Thursday, February 23, 2012

23 Years With 120 Under-Cap:Tell Us What Did He Promise This Nation He Would Do?

Last year, nor the year before did I mention my manifestation date: February 24th. This year however I decided to write, maybe because my physical birthday is on January 23rd, or possibly because my favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan and he wore the iconic number 23; or maybe because 23 is a prime number; or maybe because it’s wisdom understanding in Supreme Math?
Whatever the reasons one writes, can any God or Earth mention the anniversary of  their Manifestation Date without mentioning the God who gave them 120? Emphatically Now Cipher! ! I blew that cipher up between me and dude 3 years ago, experimented with high explosives and me and him fell out permanently. They say never burn bridges-it wasn’t a matter of burning bridges, unconsciously it was a matter of getting out from under his light and fully growing into my own pair of big ass balls. Unfortunately on an unconscious level it had to be done in a very ugly way. ‘Honor and respect your enlightener at all times’ was on a form he gave me entitled ‘Rules of a Student’ 23 years ago. Fuck that shit, rules of a student ain't represented on the eight points of my Universal Flag! It is rather obvious and apparent that such a prerequisite did not sit well with me: not the ‘respect’ part, but the ‘honor’ part. My problem with the ‘honor’ part,  is that it pedestals a movafucka whereas respect usually manifests to equality. 'Honoring' on the other hand can lead to inequality. When we walk into any court of law the bailiff, says, “All rise for the ‘Honorable’ Judge such and such’ when the judge enters the court room. Many call Elijah Muhammad, ‘The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’ so why did I need to bring so-called ‘dishonor’ to the table by refusing to stand when the ‘honorable’ dude who taught me walked in a room: after all he did give me 120. It wreaks of religion that'z why!

In the Nation of Gods and Earths-there is a ‘Smarter Than You Contest’ going on beneath the surface, and during my own personal egotistical episodes occasionally I’d throw my own hat or ego into the ring. However, over the years I have come to detest, hate, loath, and despise the ‘Smarter than you contest’. A nigga will use a bigger word, throw out a lofty concept- not for the sake of the lofty concept but for the sake of being seen and heard not for sake of Goodhood, but instead a Godhood steeped in vanity. At its fundamental level it’s narcissism and it is a pervasive reality in many ciphers waiving the flag of I-God culture. And if it ain’t ‘the smarter than you contest’, it’s the ‘I had knowledge longer than you concept’ or I walked with ‘the Father’, and if it’s none of the above: it is the ‘I’m holier than thou”, or I can say “The Babies are the Greatest” the most and let us not forget that ‘I’m more righteous than you because I eat healthier’. ‘Know it alls’ disgust me, and ironically they have truly showed me the light which has made me FIRMLY AWARE OF HOW MUCH I DON’T KNOW! I will go so far as to say I don’t know shit nowaday, and come off completely ignorant and ghetto as fuck just to fuck wit the next ‘smarter than you contestant’ attempting to ‘drop science’. It is my jest, my mockery, me thumbing my nose at weakness and wickedness and the vanity of the narcissist building. I am a dumb movafucka in the face of real science, real mathematics, and real technical knowledge. Yes I am dumb as fuck!!!!!!! I ride the short yellow bus, carry a Spider Man lunch box and wear a retarded person’s helmet when it comes to the kind of math and science that is needed to ‘build’ real buildings, make real computers and launch real satellites into space. I’m in utter awe of real mathematicians and real scientist. Sadly I’ve always known deep down that calling myself a Supreme Mathematician was a personal jerk-off. That bitch looks fine as shit in your mindwhen your masturbating but in the end all you get is a nutty ass tissue. The sexy bitch in the masturbator’s mind is an illusion and so are the Supreme Mathematical abilities God and Earth profess to possess-it’s just a slimy handful of nut: ill! If I was in China I’d be a big ass blackman sitting at a small ass desk wearing a shirt with the Universal Flag surrounded by little ass Chinese 5th graders giggling, and snickering at the retarded black man who can’t even perform a simple calculus function. So after 23 years, in regard to math, the Emblematic One has cut through the illusion of being a Supreme Mathematician and I’ve lifted my mighty sword and pointed niggaz in the direction of real math and just like the students at my all black High School, niggaz cut math class and said, “Fuck that math shit. I’d rather fuck the retarded fat chick in the stairwell.”

Also I have discovered in my travels that many niggaz via the guise of ‘knowledge of self’ have co-opted the identity of the Mystery God by unconsciously attaching the notion of the ‘Mystery God’ to themselves. It’s very sublime  how it happens-but it almost always happens, niggaz skip right over the ‘Man’ part in the knowledge degree and immediately put on the garments of the Mystery God they worshipped when they were 85. It’s like an Atheist getting a helluva blowjob and at the moment of climax yells, “Oh God!” meaning movafuckuz become walking, talking contradictions of terms; a simultaneous ‘affirmation-and a negation’ of all they claim to be but are not. It took some real growing up on my part to get past this critical psychological chamber found in the maze of this culture. I became aware of my own vanity and my own narcissist inclinations, by remaining in the social equality of other vain and narcistic niggaz-such awareness marked a new chapter in ‘Knowledge of Self’ for me.

Islam considers ‘mirrors’ ‘haram’(forbidden) and the narcissistic behavior from some of us in ciphers shows and proves why not dealing with mirrors or one’s own self image and likeness does not ride in Islam. Even the Bible forbids the making of graven images. Many amongst us fall victim to making graven images unto our own selves. That shit really hit home when I peeped the company I was keeping. Movafuckuz could have orgasms from the sight of themselves and the sound of their voices, becoming inordinate lovers of their own image and likeness. Frankly, it was ugly in a satanic sense. 23 years later I read the Quran daily, am forever mindful of mortality and, never forgetting that my shit does stink. Ironically my motivation to learn mathematics is fueled by the reality that I am not a Supreme Mathematican and I don’t know real mathematics for real for real! If those who wave the flag of I God Culture truly knew math as they claim they’d be working at NASA or in Ivy league lab or splitting an atom at some Nuclear research facility. It’s our collective illusion regarding mathematics that imprisons us, and deters us from the true reality of Freedom! It is this collective illusion that keeps us from genuine greatness in the ‘real world’. The co-opted identity of the Mystery God in actuality besmirches the true identity of what it means to be a ‘man’. I can’t rock with that ‘chest-out’ bullshit, nor am I comfortable at the sausage party jack-off session where the “’Peace Lords’, ‘Peace Gods’ and ‘Peace Almighty’s’ become cheapened titles tossed back and forth in the name of mathematical masturbation, as grown niggaz 'cipher up' and re-tweet the words of Elijah and Fard. It does not constitute as progress. How can recursive redundancy mentally free a man or a woman. The only movafuckuz who's words are bond are Elijah’s, Fard’s, and The Father’s. A glowing blue lights surrounds their words settling into a religious divinity, leading to an unquestioning blind faith.

Attacking the idea of ‘honoring’ my Enlightener was cruel but crucial for the amplification of what little light I have in me. Attacks had to be personal-ugly, mean-spirtited and seemingly unwarranted: Why? Because Jesus’ teachings were ‘Freedom’. In my wisdom understanding years in I God culture my Cee is truly my own nowadayz, and thus finally ‘Original’. Thinking your thoughts are free when they are really unoriginal, and regurgitated thoughts of your Enlightener \/educator or some other God or Earth is not freedom. ‘Smarter than’ is no way to be, instead I truly see the concept of ‘smart’ like fingerprints. Imagine how stupid it would be to say, “My fingerprints are better than yours!”

Lastly, what I knew as ‘I-God’ culture has become ‘I Culty’. The most shocking thing ever said to me by anopther God was after I wrote the book, ‘DaGod’-he said, he was going to have a ‘Cult following’. Those words hit me in the chest, took my breath away, and I could literally hear my heartbeat, because I ain’t on that starting a cult shit which is obvious: I have a difficult time, and I’m very uncomfortable with shameless self promotion. In his defence he had me on a pedestal at the time. I had to call that nigga a thousand faggots until the legs of the pedestal he had me on broke. Destroy the cult mindset that is slowly settling into that which was once known as I God culture. Destroy the religious mindset settling into I God culture, and Be Free. Until every leg of every pedestal is broken we will never know Freedom, Justice and Equality and that culty shit that is presently happening amongst us will fester like cancer. We must know the difference between advocating a society and advocating a Goddamned cult. Many have tried to gas me and tell me how great of a writer I am. Fuck that! I can’t even vibe with that because the statement is relative to the reader reading. Yeah, I can flow lightweight, but still I can’t do real mathematics like an Asian at a Big Ten University. I’ll do everything in my power to be repugnant, vile and break the legs of every pedestal befor I allow myself to step foot on a pedestal. Old Dirty ain’t got shit on Em. I will repel potential followers before I attempt to enslave them in the chains of my own ego. That culty vibe creeps me the fuck out-it ain’t what I signed up for and brings thoughts of Jim Jones and Jonestown to mind. Social media has brought home the fact of this culty vibe manifesting in the organization of Gods and Earths-it’s actually heartbreaking. Every nigga and bitch who can string together 2 or 3 vainglorious adjectives takes on a so-called righteous name nowaday: Bullshit Allah and Bullshit Earth. Fuck outta here!
What I promise this so-called Nation that I will do is that I will never bring a cult vibe or a religious vibe to a cipher, a conversation or a build, I will never get nostalgic over The Father, the first born, enlighteners, or elders, or educators or various differences of God flavors in Mecca, Medina, Pelon, any locality etc.. I will maintain a nature that forever questions self-proclaimed pseudo truths, coming off the doctrine spewing lips of ass kissing know it alls. And though I got one of the illest handles of 120 ever-I will never use it to impress, show off, or dazzle. Never will I force my way of thinking upon others, or argue about matters concerning religion or God. I promise you-I will shut the fuck up and allow someone’s own thinking to take its course before I plant my own thoughts in the blind-spots of their minds. I will never dominate a conversation in terms of speaking, I will however dominate in regard to listening, and instead of a spoken word artist I proclaim myself a ‘Listening Artist’. I have had 120 under-cap for 23 years but I don’t have the Quran under-cap-so there is no need for me to be on my own dick.

My chest is only out because I’m a stocky dude, not because I know some super ‘terrifical’ superior shit. I don’t know mathematics on an elite level, I’m tight when it comes to basic arithmetic, kinda of nice with Algebra, I know my basic geometric shapes, but I start falling off at calculus, and trig-so I am not a supreme mathematician. If I worked at CERN(The European Organization For Nuclear Research) at best, given my level of technical scientific knowledge- all I could be is a Janitor. Naw nigga! I keep it real with MYSELF. Many say knowledge is the foundation, I say knowing what you don’t know sets in place the cornerstone for the foundation.

So what does being ‘God’ mean to me 23 years after taking 120 undercap? I no longer co-opt the identity of a Mystery God. Being God is my own personal ‘fist pump’, it allows me not to give up on me, it tells me to get back up after life knocks me down, being God means to knuckle up with the problems I might have personally. Being God ain’t got nothing to do with being a goodie two shoes, a vegan, handing out book bags to rug rats in September or mentally jacking off in the name of ‘building’-being God means to do my best, not put on airs, learn, study, it means shortcomings, faults, frailty-it means hanging in there and at the end of the day it means having an understanding that the only thing that is remotely remarkable about being God is that there is nothing remarkable at all. The experience of Knowledge of Self is purely a subjective experience. Understanding the humanness regarding God distills the co-opted identity of the Mystery God back down to Earth in a small round drop in form where it belongs.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Esoteric Programming Language:ESOLANG

Among computer hackers and artist, Esoteric Programming languages are utilized in aspects of unconventional computer operations and programming. God is a Scientist as well as an Artist and just as lines of computer code contain commands to be carried out by computers, lines within the parameters of a leaf, or in the palm of your hand too-represent intelligible code and/or language. Let me be clear and definitive: THE ‘BLACK MIND’ IS NO DIFFERENT THAN THE MYSTERY GOD! “Where did that come from Em?”

The Mystery God that Christians and Muslims pray to is no different than the so-called ‘Universal Black Mind’ referenced by Gods. “Emblem how you get from computer code to lines on a leaf to a Mystery God?” Much like concepts relating to ‘God’, computer codes vary in style yet perform similar functions. Example: ANSI/ISO; SQL; Pearl 5; LOGO; Janus; SNOBOL; Lisp; GOST-27974-88(Russian based); ALGOL; Madula-2 and the list goes on just as the myriad of expressions for any references to God-Black Mind, Jehovah, Allah, Jesus etc.. Basic programming language consists of two basic components, ‘Syntax’ and ‘Semantics’ and ironically religion operates in the same manner. Syntax is 'form' and ‘Semantics’ is ‘meaning’. Admittedly it took me some time to realize that there is no 'essential' difference in human expressions relating to ‘God’, merely miniscule distinctions of syntax and small minded quibbles of semantics that result from an individual’s upbringing, environment, and personality disposition.

Every computer code has an ‘Author’, Don Woods in 1972 wrote the first esoteric computer code entitled ‘INTERCAL’, it was generally designed to be unlike any other known computer language. Authors of computer codes seek to write and design unique and Original Codes, similarly most religious codes proclaim to be a cut above the rest in terms of ‘Truth’. The ‘Truth’ of a Jehovah Witness is no different than the ‘Truth’ of a ‘Hindu’ each has what I’ve defined as an ‘Exclusionary Truth’ in the religious code. An ‘Exclusionary truth’ is the ‘ESOLANG’ of a said group. Ex: ‘Y Equal Self’, Now cipher’, ‘Peace’, ‘Indeed’, As-Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmattulah’, Shalom, ‘Praise God; ‘Humdulilah’, such ‘ESOLANG’ reinforces the integrity of the programming. The difference is only in the prescribed parameters set forth in the actual wording of the ‘code’.

Ex: “‘A’ is for ‘Air’!”

“Now cipher God ‘A’ is for ‘Allah’

“B’ is for ‘Breathe”

“Now Cipher God ‘B’ is for ‘Be’ or ‘Born’”!

“C is for ‘Confidence’”

“Now Cipher God ‘C’ is for ‘See’/Cee’

Do you see where I’m getting at? The ESOLANG in the above dialogue is incompatible, and ‘Exclusionary Truths’ are implied by distinctions in the syntax and the semantics. If the two codes were to debate the various recursive terms in dialogue would go something like this:

“Allah came to ‘Be’ in order to ‘Cee/see!”

“I ‘Breathe an ‘Air’ of ‘Confidence’!

The notable difference is only in the usage of the individual components of the programming language ‘A,B,C’. The ‘Exclusionary Truth’ is purely relative to the perspective of the user of a given program/religion. Difference is in the terminology not the essence. Words like ‘Kafir’ (non-believer) have the same implications as ‘the 85%’ or ‘the 10% percent’. The ‘Black Man is God’/ ‘Black Mind’ is in synch and correlates to the sixth or seventh word in ‘Baqara’ which is ‘Mutaqueen’ or ‘the God Conscious’. Language and code establishes the thinking that we are all different. Geographic regions, cultures and such too, establish difference but it is ‘language’ with the social practices of miscummunication that creates incompatibility, and cultural/religious incoherence. Exclusionary tactics are designed to protect a groups exclusionary truths, and to validate behaviors via rules and regulations.

‘Decoding’ is a branch of ‘Information Theory’, it is the process in which a receiver ‘translates’ signals into messages. By analogy, stimuli may be treated as signals which the receiver ‘encodes’. All religious adherents must learn the basic codes of their religion or program. If you don’t know the general terms or ‘ESOLANG’ your banishment from the group is just a matter of time.

A computer program must be ‘Turing Complete’. Turing Completion states that a specific system of data manipulation rules: ‘instruction sets’, ‘programming language’, ‘Cellular Automation’ is computationally complete if and only if it can stimulate any ‘Turing Machine’ (Another Computer/person). Why do Jehovah Witnesses go door to door? Why do Gods and Earths feel a need to teach civilization to the uncivilized? Why do Christians feel the need to save the souls of sinners via evangelical crusades? Why do Muslims feel that Islam should be spread from one end of the earth to the other? Because when you decode computer ‘ESOLANG’ into human ‘ESOLANG’ you see a political tongue emerge. ‘Instructions Sets’=rules and regulations, ‘Cellular Automation’=Behavior modification! The ultimate desire of any Groups politics is to become ‘Computationally Universal’, meaning that its exclusionary truths eventually engulf all who can adequately comprehend them and adequate comprehension demands unquestioning allegiance. “Have you taken your Shahadda yet Ahki?”; “Yo God have you finished your one twenty yet? Have you been saved by the blood of the lamb yet? Have you been baptized as a Jehovah’s Witness yet?” Each question embodies the nature of a groups exclusionary truth, and is rich with its own set of exclusionary tactics that are defensive, protecting the walls that it has built to discount all other brands of religion: Coke, Pepsi, McDonald’s , Burger King, Republican, Democrat, same shit different flag.

Interestingly enough you only understand difference when you study another language, another culture, another religion and so forth. Exclusionary truths, and tactics function to keep  views narrow or in Marketing terms: consumer loyalty. It is the broadening of an individual or a collective mind-set that allows for a deeper understanding. In order to learn something completely foreign, either culture, religion or a new science one must have the ability to compartmentalize general concepts because ‘Exclusionary Truths’ have a tendency to not only get lost in ‘Translation’ but deliberately hide in ‘Translation’-in syntax and semantics. And thus the inability of A and B to communicate and relate become forever impeded. People who have the ability to broaden their perspectives are ‘Ear Hustluz’, meaning they listen. Ear Hustluz generally have a very studious nature, meaning he or she may bust out and start speaking Mandarin at a Chinese restaurant. The talents of an Ear Hustla run deep.

"I ain’t no the nigga could read, write and speak Chinese?"