Tuesday, December 27, 2011

EM Theory: We Don't Know Shit!

Three years back I wrote twelve doesn’t equal three-making reference to the absurdity of the whole ‘All being born’ thing. My mind ‘questions’-that is just the type of mind that I have-It has always been that way. So what is ‘right’? Right is relative-relative to the consciousness that perceives it. My mind will never be in a box and I’m not gonna come off like I’m ‘right’ in absolute terms. My ‘right’ is to question and the question is an existential one. God is a construct of man's thinking, a projection and an invocation of man's mind: be God a mystery or otherwise-man is still man through all theological trifles. The consciousness of man projects a being and invokes a being. Man comes before God hence the humanly created letters 'G' 'O' 'D'. The intelligence of man conjures up via imagination and is curious to know; What the fuck is reality? Length, width, depth, and the intangible notion of time show forth the human experience. There are more dimensions. Dimensions that physicist have mathematically proven. M-theory shows and proves 11 dimensions. What are the implications of 11 dimensions upon the nature of consciousness? As far as consciousness goes we do not have an idea what it is-nor what it is composed of and as possessors of this mystical consciousness we do not understand it from a substantive point of view. We can surmise meaning but we do not have a clue as to what consciousness is-or its origins.

Questions take you to the ledge of your knowledge, and thus from an existential point of view, in terms of knowing we all stand on relative shaky ground. The mystery God based religions throughout the world speak of God as an observer of our reality, actually it speaks within the scope of M-theory and the multiplicity of dimensions in which reality is composed. Man projects this God’s benevolence, and religious rituals invoke this so-called God’s benevolence. All the rituals and the religions are based upon the insecurity of the unknown. Man who is a conscious being has no handle on consciousness itself-‘handle’ meaning that the human being has not ascertained the nature of consciousness. We can mate and make another human being and kill and take away another conscious human being, but we cannot create via science-pure consciousness itself. We have no idea of its ingredients, nor has man apprehended the meaning of the universe at large. We’ve observed stars, quasars, dark matter, and a host of other things out there in space but none has grasped the meaning of life in this universe. Is there a meaning to existence? Or is existence purely random? Theology via fiction writing designates meaning but we know theology is not science. The human mind is fascinating- in its writing of theological stories it establishes dimensions-not through math or physics but via supposition. Heaven, Hell and purgatory are projected dimensions by the religions of the world. The human mind is reaching on a slippery slope attempting to apprehend reality, our brain does its best to make sense of the world by making up, and defining existence.

The human being by nature searches for ‘truth’-truth is abstractly held as a model of reality that is indisputable. Human beings are still growing mathematically and mathematical aptitude is still for the most part very limited, and physics and quantum physics are still being studied in order to grab a hold of definition and meaning-but a truth? Naw yo! Few if any have touched truth. The collective human consciousness has grasped bits and pieces but for every bit and piece beheld as a fact of sorts this fact of sorts, branches off into an infinitude of more questions. The quantum level proves an integrated relationship between matter and consciousness. The ‘buckyball’ experiment in which electrons were shot through slits proved that matter behaves differently when consciously observed. Why? Human beings don’t know.

The big bang and three stages of darkness use to be my slam-dunk contest, because I use to come out of darkness like MJ going up for a dunk to explain creation. Shit has changed in my perceptions the more I learned about physics. The multi-verse theory has changed how I view three stages and even the membrane theory has transformed my perception of three stages. Sound plausable ideas will change relative truth. The initial aspect of three stages was Allah realizing himself in the darkness: the implosion, and the establishment of the first atom of hydrogen and then boom, Yadda, Yadda Yadda!  Literally a star could have collapsed, formulated a black hole and opened up energy into this universe: One universe's vaccum is another universe's explosion. Possibilities transform the falsities and absurdities of absolutes.

Some may disagree, but the fact remains that Allah School doesn’t have electron microscopes nor do we have the know-how to make particle accelerators to test and observe matter on a microcosmic level. I feel we must observe the findings of the scientific community to obtain a deeper understanding of math and science.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Supremely Subjective

I dig scientific study, I wear no rose colored glasses, and I know the difference between Supreme Numbers and Supreme Math. White boys who build particle accelerators are dealing with high mathematics and high physics. Supreme numbers are good principles: Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Culture Freedom, Power Refinement, Equality, God, Build Destroy, Be or Born, and Cipher. The re-entitled description for quantitative values are cool and provide one with some cool philosophical principles to think about amidst the mundane world in which we live. An organization can indeed be formed around such principles. Organizations have been formed based upon much less. Knowledge to born and cipher are however subjective in meaning and only apply to the user’s perception. The fact of the matter is-is that numbers have been re-named with philosophical terms. Are they universally objective, and a part of some inherent universal truth? Emphatically No! Fundamentally numbers have no personality, and no inherent qualities aside from their ability to describe the quantitative material based reality in which we live. Defining re-named numerical values as ‘Supreme’ is a subjective designation by the user not the scientific community at large.

Through the Wormhole; The Universe; and any other series or book about quantum physics-I have been consuming with a voracious appetite over the last year and what I’ve concluded about knowledge-is that don’t nobody know shit! One thing I’ve realized about science is that the more you learn-the more you must learn. For everything we know about the universe there are a thousand more things we don’t. On a quantum level it has been proven that matter behaves differently via conscious observation. Why?

‘Know it alls’ are funny because they really don’t know shit. None of us know the true nature of reality, and I refused to believe I know, because such a belief would bias further study. The Colored man builds on string theory, M-theory, the Multi-verse, time and also real math. Real Math and real physics fascinates the fuck outta me, and I admire all those who can really do real math and real physics regardless of their color because math is some amazing shit. You can call a number whatever the fuck you want, but if you can’t show and prove how it is suppose to behave when solving a complex math problem your answer is gonna be wrong as fuck. Your numbers are subjectively supreme to you-and you alone, but your math is only supreme when you can go to China and defeat their leading 12 year old math genius in an international math competition. I’m not one to pat myself on the back, but the above is the God’s honest truth. Very few people get what the fuck I’m saying. Why?

For the last 5 weeks I’ve been going to the Kingdom Hall to really put my finger on the religious mindset and I'm not combative, or attempting to bomb them with a whole bunch of catch phrases out of 120. Nobody does the knowledge like EM. Religion deals with a so-called ‘exclusive truth’ and is oblivious to objectivity. Religion can’t afford to be objective because it would become science. If we don’t want to be religious we better realize quickly that ‘one’ can also represent ‘Paper clip’; two can also represent ‘memo pad’; three can represent ‘stapler remover’; four can represent ‘desk and chair’; 5 can represent ‘lap-top’; 6 can represent time clock; 7 can represent ‘pay check’; 8 can represent ‘Supervisor’; 9 can represent ‘Friday’ and Zero can represent ‘Take your ass back to work Monday-and do it again'.

Truth is relative not absolute. When you get locked into the prison house of an absolute truth-you’re fucked. A true scientist is always expanding his scope and the root of his foundation's objectivity.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011