Thursday, April 28, 2011

Climbing Mount Everest: Emblem Falls Victim On The 18th Day!

Saturday, April 23, 2011. Day 15: This morning I stepped on the scale and did the knowledge to my total weight and the digital scale read 198.8. lbs. My total weight loss since February 2nd, 2011 has been 37 pounds and over the last knowledge power days I've lost approximately 13 pounds. I haven't been under 200 lbs in years. I got in the mirror and started throwing punches, God was feeling good, because I busted my gut down to ironing board flat. Itz fucked up for a man when his stomach sticks out further than his chest or when you're a grown ass man and got 'man boobs'. Fuck that! Looking in the mirror I saw a younger me, the weight loss showed in my face. My facial features are sharper, and after doing the knowledge to my reflection in the mirror I was pleased, not 'on' some 'vanity' shit, b.u.t 'on' that refinement vibe.

As most people get older they gradually gain weight and ultimately bury themselves in a coffin made of their own fat. Getting big was creeping up on me, meal by meal; forkfull of food-by forkfull full of food. On my birthday my thighs rubbed together for the first time in my life, It was an alarming wake up call. Literally, a fire was set under my ass. I only got one physical form: not two or three like a video game. High blood pressure kills from the inside out-it creeps up on you, eventually tapping you on the shoulder to give you a heart attack or kidney failure. Dialysis ain't sexy and a heart attack will creep up on you and choke you like a pimp wanting money, "Bitch you knew you had high blood pressure!"

The doctor prescribed Lisiniprol (rat poison), it made me feel shitty. Fuck that! I make rain, hail, snow and Earthquakes! If I can't change the reality of my body, I damn sure can't change the weather. I will take and keep my blood pressure down on my fuckin' own! Fuck Lisiniprol! My blood pressure reading today was 118 over 84. I DID THAT WITHOUT MEDS!

In 2003 I was training for a marathon, my weight at the time was 175. I was running 10 miles a day, and my endurance was building more and more each day. Eventually I developed bone chips on the tip of the toe next to my big toe. The pain was so bad that every time I walked I winced in pain. Dropping this weight and the clarity I've gained from this juice fast has re-awakened my goal of running a marathon. I need to go the extra mile and the whole twenty six. Maybe itz the mania and hype of this Juice fast talking? While Juice Fasting you get moments of feeling invincible. When this Juice Fast is over I might say fuck a marathon, which leads me to the subject of whimsical ideas versus determined ideas.

Sunday April 24: Knowledge Equality Day of Juice Fast. Strawberry, papaya, Watermelon, Honey Dew melon, Apples, Oranges and Pineapple had to wait. Why? Because I left the window open when I went to rest and woke up with a scratchy throat. So I juiced an onion. As soon as that raw, and Holy onion juice hit my system the cold got ghost. All the cold medicine in the world ain't got shit on raw onion juice. A cold and an onion can't occupy the same space at the same time. I took that cold off my planet in 15 minutes. Don't get me wrong onion juice is nastier than a Triple X chick in a porno flick b.u.t. that shit workz! It made my whole body curl up, especially since my stomach's been empty for the past 16 days. When I drank onion juice I made a face as if I was crying. If there is one thing that I've learned about the math problems that come with life-is that the cure ain't pretty.

In the afternoon I was hit with the Quran real hard and the notion of doing a Khatam came to mind. A 'khatam' of 120 is one complete recital from who's the original to pluto. In the Quranic sense it would be One Quranic recitation from Surah Fatiha to Nas. This juice fast has got me way up in the etheric realm, drawing up ayats and linking them to lessons and mathematical ideas. One Ayat took me to the born degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher. The phrase in the born degree states,'...and hear thunder above their head...'! The knowledge understanding Surah in the Quran is entitled 'Al Ra'd' (The Thunder). The phobia that some Gods have toward the Quran is unfounded. When you know who God truly is and are secure in who you are, you can see YOURSELF in every ayat in the Quran relative to Supreme Mathematics. If you truly know who God is and the fact that their is no Mystery God then the Quran becomes this incredible internal mathematical meditation, with each ayat opening up deeper insights into the nature of the Asiatic Black Man and Earth. The Earth is mentioned quite often in the Quran. Surah 13 Ayat 3: 'And it is He who spread out the Earth and set there on mountains standing firm, and flowing rivers; and fruit of every kind He made in pairs, two of two: He draws the night as a veil over the Day. Behold, verily in these thing are signs for those who are mindful.' Surah 13, Ayat 3. Only an ignorant idiot can't see that-that ayat showz and provez 'Maker', Hills and Mountains; on her way around the sun; and 'Fruit of Islam'. When you understand and Cee the Black woman as Earth, the ayat is clear. When you know that there isn't a Mystery God you can read yourSELF into the Quranic flow.

Back in the day I use to take students to church high off equality and when the choir made a joyful noise unto the Lord I never let a student forget that the Choir was singing to Self. The relationship Math has 'to' and 'with' traditional religion shouldn't be taboo. If I can knowledge and understand a subject I can formulate a Supreme Mathematical cee relative to Self regardless of the subject. The science of everything in life falls within the realm of Mathematics.

Juice fasting is better than any recreational drug or over the counter drug that I've ever taken. I feel like I smoked a pound of dro without the smokey, and hazy effects of weed. Also I feel very sharp and in my mind I'm drawing thingz up with mad ease. I'm a firm believer in intellectual independence in 'IGod' culture in that every God and Earth should have an original cee, hence the phrase "How do you cee the dayz degree", such a phrase places an emphasis on creativity. If your cee is exactly like another God's cee for too long then you're a Goddamn pawn. The best part is your own cee. God ain't a Fucking 'Yes-Man'. Just as my cee is originally mine-your cee should be originally yours.

Monday, April 25, 2011. Knowledge God Day of Juice Fast. There is a ringing in my ears, a clarity of mind. I can hear myself think. Achieving this mind state is one of the reasons I juice fast, detoxing is another. It is the clarity that I dig the most. The culture degree in the Supreme Alphabet 'Divine' is fitting, my thoughtz have a crystal clear sound quality. Entertaining negative thoughts or negative energy is completely out of the question. I re-cycle the negative energy into a positive current of air. My mind is doing it effortlessly and in terms of my outlook everything is peace on the horizon. I can hear my heart beat when I'm still and even feel my pulse in my wrist while I'm driving(that fucked me up). My senses are picking up everything and I can smell everything. Ordinarily I don't have a good sense of smell but this morning at work I smelled my co-worker's breath from across the room, it smelled like he had a shitty pamper for breakfast.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011, Knowledge Build: When I Juice fasted in October 2010 I fell victim on the knowledge build day and today I don't feel so hot either. I want to make it to the knowledge born day. I don't feel like writing (I must be sick), I'm hungry as fuck and I got a shitty attitude. I Just want to lay in bed and make it to the nineteenth day.

Evening: Hunger knocked me the fuck out. I bit into the watermelon and my fast was over in the blink of an eye. I didn't make it to the top of my personal Mount Everest. Hunger beat me down. I'm sick, have the chills and hunger flat-out won. Next Season I'll strive again. The best thing I can do now is eat better, watch out for salt, and be mindful not to put the weight back on. I'm 195 pounds. Total weight loss since February 2nd is 40 pounds.



Friday, April 22, 2011

Climbing Mount Everest: Emblem's 40 Day Juice Fast Week Two

Saturday April 16: Build Day of Juice Fast.

'Perfect calm' describes my mind-state, things that would ordinarily stress me out feel insignificant, and unimportant. 'Calm' has transformed my perception. I have a real peace attitude toward all things. Early this morning I took knowledge wisdom cipher from 'who's the Original to Pluto': twice, and afterward read along with Sayid Al Ghamdi in his recitation of Sura Al-Imran. Physically, my work-out was relaxing, I didn't over-exert myself, and was mindful in conserving my strength for the dayz to come. My work-out lasted approximately 45 minutes, afterward I juiced carrots and apples-a.k.a 'skin juice'. I did all of this before the God hour.  

'In fact all that above is caused by the Son of Man.' It was that phrase that had me drawn up today. The word 'Cause' in particular. Both build and destroy degreez in the Knowledge to Knowledge the Culture and Knowledge to Culture the Cipher place emphasis on 'cause'. The subject of 'Causation' in my mind has always implied 'mind power', both collective and in the Individual sense. B.U.T. ultimately, What is 'Cause'?'

CAUSE(Cee Allah Use)? Indeed! 'Cee Allah Use' what? His mind!  'Be-Cause' or Be Cee Allah 'Use' is an aspect of 'Self Realization'; Knowledge of Self; leading us in the right and exact direction: 'Inward'. The 'Wrong direction' is 'outward' or to be a Savage in the Pursuit of Happiness-chasing a false notion of 'happiness'. Accept that your mind is One with all of Creation and that all of Creation is One With your mind. Your physical existence is the effect of a 'Cause', so to suggest that the 'Cause' is any less real than the 'Effect' is not right and exact. More power to those who advocate for one common cause and peace to those who realize that they are thee 'Cause'. As the sun is the source of light which produces heat, life and Energy so is the 'Cause' the primary source of the 'effect'.  Accept yourself as the Root 'CAUSE' of all things, meaning living 'IGod' culture out in full effect. Everything is born from 'KNOWLEDGE', an innate Knowledge, containing the Supreme Mathematical formula for  all: all that 'was'; all that 'is'; and all that will 'be'. I did the knowledge on Zig Zag Zig, twirling it around in my third and I realized that 'Y Equal Self' holds the Zig Zag Zig, meaning that every year of every mile of every Quranic cycle before the Earth was Made and after the Earth was Made is written on the 'Chromosome of the blackman as the Prescribed Law of Islam. A 'Y' that holds the genetic, biblical Scripture written on the molecular, the atomic, and the quantum level in The Blackman's Body.. This energetic script holds the nature of truth which is Mathematics. As a Blackman We are the concentrated energetic Supreme essence in Form. God! Y Equal Self is 'YES' which is an affirmation of existence and the Common Cause of our origin in this world.  The 'collective' reality of SELF manifests as an individuated phenomenon on Earth. As the Blackman becomes ever more aware of his consciousness of power, and armed with the truth He can 'Cause' all that above for HE/WE/US/I  the 'Source'.

I was doing the knowledge on a PBS program entitled 'Hunting the edge of the Universe'. The show was building on Astronomy, dealing with the Hubble Telescope and the clear images from deep space that Hubble recorded. The images are amazing. The pictures are so crisp and clear that they prove that the Universe is expanding.  Personally, I take such a universal truth to literally mean that We must forever expand our minds, meaning I will never stop learning.

Surah Al-Rahman, Ayat understanding understood states, "O you assembly of Jinn and Men! If it be you can pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, you pass! Not without authority shall you be able to pass!" The ayat is peace in that it describes the various states between Earth and Heaven as 'Zones'. And states that men or Jinn will not be able to pass these zones without Allah's authority. What is Allah's Authority? Allah's authority is in the realm of Mathematics which is his Word; His Bond; and to make mathematics 'Living' is the path of HIS life on Earth.

Mathematics is a language, an equation is nothing more than a mathematical sentence. The colored man (Jinn-because he came from the Black Gene/Jinn) has evolved in math and science to such the degree in which he has been afforded the opportunity to peep into the heavens via his contraptions. With math and science the colored man has been allowed to 'pass' into the zones of deep space ( 'Heaven') and cee into the Universe as Surah Rahman eludes to. He's passed between Zonez.

We live in a solar system within a galaxy containing billions of stars similar to that of our sun and The Hubble Telescope has shown the origin of the Big Bang(three stages) or the Origin of The Universe's creation. Astrophysicist have detected what they have classified as 'Black Energy' and 'Black Matter'. This Black Energy is everywhere especially in Original People, proving 'U' 'N' 'I' in the Supreme Alphabet. This resonating Black Matter and Black Energy is us. Yes, 'Us'! Y equal Self = Universal Self. (YES=US)

The Hubble Telescope is just now receiving light from 13.7 billion years ago. When Light travels at the speed of 186,000 mps for one year such action is considered a light year. Imagine capturing images from Millions of Light years.  The documentary had me drawing up 'God Of The Universe' in the knowledge degree.
*'Hunting The Edge Of The Universe! Cop That!
Sunday, April 17, 2011: The Born Day of My juice fast is going peace. I took my blood pressure this morning and it was 120 over 90 and that math is 'Peace', it'z probably one of the best readings that I've ever had.  My bottom number is just 10 points away from being healthy. I'm real pleased with that blood pressure Math and I'm definitely looking forward to the day my blood pressure shows and provez '120 over 80'.  

Monday, April 18, 2011
I was going over knowledge wisdom cipher and I stopped at the knowledge degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture. "...SO THEY PUT THEM ON THE WORST PART AND KEPT THE BEST PART PRESERVED FOR HIMSELF."(That'z exactly how my copy reads). I honor the bad English and poor grammar! Why? Because it is anti the Colored King's English. In the degree the collective pronoun 'THEY' is quantitatively reduced to 'HIMSELF'. The pronoun points to and places Singular Emphasis on a Solitary Man.  The build degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture states, "...A SOCIETY OF MEN OR A GROUP OF MEN FOR ONE COMMON CAUSE." and The Wisdom degree states, "I CAME TO NORTH AMERICA BY MYSELF". The two degreez are examples of both the Collective and the 'Singular' aspects of the dimensions of Self. Sometimes You gotta come by yourself and sometimes you must 'advocate' b.u.t. more importantly your individual wayz and actionz should be in accord with the Culture Of 'I God' or I Sincerely Love Allah's Mathematics each and everyday.

Rev. Chapter One Verse Nine:
"...I JOHN, WHO ALSO AM YOUR BROTHER, AND COMPANION IN TRIBULATION, AND IN THE KINGDOM AND PATIENCE OF JESUS CHRIST, WAS IN THE ISLE THAT IS CALLED PATMOS, FOR THE WORD OF GOD AND THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS CHRIST.". I was dealing with that Wisdom God degree because the idea of 'Brother and Companion' comes to mind ushering forth the point of avocation. The Wisdom God degree forces one to ask 'who is 'John'. And to whom is John speaking to in revelation 1:9?

John The Revelator is in Prison on Patmos. He is writing to The 'Church' (Body of Christ). It has nothing to do with Yacob making devil on Pelon per se. Revelation 1-9 acts as a Geo-biblical cross reference of Pelon and Patmos. Yacob never built prison houses on Pelon  and ironically John's letter to the church is written while in prison.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
I'm still hanging in there. The Knowledge Knowledge day of this fast is peace. I juiced Pineapple and Apples all day.  Fruit Juice does not supply as much energy as Vegetable Juice. I plan to hang in there with Fruit Juice until the Wisdom Cipher day of the fast (If I make it that far). I say 'If' because unknowns, hunger pains and imaginary Fish Sandwiches hit the mind hard. I think I can hang in there and in my heart I'm determined to do this. A forty day juice fast would be a ground breaking achievement for me. Nothing is like the mental clarity of a juice 'fast'. My thoughtz feel beautiful in my head and all the stress in my shoulders feels as if it has been lifted in a fine mist. 23 days is a mark that I would truly love to reach and eclipse. The last time I fasted I got knocked out watching the food channel, and my 'Will-Power' folded on the 18th day. Your power as God is relative to your Will. All you can do while fasting is  take it one day at a time. While fasting, often one getz these amazing surges of energy, I'm learning to control these surges and conserve the energy. I'm conscious of my every movement, and even calculate the X (Unknown) as best I can.

40 dayz is an entirely different vibe than 23 dayz. This is only day 11, thatz a little more than 25 percent of 40 dayz and a little less than half of 23 dayz. I got a long way to go.

Wednesday: April 20th, 2011.
My attitude was peaceful earlier in the day. As time past, my stomach was growling, and I grew hungry, and irritable. Right Now I feel plain ole shitty. No heightened awareness, just plain ole hungry. Visionz of a big salad, and a bagel are torturing my third. The thought of a fish sandwich is attacking me like Jaws and my stomach is striving to con my mind into eating. The Wild beast is suggesting and justifying why I should eat something, asking questions to plant fear such as, "You don't want to die fasting: do you?" My mind actually entertained the thought of dying and my stomach was doing itz best to plant fear in my mind, suggesting things like "This is not the time to be fasting, you need your strength-so EAT!" Admittedly, I pondered my stomach's suggestion, and thought just how good pizza taste! My stomach said, "If you die during the forty day fast you'll never have a veggie sub ever." Such irrational suggestions on behalf of my own stomach show me the reality of the R-O-P-E of food to the body on a fundamental level. 29 million square miles of useful land means a place to grow food.

My stomach barks like a vicious animal screaming to be fed. Wow! I see the reasoning behind the Egyptian mythology of Half Man Half Beast.      

Thursday: April 21st, 2011. Itz the power hour in the morning and day thirteen of my Juice Fast.  I'm hungry, however I am in control of that hunger. Celery Juice was on the menu for breakfast. I was going to strive to hold off on vegetable juice and focus on the cleansing aspect of fruit juices-there has been a change of plans: the fact of the matter is-is that the sugar from the fruit juices are not providing enough strength at this point. I'm feeling weak and my attitude is mad wicked. Yesterday, I felt sluggish and thought a whole lot about food. I thought about Pizza, Salads and a jumbo fish sandwich. Last year in May I fell victim on the thirteenth day of my juice fast to a Jumbo Fish sandwich with cheese. Yelp, imagine that: breaking a 13 day juice fast with a fried fish sandwich. My inner Pit Bull was barking and growling for that fish sandwich like it just saw Mike Vick. Basically, I drove to the restaurant and ordered a Jumbo Fish Sandwich with fries. I felt so fucking guilty as I ate that delicious ass fish sandwich. 13 dayz of juice fasting down the drain because I couldn't hold 'fast' against a fish sandwich. That was the best and the worst fish sandwich of my life. This year on the thirteenth day I feel like I'm indeed gonna get through this day. The celery Juice provided a good burst of energy. As a matter of fact I think I will go Juice celery now. Naw! Papaya Juice. I copped a papaya yesterday, so I think I will indulge in some pineapple and papaya juice.

Friday: April 22, 2011
It's the power hour in the morning and I've made it to day 14. I woke up laughing because of my dream. My dream was in high definition, the dream was extremely clear. In the dream Fred Sanford was showing and proving to Bubba, Lamont, and Aunt Ester. The dream was clear as day, almost as if I was looking at the actual set where they shot the 70's television show. Details were vivid, down to the red truck with 'Sanford & Son' painted on the side. My third eye was seeing into Fred's actual 'Empire'. I was a fly on the wall, and could see and hear Fred talking to Lamont, Bubba, and Aunt Ester.

"Fred how can you call yourself 'God'?" asked Bubba.

"You heard me Bubba-'There is no Mystery God! And I'm God. Fred G. Sanford-and the 'G' is for 'God!" Fred said in a gruff gravelly voice, popping his suspenders with a proud smile.

"Pop, that's insane! Have you lost your mind?" Screamed Lamont.

"'No I'm not insane! And 'no' I haven't lost my mind!" Fred said pouting his lips.

"You ole Heathen! Fred Sanford you done gone too far now! 'No man has seen the face of God! Hallelujah!" Ester quoted her bible, finishing with, "Praise the Lord!"

"Ester, I've seen your face and get yee behind me Satan!"

"You ole fish eyed fool!" Ester said raising her hand-bag in order to swing at Fred.

"Break it up!" Lamont said stepping between his Father and Aunt Ester.

"Now what's all this nonsense about you calling yourself 'God' pop?" Lamont asked.

"Me and Grady was watching T.V. When a man came in looking to buy a sword. He said his name was Emblem. I asked him "What kind of name is that for a Negro?" And Son, he taught me about triple darkness, The Asiatic Blackman, Yacob, white people, Supreme Mathematics and even how to Juice watermelon and ripple. Emblem calls it 'Wipple'."

That'z when I woke up laughing. That was probably one of the clearest dreams I have ever had in my life. The TV wasn't on, so it wasn't a lucid dream, but it was extremely clear. I can conclude that after two weeks of juice 'fasting'- Juice fasting makes the visual and audio quality in your third eye very clear.  I'm gonna strive to stay strong and in tune.

Week Two Is Done



Friday, April 15, 2011

Climbing Mount Everest: Emblem's 40 Day Juice Fast: Week 1

On January 23rd, 2011 I turned culture wisdom. The night before, me and the Earth went to a Japanese restaurant and I ate like a glutton. Steak! When I woke up my thighs were rubbing together for the first time in my life. The friction felt absolutely disgusting. When I stepped on the scale I weighed two hundred and thirty five pounds, it's the heaviest I have ever been in my life. Fuck that fat shit!!! When you look at me it's obvious I'm not fat b.u.t. I felt fat and that's all it took. Last May I juice fasted 13 days and in October I Juice fasted for knowledge build days. At the true I master equal I weighed 229lbs and in that eighteen days I juice fasted down to 200 pounds (I worked out really hard during that time) and felt absolutely amazing, so from October when I ended the juice fast until my bornday on the wisdom understanding day of January I ballooned back up to, and past 229 pounds. I was 235 pounds! Fuck!

On February 2nd, 2011 I stopped eating meat after watching a video entitled Food Inc. I'm convinced that vegetarianism is the best lifestyle, and though I'm gonna miss steak, I plan to chill from da steak and take it one day at a time and so far it's been peace. I'm gonna still fuck with fish! I ain't going hard core-'vegan' or 'vege'. 'Fish' is just gonna 'be what it is' until I reach that next level.

Since becoming a vegetarian I'm down to a comfortable 213 Lbs, and my thighs aren't rubbing together any more which is a relief. I don't know how fat people deal wit da friction? It fuckin' feels disgusting. I couldn't imagine having multiple 'rolls' of fat. If you are Earth- a few extra Hills and Mountains are peace, B.u.t. if you're God that father Allah square shit is weak and wicked bullshit and will not keep and obey the Lawz of Islam.

My goal is to get down to 175 pounds and fluctuate between 175 and 180 via vegetarianism, and to hit the gym for the rest of my days on this planet.

As a man itz not peace to be outta shape and fat, I don't care how old you are. Ain't no excuse. My most athletic weight ranged between the weights of 147lbs and 175lbs. I was running, hitting the weights, and knocking out mad sit-ups and push-ups: I last weighed 175 pounds born years ago. Military Training is about staying fit, and not letting your physical form go to shit.

In regards to Earths, I won't go 'there' because many have had seeds, they weren't raised to be Athletes like their male counter-parts, and their whole metabolism is something in which I have no understanding of and so to judge or be critical of a heavy-set or 'big boned' Earth would be unfair. B.u.t. God has to be healthy and strong, not fat. No excuse!

Friday: April 8, 2011: Day 'Zero' of Juice Fast: The Waterman:

Today I went to Walmart and got a Watermelon, some Oranges, Apples, Cantaloupe, a Honeydew melon, two gallons of distilled water and a pack of 28 individual bottled spring waters. My goal is to break my personal record of 23 days, nothing but freshly squeezed juice, catnip tea and water for 23 days . I've been trying to break my record for at least knowledge cipher years. 23 days has become a psychological barrier. Fasting 18 days in October of 2010 put me in the 23 day range, 'but' I fell victim on the 18th day. Hey, it happens! When you fast it's not so much about getting stronger during the fast, it's about staying strong and conserving your strength during the fast: 'Steadfastness'. Be present in the moment and take it moment by moment. My Will-Power broke on the 18th day of my last Juice Fast because I was watching the Food Channel like it was porn. Watching the food channel whittled my will power down like a homicide detective breaking down a murder suspect in an interrogation room.

The justice was stressful as usual but I clocked in and clocked out in one piece. I juiced and drank plenty of water, and afterward had some catnip tea to relax. My rotator cuff (shoulder) and neck are hurting from working out but I'll live.

Saturday, April 9th, 2011: Day 1 of Juice Fast: Water and Juice have taken effect already. Drinking water obsessively puts that sheen back in your gleam. I got wisdom bottles left meaning I went hard on the spring water in the last wisdom culture hours. Reminder: Get more water!

Sunday, April 10th 2011: Day 2 of Juice fast. I'm still in the game and haven't fallen victim. I woke up mad early. Today I worked out very hard. I think I re-injured my shoulder. Watched C-Span. I'm a big C-Span head.

Monday, April 11th: Day 3 of Juice Fast. I re-upped on Fruit, got a papaya, watermelon, pineapple, honey dew melon, cantaloupe, tangerines, and a bag of apples. When I juiced the freshly squeezed blend of fruit it made me feel like I was on a tropical Island in Fiji. I'm not going to fuck with vegetable juice yet. I plan to stick to fruit juice to really clean myself out. I've been drinking mad water. Definitely gotta detox from all that poison these movafuckuz be feeding a God. Detoxing helps to pull pins out too. Toxicity is pervasive in so many areas of life and we are blind to it. Detox is always good. I've been wanting to write a blog entitled the 'Toxicity of Eldercentricity', maybe one day.

Tuesday, April 12th: Day 4: Today I was off from the justice, I chilled, and did some Quran memorization. Didn't write or work-out, and let my shoulder rest.

Wednesday, April 13th: Day 5: Weak: My body feels weak as fuck. I weighed myself and I weigh 210 pounds and 4 ounces. I was 213 when I started this juice fast. While driving home from the justice last-night The Little Caesar sign was making all kinds of interpretationz and inter-orientationz to my will-power but I withstood it. Little Caesars didn't fool Da God, b.u.t. damn I feel weak! The wild beast in me wants a pizza! When I think of the Wild Beast in the Wisdom Build degree I think of a Pit-bull, or a big ass Rot. That beast not only dwells within the Wisdom Build degree, it dwells within Self and it was barking like a movafucka at that Little Caesar's sign. It'z mad movafuckuz out here that live a beast life when it comes to 'God' degree. Shit! I'm a beast when it comes to God degree. You gotta chain that movafuckin Wild Beast up! That'z what it means to take the devil into heel. You gotta tell that movafuckin' Wild Beast to, "Heel Boy!" Fuck judging another nigga'z devilz, do the knowledge to your own fuckin' devilz, because I'll be the first to admit it: I got 'em on my planet like a movafucka! Em ain't a 'goodie two shoez'. I ain't the type of movafucka who walks around like they took all the fuckin devils off their planet. 'Know it all' and 'Goodie Two Shoe' niggaz remind me of Republicans.

I deal with the best part and the poor part! That understanding degree states 'He didn't care about the poor part' and thatz exactly why that nigga in the understanding degree been standing in checkmate for the last 6000 plus years. The nigga in the understanding degree ain't 'me' no more. I care about the poor part nowaday! You gotta pay attention to all 196,940,000 sq Miles of her: all of her is useful; Land and Water.

Thursday, April 14th: Day 6:

Wow! God feels good today! I woke up this morning and juiced some cantaloupe, melon and tangerines. That pain in my shoulder is starting to subside, it feels better. I killed another 28 pack of 16 ounce spring waters. In six dayz I knocked out 56 bottles of spring water and understanding gallons of distilled water. My mind feels mad clear. A lotta clarity is manifesting in my third today and I'm pissing a lot too! Took knowledge wisdom cipher from 'who's the original to pluto' wisdom times. 120 is like my whip! I hate it when my shit is rusty and dusty. The Holy Quran is like my other whip, so after I went from who's the Original to Pluto' I recited and tightened up the partz of the Quran I have on cap. My philosophy is that after I 'cap-it'-itz mine even if it'z the Jewish Torah. So I strive to keep all things committed to memory and sharp like a new whip pulling off the lot. My Old dad taught me that and I apply it to deeper shit.

Friday, April 15th: Week One: Day 7 of Juice fast and internally I feel like a fuckin lottery winner. I feel like I'm high off dro b.u.t. sharp. The feeling I have is not a marijuana smokey high, instead itz an alert crisp high. I'm having them good equality thoughtz without the marijuana. It'z like I been blowing high quality dro. Mentally, I feel mad peace. You get a helluva buzz from juice fasting. My thoughtz are louder, clearer, and I feel ever-present in the moment, showing and proving 'Now' in the knowledge culture degree in the Supreme Alphabet. I'm firmly in the zag. I'm really gonna strive to break my record of wisdom understanding dayz! And knock culture cipher dayz out da box. Completing a culture cipher day juice fast would be right up there with climbing Mt. Everest.

I'm talking that 40 day juice fast shit now because I feel good-the reality is-is that Hunger pains and 'miss meal' cramps punch hard and can knock your fasting ass the fuck out. The Wild Beast within barkz at the mind to break it down! Your body will con you into eating if you're not careful. The thought of a Little Caesar's pizza damn near drove me insane a couple nightz back. I don't even like Little Caesars. That Chinese Buffet been in my mind slithering around like a snake of the grafted type. That all veggie on 9 grain honey oat with Chipotle Southwest sauce from Subway had on red lingerie last night. She was seductively calling me. Fuck that veggie sub!

Week One is Done!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Significantly Insignificant

The 'Ego' has a bad reputation, our egos exist whether we choose to admit to their existence or not. 'Ego' is present in all of us and often we use the term 'ego' with a negative stigma attached to it, while often lacking a clinical understanding as to what 'ego' actually is. What is Ego?

Ego: 1: The Self, particularly the individual's conception of him or herself. 2: The superficial portion of the id or primitive infantile mind that develops out of the id in response to stimulation from the infant's physical and social environments. The chief functions of the ego are (a) reality testing, or learning to distinguish between self and environments; (b) mediating between the demands of the id and the super ego, which embodies the critical and moral aspects of the self.

I've written on 'ego', 'egotism', as well as subjects pertaining to the 'egotistical', and I can not recall writing anything favorable in regard to the 'ego'. Recently, I took the true I master equal to re-think the whole 'ego' thing and have come to realize that I'm an egotistical bastard just like you.

Ego is the psychological reality of 'being'. 'Existentialism' deals extensively with the phenomenon of 'beingness'. Our consciousness is an independent participant in the empirical reality, suggesting that your 'beingness' is essentially based on your 'Self Awareness'. All consciousness is to some degree aware of itself, and an innate duality is indeed present in all of us. The template of the 'speaker' and the 'listener' is present in your mind which is your internal dialogue. A naturally dual introspective mechanism, formulating all of our conceptions of self and perceptions of others.

Introspection and reflection are parallel with knowledge and wisdom. The 'wisdom' degree in the Supreme Alphabet is 'Be' and 'Be' is the reality of existentialism. 'Being' is to be aware of your own existence. To feel it. A live intelligent human being is a complex mathematical, biological and chemical equation-needless to say: an engineering marvel. Thou 'Art' God and thou 'art' also a grand 'work of art'. The Black Man's awareness is based on an indwelling all-pervasive energetic essence taking form in an individuated physical vehicle: The Original Man. Your ego is who you think you are: Supreme Allah; Em-Just Allah; Knowledge Born Allah, etc. Ego manifests as your Name, attribute, your Image etc. God has a big ego. I mean after all: your calling yourself 'God'! And within the physical form of the Black Man 'Allah is 'I God' and Allah is God,': such phrases are the truth and represents the four born cipher degree angles on each square of the truth. 'Living Mathematics', is to identify with reality primarily from your own individual sphere and square of awareness(.. origin in this world...). What makes Emblem the Original Man is that I recognize that my 'Right' angle might not be your 'right angle': and I respect that! Four squares is 'truth'. Four is culture freedom. God is FREE! God is not an intellectual flunky. God is intellectually independent. God don't agree with a movafucka just 'because'. Fuck 'because'.

Jesus' teachingz were freedom, not a crystalizing paradigm of one individual's cee on the math. You are Free to Cee how you want to Cee and Free to 'Be' who da fuck you want to 'Be' in 'I God' culture. Allah's Mathematics ain't a cult and I'm nobody's intellectual flunky. Newtonian physics only applies in general physical dimensions of space and time. Quantum physics breaks all the rules of Newtonian physics and getz at the radical square root of Y. Study the 'why' of the rulez and U will find that the 'Y' profoundly equalz self.

Understanding that ego is an essential psychological function of self awareness, and that ego is relative to how one interfaces with the empirical world is to understand the nature of 'Y' within the supreme Alphabet; and also 'Y's relationship to 'being'. Within three stages of darkness, all that would ever come to 'be' was prescribed in the Law of Islam which is the 'Why'. Our awareness of this law allows us to read the personal motivations of self and others in our own History and Quran. This Soap Opera is the Quranic scripture of the Days Of Our Lives, showing and proving the organic reality of 'Y Equaling Self', meaning that the shit that happened to me is the shit that happened to me and the shit that happened to U is the shit that happened to U, so naturally that produces the words that will be engraved on my tombstone *'Yo Cee Yo Cee-My Cee My Cee'. I Cee and understand that saviour he I square wit my hand on my movafuckin' ballz.

As we live our Qurans our ego is socialized in a communal framework, absorbing the social values within said society-this is a definitive aspect of ego also known as 'Reality Testing'. That which defines the ego's relationship to the society is dependent on the family's race, economic standing, the birth order, immediate environment, nurturing situations versus abusive situations, natural intellectual aptitudes, level of emotional intelligence, academic performance, combinative reasoning, personal will, vocational abilities, and ultimately our 'choices' which all form the 'Now' of each individual's reality. Ceeing ego in this light suggest that the ego is in fact a psycho-social navigational device: 'ego' is not who you essentially are, instead it is who you think you are, meaning it is self oriented thought that evolved from the primortal mind's relationship to it's environmental needs and wants. Striving for higher intelligence hinges upon the foundation of a healthy and strong 'ego'. After all, how successful can a crushed ego 'be'?

As we participate within our finite lives, the eternal essence of who WE are must be voiced each and everyday and in each and everyway: Wisdom. Be excellent! I don't walk around moment to moment screaming 'I'm God, however our actionz must scream "God" 'in-deed', as well as in 'word'. Not only should your actionz scream 'God', You must be able to stand alone on it! Allah don't need a squad, he's not a family tree hugger. The Holy Quran says, "He is Independent, to whom all things depend."

The energy that composes the mind is attracted to the ego like a beacon, producing what we negatively understand as 'self centeredness'. Truthfully, we are all self centered, accepting that will help one to truly become 'Centered'. It'z the need for the human psyche to be the piece with the magnetic. Unalike attracts and 'Likes repel' which means "Nigga' get da fuck out my face!" And "Let me holla at my Earth!" One piece had magnetic, not a whole bunch of niggaz screaming "Peace"! How you stand alone is the testament of who you da fuck R.

Mecca is where my movafuckin stankin ass feet touch and I mean that shit to my movafuckin heart! 'Self Centeredness is a necessary preliminary to understand yourself as a functional part of any advocated society. The Universal Flag, before all else, represents 'Man, Woman and Child' and without understanding the wisdom degree of coming 'by yourself' you cannot build or advocate with anyone else. This is primarily why I have dropped the conjunction in the knowledge born degree in the Supreme Alphabet 'or': My 'cee' is not 'self or savior', itz "Self Savior" period!

I've used the phrase 'Edges God Out' (EGO) in the past as if it was a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation, and upon further examination, such an intellectually flawed catch-phrase is a half-ass and half witted 'now cipher'! Why? Because the ego is too insignificant to 'Edge' Allah 'Out', and to the contrary: the ego is a 'door' in which to enter thru and upon entering one will find the esoteric and practical Truths found in the Supreme Alphabet: Allah, Be, Cee, Divine destroy, Equality, Father, God, He I, Justice King, Love Hell and Right (Lord), Master , Now, Nation or End, Cipher, Power, Queen, and the 'Ruler' who makez his own fuckin' RULEZ Pussy! Ruling, from the 'Right' angle and ruling in 'Righteousness' as' Self Savior.

How one chooses to perceive the ego is what they will get out of the ego and that'z the Truth on the Square. If U want ego to be negative-then it'll have negative impressions in your Universe, and if you desire it to be perceived positively it can and will become positively perceived in your Universe. Cee I Power Her and Her Power I Cee, is the power U give it. 'It'z the unknown an algebraic variable. We give thingz values. All values and measurements are designated and defined by man's intellectual gatherings. Even the word 'Ego' is a psychological value and a measurement defining a part of the human psyche.

Ego is a natural mechanism of our psychological make-up, ego supports human existence similar to that of heart, lung and kidney function. The 'ego' is directly related to the individual's psychological and somatic function, a fact proven everyday by hypochondriacs everywhere.

Suppose all empirical data absorbed and taken in by the ego was abusive? How could God's ego deal with such a crucifixion? I have alwayz been of the opinion that the super hero costume of God that many wear be taken off, and replaced with the reality of God's vulnerability. Real Black Manhood is Godhood: Asiatic Black Godhood is deep within the essence of Asiatic Black Manhood and not 'Superman-Hood', which is usually associated with a supernatural and mysterious being. The realization of the fragility of the human being could redefine and refine the psychological wardrobe of the Asiatic Black Man, such a make-over would bring a more benevolent Asiatic God into Power.


The Asiatic Nation is an outgrowth of the collective ego of black people, a collective ego that has been fractured into a multiplicity of moving parts. During our journey in the Wilderness of North America original people have dealt with hard-times, nakedness and out of doors, 'The Black Man is God' is not just a catch-phrase-it represents a psychological and sociological medicine for a traumatized sense of Self. He was used as a tool and also a slave, kept blind to himself and mastered. "The Black Man is God" speaks for an entire people. Say it loud, "The Black Man is God!!!" It's bold, it's brash, it's transformative, it brings Islam from an Arab Paradigm into an Asiatic Black Paradigm. The Asiatic Nation studies Islam without falling victim to Arab imperialism while simultaneously shaking off the binding and adverse psychological effects of European colonialism and white supremacy. An Asiatic paradigm insulates and is like a boxer slipping a jab and countering: on some 'Float like a butterfly-sting like a bee' shit. "The Black Man is God" is a statement of truth which heals and empowers.


1: Divine Civilization is cornerstoned on Sun Shine.

2: Devil civilization is cornerstoned upon the need to 'out shine' or 'Cloud'. This is when the ego becomes destructive. Each and every one of us to some degree has purchased into the ego's own glorious interpretation of itself and the shallow motivations behind needing to be seen and heard. (shining) We all need to shine: So shine Son! And shine profoundly! And realize YOUR shine is originally your own.

Peep this: The negative stigma we have regarding 'ego' is self- righteous internal dialogue, which is by virtue of itself: 'egotistical', showing and proving that 'Edging God Out' is just another egotistical blurb from the ego. Our egos are as natural as 'Arma, Legga, Legga, Arma, Heada'. Ego is a part of who we are in life and to deny it-is to repress it; to express it-is to manifest it; to get it crushed-is to heal it; and to reflect upon it-is to truly check it. Love it or hate it-Ego is an integral part of U in the Zag (Now).


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Analysis Of Obama's Speech To The U.S. Chamber of Commerce: 2/07/11: C-Span

While surfing through cable stations I caught Obama live on C-Span and did the knowledge on DaGod's speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. I thought it would be interesting to wait and post the blog a couple months after the speech. Why? Because the political landscape changes drastically from month to month. The Middle East situation that was just heating up in early February has completely exploded. During the President's speech two months ago the unemployment rate was 9.6 percent, presently the unemployment rate is 8.8. The economy is growing, however gas is $3.79 per gallon: if it ain't one thing it's another. Check out what Obama was building about in early February.

During President Obama's speech on February 7 he mentioned the emergency measures that had to be passed two years ago to prevent the economy from, as he put it, "Falling off a cliff", claiming that the 'Recovery Act' was necessary and that it prevented the Economy from total collapse. Meaning, those Benjamin's in your pocket wouldn't be worth shit if the economy would have collapsed-you could have just as easily wiped your ass with cash and flushed it the same way you do toilet paper if Congress wouldn't have passed the stimulus package.

Of course Obama kicked the 'We can work together' theme, he's so very patriotic. Barack kicks that patriotic vibe so hard he could make an Al-Qaeda member stand for the pledge of allegiance. The President told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American business owners that comprise its body that business and government need to stand together and that America's economy is the envy of the world. When he said that I kinda shook my head and laughed. Politicians are 'polished', and Barack Obama is thee most polished and practiced politician in the History of the U.S. Presidency: from his mannerisms-to his speech cadence. So, when Obama said that the U.S. economy is the "envy of the world", I kinda wondered how long he had practiced the delivery of that smooth bullshit? It was like a pimp asking a woman, "What chu gon do bitch Ho up or blow up?" and the bitch gotta nerve to smile even though the pimp called her a ho and a bitch. It wasn't what Obama said, it was the way in which he said it, "...ho up or blow up...and the U.S. Economy is the envy of the world bitchez..." It was real smooth and obviously not true.

The President said that "hard work should be rewarded". Barack is so noble, b.u.t. those who actually do work harder at the job get the shaft and labeled 'ass kisser' and 'brown noser' by co-workers. 'Working hard' is a deteriorating attitude in America. 'Work smarter not harder' is my philosophy. The President called America the largest and most vibrant economy in the world and that America has the most ingenius entrepreneurs. I agree with half of that. Why? China and India have the largest potential consumer markets on the Planet, as China and India begin to place greater emphasis on increasing the efficiency of their respective economic markets and industrial growth they could easily surpass America as the world's leading economy. The United States of America has a receding quality of life and its becoming painfully obvious that this generation may be the first generation since World War II to get less outta life than that of their parents. I do however agree with Barack's statements that America has the most ingenius entrepreneurs on the Planet-the problem is-these entrepreneurs are extremely self absorbed, especially after making their first couple billion.

The 44th President spoke on globalization and how the world is becoming one great big Market place for these ingenius entrepreneurs to sell their goods and services, explaining that the internet coupled with globalization have become useful tools in making the world a smaller place. The negative side of Globalization and the advent of the internet as a market place is that the tech phenomenon has eliminated jobs. Corporations are growing more savvy with the use of 'instant data'. Corporate entities that once needed 1000 jobs to function, now only need 100 or in some cases 10. The question seems to be in this writer's mind: 'can the creation of jobs keep up with technology?'. The true 'no mystery God' answer is emphatically now cipher! Technology decreases the need for human labor and increases dependency on the non-human facilitation of labor intensive tasks.

So with an increasing technological world how do you jump-start, as the President put it, "a brutal devastating recession and close the widening casm of rich and poor?" President Obama spoke with plenty of nobility as he always does, his voice resonating with optimism and a vision of a better America. Our President discussed infrastructure development and the creation of 'high speed rail' to create jobs and that rebuilding America's highways would somehow make America better. The President has this ambitious plan to connect 80 percent of America via high speed rail. After those words came off his lips my imaginative, writerly mind kinda drifted and I envisioned myself stuck in traffic, honking the goddamn horn as movafuckuz in yellow hard hatz and bright orange vest blocked the road, working cranes, lifting train tracks; and shit. Suddenly, I had a vision of an Al-Qaeda terrorist sweating profusely, wearing a trench coat in August screaming "Allah U Akbar" before blowing himself up on a bullet train traveling 200 miles per hour from New York to D.C. The vision momentarily haunted me and as the train exploded in my mind I snapped back to Obama's speech.

Infrastructure development is ambitious indeed and though it seems to be a logistical and a hellish nightmare for counterrorism agencies it's worthy of serious consideration because such a nightmare would create a new middle class. Hitler was the nightmare that created the first American middle class, spurring on the great American war effort which by 1950 had created the greatest industrialized standard of living the world had ever known-'living in luxury' to the extreme. And so, a plan aimed at rebuilding the American infrastructure could reinstate the most progressive middle class in world history. I definitely think such a plan is one of Obama's best ideas yet. His biggest obstacle would be actual 'Implementation' of such an ambitious plan. Republicans are some spiteful bastards, they'd fight him tooth and nail, solely because of the bipartisan climate of the political culture in Washington. Republicans could give two and a half fuckz if the idea would benefit the American people or not: get that nigga outta office is the conservative Limbaugh mantra. Like Tupac said, "Niggaz gonna hate you for whatever you do!"

Another point Obama brought up: the high rate of corporate taxation, causing me to ask, "Is it beneficial for an American company to station themselves in America?". High tax rates in the U.S. definitely make overseas labor more appealing to companies in search of increasing profit margins. The President called on American companies to be more patriotic and bring their manufacturing jobs back to America. With those sentiments our brilliant President reaked of naivite. What company in their right mind is gonna pay a union worker 25 dollars an hour to screw in a light bulb when they can hire Dhuck Kan Phuck in China to build the light fixture, wall paper the factory, answer the phone; hang a chandelier, make coffee and screw in the same damn light bulb for $3.35 cent an hour? Another bulletin on Dhuck Kan Phuck's resume is that he guarantees he can do all the above tasks in 15 minutes or less while the American unionized worker threatens to call their union rep, cuss the supervisor out and take their sweet time. In my opinion, big corporations should receive tax cuts relative to the amount of new American hires. Unions are great, however union workers must realize that they are not the 'employer' and that they are the 'workers' and that all workers can be replaced. Also, for those individuals not in favor of unions-such individuals should have the option of not joining the union when hired. Union workers tend to fall victim to the illusion that they cannot be replaced. Skilled labor like unskilled labor can be replaced. Unions need to find a cohesive balance, and make sure their collective bargaining positions take into consideration the company's overall success. Workers need a stake in the company. American Company's should offer profit sharing incentives and stock options at a discount for it's employees.

"...'Learning' Every Square Inch..."


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Deep Blue For President?

Meredith Whitney is an Economist who predicts that a State and Local fiscal budgeting crisis will plague the U.S. within the next 18 months. Already we see the state of Wisconsin and others fulfilling Mrs. Whitney's economic prophecies. Last year I wrote a fiction piece entitled Emblem vs. ABC God, a story essentially about human intelligence versus artificial intelligence. Computer intelligence has not yet evolved to the degree in which it can solve a fiscal crisis on its own, however data can be inputted into a computer to arrive at a reasonably sound solution to Federal, State, and Local budgeting problems.

Human beings fall victim to passion, as we see in the case of Wisconsin protesters clash with Tea Party conservatives. The conservative agenda includes anti-union sentiment while unionized state employees feel it is their right to fight for progressive and favorable work conditions. Governor Scott Walker claims the State of Wisconsin is broke and seeks to minimize the rights of unionized state workers to collectively bargain with the state.

On a Federal level we see that Republicans and Democrats cannot come to an agreement to approve President Obama's Budget proposal for 2011-12 which could potentially result in a shutdown of the Federal Government on Friday. Also there is the sword of a 14 trillion dollar deficit hanging above the head of America. In certain cities in Alabama retired city employees of local municipalities aren't receiving their pensions because it now comes down to a choice of keeping city street lights on or sending retired workers their monthly checks. There are other fiscal issues and the above mentioned problems represent the tip of the iceberg. All of these budgeting fiscal issues call into question the mathematical competence of every Representative on a Federal, State and Local level. Political leaders are not mathematically competent: It's that simple!!! Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Conservatives, and Liberals are all completely blinded by the passion of their own political agendas, and are failing to take into account that modern politics is plagued by a crisis of mathematical mismanagement. Every 'ism' you can imagine motivates their every decision, which results in one inefficient decision after another. It can be fixed.

In February 1996 and May 1997(Rematch), then, World Chess Champion Grand Master Gary Kasparov played IBM chess computer Deep Blue and Kasparov beat Deep Blue in the first match 4-2 and in the rematch Kasparov lost 2.5 to 3.5. A computer beat a man! IBM inputted upgrades and won. Why? Because Kasparov's thought process could not scrutinize the raw data of a given chess position as objectively and efficiently as Deep Blue. If a computer programmer can input the complex rules of chess into a computer- a computer programmer can just as easily input the rules and actual facts that govern Federal, State, and municipal budgets. The upside of computer decision making is that it would not have a hidden personal or political agenda, particularly if the data that establishes the parameters of a politically based computer program is impartially inputted in the software.

In 1930 there were approximately 5 billion people on the planet, now-a- day approximately 7 billion people inhabit the Planet Earth, increasingly larger populations demand efficient government, efficient infrastructure planning and efficient distribution of resources that provide for human welfare. Fiscal crisis is the result of poor math skills and poor logistical management on behalf of inefficient government officials. I'm not at all suggesting the complete removal of the human factor from government, indeed there should be an impartial board of human over site to ratify computer generated public policy. It does appear that a computer politician may in fact be a more effective problem solver than its human counterpart. Mismanagement is a disease of modern government, in which I suspect can be rectified by artificial intelligence.