only, like children, call higher Islam practitioners a bunch of names."
… quoted from Amir Fatir's "The Flag of Islam"…

"...the greatest enemy of Knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of Knowledge...” - Stephen Hawkings

Just appetizers…and now, food for thought…


Imma start this one by saying Allah Universal Living Mathematics is no follower (yes, that’s been my whole name since the birth of my 1st Sun over 5 years ago). Going against the grain/masses has caused quite a few problems in my past, but to still have my Own Mind to think & do for Self, was well worth the Understanding. My Ol’ Earth NEVER gave me an answer for anything, her favorite words were “look it up” when I asked something she either didn’t know, or wanted me to see for myself. Self-Education was instilled in me early on, & I learned so much & taught her & my fam so much they nicknamed me “The Scientist”. They in turn taught me how to fight under any circumstances & win, no matter how many came against me. & if I didn’t win, charge it to the game & learn from it…

I never stepped foot into any “house of worship” under force or duress, always by choice to see what I could see. The numerous churches, Muhammad Mosque #3, the Ahmaddiyyah Mosque on Fond du Lac, the Sunni Mosques on Teutonia and on South 13th St., Sufi studies where ever I found ‘em, all by choice. Even when I was first told about the 5% @ Knowledge God years of age & given Supreme Mathematics & Alphabet, I memorized it as I was told, but didn’t want any parts of it, because I wanted to see for myself what I would be gettin’ into, & not follow what I saw 5%ers around me doing. Always been like that. And that’s the very reason why I bore witness to Allah’s teachings after 6 years of investigating for myself. Obviously, I’m not an easy person to convince of ANYthing.

So, after 30 years on the Planet, including 6 years & some months of having 120 on cap & actively working it, last year I hear of the concept of applying Supreme Mathematics to “regular math”. It sparked a memory, back to when I was studying in 2001 & asked what connection Supreme Mathematics had with the math I learned in school. The answer I got was, and I quote, “Why mufuckas always wanna get all high scientifical with this?” I was also told by another Brother in the room not to confuse myself. And naw, I ain’t gone name-drop, it ain’t important who said this to me. Anyway, problem for me was, I was ALREADY a high scientist who loved Mathematics before I even got 120. I knew there was a connection, but couldn’t articulate it. And while I learned of this man called Allah being called a High Scientist in his time, I was ready to take I already knew beyond the mundane. Yet, there was a well-intended, yet ignorant attempt to “stunt my growth”, as the old folks say…I didn’t take it personal, shrugged my shoulders & kept it moving, I still do that, why argue?…I say all that though to say this: I support the idea of this Nation studying ALL branches of Mathematics, and utilizing every applicable function learned in the process along with Supreme Mathematics. Why? So that Our Babies can sincerely love mathematics, in ALL forms…Doesn’t matter who said it first, fact is it’s practical, & our claim of being Supreme Mathematicians SHOULDN’T be just a another parroted cliché…In other words, NOBODY IS MAKING ME DO THIS, I came to this conclusion by myself, just so happened someone else said it publicly 1st , and I agreed…Followed, no, AGREED, yes. Ain’t no mystery to it…I mean, we got an English Lesson, why not a Math Lesson? Matter of fact, ain’t algebra in the 1-40 already? Yep…Looked right past it didn’t you? :-)

We have to keep in mind that Allah, being the Self-Educated man he was, left the Temple BECAUSE he saw something in The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's teachings that most of the Muslims in the Temple couldn't. Not wouldn’t see, couldn’t see. He did the Knowledge, followed for a while, saw what was up, "tried" to tell ‘em, they wasn't ready, he took a stand, & eventually it got to you. Simple as that. No disrespect & no love lost. Incidentally though, the Muslims took a fall because of that some years later. The earthquakes from that fall still put out plenty aftershocks to this day. The early Gods & Earths bore witness to what Allah saw in The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's teachings, and subsequently didn't fall when this earthquake hit on February 25, 1975. This is why We didn’t get fooled & still stand nowadays. And yeah, We as a Nation took some flack for it, still do. Yeah, We still quote his answers, a Master Mason's words, and @ times, or in regards to certain subjects, I think We overlook one the most pertinent statements in the Lessons that leads One to Understanding said Lessons: believe in the 10% on face value...

Before anyone takes this trip, here's my disclaimer: I AM NOT SAYING ELIJAH WAS 10%!!! In fact, when I see 10%, I don't think about a group of people whispering & conspiring to bring me & my people down, that’s misdirected energy that could be used to Understand & Advance Self. I see the said 10% as our conscious mind that We have reduced ourselves to actively using; the 5 senses/materialistic point of view that religion & capitalism subconsciously taught Us. Well, what's behind those 5 senses deciphering the electric signals delivered to the brain? Not the brain by itself! The brain is a physical receiver/transmitter for the dimensions of Our Subconscious Mind & more, the other 90% of that We (normally) don't have direct access to unless dreaming, meditating, or in some other "altered" state of consciousness (déjà vu, etc.). THIS is what needs to be civilized first, the 85% within self, and learning something new literally reshapes the cerebral cortex. It’s here that "pins" need to be removed from, and We already have within Us the so-called 5% (Super, Magnetic,& Infinite Consciousness) to draw the Power from to do so. (side note: the Sufis call these 5 stages of consciousness Nasut, Malakut, Jabarut, Lahut, and Hahut)

When we draw the Lessons up in a fine mist (as just illustrated for example), this is showing an Understanding of the Language of Symbolism. And ALL branches of Mathematics use symbols to universally express the values & concepts that Mathematics reveal. Math wouldn’t mean a things without them. Applying Mathematics Supremely goes beyond just seeing applying Supreme Mathematics at ONLY the level of Arithmetic. There’s more to Mathematics than that, always has been, always will be, and who in their right mind can deny that? We can use every mathematical symbol available to Us with Supreme Mathematics, and not change Supreme Mathematics one bit, because it already is what it is. We’ve learned to use the language of symbolism that the Master Mason who gave these answers placed in them, why not use the same with what Allah himself gave Us? Yeah, he gave Us the basics, but the rest We got do our Own what? Self! And just so it doesn’t seem like I’m discrediting the basics, I’ll stress that higher levels of math or anything else CANNOT exist without the arithmetical basics!!! First We lay on our back & cry, then We crawl, then walk, then run, & then fly if the math is right! Either that or we fall on our asses as a Nation…

I/We wouldn't be anywhere without the basics, lemme say that again. Sticking ONLY to the basics though, is where many cultures/religions of the past (including the NOI) have made their mistakes, and many lives have been lost because of this instead of saved, or better yet learning to save themselves. I don’t at all want to say that We should throw out the baby with the bath water, I’m just saying feed the baby what it needs to mature into a Grown (not big) Man. I stated once before that illiteracy has been brought into the Nation. Not intentionally I’m sure, but seriously, think about it, & I’m speaking from experience…How many people have you taught that in retrospect you wish you never did? That never got to Understanding no matter HOW much you “built” wit ‘em, or HOW long they had Math, Alphabet or 120, howEVER far they got into it? And how many of ‘em brought their 85% lives with them & NEVER let it go, whether it be religion, drug addiction, drama addiction, pork addiction, ignorance-is-bliss addiction whatever? Instead, they try to integrate bullshit into a culture based on Pure Mathematics, which in and of itself canNOT be diluted mixed or tampered with? AND how long did it take YOU individually to see it (or have you)? Yeah, come as you are, but damn! Wash up & change clothes @ least!...Point is, some people ain’t never been, ain’t ready to, & ain’t gonna change, no matter WHAT they get! Admittedly, we lost time searching for that which existed in people that they couldn’t see…& what they couldn’t see is progress…

I learned the hard way that it’s not about how many I teach, it’s about WHO I teach, that makes the difference on how far they’re gonna reach. Teaching people that have brought illiteracy into the Nation has been a part of Our Stag-Nation (pun VERY much intended). Quality over Quantity is how applying Supreme Mathematics eventually taught me to see things. The Cipher takes precedence over the Square, but the Square is still a useful tool, can’t get Right (AND exact) Angles (Born Ciphers) without it. In this analogy, the Cipher is Supreme Mathematics as We’ve known and used it, and then some. The Square is every other branch of Mathematics that falls underneath and connects with it. I don’t know it all, & don’t want to come off that way. I still learning & re-learning as I go. I know though when I’m on to something, as opposed to when I’m walking down a dead-end street. When it was stated that Mathematics is Islam, I didn’t see a limit to the Mathematics that IS Islam. And I know, some might even go so far as to call this approach to Supreme Mathematics grafting, but do they know that grafting also means adding a branch onto an existing tree in the science of agriculture & horticulture? Sounds like useful land to me…

There's nothing wrong with elevating beyond what you’re given. Allah already showed & proved THAT! It's been a commonality in the Black Community to ridicule someone who steps outside of the “program”, & even to associate Intelligence with "acting white", usually said by someone who was made deaf dumb & blind when they were a baby in the 1st place! The irony…It’s really the other way around, teaching & advocating ignorance, & when someone doesn’t fall for that, it gets physical. Been there, done that, & it’s pointless. Shit, we get enough of that as it is, then to be doing it amongst ourselves. Fact is, it's natural for Original People to be/express Original Intelligence, for the Original Intelligence is what? Allah, the Original Man/Mind. I Sincerely Love ALL Masters who came before me who brought ANY Knowledge & Wisdom that I’ve used to Progress, especially those who brought Knowledge & Wisdom I had to earn. I’d be silly of me to continue though, to stand in their shadows, especially after they’re dead & gone, & that ain’t what any TRUE Master wants. That’s just plain lazy & counterproductive. Dare I say, it’s religious. Ain’t We supposed to be killin’ dat?

When it comes what We’ve been given by our forerunners, of course there's some literal interpretation required, and some basic applications that can be used to get Us through the day. But your own common sense should NOT be ignored! For instance, the Student Enrollment tells Us that there's 29 million square miles of useful land. It implies on face value that that’s all that exists for vegetation on the Planet. Taken literally, we’d drop dead from lack of oxygen, so what gives? THEM, being that his word was bond by his oath, couldn't say some things directly, that doesn't mean that said things weren't said...Elijah left it this way to MAKE Us think for ourselves, & take it further, as We should be doing still. All Masters take this approach to teaching, to make a Man Woman or Child think for they damn self. The God told Us in the ‘60s that Mathematics is Our foundation. Mathematics is the one field of study that I know of that’s open for discussion, but never for debate. With math, you either be Right & Exact, or dead wrong, no in between. You can even have more than one Right & Exact answer, part of the beauty in it, but you can’t go passing off a partial answer forever. You only get partial credit if any, & I’ve never passed a class on partial credit.

If I'm wrong to expound on Supreme Mathematics beyond how it was given to me, prove me wrong, & I’ll leave it alone. I'd rather be the first to see my error & correct it accordingly. The way I see it though, whether you count from Day One, or from June 13, 1969, We’ve already spent our 40 years in the wilderness. It’s time to get past that, & let our Babies set foot on new land that We wittingly or unwittingly promised them. If we don’t receive more gold from what we were given, they should. I do realize that I may be drawing some opposition to myself just for having these thoughts & puttin’ it out there. Oh well. As I stated earlier, I don’t waste my time or energy arguing with anyone, got a Life to Live. Plus, that’s not progress, it’s regression, and how devil is made. Mathematics is always open for discussion, but never for debate.

Allah Universal

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Black Calculus: "Cogito Ergo Sum"-"I Think Therefore I am"

You can't discuss modern Math without talking about Descartes who coined the phrase "Cogito Ergo Sum", he is the father of modern Algebraic Notation. Those 'X', and 'Y's were his idea. Al Khwarizmi the actual father of Algebra as we understand it now-a-day-did not take into account alphabetical substitutions for variables. In evolving the ideas of Supreme Algebra we can ill afford to deny the contributions of colored men. I would think that this Nation is beyond color in the racial sense. Yeah I can quote the wisdom degree in the knowledge to knowledge the cipher quicker than anybody in this Nation, but I do understand that the colored man is born from Original: "Yacob was the father of the devil and taught the devil to do this devilishment...." "All that above is caused by the son of man...." I can go on and on. If the colored man was on trial, I could get him off on some Johnny Cochran math. Everything comes back to the Original Man. That wisdom degree in the knowledge to knowledge the cipher is just a stepping stone until you learn to understand that wisdom degree as a mirror. Yeah white people are grafted and white folks be on some some crazy shit, but we made them-and they are that way by nature. A parent can't be upset for a baby for being a baby. So don't let the wisdom degree become a scape goat degree to blame white folks for anything. We cannot keep blaming the global house fire on the white baby that Original people left unsupervised for the past 6000 years. If you leave a child with an innate learning disability alone-of course he or she is going to play with matches. 'Devilishment' was on the planet long before a physical white man ever took a breath of air into his lungs. Devilishment must distill back to the Original Man who is the Father of all 'Thought'. I don't do the Five Percent 'blame game' thing. Even the problems in my life, as convenient as it would be to blame others, that shit comes back to me when it's all said and done. In the beginning when a God first gets knowledge their fascinated with their new egotistical super powers, but the more they start grinding it out with knowledge of self, the more they will realize just how much their shit is not together and conversely this revelation shows them the things they have to do to get their lives together.

Wisdom is analogous to water, it is not drawn above six miles. The six or equality in our math has been linked in Asiatic culture to emotions, and all things physical. As Original Men we have emotions, maybe not to the extent of an Original Woman, but as men we do have emotions. Many idiot Gods back in the day use to make the claim that God should be without emotions. These Gods show and prove that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. The build degree is usually applied to wisdom, Queens and Earths and whatnot, but the truth is that the build degree is transcendent of gender and represents the anatomy of all human emotions. If you come home and find your Earth in the sack with another dude-your current of air is going to be swift to change exponentially and reason will fly out the window in the blink of an eye. Thought is gaseous in the Zig Zag Zig equation: Solid, Liquid, 'Gas'. The Material aspect of life appears on face value to be solid. The things we see are usually solid, the motions, and movements in life we see resemble the fluidity of liquid. Human consciousness is referred to on the surface as a 'stream' of consciousness, but the the thoughts themselves; the feelings; the dreams; and our hidden passions are in a fine midst like gas. Ever smell a fart in a crowded room? The question is who was the culprit? So like that silent fart, a thought goes unseen. However everything around us is a manifestation of thought. Consciousness has this dual function: You are both the listener; and the speaker in the realm of your own thoughts. This is what makes us conscious. If our thoughts were only in the form 'speaking' we would not be intelligent, our words would be unintelligible grunts, but the fact that you can listen to your own thoughts proves you are universally a part of a collective conscious field of intelligence. How does Math act on this conscious field? Our ability to listen to ourselves think, borns the idea of 'doing the knowledge'. We are dualistic in thought; the listener; as well as the speaker;. We often build about the third eye, but their is a second mouth, and a third ear in our minds. As babies the mind was relatively blank-in computer language: "We had no encoding.". As we explored our world, we interacted, heard others, observed the world, heard ourselves, wrestled with our impulses, and navigated this world as best we could. Now here you are: Reading this: dialoging back and forth with Emblem's ideas as they relate to your own. Descartes said, even if you doubt your own existence, your existence can be proven by the virtue that your doubting existence itself. You think therefore you are! The fact that you can think provides you with the keys to the universe-"Cogito Ergo Sum". Human beings break universal barriers with thought, we have broken the sound barrier, and will one day breach the speed of light in a material vessel. How will this be done? When imagination is correlated with elevated branches of Mathematics barriers will be broken. Imagination with math and science is known as the 'State of the Art'. Art ultimately is Mathematical when it advances culture and civilization. I use to build with some artsy Gods, writers and such , but ultimately you realize if they have no idea what art's relationship is to mathematics(not all being born)then they have a limited '6 million square mile' world view and a bullshitting' peripheral insight into poor part mathematical politics. Fuck that! You have to know real math's relationship to the real world in order to create higher civilization. You can't build a space shuttle with 'All being born."-Descartes evolved the Mathematical branch of Calculus. Leibniz and Newton are given credit for Calculus but Descartes evolved the mathematical branch of Calculus. A Nation is composed of many math mathematicians-not just one. I bring Calculus into the framework of Supreme mathematics because it was designed to chart the nuance of motion(e-motion).

The speed of the Planet Earth is 1037 and 1/3 miles per hour. That God degree has a relationship to Calculus. Speed is Velocity=V. Distance traveled can be described as 'D' for distance. A unit of time enters the velocity but not the distance. We can use 'F' to measure how far the Earth has gone. V is measured by miles per hour. Compute 'V' from 'F' divided by t for time. The central question in Calculus is the relationship between 'V' and 'F'. Can you find 'V' if you know 'F'? How does this relate to your 'speed' in life? How fast are you traveling? and how far are you going? How can these questions be drawn up to an emotional form of calculus? A Black Calculus! A Calculus that makes you fall in love with math even more, and enhances your own determined ideas. This is what Black Calculus is about. What emotional devils are you murdering? Your swiftness to murder them has a direct relationship to how aggressively you are in pursuit of righteousness versus your 85 tendency to be a savage in the pursuit happiness. Calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry and Geometry is running all through the degrees. They are buried there waiting for all being born movafuckuz to dig 'em up. How perceptive are you? We stand on the eve of a more Supreme Relationship to Mathematics. Pick up a Math text book, your 120, you Math and Alphabet and build.


Monday, October 19, 2009

The Roaches in Keisha's Weave

"We live here. She doesn't know, occasionally she feels us on her scalp crawling, so we hide when she scratches. Her fingers can kill. I've felt the sting of her fake nails before and they hurt. Usually we stay real quiet in here. The filth from her scalp provides nourishment during the day. She has small crusty scabs on her scalp from years of burning, hot perms and the scab is as crunchy as Doritos crumbs. There are five of us up here, it use to be six but Abdul was murdered Friday when Keisha was having sex. Apparently the dude she was having sex with tried to pull her hair and the fake hair came out- Abdul couldn't get away in time and was crushed in her weave. We had a memorial service for him. We miss our brother dearly. He was a role model roach. Christopher moved to another part of her hair. He lives in the fake bang section and has built a nest between her nappy layer and the silky weave section. He took his wife, she's 'with child'- 40 unhatched eggs, there going to be a happy couple. There just good old fashion roaches; down home folk. I'm proud of them. Christopher and his family have come a long way, they use to live in Keisha's panty drawer. I told him he'd never be able to support a family in her panty drawer. He got out of the drawer and me and Clide got them a nice apartment around the edges of Keisha's weave. It's a nice section of town, the baby hair is hard and the gel that makes her hair hard is a great place to go and just think from time to time. I stay on the move, and as soon as she lays her head down at night I crawl out and get to that kitchen. We love Keisha's place, she never does dishes, chicken wings, hot dogs, every roach in the apartment goes there like it's a food court at the mall.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Universal and Existential Quantification VS. Universal and Existential Qualification

My High School Math Teacher taught me that an upside down ‘A’ stands for ‘Universal Quantification’-at the time I could not fathom what that meant, however I found it to be a very interesting symbol and through the years in my subconscious I wrestled with the idea of ‘Universal Quantification’ in terms of what it means and what it truly stands for. Upon getting knowledge of self, and growing in understanding, I have come to understand that the upside down ‘A’ holds an even deeper significance, a diabolical significance. This upside down ‘A’ is a part of what is called mathematical notation. Mathematics is the fundamental language in the Universe thus mathematical terms can express that something or some quantity of things can be quantified universally such is the origins of the world of formal logic. Math is logical. The intellect of man by its very nature establishes ‘form’ for all things empirical and all things abstract. We do our best to make sense of the world. In college I learned that the symbol of the upside down ‘A’ usually refers to the phrase ‘for all’. The understanding degree relays to us-that the population of Original People all over the Planet Earth in 1930 was approximately 4 billion 4 hundred million.

Universal Quantification in that case would apply to ‘All Original People’ at that time. In the United States all citizens are identified by a Social Security Number, and quantified every ten years by a national census. Counting humans is important, it economically allows us to understand our needs in terms of food, clothing, shelter, industry and gauge economic productivity relative to global population growth, however the human aspect can be lost in Universal quantification because the numerical value of the population supersedes an individual’s existential qualification. Math is a language like a ‘written’, or spoken language: words like ‘some’, ‘many’, ‘no-one’, ‘all’, ‘a lot’, are all quantifiers, and they remove the personal element from the group and consequently the group becomes an impersonal entity. The Father showed and proved that a number does not have to be limited to a mere ‘quantifier’ either universally or existentially but instead numbers can be ‘qualifiers’. I find it very interesting that the symbol for ‘Universal Quantification’ is an upside down ‘A’ and that the symbol for Existential Quantification is a backwards ‘E’. It displays just how the separation of Quantity from Quality in mathematics born devil. Your Social Security number ‘Existentially’ lets you and others know that you exist in an official quantitative capacity, interestingly enough this is the reverse of ‘E-quality’. The numerical value can in some cases detract from the reality of your existence; it charts you; catalogues you; classifies you; and ultimately quantifies you. Don’t believe me? Give a police officer your Social Security number, and your race, date of birth, background and other vital statistics about you will come up, but their is nothing stated about your internal qualities. Quantitative numbers are one dimensional.

In formal military operations there is a term ‘Collateral Damage’, meaning ‘civilian casualties’, when Generals in War Rooms look at maps on large tables they assess civilian populations relative to the combat incursion, and are prepared to sacrifice human lives to complete the missions objective and optimally prevent further casualties, but if they can't: "Oh well!". Military leadership can asses, and quantify human lives as if they are wooden piece on a chessboard in the blink of an eye. Every sitting President is prepared to send young men and women to die as if they are mere toy soldiers. Cold Blooded? Indeed, but it is a part of the harsh reality that is ‘Quantification’. So how do we ‘Universally’ and ‘Existentially’ qualify ourselves when those in authority fail to see us as individuals? Knowledge of Self is much deeper than calling yourself an Asiatic Black Man or Black Woman? or God or Earth. Knowledge of Self delves into your connection to Universal Collective consciousness in which we all manifest from. ‘Egotism’ is not wrong in that it represents and proves us as individuals, sure our egos can become a problem if they get out of hand, but ultimately your ego is your name, it is how you relate to others, how you view the empirical world around you, and how you perceive how the world views you. Knowledge of Self is getting past the ego, not forgetting it, but getting past it and connecting to the underlying force of the universe that is the collective ‘U-N-I’ in which we all verse. In the worst of circumstances you must remain connected. This is knowledge of ‘Self’ and the true reality of existential and universal qualification on a personal level.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Supreme Geometry: The Physical Structure of an Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene Mindset

Peace, I love it when my Earth builds strong. Enjoy the build. Peace.

Geometry, one of the oldest mathematical sciences is the study of lengths, areas and respective volumes. “Geo” translates into the prefix for “Earth” as “Metria” is “Measurement”, however this is not a science of the Earth's measurements as much as it is the observation of properties relative to a particular space within the Universe.

Today's degree is Knowledge Cipher and this simply means “observe your surroundings.” Properly scrutinizing the “points of matter” around us places us in a position where we can measure our internal growth and mental development. If we fail, we become the epitome of “negative acceleration” while bracing ourselves to hit rock bottom. Consequently enough, today we as Gods and Earths celebrate as the Five Percent Nation 45 years of continuous endurance in the struggle for spreading the Truth to the masses. Obviously, the Father never saw room for failure when he “observed his surroundings”. He vigilantly focused on change and without hesitation decided it was time build a society who could carry out a message that would save innumerable lives. He did this selflessly with a “mental angle” that lead to the reward we have today – that is the knowledge of ourselves. The prefix “ang” in angle represents “choke or pain felt”, so I draw this up as a means to express the pain the Father felt as he witnessed many youth become victims to the Devil's Civilization through lies and betrayal. Whether the Father knew it or not, he dealt with a form of Supreme Geometry. He stood firm in his square knowing that the change he had introduced could be the very reason he might lose his life. Sure, he measured the amount of resistance he might encounter from outsiders, the amount of slander, and more than likely he shaped up how the risks might affect those who looked up to him, but in the end he realized the strongest structure was the structure of his heart and nothing would get in the way of his desire to see a world full of nothing but freedom, justice and equality.

As I am sure the Father could bear witness to, people are all shaped differently. I'm not specifically referring to our physical makeup but the complex nature of our mental framework. Geometrically, the best way to break down our unique internal way of “think”ing is to look at the three main types of triangles: the Scalene (85%), Isosceles (10%) and the Equilateral (5%).

Scalene (85%):
A Scalene triangle is geometrically disproportional. Each side and angle of the triangle vary. When you look at the 85%, they are not only uncivilized but their lack of knowledge in regards to the Origin of this world objectifies them on a daily basis. You can observe their lifestyle from any angle but be assured you will see the same result – dysfunction (no particular order). Just like a Scalene triangle, equality is never present, so to wait for such would have you loosing time searching for that that does not exist. Because civilize means to teach, we must continue being the example but keep our third eye open and understand that the length of time will be great because most choose not to see life from our angle. Their mindset is stuck underwater -slowly they drown.

Isosceles (10%):
An Isosceles triangle on the surface is equal, that is more equal than a Scalene triangle BUT is not as evenly proportioned as the Equilateral triangle. The 10% are the rich slave makers who take pleasure in destroying the 85. Because the 85% are so lackadaisical in relation to the Truth, the 10% squeeze every ounce of life from them to benefit themselves. On the surface, the 10% introduce themselves in a manner in which you would think they were dealing in total equality. Before you realize what's happening, you are partaking of a delicious piece of poisoned mental food. Isosceles type personalities are isolated away from the Equilaterals because they have their own unique breakdown which leads to you not having a completely rounded experience with them. Stay away!

Equilateral (5%):
An Equilateral triangle has three equal sides and three equal angles. The 3 equal sides represent knowledge, wisdom and understanding. The three equal angles symbolize culture, refinement and not being a savage in the pursuit of happiness. Our growth is determined by how we are shaped. Being fed foods that are not diluted, mixed or tampered with provides us with a quintessential amount of nutrients. We measure the depth of our surroundings which determines whether or not the soil in which we stand is fertile enough to grow in or strong enough to build on.

An astronomer uses Geometry to map positions of the stars in our celestial sphere. We use Geometry by laying down a map of our circumference and pinpointing space between the Scalene and Isosceles representations that affect our every day life. Society is molded by depictions of happiness and beauty. This is why the percentages are so different, 5 – 10 – 85. The 85% are easily led in the wrong direction because “promised gold” is dangled in front of them and they come running for their piece of the pie. Everyone wants happiness but not everyone's view of happiness is the same. We all have internal depth but the question is are we filled with righteousness or fraudulence? What is your OWN self? Only you determine who you will be.

I know what the Father's cup (mindset) was filled with and it spilled over onto us. We have a duty to manifest. The way I see it, there is no time to waste on nonsense, if we decide to mess around with volume, it should be screaming the Truth to the youth.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Supreme Geometry: Da God I Mathematics Allah (From Cream City)

Peace, Da God I Mathematics called me on the power he and was like, "Yo Em, I'm on some Supreme Geometry Math." All I could say is "Add on God." Emblem's page is for the true Mathematicians in this Nation, and if a thought sparks you, and you investigate it, study it, formulate your own cee on a legitimate branch of mathematics, and you send it to me I will post it indeed. Transforming a Nation of 'All being Borners' into a Nation that rivals the mathematical appitude of the Japanese is going to take more than Emblem, Allah Universal and Maternal Luminous. We all have to crack the Math books. This science is truly for the babies, and if were always screaming, "Teach dese babies!" Then Goddamnit lets teach them! Were gonna have to buckle down, and study. We're gonna make some Doctors, Scientist, and Engineers in this next generation of Gods and Earths, them old Gods did cute stuff like ask a little moon, "What does four mean?" and the little Queen says "culture-freedom" in a cute little voice. That'z cute and shit but get over it, time to born real scientist shit and not a whole bunch of catchy phrase artist with 'father said' stories. Real Mathematicians-no more cute numerologist.

I'm glad the God I Mathematics Allah is adding on with the Geometry aspect, all are welcome to add on to Emblem's Mathematical Jihad. Do the knowledge to Da God's build on Supreme Geometry.

Peace to Da Gods and Earths,

The 5-Shapes:

1. the Circle of Awareness

2. the Point of Focus

3. the Line of Connection

4. the Angle of Possibility

5. the Square of Discipline

Use of the 5-shapes is simple. Each shape explains its own principle and each principle explains its own shape. If one finds meaning in the shape, they simultaneously find meaning in the corresponding principle. If one finds meaning in the principle, they simultaneously find meaning in the corresponding shape. In saying all that, I will now demonstrate some basic ways of using this lesson.....

The circle of awareness = consciousness, energy, life, peace, wholeness, oneness, unity, etc.....

The point of focus = details, concentration, attention, intent, the atom, the molecule, the individual, etc....

The line of connection = a bridge, a pathway, a direction, to travel, words, ways, actions, a method, etc...

The angle of possibility = options, alternatives, creativity, polarity, chances, probabilities, likelihoods, etc...

The square of discipline = organization, form, shape, law, order, structure, matter, context, harmony etc..

The limits of this lesson is only in that who uses it. Through the interpretation of these shapes one can find a great deal of meaning in their own physical/spatial environment, as well as in their conceptual approach to life. This lesson within itself is complete and whole, however one would need some meditation upon it to truly begin to see all of its potentialities in greater scope. One of these potentialities is shape combinations. Shape combinations is the combining of shapes, through the main five, to born new shapes. For example, a squared-square could be understood as a octagon, and vice versa. It is not limited to this shape, for it can also exist as a angled-angled-square, which can also have 8 points. Another way of saying squared-square would be disciplined-discipline. In conclusion, I would like to mention that the quantitative and qualitative order of these 5-shapes is extremely important. The circle borns the point, which borns the line, which borns the angle, which borns the square. This model is based upon the creation of the universe from triple stages of darkness to our current existence. I will build back with, and explain in greater detail, the science of this math and others, in due time.

Peace to the Gods and Earths

I Mathematics Allah

Supreme Trigonometry: The Triangle of the Sewing Needle, A Pin, and Emblem

Triangles are deep, especially when you're smokin' weed. The Khemetians had to be smoking some good shit. They threw up a building shaped like a Goddamn Triangle in the middle of the desert!!!! Can you imagine the supervisors on that justice cipher born? I know it had to be a hundred and ten degrees in the Goddamn shade-no 'air', no deodorant just berries and musk oil. I start sweatin’ just thinking about that shit. Fuck gettin' written-up and called to the office, they'd probably toss your ass off the edge of the pyramid if you got smart with your supervisor. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" 'splat!'. "Back to work niggers-I mean Hebrews."

The supervisors weren't the designers, they were just the foreman on the work site, and they had a copy of the blue prints. The labor had to be highly organized, various sections of the pyramids had to be undertaken by multiple work crews. The cruelty to laborers had to be insane. Generations of grunts upon generations of grunts worked on one pyramid over a lifetime-they were busier than General Motors in their glory days. The grunts put mad work in to build them pyramids; the chiselling of stone; the pulling; the lifting; the hammering; all that shit required skilled and unskilled workers. Can you imagine the accidents? Can you imagine if one of them big ass rocks fell on your foot? They ain't have timz back then-imagine Ra in Timberlands! You know it wasn't no workman's comp either, no health insurance, no sick days or dental.

"I'm sick boss! I got diarrhea boss."
"Get back to chisseling that goddamn stone nigger. I mean Hebrew. I don't give a fuck if you got shit running down your leg-I want that goddamn bolder lifted to the next level by the time my sun dial strikes Tut-or your dead Johnson and I will have your shitty ass thrown off this Goddamn pyramid!"
Then their was the head mathematicians who never got their hands dirty; the designers; the chief architects that scientifically drew up the blueprints and knew the inner-workings of trigonometric ratios and understood the scope and applications of trigonometrical functions. They wore the finest Egyptian suits, drove the best chariots. "I got that Asiatic Year 11,000 Isis Benz nigga sittin' on White horses Bitch! They spinnin' nigga they spinnin'!"

The aristocrats went to the finest schools, and were instructed over years and years in mathematics on an elite level. You know it was some hater ass niggaz who worked on the pyramids that called themselves God and Mathematicians. "Fuck Pharaoh. I'm God too nigga." Them niggaz was probably 'all being borning' hieroglyphics. "The eye of Ra and Ausar's staff is all being born to Auset on Black Egyptian Television nigga." All through history there has always been some group of movafuckuz 'all being bornin' some shit. Lazy niggaz, that's how we gave the devil the power to rule the Earth. But then you had those real movafuckin' Mathematicians who understood that every trigonometrical point is identified by capital letters. A.B.C.,-They had others symbols back then of course, but the idea was the same, in our math it would translate as Allah, Born,Cee: Allah Be Born In To reality to Cee out of triple 'darkness'. Trilateral notation in trigonometry is denoted as (A,B,C)(D,E,F) etc.. When I first heard the word 'co-sign' my old dad was mad at my grand old dad for not 'co-singing' on a house. So when I heard the word 'cosine' in a mathematical context, I was like, "What da fuck is that! Is it when your grand old dad don't sign for your old dad's house?" I ain't know what to expect exploring 'cosine' but what I found was that like Yacob, Cosine also has rules and regulations. The law or rule of cosine is Allah to the wisdom power(a2) equals be to the wisdom power(b2) plus cee to the wisdom power(c2)-Wisdom Allah born cosine(2ab Cos)-Cos can be drawn up to 'Ceeing the Cipher of Self' - having knowledge of Self you have to do the knowledge to wisdom to understand the inter angles of relationships of all three sides.

The trigonometry of triple darkness is an abstract concept, and a meta-physical reversal of existentialism in that it entertains the idea of non-being or 'no-thingness'. We can conclude that 'Matter' was born from the non physical or point A: Allah in the first layer of darkness. The general concept was that Allah was the 'Thought'-before the things. The knowledge was the consciousness of Allah imploding within self, visualizing the zig of the future as a pure mathematical determined idea. Allah's idea ushered forth reality which borns into the density of thought translating energy into matter, bringing us to point 'B'. Be or born manifest Cee 'Consciousness' being birthed into a culture dimensional reality. Islam defines reality as Haqq, or 'the Real' or the 'Truth'. The Truth is born on the square which is four born cipher degree angles. The Truth is the foundation of a pyramid. The sides or edges of the triangle are indicated with lower case letters such as a, b, c. How do we view the lower case? Remember: the capital letters A,B,C or Allah Born Cee represent the three vertices's or points of the triangle. The lower case is represented by a,b,c, which indicate the edges or sides of a triangle. A trigonometric ratio borns six types of ratios. An example of a ratio is found in the understanding culture in the culture ciphers: " to every eleven original man...". A triangle borns six ratios; sine; cosine; tangent; secant; cotangent; and co secant.

'Sine' is Allah equals (a)/ over (c)cee.(A=a/c)

Cosecant is Allah equals (c)cee/over (a). (A=c/a)

Secant is Allah equals (c)cee/over (b) (A=c/b)

Tangent is Allah equals(a)/over (b) or A=a/b

Have you ever met a movafucka who was talking to you and they forget the 'angle' of the initial point they were trying to make born and loose their line(length) of reasoning, or train of thought? The ratio between the size of their angle(conversational position) and the length of two edges on a right angled triangle(meaning they failed to make understanding(ABC) understood(abc), or knowledge born on the wisdom of the cipher or square because they lost tangent). A tangent is a universal tool of rationalization. So when you don't make your point it is because you have lost tangent. ...A savage is a person who has lost the knowledge of themselves... an 85er is easily lead in the wrong direction-hard to be lead in the right direction.... Tangent is direction.

Cotangent is Allah equals (b)over/(c) or A=b/c
When you see trigonometric ratios in formulas they are usually expressed as Allah equals sine(sin A); Allah equals cosine(cos A); Allah equals tangent(tan A); Allah equals cotangent(cot A); Allah equals secant (sec A) Allah equals cosecant(co sec A). Relate this Trigonometry shit to 120 Emblem, since your so goddamn smart!" Peep this! Go to the wisdom build degree and take the pin out of the nurses hand, next go to the knowledge culture degree and get the sewing needle out of the MGT's hand, Then go get that sword in the born degree called Emblem and remove it from above the devils head and then form a triangle with the three objects in your third eye: Define one point on the triangle as 'sewing needle', define the next point as 'sword', define the next point as 'pin' and draw up all three symbols and trilaterally internalize them, draw up your own cee as to the psychological substance of a 'pin', the psychological substance of a sword, the psychological substance of a sewing needle, and ask yourself: "What do they mean to me?" formulating this abstraction in your third eye brings trigonometry into the realm of the esoteric and your 'Cee' is a manifestation of your own philosophical prerogative(your cee-your cee-my cee-my-cee). Supreme Trigonometry allows one to examine a trigonometry problem in relationship to Self and 120. One can then plug in the actual formulas that express cos, sin, tan, cotan, consecant, and secant and take the points of the triangle of 'The Sewing Needle', 'Emblem' and the 'Pin' and understand self and find trigonometric ratios knowing the 'edges',(Knowledge). With this method you can pass the S.A.T. and ask what is your own self? at the same Goddamn time.

To all Earths: if you teach your babies this: you will have laid the foundations in them for trigonometry mommy.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Supreme Algebra: Allah Universal's Breakdown of X,Y,Z

Peace, The God Allah Universal has indeed been one of my brothers and companions in terms of showing and proving supreme qualitative relationships to other branches of mathematics as they relate to supreme mathematics. Do the knowledge to his latest addition to this ground breaking, monumental project. Enjoy his build.
Mathematics, simply put, is the science of patterns. The mind is by its very nature mathematical, in that it recognizes patterns to make sense out of life, and the knowledge acquired from such study is what we call science. Mathematics has its own language, using a wide variety of notations to describe patterns, such as everyday counting, motion, statistics, random events, and chance/probability as a few examples. The various notations used in this language, however, are not actually mathematics. What these numerals, letters, signs, symbols, etc. DO, is REPRESENT mathematics. It’s no different than the letters, numbers & symbols you’re reading; they can only re-present my thought patterns, and are not the actual synapses occurring in my brain. These notations are utilized to re-present & re-create the same thought patterns/synapses in your own brain, either reconnecting cells (neurons) that lost their connection (2º, 1-14), or even creating new connections altogether (38º, 1-40). Mathematics exists solely in the mind (1º, 1-14), and is made visible by the use of language (4º, 1-36). Don’t remain in the Unknown & not knowing Why We have to Zig-Zag-Zig through this thing We call Life…Learn the Laws & Language, 4 they are Truly Universal…

I remember asking once in a cipher, “On a 3-dimensional version of the Universal Flag, where would the “7” be?” May have sounded rhetorical, but I was definitely out to make a point…The answer is in the question, reference the Understanding God degree. Why am I bringing this up? Well, in my musical mind @ the time, the Universal Flag was like sheet music, only worth something when it’s brought to life. It was a 2-D symbol that said/Wisdomed a lot, even though it’s only composed of 5 notations. It had its own language, singing in surround-sound of the space-time, 4-D reality that we advocate as the Building Block of a Nation. I knew this, but, there’s a but; I had to come up with a way to bring this to the table, without looking crazier than most people already thought I was, hence the above question was born. I hadn’t had 120º on cap for a year yet, and was already seeing the limitations in the commonplace interpretations being made in Our Degrees. There was a lot of 1-dimensional (1º, 1-40) & 2-dimensional thinking (2º, 1-40), but not nearly enough 3-D or 4-D thinking (3º, 4º, 1-40). It wasn’t a local or regional thing either, it was Nation-wide. @ the time, I figured I’d be seen as “just” a newborn, and making my abstract thoughts concrete & presenting them to public was a good way to kill credibility for Self, as well as get so-called “bombed” (pssst!) by those who hadn’t thought like this, & felt ashamed that they hadn’t. The above question was my way of asking “why the fuck did nobody else think of this already? It’s been what, 38 years?!” Oh well, back to the Today’s Math…

Algebra, for those who may not have noticed, is right there in the 1-40. The Knowledge Degree is the starting point, so to speak, the 1st point created when pen is put to paper. On the X,Y Cartesian graph, the easiest starting point would be (0,0). That point expands, & renews/multiplies itself infinitely, to become a circle (circumference, notation c, 2º). Fact is, a perfect circle can’t even be created without the use of an algebraic formula, the 2 most common formulas being (c = 2πr, or c = πd) where the variable r is the radius, and variable d is the diameter (3º) Another formula would be (x2 +y2 = r2), with r again being the radius (the distance from the center of a circle to the edge, or half of the diameter). Now, we’re still dealing with just 2 dimensions, & only stick figures & straw-men can “live” in 2 dimensions. So this circle must rotate on an axis to create a sphere & become tangible. Once that motion begins & makes @ least 180º, we can find the surface area of this newly created sphere (4º), by using the formula (S = 4π r2). We now have a 3-dimensional object, & the X,Y graph will no longer suffice. Another axis must be added, so We Zig-Zag-Zig to conceive the next Zygote…

(X,Y,Z)…An short overview of the Cartesian Coordinate System

If it’s not obvious, math was my favorite subject in school, especially high school. I started learning algebra in the 7th grade, so freshmen year was just a refresher for me. Problem was, I had a bad case of senioritis since about the 7th week of freshman year. Sometimes I went just to soak up the math & science classes, & left. I’d take the books home, skip the next day or two, come back with 3 days of homework finished by test Friday, to pass around the answers in class & chill in luxury. @ the time, XYZ was code for Xtend Your Zipper, whenever you caught someone with their pants unzipped, & wanted to tell ‘em on the sly to fix it w/o the world knowing. Didn’t work if someone overheard you, but I did find where it worked infallibly. X, Y, Z in the language of mathematics, represents the 3 axes used to graph coordinates/points in 3 dimensions. The more commonly used X,Y graphing with the 4 quadrants may be more familiar to the reader, and while adding another dimension may complicate things, it does bring the math closer to re-presenting real life. No real problem is 2-dimensional (linear), & there’s usually @ least 3 sides to a story. So, when I was introduced to this concept, it made perfect sense, because now you have length, width, & depth. All you had to add was motion to get the 4th dimension of time, and born Living Mathematics.

I was born @ St. Anthony’s Hospital (before it was torn down) in Milwaukee, WI, which had a Latitude & Longitude (X, Y). My Born Date is 6/8/1978 on the Gregorian Calendar, 8:02pm. Place that on the Z axis, and the motion of the event covers the time aspect. Knowing(1) those (4) dimensions (& using the right software, NASA should have it), I could input these coordinates and pinpoint the exact place in the Universe where I left the womb/my physical origin in this world (14º, 1-40). This hypothetical software couldn’t do this however, without the use of the (X,Y,Z) Cartesian Coordinate System as a foundation. The X,Y graph suffices when dealing with the sur-face value of finding & connecting points in 2 dimensions (9º, 1-40), but when it comes to digging into the Unknown & getting in-depth to finding out Y, that Zig-Zag-Zig dimension is a must!

We use this above algebra & real-live Supreme Mathematics everyday knowingly or unknowingly, we’re hard-wired to do so just as we’re hard-wired to reproduce/multiply. When it comes to something as mundane as remembering where the hell you last put your keys, spatial intelligence is required to locate that point in the Universe (that & a somewhat good memory). Same thing when determining if you can safely make that left turn on a yellow light with oncoming traffic coming, your spatial intelligence & ability to do split-second calculus to measure motion is a life or death situation. Sometimes you just KNOW not to try & make that turn! Real-Live Supreme Mathematics @ Work…

Limiting oneself to look @ Supreme Mathematics in only 1 or 2 dimensions, no matter how many days or decades you had it, can keep one a straw-man blind to self (6º, 1-14, reference the Wiz of Cipher Zig-Zag-Zig), and teaching it ONLY that way “adds-on” to that problem of stick-figure illiteracy. See, many get caught up in the Wisdom while teaching not to. Not the Wisdom found in the Mathematics, but Wisdom in the language/Supreme Alphabet. After building with those 23 Sciences, there’s another 3 stages of darkness to get through before one can even see Self as the Born Original (1º, 1-10). What are those 3 stages? Losing fear of the Unknown, answering that infamous question Why, & making 3 more moves through Zig-Zag-Zig to born a new Zygote of Allah’s thought processes within Self…After all, the Supreme Alphabet ain’t linear either…The Old Test-a-ment started with the Genes, but being Black Brown or Yellow ain’t enough…The New Test-a-ment starts with the let’s Multiply the Pi & let the Math Circulate…

P.S. …don’t get caught up in Quadrant III, nothin’ but negatives…

Allah Universal
(Living Mathematics)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Supreme Algebra: Coefficients

I have explained that I put an unknown after the whole number of any given 'days degree. Example: September 30=30x. The understanding cipher is the coefficient, the unknown (x) is the variable. The understanding cipher is a coefficient that stands as a constant. When you 'all being born' a whole number you have incorrectly decomposed the coefficient constant of '30'. The first term of a 'day's degree' that is understanding cipher becomes '30x'. 30x is an expression in algebraic 'terms'. Understanding that the initial Algebraic 'term' is '30x' I then correlate it to Supreme Algebraic Terms: Let us say for example I choose '30(1-36)' "No the Trader disappeared and there was no one there to speak their language."('Philosophical prerogative' is the internal and external relationship I attach to the degree). The disappearance of a trader in my life must be defined. Psychologically what does it mean to 'Disappear'?

As God and Earth you have disappeared from the mental sight of the 85%. They can't cee u mentally. If they could cee u they wouldn't be 85%. They don't cee u because they are 'blind to themselves: '6x'. Exercising my philosophical prerogative I choose to deal with 'Disappearance'. I associated 'Disappearance' with 'blind to themselves' in the equality degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture thus borning '6x'. Now we have two Supreme Algebraic expressions; 30x; and 6x. Exercising your philosophical prerogative you choose the operation; (30x + 6x); 30x(6x); (30x-6x); (30x÷6x). The answer itself brings a whole new set of ideas into the expression leading into other values(Phrases and functions) within degrees. If you operate using the proper order of operations it will explore other ideas within knowledge wisdom cipher, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math systematically borning right and exact mathematical answers for your life. For instance if I choose 30x+6x it borns 36x. The Years, Months and Days are connected to 'disappearance' and 'Blind to themselves'. How does the understanding equality in the knowledge to culture the cipher correlate to 'disappearance' and 'blind to themselves'? Answer: The years, months and days of the devil being birthed on this Planet is the ultimate root of the problem of 'disappearance' and the 'blindness to self' that to some extent we all suffer from. Upon doing the knowledge to the root of the problem of 'disappearance' and 'Blindness to self' proves 36x+Yx=38x. Yx= '2'. The wisdom degree asks "Who is the colored man?" And the understanding build asks 'Y' did God make devil?" The initial day's degree that I started out this example with is '30x' and though I dealt with "No the Trader 'disappeared' and there was no one to speak their language." by linking 'disappearance' to 'blind to themselves' it born '36x'.

Then the wisdom degree in the knowledge to knowledge cipher connects to understanding build in the knowledge to culture cipher. Philosophical prerogatives born portals that transport the user of Supreme Algebra from one idea to the next harmoniously. The thing that has amazed me is that the more you test the Supreme Algebraic system on the field of knowledge wisdom cipher, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math the more you will cee 'knowledge wisdom cipher, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math from a more 'All Eye Ceeing' and more Universal point of view within your own understanding.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Supreme Algebra: The Aesthetics of Mathematics

Aesthetics is a study of perception. Traditionally aesthetics has been considered a branch of philosophy, encompassing subjects such as judgment, sensations, and how the human mind considers and evaluates art, natural phenomenon, and culture. There are no ruling consensus values governing aesthetics as a whole, all findings are purely relative to the individual, the control group, or culture. The Nation of Gods and Earths in terms of 'aesthetics', from a cultural paradigm shows and proves 'I God'/ 'Her Earth'. How we view living mathematics, our 'cultural freedom', our 'society advocated', shows and proves that our truths are relatively subjective.

How is aesthetics, which at first glance, appears as purely 'philosophical', integrated into a Supreme mathematical framework? Allah manifested to us that the quantitative numerical values of the glyphs 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and, 0 also have 'qualitative' counterparts that travel from knowledge to born to cipher back to knowledge. Man made and designed all numerical symbols and designated the values to said glyphs- neither the symbols, nor their values are inherent or absolute truths, meaning you can't go to another planet and find that '2' is wisdom or the symbolic glyph for the number '2', but you will be able to find 'two of something': '2' specks of dust from Pluto; '2' rocks from Pluto; '2' mountains on Pluto but you will not find the numerical symbol for '2'(Highly Improbable).

When the statement that everything must go from knowledge to born is uttered, it should be understood by those in our nation, that such a statement is not necessarily an absolute truth, instead it is a postulation and subjectively relative. "Show and Prove Em!" The DNA molecule is composed of four amino acids; adenine; cytosine, thymine; and guanine-all operating in a variation of sequential chains defined as nucleotides. The nucleotide chain does not manifest from knowledge to born, but instead knowledge to culture. What this proves is that no one 'universal rule' is absolute. The 85 percent consider a mystery God as 'absolute' and just like there is no mystery God, there are no absolutes. Truth is relative, and mathematics has infinite branches that have yet to be discovered. By understanding that there are no absolutes and that truth is relative, we can then began to understand how relatively beautiful the universe actually is and WE can also began to understand that Mathematics is not limited to the study of structure, space, quantity and change but that it also has an integral relationship to 'qualities'.

The original man establishes knowledge as the essential nature of what has quantitatively and traditionally been defined as '1' mathematically. This is nothing new, this has been done in various systems of Kabbalah throughout history and Quran, so by merging the underlying and eternal principles of the universe with Asiatic consciousness-the Nation of Gods and Earths borns its own urban Kabbalah. Kabbalah is the mystical relationship between the consciousness of man and man's empirical world and his/her subjective universal truth. With this Asiatic Mathematical Kabbalah we philosophically ponder the phenomenon of existence. We describe a 'living math problem' and devise 'living mathematical solutions'. This 'Knowledge of Self', 'Thinking about what we think about' or metacognition, which is a form of existentialism. In the Nation of Gods and Earths we define existentialism as 'Be' or 'Born'. Hypothetically if every existentialist testified in a court of law as to the nature of existence, their testimony would be mere speculation, conjecture and hearsay if true math is absent from their testimony. "Case dismissed due to lack of evidence- evidence is actual fact!" Emblem says, slamming the gavel.

Absorbing aesthetic content and discovering that Math is a 'qualitative' study as well as a 'quantitative' study, radically transforms what we have come to understand as the 'State of the Art' or 120. Ultimately a rigorous study of mathematics when undertaken in earnest and consequently related to the philosophical qualities of knowledge, wisdom, understanding etc.., proves that the 'State of the Art' or 120 is in fact the 'beauty' in the beholder's third eye, but more importantly it should prove that the 'Beholder' of that which is beautiful is a Supreme Mathematician indeed.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mathematical Applications: You said it's called Supreme Mathematics, right? Why Is called:SUPREME Mathematics?


Da God Allah Universal was one of the first Gods to actually see where I was coming from in terms of true mathematical applications and their parallels to 120, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Mathematics. Early on he understood where I was going with this Supreme Algebra Math. Since then the God has been drawing his own comparisons of relating Supreme Math to traditional quantitative mathematical applications. I respect Da God Allah Universal a whole lot and he is indeed one of the swiftest Gods amongst us, he shows and proves this by breaking down set theory and relating it to Supreme Mathematics. Do the knowledge to his build.


Peace…When someone asks me what Supreme Mathematics is (however I end up bringing it up & get’em to ask), I have to think about how this person thinks, to give them an answer they can understand…My simple answer might be it’s the Cycle of Life, or the way everything works in the Universe…Let’s consider an Original Man who’s an atheist mathematician, and my college professor, curious to know why I call this odd philosophy of mine SUPREME Mathematics…How do I answer without sounding like I don’t know shit, AND without confusing the hell outta’ him? And God forbid I sit there and try to run a numerology game on him…people have flunked classes for less…

Supreme Mathematics is Mathematical Proof that Mathematical Law IS the Supreme Law in the Universe, and demonstrates the Supreme Law of the Universe being complete within itself…The following will use basic Set Theory and Applied Mathematics to prove the validity of Supreme Mathematics…

Supreme Mathematics, simply put, is a set of values, and like any other set, is a Set that's potentially a Subset, as well as a Superset. A set is a collection of values, also known as a Cipher. This particular set of symbols (also known as glyphs) {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0} only REPRESENTS the inseparable values that ARE, THE Useful Land/Re-Source, literally used everyday by the total population of the Planet Earth, to measure & describe what we acKnowledge all over the planet Earth, and throughout the Universe…Essentially all of our mathematical applications involve the values that said set of digits represents {Knowledge to Born, Add a Cipher}…& “weather” it’s an all en(compass)ing or a (minus)cule transaction, all of our Modern Day Math comes back to using these values nowadays in order to be successful…These values represented by the set {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0} represent by their own virtue the nature of omniscience, omnipresence, & omnipotence…These values are visually seen daily as the set of the said digits {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0}, and are known as Arabic Numerals. This is the Arabic in which we daily write & make our Korans go ‘round, literally…It behooves us to know these values well…

In order to make a set a superset, one must 1st separate, and create a subset within that set, using any number of digits/values existing within that set...e.g. {5,6}, {7}, {1,2,3,4,8} are all subsets of {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0} . Every set must contain empty sets, represented by the null symbol {Ø}, and they must exist simply because the set exists. So that original set {Supreme Mathematics} must contain empty sets also, and they are categorized as subsets. In addition to that, the Prescribed Law of Mathematics also state that any set, is a subset of itself, therefore {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0} is a subset of the Original set, {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0}. So, this particular set/cipher of digits/values, is complete within itself as a set.

This Set/Subset/Superset called Supreme Mathematics as set of values, has many subsets of positive values, and by default contains subsets of negative values (empty sets) as well, AND is superset of itself. This law can be seen in everything to the atom to the Universe itself. Because of this law, it’s possible to manipulate the values in this set/the values within Supreme Mathematics, infinitely & indefinitely…add ANY mathematical symbols to this set/subset/superset called Supreme Mathematics, & by default you get problems to solve. Such is Life. The Science of Man, Woman, and Child…Set, Subset, & Superset…

All you have to do is look around you to bear witness. Mathematics shows & proves ITSELF in no limit of time using only the laws within ITSELF…One must use the Prescribed Laws of Supreme Mathematics to born anything, there’s no getting around the values contained therein. One can only show & prove the Supremacy of SUPREME Mathematics using ALL Mathematics, and vice versa. The plus sign is just a start. One can Add-On all day, but what happens when you keep recycling the same blocks in Jenga & “calling” it Adding On? The Tower of Babel-On eventually falls, & the tongues become confused…Last I checked, confusion ain’t Peace...On the other hand, Peace is inevitable when you Build in accordance with Mathematical Law…We already know this…Such is Life…


Allah Universal

Living Mathematics