Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How The God Truth Blew A Hole In The Universe

"Loud and Clear!" Truth uttered into the Droid, hitting the end button. The Phrase was a code. Truth was parked in front of Emblem's house in a rented blue Chevy Impala. Seconds after Truth hung up Emblem opened the front door. Truth came in with a brief case, Emblem sat at the dinning room table in a bathrobe, wiping sleep out of his eyes.

"You look like shit! Hangover?" He asked, attempting to guess as to why Emblem looked disheveled.

"Naw! I been up all night. Didn't get to rest until 7a.m. What's in the case?" Emblem asked, changing the subject.

"Your going to love this shit!" Said Truth, anxiously opening the brief case, revealing an assortment of exotic strands of Marijuana labeled in individual jars. "Nothing like it has ever been smoked in North America: Hawaiian Haze; Ultra-Violet Lambs' Bread; Authentic Afghan Kush; Colombian Guadalupe; AK-47. And this strain here, 'Crescent Moon' it came in second at the Cannibus Cup last year in Amsterdam. A puff of this will have you reading calculus text books for fun. It's a purely scientifically grown strain of sativa. White boy's at Cal Tech have been cross breeding and genetically enhancing and modifying the female seeds for years. And I also have this-this is called Zulu." A pregnant pause came over the room, Truth's voice cracked, a tear ran down his cheek and a frog leaped around in his throat. They were tears of religious joy: Truth was crying over the perfection of the strain he was holding. He held up an ounce of Zulu as if a glowing blue light surrounded it.

"This is the Holy Grail of Canibus Sativa. Grown from the red South African clay. Highest THC levels known to mankind. Marinating for millions of years in the womb of the Earth. It's closely related to Colombian Guatalupe but much stronger. It is said Shaka Zulu himself would puff this and see the souls of his enemies climb outta of their dead bodies after he slew them. 1600 dollars an ounce!"

"Give me an ounce of that Zulu and a half ounce of that Amsterdam Crescent Moon." Emblem said counting out 2200 dollars, handing it to Truth. "Roll a blunt of that Amsterdam Crescent Moon." Emblem uttered trying to wake up over a cup of coffee.

Truth always had a Dutch Master available and began to split it. "You can't sleep or something?" Truth asked making small talk while splitting the blunt.

"I figured it out!"

"Figured what out?" Truth asked.

"You ever heard of the 'Uncertainty Principle'?" Emblem asked, sipping his coffee.

"Yeah! Isn't that what physicist believe- something about-you can't know where a sub-atomic particle spinning around the nuclei of an atom is at any given point in time." Truth answered, dumping the guts of the dutch in a waste basket.

"That's about right. It's the principle which states that you cannot know either the velocity or position of a particle with infinite precision. The 'uncertainty' is the position and velocity of the electron at a singular point in time . It's the most essential component in order to grasp the complex nature of Quantum mechanics. Sub atomic uncertainty!" Emblem said, taking another sip of coffee with a dreamy aloof stare in his eye.

Truth was interested, but still didn't have a clue as to why Emblem was bringing up Heisenberg's 'Uncertainty Principle' at nine in the morning. With nimble fingers Truth broke the weed down with the steady hands of a brain surgeon, sprinkling the exotic marijuana evenly into the Dutch Master's shell.

"So Quantum Physics is causing you to have insomnia?" Truth guessed as he began to roll the blunt.

"Remember In 1996 when our weed spot got raided and I left town and went to Seattle?"

"How the hell could I forget? My parents paid a fortune in legal fees to keep me outta prison and never let me forget it."

"Well while you and your parents fought the case to keep you outta jail I went to Seattle to stick-up a drug dealer-any drug dealer. I had visions of coming back with a kilo of that Kurt Cobain grunge heroin. It was a dumb idea and a blind shot in the dark but I was desperate. I found a mark. He was a white boy sweating on the Greyhound. This white boy was nervous as fuck. My best guess was that he was in possession of Raw heroin. I wanted it to be something I could take back to the city, step on and get off. My hunch was that he had weed, coke, pills, or heroin? I was certain the white boy had something. He was sweatin' like an al-Qaeda terrorist with a trench coat on in August. So when the bus stopped in Seattle I got him alone, roughed him up a bit and took the whiteboy's book-bag and he had this." Emblem finished his sentence by sliding what looked like a cable box on the table.

"What da fuck is this!" Truth asked, picking the black box up, examining it.

"When I stole the box I didn't have a clue what it was. Look on the side." Emblem said prompting Truth to turn the box on it's side.

"USB socket. So!" Truth uttered.

"In 1996 there weren't USB cords or sockets available to the general public. Let me show you something." Emblem said getting up from the table. "Bring da blunt and follow me."

"Have you ever heard of Moore's Law?" Emblem asked Truth

"Naw! What the fuck is that?" Truth asked following Emblem down into his basement where he had a make-shift laboratory.

"It states that computer power doubles every eighteen months. It's all in the thin wafer-like transistors. Smaller and smaller transistors. Presently they still use Silicon transistors and UltraViolet light reads the chip and computes. The most advanced Pentium Chip has a layer ten or fifteen atoms across. Well the shorter the length of atoms across, the chip begins to abandon the laws of Newtonian physics thus making classical physics irrelevant. The smaller the chip's infrastructure becomes-the more it becomes a quantum computer. This is where the Uncertainty Principle comes in to play.

"Em I'm lost. What da fuck are you talkin 'bout." Truth said, blowing out cannibus from his lungs.

"A Quantum Computer's processing chip is small. Everybody is talkin' 'bout 'bits'- A quantum computer operates on cubits. Meaning a quantum computer is a much more powerful computer. It's all about the power of calculations. A quantum computer can find the square root of a number with 10,000 digits in the blink of an eye or faster. Truth I didn't steal a brick of heroin- I fuckin robbed the whiteboy for a prototype of a quantum computer. I didn't know I had a quantum computer until 2006. It took me ten years to figure out what it was."

"So what are you gonna do, sell it to a DJ or something." Truth said, forgetting to pass the Blunt.

"No. Look at this." Emblem pulled a white sheet off of what looked like a cross between an old fashioned phone booth and a gaudy leather sofa in a pimp's living room.

"What da hell is that?!" Truth asked.

"A time machine! There is no such thing as 'absolute' time. All events are labeled by a quantitative measurement called 'time'. Each observer understands time in a relative way. 'Time' is a very intimate and personal concept. Two clocks can be generally synchronized, but never exactly, no matter how harmoniously they appear to tick together. No two clocks can be exactly in synch. Even if two clocks read 2:54 for example-if you could measure down two a millionth of a second, or a trillionth of a second the clocks would differ by a few millionths of a second. So remember: all time is relative. Now pass me the blunt nigga."

Truth was frozen as he contemplated Emblem's words, slowly handing Em the dutch.

"Okay, so how is it a time machine?" Truth inquired with a furrowed brow.

"Peace! Einstein said that time travel requires a rocketship that travels faster than the speed of light. I don't have nor could I make such a ship. To make a ship travel at the speed of light would require infinite energy and consequently there would be an infinite expansion of the mass of the ship. So, I could've focused on undertaking the impossible task of building a ship that travels at the speed of light but instead I chose another route: reducing and translating the electromagnetic signature of mass and transporting it on the electromagnetic field into another time.

Giving the blunt back to a flabbergasted Truth, Emblem continued explaining.

"At CERN...-"

"What's CERN?" Truth inquired.

"The European Center for Nuclear Research. They can speed a subatomic particle to 99.99 percent of the spead of light, it seems Einstein was right: the speed of light appears to be the speed limit for the universe, in which case it would rule out time travel. But remember I told you about the uncertainty principle?"

"Yeah, yeah, the principle that states that you can't know the exact position or velocity of a subatomic particle. Indeed. I follow you." Truth exhaled the Ghanja smoke coughing like a tuberculosis patient.

"Well! With the quantum computer: the Uncertainty principle is no more. This computer can predict the exact position and velocity of every subatomic particle composing a given object. I then turn the booth on which runs an electromagnetic current through the inside of the booth. The quantum computer instantly translates matter into pure cubits of information. I use an electromagnetic charge to agitate every atom in the booth and thus dissolving you like a Star Trek transporter. But instead of transporting you to another place, it uses the electromagnetic field that is pervasive throughout space and sends your information into the past or future via the electromagnetic field. Transferring you from time A into time B. I punch in the coordinates of time B which equals the destination and voila: You're there! Let me send you 24 hours into the future. You're cell phone should work, call me from the future and tell me what the Mega Millions Lottery number is going to be. Lottery Jackpot is 307 million. When your in the future I will play the numbers that you tell me to play and just like that: We're multi millionaires."

"Why I gotta be the guinea pig. How come you don't go?" Truth asked.

"Because only I know how to work the Time Machine. Truth do you want to be a millionaire?"

"Hell yeah! Fuck it! Let's blow a movafuckin hole in the universe nigga, but first let's smoke a blunt of that Zulu!"

To be continued...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


One day I over heard an Egyptian cultural cat preaching that ''Ra'-'Ra' shit'. This nigga said the Egyptians invented aviation and were the first to fly planes. Honestly, I haven't argued about mathematics, 120, or black cultural shit since the early born ciphers. I didn't give a fuck if the Egyptians invented flight or not. 'Ain't no' Dashiki's in my closet; 'ain't no wooden African statues of an abstractly shaped black man with an oblong head chucking a spear; 'ain't no' drums from Kenya; 'ain't no pics of Huey holding his rifle sitting in the chair; nor is there a pic of Malcolm X looking out his window waiting for killer F.O.I. to push his wig back. My only cultural boast is that 'IGod' culture is firmly embedded in my consciousness as a blunt reality. I base my life on mathematics and over the years I've learned that mathematics is about 'simplification'. So, in no way was I about to waste my breath building with a nigga romanticizing over whether Egyptians had airports and planes in ancient Khamit.

With a smirk on my face, my cynical expression said, "Get the fuck outta my face." Regardless of my facial expression the pseudo Egyptian dude continued to passionately build on rhetoric from the Ra Um Neffer Amen cult: "Hotep bitchez!". Psychologically it was obvious that he was searching for a hero! He needed someone to look up to! He never found anyone to fulfill his needs' and I'm sure that'z a lonely place to be and the WE HAD nigga found Ra Um Neffer Amen. Hey, whatever floats your fuckin' boat. I'm not impressed by Egypt or the great pyramids! Not at all! They had their 5 percent, 10 percent and 85 percent just like any other society. I'm sure they were just as corrupt. He claimed that there were hieroglyphic drawings depicting what could only be described as flying machines on the walls inside the great pyramids of Giza. As dude continued I could see that he needed an Egyptian Dentist much more than he did an Egyptian pilot. He was rocking a plastic anhk symbol around his neck, greedily digging in a small bag of goji berries, doing his best to show and prove the majesty of ancient Egyptian aviation.

I don't attempt to convert movafuckuz to IGod culture, I have a real true and living 'Fuck You' attitude in that regard. My philosophy is either an 85 nigga gets 'it' or he doesn't. I'm not one to bomb Sunnis, or Christians because of some insecure need to validate myself as God or show off what I know: In my opinion: if it ain't pure math-it'z up for debate anyway. I don't argue with F.O.I. to show and prove that 'IGod' culture somehow trumps NOI culture. Such behavior represents Asiatic Amateur Night At The Apollo.

When I hear co-workers talk about their love for Jesus it doesn't touch a nerve because I'm rather comfortable not lifting a finger if a nigga blindly believes Jesus Christ is somehow coming back to save his black ass. Shit! Christians are entertaining. On many occasions I have blazed an 'L', sipped cappuccino and listened to gospel. Good Music is good music and gospel really resonates when you're high and got Knowledge of Self! Sometimes I'll smoke weed and watch T.D. Jakes or Creflo Dollar: the ten percent at its finest. Them two niggaz be blood sucking it up and I can't even knock their hustle for real-for real! T.D. Jakes get niggaz hyped as fuck when he tells 'em "Turn around and touch somebody and tell 'em you feel a blessing coming 'round the corner!!!" Depending how good the weed is I'll be laughing my ass off when all them movafuckuz in the Potter's House Mega Church start touching each other. Cult shit and religious shit is funny as fuck sometimes.

I'm not gonna waste my time attempting to teach a Christian who's a member of a Mega Church, nor am I gonna teach a nigga eating goji berries screaming that Egyptians were the founders of aviation. Musa already had a hard time! Fuck a 'Hard time' arguing with a nigga who's talking about Egyptians invented 747s in whenever the fuck B.C.! Nigga please! I'm having a good time in life nowaday and I've earned my peace of mind after 22 years in IGod Culture. So my point is: that if there were planes in ancient Egypt, them Goddamn planes ain't flying around 'NOW'.

I don't seek a credit extension from The Historical Asiatic Credit Union based upon the cultural collateral of the existence of Egyptian planes or the ancient majesty of the Great Pyramids. Fuck 'WE HAD'-What have 'WE DONE LATELY'? When original people look at the pyramids many niggaz get all fuckin' misty eyed, and nostalgic because of how great our people once were. Sorry, b.u.t. I don't look at them triangle buildings in the desert with eyes welling up in tears. Sorry! I don't sing songs in 4 part harmony about how great Asiatic niggaz were once upon a time. Fuck enrolling in the ancient Egyptian Mystery systems of Ausar Auset and kissing Ra Um Neffer Amen's ass. We need more niggaz at M.I.T., Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, overseas exchange students and Historically Black Colleges and Universities studying math and science not Isis. Ancient Egypt is cool b.u.t. Em ain't falling victim to becoming misty eyed.

Yes, the pyramids are a marvel of mathematical majesty. Anytime you combine over 2 million stones together to make a pyramid in the middle of a hot ass desert that is a marvel indeed. The Pyramids are one of the Seven Wonders Of the World. They show and prove that the black architects who designed them had advanced in Math well beyond 'all being born'. There is however a flip-side to the mathematical majesty of the pyramids that movafuckuz fail to see. Firstly, the pyramids were built to reflect the grandiose egos of the Pharoahs who without a doubt all suffered from acute cases of megalomania. A Pharoah would make the most arrogant and narcisitic facebook and faggotty Youtube God appear relatively shy, unassuming and humbly submissive in comparison to His Royal Highness Pharoah.

A God nowaday is fortunate to have one good Earth, not only did this arrogant nigga Pharoah have more than one shorty, he expected all of his Earths, Concubines and servants to accompany his dead black ass into a sealed chamber within the pyramid in order that they could all travel into the afterlife together. That's some 'Angel Baby in the Wisdom Build degree' shit fo yo ass! All of the Pharoah's ho's were expected to go with him on the day he died. They were the first 'ride or die' bitches ever. I'm sure at least one chick in Egypt from the West Side said, "Hell to da Naw! Fuck that shit! I'm too young to die. I'm only 17. I got my whole life ahead of me. I want to go to ECC (Egypt Community College) and get my degree in Bizness 'menstration'."

We never think about that movafucka working on the pyramid for 15 hours a day without Medical or Dental, pulling a two ton piece of stone up a big ass sliding board. Egyptology niggaz are alwayz romanticizing about ancient niggaz. I can't stand when old men say Joe Louis would have beat Ali, so I damn sure don't want to hear shit about Egyptian niggaz who sware up and down that the average Pyramid worker had adequate medical coverage, dental, vision and Aflac. I bet money: if they ever take them goddamn triangle buildings apart they'll find bones between them movafuckin' stones. It won't be the bones of Pharoah wrapped in the freshest linen hemp mummy Rockawear gear. That bone will belong to Tyrone Johnson, an injured pyramid worker who lost his arm because it got crushed cuz a fuckin' rope popped and the scaffolding collapsed, causing a bolder to drop and crush his arm. Pharoah didn't pay not nare a nigga 'workmen's comp'. Don't forget: Yacob was born out of dissatisfaction, which means niggaz wasn't morally right and exact to begin with. Nobody wants to bring that shit up, everybody wants to talk about how Asiatic streets were paved with gold and how Footlocker had platinum Nike Sandals with a symbol of Ausar's Bull's head on the side. Nigga please! The truth is-is that a black devil is seven times worst than a regular devil. George 'Dubya's' devilishment ain't have shit on a Pharoah's devilishment. Understanding Wisdom in the one to forty builds on how the colored man's mental and physical power is nothing in comparison to that of the original man. Well, the Colored Man's devilishment is nothing in comparison to that of the Original Man either, especially when a nigga puts his mind to do some devilishment whole heartedly. Yacob was the Father of the Devil who taught the devil to do this devilishment, meaning every nigga humming that crack baby hip hop shit has an innate PH.D in devilishment. I'm not quick to romanticize about ancient Asiatics. Shit! Pharoah gave less than a fraction of a fuck that Tyrone lost his arm working on the pyramid.

Are we really so naïve that we believe that poor Tyrone who lost his arm working on the pyramid really received personal injury case money? Tyrone Johnson ain't get shit but an Egyptian cotton shirt with one long sleeve and one movafuckin' short sleeve. Do you think the Pharoah came to visit 'one armed' Tyrone while he was laid up in Egypt Mercy Hospital? Ramses stayed his ass in the crib with two bitches fanning him and another bitch feedin' his arrogant black ass grapes. Do you really think a supervisor on the Pyramid work site wrote you up if you weren't making your daily 'stone lifting quota'? Fuck a write-up, them movafuckin Supervisors on the Pyramids were worst than the overseers in slavery. I'd love to go back in time with a 'WE HAD' nigga and see him work just one 15 hour shift on an Egyptian Pyramid construction site, let alone a whole lifetime. Many people don't know that the name of Egyptian currency was the 'dingaling' and the average Pyramid worker only got paid 3 dingalings and 6 balls an hour meaning they got fucked! 'WE HAD' niggaz would be bitchin' and moaning, hymming and hawing before first break if they had to work on the pyramids. Fuck romanticizing about that 'Tehutti scratch your booty' bullshit. If ancient Asiatic niggaz was right and exact the colored man wouldn't have been made manifest in the first place.

And for those that scream that the White Man still ain't figured out how Original People built the pyramids, then you need to take a vacation to Las Movafuckin Vegas and stay your black ass at the Luxor Casino and Luxury Resort Hotel. It has 2500 fuckin rooms with Hieroglypics as decoration, a Sphinx in the main lobby, luxury suites with hot tubs, four star gourmet restaurants, Black Jack, Poker, Slots, Shiatsu Massages, Deep tissue Massage, Saunas, Crap tables, off track betting, multiple swimming pools, inexpensive buffets, room service, shows and free movafuckin drinks for as long as you can afford to put nickles in the goddamn slot machine. It's all happening in a triangular shaped building within a real live pyramid in the desert of Las Vegas. So no, the colored man ain't figured out how to fit 2 million 2 ton stones together in the middle of the desert but that movafucka sure did figure out how to have a good movafuckin time in the desert.

'WE HAD' niggaz are an emotional drag and if you keep them around you-you will soon be a depressed drag too. Keep them 'WE HAD' niggaz out of your circumference.

In His Own 'GOOD TIME', meaning have a good time being God and Earth and don't be a humorless dumb fuck!



Time Is The Mind

Time does not exist without the mind, meaning consciousness must be present to percieve time. All existence is predicated on awareness. Knowledge is awareness, and knowledge is the foundation to existence. Physcist have established that space and time are one, if space and time are one then the mind is a spatial phenomena, proving the omnipresence of the All pervasive and ever aware mind. There is no existence without consciousness and conciousness is critical to all mass, matter and motion.

Realization is perpetual in the universe, as constant elevation is the eternal discovery of One's Self. One consciousness exist, and all is one. The illusion of fragmentation, and differentiation is only as real as you percieve it to be. On Earth we appear to be individual beings and to some extent the perception of being an individual is true. Our individual truth is relative to our own self.

Many talk about the collective consciousness, including myself and to know what that is is to know how temporary the individual being is. The fragility of who we are is shown through the passage of time. Time being the Mind means the Mind is discovering it's own Eternal nature forever and always. Individuals are mere models and vehicles. If you can control the mind, you control space and time. Time, Mind and Space is all one, We all are literally 'ONE'. All conscious beings actually compose one Grand Being. All things from the smallest realms: hadrons, leptons, gluons, quarks, w-bosons, photons, protons, and electrons are not only constituent parts of atoms, they are pieces of the Self, and aspects of consciousness. Everything, meaning 'all matter' is to some degree aware. Even a rock! Awareness is relative by eternal degrees.

Why Is one Conciousness in sole occupation of the entire Universe? What is the purpose of life, consciousness, time and matter? One being is experiencing Self in a variation of forms through space-time manifesting as matter. God is Thinking!

How are problems relative to the experience of the mind? Problems are created by the mind in order to bring forth it's infinite qualities within this universal consciousness by way of solutions. Problems and solutions are one consciousness, not two, and not flipsides of the same coin. It's the perception of separation of the problem from the solution that appears to make them different and it is this difference that makes more problems and more solutions over Time.

So what is the human being's relationship to the Mind? Expression! An intelligent being realizes it's connection to the mind by way of intelligence. Consciousness travels from the multiple dimensions(M-Theory/String Theory) of the sub atomic realm into the atomic realm, to the chemical realm, and to the biological/organic realm in order to come into this dimension of Space Time. The organism contains a mathematical nature which act as orders of operation. The Being realizes Self as One with that conciousness that initially came through the Sub-atomic realm. The Mind has been present every step of the way. Time is a measurement of space. The human being has constructed instruments: clocks, sundials, etc. and thus has the ability to abstractly measure time, proving that time and mind/consciousness are inextricably intertwined. Time is the Mind because no time can pass without an observer. Your observation of the Universe makes the Universe real.

Without consciousness there would be no Universe. Without consciousness there would be Nothing. Consciousness always has been and always will be and there is no such thing as 'No-Thing' there is Some 'ONE'. Einstien called this Some One 'The Old One'. How can something have no beginning nor ending? In life we see what appears to be death: there is no real death. Cognition dies, and the individual is no more, however the forces that compose the individual are eternal. Human Cognition is the processor of this eternal consciousness. The brain/processor contains the organic biological mechanics to realize self. Advanced cognition allows the being to realize it's Self in others, and as consciousness further advances via cognition eventually this consciousness realizes it's Oneness with the 'ALLNESS' of Self.

Barriers to this self realization are perpetual as consciousness has no beginning and is itself perpetual. The barrier or problems in life establishes the path to the solution. Realizing that TIME, MIND and SPACE are ONE is an essential component to the Path to higher self realization and solving the problems of life and eternity. Make matter move with your mind in time.



God Of A Universe Of Possibilities

I wrote a blog on quantum physics approximately two months ago and I didn't feel it was well written. The blog did not explain what I wanted it to explain. Also Quantum mechanics is so utterly mind bending, that someone who doesn't have a general understanding of quantum physics could not begin to comprehend the blog. Quantum concepts would take my readership out of the loop and I didn't want that. So, I thought it would be best to add some things before publishing this particular blog. The following is the finished product.

"The 'Now' can't possibly affect the past-the 'Now' can only affect the future." says traditional physics. When we examine past Koran all past events add up to that which we define as the 'Now' or 'Now-a-day': it makes perfect sense in the observable world. If you walk into a room and Emblem is standing over his enemy with a bloody sword and my enemy's head is rolling on the floor you can conclude with relative certainty that I murdered my enemy without having had actually witnessed the exact moment of my enemy's decapitation. On a quantum level, the past is not definitive. Quantum physics shows that no matter how thoroughly you do the knowledge to the 'Now' that the past(first zig) is indefinite, just as the future(second zig) is indefinite. Yeah, I know what your thinking, and I assure you that I'm not smoking anything. I've been researching the hell out of Quantum Mechanics and it is an amazing 'Mind-Bend'. I've heard all the old Gods say "As above so below.", I've said it before many times myself, however Quantum physics has for the most part discounted 'as above so below' and concluded from the tested observations of quantum laws that the quantum realm does not behave in accord with the macroscosmic laws governing the universe, and yet, these quantum laws dictate the fixed laws of the macroscosmic universe. Quantum laws act kinda like parents who tell their children "Do as I say-but not as I do!".

In the macroscosmic Universe we travel from point A to point B; in quantum physics a particle does indeed travel from point A to point B, however said particle takes every possible path at the same time, which implies that one object can exist in multiple places simultaneously. That is some pretty trippy shit-trippy shit that implies that at least on a quantum level the Universe has no singular Koran(history). So if we hold to the traditional Zig Zag Zig model of time and factor in the idea of 'as above so below' it implies the existence of multiple histories and Korans, meaning that an infinitude of possibilities were predicted and prescribed in the year one.

Quantum physics says that the year one is point 'A' and all observable events that lead to point B(Now) is not a straight line of events b.u.t. instead events take every possible alternative route at the same time. The Universe holds every possible history and every possible future and each event has it's own probable outcome. As crazy as this sounds and you can put me in a straight-jacket and commit me to the Matteawan Hospital for The Criminally Insane for saying this, b.u.t. Emblem is the President of The United States in an alternate Universe: Crazy ain't it!

Before I Build On Werner Heisenberg and the 'Uncertainty Principle', it may be important to note that some Gods and Earths may have their suspicions regarding colored scientist, colored mathematicians and the study of quantum physics. They may discount colored scientist and have their apprehensions of the colored man as dabbling in trick-knowledge to once again fool Original people. Those Gods and Earths do indeed have that right. Their suspicions and apprehensions are indeed warranted, however I think it is imperative to study science and the contributions of all scientist, mathematicians and quantum physicist and admit that the colored man over the past 5 centuries has been scientifically more progressive than original people in the Wilderness of North America and all over the Planet Earth. The Nation of God and Earth have very limited scientific resources and instrumentation to experimentally test anything, so I think it would be wise to study existing scientific theory and the History of European science in order that we may elevate as a Nation. Nations learn from other Nations: Divine or Destroy. Enough said!

In 1926 Werner Heisenberg formulated the 'Uncertainty Principle' which multiplies the uncertainty of the position of a 'particle' by the particle's velocity, regardless of how powerful our computational abilities are or how great our observational capacity-we cannot know the exact position of an electron spinning around the nucleus of an atom at any given moment in time. The system of that atom determines it's future state through a process that is essentially itself uncertain and alludes to an infinite amount of possibilities. Einstein did not like such an idea because it suggested that God shoots dice, however the Math and the Physics bare witness to the fact that Allah did and does shoot dice.

Quantum physics at face value seems to pull the rug from up under what we define as 'Natural Law', b.u.t. instead it modifies how we perceive reality. The idea of 'Determinism' becomes a tranformative point of view: Any given cipher of things in a given moment in true I master equality with an applicable law of nature determines multiple probabilities of a multiplicity of possible 'futures' and possible 'pasts' instead of one singular past or outcome of future events. It is the implication of the uncertainty principle which bends the mind-it literally suggest that any given atom has the probability of being in multiple places at a singular moment in time.

Richard Feynman formulated a mathematical expression defined as 'The Sum over Histories' which reproduces all the laws of quantum physics. It suggest that the Universe doesn't have a single history b.u.t. instead every possible history, implying 'God of a Universe of Possibilities', and God of Alternate Universes and God of the first and second Zig. Fuck with that quantum shit and you'll dig it. It will create mental dexterity indeed.



Forever A Newborn

Having a mindset of a newborn defeats the toxicity of eldercentricity. The young tend to be idealist, their exuberance and energy if directed properly can bring about transformation-a transformation that would free an imprisoning mindset.

Separation makes devil, so the intent of this writing is not to create difference or separation, instead this writing is for the sole purpose of better understanding the distinctive personalities within the spectrum of IGod culture and what I feel is the ultimate mindset which is that of a 'Newborn'.

To deny that distinctive personality types exist in IGod culture is to be naïve. The idea of typology as it pertains to those that deal with Supreme Mathematics, Knowledge Wisdom Cipher and Supreme Alphabet is very real. As human beings we all have unique peronalities-which is beautiful, however in some cases our originality as individuals may in some instances lead to disagreements, arguments, disdain, and in situations too far gone; hatred and infighting. An advocated society is undoubtedly politically complicated, psychologically complex, and full of a myriad of personalities. Their is bound to be negativity in the midst of a broad situational group dynamic. It's unavoidable. Personally, I'm not fond of smug types, 'know it alls', Self-Righteous Pope types, or those that play 'Father trivia', 'First Born' Jeopardy, dick riders, name dropers, and the most common: legends in their own warped minds, who tyrannically and delusionally proclaim their cee as the only cee. They get on my movafuckin nerves. Also enlighteners and educators who make flunkies instead of intellectually independent Gods and Earths.

I advocate that one emerse themselves in the pages of their own Qu'ran, develop their own cee, and how this math applies to them and their lives specifically. Also, I'm an advocate of the commonality of cause. Learning thyself is one of greatest lessons one can realize from this culture, and that is in my mind the greatest advancement.

The mechanical robot, the regurgitating parrot, and those who are infactuated with religious posturing are in my mind fundamentally flawed. As individuals and also as a general body 'WE' each manifest a portion of that Universal Consciousness meaning accepting ourselves means to accept others. The understanding that their is no plurality in Allah is a critical point in growth and development. Why? Because it tunes Self deeper into the reality of Self. We lose that relationship with Self when we allow go-betweens to define us or label us. A trader making an interpretation about you, to you-is not peace. A go-between who punches your 'God' ticket, validates your parking in the 'knowledge of self' parking lot and stamps your God or Earth I.D. card is not peace. Impressionable minds may fall victim-if they are not in good hands. Few hands are good nowaday.

In the group dynamic intricate politics are bound to emerge potentially establishing a ridgidly structured religious entity. IGod culture is Organic, because it directly relates to the self. Go-betweens lust for power and status, usually using their years months and days in this culture as some sick, twisted form of leverage over a young man's or a young woman's mind: 'Guilty'!-Been there-got past that.

A weirdo once told me he'd been in this culture for 34 years-he was bragging, wagging his tail, and posturing. At that moment I knew then that that would never be me, and I proclaimed myself forever a Newborn!

To be in awe of how much you don't know is the nature of a Newborn, such is an ideal state of mind that efficiently places your ego in a chessgame's 'check'. I will never be an elder in IGod culture. Elders are old! I got 120 wisdom wisdom years ago-so what!!! I force myself every morning to look at my lessons like I just got them an hour ago. Never lose the excitement of being God or Earth and Newborns have that naturally and its beautiful.


Baby Em

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crying Over Asia's 'Spilt' Tittie Milk

African Woman and Child Pictures, Images and PhotosIn the mid to late 70's my uncle Phillip and sometimes my mother would take me to the movies to see either Bruce Lee or the latest Black Exploitation flick: Dolomite; or some Mack shit. Black exploitation flicks introduced black female nudity to America. Audiences were guaranteed to see a nude black woman during the course of these poorly made films that usually depicted black life in a negative light. These films would almost always show the titties of a black woman during love scenes between her and her leading male counterpart and amazingly their afros remained perfectly picked during and after these hot and steamy love scenes. When titties flashed across the screen my uncle or my mother would cover my eyes and I'd squint, slightly adjusting my big ass head to see between the tiny gaps in either my uncle or mother's fingers. Trying to be slick ultimately paid off and my eyes beheld a most glorious sight: A black woman's tittie balls. The sight of these tittie balls took my breath away and made my heart beat faster. My young mind was hit with a barrage of images-images that shook me to the core of my seven year old baby nuts. At eleven years of age I got a hold of an anatomy book and learned that the proper name for 'tittie balls' is 'Areola'-'A small circular area, in particular the ring of pigmented skin surrounding the nipple'. Many years have passed and I still find myself fascinated with areolas and how they command the attention of two bullseyez: two black and proud nipples pointing North. These 'Blacksploitation' images of titties have literally seared themselves into my brain and the combination of my uncle Phillip or mother putting their hands over my eyes to prevent my retinas from receiving the light of vital tittie ball information perplexed my seven year old mind a great deal. Why did the adults block my eyes from receiving the powerful light of the tittie balls? Whyyyyyyyy Damn it!? Why! Maybe titties were bad? As a child I connected titties with that which was 'Nasty' or as my aunt would say, "Fresh"! A voice deep down inside of me whispered, "Titties are Good. Titties are not 'Nasty' or 'Fresh'-titties are natural."

As a young boy one of the first songs I learned was 'Ain't your mama pretty'. It was a song that me and my gang of eight year old fellow slumdogs would sing together over and over again as we roamed up and down our narrow North Philadelphia street. We were all fascinated by areolas, and/or, tittie balls. We walked around the neighborhood singing, "Ain't your mama pretty she got meatballs in her titties and Bacon and eggs between her legs-ain't yo mama pretty" It was a beautiful 'coming of age' song, filled with joy, wonder, inspiration and hope that we too, would one day, touch, and feel a real live tittie ball.

For Indigenous original people of the Earth who lived in tropical climates, titties were a common sight in tribal villages. Titties were no big deal because indigenous people interpret 'Titties' as the part of the woman that supports the existence and the perpetuation of life. Titties are viewed by Original People as physiological appendages used to nourish the future. When we make the sole psychological association of titties with sex and dismiss that titties have raised generation after generation with nourishing milk it means that a portion of our thinking has been made 'other than self'. In a pure state of nature, titties 'in and of themselves' shouldn't cause male arousal. Indigenous women walking by a group of men discussing village matters weren't distracted by a fabulous pair of knockers, nor did the men harass women with vulgarity, whistling, barking and other obscenities. The sight of titties wasn't nothing but a thang! Why? Because her breast belonged to her future children. The natural culture of Original People held titties as sacred. Boys growing up in Original Asiatic Culture saw their grandmother's titties, mother's titties, sister's titties, and their neighbor's titties. Titties were present and pervasive in Divine Culture. It was the prudish religious values of the European that made titties 'nasty', sinful, and a source of lust, social anxiety, shame and insecurity.

Europeans viewed the nakedness of Original People as savagery, referring to them as animals, and 'primitives'. Original People did not have a negative perception of their bodies, black people are natural to the Earth, and so to look at nakedness in a negative light is a culturally learned behavior that is unnatural. When it is 117 degrees in the 'African' shade, nakedness is the original air conditioning. Nakedness is not primitive, but on the contrary, communal nudity amongst Original People embodied a high degree of refinement and civilization. Can you imagine what would happen if every woman in New York City stepped out of her home revealing pair after pair of New York boobs? It would be a massive riot! Fights, rapes, murders and craziness would ensue as the city would indeed explode in mayhem. This is because the baseline norms of refinement in Devil Civilization is nothing in comparison to the baseline norms of refinement in Divine Civilization manifesting in a natural state. 'Lust' is a non-factor for indigenous people living in harmony with nature, simply because sexuality in Divine Civilization is as natural as air- 'air' that is free of the pollution of European sexual deviance. When a grown man: black, brown, yellow or white who has been raised in 'Modern' Western Civilization sucks a tittie he is unconsciously regressing into an infant crying over the 'spilt' tittie milk of Asia. He's mourning the nourishment that he misses or and warmth he is unconsciously seeking as a Big Man. If a man sucked a tittie in Divine Asiatic Culture it was a meditatative solicitation to the universal Black Mind for the successful conception of a Child. Devil Civilization has short-circuited this meditative prayer of fertility and 'conception' with the warped desire of lust(savage in the pursuit).

The Judeo/Christian disposition toward sexual deviance is revealed in the first Biblical story in Genesis: Adam and Eve bite the 'Apple'(Fruit) and realize that they are Naked. Original People didn't legislate a law for 'indecency'-because they didn't understand their bodies as 'indecent'. Nudity was not a problem, and thus such legislation prohibiting nudity was not essential for daily life in Original Asiatic Culture. Lust is a weakness that is the result of an unnatural genetically modified brain that has been made weak with a leaning toward deviance (wickedness). Satan is depicted in Genesis as a tempter-tempting with the promise of becoming as gods, proving his ways and actions are like those of a snake of the grafted type.

It was Musa(Moses) who brought sexual law through his edicts regarding civilization to the semitic Jew; Muhammad brought sexual law to the semitic Arab, and Jesus taught the Gentiles against lust in the New testament/Gospel. Sexual deviance in all of it's variations now-a-day was not broad in Original Culture because natural people living in harmony with nature didn't have proclivities toward unnatural acts. The sexual objective in Original Culture was primarily to have offspring. I'm not suggesting that sex for Original People wasn't a source of enjoyment, it was, however it was properly prioritized in the psyche as an integral part of daily life. Sexual enjoyment took its rightful place with the pleasures of music, dance, food, art, spirituality, agriculture, family, community and ultimately this was Divine Civilization at it's highest. Sex had an honorable and healthy place in the society founded upon the principles of High Civilization.

The religions of Devil civilization teach that the human body is a source of moral weakness as they are quick to make it known that the 'flesh is weak'. The flesh is not weak-it is the European paradigm of Devil Civilization as it pertains to sex that is weak.

During this recent heat wave I've decided to get in touch with my own Asiatic roots and instead of rocking Nike shorts and Timz as usual, I have chosen to rock several elaborate leopard, tiger and lion loin cloths sent to me from one of my readers in Ghana, also I have painted my body with traditional West 'African' Warrior paint. I put my Timz away and have decided to go barefooted for the duration of the summer. I shocked my co-workers when I showed up to work Last Friday wearing nothing but a Tiger skin loin cloth, no shoes, with my face, arms, and chest painted with Fulani warrior paint and a necklace made of authentic Panther teeth around my neck. I was told to report to Human Resources immediately where Mr. Simms, the HR director was shocked to learn that I had an extensive understanding of the United States Constitution and that I was well within my constitutional right to wear cultural/religious attire. It was too hot to be walking around in European attire. Mr. Simms avoided the lawsuit and told me that I could remain in my cultural attire but that I could not have a spear on the premises because it violated my job's policy on weapons in the workplace. I put my spear in the trunk of my car and finished the rest of the day wearing nothing but a Tiger skin loin cloth.

Nakedness is not lewd, it was an environmental and cultural norm. As a child I looked at the National Geographic magazine a little harder when there was a picture of a naked tribe's woman . 'Wow! Titties'. Nakedness was unalike because I was raised in North America, indoctrinated in Devil Civilization where titties are seen in an erotic light, customarily invoking the core passions in little boys and big men. That is a psychological shackle that needs to be removed from our minds if Original People are to ever live in the peaceful confines of Divine Civilization. We must not only be comfortable with our own bodies, we must be comfortable with the sight of each others body. Can you imagine an annual Show and Prove with Titties out? It would truly show and prove that as a Nation WE have truly elevated to a high level of refined civilization. For that day when we reach high civilization: I Fast and Pray.

Europe is not in the tropics and clothes are important because it's cold. Historically Europe has made fashion a big deal and how an individual was dressed marked his or her social status and position. When the European Crown and other private financiers patronized expeditions at sea, sailors often came back with stories of naked savages. The nakedness of the original people caused Europeans to look at Original People as if they were uncivilized, over sexed animals, lacking a knowledge of Christ. The openly visible titties of Original women blew the colored man's mind. The naturalness of Original Women all around the world made the colored man consciously and unconsciously struggle between the lust for titties and the love of God-The Father, The Son and The Holy ghost. The colored man's lust for titties won in the end, over his love of Christ, and he physically, psychologically, politically, and economically raped every woman and every man of every color, race, nationality and ethnicity on the Planet Earth all in the name of 'Tittie balls', Greed and devilishment, also stealing the natural resources of the natives. Ain't that a bitch!

I am taught that Original People have been made other than themselves so how we respond to the sight of tittie balls may show just how we've been made other than our own self. A strip club is a moot point in the naturalness of Original culture. North America, and most of the Western World dominated by Devil Civilization have twisted the proverbial nipple of nourishment and turned it into a nipple of lust.

When the colored man came in contact with indigenous cultures he had the opportunity to glimpse what was hanging from the leopard loin cloths of Original Men. While the Black Woman is an object of lust for the colored man-the Black Man is an object of envy-specifically: penis envy. In an Asiatic village, Divine I's swung relatively freely. So between Original Women with their breast exposed and the white man witnessing the original man's dick swinggin near his ankles it created a deep sense of anxiety, insecurity and jealousy in the colored man; the Arab, and the Jew. If an Arab saw that a black man's penis is twelve inches it's only natural that the Arab man would cover his woman from head to toe in four/fourths. In Hip Hop this is called handcuffing your bitch. This is the unconscious and hidden reason why the 'religion' of Islam covers women to the extreme. The last thing an Arab needs is a whole bunch of black ass movafuckuz coming up from North Africa with 12 inch cocks asking, "Where da party at?!" Semitic Arabs were insecure and thus religiously mandated that Arab women stop belly dancing and that if they even look at that nigga with the 12 inch cock it's adultery and Arabs were and still are prepared to stone a bitch if they look at a picture of a nigga in a magazine. A chick in Iran was recently put to death because a picture of Chris Brown was found in her wallet. Shame!

The multi-billion dollar porn industry proves the colored man's fascination with sexual deviance-a sexual deviance that is based on his own sexual inadequacy. The human body is a source of indecency in Judeo Christian religion including 'Islam'. Those religions are un original expressions of Original life. These religions define the human body and sexuality as lewd. Generations of Original People in the Wilderness of North America have purchased into the sexual Paradigm of Devil Civilization and the colored man's nature of lewdness and shame intertwined with his warped sense of sexuality. As time passed Western Sexual values have now hard-wired themselves into Original People. Most Original People throughout the world now view sex through the eyes of Colonial white men who conquered, pillaged, stole, exploited, and subjugated the natives. Acculturation means a dominate culture has absorbed a weaker culture and the values of the dominate culture now shapes the values of the weaker culture. The values of devil civilization now shapes our attitudes toward sex and is precisely why my seven year old eyes squinted and strained to get a glimpse of the Original Foxy Brown's titties. The colored man grafts what is natural into that which is unnatural, making most people savages in the pursuit of happiness and thus turning sex into a source of shame and lust. Western Civilization has taught the world to associate nakedness with savagery, primitivism and deviance in order to make our people believe the people of the 'African' continent are all savages. Nakedness is a mark of high civilization and it is grafted men who have the psychological 'hang-ups' regarding body image. When faced with the psychological problem of body image, the colored man turned lemons into lemonade and established a Eurocentric standard of beauty and sold this standard to every woman of color on the Planet Earth. This massive propaganda campaign took place via the European trading posts of Paris, France: The Fashion Capital of Devil Civilization. It was a psychological campaign so dastardly that it literally mind-fucked every Original woman on the Planet, easily becoming one of the most destructive pins ever placed in the collective heads of Original People.