Monday, January 30, 2012

Gaborney Sidibe vs. Kim Kardashian: Psychological Implications Of Pelonic Mind Fuckery

Nothing is wrong if your Earth is heavy-set (250+pounds), big boned, darkskinned with a broad nose, thick lips and course hair. The Equality degree asks, “What is the Total Weight of our Planet?” Ans. “6 Sextillion tons, a unit followed by 21 ciphers.” The psychological values that society has placed on each one of those twenty one ciphers has changed the internal compass of those who have been subjected and subjugated to the values of American culture-a culture built on the cornerstone values of Eurocentric standards of beauty. If you put a black male superstar athlete in a room with Kim Kardashian and a heavyset Earth who’s righteous attribute is ‘Total Weight’ I’m more than willing to bet that the superstar athlete would gravitate toward Kim Kardashian as opposed to the refined and civilized dark-skinned Queen, ‘Total Weight’. In previous writings I have made it clear that I don’t think the ‘Pelonic’ process was as cut and dry as Elijah’s answer in the 28th question in Lost Found Muslim lesson number 2 purports it to have been. It is my view that Wallace Fard, founder of Windows 1934 chose the symbolism of a ‘Pelonic’, or ‘Patmosian’ island setting to surgically cut through the face value layers cast by European History with a simplistic, easy to understand short story that explains the nature of how ‘White Supremacy’ works in society, and more importantly in the psyche of a black person.

And so thus all ‘Pelonic’/‘Patmosian’ motifs of ‘Black Babies’;‘Brown Babies’; ‘Doctors’; ‘Ministers’; ‘Nurses’; ‘Angel Babies; ‘A Great Man’; ‘A Home in Heaven’; ‘Cremators’; and the ‘Wild Beast’ unite to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the nature and generalized origins of ‘White supremacy’ in a theatre of symbolism. The iconic motifs can be manipulated internally in the mind and used to counteract affects and remove the symbolic nurse’s pins of ‘White Supremacy’ from the psyche of Original people, meaning the symbolic motifs provide an array of psychological tools that can be used as armies utilize their arsenals. The Nurse’s Law was to kill all the black babies at birth by sticking a pin in its head or feed it to some Wild Beast, meaning White Supremacy impairs original people. The Nurse acts as a deteriorating function in the psyche of an Original person-it is not a real flesh and blood Nurse, but instead anything or anyone that facilitates the weakening of the ‘Self Esteem’ or ‘Self Image’ of a person-we all have ‘Nurse’s qualities to some extent. The Nurse by nature conveys the disease of White Supremacy and is injurious to the pro-Original psyche. ‘Pelonic’ rules and regulations established what is known in psychology as ‘classical conditioning’; Pavlovian conditioning is considered ‘class 1’ conditioning which is neutral or indifferent stimulus that is repeatedly paired with a reinforcing reward, stimulating salivation based on sight and sound. Pavlov’s dogs were conditioned to respond to the sound of a bell. According to Pelonic initiatives the primary objective was that the color ‘white’ be deliberately designed to take and hold a definitive place of superiority in the psyche of this symbolic population, and eventually this sentiment is unleashed into future global populations. Though Fard filled in some blanks with what I believe to be a bit of fiction he captured with excellent storytelling and an assumed creative license the general theme of the genetic reality that produced the Caucasian race, proving biologically that they originate from the recessive DNA of Black people. The Pelonic process in scientific and genetic terms effectively establishes a conveyance of a substantive scientific truth making available to an adherent of the theology a synopsis of a generational political process that unseated Original People from political power. Patmosian or Pelonic theology doesn’t have to be actual in terms of linear events as a parable doesn’t have to be literal to convey the gist or the moral of the story.

Expanding our horizons we can say that the Pelonic process covered an entire region from the Middle East; to the Mediteranean; to what we know as North Africa and extended into the European continent using total populations that went way beyond 60,000 or the geographically limited area of Patmos. An entire region adapted a political conditioning of ‘White Supremacy’ peppered with racially based ideas, pinning into the psyche of Original people who populated this region a sense of 'White Supremacy'.. Psychological markers of classism based on skin-tone and complexion obviously had to be prevalent. Populations have always established collective values concerning ‘Political correctness’, and the inhabitants of these regions to be accepted began to lean toward the political correctness of ‘the Lighter’, ‘the Whiter’, ’the Better’-in short: Whiteness of skin became the generally accepted ideal of ‘political correctness’ or if ‘You’re White-you’re alright. White people unconsciously bring this swag of innate dominance where ever they go in the world-a swag connected to their globally based minority status. Minority behaviors take on inherently based survival patterns. Ultimately Original people were unseated by this new notion of what was or wasn’t politically correct and thus ‘Original People’ were made politically subordinate to Whites. White rule is based on Original people being ‘psyched-out’ and/or ‘mind fucked’. In Pelonic or Patmosian theology this is ‘trick-knowledge’ an-out-right political ‘spin’, a trick-a psychological trick that holds a grip on black minds to this day.

So when the superstar black athlete has to choose between the heavy-set Earth, ‘Total Weight’ and ‘Kim Kardashian’ the racially based political Pelonic conditioning kicks-in from deep in his DNA’s history, kicking-in with a bang. Conditioning is based on the ‘reinforcement’ of an elicit response via the stimulus. Indeed ‘They’(The Media) continue daily to teach the 85 percent that all they see and hear….: our minds are controlled by what our eyes, ears and tactile senses behold. What Original People now behold globally is predetermined by advocates and perpetuators of ‘White Supremacy’ in order to elicit a controlled behavioral response and reaction predicted on the basis of timeless historical results of the efficacy and effectiveness of the psychological programing of White Supremacy. The superstar athlete is not going to look twice at the refined and civilized Earth ‘Total Weight’, instead he’ll break his neck to get at Kim Kardashian. We must ask ourselves how deep does this Patmosian Pin of White Supremacy go? Ans: Really, really, really deep! The media indoctrinates our black babies, it establishes the basis of self image or the idealized self and even how we picture ourselves in terms of value relative to the world at large. ‘They’ (the media) continue daily to paint black babies in an alienated corner-a corner containing the deteriorating impact and influences of ‘White Supremacy’–a corner of consequences. If a Black man only sees himself dunking a ball, running a ball, or hitting a ball then his entire self concept will be based on how hard he ‘balls’, and when ‘Balling’ also defines illegal economic pursuits then he’ll have been completely ‘balled’ up into a fetal position in a prison house or worse: a penalty of death enforced upon all those not adhering to ‘Pelonic’ or ’Patmosian rules and regulations’. ‘They’- the Media shape us, make us, and break us and ‘they’ continue daily to define beauty for us, teaching us (original people) how we should feel about ourselves relative to whites.

The superstar baller has been taught what a superstar’s wife should look like, how her hair should be, how her facial features should be, and he has an idea of what he wants his children to look like. Again, the Pelonic political process possesses a powerful and continuous momentum in terms of a violent psychological onslaught. If knowledge wisdom cipher was a chess board then the 13th degree in the one to forty would be represented by one of the four central squares at the center of the board: e4, e5,d4 and d5, simply because it reinforces the rock solidness of the historical and psychological nature of this Pelonic/Patmosian political process. The media does not teach that the wife of a Superstar Black Athlete should look like the heavy-set Earth,‘Total Weight’. ‘The Nurse’ is a facilitating symbol employed by the European power structure to project to Original people what we should desire to look like. Her (nurse) job description is to maintain a standard of care and a provision of support for white patients by sticking a pin in the heads of black patients-kill all the black babies, save the brown babies. She is an agent of the machine, pushing and promoting the integrity of the process, adhering to Pelonic rules and regulations to the letter: Black=bad and White=good! She tells the black baby’s mother a lie, that her baby was an ‘Angel Baby, justifying the death of the black baby(darker), covering up and disposing of crime scene evidence, creating an elusive sense of hope of life after death by suggesting that one day when the mother dies that the murdered black baby will build for her a home in heaven. The Nurse modifies the perception of death which is fundamentally unknown, advocating an uncertainty. Yacob’s rules and regulations represent core points of reference for what we know today to be the fundamental nature of all religion-religion being the early nature of the governing process of large groups of human beings in a dense demographic. The range of this symbolic nurse’s action and the repercussions of her actions points to the depth and extent of the pin placed in the collective heads of original people. Fard’s idea of the Nurse was used to convey an underlying function of the political process of White Supremacy, and of how they effectively govern any given population.

Upon the murder of the black baby the black mother now hangs her hope on another life beyond the Earth, resting her hopes on a luxurious home in another dimension, negating her own life and self-worth in the present, and unconsciously plunges her own self esteem into an enescapable sea of mediocrity with an impotent leap of faith for a hopeful home in heaven as a flimsy life raff. “My Baby Ugly!!!!” is her conclusion, “My Baby Not Lightskinned” is her conclusion. “My Baby Don’t Got Good Hair! And I must be ugly too.” Is her conclusion. If this is her mindset then the black mother’s psyche is integrally fused with the function of the Pelonic nurse, and the disqualifying duties of the doctor come into play. Pelonic psychology forms an implicit behavior in the black baby’s mother, wrapping the Doctor, Minister, Nurse and Cremator in one singular being, who unwittingly contains all ‘Pelonic’ and ‘Patmosian’ characterizations. She is infected by the Nurse’s ‘Pin’ of psychological inferiorization, and a pervasive Pyschological insecurity plagues her from blood to bone. The nature of the human mind is to draw conclusions based on the data and stimulus it’s receiving. Pelonic psychological conditioning thrives upon the nature and inner-workings of the human mental process.

How the mother of the black baby has been conditioned to respond as the result of this political ‘Pelonic’ mind-fuckery is to assume she ain’t shit and her black baby ain’t shit, and hopefully the little nigga will one day develop a vertical leap and dunk a basketball. And if she gives birth to a black baby girl it’s even worse given the mind fuckery of sexism. Hopefully the black baby girl ain’t too black, or too fat, and hopefully her hair ain’t too coarse, hopefully! Hopefully! Hopefully! By 9 years of age, it’s obvious that ‘Precious’ ain’t gonna look like Beyonce, but she sings Beyonce’s songs by heart in the mirror. She’s knows and is well aware that she’s no ‘Beyonce’ because of the measuring stick of Pelonic standards of  beauty is deeply embedded,‘Kill the black save the brown’, unconsciously she correctly assumes that she is not as valuable as ‘Beyonce’, and though she dreams of Jay-Z sweeping her off her feet,-Precious knows that Jay-Z Knows even with his Afrocentric big ass lips that dark skin fat chicks don’t make good trophy wives to take to the Grammys. Maybe if she was just a little lighter and a little thinner or even white-maybe? Precious girls everywhere watch Kim Kardashian, “Wow look at how good her hair is, itz so jet black, look at Kim’s features: how sharp they are, how perfectly cut, and chiseled they are, maybe if I could lose some weight! Maybe! But the Nurse’s Pin goes all the way down in to that fat black girl’s cerebellum and Black Mother’s named Monique everywhere have told there Precious Daughters everywhere to go down and get on the Welfare. The superstar black athlete rejects her, and the eyes of the entire society reject her and everyone is completely repulsed by her fat black ass. The Doctor’s law is to examine all those desiring to marry, and thus this Pelonic alienation erupts like a volcano spitting hot dysfunctional psychological bullshit everywhere in her life. "That fat chick ain't getting married" says the Minister from deep inside of her.

The mother of this black baby can only hold on to the dream of a home in heaven, her imagination that one day her man…will be a Laker! One day her Man will come to her relief! So God comes from that painted corner of the alienated black baby and calls her ‘Earth’ and Now In the Asiatic World she has an identity, an escape from her own insanity, a safe place to begin the rebuilding process of revamping her dismantled self image, and maybe an opportunity to repaint a new canvas of a redefined idealized self free of Pelonic Mind Fuckery. In the confines of the Asiatic world she’s a refined, civilized Earth, even told in some instances how beautiful she is by the Gods who themselves are wounded from  deeply inserted Patmosian Pins, but outside of the confines of Asiatic walls the Wild Beast of society devours her by defining her as a fat black bitch of no significant human value: indeed this is Pelonic Mind Fuckery at its best..

As she Keeps up with the Kardashians, and vicariously lives through Chloe she longs for a ‘Home in Heaven’, but it is just her imagination helping her to temporarily escape out of her fat black shell. Hers is an imagination fueled by the fact that ‘They’ the media, the facilitating Nurse has told her a Patmosian lie that established a concrete bullshit standard of beauty in her psyche. Even with a supposed ‘knowledge of self’- for 95 percent of her life she’s been conditioned to feel like a black ass, fat ass outcast from the Mecca of Beautiful people, so how in the hell is she supposed to transform that deep seeded emotional trauma overnight into useful land? It’s like putting Robitussin on a gunshot wound to the head, “But there is a Chance from Mental death”. Right?

To believe that you are ugly is to feel absolutely negated and alienated and to be black, and have thick lips, coarse hair, a broad nose and shabby clothes: she is wise to conclude that the world is against her. An Asiatic consciousness is her only refuge. Wherever these precious girls everywhere and anywhere are they are not slow, they know that they don’t look like Kim, Beyonce, or Angelina, and that the standardization of what is ‘beautiful’ and ‘ugly’ has been Pelonically settled on the best part of their psyche.. The dice have been cast, and the momentum of Pelonic ideology continues daily in every commercial, movie, and music video on cable, broadcasting from satellites everywhere that Precious might be Precious but by no European standard whatsoever is she beautiful. Message to Black Babies: Pelon has narrowed the lens upon which we view beauty and white supremacy is in full effect, now watch Kim do the cabage patch. "Go Kim! Go Kim! Go Kim!"

The Superstar Athlete is no better, because he has thick lips, a broad nose, coarse hair, and darkskin. and sees himself as ugly too, growing up, he watched TV too, his mother watched soap operas too and the only men he saw that had the glamorous White women were White or Black men who had money and had been praised by the facilitating Nurse of white supremacy, telling his mother that she was a Lucky mother and that Her baby was a Holy baby and that she should take good care of this white boy named Brad and educate him and that some day He will grow up and be a great man-and further this nurse facilitates the swag of white supremacy! The Nurse defines what a ‘Handsome white man should look like and even what a handsome black man should look like. Doctors, Ministers, Nurses and Cremators are the four devils that keep white supremacy running like a well oiled machine. Yacob’s rules and regulations go hard in the paint and even harder in the hood, a place where European characteristics are favored and traditional black characteristics are frowned upon…in Black Elementary schools children throw spit-balls, as well as Nurse’s pins back and forth, “that’s why you’re fat… go ‘head with your black ass… Blacky!...I got good hair… your nose is bigger than a garage door opener…she got light eyes…she bald headed…bummy clothes…new sneakers…old sneakers…fresh timz…dogged timz…who is the finest girl in the class…who is the ugliest…. The babies get the pins from the Nurses and take the pins to class: images in music videos, movies, pop divas and visions of success for black hip hop stars promoting whore-mongering and all manner of evil, valueing thin and lightskin women above all others besides that of the Supreme White woman of course. Pelonic rules murder the black baby and saves the brown baby, as the law progresses Pelonic rules Murder the brown and save the yellow; kills the yellow and finally out of nowhere a black boy grows to be 6 foot 8 and the nigga develops a vertical leap so high that he can buy his fat black mama a home in heaven and put a down payment on glamorous white woman too. He can finally have his cake and eat it too. He doesn’t want the civilized refined Earth named Total Weight who looks like Precious, she has absolutely no magnetic to him, his images of sex have been fed to him via the media, pornography, and peer pressure and corner jive. Hell no, he doesn’t want the Earth named Total Weight! This superstar Athlete has a dollar for every square mile of her fat ass, so this nigga has no need to solicit the Earth for love, he is beyond the Earthly confines of her gravity, the nigga jumping out the gym, he has ‘transcended’ up and away from the hood. Fuck that fat bitch ‘Total Weight’. He bought that white bitch straight cash but can’t afford the divorce tax at the end of his career.

The other Wisdom Build degree is the lynch pin: “Yes A trader made an interpretation that they would receive more gold for their labor which was more than they were earning in their own country." So did the nigga recieve more Gold? No that white glamorous bitch disappeared with half that nigga shit and now she’s sucking the next Rookie of the Year's dick.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Windows 1934

“…This lesson number 2 was given by our prophet W.D. Fard which contains 40 questions, and answered by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad one of the lost found in the Wilderness of North America, February 20, 1934.” As rednecks say, “Who’s your daddy!” Such a redneck question is a rhetorical one usually exclaimed in mockery. I assure you this post is not a mockery to anyone and I’m not a redneck. This is just an opportunity to take a look at an old idea through an Emblematic window. Wikipedia defines a Copyright as a legal concept, enacted by most governments, giving the creator of an original work exclusive rights to the work, usually for a limited time. Generally, it is “The right to copy” but also the copyright gives the copyright holder the right to be credited for the work, to determine who may adapt the work to other forms; who may perform the work; who may financially benefit from it; and other related rights. A copyright is an intellectual property form (like the patent, the trademark, and the trade secret) applicable to any expressible form of an idea or information that is substantive and discrete.

Microsoft Windows is a computer program designed as an operating system for a computer and it is my theory: just as computers have operating systems such as software and hardware components, human beings also have operating systems. I’ve entitled this post Windows 1934 as a facetious reference to knowledge wisdom cipher, Supreme Wisdom, 120 because the program/dogma/doctrine was completed in ‘1934 by W.D Fard and Elijah Muhammad. Knowledge Wisdom Cipher when memorized becomes an internal operating system for a human being, NOI Muslims, Gods and Earths point and click at lessons just as if one were to point and click at an icon on a computer screen. The program represented by the icon pops up on our mental screens and we behave according to rules expressed in the template. Inventors rarely invent anything outside the scope of their reality and as the old saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” and 120, or knowledge wisdom cipher is one African American’s perspective and view of reality. 120 was designed to correlate with what was going on sociologically, politically, and economically in the 1930’s. It’s view is through the eyes of someone actually living in that time: Elijah Muhammad. The civil Rights Act of 1964 was still 30 years away and black people were still far from equal: politically, socially, economically, and psychologically. It can be inferred that if a Great Depression was plaguing the elites of white society in America that black people were bearing the brunt of America’s economic burden. Elite whites were faced with the prospect of poverty and blacks were already impoverished, however the trickle down effect of the depression caused the majority of blacks who already had ‘nothing’ to begin with-were now faced with the reality of having less than ‘nothing’, as my Grandfather use to say, “Not a pot to piss in, nor a window to throw it out of.” The Emancipation Proclamation had only been in existence 69 years as of 1934-less than a century. A clansman in the South could hang a black man from a tree and the local sheriff would hand him the rope and then partake in the festivities, proving Black life was of little value and significance during that period in American History. A black person was without civil rights and completely unequal, absolutely disqualified and definitely barred from all forms of social equality. To have been ‘freed’ as the result of the Slave Master’s mandate is counterintuitive to the natural state of ‘freedom’. Initially this mandated ‘freedom’ would take a while to be ‘real’-‘real’ in the sense of a ‘felt realness’. It would take generations for the former slave to find out the substantive meaning of ‘freedom’. During this period (1930’s), what we define as Supreme Wisdom, 120, Knowledge Wisdom Cipher was conceived and it was absolutely on the money, and was 100 percent right and exact in both form and function.

Black people were 69 years out of slavery, and all post generations were absolutely traumatized, and completely psychologically fucked up as the result of American enslavement. It was a trauma that went well beyond a few trips to a psychiatrist, it was a trauma that was underneath the face value of the day to day psyche of black people. Slavery damaged black people to the degree of poor hygiene and we were a people lacking in general civilization. I make ‘estenja’-‘estenja’ is the way in which Muslims clean themselves after defecation and urination. Prophet Muhammad gave the savage pre-Islamic Arab general civilization and Master Fard Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad gave Original People ‘civilization’ post the experience of slavery.

What could you say or do to a people that have been generationally abused, psychologically traumatized and who possessed a self esteem level that was way down in the basement? Last year I wrote a post entitled ‘God in Person or High Yellow Hustla’ which basically suggested that W.D. Fard could have easily designed many of the ideas in 120 while laying on the top bunk of his prison cell in San Quentin. Elijah Muhammad in my view was just an impressionable young man easily swayed by this slick ex-con, Wallace Fard. I stand by that shit. I do not think my perspective in any way takes away from the program that Master Fard Muhammad designed: Windows 1934 was effective and still is relatively effective. BUT I am in no way under the impression that Wallace Ford, Wally Fard, Walli Dodd or W.D. Muhammad or whatever alias he was under at the time was any more than a religious hustla trying to ‘eat’ during the depression, especially after watching Garvey, and Noble Drew Ali ‘Eat’. Back then niggaz was opening up Churches and starting movements like niggaz start record labels nowaday. Emblematic Records! I don’t believe Fard was anymore God than anybody else! I don’t believe he was taught by 23 scientist! I don’t believe that his Father was a ‘Cold’ knowledge seed named Alphonso! I believe Fard was just an Arab who would have jumped at the chance to own a Seven Eleven or Quicki-Mart in the hood if the opportunity was available back then. Wallace Fard would not hesitate to sell Malt-liquor and lottery tickets in the hood if he was alive today, but, since He and Elijah are flying around at warp speed on the Mothership we will never truly know-will we? Fard, being a charlatan doesn’t however take away from the effectiveness of Windows 1934.

“So Emblem, if Fard was nothing more than an Arab/Polynesian/New Zelander who was on his ‘Open up a Church/Cult following’ grind-what does this mean for 120? Is it still the truth?” 120 was and is a ‘fly’ mental program-and just because Fard was a hustla doesn’t take away the fact that 120 points to sociological truths and historical realities. Hustluz are smart as fuck! The thing about a Hustla is that they simplify shit and see both obvious and obscure angles of the square. And no one reads a room like a Nigga or an Arab on the grind. Back then niggaz wanted to ‘Eat’. Not ‘Eat’ like we say today-today the word ‘Eating’ invented by hip hop implies every ‘economic good’-eating, buying houses, whips, clothes, lavishness, whores galore-but ‘Eating’ in 1934 was just that: ‘Eating’! Why do you think the NOI places so much emphasis on ‘One Meal A day’? Sure it is healthy, but in its essence it’s a carry-over from the vast food shortages of the Great Depression. Ask yourself, “Who the fuck thinks of making a pie from beans?” Niggaz back then had to become extremely resourceful with food, survival depended upon it. Poverty makes a nigga creative. Playstation?! Playstation!? I could play basketball in the living room with two rolled up socks and be entertained for hours bymyself. The mind is powerful in surplus and in deficit.

Defining the black man as God blew niggaz minds-but that wasn’t new! An entire portion of Elite whites during the 20’s began defining themselves as God incarnate. I’m sure Fard was a voracious reader in prison and got wind of those ideas. If he was Arab it would be inconceivable for him not to have heard of the Suffis. Noble Drew had already called blacks Asiatic. That shit sounded slick. Fard and Elijah were like Jay and Kanye: they clicked, and what they did clicked. They were hotter than Noble Drew Ali and Garvyism. I mean these catz Fard and Elijah put a Goddamn spaceship in the theology. Niggaz in spaceships was like the first BET. Can you imagine what the thought of niggaz in spaceships must have done to a niggaz mind in 1934? That shit was weed without weed. Throw a big headed scientist in the mix and you got niggaz overdosing on your theology. The creativity of the theology caused the imagination to lift the intellectual level of all niggaz listening. The theology stretches your mind and raises self esteem. “Nigga I’m an Asiatic Blackman!”, shit had niggaz hyped.

Was the white man grafted by a big headed scientist named Yacob? No anthropological evidence is available for me to say ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’ but the genetic proof is in the pudding. If I was to venture a guess I would say, “yay”. However my ‘Yay would be in a way that the grafting process is more representative of an organic grafting process and less of a deliberate one, meaning that who we define as the Children of Israel were indeed black and of ‘African’ descent initially, and that they did in fact have exclusionary rules, regulations within the spectrum of their culture/religion that eventually led to a fair skinned phenotype of people to come into existence. Going to Patmos in search of a specific culture that existed more than 6600 years is ludicrous. I don’t think you’ll find statues of a big headed black man, nor tablets with biologically based birthing protocols. However there are Biblical, Quranic and general historical proofs. If you read the Holy Quran in Sura Baqara Ayat 47: “O Children of Israel, call to mind the special favor that I have bestowed upon you and that I preferred you to all others.” So indeed this ayat is pointing to the fact that the Jews were a preferred people. Where the fuck do you think you get the word ‘Jew-el’ from? Ayat 49 in Baqara points to their sufferage during the persecution under Pharaoh, Ayat 54 in Baqarah points to the hard-time Moses had civilizing the Children of Israel. In the Bible Genesis Chapter 35 verse 10 tells us Jacob’s name was indeed changed to Israel. The 26th lesson in lost found Muslim lesson number 2 asks the question, “What year was that?” Ans: ‘It was in the year 8400 which means from the date of our present history or Quran about 2600 years before the birth of our prophet Musa.’ 2600 years before the birth of Musa assumes that the Children of Israel have yet to undergo a ‘coloring’ process on this ‘Mediteranean’ Island on the Aegean Sea. The only way the ‘Pelonic’ theology holds water is if you include all the Mediteranean Islands during Greek periodicity. There are more than a hundred Greek Islands. People of all complexions inhabited these Islands. The Sephardic Jews in Greece don’t really show up until 300-250 BCE but 2600 years before the birth of their Prophet Musa? Absolutely no evidence!

Our, historical and biblical perceptions are coached, constructed, unclear, speculative and relative, especially when we consider race, ethnicity, and skin-color. That shit takes you to the question of when is white-white? The interjection of a ‘deliberate’ biological process/ experiment that took ‘600’ years: uh?! The way I see it is that movafuckuz have always been fuckin: that’z why they call it Greece. Many say America is a ‘Melting Pot’ of cultures, races, ethinic groups, and colors-America is not the first melting pot. The deliberate intent of a six year old boy, or so-called determined idea to make a people that are unalike is strange in the context and way that Elijah and Fard construed it to be but remember: The Jay and Kanye of 1934 were spitting ill lyrics. What can be simplified is the historical and religious context in which they blanketed white people: The devil. The white man being understood as Satan is a collective reaction to the global and historical behavior of white people: Devil. No blanket statement is accurate, because one exception to the rule disproves the rule, however this blanket statement was easy because there was a natural social contempt that all white people had for black people. White people saw themselves as naturally superior to Blacks and many blacks took on a reactionary posture of inferiority. The colored man being the devil was not hard to sell, given the history of Caucasians. Let’s not forget that ‘Devil’ is a religious construct, and so is ‘God’ forever linked to the history of all religions and mythologies in human history. God was praised for the good shit that happened and devil was blamed for when the hut burned down. ‘Windows 1934 is quick in its ‘Preamble’ to bring forth both the characteristics of God and Devil-we can see from the ‘door’ that Fard intended to open a New Religious ‘Window’, with a Christian style and a Muslim flavor. Windows 1934 is a concoction of both Islam and Christianity and a collective social and historical perception of Black people and White People. Voila: knowledge of self! Supreme Wisdom was an attempt at understanding the Black Self, Universe, the Earth, the society and how black people should in fact view themselves in a hostile world-a world based on race- a world based on Caucasians as the dominant race. Windows 1934 counters white supremacy, fusing religion in a social commentary, made easy to comprehend, coupled with the science fiction of the The Mothership and the folklore of a Big Headed scientist playing with steel was above the heads of initial adherents, spooky enough to keep you interested and real enough to keep you grounded. Stories of flying saucers sold news papers during the depression and usually what sells in white neighborhoods a version of it sells in black neighborhoods. Flying saucers were in vogue and Yacob making the devil was a form of anti Semitism, because the Children of Jacob are being labeled as the devil. Is it any wonder that Anti-Semitism in Germany was growing like Hip Hop in the 80’s during the 1930’s? Hitler hated Jews and Newspapers in America wanted to know why- why did Hitler hate Jews? Jews have always been social and theological scapegoats and to an Arab locked-up in San Quentin from 1926 to 1929(Master Fard Muhammad) you damn right the ideas that he concocted in that prison cell were laced with some degree of anti-Semitism. Arabs ain’t never like Jews so to call their founder a ‘big headed nigga is kinda normal when people hate each other. The colored Man is the Caucasian or White Man, Yacob’s grafted devil. Is this degree speaking of the Jacob in the Bible? If it is not intended to represent ‘Jacob’ or ‘Israel’ in the Bible and Quran then the whole theology concocted by Fard and Elijah becomes even more sci-fi, but fun.

‘The Father’s infringement of Elijah’s and Fard’s copyright gave a new form to a thirty year old ideal, adapting the basic tenants, principles, and concepts in a new way for a younger generation. Gods and Earths don’t deal with the Mothership outside of getting high sometime and listening to George Clinton. During the 60’s I’m sure a young God that looked like Michael Evans on Good Times probably said, “Go somewhere else with that spaceship jive JJ.” Why? Because by1960 black people were fired up and the information in 120 or in Elijah’s and Fard’s general world view had to adjust to young minds. The Father brought that adjustment. Old negros in the Nation Of Islam during the 60’s ain’t want to to hear new ideas because age narrows views-so to essentially say, “I’m just as much God as that honkey Fard” shook them old niggaz in bowties up and for Malcolm to desire to study new ideas concerning orthodox Islam was against the theology of the Messenger and got him blasted by the vanguard of old ideas. The Father came with new ideas, discounting and reducing Fard’s big G status and uplifting the average Black dudes status to equal-footing with Elijah and Fard and that is why I believe he got blasted. Nowaday this Asiatic theology, or 120 is a new idea on a global scale. A billion and half Muslims are not going to give up 6236 degrees of Quran for 120 degrees of a program designed by a Hustla from San Quentin for Black People. Windows 1934 is not a strong enough computer program in terms of a global scale but on a local scale it can help you to see the global picture from a firm stand-point more or less. This is why the religious context of Windows 1934 must be upgraded to a non-religious context. Meaning, the only truth about God is that he is One who has a voracious appetite for mathematics, and scientific subjects concerning all things in life. Unfortunately, Fard and Elijah are both glorified and worshipped by the NOI. The NGE is a byproduct of the NOI and consequently the divine blue religious light that surrounds Elijah and Fard has now been transposed and now clothes itself around the Father in the eyes of the NGE, causing the 5% to themselves to crystallize into a religion-a religion who’s motto is that ‘We are not a religion.’ How Ironic. It’s a cute contradiction that occurs in a fine midst. The blue light is a religious light, the blue light surrounds the words in 120 and a religious stress now settles on the face of all who recite it-and all who recite Fard’s questions and Elijah’s answers. What would you look like if you hummed and parroted Jay-z and Kanye’s lyrics for the next 80 years? Many hold Fard’s and Elijah’s verses and views as truths etched in stone as if Moses held them like commandments from the actual Mystery God. We say there is no Mystery God, but maybe we ought to say there are no Mystery words. I keep my 120 religiously tight because I got the information as a young man-a young man not in search of a religion per se but nevertheless by default: found a religion. Everybody unconsciously seeks a program/a religion. Who can survive without a divine operating system- or at least a system held as a divine standard, be that the Bible, Quran, or Windows 1934? We have to rethink where we choose to shine our mental blue light that classifies things and people as sacred and divine. I’m learning to steer my blue light to subjects like quantum physics, math, and other technical subjects and to make the words I write just as important to me personally as the words of Windows 1934 I memorized 23 years ago.

Emblematic Windows: 2012. An Independent Thought Design Company.All Rights Reserved


Monday, January 23, 2012

God Is Exponentially Versed In-And Beyond Symbols

We use symbols and emblems to convey meaning, to represent an idea and to communicate. It is my view that no symbol or emblem can apprehend the true nature of reality, meaning you don't know the Emblematic One until you actually get your head cut the fuck off by his actual sword-just joking-I would never actually decapitate an individual. Symbols, and emblems can give a ‘round-about’ idea of substantive meaning, an 'approximation' maybe, but never the meaning itself. Substance is in what the actual blade does: cutz, kills but yet and still maintains the peace! Meaning is only in the substance, and the ‘attempt’ to ascertain meaning can be found in the symbol or emblem. The cornerstone of communication are ‘symbols’ and 'emblems', language is based upon symbols which denotes that all communication is to some degree faulty, imperfect and a great deal of meaning is lost in route from the translation of substance to symbol. As human beings we live our lives steeped deeply in symbols and emblems, and every aspect of society is based upon symbols and emblems. This faulty translation from substance to symbol is responsible for what I’ve defined as the Entropic Nature of Communication’ meaning that if  communication is based upon the faultiness of symbols it will eventually breakdown.

In my view what we classify as consciousness is tied-in to the quantum reality, my theory is that consciousness emerges from the infinitesimal. Our ignorance in regard to consciousness suggest that what we define as consciousness arises from the ‘differentiation’ from a holistic consciousness but no one knows anything for real-for real. Such a classification points to the idea that randomness plays a role in the process of the so-called fragmentation of consciousness, kinda like a schizophrenic consciousness that had a cosmological nervous breakdown and then came into existence. If such is the case the 'will' of said consciousness was the first to distinguish itself. Uh! Who can say? No one! What can be known however is that the imperfect nature of symbolism in communication both unites and divides and that I'm not a fan of randomness.

‘A utopia of communication’ is a paradoxical idea because the network from substance to symbol is, and will always be a poorly hoed road. Ironically the world in which we live is based on ‘miscommunication’ and not ‘communication’. The entire idea of communication may in fact be false. Who amongst us can truly communicate? In these words I write I reach like a short man for the high shelf of ideals and use the arms of words as tools to grab substance. “Can You feel Me?!” may be the best expression to emerge from hip hop because it goes to the heart of understanding, and places substance in an emotional and tactile range: the ambiguity of touching a movafucka at his core or supposed ‘core’ is nice but inaccurate. “Nigga I felt that shit!” Usually this association with emotion is heightened because of feeling but the substance is still misrepresented. When emotional levels are raised higher than the cognitive process this is only the pulling of the trigger, not the actual bullet that shoots you in the face. ‘Feel Me?’ Being crystallized in an emotional mode can never be held as a substantial understanding of a thing. Just because a muslim reads the Quran, and gets amped, and decides to strap a bomb to himself does not mean he comprehends the Quran. He may have heard the Quran recited by a hafiz who recites beautifully and has become emotionally amped-at that emotional part of the mental network, from the reality of substance to the abstraction in the symbol the muslim became lost. The trader in the 28th lesson in the English C lesson in Windows 1934 who makes an interpretation laces the specifics of the interpretation with land-mines of emotion, disrupting reason, rationality and logic. ‘God’ is the most abstract conceptual idea that man has ever attempted to subjectively translate from substance to symbol. The reality and idea of ‘God’ fucks with the psyche of the human family more than any substantive idea that has ever  made a relative successful transition from substance to symbol. God cannot make the transition from substance to symbol clearly. Niggaz got sevens on the lapel of their coat, and the letters ‘G’-‘O’-‘D’ trigger emotion in the hearts and minds of Christians, Muslims, and Jews-all making one movafuckin’ claim: we have a sole unadulterated truth regarding the substantive nature of ‘God’? Even atheists get emotionally amped when ‘God’ is mentioned. I wonder how much blood has been spilled in the name of ‘God’? Rivers? Maybe even oceans? such a question proves that God is easily the most difficult substantive idea to convey in symbolic terms. God is the psychologically elusive symbol-almost intrusive to the nature of peace, disturbing the peace in the hearts of men. When you pour ego on the already flammable idea of God-this God is lost, wandering in the limbo of symbolic translation causing idiocy to ignite and literally inflaming the world.

It’s the attempt at fathoming the substantive nature of God that causes movafuckuz to lose their Goddamn mind in the superficiality of symbolism! Losing their ‘Goddamned Mind’ is the idea that best describes the lunacy that takes hold of man when thoughts turn toward God. Ultimately Man is freaked the fuck out! That is what it is: man is freaked the fuck out! Nobody knows what this shit is-this shit called life, reality, the world-nothing: If you claim you know-nigga you don’t know, and that is the hilarity of it all: The three stooges version of monothesism and the fourth stooge who we  see every now and again. When we don’t know we hold up our religion as a symbol. The variable ‘x’ represents all the shit we don’t know and so we use the ‘x’ to describe the ‘unknown’. A Christian declares that “Jesus Christ is their personal Lord and Savior; A Muslim yells, “Allah U Akbar and that there is No God but Allah and Muhammad is his apostle” Jews hold on tight to Yahweh; Five Percenters distill it back and say there is no mystery God and that the black man is God and Athiest declare with contradiction that no God exist still yet a contradiction in and of itself because to say something does not exist points to its existence. Santa Clause ain’t going nowhere, it’s the idea of existence that causes something to exist, even if it exist nowhere else but in your own mind it exist. The subjective reality of individual truth makes it real. The nature of symbols manifest in patterns, when a Christians says “Thank You Jesus!” it has nothing to do with whether or not Jesus had anything to do with what happened, when muslims say, “Humdulilah” upon the hearing of good news it has nothing to do with whether or not Allah in a mysterious realm exists or does not exist. When a Five Percenter rejoices upon hearing good news and proclaims, that the Black Man is God, the same psychological mechanism is being used, the same button in the psyche is being pushed in each individual: the religious button.. The nature of the psyche of the human being is that it anchors itself in a belief system. When an atheist proclaims that God does not exist-that is a whole belief system based on ‘God’, ironically the one who doesn't exist. There are numerous anchors of belief systems around the world that culturally house and hold the symbol of ‘God’. What all the human family hold in common is a common sense nature to know this being called, “God”. In all differences surrounding the idea of ‘God’ the common theme of there being a ‘Supreme Being’ takes on many symbolic forms and cultural themes causing a consistent thematic enigma to emerge in the psyche of the human being. The anchoring systems of belief fail in pulling up their anchor-anchors hold you still: hold you in place as if a singular place in the endless ocean of the Supreme Being and that his greatest treasure is located under the sailboat of your faith, which is why I dig the pursuits of true math and science above the various anchoring systems of belief around the world. Science is ‘heady’ it elevates with questions and research not paralyzed systems of ‘beliefs’. Science and math quickly admit its limitations in regard to knowing, and science is wise enough to know what it does not know. Science is not afraid to change its world view, or universal view upon the learning of new information. Science isn’t relegated to a singular culture, because anyone from any culture can study science. Religions regarding God are the traders that have made interpretations and exploited the symbolism to the human families’ detriment. God is a scientist and the greatest quality of a scientist is objectivity. Stupidity occurs when discussing God in subjective terms. .


Friday, January 20, 2012

Self-Efficacy As It Relates To knowledge Of Self: A Blog Inspired By Supreme Victory Allah

This morning the God sent me a text asking me how I ‘cee’ Self Efficacy as it relates to knowledge of self. I would not be able to do his question justice amidst the constraints of a text, it is a subject that in my mind had to be considered carefully. First I am an ‘existentialist’ in terms of world view, as an existentialist I place great emphasis on ‘Be or Born’ which in the supreme alphabet relate to mental existential constructs. All theories regarding existence which follow logical lines interest me a great deal, along with the substantive nature of existence. ‘What’-not ‘who’ is my primary concern, ‘Who’ is incidental and ‘secondary’-such may appear to be ‘wisdom knowledge’ and it is ironic that wisdom knowledge is alpha-numerically linked to the Universe within ‘NGE’ parameters. Outside of NGE parameters taking a look at the Universe is a relative look-relative to who is looking-so whoever is looking out into the Universe; a white man, a black man, a woman, a child will find exactly what they are looking for: good or bad. A religious minded person will find Jesus, Allah, Jehovah etc. A scientific minded individual will find galaxies, quasars, stars, black holes, multi-verses and multitudes of new ideas, and theories. Our expectations of what we will find can in fact become self defining ‘prison houses’, ‘desire’ will rope and bind you in to the temporal and one never realizes that ‘God’ to every individual is relative. I heard a Sunni Imam once say that no two people understand Allah the same way-this implies that God is relative to the subjective experience of the individual-which means that ‘Knowledge of Self’ is relative to the individual. No two people have the same ‘knowledge of self’ because their experience is subjective and based upon their individual Bible and Quran.

Efficacy means ‘the ability to provide a desired or intended result’. If ‘knowledge of Self’ is relative to an individual’s subjective experience than the efficacy of the intended result is bound by what the individual labels ‘knowledge of self’. ‘Knowledge of Self’ becomes the lynch pin to concerns regarding efficacy. ‘Knowledge of Self’ relative to NOI parameters was founded during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. For three and a half years Master Fard Muhammad taught Elijah Muhammad this program and they are the two who designed our program (120, knowledge wisdom cipher, supreme Wisdom etc.) Our context and world view was designed by these two programmers. Basically knowledge wisdom cipher is their intellectual property lets call it ‘Windows 1934’. If we were to examine it from a software perspective the patent and copyright would belong to and be the intellectual property of Wallace Fard Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Gods and Earths could be sued in Asiatic Federal court for Copyright infringement because we all have downloaded this software in our thirds and have used it as our primary operating system on our mental hard drives. It is a depression based software. The first command is to understand God as being a black man. The software is pro-active in that it suggest that one must not set up a home and wait for a mystery God to bring him or her food, it out-right discounts a Mystery God, provides the dimensions of various places on the Earth and in the solar system. Also this program provides a few operational protocols such as FOI, MGT, GCC and it does so in an Islamic and Muslim context. Finally it defines the white man as the devil and declares that Yacob (Jacob) or Israel was the progenitor of the devil. This program radically organized black people during the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and after the death of one of its co-founders Elijah Muhammad in 1975. Minister Farrakhan continued to push the ideas propounded by the software. In the 1960’s Five percenters emerged and redefined the software via a peripheral designer who his followers called ‘Allah’ or ‘the Father’ –who urged them to download a tweaked version of the program. This new ‘5 percent’ segment of the original population did as instructed and download said software adding to the initial parameters of the program a few new bells and whistles that distinguished an NOI context of the software from an NGE context of the software.

‘Knowledge of Self’ is relative: Example: An African American lawyer becomes one of the highest paid black attorneys in the country and doesn’t give a damn about Jesus, Allah or the Hubble space telescope-all he gives a fuck about is the seven figures that keeps his family living an upper class lifestyle-and let me make matters worse: he loves himself some pork. And let’s say this lawyer lives in Atlanta and a God down there who is struggling economically runs up on the attorney while he is with his young daughter and says, “Peace Brother, do you know that the black man is God?” The pork eating, black attorney grabs his daughter because he worries for her safety and quickly puts her in the Benz truck and screeches off getting as far away from the NGE member as possible. 'Who has' or 'does not have' knowledge of Self is not at all the question. The attorney has vast knowledge of the legal world and the God has vast knowledge of the Asiatic world, meaning their ideas concerning 'Efficacy are vastly diverse. It becomes a collision of worlds. The Lawyer may feel that the God is a street thug who needs to get an education and the God may feel that the Attorney needs to get an education. This is a comedy of miscommunication and misundersanding. The attorney doesn’t want anything to do with anything that on face value appears to be rag tag, raggedy, uneducated slick street thuggary, and the God just shakes his head at what he calls a blind, deaf and dumb 85 percent negro who just sped away in a Benz truck. Knowledge of Self is just that: knowledge of self. The most ignorant movafucka in the world has knowledge of self-this is why knowledge of self is an existential construct-more than it is a quasi-religious, or pseudo cultural construct. In all actuality ‘knowledge of self’ is abstract, measured best by degrees of self awareness-an awareness based on the subjective individual context. Muslim, God, NOI, NGE cannot be the full measure of knowledge of self. 85, 10, and 5 percent has never been measured, never has a global census been taken to measure how right and exact that ratio is, so having never been measured who can say with assurance that such a ratio is accurate? Every God and Earth who recites the knowledge culture, knowledge power and knowledge equality degree takes those degrees on face value just as the 85 who knows that it rains, hails, snows and hears thunder above his head never attempts to learn who is causing all this to happen. We take Elijah's and Fard’s program on face value just as the so-called 85 percent believe in the 10 percent on face value. So 85 percent, 10 percent, and 5 percent are labels given by Elijah and Fard. Present stats say wealth in America is controlled by the upper one percent but we are dealing with Windows 1934, and holding this software just as sacred as Muslims and Christian hold Qurans and Bibles sacred. Needing to be a 'joiner' or a part of a group is psychology and sociology 101, finding the niche of what fits and our need to make sense of the world is natural. We all have a need to be programmed and to have something downloaded to our minds, and we need to be right, to have 'faith' that we are right-yes, faith!. Knowledge of self is not only relative to the user but it is tenuous because it changes with the context of new experiences. I can parrot 120, Supreme math and alphabet with the best of ‘em but suppose I just elevated in that singular context for the 23 years I’ve been dealing with 120: I’d be an idiot. Many hold 120 as a foundation, but I now hold it as a work in progress. *********************************************

This blog was interrupted by three chess games in which I won and lost two. In the first game I had my rook taken early and I winced upon it being taken. I played with a posture that I was definitely going to lose the game, but I calmed down and played it out and ended up winning-winning because my opponent became over confident. Second game I came out with the intention of playing the Sicilian and taking the d4 pawn with the pawn on C5 during the fourth or fifth move, but guess what? My opponent didn’t move his pawn on d2 so I couldn’t do what I had read I ought do and had planned to do: I was set on the efficacy of a plan based on the knowledge I had gained by reading a random chess book on openings. The result is bad when things don’t go as planned or when you hold on to the prison house of expectations. A few weeks ago I was building on the rigidity of form, and set plans-plans should be fluid-and knowledge of self should be understood in terms of fluidity. Two of the greatest degrees are “I came to North America by myself’ and “Self Savior” A group advocating is cool, however the subjective experience of ‘by yourself’ is your origin in this world-and the collective group experience is secondary, meaning I wipe my ass before I’m going to wipe any other person’s ass. So when people get into the collective cult mindset, ‘Knowledge of self’ is put to the side, particularly if their entire identity is principled upon the group experience: such are ‘groupies’ A groupie is a bitch who sucks the dicks of random celebrities, because he or hers knowledge of self is integral with the group reality. Fuck that build or destroy degree groupie shit and celebrate the  wisdom of that‘by myself’ current of air. I’m not saying to be a recluse, but stand at the point where you understand the foundations of your own genuine efficacy and know its relationship to ‘Knowledge of Self” as being by yourself and yet and still circumstantially contingent upon unknowns in which you have limited control. Some muslims forget about Allah and lose themselves in Muhammad, some Christians forget about the Lord and lose themselves in Jesus, and a whole bunch of Gods and Earths lose themselves in The Father hence discounting their own identity. A retail sale of their own divinity in exchange for the flagwaiving of anothers identity is weak and wicked: name droppers: “you know such and such Allah or Earth”-fuck such and such-this is about you nigga! Niggaz get lost in the first zig of the past and their as blind deaf and dumb in the Zag of the ‘now’. The efficacy and intended result is fucked up because of the context of what and how and for whom they carry so-called ‘knowledge of self for is warped. Do you carry math for self or for somebody else? Mostly how one carries knowledge of self is egotistically based-and its a ‘knowledge of self’ that  is in accordance to the parameters what we conceptualize ‘knowledge of self’ to be. Let’s own-up to that contradiction-knowledge of self has little or nothing to do with anyone else because self is One.. The ‘teach the babies’ cliché has become a posturing falsity and has distilled to a mere slogan. Movafuckuz want to Hustle and Win, movafuckuz want some goddamn money-some goddamn pussy-some goddamn fame-some goddamn social equality, which is a substitute for not necessarily being accepted in the mainstream culture of America’s social equality. The challenge to understanding efficacy as it relates to knowledge of self in NGE parameters is a whos who of wounded egos, which is good, because that was the intention of ‘Windows 1934’(120)-to pick our own selves up from the bootstraps individually and collectively because the wilderness of North America has wounded the blackman and blackwoman in North America.. Does windows 1934(120) constitute the full scope of knowledge of self! Hell no! 120 is like Robitussin, and so what the fuck is Robitussin gonna do for a nigga who just got shot in the face? Robitussin is a start. Knowledge of Self must be understood as a continuous work in progress and not just a singular point on the planet Pluto in order to measure the impact of its efficacy.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How Plausible Is The Existence Of A Mystery God? What Is Simulation Theory? What is ‘It From Bit’? And Progressive Perceptions of The Colored Man!

When I go through my degrees I recite them the same way every single time, rarely if ever do I add or take away a ‘the’, ‘that’, a ‘what’ or a ‘but’-for the most part my degrees are etched in the stone of my muscular memory. I can parrot them effortlessly even in my dreams. ‘Who is that Mystery God?’, that 10th degree in Elijah’s and Fard’s test is just as tight as any other degree, and I proudly proclaim that there is no mystery God yadda yadda yadda…so they lost no time searching for that-that does not exist.’ Hey, I understand the reasoning behind Elijah’s answer: it’s 1934, no food is in the crib, this bill and that bill is due and niggaz had been on there knees praying to a mystery God for what must have seemed like trillions of years and still getting beaten and killed by the ones who advocated that so called Mystery God. I understand! Why should any So-called Negro during that time believe in what seemed to be an absentee landlord, a God in the sky that seems to sadistically get off on the suffering and death of original people? If he is Omnipotent why would he not intervene? So yes indeed, I can identify with Elijah’s and Fard’s reasoning.

Gods who recite these degrees and live by them should not do so blindly, and just because I can parrot degrees effortlessly doesn’t mean I don’t take time to examine each degree critically and hold them up in contrast to new information as it relates to science and math. I am forever a student, and I diligently study the science of everything in life. Yesterday I found myself watching ‘Through The Wormhole’ with Morgan Freeman, which is probably my favorite show on television. The particular episode that I was watching was ‘Is There a Creator?’. A scientist named Rich Terrel who works at the Jet Propulsion lab in Pasadena suggested that if God is an inter-dimensional being who can change the laws of physics than that sounds much like a computer programmer. Now I have written a bit on other dimensions such as the eleven dimensional claim of ‘M-Theory’ and the ten dimensional claim of ‘String Theory’ each asserting that other dimensions besides the three we dwell in do in fact exist. Multi-dimensions imply that if our consciousness can dwell in three and there are at least ten or more dimensions than it is highly plausible that consciousness can dwell in other dimensions-not yet proven: but at least the idea of consciousness in other dimensions is plausible. Rich Terrel believes that human beings could be an intelligent simulation based on another beings program. Again, there is no evidence to the contrary. Often I have written about the algorithm that will one day cause a computer to become self aware of itself-what would be the implications of such awareness? If we examine for example Madden: The popular video football game-every year the graphics become more and more real; the gestures of the players; the crowd; the announcers; the styles of play-everything becomes more real than it was the previous year. What would be the implications of artificial intelligence, or artificial consciousness being interjected in the program? What would happen if the players in Madden became self aware? Instead of a controller, the players could develop there own subjective awareness, and live an entire cyber life within the parameters set by the program. The players would become self aware of who they are but not quite know who we are-‘We’, being their Creators. We would be able to view them, but they would not be able to view us. On a screen the Madden football players would feel as though they exist in three dimensions, but ‘we’ there creators could in fact view the players in two dimensions or on a holographic multi-dimensional screen.

As I watched ‘Through The Wormhole’, they interviewed ‘Will Wright’ the programmer of the video game ‘The Sims’-a game that simulates the complex nature of life on a day to day basis in a simulated computer generated city. The environment in the game is completely computer generated, meaning man has evolved to the point where he can simulate an environment in another dimension: cyberspace. The rational process implies that if Man can simulate life in another dimension-than it is highly plausible that greater programmers could have simulated us. Again, there is no evidence to the contrary. I’m just suggesting-it is indeed plausible. ‘Simulation’ can be swapped-out for the biblical ideal of, ‘image and likeness’. When computer programmers design games they make them based on the image and likeness of man. Right now the computer power is not adequate to simulate human intelligence, but in the very near future what will happen when a computer’s ability to reason rationally, predict on its own, answer questions to the point where you can’t distinguish between human intelligence and artificial intelligence. What happens when this type of intelligence and consciousness is distilled in a program? The implication is-that man has in-fact become a Mysterious God over other conscious subjects in other dimension of space and time. It’s not a question of it being possible-quantum computing will make it more than possible. Further proof of ‘Simulation Theory’ is that the universe organizes itself when we observe it and disassembles when we look away-a behavior consistent with the programming patterns in video games. The idea that the Mystery God is a Computer programmer replaces the notion of the God of Abraham and Moses being a benevolent uptight dude who wants everybody to join him in heaven by behaving in accord with his edicts. The Computer Programmer idea of God turns general theology on its head, and links science with ‘faith’ making them one in the same. A religion based on God being a computer programmer is just as believable as God being a white long bearded couch potato in the sky who all the time brodes over his wayward human subjects.

John Archibald Wheeler was a theoretical physicist who was fascinated with the implications of quantum physics. Bohr was Wheeler’s mentor and they ushered forth what is defined as the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics, holding that electrons have no real existence and that essentially they exist in what could be defined as probabilistic limbo. They are forced into existence by the act of conscious observation, acting as waves or particles upon experimental observation. Wheeler proposed that reality might not be completely physical and that the Universe might in fact be a participatory phenomenon which requires the act of conscious observation, facts consistent with that of an intelligent program.. Wheeler was the one who proposed the idea of the Anthropic Principle which suggest that the universe must be as it is or conscious beings like ourselves might not be here to observe it. Information theory was established by a mathematician named ‘Claude Shannon. Information Theory like quantum physics is also based on observation. A ‘bit’ is a quantum binary unit representing one or two choices: a one or a zero. The schizophrenic nature of the quantum world is not schizophrenic at all. In a couple of blogs I have written about the double slit experiment where electrons are fired through a double slit, and upon observation they behave differently. Electrons are aimed at a barrier that holds double slits, and the electrons behave like waves and travel through both slits at once. When the electron behaves like a wave it forms an overlapping pattern which is called an interference pattern. When he who performs the experiment closes off one slit the electron travels through the other slit as a particle and the interference pattern disappears. In a delayed choice experiment the experimenter decides whether to leave both slits open or to close one off after the electrons have already passed through and the results come away to be the same. The implication of this experiment is that what we define as matter is aware of our choices before we make them. Wheeler summarized this truth as ‘Zen Koan’ or ‘It From Bit’, meaning that all in the spacetime continuum answers a question either one or two ways based upon a ‘Bit’: information. Everything around us is based on 'bits' of information.

The purpose of this brief discourse on Wheeler is to bring home one point: The nature of the information we have regarding reality is not fully understood because the context of our understanding is broken. The parameters of how far we are willing to go regarding matters of science may in fact be limited, given our religious world view. And yes, as members of the Nation of God and Earth we are Religious no matter how much we claim to be ‘Scientist’, I am desperately striving to break through all religious barriers found in how we carry this culture. I don’t detest religion, I detest the cult-like religious context of how we come in the so-called name of 'Mathematicians'.. The only way to destroy such a context is with pure science and math. We can ill-afford to be stifled by old outdated, arcane parameters. How you ‘cee’ a degree is subjective and such subjectivity should usher forth the grandness of your theory via high order thinking equipped with critical and scientific analysis at your disposal. And your theory should be based upon facts that have been previously studied. The actual fact is-is that all the theories that these colored scientist have put forth contain some degree of plausibility given the information of the scientific community of Western Civilization. Does that mean that these theories are ‘True’? Emphatically No! they are however reasonable, leaving room for the realm of possibility. Have we as Gods and Earths become so arrogant in our religious zealotry that we rule out the realm of scientific ‘possibility’? A brilliant mind is transcendent of color, regardless of what color the possessor of the brilliant mind if it gives births to scientific and mathematical reason-a rational human being must acknowledge it and not discount it based on the color of the being that it came from.. On 60 Minutes they featured a 13 year old White boy who was a mathematical and scientific protégée: When we see him do we still say the babies are the greatest or do we discount his genius because he is a white devil? The white boy possesses- a level of mathematical and scientific genius that transcends 99.99 percent of our Nation? I leave .01 percent for the optimism that there is at least one true mathematical genius amongst us . What am I supposed to call such a child who has six ounces of grafted brain that just so happens to out perform me in Algebra, Calc, Trig, and geometry, even though I have seven and one half ounces of original brain weight? Do I call him a devil? If I did call him a devil it would be based on the emotion of jealousy because he’d bust my ass in every branch of math in terms of aptitude. That thirteen year old Caucasian devil has to be completely drawn up into self nowadays in order for the religious context of God and Earth to be dismantled. Our cultural conundrums and our perilous paradoxes along with our foolhearted contradictory claims of math and scientific supremacy do not represent self savior but self delusion. We are flawed because of our inability to explore colored scientist who have taken the torch of science further than all being born and the catchy phrases from Elijah’s written exam. So as we move our arms back and forth in emphasis as we build in the cipher while building,  understand this: mathematics is ‘Raw’ and any competent individual of any race, gender, or creed can perform a complex math function. There is no claim to mathematical superiority, and math belongs to no one-we do math in life daily, the human brain, white or black calculates at an enormous rate.

How you view the world determines how the world is going to present itself to you, because it is your information along with your observations that shape the world you see. If you are limited to your reality of three dimensions then the three dimensions will be your prison house of perception. The colored man is the ‘devil’ and yet a force of nature that is released from original DNA. Devil should no longer mean arch-villain-it must take on a new context. The devil is the law breaker, the rule bender, the loophole finder. The devil takes the natural law and wickedly bends them to his will. The natural laws are neutral so they are not given to judgments of good or bad. We must re-examine how we view ‘laws’. You can adhere to a ‘law’ or you can examine the law and surmise the mechanics of the law. If you develop a working knowledge of the law the law will do what you 'will' it to do. The colored man has devilishly bent the law and is bending the laws of nature first in his imagination and then in reality or at least this reality. The negative stigma of devil must be removed and we must stand beyond good and evil-we must stand 20 miles outside, and take hold of our full-fledge power of objectivity and peer into existence. The contradictory claim of not liking or loving devil civilization is bullshit-we all love it-even what we hate we love or like. White faces are on the money, few wear garments not made or designed by colored people, the cars you drive, the house you live in, and the mechanics of their civilization is what we all crave. If all the developments colored people have given birth to over the last 6000 years were taken away all of a sudden- niggaz would lose there mind. Stop with the bullshit, be real, most of all keep it real with yourself. I’m not saying that the white man is superior, I am saying that he is an integral part of global civilization, and has become an impressive member of world society who won’t hesitate to fuck you up if you got beef with him-ask Bin Laden. What I’m suggesting is that we can learn an awful lot from the colored man by not viewing him as the adversary. All you will get by viewing the colored man as an adversary is a tablespoon of frustration. It’s not worth it. Only thing you are taken off this planet is your black ass because the colored man will blow this bitch up before he budges an inch. Colored man told us to shove that understanding power degree in the one to forties up our black asses 98 years after the prediction of 1914. So adjust, adapt, and be wise. The colored man is willing to explore, to experiment and to expand. Fear paralyzes negroes, on every channel on cable the colored man is doing something crazy-crazy is radical-it changes and alters and transforms shit. If your world view is held hostage by the parameters of beef with the colored man chances are you would have difficulty in a college science course because all the names are the names of colored men, and if they are Original they are Indian or Asian. Elevation and expansion is about giving one’s self mental elbow room. God is not an ego-trip, nor a spectacular name that gives you confidence, God is a pure Mathematician that is light years away from borning-out numbers that Kindergarteners do everyday. God is a student of Math and science, critically examining every theory that comes across his mind, God is progressive, God is a Student of Calculus, Philosophy, Consciousness, Chemistry, Trigonometry, Algebra, Psychology, Economics, Computer Programming, Art etc. The admission of your known limitations marks the beginning of your expansion and elevation.



Saturday, January 14, 2012


Recently I’ve had my ass handed to me by my father in-law in about forty straight chess games, before I won one. I was out of practice, I hadn’t played a chess game in over a decade. I stopped playing because I proclaimed that the real chess game was your life and that Chess was real and pieces were not wood. I can beat your average dude interested in becoming the next Bobby Fischer in a pick-up game because I’m just that nice. It all comes back to me as soon as I sit down. I made the mistake of sitting down with a Big ‘Chess-head-head’ and he whooped my ass. The game was close but I lost, then I lost again, and I lost again. Wait a minute something is not right: I am Emblem-the movafucking God on a chess board. Well that is my ego, my Father-in-law whooped my ass pure and simple and all that Grandmaster Emblem shit went out the window. It turns out my father-in-law has been playing chess consistently for as long as I have been alive. He knew the important names of historical and relevant Grandmasters nowaday just as I did, he knew the openings as I did and he knew more than me and was more exact in his knowledge. That is tough for me to admit, because I have an enormous chess ego. It took about 60 games before I began to win a ratio of one game in three and then I went on a three game winning streak. He got up-took a five day break, came back and wore my ass out 14 straight. Where did he go for those 5 days? He went home and studied the Queen’s gambit and the Sicilian and my Dragon variation. The old man had brought my game back from a mental death. A couple hundred games and I am back and better than ever. I’m playing the best chess of my life all because I have a worthy opponent.

I’ve always enjoyed writing-its kinda peace. I attempted my first book when I was a shorty entitling it ‘The Mind’, I think I wrote about a paragraph. Interestingly, my father taught me how to play chess at a very young age, so my hobbies were pretty much set in stone as a young God. I stepped back from chess about a decade ago because it is addictive, once I went overboard and got extreme with it, and was smoking a whole lot of marijuana at the time. Chess, knowledge wisdom cipher, and marijuana are like mixing vicodin with alcohol-it is a powerful combination. Chess got out of hand in my life, and to make matters worse I had coordinated the ideas within knowledge wisdom cipher with the unique story-line of a chess game, so I could sit at a board and play for hours. If the weed is good enough and mixed with the egotistical knowledge that the black man is God you may soon began to think after that first couple of puffs that you are capable of amazing mathematical miracles on the square of the chess board: no not nowaday. If you play a strong player, a player who studies, reads and practices, I don’t care how good the weed is you are not going to win-not at all. Somebody who works on their chess game daily will not lose to a weed head assuming all things being equal. My father-in-law made me respect game and the work that goes into ‘game’. I haven’t really written shit or been interested in writing because I’ve been tightening my chess game. I have to be careful and make sure I don’t treat writing like I did the chess board and throw it away for a decade. Such would be a waste of my talent as a writer. Actually I am glad that I am back on the board playing-because chess is just as much a part of my life as writing, knowledge wisdom cipher and even my quran studies. It’s about making them all mesh, and achieve a state of a perfect blend.

When I began to win a game here and a game there against my new opponent he went and studied computer chess for five days, and came back and dusted me more than a dozen games straight. So I got the Chessmaster program and played with that and was struck by a thought after the computer promptly whipped my ass. I began thinking about man’s arrogance. Arrogance can be found on the chessboard, if you examine the nature of moves-arrogance does indeed reveal itself on the board. The folly of man’s arrogance-it’s funny! We make mistakes with our egos. A computer has no ego-at least not yet-but one day in the very near future if not now, computer scientist will write the mathematical algorithm for a computer that will cause that computer to become self aware and achieve a state of self realization. What I’m writing will become true-and I’m calling it like a dice roll. The Chessmaster program that I have is rated approximately 1800, which is fairly strong in the world of chess, but rather weak in the world of computer chess. Grandmaster Gary Kasparov lost to IBM deep blue and he played deep blue junior to a draw. Actually he offered deep blue junior’s team a draw. Even though Kasparov’s position on the board seemed relatively winnable-he offered the IBM deep blue team a draw. He said that he recalled the games from previous matches, and understood how strong of a player the computer is.

Mathematicians and computer scientist build computers: teams from various schools and universities now play computer against computer: it’s a whole world opening up of computers playing computers: Computers don’t blunder-so computer chess is not based upon making your opponent blunder-it is based upon making a better move. The concept of making a better move and the search for sharper variations in a move tree is the main focus for the world of computer chess. I finally did something my father-in-law had been doing for a long time: I played Chessmaster against a program downloaded to a phone. It was a jewel of a game to watch. Chessmaster checkmated the downloaded chess app. I played the game with each program at its highest level and neither computer made an obvious mistake-it’s just that Chessmaster made better moves. So what are the implications of these new dimensions taking shape in the chess world? The black man is God right?-He is the supreme being right? How would the best Black chess player fair against the world’s strongest chess computer? It’s actually a facetious question: you know the answer. All jokes aside: what are the implications of human intelligence versus artificial intelligence?

Kasparov was a bit disgruntled while playing Deep Blue: he accused the Deep Blue team of having been assisted by other Grandmasters, claiming that he felt the computer was making moves like a human and a computer couldn’t calculate like a human. What he meant by this is that a human can do something on a chessboard in a creative style-a creative way that is uniquely conscious, a testing move for example: I will make a move on the chessboard just to see what my father-in-law will do. It is kind of like a head-fake in basketball or a juke move in football. It is a move designed to throw your opponent off, it is a move unique to the human experience. This was the basis of Kasparov’s accusation, personally I think Grandmaster Gary Kasparov is failing to take a few things into consideration. The computer searches for the best and the strongest move via considering every possible move. When we pull off a few genius moves on the chessboard we do so based upon an idea based on forethought. Any given idea is mathematically possible as long as the move falls within the parameters of chess, so as the computer systematically searches for the best possible chance to win it will consider a multitude of variations, combinations, and the potentiality of scenarios that will occur fifteen to twenty moves ahead in a possible future position. A human being can consider multiple moves ahead, and visualize potential scenarios and arrive at an idea regarding a course of action to be undertaken but nothing that compares to the quantity of moves considered by a computer. The consideration of possibilities creates the idea. Assuming that IBM’s Deep Blue chess team didn’t cheat and solicit Grandmaster advice what Grandmaster Kasparov witnessed on the chessboard was mathematics transforming into ideas, tactics, schemes, strategies, and deep considerations along purely logical lines.

I just played the computer in a game, actually I’m still playing and my game is strong but I just blundered, after maintaining a solid position for 30 plus moves-humans make mistakes-mistakes and blunders occur because we are more shortsighted than we are gifted with foresight. We don’t see ahead, nor do we consider all angles of the square and we all make mistakes. Think about how often we forget mundane things like keys, a pin, to do something, to call somebody, your wallet, that piece of paper you saw but you can’t find now, whatchamacallit’s phone number: all of these things you have forgotten at one time or another. Now imagine a thought process that is so considerate it never forgets. The thing about chess is that you can forget that a piece is not covered or you may miscalculate how many times a square is attacked. Now think about your life and the problems you didn’t see coming-in life you can’t see the whole board like you can a chessboard. You can stare at a chessboard mean and hard for an hour and make a mistake on your next move. The frailty of the human thought process is not to be taken lightly. The human brain is strong but at the same time weak-weak in its own arrogance and its tendencies leaning toward narcissism. Nothing reminds or admonishes like the Holy Quran-it tells man how great he is but also how great he’s not. Earthquakes are caused by the son of man experimenting with high explosives according to knowledge wisdom cipher-to me this means that it is in man’s nature to dabble with that in which he knows not. I mean how can you know a thing if you don’t go fucking with it? It’s the paradox of human intelligence. The forbidden fruit scenario in the Bible and in the Quran speak to the curiosity in man’s nature-man must fuck with some shit and end up in a world of shit. You make one mistake with a good player on the chess board and you are going to end up in a world of shit. Great players set up traps that go beyond your basic fork, skewer or pin, instead there are traps of complication, complex positions and time. A wasted move is a waste of time. You can lose time making a move that is detrimental to your board economy and such is the same thing with life. Emotions and chess don’t mix, chess will teach you that if you play a good player, regardless of your emotion you’re going to lose if you don't study. It is a game that tells you to go back to the drawing board and study. When my father in-law dusted me, I took every loss with my head up and I wasn’t scared to get back on the board and lose again. In order to win you must understand why you’re losing. Every time I get on the board with a computer or a man I can see what I’m not seeing when I suffer a consequence or get beat with many stripes. When I see I’m about to lose I just tip the king over or press reset. Unfortunately life doesn’t have reset, or an ‘undo’ button to take back a move so think very carefully before you move.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How Consciousness Became The Imagination of It's Self

Randomness is purely philosophical, and can wholeheartedly be excluded as any form of scientific description of a natural process. Scientist have shown and proven this by studying the behavior of individual photons. Reality is alive and conscious, from the quantum world of the very small to the macrocosmic universe, multi-verse and all vastness representing the very large. Know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that from the infinitely small to the eternally vast that an agent of design is present and that nothing goes unguided-not from the trajectory of an electron in its journey around the nucleus of an atom to our individual fortune or misfortune. Every event is prescribed. Lawlessness can also be excluded along with randomness. There may be a perception of lawlessness on a societal and scientific level appearing indistinguishable from randomness-though it may seem that way-it is a lack of knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the event that causes the appearance of randomness and lawlessness. Not understanding the why(Y) of an event does not prove ‘Randomness’, nor does it suggest lawlessness, it simply means that you do not know why, (1y?).

Y Equal Self points to the totality of ‘Self’, and suggests higher realizations of the ‘Self’ yet to be understood. Higher Realizations as they pertain to you and I await us in infinite quantity and in a substantive abundance. There is so much about you to be discovered. Which is the primary reason I laugh at ‘know it alls’.

What is the meaning of the individual experience as it relates to the collective experience? There is a definitive answer: One Consciousness fully expressing itself: One. There is no place and in no thing in which this Consciousness fails to express itself. Why are the fragmentations of this consciousness as they are? An eternal consciousness can only express itself in difference. Mathematically the idea of ‘difference’ and or ‘differentiation’ is expressed in ‘subtraction’. The symbol for ‘Subtraction’ is minus (-). All things that are in ‘Existence’ are the result of having been subtracted from the ‘Subsistence’ of this one consciousness.

What is the line of demarcation between the ‘subsistence’ of this one consciousness, and the ‘existence’ of this one consciousness? The inception, conception and perception of 'matter' is the line demarcating subsistence from existence, it’s the first line of demarcation ushering forth the material reality. Matter is the first expression of this one consciousness in existence. Matter is energy condensed. Quantum physicist have shown that individual photons pop in and out of existence all the time. The word and conceptualization of ‘Be’ found in most religions is a symbol of the origin of the material universe manifesting from the subsistence of consciousness: let’s call consciousness ‘knowledge’. The implication of ‘Be’ points to existence arising from subsistence. Consciousness calls itself forth with the declaration of ‘Be’. 'BE' is integrated with the 'Will' power of this force. The primordial beginnings of matter represent the beginnings of this universe and the expression of the intended 'Will' of this one consciousness.

Why is this one consciousness expressing itself in all things and in all events, and why create from itself a conscious observer such as you and I capable of fathoming this singular creative consciousness? Consciousness, in order to be classified as ‘conscious’ must perceive itself to some degree. You are a ‘View Point’ of this eternal consciousness. In the material universe everything marks a different view-point of this one consciousness: from a sub-atomic particle; to man; to a planet; to a solar system; to galaxies; to the infinitude of universes’ and in all dimensions-be that number of dimensions ten, eleven or infinite. The view-point of this one consciousness is expressed by you and I. All material reality is an expression of an eternal and grand ‘View-Point’. Your point of view is subtracted from the grand point of view: so why do people differ-if all view points are subtracted from one consciousness? The nature of expression is multiplicity: All ideas of sameness are a falsity, an illusion, babal: a cat chasing its tail. Differentiation of this one consciousness allows for infinite expression. Everyone and everything must occur as it is occurring: good, bad and all things in neutrality. Expression must take its course-a course that is infinite. All things political, religious, mundane, frivolous, argumentative and scientific denote that the nature of this one consciousness is eternally and literally becoming the imagination of itself: a story-line. And in order to truly understand this and know this-you must learn to shut the fuck-up and pay attention to the story.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Theories And Thoughts On Consciousness

Theories and Thoughts On Consciousness

I read the history of my blog and I’m appalled how I threw around the word, ‘consciousness’, as if I or anyone else understands it. I do not know what consciousness is-nor does anyone else, at best I have a theory. Webster defines ‘Consciousness’: the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings. My short definition is: The awareness of one’s own existence and the mind’s awareness of itself. Definition is not enough because definition is not substance. The word, ‘Consciousness’ is a word that is abstractly attempting to describe a substantive aspect of reality and unfortunately the word itself can only give you a vague idea of its kinship to reality. ‘Consciousness’ can only be experienced by a ‘conscious’ participant. The substantive reality of consciousness is beyond words-beyond the feebleness of Webster’s attempt at defining an essential component to existence. Limiting ‘Consciousness’ to awareness is easy, and coupling it with the abstraction of ‘mind’ is indeed a little more complex, but then the same question regarding the ‘mind’ comes into play: what is mind? ‘Black Mind’-everyone who thinks critically must wrestle with putting the prefix ‘black’ on mind, such etymological license is indeed bold, pointing to claims pertaining to culture. And yes, culture needs clichés to be ‘culture’. Culture and plays on language are part and parcel. ‘Black Power’ is definitive, and it contains a host of implications: taking power from whites perhaps? A movement-a political struggle-a cohesive communal consciousness-speaking to collective self determination by the people-consciousness can be put in a cultural context indeed. Theories of consciousness would indeed extend to and beyond the cultural context, questions eventually transcending the materialism of culture must be asked because consciousness grows from an existential root- consciousness must address its own substance eventually.

What does it mean to ‘be’? No religion-no physicist has the answer, and all answers, and all theories are speculative.

Mathematics is interesting in its attempts to explain consciousness. ‘One’ is rather interesting. ‘1’ is but a symbol. Like words, math at some point is limited because the symbolism used by mathematicians breaks-down because ‘Math’ is only a representation of the ‘real’. Math describes the real, but math is not the real. Symbol is not substance and math assigns symbolic language to the actuality of the substantive reality. And like all language, math is limited in its expression of reality-highly accurate, but nevertheless limited. Math’s symbolic language does not stack-up to the reality itself (feel me?). Real is only real and all symbols used to describe the real will always be inaccurate to some extent because they are but mere symbols. There can be no existence without consciousness, such is the basic premise to my theory that all material reality is to some degree relative to awareness.

So to be conscious, and to be in the ‘now’, and to know that ‘time’ is a dimension predicated upon consciousness is to some extent a glimpse into the heart of the real. The real is beyond words like ‘mind’ and ‘consciousness’. We are all in the daily pursuit to comprehend ‘what’ via ‘who’ we are and what it means to ‘be’. Distilling the idea of our existence down into religious forms is feeble like Websters attempt at grasping ‘consciousness’ through mere definition. Consciousness is only grasped silently with a clear mind and no words and in the ‘now’. That is the closest we get to grasping the nature of consciousness: No more words-so let me shut da fuck up.



Monday, January 2, 2012

Laments On The Limitation of Form

Jeet Kun Do is based upon minimal movement and maximum effect, fluidity, and formlessness-it is the emulation of water. How long before someone makes the statement, “The Father was shot and killed in the elevator for our sins –so that we may have ever lasting life.” Gods and Earths, NGE, the five percent have established a definitive form. Religion is form. I have been doing the knowledge to religion for a number of years and have come to realize that consistent patterns run through all religious forms. The Jehovah Witness believe that all those who are not in 'the truth’ are the children of Satan and that this is Satan’s world. Muslims call the non-believer kafir. God’s and Earths define those outside the loop as the 85 or 10 percent-and hold fast to religiously defining the colored man as the devil. Form…form…form,-all forms have behavioral patterns.

Each form proclaims ‘Truth’-an absolute truth. In Martial Arts you have Karate, Kung Fu, Wing Chung, Akido, Ju Jitsu etc. in the establishment of set forms are paths of wisdom indeed. The basic idea behind a given martial art’s form is to defend one’s self. A singular form can be dismantled when opposition does not conform to said form’s idea of an attacking posture, throwing the practitioner of a given form off balance. Bruce Lee was on to something with Jeet Kun Do-a spontaneous fight has no form-so why should your defence be set if the fight is no pre-set?  If you can extrapolate and correlate the principle of formlessness expounded upon in ‘Jeet Kun Do’ to religious forms and other truth based ideologies then you will have succeeded and preserving the best part for yourself of whatever the said form may be. In my Quranic studies I've learned to translate the Arabic Quran into English verbatim and interestingly enough I have a Jehovah Witness Song book that reads very similar to some portions of surahs in the Quran . Words like ‘Kingdom’ ‘Sovereignty’, ‘Master’ ‘Righteous’, ‘Faith’, ‘Mercy’, ‘Compassion’, ‘Pray’, ‘Brotherhood’, ‘Lord’, ‘Blind’, ‘Serve’, and ‘Truth’ were all throughout both books. All the forms have general rules, and the rules establish the functions within the form. The mannerisms differ from form to form but the fundamental root of the dogma is always similarly structured. God in the flesh or God in the sky is irrelevant in the general idea of religion, because ‘God’ is within the general psychological scope of those adherents subscribing to the various spiritual expression of a said religion from the God saying "Peace" to the Jehovah Witness offering a Watchtower-form is form.. So the interpretation of 'God' as man or mystery makes no more difference than the name you chose to call God. Forms become ugly when they exclude, and fail to embrace the kinship of all forms in general. I was in the Kingdom Hall chuckling to myself at the absurdity in all forms, the narrow-mindedness of all forms and how ‘Religion’ clings to its limited formulaic truth. Interestingly enough I found that it is not en vogue to say ‘religion’. Gods and Earths define our brand of truth as ‘living mathematics’; Jehovah Witnesses call their religion the Truth, and Muslims define their practices as ‘a way of life’. Religions who attempt to cling to ‘science’ are themselves too religiously biased to peruse a general fact with any pure scientific objectivity. To be objective one must at some point deny all prejudicial bias.  Being right and exact is not obtained in the ‘longing’ or wanting to be 'right and exact''-being right and exact is found in the undertaking of the work that comes with scientifically showing and proving the reality of actually what is right and exact.. A true scientist doesn’t create circumstances that fit facts but facts that fit circumstances. When Gods come at me with 'we are scientist’, I’m usually quiet, because I know we are not legitimate scientist-don’t get me wrong: we could be scientist, but the patience and research required to be a scientist is found in the tedious rigors of the real math found in those dusty ass text books we refuse to open, and our collective devil of not being proficient in Calc, Trig, Algebra, Combinatorics and Geometry still lives in our Asiatic world. Intead we’ll call one-knowledge and ‘two’ wisdom-yadda, yadda, yadda, add water and that makes us mathematicians? Nigga Please! The best 14 year old Math student in China would bust every Gods and Earths ass in real  Math like Tom Brady Or Aaron Rodgers taking the ball 80 yards with 2 minutes left in the fourth! Actually our claim to supremacy in math has about as much credibility as a nigga who just came home from the joint and brags to all his homies how he was running things in prision when in all actuality he spent more time on his knees and on all fours. In the prison house of mathematics the Chinese run the mathematical cell block, the Germans, and the Russians. In order to claim 'supreme math' you have to be supreme at math and that's actual fact. Niggaz be puttin' sugar on shit and calling it cultural math. Math is math. what we do is cultural philosophy: supreme philosophy-the last place a nigga born in the wilderness of North America is trying to be, is in a college level math class. Don't nobody want to hear Em because these words I'm writing are dead fuckin' true. Snap out the comfortable Asiatic world of your supreme mathematical illusion and study Mathematics like a religion. Math is the only true religion. Real Math not cultural philosophy.

Branches of math hold ‘form’ and are like various relgions governed by rules-however branches of mathematics unlike religious forms are expansive. Mathematical branches in their nature have the potentiality to go on forever. I know niggaz who can’t be wrong, as if their subjective, relative truth is ‘be all-end all’-such individuals are truly out of tune with mathematics and science. All scientific and mathematical pursuits are endless and are without a ledge, it is religion in all its variety of forms that finds itself often at its ledge, stuck in the finite, stuck in ‘I’m right’, and Emblem is wrong. Religions in all its fucking forms is Self Righteous. Religions are like 'know it alls’ who love to hear themselves speak. Why is the Asian dude the quietest guy in the room and elevates above all others in math even above  the self righteous’ ‘know it all’? I asked this nigga once if he knew calculus and he honestly told me ‘No’. I should have reassessed his claim of Supreme Math further-we should reassess our collective claim of Supreme Math in general. Don’t be the dude who postures when he comes home from jail, admit when your mathematical proficiency leaves a lot to be desired and has in fact been fucked by your own self delusion. Admit that Asians make our mathematical abilities look like that of the mathematical aptitude of mental midgets. Admit it, and let your admission be your Mt. Everest and then surmount the challenge of learning true math and true science from credible sources.