Thursday, March 31, 2011

937-602-0926 Temp Math Til Wednesday April 6th

It'z hard to get through, but you eventually will.



A 'Time Track' is L.Ron Hubbard's idea that our mind records every moment in our lives either with the Analytical or Reactive mind and he goes on to write that the negative experiences in our lives are recorded as 'engrams'. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was asked the question, "What Was Yacob's First Rule and Regulations including all Laws enforced while manufacturing the devil?", in a section of the answer Elijah writes, '...the nurse's law was to kill all the black babies at birth by sticking a pin in its head or feed it to some wild beast...'. These pins are the equivalent to 'engrams'. In terms of L. Ron Hubbard's 'Time Track' our running record is our personal Quran and Bible mentioned in the 1st degree in Lost Found Muslim lesson number two. Our personal Quran or Bible correlates to a scientologist's concept of a 'Time Track. The user of Knowledge Wisdom Cipher should alwayz seek to expand the context of how they are viewing the lessons in order that 120 can be used more effectively as a personal technology of the mind. This is what Farrakhan is trying to say but as eloquent as the Minister is he is being misunderstood when he pushes his followers to study Dianetics.

Understanding yourself as that 'Black Baby' who has had multiple pins stuck in its dome throughout your History and Quran will help and possibly give you the ability to remove them. If you are not where you desire to be in life, it is because there are pins in your head that you have not removed. These pins are present in all of us. L. Ron Hubbard believes that when a person has successfully erased engrams that they will live life more abundantly, and that said individual has achieved a state that Hubbard defines as 'Clear'. Knowledge of Self or Living Mathematics indeed correlates to a state of 'Clear'. Personally, I think it is important to look at terms such as 'Knowledge of self' and 'Living Mathematics' as a state of complete 'Pin Removal', which would make most of us 85 again, because most Asiatic movafuckuz got more needles in their dome than a movafucka. If you examine original people, we are a very wounded people, we often speak of the strength that got us through the hardships of North America but this collective strength contains not only triumphs b.u.t. many collective and personal pins. Why? Because while our people were combating negative experiences-negative experiences thrusted plenty of psychological pins upon us: courtesy of white people. Shit has finally hit the fan in the unconscious of niggaz. Farrakhan usually a voice of hope has written off the generation of babies who represent crack baby hip hop. Such a history in North America has collectively and personally demoralized many original people. These pins have a R.O.P.E. hold on us and have many of us living in the 'Caves of West Asia' which can be defined as a personal and collective depression.

Understanding R.O.P.E. as that which binds us in from becoming the best that we can be is critical. Cut that mental R.O.P.E. and one is free to achieve a state of intrinsic and personal 'CREAM' and thus rise to the top(true cipher of power).

Drawing up the degrees into a personal and more dynamic context will transform the literal light in which lessons are understood. The goal of the individual taking knowledge wisdom cipher under-cap is to grow into and develop a deeper personal and more effective psychological context for the 'Self' as the 'Self' exists in the 'Now' (Zag).

Farrakhan advised his followers to examine Dianetics, he wanted them to benefit from some of its techniques. That's Peace. What must be understood is that Everything Dianetics has as a psychological technology-Supreme Wisdom (120, Knowledge Wisdom Cipher) has the same thing and more because it speaks to the experience of Original People in The Wilderness of North America.

In 2008 I released a book entitled 'Da God', that book was a study not in how Gods talk B.U.T. more so in the way a particular God thinks about his degrees mentally. The categorical ideas within knowledge wisdom cipher are vast. I have written in the past about a class I took called The Landmark Forum, a group that builds on ontological studies in which they describe 'The Art and Science of Being'. It was a peace 3 day class because it taught me how to surgically take apart knowledge wisdom cipher. It taught me to designate psychological ideas to the already mathological axioms within our culture. It allowed me to see knowledge wisdom cipher from a completely Original angle. It gave me the insight to find my true attribute 'Emblem'. How did this happen? After I came home from the first day of that 15 hour class I ripped 120 apart from 360 angles and put a microscope on every word, phrase and idea. While taking one twenty apart I got a sheet of paper and began to write the notes for a work that would become 'A Mathematical Kite To E-Mecca' which is the final chapter in the book Da God: page 135. It states "Knowledge wisdom cipher is a branch of Math that predicts what is, by defining properties, persons, events, relations and objects. Musa, Little Boy, Jebus, The Nurse, Lieutenant, Muhammad, The 23 scientist, Wild Beast, Cremator, John, the colored man, a mother, etc. are a few characters within knowledge wisdom cipher. 'Places' like characters also find themselves within the field of knowledge wisdom cipher; the Universe, Mecca, Southeast Europe, Jerusalem, India, Pelon, Hell, Atlantic Ocean, Caves, Mt. Everest, Pacific Ocean, The Wilderness of North America, Asia Minor, Arabia, Africa, etc. are all places in one twenty. 'Things' exist within the field of knowledge wisdom cipher; Swords, Ropes, Food, Poison, Hail, High Explosives, a Shield, Sand, Blood, Pins, a Flag, a Home, Gold, Steel, etc.. All of the persons, places and things are signs similar to a tangent, sin or co-sin in higher branches of mathematics." The above excerpt from the fiction novel 'Da God' does not explain that tangent, sin or how co-sin are prescribed 'angles' of insight into a person, place or thing. Such original angles create the categorical segregations of things. A cipher is a 'noun' that can be used as a 'pronoun', in that it can refer to both the specific and the 'generalizations' of a person, place, or thing. Dianetics and other ontologist such as the Landmark forum allow someone who is already dealing with Asiatic science to open up knowledge wisdom cipher and see into it with an electron microscope.

'The Father' stressed and emphasized the importance of taking Supreme Wisdom or 120 under-cap, this singular requirement will one day make the Five Percenters (NGE) true mathematicians. Yeah, we got stuck at the 'all being born' phase for 42 years! B.u.t. A sword named Emblem cut that ABBT shit out! We got some strong mathematical babies that were predicted in the year 1 coming soon to an Allah School near you and they will be doing real shit like Algebra, Calculus, and Trig on that ass in the very near future. The NOI does not place the same type of demand on the lessons that Da Godz and Earthz do. They place the demand on Farrakhan and that's a weakness. Why? Farrakhan is probably thee most prominent Asiatic Citizen of the Asiatic Nation on the Planet, we read about Gadhaffi and Khan has sat down and built with 'em, he's built with Saddam, blew up 60 minutes, Donahue and that's just a few. Khan has been a global heavyweight for over power cipher years. When Khan returns to Essence it will be like Lebron leaving Cleveland for the Miami Heat. N.O.I. won't win a game! Khan's shoes are bigger than Shaq's shoes and not nare a nigga with a bow tie on that stands at the podium can fill Khan's shoes. His ministers got little girly feet compared to DaGod Khan. Farrakhan is the piece with the magnetic in it as far as the NOI goes.

Jesus teachings was not Christianity it was Freedom Justice and Equality, meaning each God and Earth are alwayz sharp because of the contextual education that 120 brings. If the Planet is still here in 50 years itz gonna be sharp Gods and Earthz when this generation of Godz and Earthz are dead and buried there. There has never been a shortage of sharp Godz and Earthz.

When you can roladex knowledge wisdom cipher in your third you can systematically categorize and arrive at quicker computations in an Asiatic Paradigm than someone who does not know Supreme Wisdom by heart. I don't have to turn my Supreme Wisdom book/ Book of Life to the build degree, my third eye getz me there in the blink of a physical eye. I ain't a Hafiz of Quran 'yet', but I'm a Hafiz of 120 like a movafucka!

Finally, with all Emblem's Bullshit being said: Dianetics states that these bad memories called engrams are aberrant and lead to deviations from rationalization (Savage in the Pursuit): The knowledge culture degree states "...easily led in the wrong direction..."; Supreme Mathematics is designed to hold one to critical analysis which we call 'doing the knowledge' and 'doing it' in such a way without falling victim. The build degrees states that "...all that above is caused by the son of man..." A mind focused on 'Causation' is not at all a 'reactive mind'. Get in touch with that 'One' common cause and you can make rain, hail, snow and Earthquakes like a movafucka. Scientology and groups like the Landmark Forum offer an Asiatic individual an opportunity to stretch your science out like a coke dealer puttin a cut on a brick, meaning that you will definitely get more bounce to the Asiatic ounce. We have plenty of untapped psychological tools in knowledge wisdom cipher. Use them!

Often I've mentioned how fast I can go from who's the Original to Pluto in a tune-up recitation-the real test is how slow you can go. The longer you have a given degree in your third the more angles (Tangents, Sin, Co-sin) you will see. I like to test myself by laying down and going through knowledge wisdom cipher using my inner voice and usually I'm knocked da fuck out by the time I hit the Hot Arabian in the culture degree.



Monday, March 28, 2011

Memoirs Of A Fake Ass Talaam Acey

If I were to go to a spoken word venue nowaday I'd expect to see and hear from multiple spoken word artist that were gifted at their craft and could bring the fire. The Griot in oral African cultures holds the stories, the history, the beliefs, the lineage of families and tribes: such an art is indeed a most honored tradition amongst original people. A griot is a 'natural'. 'Griot' is not what they do but what they are. Their ability to communicate ideas with clarity, drama and beauty makes them an absolutely amazing breed of Priests and Priestess. True Griots are naturally talented, favored and blessed! I celebrate them.

It is said that a man once heard Charlie Parker play his horn and after he heard 'Bird', the man tossed his horn in the river. I respect such a man. Why? It's not that the man quit, but he heard Bird play in such a way that he realized he ought to find what he is the greatest at-because it damn sure wasn't the horn. Such a man is a realist, yet there are those who don't 'get it', failing to realize that a given art form may not be for them. And so agonizingly they continue, practicing and praying for talent where there is none. They quietly wish that another man's gifts and talents were theirs to lay claim to, so they silently and quietly covet another with envy. After hearing an Urban Griot of the highest order and caliber I would think that an individual with no talent in the art of spoken word would gracefully bow out and hang up the mic. These pathetic pseudo poetic fools continue with futility. Unaware, blinded by their own vanity, unable to honestly see, really, just how much they suck. There are such pseudo poets amongst us. Those who delusionally believe that their content, delivery and stage presence is in the same league as elite performers which have mastered the art of what it means to be an Urban Griot. No one has the courage to tell the fraudulent griot that they are awful. Dishonest criticism given to a spoken word artist who sucks is irresponsible, cruel and borders on criminal. Today I urge you to tell a spoken word artist that sucks that they really suck. Such an intervention can save a life. We are infested with spoken word artist that suck and they don't know that they suck. It's Sad. They are our friends, our loved ones, our co-workers, our significant other and we recklessly let them continue to think that they are somehow gifted at spoken word. This must stop! Be honest! Enabling talentless addicts addicted to the sound of their own voice and their self delusion of being profound is both wrong and unethical. The enabler tells the spoken word artist that they are 'good' because the enabler wants to spare the feelings of the person they love and respect from a harsh truth. We can no longer allow spoken word artist that suck to go free on stage. As a society we must come together and ban such a pseudo poetic plague. Just as we teach our children that, "Friends don't let friends drive drunk." and other slogans like "Don't do drugs!" We must teach our children that 'Friends Don't' let Friends do spoken word pieces that suck!' That'z our purpose here at F.A.S.P. (Friends Against Shitty Poetz).

The following is a public service announcement from F.A.S.P.. These events are based on a true story. Though this is a fictional account, performances by shitty poetz happen every 30 seconds in the U.S.

You may wonder what happens when a shitty poet is never told that he or she sucks? The damage can be catastrophic. This is a story of a tragedy that occurred on stage one Friday Night at a spoken word venue in Baltimore-a senseless tragedy that could have been avoided if a friend would have just spoken up and told his friend who happened to be a 'wanna be Talaam Acey' the truth as to just how bad he and his poems actually suck.

Parental discretion is advised.

Memoirs Of A Fake Ass Talaam Acey: by Emblem

He confidently stepped on stage. His slow dramatic mannerisms, had an overbearing melodrama which was obvious in his stage presence. He was a Diva, adorned in traditional African garb with an extravagant Kinte cloth crown to hide evidence of male pattern baldness, slowly, he un screwed the cordless microphone from the clutches of the mic-stand's neck. What he wore that evening made him look like an African Ambassador to the United Nations. But his clothes were too tight. His matching Kinte cloth open toe man-sandals indicated that he was secure and in touch with his Afrocentricity. The man-sandals were also too tight; very very tight. 125 pounds ago the man-sandals would have fit perfectly, but weight gain due to the use of anti-depressants caused the open toe man-sandals to quietly roll-over on the sides of his fat feet as he stood on stage pigeoned toe. His toes were proudly bunched together like 10 ashy Hutu warlords each carrying a long sharp jagged toe nail instead of a machete. Grossly overweight, he regally stood on stage like a proud African king none the less. The fact that his African regalia was too tight didn't matter, he was not embarrassed. He had come too far to turn back now.

There were some slight chuckles in the audience because of his tight Afrocentric attire but for the most part the crowd was mature, respectful, and the 40 and 50 something age group was culturally and artistically sensitive to all performers.

Dressed in kinte cloth that was seemingly so tight it was strangling him, he was ready to perform. Regardless of his tight garb or his tight open toe man-sandals it was time to bring the funkdafied verbal fire. He was a lion and a noble spoken word artist who yearned to roar like the lion he knew he was. He'd been working on the spoken word piece for a month or so, often in the bathroom of the homeless shelter rehearsing the piece for hours. Finally, he knew the piece by heart and was ready to unveil it like an eagerly anticipated rare work of art from an important genius of the time-and he indeed thought of himself as a genius. His spoken word piece contained a message that he'd been aching to share with others. And now it was time.

House lights gently lowered to dim, stage lights interrupted the darkness and beamed upon him, making him the center of attention: instantly the crowd clapped. The audience at the Friday night spoken word venue awaited his words. He held the mic with a debonair flare and Mediocrity began his set.

"My name is Mediocrity. A lotta people ask me why I chose the stage name 'Mediocrity'? It's because the name keeps me humble and profoundly grounded in my art. Before I start- let's give a round of applause for the revolutions in the Middle East, marking the end of tyranny! And of course a brief moment of silence for the tragedy in Japan!". The crowd responded to his words with an awkward and unenthused silence-a silence soon broken by a clap 'here', a random clap 'there' and the ever annoying wrangling of someone's car keys.

This was a serious venue, and those that frequented the spoken word circuit were serious about their art-form. All in attendance were interested in the essence of poetic content. They were eager to hear if the fat guy on stage with the tight Kinte cloth outfit could 'bring it'. Was he an inspired Urban Griot or just another hack striving to score a one night stand with a hard-up spoken word chick?

"Yall ready to get down to the funkdafied and soulful business of spoken word!?!", he said, rolling his head reminiscent of Stevie Wonder giving a long winded acceptance speech.

"This is a piece I've been working on for some time now. It reminds me of my mama's greens. Mama use to cook her greens with pork. You know how old fashioned black women are!?! I don't eat pork any more, but I will never forget the loving attention that mama gave those pork laced collard greens back in the day. A dash of Paprika 'here' with a dash of salt and pepper 'there' and of course smoked ham: that's my mama. I ask the ancestors to bless her. Mama was an artist with those collard greens laced in pork as I am an artist with spoken words laced in love." A dramatic tear slowly rolled down Mediocrity's chubby cheek, pausing mid-way down his face as he continued rambling on-and-on aimlessly about the beauty of his mama's goddamn collard greens.

"I want all of you to sit back, relax; pay attention; and enjoy. This piece is called 'America's Green Tittie' ". His suave thick 70's mustache and tone of voice reminded many of Billie Dee Williams pitching Colt 45 Malt Liqour. He meditatively and dramatically paused before he began. Seconds before he started a smooth jazz track broke the silence and he began his piece.....

"New Shoes and blues

Pall Mall Cigarettes and Hard Booze

America is in the kitchen cookin shit-filled Chittlinzzzz

about to lose a foot to diabetes

America already lost her left breast

It was the green tittie I use to suck on

Now that green tittie gone..."

*Abruptly pausing, Mediocrity forgot his next line, and froze on stage. It was obvious to the crowd that he couldn't recall his next line but instead of booeing him like an uncivilized Apollo Theater audience-the crowd lightly clapped and gave Mediocrity words of encouragement while he was stuck in the head-space of forgetfulness and embarrassment. Members of the crowd shouted and cat-called things like "Come on wit it brotha!" or, "Take your time." The crowd was embarrassed for Mediocrity so they sent positive reiki vibes his way. It was painful to watch. All in attendance wished he could be put out of his misery. Awkwardly he stood on stage in the midst of a creepy thick silence. One lady's smart-phone rang, breaking the silence with a Meshell N'degeocello ring-tone. The audience member with the catchy ring-tone quickly cut Meshell short while Mediocrity stood on stage with a look of artistic shame, it was as if somehow he'd been caught in the act of masturbating. He really looked stupid: a forgetful fat-man wearing tight afrocentric attire.

Mediocrity closed his eyes tightly, dramatically searching for the next line that teasingly hung on the tip of his tongue. His lips were contorted in a tight reverse pucker, struggling to recall the line which at the time had escaped his mind. Mediocrity appeared as if he was in physical pain. Finally, after an embarrassing forty five seconds of silence which seemed like an eternity standing on stage, Mediocrity remembered the next line:

"... Bush done us wrong

And Billie Holiday go on and on

About her man and thangz

Dooby dooby dooooooooo (singing)

Born with a social knife in my back,
tripping, falling, sky diving and the

Karate Kid taught us a profound lesson in nepotism:

Big Willie my daddy!!!!

Big Willie my daddyyyyyy!!

Big Willie My daddyyyyyyyy!

America lost her left breast

but the right one still works proper

She feeds my twin baby brothers

with a singular saggy, baggy, leaky green tittie

The Twins are 18 months

And they fight like Iraqi insurgents

over America's strange shaped horn like, money green nipple.

Its da nipple that spouts

imperialist American Milk,

so the twinz sip for all da slaves that was 'kilt'

Robbed by the federal reserve

Bribed by the power of Gold

My account at Chase bank got a hold

Up to my eyeballs in child-support

dealing with black bitches is a blood sport

These miserable black bitches are diseased twatz walking.

You fucking cuntz!

You fucking money grubbing cuntz!
Shamelessly they keep me in Child Support Court

Wanting dime after dime after dime

Time after time after time

1-800-Call Maury nigga

All these damn babies can't be mine

I must be a sucka

Or a dumb movafucka

I got nine babies I'm paying for

I'm better off eatin my check at the end of the week

And living in my car on the street

A brother's been

Blood sucked and fucked

City put a boot on my truck

No jive I didn't learn how to drive till I was forty five

Yes I'll admit it, our first date was on my Ten Speed

She sat on the handle-bars indeed

But I fulfilled her needs

She had my seeds

And on the alter of child support court I bleed

I do spoken word to let my fans know

I'm here for you

To relate to you

To become familiar with you

Dooby dooby dooooooooo (singing)

I believe the children our are future
teach them well and let them lead the way-

but they got Little Wayne on the Brain

as my younger brothers fight

For America's old saggy, baggy, repulsive capitalist nipple

Suck America's green tittie baby brothers

Suck that green tittieeeeeeeeee

Pull from that disgusting wrinkly imperialist tit

And don't forget to regurgitate

America's putrid capitalist milk

Fuck that bitch!!!

Fuck this shit!!!!

You cock sucking dirty stank bitch!

Turning my beautiful black babies into passive streams of income

Fuck da Goddamn restraining order

I don't give a damn about an Order of Protection

And the warrant for my arrest

welcome to my court whore!

As I cut and slice and stab my knife into your blood sucking ass

You know who you are Bitch-

A bitch who shall for all practical purposes remain


Thank you. My name is Mediocrity, enjoy the rest of the show. Hotep!!!!"

Every jaw in the audience dropped in utter shock, the audience members looked at each other, all thinking the same exact thing, that someone ought to call the police.

*This has been a P.S.A. from F.A.S.P (Friends Against Shitty Poetz). "Friends Don't Let Friends Do Spoken Word Pieces That Suck!"
Join The Fight!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Restoration Of Mathematical Values

Quasi poetic euphemisms such as 'mind detect mind' act as soft explanations for mere coincidences. I can't exclude the mathematical branch of statistics which embodies the study of probability that could mathematically explain the phenomenon of two people thinking about each other at the exact same time. An insurance adjuster inputs the correct stats and spits out a number that mathematically explains why you and another person tried to call each other at exactly the same moment and had a collision of the minds. Mathematicians understand the frequency of mutually exclusive events, independent events, dependent events, combined events and compound events. The insurance adjuster tells me $128.00 per month for both vehicles not because of coincidence or that my mind somehow mysteriously detected his mind but because he has a math formula reflective of a scale of probability. The coincidence of 'mind detecting mind' is calculable and remains within the domain of a formulaic equation of a known branch of mathematics.

When the experience of coincidence happens amongst Original People it has this tendency to become 'deep' or 'telepathic' as if the coinciding events have some religious and mysterious symbolism containing some higher truth. I'm a dissenting non-conformist when it comes to such bullshit amongst God and Earth.

B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T or 2-21-12-12-19-8-9-20 is all being born to 103 which equals '4'. 'Bullshit' is all being born to 'culture'? I was appalled, and utterly horrified when I learned that there are many amongst us that would consider the alpha numerical summation of the word 'Bullshit' or any other word as a valid mathematical truth. A tear rolled down my cheek, and the voice of the United Negro College Fund came out of nowhere and said, "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste." An alpha-numerical summation is completely random, unintelligible and numerology at it's highest.

'Ut Prosim' is Latin, it means "That I may be useful". The Latin phrase reflects my sentiment in that my intentions are that every reader who reads my writings leave with a more scientific mindset than they had previous. Ut prosim! Invariably, the urban legend that surrounds the supreme mathematical abilities and aptitudes of God and Earth are unfortunately more legend than reality. Plagued by petty sordid squabbles of small minded subjects that range from the historical validity of General Monk Monk; to whether or not 'Refinement' is a legitimate component of 'power'; or the factional dispute of 9980 years versus 9080 years are always cooking disputations. Personally, I've learned not to offer a fuck or for that matter give a fuck. My 'fucks' are no longer tax exempt charitable donations. Maybe I should sugar coat shit, and bury the truth on the square instead of allowing my pen to continue distilling ink on the square of this page. 'Fuck it', I'll give it one more 'fuck' and splash more ink.

God and Earth are falling victim to religion, and I'm not the only one who cees it. You see it! Don't you? We are starting to look more and more like the early Christians 42 years after Jesus' crucifixion than a team preparing for an international mathematical Olympiad. The irreconcilable conflict between the values of the religious minded God versus those of progressive secular mindsets of God are easily identifiable within the confines of our North American sub-culture. I'm quite the Sherlockian when it comes to deducing the religious from the secular, I can tell a lot about a God or an Earth based on how they view The Father(Founder of the Five Percent Nation). One either views The Father in a religious light or a political light. If an individual views The Father similar to how Muslims view Prophet Muhammad that individual is 'religious' (usually, unbeknownst to themselves). If an individual views The Father similar to how Americans view George Washington that individual has a secular understanding as it pertains to I God culture. The secular mindsets amongst us are indeed the most progressive, and the most productive while a religious mindset will only succeed in establishing another hooting and hollering baptist church in the hood, with the only difference being that a sun, seven, moon, and star, with a circular perimeter of eight black and gold points will be embedded in the stained glass window instead of that piously pathetic picture of Charles Manson hanging on a cross. Identifying the light in which one views The Father will automatically reveal if one is truly 'grasping' or merely 'grasping at' Supreme Mathematics. Few touch it.

Making a legitimate run at real math will set a landmark precedent. When God and Earth begin to enter their offspring in the International Mathematical Olympiad in droves the uncertain terms which define us will then become quite 'certain'- without shame and unambiguously we will have mathematically legitimized ourselves as a Nation of the World. Until that day we must settle for delusional on-line rants of grandeur or the occasional 'all being born' numerological train wreck. Undoubtedly God and Earth will one day lead the world in math and science long after my pen has ceased to distill ink and I have become a Mystery God, inevitably returning back to that essential singularity known as the Black Mind. But for now, our mathematical skills are as impotent as a spoken word artist with a weak delivery, and a stammering speech impediment .

Da-da-da-da Godz and Earthz are not a 'faith based' movement and when I got knowledge in the context of 'I God' culture I was under the impression that we were aspiring mathematicians. The irony of shrinking in the face of real math somehow erodes away at our collective identity: dreams of possessing such supreme mathematical skills have over the years, months, and days dissipated, and our minds now lapse into the frenzied cultish mindsets of niggas who still couldn't pass 8th grade Algebra to save our life." No one in the 60's thought to hi-jack a truck full of Math text books for the sake of the babies? Surely some inventive criminal minded Robin Hood back then could have stolen a real math curriculum from Harvard for the babies to consume. Our professed philosophical love for mathematics must be consummated by passionately engaging every known mathematical branch. The psychological bombardment of the uninitiated (newborns) with half witted ideas claiming to be mathematical are more a demonstration of a mathematical monstrosity than a model of mathematical proficiency. Maybe before we hand the uninitiated an old, faded xerox copy of our Supreme 'Numbers' we ought to request they research the question 'What is Mathematics?'. As for the initiated (120 on cap): we might want to ask ourselves the same question: 'What is Mathematics?


Monday, March 21, 2011

Operation Odyssey Dawn: Hoodishly Simplified

Saturday U.S. and 'Coalition' forces started bombing 'Libya', not 'bomb' as in an 'NGE' bomb which is at best a harsh tone taken toward another God or Earth who has done something considered not quite right and exact, but instead an American bomb, namely 124 tomahawk missiles which cost the American tax payer $538,000 dollars per missile. One of these 'bombs' hit Gadhaffi's compound Saturday. American and Coalition forces: Britain; France; Italy; United Arab Emirates; and Spain have aligned themselves against Gadhaffi. The Mission has duly been named 'Operation Odyssey Dawn'.

The U.S froze 32 Billion dollars in Libyan assets in February, I'd be pissed as fuck if I had 32 Billion in the bank and the ATM told me 'insufficient funds'. Well that's what they did to Gadhaffi. They jacked his cash, set up a no-fly zone over his country and then they bombed his crib. They would have done it earlier if Japan hadn't got rocked by an Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Radiation. Shit Happens in threez! I wouldn't be surprised if Godzilla showed up in Japan next.

U.S. and 'Coalition' forces say that they are there to protect Libyan citizens: Bullshit!! When has the U.S ever given a fuck about the lives of Desert niggaz that pray toward Mecca five times a day? 95 percent of the American public might be political morons but I'd like to think I'm not one of 'em. I don't have a Ph.D in political science but I know a political smoke screen when I see one. Gadhaffi gave a radio address to his people Saturday and said "I won't let the new Nazi's enjoy my oil." That nigga knows why he all of a sudden has tomahawk missiles coming through his front door. Oil!

Saturday, March 19th they had protesters outside the White House, demanding the U.S. bring the troops home from Iraq as if Obama can magically get all the troops back home like Dorothy hoped the Wizard of Oz could. Barack ain't got that type of power, honestly, he doesn't. In December 2009 everybody eagerly awaited Obama's decision as to whether or not he would commit 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan: as if he really was gonna say 'no'! That was around the time when that lady in the red dress got pass the Secret Service and got into a White House party. The lady in the red dress was a message to Barack and I'm willing to bet Michelle picked up on the message before Barack did. The message was, "We can touch you nigga!" Soon there after Barack committed 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Obama pulls out of Iraq when The Joint Chiefs say he 'pulls out' or else! What Black Man you know who has a job ain't got a supervisor? Even dope dealers got supervisors, somewhere down the line every nigga gotta supervisor, including Barack. Satan is his supervisor! "Emblem, don't you mean the caucasian or white man Yacob's grafted devil" Naw, they're just small time devils, I'm thinking that it's Mr. Big, a.k.a. 'The Man'-the one who played in all them 70's blaxploitation flicks: The Head Honkey! The fat white dude behind a desk strokin' a white cat, he's the one that started all this Libyan bullshit! Think about it: Libya got mad oil and all of a sudden The U.S., France, Britain, Italy, Spain and The United Arab Emirates are outside Gadhaffi's house with an international S.W.A.T. Team attempting to execute a fugitive arrest warrant. Yelp, it's Mr. Big, he probably caused the Earthquake in Japan too.

You'd be a complete fool if you think for one second old ass white men hadn't been hatching this Libyan shit long before Barack ever announced his candidacy to run for President. When Barack took office I'm sure he was ambitious and he still is, but he also has to tow the line in regard to U.S. diplomacy-U.S. diplomacy is very similar to a home invasion: the U.S kicks in the door of a fucking country and duct tapes the dictator and everybody else in the room and then robs the spot. I bet chu 50 dollars we won't go fuckin' wit them Chinese movafuckuz.

You remember what happened to the right side of President Kennedy's dome when he hesitated to go into Vietnam? After Kennedy got returned back to the universal singularity LBJ signed a presidential order officially entering the U.S. into Vietnam. So hell yeah, if the Joint Chiefs advise Barack to sign-off on 'Operation Odyssey Dawn' in order to go into Libya he'd better robo sign that shit quick, along with every other Military initiative they put under his nose or they won't hesitate to ruin his fresh Caesar fade.

"Sign where the 'x' is and date it Mr. President. Now!!"

The lessons we so eloquently quote are real and when the phrase '100 percent weak and wicked' in the knowledge cipher degree is mentioned it's more than just a slick quote rolling off the lips of a God building in front of Allah's School-it's the fucking truth, and applicable to every movafuckin' square on the earthly chessboard. Ain't no peace amongst these movafuckuz. Sura 2, of the Holy Quran, ayat 11 says "When it is said to them: "Do not make mischief on the Earth." They say: "Why, we only want to make peace!" 120 defined how these devil movafuckuz move in the 1930's, and The Holy Quran predicted how these movafuckuz would move as early as the year 1.

'Diplomacy' is the art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations, also known as 'tact'. Nowaday Diplomacy is a lost art, no-negotiations, and tact doesn't exist anymore. The U.S. has about as much tact as a thugged-out nigga smokin' dro, with a fifty caliber Desert Eagle, sticking-up a dice game in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn.

"Run your pocketz Son!"


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bilad-As Sudan

In Terms of skin color everybody in the Sudan is Black. There are however very distinct cultural, tribal and ethnic characteristics among the Sudanese. Zurug comes from the Arabic word 'Azraq' which means 'dark blue'. 'Zurug' manifest in the plural as 'Zurga' which implies 'darkness' and used as a slur to mean 'Black Africans'. The term 'Arab' in Darfur is used in a multiplicity of wayz: On one hand Arabized, Islamized Sudanese see themselves as 'Arabs'-however on the other hand when slurred by Semitic Arabs the black Sudanese contemptuously slur the Black and Semitic Arabs in retort. Those black Sudanese who are 'Arab' turn their noses up at the Zurga Black Africans-yet these dark Arabs are just as black as the blackest black person. Arab Imperialism in the region is influenced by the religion of 'Islam' but Islamic brotherly love is dismantled because of tribal, ethnic and cultural differences taking precedent over Islam. They think that they are all different.

The Conflict:

Running for your life, seeking refuge in a Chad refugee camp, bullets flying behind you, weak from hunger, thirst and mumbling "Please Allah, allow me to get out of Darfur alive!" is the duwaah (impromptu prayer) of the indigenous people being chased. You're the Survivor of a vicious bomb dropped on a Zaghwan village. The military helicopter gun ships slaughter your fellow Zaghwans wholesale, and the infamous Arab-Janjaweed on horseback are notorious for swooping in after air support and murdering all the men in a village and raping all of the women. It's Genocide! You escape, but you never forget.

'The State Republic of Sudan'

The name of this particular square on the Earth's chessboard is 'Sudan' which comes from the Arabic phrase 'Bilad as-Sudan' which means 'land of the blacks'. The Sudanese Government, and the Arabs of Khartoum are aligned with deep roots into radical Islam. The two groups are tight like the R.O.P.E around the necks of the indigenous people of the Sudan being murdered daily.

The rebels in the Sudan are connected with the Sudan Liberation Army and other guerrilla liberation movements. They've entitled their one common cause as the 'Justice and Equality Movement'. Interesting! Western countries are suspected of supporting these Rebel movements, similar to how Reagan supported the Mujahidin in Afghanistan when they fought the Soviets in the build ciphers.

We take for granted the pawn that stands on the square of a chess board. What's under that square? What is the primary purpose behind the desire to access and occupy that square? The Square is the Sudan, and on that Square the truth is buried there. The square is rich with the Cipher I Love (Oil). Original people (black pawns) live on that square, and they are the indigenous people of that square. It is in the best financial interest of the industrial elite of the Sudan to remove indigenous blacks from the oil rich land on which they stand in order to reap oil profits.

The Arab government of Khartoum in Sudan makes interpretations and inter-orientations to the War-Lords of rag tag rebel groups, promising them more gold and encouraging them to fight and kill one another. Ultimately the governments of the Sudan and Khartoum want the Black Pawn removed from that square in order to continue to do trading with the Chinese who have vast petroleum interest in the desert region of that square. 60 percent of the oil produced from that region is sold to the Chinese.

These governments also use Black Arabs on horseback who've formed militias known as the Janjaweed(Knights) to brutally murder original people. Janjaweed in Arabic means 'Evil Spirits On Horses'. Between the rebels fighting and killing one another and the murderous Janjaweed-the removal of the Original Pawn standing on the square of Darfur is nearly complete. Who is attempting to take the black pawn? What it essentially boils down to is 'Black Arab' on 'Black African' conflict. Arabs are attempting to get the oil from under the soles of the black pawn's feet. That'z the truth on the square. As the Janjaweed commit mass murder and mass rape they scream "The blacks must go!" as a war-cry.

On January 9th 2005 in Nairobi, Kenya a peace treaty was signed between the Sudanese Government and Rebel Groups. Before the ink on the treaty was dry, black Arabs were burning huts, murdering black men, and raping black women. So much for the sincerity of the greeting 'As-Salaam Alaikum'(Peace Be Unto You) falling off of Black Arab lips. After the Treaty was signed mortality rates in Darfur spiked quicker than the blood pressure of a black man eatin' pork heavily laced with salt. The Arab controlled Khartoum government did not act in Good faith when they signed the treaty. Their 'word' was not bond.

Few had ever heard about Darfur and no one expected 12 year olds to show up with AK-47's and Kalashnikov rifles. "Damn Little Homie where'd you get that AK-47 from?" Everybody is 'packin' in Darfur- Darfur makes D-Mecca-Power Hill-C-Medina, Love Allah and Now Why look like quiet retirement communities in terms of violence.

Black African Muslims against Black Arab Muslims is the real issue. America has no immediate industrial interest in the region: one less muslim in the world means one less suicide bomber that America has to deal with. Essentially America doesn't care.

Lately, I have been finding myself completely consumed with geo-politics and the history of political moves. I've been using the information I've gathered to get a deeper understanding as to how original people are viewed in the geo-political spectrum of the world. I'm not cynical, but I do see that the situation that the world is in is rather grave and has become accustomed to cheapening the value of black life. In my historical research I have found that Black life all over the Planet Earth has increasingly grown cheaper since the 11th century at least.

The community of Nations: organizations like the G-20, and The United Nations and their policies of inaction unwittingly perpetuate the digging of mass graves. America media insulates it's citizens from the images from around the world, and awareness of human atrocity in Darfur is minimum. Since there are no direct Western material interest in terms of natural resources there are no humanitarian policies of assistance or aid (but we assist Israel). It is the Chinese who are deeply invested in the Sudan, and in terms of Humanitarian assistance the Chinese have no interest in assisting the black victims of this genocide.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

God In Person or High Yellow Hustla?: Qualifications Of The Asiatic Paradigm

In the 80's and 90's Imam Isa on multiple occasions made it a point to take issue with Fard's history, often exacting a pre-emptive strike aimed at Wallace Fard's credibility in an attempt to 'bomb' and discredit the Nation of Islam and The Five Percent Nation ( Nation of Gods and Earths). Attacking Master Fard Muhammad was usually an appetizer for Imam Isa, his attacks acted as a prelude to a buffet of Isa's full blown cult bullshit. He often questioned the authenticity of Wallace Fard, poking and prodding at Fard's legitimacy as 'Mahdi'. Imam Isa was a wild individual but as wild as he was, Isa did raise an issue that should be explored: suppose the romanticized, embellished, and glorious origins of Fard's mystique were suddenly revealed to be less than grand? Suppose Fard was nothing more than a two bit, nickle-slick High Yellow Hustla? How would it affect Asiatic Identity in the Wilderness of North America 'nowaday'?

It is said that Fard's father was named Alphonso, and that they both came from the Holy City of Mecca. Alphonso apparently went into a she-devil (white woman) named 'Baby-G' and conceived Wallace Fard on the second try. Supposedly, Alphonso cleaned her up, casting devils out of her, ultimately civilizing the white woman. First, the interracial couple had a daughter in 1872, and then Master Fard Muhammad was born in 1877. Alphonso searched the world for the greatest books and gave them to his son to read and learn from. Master Fard was reportedly taught by his supremely wise Father Alphonso and 23 major and minor scientist, learning the hidden secrets and mysteries of the universe. Fard is said to have spoken many languages coupled with the ability to also 'write' in these languages. 'Writing' in another language is considered a supremely masterful ability and to have the ability to write in multiple languages is amazing. As a child in the Nation of Islam I was told that Fard understood mathematics as a fluent language, which gave him the ability to calculate the mysteries of time, space and the universe. At the age of six he envisioned himself pushing the elitist families of the world, such as the Duponts and the Rothchilds into a lake of fire. It is also reported that he was additionally educated in the Universities of Europe and spent many years teaching in prominent Universities on the west coast of the United States. Ultimately he ended up shuttling between Chicago and Detroit pedaling silk and teaching Asiatic theology during the early 1930's. During his travels he raised a Messenger from amongst the mentally dead: The Honorable Elijah Muhammad-and the rest is History! What a resume! Wow! My mother fed me all of the above as bed-time stories when I was a shorty. The above is what little I remember, I'm sure some things may have fallin victim to memory loss and time, I do however recall rather clearly that a profound mystique surrounded Master Wallace Fard Muhammad. There was a scary, cult-like religious zeal that infused the Fruit of Islam and the MGT of the early 70's. Minister Farrakhan will defend Wallace Fard Muhammad until his last breath, he still has the zeal of those old school FOI that I observed as a child. Farrakhan still promotes that cloudy mystique surrounding Fard.

We have all embellished a bit on resumes and on job interviews-so let's suppose Master Wallace Fard's resume was artificially glorified and that he was just a nickle-slick hustla striving to con his way through the depression era of the 1930's? By proposing such a hypothetical supposition I'm not striving to be disrespectful, instead this writing is solely for the sake of stimulating critical analysis, academic dialogue and intellectual discourse. So, suppose Fard was just a hustla?

FBI records reveal that Fard was a restaurant owner who got locked up in 1926 for selling drugs. The individual we refer to as Master Wallace Fard Muhammad was reportedly incarcerated at San Quentin Penitentiary until his release in 1929. Maybe he was just a heroin pedaling, bootlegging, religious con-man striving to sell some silks that he jacked off the back of a Macy's truck. Who really knows? No one knows.

Suppose Wally Dodd Ford brain stormed with his 'celly'? Wally on the top bunk; his celly on the bottom bunk; King James Bible in one hand; and an old, poorly translated English 'Koran' in the other. Let's suppose that in that small prison cell they concocted 70 percent of Shabazzian 'mathology' that we still study to this day.

In terms of my Asiatic understanding I've matured, meaning I don't have blinders or rose colored glasses on my eyes as it pertains to so-called 'divine' leaders, enlighteners, elders teachers and guides. Every man who has ever walked the Earth was/is a regular dude in my eyes. No exceptions!!! None!!!!! Absolutely nobody is super human or 'Super Divine' in my view. So how did the NOI end up with this cloudy, misty, ghost-like, foggy perception of Wallace Fard?

Mystique is usually cultivated long after a person is dead and gone. Usually a facilitating opportunist seizes the moment and voila: a new religion or cult is born. Religion and 'God' have always been the best con game in town, it's the ultimate card-trick performed with the face-card of the unknown (X). A trader makes an unreasonable, and fantastic claim about someone or something that no one can either prove or disprove, packages it, and sells it to the masses as wholesale trick-knowledge from one generation to the next. Such is the case with every said religion. Opportunist have used the names of Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad and 'The Father' to create cults and religions. New religions are usually wrapped in the same buzz words-words like 'truth', 'divinity' and 'righteousness' in order to cultivate the mind of new followers. The facilitator puts on a show every Sunday, motivating his flock to get through another arduous week of life, selling a slice of pie or mothership in the sky to someone who otherwise has no hope. It has been done successfully for thousands of years. The formula for establishing religions hasn't changed one iota: and 'just maybe' Master Fard took note of every historical religious character and storefront Pastor and developed his own thing. Maybe he understood that if a whole lot of people each gave you a nickle 'here' and a dime 'there'-you could become rather wealthy. Successful religions and 'cult followings' are con-games as well as numbers games. Religions and cults confiscate the minds of the people, owning them as intellectual property, using each religious adherent as a cog in a thriving business enterprise. Religion was big business in the 1930's and remains and even bigger business in 2011.

The following is a short, fictitious, one act play. It's a hypothetical scenario about how the Asiatic paradigm may have been constructed. It features Wallace Fard Muhammad (Wallace Ford) and his cell mate who I have simply named 'Celly'. The setting is in a prison cell in San Quentin State Penitentiary. The year is 1926. The name of the one act play is entitled 'Passing The Time'.

"Remember Wally: the wilder the story is, the more people are likely to fall for it. The story has to be catchy. That moslem stuff is the new rave back East. Christianity is old, you gotta spit some new shit Wallace. Tell 'em that you're God. No! No! Tell them that you’re a prophet. Mind your manners and they'll start to see God in your persona. People see what they want to see. It's called the 'Barnum effect. It's the tendency for people to believe general descriptions about personality or behavior, such as an astrologer's forecast or a story in the Bible. Essentially you have to re-configure an individual's belief system. "

"Damn you smart! That'z a good idea. When I get up in the pulpit I'll tell Negros that they come from the Lost Kingdom of Chabat."

"Naw! 'Chabat' don't have pizzazz. How about 'Shabazz? Shabazz has pizzazz!"

"Hell yeah nigga that's tight! Them two 'Z's on the end will have every negro in Detroit hypnotized. I'll have a cult following before you know it."

"How 'bout you call white folk 'Colored' and black folk Asians? You gotta switch shit up and flip the script a bit. The story gotta be unique. That's Con Artistry 101 yellow nigga!!"

"True dat! True dat! Not 'Asians' though! It has to be kinda like 'Asians' but not 'Chinese'! The story has to conjure up visions of an exotic far eastern mystique. You feel me?!!"

"Nigga I got it!"



"I like that but drop the 'a' on the end. I can call Negros 'Asiatic'. I like 'Asiatic'-'Asiatic' is good. The lost Kingdom of Asiatics."

"Naw nigga not 'The Lost Kingdom of Asiatics'-The Lost and Found Tribe of Shabazz and tell every negro you meet that they have a common relative: an 'uncle' maybe? Tell 'em that they are 'Asiatic' and descendants of the Lost and Found 'Tribe of 'Shabazz' and you came all the way from Mecca to find 'em."

"Hell Yeah! I gotta write this shit down."

"Remember you gotta explain random shit, like; how white people came to Earth; how big the Earth is; facts about the solar system; and how fast light travels. Poor Negros love big numbers. Call white people Satan or the devil."

"Shitttttttt nigga! White-folks are Satan! That ain't no con-that's da movafuckin truth!

"Give 'em a test, make 'em quote some shit, a kinda 'student enrollment' test. It'll give 'em a sense of accomplishment, and purpose. They'll feel important. The number two rule to con-artistry 101 is to make the 'mark' feel special. Make 'em dress up and wear bow ties. The sense of feeling special will attract more followers. Pride is contagious!"

"My first question could be 'who was on the Earth first?"

"Naw, that's not catchy. How about something simple, like 'Who is the original man?"

"I like that shit. The answer could be Adam and The Shabazz Asiatics."

"That sounds like a fuckin' jazz quartet nigga!"

"Well what da fuck do you suggest?!"

"How about this: 'The maker, The owner, The cream of the Planet Earth, Father of Civilization and God of the Universe!"

"Nigga I like that shit. It gotta ring to it! You a smart nigga! Too bad you're doing 25 to life."

"Well when you go back to Detroit and start making money, make sure you put some money on my 'books'."

"Word is bond!"

"One more thing! Say it's a flying saucer in the sky. Niggaz will believe any Goddamn thing!"

'The End'

Part Two:
Now suppose Asiatic Theology was indeed concocted in that small, dank prison cell in San Quentin? How would it effect Asiatic and Shabazzian identity? Obviously, we would still be who we are, but more importantly the paradigm of Asiatic theology would remain socially and academically relevant. The Asiatic Paradigm is a transformative formula and can elevate a human being that has been made other than themselves through the eating of the wrong mental and physical foods. The Shabazzian paradigm could have possibly been constructed in a Prison cell and as objective scientist we can ill afford to rule out such a possibility. It should be understood that how the Asiatic paradigm was constructed is not as important as one may think. Why? Because The Asiatic Paradigm describes the nature of the collective perception and experience of black people in the Wilderness of North America through 'Sense Data'. 'Sense Data' is a Philosophical term, meaning sensations that are detached from their meaning and from any reference to the stimuli that give rise to them, the 'raw' experiences given through the senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. This Sense Data can be molded like clay and interpreted to mean what you choose it to mean. Sense Data can be easily configured into a plausible story and then stamped, packaged and sold. Every religion is based on 'Sense Data' and every solicitor of said religion deals the face-card of the unknown to believer and interprets the card of the unknown. Have you ever noticed that everything you believe in happened before you were born?

The experience of slavery was very visceral and the Asiatic/Shabazzian paradigm describes the collective 310 year experience of original people during slavery. According to the Asiatic Paradigm slavery officially began in 1555 and ended in 1865. The constitutionally binding Emancipation Proclamation is the acting social contract between the United States and all so-called Negros in The Wilderness OF North America, 'freeing' black people from bondage. Slavery was terrible and to this day remains a horrific atrocity in human history. However, Original people weren’t free mentally, and this remains the case.

Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, Fard and Elijah Muhammad were early pioneers in the mental emancipation of Original People in the Wilderness of North America, each contributing to a mindset that spoke to Self Love and Self Knowledge. The tapestry that they've woven is still relevant and very much intact. Each having their own interpretation of the collective 'Sense Data' of black people. The Asiatic paradigm is on point in terms of practicality: 'no Original Person can afford to set up a home and wait for a Mystery God to bring them food'. The reality of being hungry, naked, 'out of doors', beaten and killed by those who advocate a Mystery God was and is a very real truth. The idea of the Mothership may have bordered on the fantastic, but in retrospect, the Mothership was a form of therapy, capturing the imagination, and weaning black people off of the Mystery God. Asiatic folklore focused the believer, provided a seriousness of purpose and a feeling of importance to a people who otherwise still had the mind of slaves.

In 2011 many Original People who study the Asiatic paradigm understand the Mothership in an esoteric light and not from a literal standpoint. Personally, I hold to the philosophy that until the Mothership appears over a project full of black people it doesn't exist. Until Pookie from Marcy Projects is on CNN and says, "I was smokin' weed and that shit just appeared outta of nowhere nigga!" it does not exist. Pookie's word is bond, not the UFO programs on the History Channel.

If an anthropological or archaeological excavation failed to turn up evidence of a past Island civilization on Pelon I wouldn't piss my pants in shock. If no bones of black babies were found with the gnawing teeth marks of a wild beast indented on the marrow I wouldn't trip. The story of Yacob and the grafting process conveys biological and genetic truths. 75 years after slavery (1930) Elijah Muhammad was fundamentally illiterate; but with the story of Yacob, Elijah was able to grasp the concept of 'grafting' which was and still is cutting-edge biological science. The 'Mathology' of Yacob allowed Elijah to understand the fundamental behavior of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) on a molecular level. Elijah described DNA as the 'Life Germ', and that this 'Life Germ' contained an inherent dominate and recessive characteristic, which Elijah labeled as the 'Black Germ'(dominant) and the 'Brown Germ'(recessive). The story of Yacob is a masterful way to convey a high scientific concept to the average person. The story of Yacob doesn't have to be true. The fact of the matter is-is that white people come from the recessive gene in black people.

If Master Fard Muhammad was just a high yellow hustla and sat in that San Quentin prison cell and concocted the whole story of the Lost Tribe of Shabazz; and Yacob making devil on Pelon, the Asiatic Paradigm would remain a very relevant psychological and social theory. Personally, such a paradigm would be unshaken if Fard was ever proved to be Master 'Fraud'. If Master Fard was a Master of Religious fraud I would undoubtedly stand firmly on my own personal Asiatic Truth on the Square because I have learned the theology in such a way that I personally own it! Asiatic theology is mine and my truth is not based on any one group or person. I don't give a fuck about 'Knowledge of Group', I'm concerned with 'Knowledge of Self'. Put four niggaz in a room you got a Baptist Church! Fuck that shit!

The program within the paradigm holds the psychological substance and means of theological delivery. The Nation of Islam has a very specific and clear-cut method of theological delivery, in that it is admittedly a religious entity. The N.O.I. has a religious based economic, social, and political theology that is used to uplift their immediate communities which has historically proven to be very effective. Rules and regulations are clearly outlined in the Nation of Islam, establishing its own brand of educational and procedural discipline in the black community. Bravo!

The Nation Of Gods and Earths is another expression of the Asiatic world view, promoting Asiatic theology, having its own program for the administration and transmission of the Asiatic paradigm. NGE has a unique scientific opportunity if it can re-route it's energies from its increasingly trending religious mindset to a purely scientific framework. Hopefully our love of mathematics as a philosophy will one day spill over into the legitimate practice of developing math skills within actual branches of mathematics such as Geometry, Algebra, Calculus etc.. Such a framework could mark the beginning of major academic achievement in a multitude of social endeavors that govern the idea of community and Nation hood. NGE could conceivably one day be competitive with other Nations throughout the world in terms of Mathematical and Scientific education if true mathematical rigor is pursued and embraced and for such an earnest attempt: Bravo!

NGE and NOI are two community based organizational entities, and firm fixtures in the black community. Both religious programs beautifully express Asiatic Theology and folklore. If Fard's intent were in fact larcenous and exploitative, somehow this Asiatic hodge podge of ideas has become quite functional. Asiatic mythology (mathology) doesn't have to be historically true to be psychologically and socially accurate.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Sura Al-Ankhabut: The Spider: Ayat Culture Knowledge

The Holy Quran has 6236 ayats, and I have many favorites, one of them is Surah wisdom born, ayat culture knowledge: "The parable of those who take protectors other than Allah is that of the Spider who builds a house; but truly the flimsiest of houses is the Spider's house; if they but knew".

The above ayat sounds beautiful in Arabic but more importantly it contains what I think is a very profound meaning.

For the last few years I have grown accustomed to not having 'Cash' on hand. I keep my cream in the born Allah now king, usually I'm checking balances online or calling my bank. Recently an Ice storm occured which shut down power to the town in which I reside and I couldn't buy anything. I had grown accustomed to swiping my bank card and voila, "Did Emblem receive more gold?" "No, the internet was down and I found myself having to wait for power to be restored."

The example of no cash on hand is just a microcosm of the society at large-how we take the flimsiest of devices for security, convience and protection. It is a clear case of falling victim to devil civilization because you lose the faculty of self reliance and become dependent upon that which is essentially flimsy.

The modernity of the destroy culture we live in advocates that which in most cases is 'flimsy'. Sincere friendships, companionships, relationships, and social interaction have been replaced, reduced and eroded to the flimsy delusion of a 'facebook friend'. Social networking sites have literally created friendships that are as flimsy as a spider's web. Some people find themselves with 5000 'friends' on facebook. How flimsy is that? How many of those friends are actually friends or true companions? This new flimsy world we live in has become a psychological Spider's web. Sura wisdom born ayat culture knowledge of The Holy Quran predicted in the year one the advent of the 'world wide web'. The web has it's uses indeed, but ultimately a spider's 'web' is the flimsiest of houses: if they but knew.

As I do the knowledge to the devastation in Japan the notion that our mortal lives in the universal scheme of things are also rather flimsy comes to mind. I heard a dude once say that he was gonna shoot another dude in his 'space helmet'. His statement made me reflect on the human head, it is essentially a 'space helmet'. Our physical forms are very temporary and for now we live in the terrestrial suit of our bodies dwelling on Earth. Our bodies can also be related to that Quranic spider web and it to, is as flimsy as a spider's web.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Principle, Law, Rule, And Regulation

*Principle: noun, 1: a general or fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption 2: a rule or code of conduct; also devotion to such a code. 3: the laws or fact of nature underlying the working of an artificial device 4: primary Source: origin and underlying faculty or endowment: the active part of a component.

*Law: noun. A rule of conduct or action established by custom or laid down and enforced by a governing authority: also a whole body of such rules 2: a rule or principle of construction or procedure: 3: the science that deals with the 'law' and its interpretation: 4 a rule or principle stating something that always works in the same way under the same conditions:

*Rule: noun 1: a guide or principle for governing action: regulation 2: the usual way of doing a thing 3: the exercise of authority and control: government 4: Ruler 5: to be supreme or outstanding: 6 to give or state as a considered decision.

*Regulation: noun 1: a rule dealing with the details of procedure. 2: an order issued by an executive authority of a government, having the force of law.

Doing the knowledge to Webster's in order to find the definitions to the four related words: Principle; Law; Rule; and Regulation clarified not only their meaning but their general convention of custom in our supreme culture. One could, I suppose, concern themselves with social and political norms, such a study would indeed be rather broad. My interest in regard to the four words is aimed in a more mathematical and scientific direction. Mathematics is a language, the language itself is universal. Math is the foundation to all intelligence. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0 mark ten distinct characteristics of all things known and all things unknown.

'One consciousness is the underlying fabric of the universe.' And I put the above statement forth as a propositional truth on the square. Common colloquialisms used in passing such as 'One Self'; 'I and I'; 'One Love'; Mind Detect Mind; 'Black Mind' and 'One'(short for 'one love') act as a 'Principle' format to understanding the Universe. Undifferentiated energy matter was at ONE POINT a 'Singularity'. In Mathematics this 'Singularity' is defined as 'One' or 'Knowledge'. Knowledge is the foundation, acting as the 'principle', formulating the 'LAW', establishing all that ever 'was' 'is' and will 'be'(Zig Zag Zig). Mathematics is a language that 'expresses' and describes the Scientific reality and the nature of all structure. The most mundane of things is relegated to some form of structure. All structures in the universe originate at the sub-atomic level or what otherwise can be described as the 'very small'.

The Nation of Islam has no beginning, however The Universe itself has a POINT of origin. The highest meaning of 'Nation of Islam' is that it is code for 'Grand Idea' an idea representing an undifferentiated energetic singularity, a point of no distinction and pure ONENESS. This Oneness reflects upon itself and such reflection is 'Wisdom'. That which was knowledge took on it's first quality of differentiation in the reflection of Wisdom or 'two' in quantitative terms.

The first two principles of Supreme Mathematics demonstrate the progression of a singularity into a full expression of reflection. A singularity has by itself no expression. Why? Because a singularity is 'Unto Itself' alone, meaning knowledge dwells in its ownself. This is the 'RULE' of 'knowledge knowledge'. In the scope of a physics' paradigm 'knowledge knowledge' is a symmetrical implosion. The implosion in three stages of darkness occurs before any 'Explosion'. An explosion is a reaction to the initial in dwelling implosion.

This implosion is the absolute TRUTH. There are few absolute truths: 'Implosion' is one of the very few truths in the Universe. The principle relationship of the SINGULARITY and The IMPLOSION is 'KNOWLEDGE KNOWLEDGE'. Knowledge knowledge is the first point of differentiation. The One Consciousness Of SELF became ever more conscious of SELF and the pendulum of awareness swinging in the field of 'implosion' began to swing in the direction of 'explosion', exploding into reality in order that this Singular Consciousness may in fact set out in True I master Equality to discover deeper and more profound dimensions of KNOWLEDGE OF SELF to 'NO ENDING'.

Knowledge is 'One' and every integer has a direct relationship to knowledge as every quality has its origin in knowledge and thus everything we Cee in US, and around US is born from that undifferentiated energetic singularity. Our breathing is a reflection of our beginnings. Inhale-exhale, is nothing more than a physical representation of 'implosion and explosion': every action has an equal an opposite reaction. Allah's Self creation from three stages of Darkness is analogous to exhaling or what Western Physicist define as the 'Big Bang'; in Biblical terms this Big Bang is the first Breath of Life. This Breath of Life animates all activity on a quantum level(very small) as well as all activity on a macroscopic level (very large).

Knowledge and Wisdom yield Understanding, making the three dimensional universe rather apparent in Newtonian physics. In Quantum physics the 'rules' of Newtonian physics no longer apply as quantum physics proposes that at least 11 dimensions exist. The quantum level takes the nature of knowledge and wisdom into full consideration and these fundamental forces of 'one'(Gravity) and 'two'(Electo-magnetism) usher forth the fundamental 'principles' that govern the underlying physical 'laws' of the macroscopic universe in which WE dwell. Knowledge and Wisdom are parallel to the hydrogen and helium atom, both are the knowledge and wisdom elements on the periodic table of elements. The hydrogen atom was the first born atom and the consciousness that dwelled in three stages of darkness is the same consciousness that dwelled in that first born hydrogen atom which also consequently dwells within U-N-I-verse. This Singular consciousness simultaneously experiences ITSELF in every known and unknown force, atom and 'form' in the universe. As an intelligent being I have the ability to ponder my origin in this world, consider the circumstances of my own creation and realize that Creator and Creation act in ONE ACCORD and are in fact ultimately ONE in The SAME.

All 'Difference' is an illusion of space, time and density of matter which is nothing more than ONE SELF masquerading in the paranoia of 'ANOTHER'. As a Conscious being You represent the total embodiment of space, time, and condensed atomic matter. You are an animate group of organized atoms that has realized and considered it's ownself on a conscious level. Conceiving the idea of 'Difference' establishes the psychological phenomenon of the EGO and as we all know 'EGO' is indeed a major imprisoning illusion. What appears to be egotistical individualism is not the Truth on the Square in regard to the Divine Singularity, but merely a portion of the singularity disguised in the EGO as U. We are a portion of ONE and thus all falsely perceived differences fragments the reality of Knowledge of Self. In the physical universe fragmentation is a natural norm: accept it and navigate through it. Elevating to the level of awareness of understanding that fragmentation is an illusion is an oddity and rather anomalous, such understanding is a 5 percent deviation from 100 percent of that which is deemed status quo, sense data that falsely tells us that in the seat of are own awareness that 'We are all different'. It's a lie-we are not all different. Wisdom Knowledge is the 'Universe' causing our normalized perceptions to witness the prestidigitation of difference. Intrinsically Wisdom is not separate from Knowledge, ultimately Wisdom dwells within Knowledge: this is shown and proven in the fact that the X chromosome which is the chromosome to make woman is a known genetic principle in the Black Man's Body along side the genetic truth of 'Y'.

All understanding is definitive within The Black Man. All Culture is within the Black Man. All Power is within Man and refinement near by within his grasp. Equality represents the Supreme Balance and Harmony which is also present in the Black Man's Body. God is a religious idea and this religious idea of GOD is elevated to a scientific TRUTH when the Archetypical BLACK MAN is understood as the Father of every hue of man. THE BLACK MAN IS GOD in the 'principle' definition of 'source origin'. The Black Man has unlimited mental and physical potential in all endeavors of life, holding the keys to Building and Destroying. These mathematical keys rest within the Man Himself. Be and Born represent the forces impressed, expressed and manifest in HIS WILL that was the initiating BLACK THOUGHT in three stages of Darkness.

The Cipher of Now is born from 'The Principle', 'The Law', 'The Rule' and is completely 'Regulated' by pure unadulterated Supreme Mathematical intelligence.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Political Lynching of Barack Obama

The issue of which this writing concerns itself is that of the political lynching of President Barack Obama, as well as an assault on the American public's conscious and unconscious perception of President Barack Obama. During the presidential campaign of 2008, then, President Bush, informed the American people that the Country was on the brink of financial collapse. To understand the issues faced during Barack Obama's presidency it is critical that one understand policies instituted during the Bush administration. When the torch of the U.S. Presidency was handed to Barack Obama the oval office had already been doused with gasoline. Upon moving into the oval office, President Obama was faced with high unemployment numbers, and a recession that hung around like a stubborn flu. A carefully arranged conservative agenda was established to stonewall any attempts by the Obama administration to make forward progress in fixing the country's economic woes. A middle ground of good-faith negotiation between republicans and democrats was never achieved. Why? The Conservative Right cut off its own nose to spite its own face as well as cutting off the nose of the American public. There goal is clear: sabotage this black man's presidency.

The Conservative Right is completely irrational, emotionally infused with a deep racial hatred for President Barack Obama. This hatred is the result of unconscious racism profoundly embedded in the collective psyche of Conservative Right-Wing whites. Stonewalling Health Care Reform in its early stages and seeking to repeal it upon its passage into law are a few examples of a conservative agenda seeking to attack the President at every turn. President Obama's high mindedness, political nobility and unyielding service to the American people regardless of race makes the 'race-card', a card that is for our President unplayable, and understandably so. As an American President it is important that he maintain a sense of objectivity and keep race out of the political equation. Why? Because he is not a civil rights leader, he's a national leader who Inherited a very dysfunctional situation upon inauguration; two wars; an ever increasing deficit; skyrocketing unemployment and a stubborn recession.

His enchanting, historical landmark campaign created enormous expectations of 'Change Now', and after he was sworn in as President it was 'Game On' and not 'Change Now'. The Republicans put a chess clock on his moves, and the bipartisan chess game in Washington was in-play. It has truly become a game of the white pieces versus the black pieces or more appropriately the Republicans versus the Democrats. Some could argue the point that politics is not a racial case of black versus white, however the Obama presidency may prove the psychological politics of black and white tensions may in fact be just such the case. Halfway through his presidency it's not a question of politics as usual but instead it's a question of what it means to be black in America and how whites from all segments of society have lashed out from an unconscious place of repressed racism.

President Obama has nearly 300 million supervisors and many of them are overt racist and some are unconscious racist. So-called progressive liberal whites suffer from unconscious racism, unconscious racist attitudes are just as counter-productive than overt racist attitudes. The unconscious racist is an unwitting saboteur and often more dangerous than the overt racist.

The Obama Presidency ushers forth the question of how conservative White Right Wingers socially, politically, and unconsciously perceive 'African' Americans and minorities as a whole. Not only is the first black President a measurement of how far 'African' Americans have come since the days of chattel slavery but also how far white people have come in their battle with their own toxic psychological disease of racism. Slavery was a traumatic experience for African Americans but equally so, slavery is a historical narrative, a profound psychological testament of a mental illness deeply embedded in the collective unconscious of many white people. The White 'Conservative Right' have demonstrated through their political behavior during the Obama presidency that the collective unconscious of some white people is still very much ravaged by the disease of racism.

In the next year and a half many State and local governments will run head-long into fiscal budget crisis. As states find it increasingly more difficult to meet their day to day responsibilities we will witness disgruntlement among state employees, the private sector, union and non-union workers and the disenfranchised. Public institutions will suffer, as public employees are down-sized. When I watch Fox News I see the depiction of President Obama and it is disheartening to witness the high level of devilishment directly aimed at him . While driving I often listen to conservative radio: Neil Boortz; Sean Hannity; and Rush Limbaugh, admittedly, it is very hard to stomach those who make careers out of full-time 'Obama bashing', however it is very important to listen to their views. Obama bashers prove that enemies may in many cases be more honest in their hatred than friends who often utter praises of admiration. Enemies callously tell you their version of the 'truth', what they think of you and often have no regard for your feelings. Friends often have respect for another friend's feelings and often slant the nature of the situational dynamic in order that harsh truths go unmentioned in hopes that feelings are spared. Enemies lend you a peek into their view of you through the window of their own hatred. Look through that window closely, and interestingly enemies often tilt their hands, exposing the collective attitudes of their constituents who share demographic commonalities as well as similar attitudes. Obama bashers are definitive to the conservative right wing status-quo. They define attitudes, shape perceptions while spewing all manner of vitriol. Deep racial hatred has been grafted into right wing conservative politics and is clearly evident in their rhetoric.

Personally, I feel that the office of the Presidency of the United States was given to an unassuming, ambitious blackman and he was intentionally put behind the wheel of a used car that was for all practical purposes an economic lemon with political gears that didn't shift. President Barack Obama was sold a car that was shinny on the outside but with countless engine problems under the hood. Buyer beware!

Transcending the simplicity of 'who is the original man' and 'who is the colored man' is a very far off idea. The world is a long way away from holding hands and singing Kumbaya, or little black boys and white girls, Jews and Gentiles smiling and playing together. The two cornerstone degrees of 120 still remain very accurate paradigms for interpreting the political and psychological climate of the world. Devilishment is an attacking psychological force, and subconsciously this unconscious brand of American devilishment aims to politically lynch President Barack Obama.