Wednesday, March 28, 2012

United States Of Controlled Awareness

As a young God I was under the impression that the Original Man would take the colored man/devil off the planet-literally. In my warped mind I somehow envisioned that the Five Percent would touch rings and our Wonder Twin Powers would activate. As I grew up mentally, matured a little more I realized that this devil was in me, meaning my bad habits had to be taken under heel and into the abyss of some existential internal realm of my own making. Such an understanding marked a point of growth in my understanding but it also spoke to the reality that the actual colored man is not going anywhere anytime soon. Tell us would you hope to live to see the day God takes the devil into hell/heel in the very near future? The above understanding born degree has undergone a modification-a modification in regard to revamping any literal understanding that one may infer as it pertains to the colored man. My understanding is indeed revamped. Is ‘Grafted Devil’ still in the armory of my mind? Now Cipher-not like that, instead it hangs as a display in the Asiatic Black Museum of my mind.

The colored man has established a global civilization that has literally crafted a way of ‘being’. George Washington’s face is at the foundation and root of many individual pursuits nowadays. The first president of the United States is on the dollar bill, his face marks a standard of material value that has been pre-set and prescribed to determine wealth or a lack there of, in essence what the Asiatic community has defined as ‘Devil’ is in fact more than welcomed: more than welcomed into our bank accounts; more than welcomed into our living rooms; more than welcomed into our lives in general. If you read my writings, chances are you do so in a moment of psychological escape, to take time out to think about other things, and momentarily escape from bills, work, or a burden of some sort. Whatever the anxiety is-its foundation is based upon the world established by the colored man. All values: negative and positive have been definitively established by and relative to the colored man’s world.

When the circumstances have been dictated to you via the rules and regulations of the controlling society then the world you live in is not at all your world and thus it is natural for the socially suffocated to find air in a new world: The Asiatic World is that new world. The Asiatic World arises from the ashes of the oppression suffered in the White Man’s world, showing one the dynamic nature of the human mind and its ability to split in essence from the reality. The new psychological world becomes a movement geared toward getting away and or being removed from the oppressiveness of the Colored Man’s social equality. This New World is an alternative reality and assists in aiding one in dealing with the general nature of the oppressive conditions of the empirical reality of the colored man’s world. The thoughts that arise from this New Asiatic World are thoughts suffused with a New Consciousness highlighting in the Colored man’s world the dim and drab reality of living among those oppressed by his world.

The Asiatic World nurtures the oppressed psyche facilitating a new phenomenal identity in this New World’s contexture. Who you are ‘not’ and the social equality you don’t have in the Colored Man’s world becomes available in the alternative Asiatic Matrix. By definition and by determination the human ‘spirit’ needs to ‘be’, and the Asiatic world caters to this existential need in original people. I described the Asiatic World as having a nurturing affect on the traumatized psyche of the oppressed, but how long can your Mother read you a bed time story? What happens when ‘Once Upon a Time’ and Maker, Owner, Cream, Father and God become fleeting notions? An interruption of both Self definition and Self determination is what happens. What Happens? Well the reality is-is that it’s always been happening, and the Asiatic World at a point begins to ‘baby’ one like a mother never wanting her child to leave the porch. As Asiatic adults we see construction crews building real buildings; we see the colored man financially wheeling and dealing with paper that has his forefathers on the money(Cream); we see him exploring the Nature of the Universe in an actual scientific context. In Chess terminology his dominance is clearly displayed on the world's chess board. Regardless of our New Asiatic context, we nevertheless see how the colored man has defined and determined the general nature of societal values. Every time you clutch your phone-you are clutching his pacifier given to you to monitor you. The NSA(National Security Agency) has a massive data bank of all your phone calls, phone records given to them by every phone company you can think of, and we clutch our toys, write our blogs, check our tweets, facebook our Asiatic thoughts to our Asiatic family, “Peace To the Nation of Gods and Earths!” and think nothing of it. We are a Nation ‘within’ a Nation. The key word being ‘Within’, a fetus is ‘within’ its mother. The word ‘within’ can be used as an adverb but it is predominantly used as a ‘preposition’. A preposition in grammar establishes the ‘position’ of a person, place or thing. To be ‘within’ the so-called devil is not an enviable place to be. Wouldn't you agree?

‘Forgotten trick-knowledge’ is a phrase used in the question in the fourth lesson in Lost Found Muslim lesson number one(Knowledge to Knowledge the Culture: Culture degree). The phrase implies that a state of awareness can be ‘forgotten’-in the case of the culture degree it was ‘trick knowledge’ that was forgotten by the colored man. His recall of trick-knowledge nowadays is extraordinary. While in the Asiatic World we forget that we are in a controlled state, point: because we say the Planet Earth is the home of Islam does not make it actual fact, and even though we utter “...and knowing every square inch...” does not make it so. In reality the colored man in his colored world has truly defined these phrases in how he has re-established the nature of global mapping. monitoring. and surveillance.

The NGE is not a group to be watched, nor is it a group considered a threat to National Security. I’m sure we raised plenty of Red Flags with our on-line use of our terms, and phrases like the Black Man is God, and others, and I’m sure a threat assessment was done. I am also quite sure that the colored man’s world has agreed that we (NGE) are not a threat to the National Security of the United States of Controlled ‘Awareness’. And to think that at one time I thought the colored man would actually be taken off the Planet by me and an Army of 120 spitting soldiers. I laugh at myself then, feeling somewhat embarrassed at my once delusional state: the foolishness of youth. Uh! I leave you humming the tune ‘Back to life, Back to Reality!’


Thursday, March 8, 2012

I.Q. Of The Black Mind

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that the colored man was only given one book of higher mathematics and that ultimately the Original man was in possession of 59,999  books of mathematics, boasting that the Original Man in his purest form was at least one million years ahead of the colored man in terms of technological development. Yesterday I was on You-tube and did the knowledge on the old man’s speeches, one in particular was the Theology of Time in which he claims that the Asiatic Black Man at one time held 60,000 books. I was curious-curious in such a way that I had begun to contemplate Eilijah’s idea in an attempt to fathom what it would be like to literally be in possession of 60,000 diverse branches of mathematics simultaneously.  No one in the history of Asiatic culture has taken or taught Asiatic theology more literally than The Honorable Elijah Muhammad: writers, intellectuals, and the educated amongst us nowadays attempt to solve what seems to be a book of ‘Elijah’s Shabazzian Riddles’, usually dismissing his literalness and doing their collegial best to give Elijah’s theology over to allegory, parable and metaphor. Many Asiatic progressives attempting this Asiatic theological  academic and intellectual make-over of Elijah are doing it to keep Elijah on point with the times. As a writer who has touched on many Asiatic theological subjects I’m definitely guilty of this.  Obviously, the Nation of God And Earth is not the source of Asiatic theology-NGE in its relatively short history has seemingly taken from the N.O.I. those concepts in Asiatic theology that are mild, not caring about those portions of the theology given more to ‘flights of fancy’ and I do believe that many in the 5 Percent have unconsciously labeled many of these ideas as too preposterous. You can spit one twenty over a dinner table, and it will make for very interesting conversation, but on the flip-side of that you can come out of certain aspects of Asiatic Theology that will make people look at you as if you’re completely insane. It is understandable as to why the Father only took the lessons/Supreme Wisdom out of the Mosque.  Knowledge Wisdom Cipher is indeed the best part however in terms of the Asiatic Myths such as 'Grand Daddy Shabazz', The Mother-ship, The Baby Planes, the scientist who blew the moon from the Earth, 76 trillion years of history, 6 trillion years to create the first atom, the Asiatic calendar all of it is rich with a pantheon of legendary myths, and fables. I'm selective and firmly believe It’s the choice of each individual God and Earth to preserve from Elijah that which works for them, such a choice prevents Asiatic ideas from becoming Asiatic dogma. Allowing such flexibility in thought provides room for growth and development.   Elijah however held his words to be self evident truths, and absolutely ‘absolute’, meaning when he said the black man is God, he literally meant ‘always has been’, meaning the first God as he put it was a Black Man, implying that there has always been a Man at the cause of all that above and that nothing in creation came about by way of any disembodied intelligent entity.

In the past I’ve used the term ‘Black Mind’ and have also heard many others use the term as well, giving subtle and benign reference to a disembodied intangible intelligence, implying an intelligence that is devoid of any incarnation. I’ve been privy to rigorous debates of proponents holding the position that the supposed ‘Black Mind’ conceptualization of God is ‘pro mystery God’ and that such a view diametrically opposes the idea that the Black Man is God. I didn’t always agree, but conditionally: I do agree. These are the conditions of my agreement: If you deal with the Divine Universal Black Mind it indirectly deals with a Mystery God, however the Mystery God is not being dealt with in the light of complete 85 ignorance, it is being dealt with in a way that the individual subscribes to the idea that he is a product, a part, a portion, and one with this Divine Universal Black Mind. Those who worship a Mystery God perceive themselves as completely detached from the quintessence of this force hence they are blind to the essence that composes who and what they are.  Personally, I deal with the Divine Universal Black Mind, and consider myself at ‘One’ with this Force of Mind that created the Heavens and the Earth. If one believes I’m dealing with a Mystery God because I advocate the Divine Universal Black Mind than so be it. Ultimately I cannot intellectually fathom or begin to justify an eternal and never ending lineage of Black Men subsisting or existing  before time became time-such an idea is grandiose and unscientific.

Elijah describes space as the’ black womb of space’, but still there is a man supposedly in this darkness according to his literalism. In essence yes: a man was in the darkness, however everything that would come to one day exist was in that darkness too. It is the intangible intelligence(Black Mind) before the incarnation of the black man’s body that warranted this writing. I am not asking, ‘Who is That Mystery God’, instead I am considering the black mind’s force of will, it’s cognitive process, it’s level of awareness and it’s I.Q.: What do my considerations imply?  Scientific inquiry starts with the problem: If the Black Mind originated the Heavens and the Earth then that mind which is intangible in essence, and not incarnated contained the force of will to calculate all the mathematical, chemical and physical processes that established the foundations for what we know as the physical universe, proving knowledge is the foundation. Interestingly enough this ‘foundation’ of Knowledge is not physical and what Gods define as Wisdom produces the material form for Knowledge to hold in form. Ironically, scientist are searching for the elusive Higgs Boson-a particle dubbed ‘The God Particle’ and what I(Emblem) have dubbed the first point of the physicality of Wisdom (substance). Scientist theorize that this particle (Higgs Boson) facilitates mass/matter. Peter Higgs put forth as a theory that a ‘Higgs’ field’ runs consistently through the Universe facilitating physical embodiment for all material things within the universe. These highly educated physicist with one book of higher mathematics as Elijah purports are now looking for what Gods like myself and others have defined as the Divine Universal Black Mind. These physicist have speculated that the Higgs Boson exists between 124 billion and 126 billion electron volts.  An ‘electron’ volt is a unit of mass used to describe and measure the sub-atomic realm. Fermilab in Batavia Illinois, and CERN in Geneva Switzerland are crashing particles together right now comparing and contrasting data to confirm the existence of the Black Mind, or at least that this facilitating particle which provides intangible essence with material form.

Some would suggest that matter is nothing more than the condensing of energy and they would be correct however the search for the Higgs Boson is a search for the origin of Energy itself. The 55th Surah in the Holy Quran is entitled Al-Rahman The Most Gracious,in the 33rd Ayat  it states, “O ye assembly of Jinns and men! If it be ye can pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the Earth, then pass ye! Not without authority shall ye be able to pass.”  Bridging the gap between non-material and material is indeed an interesting zone. Providing that the idea of the Black Mind is scientifically valid the question again must be posed: what are the implications of the existence of the Black Mind? Does the Black Man operate and function as an integral and harmonic part and parcel of the Divine Universal Black Mind? Or can this theoretical ‘Black Mind’ Operate, function and Hold the Black Man and other persons, places, things and circumstances in absolute subjection? If the latter question is answered in the affirmative then what Gods and Earths in our Nation have defined as a Mystery God is real-and if Not a Mystery God, some other intelligence entity of some sort.  The inquiry then proceeds with the formulation of one or several hypotheses as possible solutions to such a problematic paradox-a problem for the 85 and those like myself who subscribe to a ‘Black Mind’ understanding. What would lend credence to the holistic and harmonic ideal and conceptualization that the Asiatic Black Man is totally and absolutely integrated and in a state of oneness with this said Black Mind?

‘Intelligence’ has to be considered to arrive at any conclusion that can be considered at least as ‘proabably true’. Last night I began to ponder over the idea of ‘intelligence’ as last night the Earth was hit with a solar wind via this solar system’s sun. It got me to thinking about the total I.Q. of a ‘being’ who could not only postulate, but in fact originate the sun. 200 to 400 billion stars/suns exist in the Milky Way. In the understanding wisdom degree it asks what is the mental and physical power of a real devil? In the answer the phrase ‘in comparison’ comes to the forefront as the act of comparing or the process of being compared. In terms of intelligence; and if it was even plausible; or possible-what would be the I.Q. of the Black Mind? ‘I.Q.’ stands for Intelligence Quotient, in the Western World and in Modern education in general we have instituted the tool to measure intelligence as an individual’s ability to think abstractly, emotional intelligence, reaction time etc. There are many forms of intelligence, and surely a European designed test would best fit Europeans. A cultural bias would by the nature of its designers be inbuilt into the test and thus major rearrangements would have to be made to accurately accommodate those of other cultures. Natural Math aptitude would of course transcend and be beyond the scope of any cultural bias

On a sunny day, given the evident sight of the Sun-a mindful person must ask, “How intelligent would an individual have to be to make one of those?” Indeed, I have a physical ‘Son’, and to make him was relatively easy, put on a little Barry White and lite some candles. So without the play on words of s-u-n and s-o-n, and dealing in a straightforward manner with the making of a legitimate luminary body in this solar system: what type of intelligence made that singular celestial body?  

I began this writing with Elijah’s understanding that the colored man was given one book of higher mathematics to rule the Earth, and that the Original Man possessed the knowledge of 60,000 books of higher mathematics, it would stand to reason that from an exponential standpoint such a being could in fact originate a Sun. I can do a quadratic equation or two, but to lay the mathematical foundation for this solar system’s sun is well beyond my mathematical and scientific depth.  At the point of death I will ‘return’ to the quintessence of who I am beneath my mortal coil, or so I have postulated. In this ‘quintessence’ I put forth more questions: will my individuality be dissolved? Will I lose my experiences and everything that makes me original? Will I become truly One with the One? Solving for ‘x’ or at least attempting to solve for x is a wonderful thing, meaning the vastness of the unknown is absolutely fascinating, thinking about the things that I think about is an exercise. We are quick to set our ideas in a dogma, arranging ever so neatly in religious and know-it all paradigms, ferociously defending the fragile little possessions, knick knacks of pieces of knowledge. My final question is to you the reader: Does the Divine Universal Black Mind have a will or an agenda outside of you? Does The Divine Universal Black Mind have a cognitive process outside of the black man?  Providing the black Mind has a cognitive procedss does it consider affairs? Is it dormant? Is it dynamic? Is the material realm of this Universe nothing but a mere flip-side like an instrumental to an old 45 album? Could a being of higher branches of mathematics dwell outside of the dimensions of length, width, height, and time? How relevant is M-theory, and String Theory?

Enjoy Your Thoughtz