Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"...or feed it to some wild beast..."

Tick-tock-tick-tock. Shontae made Algebra look easy. Mr. Zesserman smiled at her whenever she went to the blackboard. She was fine as hell and I paid more attention to her ass when she solved math at the blackboard than I did the equations she was solving. She did the problems with complete confidence and made quadratic equations look like child's play. Every time she does the problems at the board I question myself: maybe I'm not that smart? Just because I got an 'A' on last period's test in 6th period 'Government' doesn't prove I'm smart.

'Government' is easier than math. I can debate my teacher Mr. Washington in Government, he encourages the students to have our own 'point of view' and he likes the fact that I show interest and raise my hand and participate in class. Math class is the complete opposite. There are no opinions in mathematics: you're either wrong or you're right and the problem is not up for debate or argument. But, I absolutely hate mathematics, especially this 7th period Algebra 2 class I'm sitting in right now.

I can't believe that it's only 2:13 P.M. It feels like I've been in here forever. This class doesn't let out until 2:50 and the hands on the big ass clock above my head ain't rushing to go no where. Mr. Zesserman gave us back our papers from last Friday's quiz. He gave me my paper back with a '60' circled in red at the top. The test was on the 'FOIL' method: 'First, Outer, Inner and Last. Mr. Zesserman said it was a good way to remember what to do inside a quadratic equation, and that the quiz would be, as he put it, 'A Piece of Cake'. He said that everybody should get at least an 'A'. Mr. Zesserman said it would be 'easy': if it was suppose to be 'easy' then I must be real dumb. Even Marvin, the corny nigga who's been wearing the same sneakers since last year got a '98'on the test. He has some old ass Air Force Ones on and I have on spankin' new Timberlands: I should have gotten a 98 because of my fresh ass Timz alone; after all, I dress way better than Marvin and most everybody else in this school. It's a few niggaz that's 'tied' with me dressing. The Sean John jeans I had on Friday were fresh to death and my mom bought me the shirt to go with 'em. My gear be killin' 'em in the hallways as I posed for the shortiez on the lockers. I looked sharp but I still failed that math quiz Friday. It's too bad Mathematics doesn't give points for being dressed fresh. I get so many compliments on my gear everyday! Mad compliments! But I can't pass a math quiz to save my black ass.

"William! Come up to the blackboard and show us how to complete the square and solve the quadratic equation!" Mr. Z said, calling me to the board.

"Who Me??!"

"Yeah you!"

This is bullshit. I was quiet. I wasn't talking to nobody and this fat white dude gonna call a nigga to the blackboard. He just tryna' be funny. This is fuckin' bullshit. I made it a point to hymm and haw every step of the way to the blackboard. The problem on the board looks like a complete disease of numbers. Whatever happened to regular addition, subtraction, multiplication and division? Who's idea was it to mix letters and numbers any movafuckin way? That shit ain't even natural.

As I stood up, I glanced at Shontae, and damn she got a fat ass. I wonder if she saw what I was wearing yesterday? Yesterday, I rocked my new Jordans. I know she saw 'em. I could see out the side of my eye that she was peepin' at a nigga as I slowly walked toward the blackboard.

"He don't know what he doing Mr. Z!" Yelled my best friend Israel from the back of the class.

"Shut up nigga!" I responded, causing the class to laugh.

"William! I've told you-don't use that type of language in my class. And Israel-no more outburst like that!" Mr. Zesserman said, handing me the chalk.

As I stood looking up at the blackboard, I realized that it was just me and my problem all by myself: 'x^2 + 6x - 7 = 0'.

I needed a joke to break the mood and I figured making Shontae laugh wouldn't hurt either.

"Mr. Zesserman let me ask you a question: what dumb white man decided to mix numbers in with alphabets anyway?" I remarked. The class laughed, including Shontae. Mr. Zesserman was a cool white dude sometimes, even though he wears that same brown sweater vest at least three times a week.

"That 'dumb white man' was Rene Descarte, and the letter 'x' represents a number-so it's not really a letter-it's a letter that represents a number. Come on William stop stalling: solve the problem. What do you do first to solve?"

The laughter in the classroom stopped and I'm surprised my palms didn't turn the chalk in my hand into mud. I hate math! I fuckin' hate math! Only thing made for counting is money. What I did remember is that you were suppose to remove the parenthesis.

"Remove the parenthesis!" I said, looking at Mr. 'Z'."

"This problem doesn't have parenthesis William!"

"My bad!" I said sharply. The way I said 'my bad' got me a laugh or two. Shontae smiled. I know I can get with her because every time I say something Shontae either laughs or smiles.

Shontae raised her hand.

"Shontae." Mr. Z said calling on her.

"He gotta move the constant to the other side of the equation." Shontae said in what I thought to be the sexiest voice my ears had ever heard.

Damn! She gotta fat ass and she's smart too!!

"Where is the 'constant' William?" Mr. 'Z' asked me.

"X to the second power?"

"No! Can anybody help William!?! Israel." Mr. Z said calling on Israel.

"It's the '7', he has to put the seven on the other side of the equal sign.

How in the fuck does Israel know that? He be fuckin' that retarded girl with the helmet at the bottom of the stairwell before 4th period everyday. He shouldn't know shit! After Israel told me what to do, I re-wrote the equation: 'x to the second power plus 6x minus 7 equals'; and then I wrote the 7 on the other side of the equal sign like Israel said.

"What's next William?"

I was stuck like Chuck. This shit is bullshit. I ain't never seen not one adult do Algebra besides this whiteboy teacher who wears a dirty ass brown sweater vest three days out the week. What the fuck do a nigga need mathematics for anyway?

"Can somebody help William again!" Mr. Z asked on my behalf. He has this way of making me feel like I'm retarded.

"He has to re-write the left hand side of the equation as a perfect square." Shontae blurted out without raising her hand.

"Shontae can you come up to the board and show William how it's done." After he asked her to come to the board and help me I felt even more retarded. The prettiest girl in school is helping 'William' the well dressed retard boy.

When she stood up she made time stop, it was like a glowing blue light surrounded her. Her titties were big; she had wide hips like Beyonce and her ass hypnotized me. Damn she smelt good. Her lip gloss made her lips look extra sweet like sexy cherry candy. She took the chalk from my hand. I wanted to just get on my knees and bite her butt, that'z how juicy her ass looked. I think she 'goes' with a 12th grader: at least that's what I heard.

Shontae began to write on the board neatly. Her handwriting was better than Mr. Z's. As she wrote she spoke out loud as she solved the problem.

"X to the second power, plus 6x equal 7. Then you make it x to the second power plus 6x plus 9 equals 7 plus 9-"

"Shontae tell William how you got '9'." Mr. Z interrupted her mathematical flow.

"That's easy Mr. Z: because you divide 6 which is the coefficient of x by 2 and square 3 which gives you 9. When you got the square perfect you write (x + 3)^2 equal 16."

"Hold up! How she put parenthesis around it and you told me this problem didn't have parenthesis?"

"She is writing it as a perfect square. If you'd been studying the chapters, you would have known that William." Mr. Z said, making me, again, feel like a retard.

I didn't like Mr. Z's fuckin' tone of voice. I hate math! I fucking hate math. Fuck finding a damn perfect square. What the fuck does finding a perfect square have to do with real life anyway?

"Continue Shontae." Mr. Z said.

"Remove the parenthesis and it becomes x plus 3 equals plus or minus the square root of 16 which equals plus or minus 4. Which is x equal to minus 3 plus or minus 4 which equals negative 3 plus 4, and - 3 - 4 giving you your answer, x equals 1, and negative 7." Shontae said with 100 percent confidence while chewing gum.

"Shontae spit your gum out please." Mr. Z said. "Your work is excellent. You may sit down."

"Can I sit down too?" I asked.

"You didn't solve a problem yet William. No! You stand there until you learn this. Because the test is this Friday and it's going to be a wild beast. Mark my words."

It was only 2:28 pm: 22 minutes before the bell and I hate math more and more with every passing moment. I fuckin hate Mr. Z's white ass and I hate quadratic equations. I don't give a damn if the test is going to be a wild beast: feed me to it! Because I hate mathematics and I put that on everything I love.


Thursday, May 26, 2011


On May 21st, 2011, at 46 years of age Bernard Hopkins became the oldest man in the history of boxing to win a World Boxing Championship. He defeated 28 year old Jean Pascal to win the WBC world boxing championship. His opponent Pascal was 18 years younger and Bernard whooped his ass, technically dismantling the young lion. I'm proud of B-Hop for two reasons: Firstly, because he was born and raised in North Philly and secondly, he is in his 40's. I'm in my 40's and I was born and raised in North Philly and I am extremely proud of Bernard 'B-Hop' Hopkins. Philadelphia is not only the home of the cheese steak and the U.S. Constitution, but for those that don't know: it is the Mecca of the pure and unadulterated 'fareone'. A fareone is a straight up bare knuckled fight in the middle of a typical narrow Philadelphia street. I call home and speak with my father once a week. My father and brothers all carry guns, and they have made it abundantly clear that the 'fareone' has been replaced with bullets. The fareone is a dying art-form that has slowly gone the way of the 'dinosaur'. Those who choose to box in Philly keep it strictly in the gym nowaday.

Bernard lost the first fight with Pascal and though Bernard was knocked down in that fight he got back up and proceeded to technically dismantle Pascal and put on a Philadelphia boxing clinic and got a majority draw. On May 21st, 2011 the rematch took place in Montreal and Bernard beat Pascal's ass. Between the 6th and the 7th round Bernard did push-ups letting the judges, the crowd, and his opponent know; "Nigga What!" Bernard did more than beat Jean Pascal, or preserve the forgotten and dying art of a North Philly fareone but Bernard beat 'time'.

40 is a deep psychological age, because all of a sudden you really hear your life clock ticking louder than you've ever heard it tick before. It's the first time in my life that I began to ask myself how long would it take me to knockout one of these strong ass 22 year old college whipper snappers that live in my apartment complex? Well Bernard didn't think about it-he did it. He didn't knock Pascal out, but he beat him up, neutralizing the young buck's attack in every round and viciously attacking his body.

Muhammad Ali is the Greatest of All Time, however Bernard Hopkins is the most dedicated boxer of all time. He is a boxing 'purest'-fighting is his religion: road work, eating right, sparring sessions: controlling sexual appetite; early to bed-early to rise, 'no drugs', 'no smoking', 'no alcohol' and a love for the sport of boxing like no other. B-Hop loves to fight, everything about it-from punching-to getting punched, slipping a punch, neutralizing an attack, timing, rhythm, movement and supreme ringmanship. He is a physical freak of nature-he is not suppose to be doing what he is doing at his age. He is mentally and physically beating 'Father Time'. He's physically beating up men who are young enough to be his son. If such a feat was transferred to another sport it would be the physical equivalent to Jordan coming back nowaday and dominating the game
of basketball.

When Jean Pascal was born, Bernard Hopkins was in Graterford Penitentiary getting an education unlike anything taught in Harvard, Yale or Princeton. He learned who he was, and channeled his anger, rage, and fire in a positive direction. Look up 'discipline', 'drive', and 'determination' in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of B-Hop: A God of boxing. Even if he goes out on his back in his next fight-it will take at least a generation to pass before a fighter comes close to what he has accomplished in the sport of boxing. It is not easy to defeat a young cock-strong 28 year old whose boiling over with testosterone, but Bernard is completely comfortable in his craft and he made it look easy.

Bernard Hopkins literally has false teeth, so imagine your old grand father getting out of his rocking chair, taking his teeth out, setting his cane to the side and proceed to physically whip your ass and make it look easy. That is nothing but pure 'God' in the physical form and I am quite sure Bernard does not know a single phrase in 120. He really shows how the reality of God can manifest in a physical vehicle without any understanding of Math, Alphabet, 120 or an understanding of three stages.

He held the Middleweight Championship for 10 years with 20 title defenses by the time he was 40. Sports analyst talk about Brett Farve, and how great he was and is, how tough he is and true indeed football is a rough ass sport, it's also a team sport-so you're going to get some help. If you get knocked down in football there are 10 guys to help you up. If you get knocked down in boxing you can either get-up or stay down. It depends on you. Boxing is a singular, solitary reality in which two men or women try to take each others head off-no helmets, just 8 ounces of leather on each hand and from there: it's man to man or woman to woman! Boxing is strictly a 'bymyself reality' with no teammates to pick up the slack on some advocated type of math. In every fight you have to face your own fear, muster your own courage, and bang.

Bernard is the ultimate boxer: a boxer's boxer. In a time when Floyd Money Mayweather and Manny Pac-Man Pacqiou make 20 million dollars a fight, an old man from North Philly has a love, and a passion for boxing that is so deep that I dare to say that he would fight Manny and Floyd in the same night and enjoy all 24 rounds. I got a text from California just before the fight, asking me if I got B-Hop? No need to ask, if B-Hop getz in the ring at 70, I'd bet a grand on him because if any fighter can-B-Hop can.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Everlasting To Everlasting: Emblem VS. Stephen Hawking

For the past month I've been reading both of Stephen Hawking's books: 'A Brief History of Time' and 'The Grand Design'. Both books have proven to be fascinating explorations into the realm of physics and theoretical physics, and needless to say, Stephen Hawking uses all equality ounces of his grafted brain to show and prove some very compelling ideas in the field of quantum physics. Reading his books have helped me better understand the process of 'three stages of darkness' in a more scientifically detailed manner, allowing me to better appreciate the beauty of physics and the sheer majesty of pure mathematics. If I were to study any religion it would be pure mathematics and physics. I'd be humbly devoted to a religion of math and physics just as a Jew who studies the Torah, a Christian who studies the Bible, and a Muslim who studies the Quran.

I finished 'A Grand Design' at 5:17 a.m. this morning, rolling crippled ass Stephen every step of the way over the Hot Arabian Desert of the mind. Me and that white boy had a very interesting conversation at the turn of each and every page. I will go so far as to say that I have never had a more enthralling and stimulating read regarding the subjects of three stages of darkness; the concept of no beginning nor ending; quantum mechanics; quantum physics; and intelligent design since I've had knowledge wisdom cipher. The book builds on the history of physics for Europeans and how they finally grasped the nature of space-time nine years before 1914. I was sparked for over 400 pages: approximately 200 pages per book.

Stephen didn't take the Mystery God out of the equation completely, instead he put the idea of the Mystery God in context, mentioning the Boshongo people of Central 'Africa' and their fable of creation in how they believe that, in the beginning there was darkness, water and The Great God 'Bumba'. Bumba had a stomach ache and vomited up the sun. The sun dried up the water leaving land. Bumba still had a stomach ache and regurgitated the moon, stars, leopards, turtles, elephants, and finally, man. Hawking also mentioned the Mayan myth in which The creator is simply referred to as 'The Maker'! He said that 'The Maker' was unhappy because there was no one to praise him so he made the Earth, mountains, trees, all animals and since the animals could not speak 'The Maker' made man from mud and Earth. Regardless of the myth, all human cultures have pondered their creation, and the nature of their existence. These first fables by the Original Man were attempts to understand his origin in this world. The Egyptians, the Ethiopians, Greeks, Romans, Babylonians etc., all had a creation mythology. As God and Earth our first degree deals with God being a Blackman who is a Maker, an Owner, Cream, a Father, and ultimately God. Man cannot have a scientific conversation as it pertains to creation without some sort of a God as the first cause, whether one understands God as a man, a disembodied spook, or a set of natural laws, 'First Cause' must be addressed.

Instead of arguing about a Mystery God, Stephen Hawking relegates the idea of God to Natural Scientific Laws which he defines as 'Scientific Determinism'. He does not attempt to erase God, he merely says that how we understand this so-called Mystery God should be in the light of pure scientific and physical law. As I read I was smirking to myself because the crippled colored man was dealing with the highest peak of his grafted equality. However, at certain points, I disagreed with Hawking. Boldly, I challenged the world's most famous physicist since Einstein and I will indeed voice my own theoretical ideas as they pertain to physics before the end of this writing.

My First Point of Contention in which I fundamentally differ with Hawking, and the global physics community is over a small, b.u.t. never the less very critical point. Their idea of the Big Bang is correct to a limit and it is this model of the Big Bang in which I have an issue. The Big Bang occurred 13.7 Billion years ago and physicist mark this moment as 'the beginning' of space time, however in my view the 'Big Bang was not the 'beginning' at all. It was merely a very powerful explosion in space- time stemming from unimaginable temperatures, and unfathomable density. In grappling with the density of this supposed first super atom I began to refute the level of density that Western Physicist propose. They fit the entire mass of the known Universe in an atom at this singular point in time. Extreme density within a relatively small space is a proven fact in physics and I agree with it to a certain extent. It is important to understand that a great deal of energy was indeed concentrated at an infinitesimal point and was a major factor in the initial causation of the Big Bang. However, I hardly believe that 'all' the energy/matter in the known and unknown regions of the universe were present at a singular point. 'All' mass did not begin at the point of the Big Bang as Hawking's model suggest *(will explain later at some point in this writing).

Second Point of Contention Space has always been space. There is no such thing as 'spacelessness', meaning 'space time' didn't begin at the point of the Big Bang: the universe did. Furthermore, intelligence resides in the fabric of 'Space Time'.  Again, the fundamental error of Western Physics in my opinion is in their model of the 'Big Bang'. Hawking and the Western Physics' model of the universe as a Balloon that has been filled-up with vast energy and matter is not right and exact. I reject the inflationary balloon model of the Big Bang because it implies that 'space' began at that point, failing to take into consideration that eternal size and eternal dimensions are forever present.  The Western model also fails to acknowledge the 'host' which is 'eternal space'-'space' that predated the universe as well as a Big Bang which at its best was in my view, a mere 'Medium Bang'. My theory is that this 'Medium Bang' started a chain reaction in space-a 'space' already filled with dark energy and dark matter existing on a quantum level as matter and anti-matter.  Many physicist blindly presume that gravity, strong nuclear, electo-magnetism, and weak nuclear forces had some secret meeting, exploded and consequently inflated what we have come to understand as the cosmos. They place this incredible burden on one atom, and in my view the 'Big Bang' breaks down as a theory when one realizes that this so-called 'First Atom' is brutally over-worked and very clumsy in a theoretical sense. In a 'Medium Bang' scenario an explosion occurs, releases it's mass, and enlivens the Dark energy that has forever been present on the quantum level. There was no new matter/energy created at that moment and I refuse to believe that this explosion defined as the 'Big Bang' spontaneously made the four fundamental forces fuse as one within the heat of this quantum and cosmological genesis. The four forces were 'one' from the door. Yes, potential energy was released, it spread into the cosmos and that portion of the Big Bang model is accurate. This release of energy along with the tiniest quantum particles that innately occupy space time account for all the matter we see in this Universe estimated at 159 Billion light years across and still expanding-expanding into what? Space! Pure Black Space! Space that was eternal to begin with and remains eternal now.

Edwin Hubble in 1929 published his findings, stating that the galaxies are receding further away from observation and concluded that the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate. I agree with the idea of the Universe's expansion however the Universe is not expanding in a 'rubber' balloon into 'newly made' spatial territory. The Universe is expanding within space, and distinct from 'Space': The universe does not accommodate space-space accommodates the universe. The balloon model of the Big Bang denotes boundaries, walls, edges and constraints in which eternal space has none. The Universe is expanding into space that has been forever present(no beginning nor ending). The model of an expanding universe that Hawking's puts forth is flawed in that it does not take into account that there is no such thing as 'Spacelessness'. Western Physics looks at the universe absent of contrast, meaning they only see the white squares on a chessboard and not the black squares. The implication that the Big Bang is somehow expanding in a 'balloon' framework into empty meaningless space is an emphatic 'Now Cipher'! Space has no point of beginning and no point of ending. Eternity is the most difficult concept for a finite being such as man to wrap his mind around because unlike eternity, Man has a beginning and an ending. Finitum cannot comprehend Infinitum.

I postulate intelligence as natural law residing in every nuance of space's fabric. To search for Dark Energy, Dark Matter and anti-matter is why The Space Shuttle Endeavor was launched last Tuesday. NASA went into Space to examine Dark Matter/ Dark Energy and Anti-Matter. Why? This Dark Matter is what I have in numerous writings in the past defined as Black Mind: Is Dark Energy and Dark Matter actual 'Mind'? Indeed! NASA didn't spend Multi Billions of dollars to look at empty nothingness. Huge amounts of space time are being studied to attempt to better understand the reality of existence. Satellites have detected something that can only be described as Dark Energy present in the fabric of space, bending light, and showing and proving gravitation which is proof of a substantive reality.

Before I go into quantum mechanics and deeper into theoretical physics it is important that reference pointz be laid for further scientific discourse . Over the last 2000 years, particularly for Europeans, physics has proved to be an interesting journey. Kudos to Hawking for an entertaining view of explaining the growth of Europeans in the field of physics. 

A Very Brief History Of Physics:

It was Aristole who put his wisdom before his knowledge. He surmised that the 'Earth' was at the center of the Universe. Ptolemy was an Astronomer in the first century who elevated above Aristotle as he peeped the pattern of the paths of the planets in a somewhat accurate fashion, b.u.t. his understanding of the manner of their orbits was incorrect-he too dealt with wisdom knowledge, thinking all planets had orbits composed of wild elliptical retrogrades. The historical narrative of Europeans attempting to figure out shit is comedy, b.u.t. we must give credit where credit is due: Europeans are indeed some persistent movafuckuz. Ptolemy figured out how to predict any position of a planet at any given time, however, he too postulated that the Earth was at the center of the Solar System. It took over a thousand years before the colored man realized that the Earth is not at the center of the Universe.

Nicholas Copernicus finally figured out that the Earth was not at the center of the Solar System. In 1543 Copernicus wrote a born cipher cipher king entitled 'De Revotionibus Orbium Coelestium' or 'Revolutions of Celestial Spheres'. The colored dude Copernicus was so 'shook' of reprisal and potential fall-out from the Catholic Church that he didn't have it published until the year he returned back to essence. The Catholic Church said the book contradicted the Bible. Leave it to the religious minded to halt scientific progress. Stephen Hawking goes hard in the paint with these historical narratives in the Chapter entitled 'What Is Reality' in his book 'A Grand Design', admitting that during the compilation of the Bible, Europeans still thought the Earth was flat. There was no peace amongst the Europeans as they argued back and forth for nearly a hundred years. The European is relatively a 'new being' to this Earth, and during the 1600's was still finding his bearings.

In 1633 the Catholic Church put Galileo on trial, accusing him of heresy because he agreed with Copernicus in that the Earth was not the center of the Universe. The Catholic Church found Galileo guilty and sentenced him to house arrest for the rest of his life and didn't officially pardoned Galileo until 1992 long after his death.

The Church wrote an official declaration which stated something to the affect,

"Dear Galileo,
You were right and we were wrong. The Earth is not at the center of the solar system. My bad Dawg!
Yours Truly,
The Pope"

Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727). He developed three laws of motion and a law of gravity which accounted for the orbits of the Earth, Moon, and planets. Using a pure mathematical framework he showed and proved the reality of gravity. Newton was mad nice with Mathematics. Most Original people would like to think that the Colored man stole shit and true indeed-the colored man stole the whole Goddamn planet. Newton however was a pussy ass, nerd ass white boy who was neither a conqueror nor a soldier, never setting foot in what the devil call's Africa so he didn't steal a Goddamn thing. He was just sharp with mathematics. Newton returned to essence in 1727 and 178 years later in 1905, Einstein set the world of Physics on fire with a paper entitled 'Special Relativity'. In the paper he stated 'Time' was not absolute as Newton had postulated. Einstein stated True I Master Equal can not be treated as separate from space. This is why 'disciplined' physicist state the phrase 'Space-Time', instead of 'space and time'. Nine years before 1914 the colored man figured out that space and time are in fact one in the same, bringing me back to my original point: If there is no beginning nor ending as our born degree states, it implies that there is no such idea as 'spacelessness'. Emblem's theory of the 'Imposibility of spacelessness' suggest that the 'Big Bang' did not effectively create what can abstractly be defined as 'new space' or 'more space', nor is the Universe encapsulated, or enveloped in a primordial expanding balloon that is somehow distinct from the fabric of space-time as the present model of the Big Bang would have us believe.

Yes, there was an explosion of immense magnitude, heat and density. There was a blast radius of course, but again: no 'new space' and thus there are no boundaries or edges to the Universe's expansion. There is tremendous truth in the old '5 Percenta' adage 'No Ledge' . Space is completely eternal with 'no ledges'. All potential energy is present in every nook and cranny of space and thus on a quantum level energy is ever present in the face of that which appears to the naked eye to be empty.

Initially, Einstein didn't agree with the idea of the 'Big Bang', he believed in a theory of the Universe that Physicist defined as 'Steady State'. Upon further evidence Einstein recanted and changed his mind and unconsciously proved the Big Bang in his General Theory of Relativity. The individual who drew up the idea of the explosion of this super atom that caused the Big Bang was a Professor of Physics who was also a Roman Catholic Priest, his name was Georges Lemaitre. He proposed in 1927 the theory of the Big Bang. Einstein and the rest of the Physics' community rejected it as bullshit, suggesting that Lemaitre's Math was Flawless but that his Physics were abominable.

I find it interesting that during this time Master Wallace Fard was locked up in San Quinten when all this shit was a hot topic. I'm quite sure Fard was reading his issue of Scientific Quarterly in the prison library, because out of nowhere, in a ghetto in D-Mecca in 1934 Fard's prize student Elijah is building on very abstract ideas in regard to it taking Allah 6 trillion years to go to war with three stages of darkness and construct the first atom. In retrospect 6 trillion years is interesting, 'unprovable', b.u.t. 'Interesing', especially when you consider that energy/matter exist on a quantum level in what appears to be empty space and how eons of time have had to have passed to pull together sufficient quantum mass to yield such immense density. 6 trillion years is indeed plausible. Logically the atom's weight caused space to warp, bringing more and more quantum mass to a point-not all quantum mass b.u.t. enough to cause a 'medium bang'. Georges Lemaitre was ahead of the curve by 7 years b.u.t. Elijah was on the ass of Lemaitre and the Physics world with only a forth grade education, one hundred and twenty lessons and he didn't even have a goddamn telescope.

Edwin Hubble in 1925 saw through his telescope that Galaxies were moving away from one another and him and the physics world concluded based on the 'Candle Light' equation' and the degree of luminosity of a star the distance between stars, and their motion allowing them to see that the Universe was indeed expanding from a point of an explosive origin, supporting Georges Lemaitre's theory of the Big Bang. The Big Bang wasn't fully proven and accepted until 1967 when two scientist: Arnold Pensious and Bob Wilson working at Bell Labs determined that the static we see and hear on our television sets is nothing more than the resonance, radiation, and residual echoes from the Big Bang or Allah's Self Creation from three stages of darkness borning the Universe. To 'keep it real', Elijah was ahead of the entire Physics community in terms of what he knew to be true and he died with way more loot than nearly the entire world of Physics. By 1967 Elijah had already been dealing with the first atom theory for 33 years. Georges Lemaitre brought it up first b.u.t. Elijah was on it hard, teaching it to Original people in a theological context.

So who is Stephen Hawking and why is he so relevant and ground breaking? What is the Unified Field Theory? What is the Theory of Everything? What are the Four fundamental forces of the Universe? And what do all these Nerd White Boyz mean with all this Quantum Mechanics bullshit?

First, before we go into Stephen we have to mention that in 1915 Einstein revised Special Relativity with General relativity, adding that gravity worked the way it does because space-time curves in the presence of matter. Just as batons are passed from one runner to another runner at a track and field event the baton of Gravity (Quantum Gravity) are Stephen's Hawking's Baton handed to him by Einstein. Gravity is another point in which I differ with Hawking.

Light cannot escape the force of gravity and thus bends and shifts in the face of gravity. All objects as they act in space, warp the fabric of space time, to what extent: depends upon the mass of the object. General Relativity points to the fact that the Universe is indeed expanding. Why? Because if Mass warps space, it would eventually bring things together and ultimately to a conclusive end. So by virtue of Einstein's theory of relativity we can logically infer expansion, leading to the conclusion that the known Universe began from The Big Bang or that a primordial atom that exploded from three stages of darkness.

There are multiple problems with the general model of the Big Bang though it is in principle correct. It is said that at '10' to the negative power of 43rd (10^-43/sec) of a second that the temperature of the initial explosion reached heats as hot as 100 million, trillion, trillion, degrees and then one Saturday Night hot temperatures nudged gravity to start dancing. I do believe that in the beginning the explosion was unfathomably hot, however I strongly refute the idea that 'Gravity' began at this point. In My theory of eternal time by virtue of eternal space (No Beginning nor ending) the fact that space has been forever present means that gravity has also been forever present. The explosion did happen indeed b.u.t. it did not create 'space' or 'gravity'. Gravity and 'Space' did not have a finite beginning, meaning both 'Gravity' and 'Space' did not begin at the moment of the big bang, it was the Universe that began.

If there has always been space-time there has always been gravity. Gravity is integral with space. The notion of Zero gravity is a failure because in what appears to be empty space quantum mass exist curving infinitesimal pockets of space to some degree. The first atom could not have been present in spacelessness, and nor could such an intense explosion occur in 'spacelessness'. Again: space has always been present. The explosion occurred on/in/upon/ and from the fabric of pure 'black-black-black' space itself. 13.7 Billion years ago marks a time and a point in which incredibly large and dense quantities of massive energy were condensed into and unfathomable and infinitesimally small atomic vehicle. This 'Black Black Black'(B^3) energy that NASA and Quantum Physicist have defined as Dark-Matter is in my theory the nature of space A.K.A 'The Black Mind' and the Black Mind has always been in existence and forever in possession of The Strong Nuclear force that hold protons, neutrons and quarks together; This Black Black Black Energy or Dark Matter has always been in possession of Weak Nuclear Forces which construct elements at the center of stars; This Black Black Black Energy has always been in possession of electromagnetism which provides all charges for atomic particles. Stephen Hawking and every Physicist on the planet are looking for an elegant theory that combines all four forces as a Unified Field Theory. The Problem is is that their searching at a finite point of Origin for Forces that Have eternally resided In Dark Matter and in the Fabric of Black Space Time itself. Essentially, Stephen Hawking and all his fellow grafted six ounces of brain-brainiacs will never find a Finite beginning for an Eternal Force if they continue to myopically search the origin of One singular explosion that occurred 13.7 Billion years ago. They assume that such was the first explosion of it's kind. It is my theory that if there is no beginning nor ending than explosions such as what we call the Big Bang occurs rather frequently in the Eternal scope of trillions upon trillions of years.

The Unified field theory is on the four right angles of the square which is the truth. I cee it, b.u.t. let them Keep searching for Trillionz. The Black Mind Manifest as The Black Man which Born God everlasting to everlasting,


Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Limitation of Mathematical Script

The Blog of Supreme Algebraic Operation was not compatible from one program to the next which caused certain symbols not to transfer in a right and exact fashion. I think that says a whole lot about what web designers think about so-called average individuals.  I desire to right blogs that deal with linear algebra, geometry and combinatorics and would love to have every mathematical symbol available at my finger tips. 'Blogger' my web host is limited in it's scripts which limits my ability to communicate effectively to you. I study these equations in private however I am graphically challenged when wanting to transfer my thoughts to you.  A web host is just one example, I'm not suggesting that blogger deliberately doesn't have such symbols available because it's a part of some sort of conspiracy , however many designers of the web assume that so-called average indiviuduals don't necessarily desire to explore, discover and write about higher branches of mathematics that can only be expressed with their relevant and correct symbols and terms.  It seems the whole world and not just original people need to expand their mathematical context and horizon.


Monday, May 16, 2011

The Non-Jurassic Asiatic: The Global Dinosaur Conspiracy

If we call Da God who founded our Nation 'The Father' then Elijah can be thought of as kind of a Grandfather'. Grandfather's are usually very interesting. They are men who have nearly a lifetime of wisdom behind them and in the winter of their lives they've learned to relax and not take themselves as serious as they once did when they were young men. My Grandfather's name was 'Ross', and he was a pretty cool dude. He taught me how to play 'Gin Rummy' and even gave me my first shot of whiskey at 6 or 7 years of age. He said whiskey would put hair on my chest. Often while playing cards he told me stories about his adventures in World War two. Grandpop Ross was stationed in Guinea in the South Pacific where he fought against the 'Japs' referring to the Japanese. While fighting the 'Japs' he said he had to also fend off the hungry natives who he claimed were cannibals. He told me plenty of war stories and I believed every single one of them. In my mind he was the black G.I. Joe. Our only disagreement was over the fact that he thought Joe Louis would have whooped Muhammad Ali and that kinda upset me a bit. Once I asked my Grandfather how he lost his teeth and he told me that he sneezed while waiting at a 'Stop-light' and that the sneeze was so powerful that he blew his teeth through the windshield of his car. One time my Grandfather told me that he ran full speed from New York to California non-stop in one hour. My jaw dropped. "Wow!" I said. My Grandfather was a real superman in my eyes. He was actually the first person I ever heard say, "Human beings only use ten percent of their brains." It took me a while before I realized that some of my Grandfather's stories were laced with plenty of fiction. I guess I wasn't using a large enough percentage of my brain at the time to detect that my Grandpop was running game on a little nigga. My mom looked at me like I was crazy when I told her about the time that Grandpop Ross supposedly ran from New York to Cali in one hour flat. She looked at me, shook her head, sucked her teeth and chuckled. That's what Grandfather's do: they tell their grandchildren entertaining stories that capture the child's imagination.

Our Asiatic Grandpop Elijah Muhammad told a whopper or two in his time as well. The whole Mothership story is bananas. Elijah said the ship traveled at 9000 miles per hour, controlled the force of gravity, and that the spaceship was a half mile by a half mile and had 1500 baby bomber planes that were driven by six year old pilots who controlled the baby planes with their mind. Elijah said that the Mothership had bombs many times more explosive than dynamite. These bombs were supposedly equipped with drills that could penetrate six miles deep into the Earth; explode; and raise a six mile high mountain after the explosion. As a child in The Nation of Islam I often found myself looking up in the sky searching for the Mothership, wondering if the Mothership had a play-room for junior F.O.I. My teenage mother would often talk about the day the Mothership would come and destroy all the blue-eyed white devils. I'm still waiting: no Mothership yet! As a child I looked forward to going for a ride on the Mothership and playing with the six year old baby plane pilots. As you can probably tell, I was a gullible ass little boy who was definitely taken for a ride by both my Grandfather and Elijah.

I watch the History Channel and I've seen the specials about UFOs, and the lights floating around in the sky caught on amateur video. For some strange reason UFO's never fly over Harlem, the South Side of Chicago, Compton, New Orleans, ATL or North Philly. UFO's always seem to hover above white rural areas of the country where white boyz are drinking 24 packs of Budweiser. Maybe aliens don't like niggaz?

In our galaxy, the Milky Way has been estimated to contain 200 billion stars and conservative estimates place the total galaxy count at 125 Billion Galaxies in the visible universe. The Universe is enormous indeed. The laws of probability point to intelligent life somewhere. However, I don't think Earth has been visited by an Asiatic E.T. just yet. If something is out there, my question is, 'what the fuck are they waiting for?' Land the damn flying saucer and smoke a blunt with a nigga. Until I see clear proof on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Facebook and Twitter of Spaceships parked above the White House or 125th Street I will remain an adamant skeptic of that UFO Bullshit.

Elijah said the Mothership is a humanly built plane that was engineered and constructed on the Island of Nippon (Japan) in 1929. Niggaz still looking up in the sky. Farrakhan's followers even believe that Fard and Elijah are still alive on board the spaceship kicking it, playing 120 questions. Well, I don't buy it. I love my bow-tied brothers and my Bean Pie making MGT sisters. I have great respect for Minister Farrakhan and of course I will always hold the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in high esteem as a masterful teacher and psychologist for Black People in The Wilderness of North America. I respect all people's right to believe what they want. Jehovah Witnesses believe that they are going to live forever on a paradise on Earth(Forever-ever). Muslims believe they're gonna have 72 virgins in heaven. Freedom of religion is a part of the U.S. Constitution, meaning we are all free to believe whatever the fuck we want.

Elijah Muhammad is like the Grandfather of Asiatic culture in North America and like all grandfathers he told some fantastic stories. There is one story in which he remained skeptical: dinosaurs. Elijah had mad beef with the idea of dinosaurs predating the Original man. He said that the whole dinosaur thing was an elaborate hoax by the colored man to fool the blind, deaf and dumb so-called negro. Elijah claimed that 'Dinosaurs' were the devil's trick-knowledge. If he was right it means the colored man has mad spare time on his hands. Elijah is basically saying all those so-called 'Dinosaur' bones white people discovered are fake and that all that Jurassic Park shit is bullshit. Ironically, on the other hand, Elijah loved the idea of spaceships but gave tyrannosaurus rex the middle finger, dismissing the Paleontologist Richard Owen's discovery of dinosaur bones in 1842 as a complete hoax.

Sometimes I feel I'm the only movafucka at the Asiatic Dinner table who sees the 'Pink Elephant' in the room on certain matters. As I look around the Asiatic table, full from a slice of bean pie, I'm thinking, "How come these other Asiatic Movafuckuz at the table can't see the complete departure from logic and reason regarding certain shit?"

On one hand I'm not suppose to believe in a Mystery God but I'm suppose to believe in Spaceships that refuse to land or even fly over black neighborhoods and that the Dinosaur bones found by white folks are a hoax? Elijah implied in his answer in the born degree that taking things on face value is not right and exact. I wholeheartedly agree! I think it should apply to everything and everybody.

White boys could have brung a big ass dinosaur out on a leash and Elijah wouldn't believe his lying eyes. But when Fard told him about the Mothership he accepted it without question: is that 'Face value'? The strange part about the whole idea of Elijah's Global Dinosaur Conspiracy theory is that it implies that the Paleontologist Richard Owen and some other white people got together in a smoke filled room, sipping on Scotch, smoking Cigars and said, "Hey dude, let's make up a story about a prehistoric giant beast and call 'em dinosaurs to fool niggers and then bury fake bones around the Earth to back-up our story!" And just like that, the Secret Society of The Great Dinosaur Conspirators' was founded. To make things worst, these Dinosaur trickknowlogists traveled to the furthest corners of the Earth planting these fake ass bones to 'Punk' original people. If what Elijah says is true regarding this elaborate Global Dinosaur Conspiracy it suggest that these trickknowlogists have gone to great lengths to enlist the help of museum curators and scientist all over the world, providing these co-conspirators with fake ass dinosaur bones to put on display. White people no doubt perpetuate a whole lot of trick-Knowledge around the world but would they really go so far as to fabricate a whole bunch of fake ass dinosaur bones just to prove a point?

I know a way how all of this can be settled once and for all: I'll call the Nation of Islam in Chicago and see if they have the phone number to the Mothership. I'm sure the Mothership has access to 4G coverage. I'll call the Mothership, ask to speak with Elijah or Fard so one of Da Gods can address the issue and clear up this issue of the Global Dinosaur Conspiracy.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Darwinism Versus Intelligent Design And The Mystery God Versus The Black Mind

I have more questions than answers and I'm far from a 'know it all' type of God. Literally I'm in awe regarding the nature of things beyond my present understanding and comprehension. The scientific nature of the origination of the Original Man is something I've pondered and have failed to grasp. I'm not alone in my ignorance, world renown mirco-biologist don't have a clue as to how the original man initially came to be. Logically, I've concluded that the original man had to be an original baby at some point in his life, and subsequently this original baby was once sperm. This original mixture of sperm and ovum had to grow in something. A fetus must incubate for a prescribed time to be viable in it's environment outside the womb. If man predated woman where did this original fetus grow and how did this fetus come to exist?

Scientist who have shown and proven theories such as the Big Bang and 'Giant Collision' theory which explains how the moon formed haven't yet shown and proven how the Original Man came to exist on Earth. Many of these scientist advocate a Darwinist ideology, however Darwinism begins to sound as ludicrous as the Mystery God creating man from the dust and blowing the breath of life into him, making man a living soul. Neither Darwinism or Religion explains the point in which inorganic matter transformed into an organic state. Scientist have suggested single cell green algae somehow evolving into a fish, then a monkey, and into a man. Which is stupid. If such was the case monkeys would still be transforming into men. Some scientist have suggested bacteria on crystals heating up to make life. They've also put forth the idea of a meteor striking the Earth with the rudimentary ingredients that compose DNA travelling light years on space rocks; and even electricity striking mud, causing primordial soup to start bubbling. Science nor religion can show and prove the exact cause of the Original Man's origin in this world.

The ensemble of Earthly elements such as earth, air, fire and water do not prove or establish any sound theories and they fail miserably to demonstrate exactly how a state of inorganic matter manifested into a state of organic matter. This lingering question concerning the exact origin of Man challenges Catholic, Jew, Protestant, Bhuddist, Muslim, Hindu, Micro-biologist and even the wisest Five Percenter recklessly adding whole numbers in Harriet Tubman. A Mystery God is an easy, lazy, and convenient explanation to life. The idea of this Mystery God is completely unscientific and only exists as the result of that promiscuous chick named 'Faith' (If Faith had twins she'd probably have two-pacs: get it: Tu-pac). Everybody advocating the insanity of 'Faith' over science needs to wear the helmets that those children in the Special Education classroom wear. Also those who advocate a scientific paradigm need to elevate their own intellectual and academic concepts because some of these so-called scientist have proposed the theory of Aliens vacationing on Earth and 'seeding' life as a plausible explanation for human existence. Such wild theories are just as spooky as a Mystery God sitting on his heavenly couch tallying up our good and bad deeds.

I'm wearing my retard helmet just like Religious adherents, Scientist and developmentally disabled children on the short-bus because I don't know initially how the biological formation of life came to be on Earth. All of us come from a mixture of sperm and egg and the idea of a 'first man' and singular man never made logical sense to me. If the Original Man was the first human being to exist, he had to have a nutless origin. How can any individual have a nutless origin? Such an idea suspends the laws of reason. Further more, What did this original dude screw to born more Original People? Did he stick his divine eye in the dirt? Maybe pods arose out of the dirt and little babies cracked the shells of sticky, slimmy pods? Or maybe some mystery God hit him with a Pacquiao like body punch, broke his rib, pulled it out and made a woman? Bullshit!

The exact stage by stage description of our origin in this world is a critical piece of missing data for the Original Man, religion and science. The white man came from the Original Man and thus the white man knows his exact origin in this world but the black man does not know his. I've taught students in the past and have showed and proved the beginning of the universe with relative ease. However I've always slowed down when explaining the beginning of biological life on Earth. Honestly and truly I don't know how, nor can I scientifically show and prove step by step how the original man biologically came to be. Emblem can speculate with the best of 'em and like most religious folks I'm uncomfortable with the inadequacy of Darwinism. If any one could show and prove the origin of biological life on Earth with certainty they'd win the Nobel Prize in the fields of Science and Micro-Biology which includes a cash prize of a million dollars. 'Know it all' Gods need to submit there apps and get that Nobel prize money. Such an individual would be hailed as the greatest scientific mind in the History of the world. Personally, I haven't figured it out, so give me my retarded helmet now because I don't know the biological equation of how life exactly began on Earth.

Darwinism attempts to explain, but ultimately fails. Darwinism manages to shrink to a convenient belief system much like religion does. Religion is a structured belief system which in most cases is based on an unknown Mystery God. This Mystery God is a psychological projection of the unknown, and is similarl to a character in a fiction novel: Torah, Bible, Book of the dead, Vedas and Quran. Symbolically 'x' in math represents an unknown quantity and in religious terms, 'x' represents this fictitious Mystery God that all religions boast to be the infallible boss of all things. This unseen character is supposedly an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent formless being that see's, hears and causes all events to happen. Usually, the projected and accepted image regarding this so-called Mystery God is that 'He' has a multitude of human qualities and characteristics. This Mystery God is supposedly loving, caring, merciful, patient, just, compassionate and is even subject to being made angry or sad. Basically, this so-called Mystery God seems to be manic-depressive, schizophrenic and emotionally unstable all wrapped in one basket case. All mystery Gods of history from Osiris to Zeus to Yahweh offer lame definitions for the organic origination of life.

Judaism, Christianity, and the Religion of Islam all have elaborately constructed belief systems concerning this so-called Mystery God. Each religion provides an exclusive existential reasoning for man's existence, each claiming to be in sole possession of an unadulterated absolute truth as it pertains to the edicts and prescribed laws enacted by this so-called Mystery God. This Mystery God appears to change his mind frequently from the old testament to the new testament and from one religion to the next.

Religion uses the unknown (X) to explain the Why (Y) of life and does so in an irrational way. The Judeo-Christian account puts fourth that God began creation with the command, "Let There Be Light!" And in Islam, Allah says, "Kun" or 'Be'. These religious accounts of creation correlate with what physicist and cosmologist describe as the 'Big Bang' minus the omnipotent command of an unseen being that supposedly exist everywhere. Many mainstream scientist refute the idea of an intelligent creator and the scientist who do not believe in a Mystery God are usually awarded the majority of scientific grants, and funding for their research in all fields of scientific study. Scientist who believe in a Mystery God are rarely awarded dick. The lack of patronage by wealthy groups who support scientific research demonstrates the scientific community's lack of respect for religion, dismissing religion as a purely irrational and primitive mind state.

Recently, I watched a documentary entitled 'Expelled' with Ben Stein who chronicled the debate in the Scientific Community between Darwinism and Intelligent Design. An interesting question is posed to the Darwinist by those who advocate intelligent design: "How did inorganic matter transform into organic material?" It is a question that no Darwinist, micro-biologist or religious advocate can scientifically answer. Actually no one has yet to scientifically show and prove the biological step-by-step process how such a biological event came to pass. Such unknowns go unanswered and remain unsolved mysteries.

The Energetic explosion that fused the four fundamental forces of weak nuclear, strong nuclear, electromagnetic, and gravitation together as one force at the beginning of the universe best describes in my mind the beginning of the universe. However the 'Big Bang' does not adequately explain how inorganic matter manifested into the organic phenomena of life. As a Five Percenter some would say that Allah's Self Creation out of three stages of darkness indirectly points to a 'Mystery God' and that such an idea is not right and exact. Those members of the Five Percent who are opposed to Allah's Self Creation out of three stages of Darkness are indeed very perplexing individuals.

Western Physicist have determined that the Big Bang occurred 13.7 Billion years ago while some who advocate 'I God' culture believe that the Asiatic Black Man has existed for trillions and trillons of years on Earth in the physical form. They ignore and dismiss the findings of white physicist and hold to their subjective truths much like Christians cleave to the idea of Eve literally coming from Adam's rib. The Earth has been estimated at 4.5 billion years of age, which greatly conflicts with the 66 trillion years of age purposed by Elijah Muhammad in the Theology Of Time. The best thing an individual can do is read and study in a scientific manner and judge for themselves. Personally, I view the religious mindset as a state of mind that must be done away with in order to arrive at a higher and greater scientific reality.

Those like myself who deal with the organizing principle of the 'Black Mind' are actually in step with recent scientific, cosmological data. Truth-is-truth and facts are facts: there is no getting around it, regardless if the source of pertinent scientific research is discovered by a European scientist or a Black Scientist. The correct answer to a Math problem is without race, color or creed.

As I examined my own Idea of Allah(Black Mind) manifesting from three stages of darkness I realized that the abstract concept of the 'Black Mind' (Undifferentiated Energy Matter) is a form of a 'Mystery God', even though it's in accord with scientific findings as these findings relate to the nature of energy's relationship to matter. The idea of the Black Mind is in keeping with an underlying process happening at the quantum level which is close to the level of pure energy. Matter can be understood as the result of an intelligent designer. The intelligent designer does not have to fit the religious profile of the traditional mystery God. Matter is not the result of a chaotic random occurrence. Physical 'laws' in the universe are observable: A rock is composed of matter which is woven from energy, every electron of every constituent atom in the composition of the rock is the result of an observable prescribed law. Prescribed means pre-written. Writing is a form of intelligence showing and proving that We live in an engineered universe and not a random and spontaneous universe that combusted out of 'zero nothingness', coming from 'no where': Everywhere is 'Somewhere'.

The Mystery God is allegedly 'Non-Physical' and the Black Mind which has been historically defined as pure energy/consciousness is also 'Non-Physical'. Do such similarities between the Mystery God and 'Black Mind' confirm the existence of a Mystery God after all? Not at all! How one views the phenomenon of potential energy and manifest energy are pivotal in forming an understanding of intelligent reason versus chaotic randomness. Those who advocate an out-right Mystery God have a tendency to separate themselves from this so-called grand being. They ultimately subject their 'will' to the act of patronizing and worshiping this so-called God in a disconnected and very mechanical fashion. The progression of consciousness as an energetic force from three stages of darkness is in my view consciousness embarking on an eternal journey of Self Realization and Self Discovery, experiencing a fragmented state of existence. Difference is illusory and Unity is "I and I". One Being is manifested into an individuated multitude of beings or an otherwise 'wholeness of mind' discovering itself in a reality that is based on established dimension of space and time within the broadest scope and spectrum of differentiation. Fragmentation of a singular holistic consciousness, experiencing Self through a myriad of forms.

'Energy' can neither be 'created' nor 'destroyed' which is an actual fact in physics. This law of physics correlates with the idea of 'no beginning or ending', mentioned in the born degree in the one to ten. An energetic manifestation into the universe's known dimensions of space, time provides potential energy with the 'space' and time to express its essence, more accurately, the reality of this Black Mind is in the midst of an ever transformative dance of energy set into motion manifesting Black Matter and orchestrating the biological form of the Asiatic black man. The body acts as a place for the 'Black Mind' to dwell. How this occurred scientifically has yet to be proven with a diagrammed detailed model. However as a theory, it is at the least plausible, elegant and admittedly somewhat religious. My philosophical assessment (Theory) is not original-many scientist and those steeped in religiousity have suggested similar ideas. Theories are good in some respects, as they take into consideration potential truths yet to be fully proven. Theories act as the formation to discover more accurate models to diagram the reality in which we reside. They are however, just theories. My philosophical and theoretical musings of this grand expression of a singular energetic neutrality experiencing itself as a multitude of illusory differences is just a personal understanding for me until evidence proves or disproves my personal paradigm. No scientist has actually defined the substance we designate as consciousness, nor has the individuated dispersement of this one consciousness been proven with certainty. Is one conscious being truly connected to another conscious being? Again: it has not been proven with hard science. Does mind really detect mind? Also, no one has scientifically proven consciousness to actually be eternal. The dead has never come back to tell the living 'anything'. Death on face value appears to show and prove the finite reality of not only the physical but also consciousness. Billions upon billions have died in life on this Earth and no one has managed to come back with so much as a "boo!" Theoretically what we define as consciousness could be as finite as the body? Who knows? Just because ideas such as 'one consciousness' sound good no one truly knows. As a scientist you have a responsibility to consider multiple angles of the square. Pros and Cons allow us to remain 20 miles outside in the city of 'Objectivity' and not the religious capital of Mecca. Theories should not define the facts-the facts should define the theories and consequently scientist are held to a standard of proof via experimentation with these prescribed laws embodied within the observable universe.

Knowledge is abstract as a concept and in terms of the nature of the so-called 'Black Mind'-'knowledge' is essentially intangible. Solidified matter (Wisdom) is tangible and generally without abstraction at a face value glance. Wisdom is easily apprehended by the perceiving mind. The entire universe is Wisdom at a glance, she is an objective as well as an observable world. The foundation of matter(wisdom) is rooted in the intangibility of energy: 'Black Mind'; Essence; and Knowledge.

At what point does energy become matter? Or in other words when does Knowledge yield Wisdom or One Manifest Two? The demarcation of Quantitative states is extremely dynamic and on a subatomic level very complex. When God and Earth refer to death as 'returning to essence' or 'returning back' such expressions are implied admissions of an intangible nature. When life ceases to be animated and observable to the naked eye what we know to be seems to be no more. A transformation into another state is certain, whether its the maggots that will consume your flesh under the ground or the electrical impulses that race throughout the body that will one day disipitate into the surrounding atmosphere, it can be concluded that all cognition will cease. We don't know what happens at death but we will all die. Death is certain-Life is not.

There is no Mystery God, however there is an energetic presence throughout the Universe. Energy is everywhere, permeating every nook and cranny of the Universe. Religion is designed to create an existential explanation of life; a Heaven; and a Hell. Psychologically religion is primitive in terms of its description and interpretation of events. Religion escapes rationality and is an unconscious projection of an innate psycho drama being played out in the mind of the human being. A Mystery God ruling over humans is a reflection of this psychological drama existing within man as well as a display of insecurity and uncertainty relating to human existence. Man's imagination projects this so-called Mystery God into the world and above the head of the human being, defining moral and ethical boundaries for daily life. Man utilizes religion for political purposes to manage, pacify, neutralize and diffuse the scientific minds of the general population at large(The 85 Percent).

The human being is capable of contemplating his or her own existence and it is foolish to believe that the human being is without a scientific origin in this world: intelligence begets intelligence. Mathematics is rational and reasonable and nothing should escape applied reason. The fact that Man attempts to fathom the nature of His origin in this world indicates that man is innately in possession of this root organizing principle: Black Mind. The 'Nation Of Islam' mentioned in the born degree is without a beginning nor ending, contrarily the Original Man has a 'beginning' as well as an 'ending'. This fact implies that the Black Man began in a form at a set point in time. It's the 'How' and 'Why' of this 'set point' of origin that elusively disipitates like a fist full of smoke as we attempt to grasp a deeper understanding of our own 'Beingness'.

All that is known to exist is a part of a grand mathematical equation. In My view all scientific discovery is actually a physical manifestation of the Black Mind experiencing and discovering the reality of its own SELF. Our contemplation of our own existence proves the nature and reality of a dynamic, underlying intelligence, dispelling the claim of some physicist that a random, chaotic and anomalous beginning is the ultimate nature of our origin in this world. I'm a reasonable being who has a difficult time accepting that Reason and Rationality began from Randomness.

Religion at least tries to give an explanation for life and negligently provides faulty reasons for existence, ficticiously conjuring up a heavenly hierarchy, and claiming to have the answers for a plethora of unknowns which are unsubstantiated and completely unscientific. Where as some Physicist make the claim that "shit just happens because shit just happens' which is actually worst than religion in some respects. The colored man has a tendency to discover scientific truths and then disunite them from his own sense of beingness.

The entire psycho-drama of religion is founded upon man's over-active imagination, inventing scenarios similar to a fiction writer constructing a plot for a fiction novel. Questions such as 'what happens when you die?' and 'what is the reason for life' establish the framework for this literary work which acts as an irrational foundation for all religions. All religions are unscientific stories of fantasy concocted by the imagination. 'Faith' acts as the final ingredient, ultimately sucking the religious adherent deeper into this unscientific story hook-line and sinker. Science does not have all the answers, however it does take a more rational and mathematical approach to searching for answers to the multidimensional math problems posed by man's natural curiosity. As this curiosity inquires into the nature of existence the mind reaches for higher mathematical ideals, stretching and expanding with each ponderance and discovery. Though I feel randomness is bullshit at least itz based on quantum research, where as religion makes the mind an obese lazy couch potato eating Hot Pockets. Faith quits in it's pursuit of truth. Religion is a fat slob; Science is an exercise junky and the Black Mind is cool as fuck. The idea of the Black Mind acts as an underlying energetic organizing principle, which is not at all emotional or passionate in the way a religious minded individual understands the Mystery God. The Black Mind is not bound to the subjectivity of emotionalism like the mystery God who has this vested emotional interest in human affairs. The Black Mind is purely impartial, neutral in nature, and only as aware as the 'Human Being' that realizes his or her 'Oneness' with the SOURCE: Black Mind. Awareness of this consciousness and the universal reality produces this connection, fusing the mythology of 'God' and The Black Man into One: flip sides of the same coin.

If the entire Ocean is The Black Mind than I am a drop of water in that Ocean, and though one molecule of water is not the Ocean, this said Molecule can make a claim of qualitative equality in 'Kind'. Such an understanding of Self as 'God' has a more holistic Eastern approach, proving 'Wise Man From The East-Black Man'. Honestly, even the term 'God' must be reevaluated, as it is a term in which we must be careful with. Man has unconsciously used the term 'God' in a way that leans toward religiousity and religiousity is the 'devil' that fooled the scientific nature of man in the first place. A proficient mathematician and a learned scientist is transcendent of the Idea of this religious 'God'. Ironically the more mathematical and scientific one becomes, the more that that individual connects with the reality That God is The Mind of the Original Man forever dwelling and growing into infinitude in a supremely Mathematical way. Be scientific!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Knowing The European 'Ledge' In Philosophy & Mathematics

Although rationalism, logic and mathematics are usually associated with science, many who claim to be supreme mathematicians and scientific deities often fall victim to emotionalism, bias and preconceived views lacking scientific objectivity. Maybe it would be prudent for all those who claim to celebrate a love and reverence for science and math to be more critical of long standing perceptions, and methodologies of narrowly held views regarding the hard sciences. Stepping 20 miles outside of our own clouded perceptions from time-to-time is healthy and advances a sharper scientific paradigm. A momentary refutation of our own notions which are usually steeped in doctrine could indeed assist in examining the nature of actual scientific 'process' and 'procedure'. It would behoove us all to take time to check ourselves, and think 'out of the box'-a box usually built with dogmatic and quasi religious bricks that becomes a prison house, stifling growth.

What can the National body that compose God and Earth learn from the Western Academic Community? Are colored mathematicians worthy of our inquiry and study? In this writer's opinion it is very important to acknowledge the historical mathematical contributions of every culture including the colored man, especially since the colored man and particularly the Chinese rule the Planet Earth nowaday.

Irregardless of the political and economic ideologies that dominate the Global landscape, industrialized Nations such as China and The U.S. came to power via their elevation in areas of mathematics and science. They did so based on the Philosophers and Mathematicians of the past. Original people gave the colored man the 'power' to 'rule' the Earth and by doing so, the colored man has become the custodian of Math and Science. The Power we gave the Colored Man is itself in the very nature of Mathematics and colored people have used Mathematics against Original People throughout the Earth. 'Oppression', 'repression', 'domination', 'conquest' are not only words but actions that have held Original Black People in a chessboard's check for thousands of years. The actions of these colored conquerors has prevented the advancement of Original People in terms of civilization. What is the meaning of Civilization? The first principle of Civilization is 'Knowledge'. What is 'Knowledge'? And what does it mean to study 'Knowledge'?

Qualitatively 'one' is 'knowledge' as defined by God and Earth, also Knowledge is the foundation to everything in existence as the blackman is the foundation to his family'. Such a definition brings the concept of 'knowledge' back home to the Asiatic Black family, community, and Nation. The Father of our Nation redefined 'Knowledge' for Black People in a positive way, establishing a cornerstone to expand the context of original 'Culture'.

Western Academia has defined the study of 'Knowledge' as 'Epistemology' and as members of the Asiatic Black Nation it would be wise to study 'Epistemology' to investigate the innate idea at the center of the Universal flag which correlates to the phrase, '...as the blackman is the foundation to his Family...', meaning 'Knowledge' is innate to the blackman and at the central foundation of the Universal Flag and Family.

Certain ideas are 'innate': an example of an 'innate' idea is an idea that is 'determined' or more accurately 'predetermined'. Prescribed laws written inside the 'Black Germ' in the Blackman's body are inscribed on the molecular scrolls of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA). The molecular language of DNA is written with the ink of Amino Acid, which formulate proteins, and yields the actual organic life of the Black Man's physical form.

We are all born with a purpose that is either Major or Minor, each of us has an innate talent, and an innate idea that resides in all of us. The idea of a 'Determinined Idea' existing in all of us is indeed real. In the wisdom culture degree in the 40's, I find myself associating 'culture' with the word 'cultivate' which is the process of growing and making a determined idea from the beginning.

All science is based on mathematics and thus biological facts in accord with mathematical truths conclude and prove that the Original Man was and is the Black man. Scientific evidence provides mathematical validation for this 'Statement'. Knowledge of the actual fact that the blackman is the Original man is an epistemological and a biological truth, proving that the blackman is an organic physical manifestation of 'Knowledge' and the embodiment of the root 'Source' of all variations of humans on the Planet Earth.

Rationalism is at the foundation of epistemology and has a distinct relationship to order. The nature of order is intrinsic to mathematics. Qualitatively, Supreme Order is Knowledge Wisdom and Understanding, and quantitatively the symbols of 1,2, 3 serve as representations of this 'Supreme Order'. Knowledge's relationship to the blackman is epistemological in nature and Wisdom's relationship to the black woman as Earth is 'empirical'. Dealing with wisdom from the point of view of a study of the 'empirical' is wise and in keeping with rational thought. The Asiatic definition of 'empiricism' would be on par with the phrase 'Doing The Knowledge' which implies to gather 'knowledge' from the external world in the form of 'understanding'.

There was no peace amongst the European schools of Epistemology and Empirical thought. The two schools of philosophical thought bickered back and forth for hundreds of years while Supreme Mathematics nowaday teaches Knowledge (Epistemology) and Wisdom (Empiricism) to all the Human family of the Planet Earth free of dispute.

Rene' Descarte (1596-1650) was probably the most famous Epistemologist in European history. A French philosopher and a Mathematician, he wrote a book entitled 'Discourse On The Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason, and Seeking Truth in the Sciences' in 1637 in which he proposed using the letters of the Alphabet to represent 'known' quantities, and the last letters of the Alphabet to represent 'unknown' quantities. His ideas stand to this day. Descarte used 'x' and 'y' for two axis points in a plane now defined in modern Mathematics as 'Cartesian Coordinates'. While Descarte modified the language of mathematics it was Newton's application of Calculus and major contributions to physics that redefined how scientist observed the physical world. Discovering how Infinitesimal Calculus in a geometric form applies to the physical world. Newton also established what we have come to know as Newtonian Physics.

How wise would it be to overlook the inroads made by Europeans into legitimate branches of mathematics and science simply because the individuals who demonstrate proficiency in a given mathematical branch were European? It would not be wise at all! Yes, it is known that Math is rooted in the Nature of Original people, however the culture degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture makes it clear that 'lying' and 'stealing' are components of trick-knowledge and these components mastered the Original Man. Consequently, the documented systems of 'Mathematics' were stolen from Original People. So, as 'Jerusalem' in the power degree in the 'one to fourteenz' was taken back: mathematics must be taken back in an academic crusade and returned back to its rightful owner who is in fact The Maker, Owner, Cream Of The Planet Earth, Father of Civilization and God of the Universe. Nothing can be taken back if Original People cannot identify and understand the nature of the items that were stolen in the first place.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sugar Shane Mosley Is Not The Said Person Of That Ability

In May of 2010 Sugar Shane Mosley fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. I thought Shane would dig deep into the treasure chest of manhood and teach an obnoxious Floyd Mayweather Jr. a lesson in respect. Why? Because Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the time was saying that he was greater than Muhammad Ali. In my book those were fighting words, as well as words marinated in egotism. Ali was my hero as a child, he was in the Nation of Islam when I was in the Nation of Islam. I looked up to him and I identified with him. Muhammad Ali was Greater than Bruce Lee in my eyes so how could Floyd say something so sacriligious about the 'Greatest of All Time'? Muhammad Ali was a great man both inside the ring and outside the ring. Muhammad Ali has class, as well as Knowledge of Self. Personally, I was offended and I wanted Sugar Shane to beat Floyd Mayweather's immature ass. Sugar Shane was not the said person of that ability. He could not deal with Floyd's punishing jabs, nor Floyd's pinpoint timing, explosive burst, and superior foot work. The fight was a testament to Mayweather's superior skill as he simply out-classed Sugar Shane. Shane's only highlight was a punch landed in the second round. Money Mayweather fought in another dimension at least three speeds ahead of Sugar Shane. Shane looked like a slow moving statue who's head was constantly being snapped back. It was the biggest fight of Shane's hall of fame career and the night of his biggest boxing pay day he brought nothing to the table. Or maybe Mayweather is just that good and just made Sugar Shane look that bad?

Freddie Roach once described Manny Pacquiao's punches as bullets being fired. Simply put: Manny likes to fight. I saw the Margarito fight in Philly and on that night in November 2010 Manny fought Antonio Margarito-Margarito weighed 165 pounds when he stepped in the ring while Pacquiao only weighed a mere 148 pounds. A 17 pound difference. In boxing pounds matter but not on that night. The shorter and smaller Pacquiao broke Margarito's orbital bone/eye socket and actually slowed down the pace of the fight in the 12th round to have mercy on the injured Margarito who was rushed to the hospital immediately after the fight. Pacquiao has been a champion in multiple weight divisions and is a pure fighter-a pure fighter is not a pure boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a pure boxer and supremely skilled but this article is not about Mayweather and Pacquiao, it is about Pacquiao and Sugar Shane Mosley. Shane, however has introduced himself as an important part of the Pacquiao/Mayweather equation. I think Sugar Shane Mosley was a great boxer, but his time has past and his skills have eroded. He is not the Sugar Shane that beat De La Hoya in 2000 and 2003. In September, Sugar Shane will step into his 40th year on this Earth and I don't think he will step into it with a win over Manny Pacquiao. I really don't.

Sugar Shane Mosley would have to have an exceptional fight, and perhaps the greatest boxing display of his life in order to beat Manny on May 7th. I do not think such a display will happen. I think Sugar will get beat decisively. Joshua Clottey and Antonio Margarito both went the distance with Pacquiao and I don't see any reason why this fight won't go 12 rounds. It should. Sugar Shane has every tool in the tool box to take Pacquiao the distance but he doesn't have the tools to win. After Shane's 2 fights with Winky Wright and 2 fights with De La Hoya I don't think Pacquiao is strong enough to knockout Sugar Shane. In close combat Pacquiao will get the better of Sugar Shane, and Manny will dominate the rate of punches that will be exchanged. Manny stays busy, he actually threw 1231 punches the night he fought Clottey which was a record. Pacquiao fights at nearly the same speed as Mayweather: Super Fast, but he is not faster than Mayweather. Shane will step back and Manny will come forward, pressing and inviting conflict. The two will indeed get down and dirty.

Mayweather beat Shane Mosley in a convincing fashion and I don't see any reason why Pacquiao won't do the same. The fight on May 7th is going to set the stage for Pacquiao/Mayweather and fight fans will get a clear look into how both fighters did against Sugar Shane in hopes of getting some idea of the outcome of Pacquiao/Mayweather and what will undoubtedly be the biggest and last great super fight as the sport of boxing lay dying on it's death-bed.

Unfortunately, Sugar Shane is a crash test dummy, testing the waters for boxing's grand finale: Pacquiao/Mayweather. Sugar Shane may be a crash test dummy but he ain't dumb, this is perhaps his last big pay day before retirement. If Shane does better against Pacquiao than he did against Mayweather it may convince Mayweather to sign on the dotted line against Pac-Man. Who the fuck knows? I've never seen a man afraid to fight for 35-45 million dollars: Mayweather is the first.

I made so many excuses for Mayweather last year until I finally said, "Fuck it!". I've had and seen enough situations rooted in conflict to know when a nigga don't want to man-up and fight. At first I thought Floyd was striving to raise the public demand for the fight, teasing the public, and setting up a gargantuan pay per view gate. Bullshit! 'Scared' is scared! Mayweather is 'shook' as fuck of Pacquiao: as well, he should be! Why is Floyd so scared? The answer to that question is in the heart and history of Pacquiao. Personally, I think Floyd is a much better boxer than Manny and Floyd can easily beat Pac-Man on points. Marquez gave Pacquiao trouble and Floyd easily beat Marquez.

So why is Floyd shook? Manny Pacquiao comes from the most densely populated place on Earth per square mile: 100,000 people per square mile live in the Philippines and for Manny to emerge from the Philipino slums and fight for an entire Nation and become a champion in eight weight divisions and win ten titles is a true testament of a pure fighter. Manny is driven with a determined idea that Mayweather or Shane cannot match or begin to imagine. Mayweather poked fun at Manny's heritage, calling Manny a "shrimp fried rice eating Chinamen." Make no mistake about it, Manny Pacquiao is Black and he was born poor and black. 'Americans' in this country don't understand what 3rd world slums are for real-for real! The Philippines are shitty: 'throw a bucket of shit out of a tin hut' shitty'. Every nigga born poor in this country at least has running water even if the water was turned off for a while. Homeless shelter standards in this country are better than the average domestic situation in the Philippines. I am sure both Roger Mayweather (Floyd's uncle) and Floyd Mayweather Sr.(Floyd's Father) have told Floyd just where this man called Pac-Man is from and understand that Manny's hood is far from soft. Manny is from the world's capital of 'Moi Tai': Moi Tai niggaz are good with their hands and feet. Manny Pacquiao might be brown but he is a black baby at heart like a movafucka. Floyd technically is better in every area, he is afraid of that intangible that Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao possesses. Floyd will one day fight Pac Man and I predict that Floyd will technically win, but he has to get over his fear losing.

On May 7th, 2011 at 11 PM or midnight we will have a winner in the Mosley/Pacquiao fight and I'm 90 percent sure it's going to be Manny 'Pac-Man' Pacquiao. It is my gut-feeling that Manny will win by unanimous decision over Sugar Shane Mosley. Hopefully Sugar Shane will call it a career after this fight. I give Sugar Shane a 10 percent chance of victory Saturday night. That's it!

Enjoy The Fight,