Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Finger Pointing At The Moon

Now you ask me to what purpose is such a Supreme Mathematical life to be devoted? Any answer that could be given is done so with an evident awkwardness present in ‘I-God’ culture-a religious awkwardness; a lump protruding from under the rug, in which piles of religious behaviors have been swept. Our beloved Father Allah, how we go on and on in his holy name until the flood-gates of our collective unconscious burst like levies leaving us to drown, our lungs filling with putrid religious  Holy Water and we find ourselves dying the same mental death as tambourine shakers in Baptist Churches on Sundays. I lament in Emblematic soliloquies explaining upon deaf ears that mathematics is not at all religious, not in the monotheistic theological sense, sure, a devotion to it’s true study can be made out to be religious-as in one who studies mathematics religiously, but(intentionally forgetting those absurd three dots), in the reverse we’ll see a reversion to theology. The question: ‘Who is the Original Man’ points to the fact that there is no Mystery God at all, and this All-Powerful Mystery God was made deep in the bowels of the psyche of the first knowledge seed nigga figuring out how to make fire while simultaneously studying his own erection. In his cognitive inner-workings those things that this Original Knowledge Seed Nigga didn’t know caused him to consequently assign his ignorance to an abstract variable-a variable representing the unknown which eventually became known as a psychological construct called ‘God’. The Mystery God is nothing more than a mental junk drawer of shit that this first Knowledge Seed Nigga didn’t know; thus by proxy and default and by virtue of this empirical reality he could not define; and things he could not sum up to be; or show and prove; or explain, colluded to form a womb in his mind that gave birth to this so-called Mystery God. This Mystery God was used as a variable, storing all of Man’s irrationality which was the shit this first Knowledge seed nigga couldn’t explain so his imagination ran wild, free, like the wind unabated. The Mystery God tagged along like a shadow, tramping behind this Original Black Man’s ignorance, patronizing his questions at a time in which these questions were unable to be scientifically answered-questions like ‘what the fuck is this shadow on the ground?’ Not knowing what the sun was, nor able to correspond or correlate meaning to that Goddamn black figure that seemed to move in synchronicity with him when that ball of fire was at its zenith in the sky. This Shadow self became his spirit, a being that was the essence of him whom he saw only during the day. It’s an unflattering picture of the Original Man, yes, but(fuck them goddamn dots-itz just a fuckin’ conjunction goddamn it!) we all shit on ourselves as babies, so embrace the notion of the unflattering reality of a mind attempting to grasp the shadow of the unknown that moved alongside self. I’m sure on plenty of hot days on that ‘African’ plain that that first Original movafucka knelt and meditated on what his Goddamn shadow was! When he saw his reflection in a pond of water it must have scared the shit out of him at first. Long before language, he grunted, “Who is that movafucka there?” The nigga ain’t know it was his own reflection on the pond! For the sake of science let’s stop painting those grandiose pictures of the Original Asiatic Black Man driving through the root of civilization in a Lamborghini wearing a Yankee’s turban. Stop it now! Being the Father of Civilization only means that you were the first movafucka to ask, “Who the fuck am I? Who the fuck is that other nigga that I see when I look at the water in the pond? And why the fuck is it raining on me? What is wet? What is cold? What is hot?”

The original Man was the first to think, “you know, it might be a good idea to wipe my ass after I shit!” he was the first nigga who said, “What’s that grumbling in my stomach?” He realized he was hungry! Niggaz today see their ancestors as having worn gold Nike anklets, and bracelets, and big ass NBA diamonds in their ears from the get go. Naw nigga! Now Cipher! You was literally ass- out on the 'African' plain figuring shit out as you went. Can you imagine the first nigga who had to learn about lions the hard way?! That Lion was a lesson like a movafucka! The first word a nigga learned was “Dead” which meant in Original Asiatic Nigganese that ‘Niggaz don’t come back after lions attack’.  

I need not add the countless generations forsaken, ironically forsaken because of their lack of scientific pursuit in lifetimes haunted by hand to mouth struggle. And with the evolution and advent of imprisoning religious paradigms ever emerging from man’s collective unconscious they cohesively held us together in small groups, communities, and societies, making human bonds a tad bit stronger. We were glued together by story tellers and their fables, wandering from place to place to learn more about this rock beneath our feet and our place on it. As time moved on, pillars like Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad and other patriarchs came and went, and man’s collective psyche continued to search for trillions of years until it found a million new saints to unconsciously manufacture new and improved cults and religions. Heaping syrup on manure fails to transform manure into pancakes, b.u.t.(this time I will give you those absurd dots) the human family never fails to pour another syrupy man onto a pile of manure continuing to eat the sweet fecal matter  of religion in place of true mathematical and scientific discourse. A new custom comes enslaving yet another via a new religion and we miss with the naked eye that another religion finds itself growing out of our necks, making us even dumber than we were in previous generations.
So I say, “Give me your gold O’ Hebrews, let us melt it down, so that we may forge a golden idol of our Father sleeping peacefully in that Harlem elevator and let us make more replicas to be worn around our necks like yokes, and so too will the next generation forgo the higher branches of mathematics and so they too will remain shackled to the schizophrenia of ‘All Being Born’ posturing as if it is real higher order thinking. O’ Allah, allow us to continue to divinely jerk each other off in regard to our self righteous Mathematical Supremacy.  O my Hebrew brethren may our voices bellow deeper when we yell, “Peace!” and take the center of the cipher and rattle off degrees as if they trump the empirical and explicit quantitative mathematical functions applied in advanced technologies."

Yes, I’m jesting, being an asshole, never could I, or would I desire the illusion of Mathematical Supremacy for those sincere to the idea of our culture, but (fuck the three dots) I see what is happening, and I do so with an eye fixed upon the history of all religions, how they seemingly always begin with the embellished stories of a dead man. And once again groups, societies, communities, and Nation-States emerge having a religious device which explains away all those looming questions and unknowns lingering on future horizons always prefaced by the words of the Father.  Say ‘No’ to such explanations and hearken unto mathematical reasoning, become engaged to an inverse function; learn the distinctions between an independent variable and a dependent variable, know intimately the voice of implicit function; let your seeds embrace Algebra; Calculus; Trigonometry and the Fibonacci sequence; fight to understand a geometric progression; fall in love with an infinite set; wrestle with systematic sampling; learn what stratified sampling is; learn your general angles of trigonometric ratios. In the Voice of Morpheous speaking to the human colony of Zion in the second Matrix installment, “Gods and Earths, I implore you to hearken unto real mathematics before We are thrust into religious ruin and the peril of the pit of irrationality!!”
Did you know a regular quadrilateral is a square? Now cipher, you didn’t. ‘My uncle does not talk his own language’. Math has been made into a foreign tongue, and in our attempt to integrate our cultural paradigm with true and living quantitative math, we’ve managed to cling to the uterine wall of religion, failing to push forward to the Supreme Mathematical egg that lay deeper in the womb of reality. Fear has gripped us-fear fused with ego, an ego that has ironically failed to realize that there was never a Mystery God to begin with, only an Original black man who didn’t know. Yes! Yes! Why Equal Self?  A Mystery God is a Black Man who didn’t realize that his own consciousness has been observing and causing his own reality the entire time. Yes! That’s it! You made God up in your own mind, concocted him deriving him from your own psyche. It’s always been you-a mystery God that has served as nothing more than a critique on your own ignorance. And so now when we assume the psychological costume of God as mortals we do so with the ego to become Heros or God-Men psychologically projecting ourselves into epic battles with swords and shields against a singular foe-a singular foe indeed: our own ignorance. The devil is simply what you have failed to comprehend and apprehend. Failure to ‘know’ allows the foe that is ignorance to remain ever victorious.  Who is the colored man?; is merely a question asking what does he know that you do not know?

The commonality of mathematical expertise is a socially rare phenomenon in IGod culture. How many of us truly desire to sit in a math class for hours trying to grasp the quantifiable dimensions of an irregular quadrilateral? What are they really studying at the Large Hadron Collider? What is the science of Avionics?  How do they truly make a plane fly? Can you even really be certain that the Earth is round? Suppose the planet is a cube? The only view-point of the actual Earth we truly have are those viewpoints shown to us by the colored man. Even our objectivity to some degree has been stung by a grafted snake and diluted. All the planets in our Solar facts derive their names from Colored Greek Gods, our Solar facts read like a ‘Who’s Who’ at a Colored Man’s Show and Prove; Mercury; Venus; Mars; Jupiter Saturn; Uranus; Neptune; Pluto. How about Asia 1, Asia 2, Asia 3, Asia 4 etc… Ludicrous I know, and yes I’m being Emblematically facetious, however my point is this: be imprisoned by no paradigms because every paradigm is finite. Seek an understanding of all paradigms and view them as dynamically moving parts of an infinite numerical set (123…), meaning your paradigm should forever be expanding. Bruce Lee said, “It’s like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.” 


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

8 Months Without Blazing Marijuana

First let me be clear: that stopping Marijuana for a time does not mean I’m on some Marijuana Anonymous type of vibe where I stand up and say, “My name is Emblem and I’ve been clean and sober for 8 months.” And everybody claps. I love Marijuana, Equality, Cannibus, Loud, Kush Weed, or whatever you choose to call her. Chillin’ out for build months is my own personal experiment ‘without’ high explosives, which is providing me with a deeper understanding of the holy sacrament. On November 21st , 2011 I put one last one in the air with the God Truth Allah. Rarely do I blaze with anyone however the God has been my closest brother and companion in all my tribulations and travels with 120 and it was only fitting that what was to be my last L for a prescribed time be ignited with the God. I had put myself on a hundred day program prior to stopping. My program called for me to blaze as much equality as possible and then stop cold turkey on November 21st  2011, so, what I’m living out nowadays is predicted history. Prior to November 21 2011 DaGod Emblem was a human chimney, box after box of cigarrellos, Dutch Masters, Grenadiers, Swishers, Phillies, Fanta leaf, water bongs, I went hard in the paint while blazing top shelf equal. Basically, I had a one man personal blastathon until the expiration date I had set for her: November 21, 2011.
The first month was easy, I did a nine day water fast to begin the detoxification process, read a few books, wrote a few things, and started my exercise regimen. I remember that it was cloudy and cold around that time which allowed a melancholy mood to set-in, and by the second month I was in full fledged depression mode. I needed a blunt bad as fuck. I was missing her deeply, I was sad, suffering from despair, and even though I was with my Earth and the seeds I was very lonely because Marijuana had become sort of an emotional security blanket. Often I would blaze, and read the Quran-not an English Maulana version or Yusef Ali b.u.t. pure Arabic and I’d do so while smoking treez. I’ve been doing this  since 1995, playing a Quran CD or MP3 of my favorite hafiz (reciter), put on earphones and read along with the dude reciting all the while a lit blunt of Kush burning in the ash tray. This had become my way of achieving my own personal version of a state of bliss. And if the Quran wasn’t on I’d lay back blazing and just toss degrees back and forth like a ball on the wall of my third eye looking for new Original angles to cee Knowledge Wisdom Cipher.  Since I’ve stopped blazing I read less Quran because I don’t get that same internal high I did when I blazed while reading. In those early months when I looked at one twenty in my third all I was seeing was ‘Caves of Europe’ it was a personal dimness and bleakness which clearly pointed out that the ‘Caves of Europe’ in the culture degree represent depression beyond the scope of the general face value understanding. I had found myself roped and bound in to an emotional struggle in the fine midst of what was essentially Marijuana dependency. What was happening is that I was psychologically withdrawing from Marijuana and it was emotionally draining at first and very painful b.u.t. it allowed me to see the power that Marijuana had over me, showing and proving at the time ‘Her Power I had Ceen’ over me. Don’t get it twisted Marijuana is not addictive like heroin or crack-heroin and crack manifest into the physiological realm of the body ultimately holding a greater total weight on the mind. If one were to stop heroin cold turkey they would be shitting, vomiting and climbing the walls and a crack head will suck a dick for a rock forgoing all personal notions of pride, self esteem and self worth. Crack like heroin is only connected to ‘destroy’ unlike Marijuana which has heavy ‘build’ characteristics in the nature of its molecular composition.  Marijuana is not addictive in the ‘hard drug’ sense, instead she is more like a lover that you emotionally fall in love with, if she had a womb she’d be a woman indeed. All those familiar with the cannibus plant know Sativa is the feminine aspect of cannibus and is more powerful than her less potent male counterpart proving ‘Her Power I Cee’.  
Marijuana temporarily dissolves a pressing issue in your life, usually after a few puffs of kush you will usually find that whatever matter you may be dealing with in life that is causing anxiety often vanishes from the forefront of your consciousness almost immediately. Her ability to relieve tension almost instantly is something I found rather charming while at the same time smitten in her company. Katt Williams was correct when he said, “THC has something in it that makes you say fuck it”. If you’re not careful you may literally find yourself not giving a fuck about the poor part ( Don’t let the mortgage or car note become the poor part). The understanding degree in the 1-14 is nothing more than a testament of the original man not paying attention to the critical elements within the poor part. Not caring about the poor part has since festered into chronological catastrophe, allowing the colored man to linger way past 1914 nor does he appear to be closing down shop anytime soon. Not caring about the poor part is never beneficial unless it’s a detail that is truly petty or miniscule.                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Not dealing with Marijuana has caused me to address those ‘poor parts’ in my life that I had become accustomed to not to caring about.  In March 2012 I did a 24 day Juice fast which lasted into April, it was a beautiful experience which assisted my body in the detoxification process. With a body damn near detoxified after 24 days still Marijuana was dancing in front of my third eye dressed in a see through negligee signaling with her finger for me to come blaze her.  I told her, “Now Cipher Queen.”

Last week was the first time in build months that I felt like I didn’t need her: ever. Even though I love her, what I have now come to realize is that I want to deal with her from a ‘Cee I Power Her’ angle and purely on my own terms and not roped and bound in to merely, ‘Her Power I Cee’, meaning my determined idea in terms of the zig of the future with her is to never again become emotionally dependant on her and to forever be the sole controller when she does return to my cipher. When I decide to deal with her again I plan to smoke less of her and transpose her more into the role of an edible vegetable or cooking additive in which conscious elevation is just as powerful and leaves no damage to the lungs of Allah.  Yes, I advocate equality? I advocate equality in everything b.u.t. just not right now-not at this time in my life.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chess And 120: The Ultimate Metaphors

Have you ever critically analyzed a given chess position? It’s an exercise that serious chess players undertake daily. If you have 120 on cap more than likely you lay back from time to time in the quiet of your own mind and take an aspect of a phrase in 120 under deep perusal, lately, ‘…making trouble amongst the righteous people…’ was a key phrase in 120 that has been on my mind, it opened up a very interesting build in my third. Why? White moves first in a game of Chess, ‘making the trouble’, ultimately initiating an assault on the Black King. The knowledge degree in the knowledge to knowledge the cipher establishes the Black Man as the Original Man while the Knowledge to Knowledge degree in the Supreme Alphabet manifests the Original Man as King. Automatically Black is thrust into a psychologically defensive position and as a Black Man in the Wilderness of North America you are playing defense in every area of daily life. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing wrote in her work The Isis Papers: The Keys To The Colors “…complex symbols are usually related to the deepest cultural themes of a people and have significant messages to convey about the people’s and culture’s reason for being.”
120 is filled with a picture of a socio-psychological reality of race relations in North America, and so is chess, linking the two was a natural process for me because I have great love for both of them. He or Her stand together as King and Queen: First and Second Captains.  Bishops, Knights and Rooks are lieutenants, receiving orders from the King who is the First Captain. The Queen is obviously Wisdom while pawns stand as private soldiers. The military theme in the knowledge wisdom and knowledge understanding degree in the Knowledge to Knowledge the Culture are indeed in accord with the game of chess in terms of the establishment of a Nation’s standing Army.
Taking Jerusalem from the devil is an attempt to control the most critical squares on the board. Each square on the chess board represents 3,077,187.5 square miles. When multiplied by 64 squares the math borns 196,940,000 square miles which is the total area of the planet Earth. Her terrific speed is represented by the clock that every real Chess player must touch after moving every step of the way. The Rain, Hail Snow and Earthquakes one causes on the board are the results of high explosives in terms of combinational intelligence. Unknowns are those future positions that cannot be seen by the naked eye, b.u.t are beheld in the third eye. ‘Be’ is the reality of a given position, and to make born is to bring your idea into existence which is to take your opponent off the Board or Planet via Checkmate (Murder).
Doctors qualify and disqualify. Ministers marry: a marriage in a game of chess happens when one commits to a given piece before he actually touches the piece thus properly doing the knowledge is to qualify or disqualify a potential move before the actual move is undertaken. Think before you move! Or Look before you leap! Deception is a tactic within the Art of War, and when you move-your move should be based upon the truth or actual facts of the position. It is best you always have an idea up your sleeve. Two worthy opponents ‘Cee’ and understand the nature of the other’s move, and the game becomes a literal war and clash of very tense ideas. In War it is better to move as a snake, not necessarily a ‘grafted snake’ b.u.t. in terms of a snake's stealth and subtle slithering. Why? Because you’re always inventing, scheming and in the process of setting traps for your opponent to show forth and prove and bring fourth his expiration date: Knowledge Born of a superior Knowledge of four Right Angles. Knowing the right angle to come at your opponent on is essential. The right move is your Truth on the Square: your game is your game-your life is your life and no two people have the exact same truth. ‘Allah is God in the Earth and Heavens’, being in Heaven in terms of a game of chess is to  be firmly in the ‘Now’ of your position and as you gaze down upon the Earth assessing possible moves with a Masterful overview you are at war yet in a meditative peace. War does indeed have a divine nature to it. One’s overview is relative to insight, hindsight; foresight/Zig Zag Zig which yields the wisdom wisdom and/or victory. White moves toward Black, proving that white is the ‘piece without’ and that black is in fact the piece ‘with’ magnetic/magnetism. ‘Not caring about the poor part’ is indeed a mistake because a lapse of attention on any square could possibly mean the difference between victory and falling victim to the devil civilization. Being used for a tool and also a slave is to get your ass kicked on the chessboard of life. R-O-P-E means the ‘rope to bind-in’ which is a trap creating a lack of space, cramping board conditions and crippling your opponent. Yacob didn’t build prison houses for his people, yet ‘imprisonment’ is a powerful weapon, and an effective tactic in the game of chess as it remains nowadays against Original People. Imprisonment restricts and impedes a piece’s movement from square to square, limiting the power of the piece.

Musa taught the devil How to build a home for himself and castling represents what it means to build a home: (0-0/0-0-0). The exact number of years, months, and days is a matter of keeping track of your moves. A written Koran of your past moves is the only way you will make better moves in the future. To predict history from the year one of the first move is to peer into a possible future: if my opponent does that; I reserve the option to do that; and when my opponent does this I’ll answer with this as it should be the case with real life one should have a bank of swift and changeable contingent ideas. Each game of chess is a work in progress-your growing or making ideas like planets from the beginning.

Be The Lord’s Will and know and understand You are that Will indeed like that Saint Luke 12:47 math. Giving the order means to speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way to save his life.

Equality is how one considers everything: organizes, economizes and to be purely mathematical to the fullest extent of your combinational intelligence. A Chess player is weighing the fate of Six Sextillion tons at all times. You are at that board of life by yourself like the wisdom degree in the one to thirty six striving to advocate and combinate a group of pieces for one common cause. There is no help in the Wilderness of North America; the Colored man is coming after that ass like a Wild Beast with the blood lust for black babies. Your life is your reality, Chess is a game, you’re not made of wood, and everything is real in Life’s battle field. Chess is merely a game metaphor for life. Chess is perfect practice for the thought process that goes into real life.

‘Without falling victim to the devils civilization’, is to do the knowledge to every square inch. ‘Touch a man-move a man’ is like ‘word is bond’ or the inability to take a bullet back after the trigger is pulled because pulling it usually means the judge will not provide bond and like a word, pulling that trigger transfers your bond to life.
In Chess you serve poisoned food, hoping that your opponent will gobble up a poisoned piece or two, and in an instant after he eats: death via a poisoned pawn, it was a trick.  ‘The devil taught him how to eat the wrong food’: in war watch what you consume.
When the King does castle that rook turns into ‘I John’: your brother and companion in tribulation: he who is by your side when the bullets start flying and your goons dying.
Your opponent like the trader will make an interpretation urging you to be impulsive and take what appears to be a free piece, and if you’re a savage in the pursuit of happiness you will indeed fall victim to your own impulsiveness. Did you receive more Gold? Now Cipher, what you thought was free actually facilitated you getting buried there.
These are just a few observations that I’ve made in relationship to chess and 120, actually I can link any degree to it. The game of chess is a potent metaphor for life b.u.t. more importantly it speaks to the reality of Nationhood and the defense of a Nation. Chess is the symbolic Emblem of the political dynamics that goes on between Nations. The dominate ruling Nation finds their prodigy Educates him and tells him when grows up he will be a great Man. Bobby Fischer was a symbolic Soldier in America’s Cold War with the Soviet Union. Magnus Carlsen represents the continued rulership of European World powers. Yes, such a claim is a stretch, even conspiratorial, however what happens in reality is a conscious reflection of the Collective Unconscious of All the Human family of the Planet Earth. Where are our young black Chess prodigies and More importantly where are our young Black Math and Science prodigies? The fact that Original People don’t see these babies on intellectual stages such as Chess, Math, or Science points to the reality that there is indeed an assault on the minds of Original People: Original babies in particular an assault acting as the consummate nurse’s pin. ‘Big Buck Slave Dunks Ball, Runs Ball, or Hits Ball or Knocks Another Buck Unconscious: The intellectual creed at the end of the day is put second. Chess stretches and strengthens the mind of black babies. One day maybe in that pile of endangered black babies on the mental Island of Pelon we’ll find our Nation’s prodigy before the Socio-Psychological Nurse’s do.