Friday, May 18, 2012

Allah To Zig Zag Zig Written On Blood-Stained Pages

If one were to show up at a formal event dressed in tight swim trunks it is neither wrong or right b.u.t. merely ‘improper’. It is important to discern the distinction between ‘right’, ‘right and exact’ and ‘improper’. There are 26 letters in the English Alphabet, and 26 alphabetized ideas, nouns and concepts in the Supreme Alphabet, each conceptualization in the Alphabet is ‘proper’ based upon how it’s quality is understood. ‘Allah’ is the cornerstone, and the foundation in the Supreme Alphabet, and within ‘Allah’ the proceeding 25 characters that follow are manifestations, facilitators, conduits and incarnations which act as means to a completion of an array of spiritual, intellectual, and conceptual tools used to grasp supreme ideas logographically in terms of mental imagery.

 What is Allah? Allah in Arabic literally means: “The God”. The ninth degree states that ‘…the Nation of Islam has no beginning nor ending…”. ‘Al Hayy’ is an attribute of Allah that means ‘Ever living directly corresponding with ‘No Beginning nor Ending. Elijah's use of ‘Nation’ in an esoteric sense establishes the idea of ‘Nation’ and or a collective consciousness having no beginning nor ending. It should be understood that this collective consciousness has not always been a Black Man in earthly terrestrial form. To understand the Supreme Alphabet one must have a proper grasp of form. ‘Be’ indicates a bringing of an ‘idea’ into material existence or Birthing an idea into ‘form’or multiple ‘forms’, meaning that this ‘Nation’ or Collective Consciousness of Allah had to establish ‘Form’ to ‘Be’. In order to yield ‘form’ a concentration of this collective Consciousness had to manifest through a concentration of thought to produce the reality of ‘Form’. Function then becomes apparent, and thus form and function fall under ‘Be’.  The idea of gender also falls under ‘Be’, taking both a masculine, and feminine subtext to further establish dimensionality. The idea of ‘No Beginning’ can be quite confusing to a being with a temporal body in that there is a natural tendency to formulate the psychological construct of True I Master Equality/‘Time’ and for go timelessness. Consciousness while dwelling in form by virtue of self awareness perceives via the integrated psychological components that bring into existence the mechanics of awareness that mark the passage of this non-spatial dimension defined  as ‘Time’ or True I Master Equality, albeit linear thinking naturally emerges.  Mastering Equality is merely the perceiving of Time as a Cipher and not a time-line. The Truth regarding the Square is the locality of lines or longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates in space. Interjecting your subjective and objective identity in this Square is the Truth on the Square that incarnates as ‘I’ which perceptually Cees Equality-Equality being a condition of three spatial dimensions: length, width, height and the non-spatial dimension time contingent upon consciousness: Time is The Mind. All of the above concepts register under ‘Be’. Knowing that I AM is to ‘Cee’. Cee correlates with Understanding. Cee perceives the origin of the relationships to and with ‘Allah’ and ‘Be’.

An Nur is the Ninety Third or Born Understanding attribute of Allah which means ‘The Light’. Allah is The Light and in order to Truly Cee means one is the said person of that ability who can in all actual facts perceive Light In Self and Others to Enlighten  amplifying this light in Others. The Equality degree in the Knowledge to Knowledge the culture states the phrase ‘Blind to Himself,’ an individual who is blind to their own self does not see The Light or An-Nur..

Ceeing this Light or not seeing this light is a primary determinant as to the cultural and freeing qualities of Divine or Destroy. Ceeing something as ‘Divine’ is subjective to the individual who is witnessing, reviewing, perusing or assessing said person, place or thing. Is it worthy of being held as Divine or merely relegated to‘Destroy’? The answer is both: All of us hold the divinely profound and the profane within our character and we do so simultaneously. Ceeing is to distinguish between the divine and the destructive. Mathematics is the universal language from atom to atom and from cell to cell-cells undergo a building and destroying process until the ultimate death of the temporal body is met, meaning Divine and Destroy have form and function and cohere to establish a balance in process called mitosis and meiosis, a dual process yet a singular process critical to sustaining life. Divine is the Highest Esteem of Being and what it means to ‘BE’. To Cee yourself in the Highest Esteem as one who is indeed ‘Divine’ is to BE yourself and Free yourself. To understand yourself in a destroy aspect is to get your hands dirty with the reality of everyday living.

 Equality is an understanding of the function of a Father, form, facilitation, balance, consideration and justice: justice in the mathematical sense is true justice. Justice under the ethical, moral, cultural, and societal definition is subjective to the dominant culture making the rules, regulations and the laws while mathematical justice finds its pure root in true mathematical form and the established functions of arithmetic and the intuitive. In the Power-Power Surah, and Power Ayat of the Holy Quran it states that the Sun and the Moon follow courses exactly computed. Just I Cee Equality bleeds into the reality of computational competency which leads to Powers of execution vested in God.

Allah to God is not a redundancy instead it is a transposition from an objective superposition to the subjective experience of differentiated points of views: Gods(Not Polythiest). ‘POINT OF VIEW’: The Understanding God degree states, “…for He is Seen and Heard everywhere for He is the All-Eye Ceeing”proving the Culture Understanding Attribute of Allah Al-Raqib or The Watchful One.  While He is being Seen and Heard everywhere He is also Ceeing and Hearing unto himself thus Showing and Proving that Allah embodies his Power Cipher Attribute  Ash Shahid: The Witness. Allah is God and The Blackman who is exuding An-Nur or the Light is in all actual facts, circumstances and ciphers the witness unto himself.

He or Her is parallel to ‘Be’or ‘Born’. Numerical symbols travel from one to nine quantitatively and knowledge to born qualitatively, which mean all things in reality came to ‘Be’Born based on a union of masculine and feminine energies fusing, showing and proving that He or Her is a procreative subcomponent to ‘BE’ or ‘BORN’.

Islam is globally thought of as a religion, and is readily identified with Prophet Muhammad, the Quran, 5 prayers a day, Ramadan and so forth etc. Among God And Earth the formalized religion of Islam is done away with and Islam is taken out of the religious pretext and placed into the context of a Black male surviving within The Wilderness of North America to be specific. A transposing of ideals is absolutely necessary, it is important for the Blackman and Black woman who deal with Supreme mathematics to remove ourselves from the said notions of religiosity because of the geo-politics that accompany religion and also to become ever more vigilant not to become a religion unto ourselves which would be both paradoxical and contrary to our creed as True Five Percenters, Nation of God And Earth, NGE etc. The Arabs are the Earthly Masters of the “Religion of Islam”, second to none in their reciting of the Quran and Understanding of the Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad. Knowing this, we are careful to preserve the integrity of our own cultural identity as those who deal advocate I God Culture. I God Culture  insulates Original People in North America from all forms of imperialism. Personally, I love the Quran but loathe Arab imperialism. If given the chance Arabs would put niggaz in the back of the bus just as quick as whitefolks did, and thus it is important for our Nation to see themselves as God and Earth and that the Black Man understand His True Nature and Self as Allah. Not that his body is immortal, or that he is capable of Superman like feats transcendent of the Laws of Physics, b.u.t. that his very nature holds the Original and initial spark of the Universe and all Civilizations and peoples of the Earth. He is ‘Father’ and Father is He.  The Black Man can never learn to grow into the reality of Allah sitting under the heal of the religion of Islam nor Arab Imperialism, so like our Father, Allah, took the lessons out of the Mosque, I take the Quran out of the Masjid and cee and read myself into it in it, extrapolating from it an Asiatic Black Reality,  taking my Quran back as if it was Jerusalem being taken back God Power Cipher Years ago. The Black Man is Allah, maybe not the Arab’s ideal of Allah, b.u.t our own Asiatic Black unadulterated idea of Allah. White people have beat us over the head with Jesus for over four hundred years so why should we substitute Jesus for another Mystery God?

We have taken the Arabic word ‘Islam’, transliterated the actual word into the English language, and in an acronym of our own making redefined ISLAM to mean ‘I Self Lord And/Allah Master’, or I Sincerely Love Allah’s Mathematics. It’s like belching or farting at an Islamic family reunion, and as improper as it may be in terms of traditional Islam it desperately ushers back a High Level of Black Self Esteem that has been taken away by white people and by Arabs who’ve historically mistreated, abused, and enslaved the true Fathers and Mothers of the Human Family. So yes, “The Black Man is God”! Yes, such a truth is subjective, Yes, such a truth appears to be uncouth b.u.t. it is important to the Black experience and our Koran in North America. Hard-times, Hunger, Nakedness and ‘Out of Doors’ succinctly describes the black man and black woman’s sojourn in North America, so to realize that the black man is anything less than God is a disservice. I Self Lord And Master means simply to BE GOD not via ego, b.u.t. by every virtue and vice that profoundly and profanely defines the daily reality of your existence in the reality of this Jungle life in the Wilderness of North America.
Very few events or happenings speak to the fact that the Blackman is a King. He is reminded of the fact that He is a second class citizen in most places in the world. Usually He is not even classified as ‘second’, instead the World in which Original People of the Earth dwell is primarily considered the ‘Third World’, less than second class and so, He must Now define his own self as King by reestablishing his own internal standard. As long as global currency is void of his black face it’s not backed by God. If Oprah, Magic, Mike and Bill had a trillion dollars combined-if the wealth is not backed by the substantive reality and knowledge that the Black Man is God then it is in essence worthless and the internal trader has made an interpretation and no they haven’t received more Gold. A symbol of the Kings Power is the reality and Emblem of the Crown, and the substance in his head is Knowledge, meaning you know who You are and that another people’s external dominance does not and should not in anyway take away from Who you truly are! If the gravity of the external politics shakes your Square your mind has to know how to elevate into the Black spatial dimension of Zig Zag Zig, in the headspace of Zig Zag Zig  U Will Cee yourself As Allah. Reality is nothing more than concentrated thoughts, thoughts that have arisen from the Black Mind, so, know that you constructed this field and that reality is a replication of your thoughts. In the Zig Zag Zig and space time continuum of the Black Mind the True Savior; The True Ruler; The True Lord  rests in the Unknown, unlimited, infinite potential of U N I which we must usher forth by making our Words and Wisdoms Bond to life. Zig Zag Zig is that Cipher manifesting realm within realms to a point of infinite gravity proving the piece with the magnetic causes Her to have the Earth-quaking reality of Knowledging God as Queen to Build in Love, Peace and Happiness til no ending.

Y Does Equal Self,


Thursday, May 17, 2012

L.A. V. OKC-Game Two: And Other Unknowns

At approximately 11:58 p.m. Bynum hit a shot with two minutes and some change in the fourth quarter to put the Lakers up by seven. I clutched my car keys, and confidently said, “I’m out yo! Lakers got this one.” When I got in the whip I scanned for ESPN just to get the final result, as I’m searching for ESPN radio on the A.M. dial I wait at a few red lights and more than half-way home ESPN announces that Westbrook hit a jumper with thirty seconds left to put OKC up. Wait! I was only in the car for a split second. Did I transfer into some alternate universe? When I get to the crib I saw how the Lakers folded.  In all my Supreme Mathematics, my insightful niggametrics and sharp witticisms did I see that unknown coming. I had to look at number 24-not Kobe b.u.t. the Unknown in the Supreme Alphabet. Last night the Unknown jumped up and bust mad niggaz in their dome.  That’s what the unknown does and ultimately what the unknown is built to do. When I departed for my drive home I confidently said, “Lakers got this one!” and boom: an ‘Unknown’ strikes like lightening. After a few minutes of listening to Kenny, Charles, Shaq and the token white guy, I cut ‘em off and shut my eyes and meditated on the spontaneity and the rich vastness of the unknown.
What happened to the Lakers wasn’t an unknown in my life per se it was an unknown in the sports world, b.u.t all day everyday they pop-up seemingly outta nowhere into our lives, always unexpected, and uninvited like a drunken crackhead cousin at a family reunion. “Oh shit! Who invited Junior?!” The knowledge degree in the one to forties is one of my favorite degrees in terms of recitation, somehow I manage to make it sound smooth like a Drake single. Shit, niggaz making history or Quran to equal their home circumference Goddammit! 23 pairs of DNA scrolls with the language of the future encoded on them telling the story of who was predicted and who want what. Spooky right? Asiatic theology is a movafucka-if you’re one of them cats who gets into it like a Sunni gets on his prayer rug: more power to you nigga.  In my mind it is the veiling of an event cloaked in the Unknown that fascinates the fuck out of me. You can’t count out the unknown, they appear to emerge from a quantum state of fluctuation and deposit themselves in the physical world.  The arrogant amongst us place more emphasis on being the all eye ceeing and often forget the shit that the butt ass naked eye can hardly detect.
Inevitably the Unknown is a Self-Administered curriculum from your Self. A singular consciousness is the common thread that runs consistent throughout the entire Universe, ‘All is Self’ when we consider reality beyond the framework of the elements of its fragmentations, differentiations and the illusions that often elude are waking sphere of awareness-illusions disguising themselves as events, problems, things, persons, places and whatnot. We forget knowledge, just like forgotten trick-knowledge and it is this ‘forgotten knowledge’ that acts upon our conscious sphere of awareness and consequently manifests itself in the form of what we perceive as an ‘unknown’. In the practical sense we know everything because knowledge is a singular foundation to all things.  The unconscious or sub-conscious is below our waking sphere of awareness and If we could go below the face value of our general sphere of awareness we’d be able to see, predict and call 25,000 years worth of dice rolls in advance. Our state of waking consciousness or awareness is the puniest sphere of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Why? Firstly: Our general awareness is locked in the prison house of our own egotism! Secondly: this general sphere of awareness falsely and incorrectly believes in the limitations and prowess of its intellectual calculations. Thirdly: ‘materialism’ is a flimsy standard upon which to measure reality, often limiting our sphere of awareness to choices that bury our innate sense of intuition-intuition actually being a higher branch of mathematics, transcending above and beyond its rational counterpart arithmetic.
So I got in my car at 11:59 p.m. comfortable in the realm of my niggametrical assessment of game two L.A. OKC and found out ten minutes later that the Lakers lost. Honestly, something told me to stick around, particularly with the three point line in full effect in the NBA. “Naw! Lakers got this won!” I ignored that inner-voice, buried the notion that OKC might win as soon as I heard my inner voice squawking like a sucker at a slot machine in Vegas. I’m  so ‘crazy’ , in a Matteawan State Hospital Psychiatric facility sort of way, that I think that if I would have stayed and watched the game and not rolled-out with 2 minutes and some change left on the clock in the fourth that maybe-just maybe Kobe wouldn’t have passed the inbound torch to Durant.  Yes-that inbound pass was Emblematic of an NBA torch.
What is going to happen Saturday? Well, I’m gonna use my niggametrics and strive to derive some answers, what I see thus far is a demoralized team that suffered a very disparaging loss. That game may have sapped a great deal of their will to win. With .03 seconds left they were on the court praying to a mystery God for a miracle. Lakers looked real pathetic. Will they rebound and bounce back from such a daunting loss? They did everything right; they held Westbrook to 15 points and an ugly shooting night going 5 for 17, Bynum and Gasol combined for 34 points and 20 boards. Basically the mechanics to beat OKC are there, outside of poor performances by Guard Ramon Sessions the Lakers should for all practical purposes win Saturday, b.u.t. as we all know the Unknown doesn’t give a fuck about the ‘practicality of purpose’.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Pickin’ Floyd over Cotto was a ‘nobrainer’ however I did call Cotto to win at least two rounds. Floyd’s victory was still unanimous but he found himself in what can arguably be described as the toughest fight of his life. Cotto is far from a bitch nigga, his only two losses came from Margarito who was wearing tainted handwraps, and his fight with Pacquiao which took place at a catch weight. My hat goes off to Floyd who said, “Fuck it!” and fought Cotto at his strongest weight: 154lb. I saw in Cotto’s eyes he was gonna give Floyd a tough fight and I said to my co-workers, “Cotto’s gonna win at least two rounds.” And he did. The Niggametric factor that I used was the look Cotto had in his eyes.  When Russel Westbrook came down in the first quarter and bust two straight in Kobe’s face last night, that was a niggametric and an ominous sign for the Lakers early on. Seven games against a young athletic Denver Nuggets didn’t help matters, particularly when OKC had damn near a week and a half to rest after closing out the Mavs. A niggametric is a search for the objective factors that may come into play in order to more accurately forecast future events. Last week President Obama came out in support of gay marriage, the move was a calculated political niggametric for the upcoming election in November. The gay voting block in America is massive, not to have that support could be disastrous for Barack particularly if gas prices don’t come down to at least $3.20 or less.
Why do I define my brand of forecasting as niggametrics? For purposes of simplification, and objectivity, for the last four hundred years niggaz have been socially forced to do the knowledge.  Axioms are cool sometimes, but I don’t trust’em simply because one exception to a posed axiomatic truth disproves the axiom. Hermetic niggaz run around saying, “As above so below.”, and yet Newtonian Physics and Quantum physics disproves such an axiomatic declaration. Last year I told the God Supreme Victory that Lebron’s problem was a pin in his head that money couldn’t remove. Lebron in terms of basketball players is arguably the perfect specimen but with no real father figure, a mother with drug issues, and many other personal issues he’s battling, were factors that ran much deeper than the Dallas Mavericks’ bench. Though I would like to see Lebron win a ring this year, Jordan’s father, Shaq’s father and Kobe’s father may prove to be the difference in the NBA ring count at the end of Lebron’s career. The subtlety of a father figure is a niggametric. Niggametrics assists in establishing a view of the inner working of a person, place, or thing-it’s a Sherlockian like deduction. When Sugar Ray Leonard beat Hearns in their first fight I picked Hearns because he was supposedly cut in the mold of Sugar Ray Robinson. As we all know Leonard put Hearns to sleep in that first fight. That taught me to watch-out for that nostalgia bullshit that comes out of the mouth of Old niggaz-old nigga rhetoric can fuck your picks up. Niggametrics attempts to get at the heart of shit, meaning it unmasks shit, taking off costumes that assists in a movafucka’z charade.  Niggametrics is not limited to black people it looks at all people.  Romney has no pizzaz, his swag is fucked. Obama got mad swag, and also many white people need an excuse to say “That nigger is taking this country to hell” for another four years. Obama’s liberal white constituency will get him re-elected, but also the Man will allow him to get re-elected. Who is ‘The Man’? The Man is some trillionaire white dude behind a desk stroking his white cat named Tootles, he is the actual blue-eyed Devil, A.K.A. Big Satan. Obama has done Big Satan’s bidding to a tee. He didn’t talk out of turn, he very rarely if ever put his foot in his mouth, he dealt with the Iraq, and Afghanistan situation just as he was told and I think because he has been for all practical purposes, ‘A good nigga’ that Big Satan will let him and Michelle shit on White House toilets for another four years. Niggametrics factors in the unseen hand of Big Satan. If you can’t see the unseen hand of Big Satan you will never call a dice roll.

How the dice fall is based on how the dice are loaded, or programmed to fall. They’ve longed designed engines that could run off of water, but Global currency is based on the flow of Petroleum, all other industries grow out of this precious fossil fuel. Such an actual fact is not only a niggametric but a geopolitical truth. Niggametrics also points to the fact that what you see, ain’t  necessarily what you get, we all take plenty on face value. Big Satan counts on the fact that we will continue to take shit on face value. I know some will say that they are so wise that they take nothing on face value, and as sweet as such shit sounds-that’s bullshit baby. The wisest among us take shit on face value all day every day. I started this blog off with the sleeping pill of sports, providing small examples of the parameters of niggametrics and now you are ‘here’, no Floyd, no Lebron, no Russel Westbrook-now you are ‘here’.  No longer do I despair, even though I can see somewhat beyond the illusion we call CNN, or Fox News. Imagine how fast this blog would be shut down if I revealed some above top secret shit: shut down at a terrific speed! Think of how fast I’d be thrown in some government facility or killed.  Blogs, Youtube, Social Media means Big Satan got big ears, if he heard some shit he ain’t like the Niggametric arrives at a singular conclusion: Nigga dead!

For real for real I ain’t saying shit, why,?  Because if a nigga did say some shit a nigga would be dead. So if you are talking, blogging, tweeting and facebooking and your still free and breathing you ain’t saying shit. In chess terms, if you’re no threat to the King than your not even a pawn in the game just a kibitzer talking shit, about some shit he think he sees.  Niggametrics is small, it’s my own home grown apparatus to strive to apprehend the barrage of shit that is being taught daily. I catch some shit, miss some shit, call some shit right and call some shit wrong. Throw them dice nigga, call your point I can see a bitch in a nigga eye, or tell if a nigga lie, getting in to the inner workings, shit that lurks beneath the surface of the face value is the purpose of a niggametric. Think! That smartphone you carry can basically quantify you: where you go, the sites you visit, the people you call, the games you play, the shit you say, how much cash is in your bank account, if taken apart and examined by the right agency your data will reveal who you are.  Google doesn’t keep your search records confidential, nor does facebook show discretion regarding your info. The word ‘Privacy’ is like an unidentified word in an ancient Aramaic text nowadays. They are paying mathematicians, not ‘all being born’ niggaz, but Cal Tech, MIT grads and foreign workers with H-1B visa status such as Indians and Asians who understand highly specified knowledge and the practical application thereof.  Niggametrics is about reading, and understanding that we are all getting read down to an exact data point. Grasping the data of every individual into Data Set Collections like social networks, communications networks, collaborations networks, Web Graphs, locations based on-line Social networks is the foundation of the biz of human quantification.  After the Towers came down the Patriot Act put every movafucka on the planet on House Arrest and they made you pay for your own 4g monitoring device, by giving them shinny bells and whistles like ‘Words With Friends’. “LMAO”, said, “George W. Bush!” They continue daily to teach the 85 percent that all they see and hear such as rain, hail, snow and Earthquakes comes from that Mystery God that no one will be able to see until he dies. Now nervously glimpse down at your phone.

Niggametrics predicts that a whole new field of on-line psychology will emerge upon the formations of this new adolescent cyber reality presently coming of age. Little White girls who commit suicide because an on-line bully started a rumor-insecurity complexes based upon a cyber blurb?  Days get ruined because of a tweet? In my younger days my day got ruined if I lost a fareone.  New schools of philosophy will emerge because the cyber context of the human being must existentially address this new configuration of ‘beingness’. Epistemology must now add addendums upon new discoveries of knowledge to further describe what knowledge is.  Pages must now be added to the school of psychoanalysis, behaviorism, rationalism, and applied behavioral analysis.  The internet has made the world smaller, and human behavior more complex. Niggametrics takes it all in, peruses as many avenues of complexities as it can consider and then simplifies holding to one principle: regardless of the complexity we all must eat, sleep and shit.