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E-P120: Emblem's Post 120 Examination

***HIGHER EDUCATION Pictures, Images and PhotosIn the last three years I've asked and answered questions that I've posed to my ownself regarding 120. I sought not only to make my 120 sharper in terms of recitation b.u.t. also have a more comprehensive understanding of the lessons in general. I have been reciting 120 for 22 years and I've been dealing with philosophical 'draw ups' (My cee) to navigate my personal reality and admittedly I've neglected to maintain my search for the literal understanding of 120. My excuse is that I studied 120 intensely as a newborn. However In the event that my 120 ever had to stand-up to the scrutiny of scientific examination and inquiry I would want to be sure that I could show and prove every degree literally, philosophically and historically. So I invented E-P120, what I think to be an academically rigorous challenge to myself and anyone else who would like to take the exam.

The following exam assumes that the examinee has 120 under cap and has a proficient understanding of 120? The test has no time limit, as it is a test that requires research.


1:How did the Original Man actually 'Make' the Earth? Can You provide anthropological proof of ownership? Philosophically expound on 'Cream'? What are the names of the very first civilizations of the Earth? How is the Original Man God of the Universe? Explain in detail.

2: Use actual biologogical facts to show and prove the coloring process of caucasians. Are the biblical Jacob and Yacob the same person? Who was Israel?

3: What does the U.S. Census Data from 1930 list for the population of original People or 'Non-Whites' in North America? What continents and Nations around the world in 1930 had the most Original people and what is the statistical data for these populations? What is the population for original people in North America and around the Planet Earth now a day? List your sources.

4: What does the U.S. Census Data from 1930 list for the caucasian population in North America? What continents and Nations around the world in 1930 had the most caucasian people and what is the statistical data for these populations of colored people? What is the population for colored people in North America and all over the Planet Earth now a day? List your sources.

5. What is the mathematical formula used to find the area of the square miles of the Planet Earth? And what geographical source can be cited to show and prove 196,940,000 square miles? Is the number an approximation or is the number exact?

6. Cite 9 factors of land that would classify land as 'Useful land'? List the specific territories and there size in square mileage that were occupied by human beings in 1930. Does the square mileage of all territories add up to 29,000,000 square miles? What is the square mileage of useful land used now-a-day?

7. Cite 9 factors of land that would classify land as 'Useful land? List the specific territories and there size in square mileage that were occupied by Original People in 1930. Does the square mileage of all territories add up to 23,000,000 square miles? What is the square mileage of useful land for Original people now-a-day?

8. Cite 9 factors of land that would be classified as 'Useful land'? List the specific territories and there size in square mileage that were occupied by Caucasian People in 1930. Does the size of all territories occupied by color people add up to 6,000,000 square miles? What is the square mileage of useful land used by colored people now-a-day?

9. If something has 'No Beginning' nor an ending it is considered 'Eternal'. What is the distinguishing characteristic between 'Eternity and 'Infinity'?

10. Is there any anthropological evidence (artifacts, writings, etc) that proves Bhuddism is actually 35,000 years old? What event marks the beginning of Christianity 551 years before 1930? What year was that? Who was the individual primarily responsible for said event? List 3 other said Nations that may have been left out of Elijah's initial answer and when they were founded.


1: Why is the best part in Arabia? What classifies as the 'worst part' of the Earth? Why is the 'worst part' the worst? Show and Prove that Arabia (the best part) was in fact preserved by the Original Man. When did the occupation of the best part change from Original People to a predominate semetic majority?

2. How does the Biblical and Quranic account of Moses correlate to Moses having a hard time freeing and civilizing caucasian people? How do the Jews view 'Musa' historically?

3. What evidence is there that Original People Let ('allowed') Columbus to discover the 'Poor part' of the Planet Earth? What constituted what Columbus discovered as the 'poor part'? What were the political circumstances in Europe behind Columbus' Voyage? Who funded his journey? What was the exact name of the tribe of Indians he discovered in the Americas?

4. Is Yacob the biblical 'Jacob'? Is his 'made devil' the Children of Israel? Did Yacob ever see his 'made devil'? What is the average daytime temperature of the 'Hot Arabian Desert'? What are the Nations and countries that now occupy what we know as 'West Asia'? What is the actual etymological root to the word 'Europe'? What was the exact 2,200 mile linear route from the root of civilization to the caves of Europe? Exactly when was the Planet first 'founded'? What was the language that was not taken away from the colored man? Is there any truth to the Biblical account that Musa(Moses) was brought up in the house of Pharoah? In the Bible Musa had a companion who spoke for him named Aaron, what was his name in the Quran? When was the 'year one' and who are the 23 scientist?

5:How many Crusades took place between Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem? What was the outcome of each Crusade? What Pope ordered that the Christians attack the Muslims? Who was Jebus? Where would you find any evidence that Jebus ever existed? Who was Salim? Where would you find any evidence that Salim ever existed? Who was Oriel(Ariel) and where would you find evidence that he ever existed? What are the Actual Hebrew words that prove 'Land Founded in Peace'? What year did each Crusade take place?

6: Give 9 examples of a teaching that promotes 'illiteracy' for Original People. How so? How are original people being used as tools and slaves historically and now a day? If we are blind to ourselves: what is it that we cannot see?

7. What is the etymological root of the word 'African'? Where was the first trading post brought to in that continent? What year was this? What were the goods that were traded at the trading post? How were Original People in North America made to believe that the People of that continent were all savages? What are the distinctions between a 'Jungle Life' and a 'Beast Life'? Prove that the Original people were calling the 'African' continent 'Asia'? Cite your sources.

8: Name 5 primary industries critical to economic and political independence that Original people are barred from and prove that Original People are deliberately kept apart from these industries solely by European mandate. Cite your source information.

9. Is there any historical record of any kind that proves Prophet Muhammad wanted his followers to call themselves 'Muslim Sons' as opposed to 'Muslims'? Muhammad was Born in 570 A.D., what year was the star and crescent first turned-downward and the sword placed on the upper part of this flag? Is there any proof of colored people actually undertaking a study that lasted for 35-50 years? What was that study? How is an actual planetary body 'grown or made from the beginning? Explain. Cite Sources.

10. Prophet Muhammad was expelled from Mecca by rival clans and he fled for his life to Medina(hijra). Where is it found specifically that Prophet Muhammad ordered the murder of 4 devils(enemy combatants) by each muslim? Did his muslim followers really receive a button? if so what was it a button of? Cite your sources. What year did Prophet Muhammad and his followers recieve free transportation to Mecca?

11. What is the importance of an individual's word being as good as a written contract? Also how does a breach of a verbal contract constitute that restitution be paid with one's life?

12. How extensive Should Military aims realistically be for Original people in the Wilderness of North America? How much emphasis should be placed in the protection of women and children? Is such military training willing to override U.S. authority?

13. If the Black Man is God, is it right for him to be another Black Man's Private Soldier, flunky or pawn?

14. Should a woman's role be solely restricted to the Home, rearing of Children, sewing and cooking in today's economy? Explain your answer.


1-36 is an English lesson. An English lesson should be grammatically correct. Where does every comma, period, question mark, colon and semi colon go in 1-36 based on the rules of proper grammar? What is grammatically correct: ...'does not talk his own language or ...'does not speak his own language'?

Can you start a sentence with, 'Because'? What part of speech is the word 'Because'? Line '12' states, 'Yes sir that made him other than himself.', should a colon, semi colon or a comma come after 'Yes sir'? What is the rule for using a colon? Is line '18', Approximately 3,000,000' a sentence, a phrase, or a clause? Is line '20', A little over 17,000,000, a sentence, a phrase, or a clause? Is line 26, 'No, not now a day', proper English? Is 1 to 36/The English C lesson a monologue or a dialogue?


1. Is there a difference between the Holy Koran and The Holy Quran? If so, what? Explain. There are 6236 ayats in the Holy Quran, if you multiply that number times 4 the answer is 24,944 could that number have anything to do with 25,000 miles? If so, what? Can you show and prove every Quranic ayat on the square mile relative to the linear mile? How can 25,000 years of History be shown and proven in how the Earth rotates around the Sun? Explain the Earth's wobble and degree of her tilt? Does it ever change? If so, how often?

2: What is the Mathematical formula used to find the circumference?

3: What is the distinguishing characteristic between a diameter and a radius.

4.What mathematical factors must be taken into consideration to find the square mileage of a land mass?

5: List the square mileage of all known land masses on Earth, and add them up-do they add up to 57,255,000 square miles of land? List the square mileage of all known bodies of water-do they add up to 139,685,000 square miles of water?

6.What is the formula in physics to find the total weight of the Planet Earth?

7: What is the calculus formula used to determine the 'speed' of the Earth?

a. D/T=R

b. T/R=D

c. R/T=D

d. None of the above

7a. What do the letters in the formula to determine speed stand for? Who was the European scientist that determined the speed of the Planet Earth?

8. The sun and moon have an attracting power on the Earth, so what law of physics states that every object in the universe attracts every other object with a force proportional to its mass? Who was the European Scientist who supposedly discovered this law? How is this law expressed in mathematical notation? What are the high explosives used to cause earthquakes? How does the Original man cause any weather phenomenon above?

9: Explain how worshiping that that does not exist constitutes as labor?

10: In 500 words or less, explain the following paradox: If their is no Mystery God and The Black Man is God it implies that Man is still a Man, so how does the knowledge of God being a Black man change a Black Man in any way different than that of a Black man who worships a Mystery God? Does the Black Man who knows He's God have any distinct quantitative or qualitative advantages over the Black Man worshiping the Mystery God?

11. Suppose grocery shelves in big cities were empty, what would be your course of action to seek food?

12. List 9 ways that Corporations around the world rob original people daily and live in luxury. How can you avoid being robed?

13. What is the line of demarcation between an individual who is mentally dead and an individual who is mentally alive?

14. Would a Black Atheist with a PH.D in Mathematics and Physics who is a poison animal eater(pork) be considered an 85 percenter? Yes or no: explain your answer.

15. If a Christian Black Business owner who is a millionaire has over a hundred employees on the payroll that he or she encourages to pray to Christ daily would the employer be considered 10 Percent? If so, why? If not: why not? Explain your answer.

16. In the definition of the 5 percent it is inclusive of 'Muslims': How is a Sunni muslim who worships a mystery God a 5 percenter? Wouldn't that be considered 'worshiping that which you know not'? Why is the word 'poor' included in the definition with 'righteous' and 'teacher'? Explain what the word 'poor' in that degree means to you. There are no right or wrong answers as it pertains to 'poor'.

17.Often the phrase 'devil civilization' is mentioned in Asiatic Culture: does this imply that devil civilization falls within the scope of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement and not a savage in the pursuit of happiness? Explain the distinction between devil civilization and Divine civilization.

18. Identify 21 sciences that we come into contact with in daily life.

19. Can a civilized individual mind there own business and still perform there duty? Can you teach civilization outside of an NOI or NGE context? If so, name 3 other forms in which general civilization can be taught to original people and still be held as valid?

20. Name 7 prescribed laws of Islam?

21. What is a name of any city approximately 20 miles outside of Mecca traveling in any of the 4 directions?

22. What other force in physics has a direct relationship to magnetism? Who was the European Scientist who discovered this force?

23. Yacob taught his people how to rule, so name 4 primary principles behind Yacob's instructions regarding rulership?

24. How is a prediction made 8400 years in advance? Write your theory in one typed single spaced page paper.

25. Scientist today have the ability to clone any cell. Approximately how long would it take a scientist to make a grafted version of you today? What is the biochemical technology that would be involved in such an undertaking?

26. Before Elijah Muhammad, is there any mention of the Asiatic Calendar in history? If so, where? Cite your source information.

27. What Civilization occupied the Islands in the Aegean sea? What does John the Revelator have to do with Yacob or Pelon? Was John the Revelator ever in the Kingdom and Patience of Jesus Christ? If so when? Why was John on Patmos? Who was John writing to? What was Christ's testimony? Do you think that if archaeologist and anthropologist went to Pelon to dig that they would un-earth evidence of a 6,600 year old Island civilization? A statue of Yacob maybe? Does the story of Yacob have to be true to validate the process of how colored people came to be?

28. According to the 28th degree Yacob was a tyranical dictator who ordered the slaughter of generations of infants because they did not meet his complexion criterion. This was done in order to bring the caucasian race into existence. Infer some of the behaviors that may have went on-on the Isle of Pelon that are not mentioned in the 28th lesson: things such as gambling, promiscuity, use of alcohol, drugs etc.. Also state whether or not you regard the story of Yacob as a Myth or actual fact and why?

29. The institution of the death penalty by Yacob implies what about Yacob's character? Is there any Biblical or Quranic reference that may lend insight to the actions, and temperament of Yacob? If so what are they? What's the differences and similarities between Yacob and Hitler?

30. Black and Brown germs imply what in Genetics? Who was Gregor Mendel? What were his contributions to genetics? Name three chemical agents that cause the thinning of blood? What ailments does thin blood lead to?

31. What technique is modern science using now to genetically graft from Original?

32. The average human brain weighs 3 pounds so where in neurology does it mention that the Brain weight of a Black Man is 7 and 1/2 ounces and the Colored Man's Brain is 6 ounces and genetically altered(grafted) brain? Is 7 and 1/2 ounces referring to a particular area of the brain? What are the different areas of the brain? Are any areas noticeably larger in original people as opposed to colored people? Where would you find such information and how could it be shown and proven? Has there ever been scientific studies to distinguish the differences between bone density in Original People and Colored people? How was the criterion established to formulate the orthopedic difference in racial bone density?

33. Explain something other than a man that is grafted and has strange or deviant characteristics.

34. Given the Colored Man's Military prowess is it possible to literally take the colored man off the planet? If so: how?

35. The colored man is 97 years beyond his so called expiration date, so how is the 35th degree philosophically relevant in your life? Explain.

36. When I did the math of 6020 years, 72,241 months and 2,197,351 days prior to February 20, 1934 I used the Gregorian Calendar and came up with March 6th 4086 B.C. as the first colored man's birthday on Pelon. What date do you come up with?

37. How is Allah a God in 'Heaven'? What is 'Heaven'? It says that Allah is seen and heard 'everywhere' and that he is the all eye seeing: Is Allah at a Klu Klux Klan Meeting? If so: How?

38. Could Allah have made something other than devil to show and prove his power?

39. Some say take the devil into Heel; some say take the devil into Hell. What are the differences between Hell and Heel in your opinion?

40. These lessons were completed in a written form on February 20 1934. What lessons in 1-14 and 1-36 show and prove what body of lessons actually came first: 1-14 or 1-36?

Actual Facts

1.What are the land masses that the pacific Ocean borders?

2.If My Uncle could swim 9000 miles in the Atlantic Ocean what East coast State in North America would he leave from and what country on the West Coast of Africa would he arrive at if he swam exactly 9000 miles?

3.Arabia is bordered by the Indian Ocean in the South. Does any other land mass border the Indian Ocean? If so: what?

4.What are the list of lakes and rivers that add up to 1,000,000 square miles. List the square mileage of each lake and each river- does it add up?

5. What are the list of hills and Mountains that cover 1,910,000 square miles? List the square mileage of each major hill and each mountain. Does it add up?

6. What are the major deserts of the Planet? What is there square mileage combined?

7. What is a Sherpa's relationship to Mount Everest and the climbing of Mt. Everest?

8. If an Air Force Pilot is flying a Jet at Mach 4: How fast is he going in MPH? What does a 'Mach' have to do with the speed of sound?

9. Who was the Original Scientist that Proved the speed of light and who was the Colored Physicist that proved the speed of light? And How do you know that light actually travels 186,282 miles per second? What test can be performed?

10. During 1 rotation of the Earth around the Sun what's her closest distance to the sun and what's her furthest distance from the sun?

11. There are 1760 yards in a mile: what is that in kilometers?

12. As the Arctic Shelves melt as the result of global warming wouldn't that increase the square mileage of the Arctic Ocean? Would 390,000 square miles still be an actual fact?

13. 790 quadrillion 613 trillion, 581 Billion, 824 million is the square inches of the surface area of the planet Earth: what math formula would one use to determine the 'volume' of square inches of the Planet Earth? What is the average weight per inch? What is the volume of square inches of the Planet Earth?

Solar Facts.

Explain the Orbit of Mercury. How hot is it? And How cold is it?

Why is Venus opaque? How long does it take Venus to orbit the Sun?

How far is the Moon from the Earth? What gases make up the atmosphere of the Earth?

Why is Mars called the 'Red Planet'?

How big is Jupiter? How many moons does Jupiter have? And where is the asteroid belt in relationship to Jupiter?

Why does Saturn Have rings around it? How many moons does Saturn have?

If I was 21 years old and lived on the planet Uranus my entire life how old would I be in Earth years?

How long does it take light to reach Neptune from the Sun?

When did astronomers de classify Pluto as a Planet? Why? Do you think Pluto is still a planet and why?

Supreme Alphabet:

'Zig Zag Zig' is not mentioned in 120. What other aspects in Supreme Alphabet are not mentioned in 120?

Supreme Mathematics:

Do you feel 'all being Born' serves as adequate math instruction for the babies to advance mathematically? Do you think that Supreme Mathematics can be used in other branches of Mathematics such as Algebra, Geometry, trig etc.?




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"...or feed it to some wild beast..." Part Two

When class let out, William was mad as fuck. Mr. Zesserman made him stand at the blackboard doing quadratic equations until the end of class. The only thing missing was a tall, pointy tipped clan cap with the word 'Dunce' written in red sitting like a crown on his head. It was torture. Zesserman didn't scream at William, he just calmly kept telling him that everything he was doing was either wrong, in the wrong order, or unnecessary. "You're suppose to move this number to this side of the equation"; "Find the square root first". It was horrible. Though William was dressed better than a Hip Hop manikin-much like a manikin he felt nothing inside, and literally dumb and numb from the mind maddening barrage of quadratic equations he was hit with.
"Mr. Z tore yo ass up son!" Israel reminded William in a sadistic sort of way, pleasurably adding insult to injury to William's already bruised ego.

The two were walking home from school and while casually strolling pass a dice game William responded to Israel's comments, and William yelled in frustration, "Fuck Mathematics!" His words cut to the core of the dice game. A mean looking 'Old G' who was rollin' dice stopped, held the dice, stood up and roared, "Who da fuck hates Mathematics!?!" Both Israel and William snapped out of their A and B conversation and looked at the mean lookin' Old G. He stepped in front of the two teenagers with a disposition of confrontation in his body language, scarring the High School boys.

"What da fuck you mean you hate supreme mathematics?!!" In both of the High School boy's eyes the Old G could see that the comment was not directed toward him.

"I'm Supreme Al Jabbar Allah and Mathematics is the key to the Universe: so how da fuck do you hate mathematics?"

"My dumb ass teacher made me stand at the blackboard for the entire class."

"That'z life-life ain't nuffin but solving Math problems at the blackboard of life.

"What's your name again?" Israel asked the Old G who was still holding the dice in his hand.

"Supreme Al Jabbar Allah!"

"What kind of name is that for a nigga? What are you, some kind of muslim or something?" William asked.

"Naw I ain't no fuckin muslim. The Black Man is God and I realize my existence as the Supreme Being. Al-Jabbar is an attribute which means 'The Compeller' who compels the equations of life to come together in balance. Al-Jabbar is where they get the mathematical branch of 'Algebra' from. Allah is God manifest as the Blackman in the physical form." Supreme Al Jabbar Allah dropped the break-down of his name as if he'd been rehearsing it his entire life.

His rhetoric sounded strange to William and Israel, especially the way he broke-down his name.

"Roll da dice nigga!" One of the guys yelled from a crouched position holding money tightly clenched in a fist that rested nonchalantly on his knee. "Let them little niggaz go about their business 'Soup'!"

Supreme didn't listen. He rolled the dice one last time and crapped out with an eleven.

"That'z my money!" Said the nigga crouching. Soup quit and began to build with the two young brothers, forgetting about the dice game and the few dollars on the ground.

"Math is nothing but a language, and the way the colored man teaches it is solely quantitative."

"What do you mean by 'quantitative' and what is a colored man?" Israel asked.

"A Colored man is a white man!"

"You wrong! In my history book it said 'Colored' means black people." William said.

"Now cipher! That is trick knowledge: Black is not a color instead it's the foundation to all color. Black is the fabric of the universe. Black is the general reality and the underlying essence of all things. White is the absence of Color and denotes that which has been 'Colored' to the point in which it has no color. 'Colored' is past tense-it's past tense because it indicates that a process of discoloration took place to produce a 'colored' human being. The white man is white because he has undergone a process. Tell your history teacher and your biology teacher that Supreme Al Jabbar Allah a.k.a. 'Soup' said it."

"So what's quanti-ti-ti" William wrestled with the word on his tongue.

"'Quantitative'! means 'quantity' or how much. The colored man's understanding of math is based solely upon the measurement of material quantity-quantity is only one half of the nature of mathematics. The other half of Mathematics is qualitative. Meaning 'One' is not just 'One-One has a quality attached to it and that Quality is 'Knowledge'. The intrinsic value of an integer must be considered to understand the full psychological impact and implication of each number in terms of its qualitative intrinsic value in order to grasp the full reality of mathematics."

"Nigga is you tryna kick knowledge. Because if you is-you can go on with that bullshit. My dad said yall knowledge niggaz stay broke." William said, doubting the words coming from Soup.

"I got yo 'broke' nigga", Soup said pulling out a wad of cash, making their young eyes open wide.

"So what's 'two'?" Israel asked.

"Two is Wisdom, three is Understanding, four is Culture Freedom, five is 'Power Refinement'; six is 'Equality'; seven is 'God'; eight is Build Destroy; nine is Be or Born and zero is cipher." Supreme Al Jabbar Allah ran down supreme mathematics as if they were his name .

Less than a minute prior William had yelled "Fuck math!" and a little over a minute later he was fascinated with mathematics in know limit of time. Israel was froze, as well as fascinated with the words coming outta Al Jabbar's face. Without thinking both young men swung their back packs off their backs, unzipping them quickly and ripping a loose leaf sheet of paper out of a three ring binder.

"Say 'em again?" Israel said ready to write.

"Two is Wisdom, three is Understanding, four is Culture Freedom, five is 'Power Refinement'; six is 'Equality'; seven is 'God'; eight is Build Destroy; nine is be or born and zero is cipher." This time Al-Jabbar recited the math slowly as the boyz wrote them down.

This was different than math class, but somehow the two teens knew that this guy who put his dice game on pause in the defense of mathematics was imparting something deep, and very sacred.

After the initial magnetic of Soup's words, William's mind flashed back to his struggles at the blackboard and he pulled out the Algebra two text book like it was one big 450 page math problem.

"Can you do this?" William said, eagerly handing Supreme Al Jabbar Allah the Algebra book.

Snatching the book from William he opened it to a random page.

"My name ain't Al Jabbar because it sounds good. Lil nigga, my attribute is Supreme Al-Jabbar Allah because I can show and prove."

The two high school students didn't say anything, instead they observed his mannerisms as he did the knowledge. Did he really love mathematics and could he really show and prove all of those mentally painful Algebra problems in the book? Israel tested him, first asking him to demonstrate knowledge of Absolute Value.

"What's absolute value!?!" Israel asked with intensity. It was a subject Israel knew.

"Yall little niggaz wanna test me?! Mook! These little niggaz tryna hem me up like a newborn!" Al Jabbar yelled to his right hand man still on his knees rollin' dice. Mook didn't pay the trio any mind as his mind was focused on how the dice fell.

"Anytime you see any number between two brackets it means 'Absolute Value', meaning if Power which is five manifest between two brackets it shows and proves that the value is absolutely five. So if you see negative five it is still five in absolute terms. The absolute value of five is Power. When standing between two brackets a number like negative Power is Power! Regardless if a number is positive or negative if that number stands between the prison house of those two brackets: the value of the number is absolute indeed. His answer was acceptable to Israel-Israel could tell Al Jabbar knew a little somethin'-somethin.

"What'z a variable?" Israel asked the question like it was an intentional double whammy designed to throw Soup off.

"A variable is when shit happens. Unknown shit happens every single day of a movafuckuz life. In mathematics a variable is a letter that represents a number. Five is 'power' don't forget!"

The two teens nodded. They remembered five as power and Supreme Al-Jabbar continued.

"When Power (5) stands before a variable such '5x', Power is the co-efficient. Little Nigga I ain't dumb. Mathematics is a Language that most 85ers don't talk. But I talkz that mathematical shit! Feel me!"

"What'z an 85er?"

"They're Dumb Movafuckuz! They believe every movafuckin thing they hear and they believe in things they can't see, especially God."

"So you don't believe in God?" Israel asked.

"Little nigga I know who God is! Hey Mook! Come here! Tell these little niggaz who God is." Supreme called to his partner in crime.

"Nigga I'm on da dice! Leave my name out that Godbody bullshit for now. You need to get back on these dice nigga and leave them two little niggaz be!" Mook said snapping his fingers letting the dice go, splashing up on the back of the wall snapping his fingers in hopes that his point would fall.

"Mook knows who God is-he fuckin' around wit two pieces of steel right now . The truth is yall little niggaz is God." Al-Jabbar said straight out.

"Nigga you smokin' crack!" William said at the seemingly absurd suggestion. "You ain't make the sun, moon and stars and shit! You ain't no damn God. Israel let's go!" William angrily spoke as if Al-Jabbar was a complete flake.

"Hold up!" Israel said. Israel wasn't hot blooded like William, nor as impulsive. He took the statement in a cool fashion. Israel was interested in what Old G was talkin' about and wanted to hear more.

"I know what I'm sayin' is hard to stomach. The 10 percent don't want niggaz knowing who the fuck they are." Al-Jabbar stated as if it was a consilatory explanation of all explanations.

"Who's the 10 percent?" Israel asked.

"They are the niggaz who don't want you to figure out that it 'ain't no' Goddamn mystery God above your Goddamn head.They're whole purpose in life is to keep your bitch ass hungry, naked and outta doors. In other words: 'poor' and 'pathetic'."

"So what does math got to do wit 85ers and the 10 percent?" William asked, now, even more suspicious of Al Jabbar.

"He who has the greatest mastery of mathematics rules the world. Mathematics is 'higher order' thinking-it represents far reaching ideas that advance civilization. It is the true language of the birds."

William wasn't going for it. He reasoned that if this nigga knew as much about mathematics as he said he did-he wouldn't be on the corner shooting dice. So William flipped the page blindly and put his finger on a random problem in the page. "Explain this!" William demanded.

William's finger landed on chapter 6 section 7 of the Algebra two text book. It was the section on expressions. "What is an expression?" William asked like a lawyer cross examining a witness.

"An expression is a statement and in Mathematical statements an expression doesn't contain an equal sign. x + z is an expression; 4x - 7y is an expression because Unknown add Zig Zag Zig and Culture Unknown and God 'Why' does not contain an equal sign. An equation is what makes a mathematical sentence complete and unlike an expression an equation contains an equal sign. Meaning that the idea in the mathematical statement is born. If the highest exponential value in an equation is 1 which is knowledge, it means that the equation is linear. If the highest value of an exponent is wisdom or squared this means that the equation is quadratic. This is very important to know because with out this you cannot know the reality of formulas which encapsulate general mathematical truth throughout the entire Universe: a Universe in which I am God of. Look little niggaz I ain't got time to stand here playing a 'hunit and twenty questions': I do! But I don't! Feel Me? Believe me when I tell you, that when it comez to Mathematics: I'm the movafuckin truth nigga! Get at me when yall stop searchin for a Mystery God above your head." Al Jabbar said, calmly rejoining his dice game. William and Israel walked away, somewhat confused, but nevertheless completely and utterly fascinated.