Thursday, February 24, 2011

E2 To E4 (Middle East)

The average American attitude regarding U.S. foreign policy is politically engineered to be less than academic and a million miles away from objectively critical. As gas prices spike, heads turn to the Middle East. President Obama has enough on his plate domestically and the instability in the Middle East has heaped a little more on his plate, adding to America's domestic mess. Unrest on foreign soil, particularly oil-rich Libya is very interesting. Who benefits if Gadhafi is ousted?

Crude oil prices are up, unemployment is up, 2012 budget squabbles further divides the Congress. The government is threatening to shut down on March 4th. States are on the verge of going broke, and the national deficit is rising as I write. The complexity of a two front war: a war in Afghanistan; and a war in Iraq doesn't simplify matters. The political unrest in the Middle East is running rampant. Such earthly geo-political complexity is just a typical day in a chess player's life, but suppose all the pieces were actual flesh and blood humans and critical global institutions?

When U.S. Soldiers were deployed to Iraq after 911, I perceived it as 'Pawn to King 4' also know as E2 to E4. 'E4' indicates a square on the chessboard. When the move is written as 'E4' it acts as a form of short-hand algebraic chess notation. E4 is probably thee most conventional opening move in all of chess. E2 to E4 is when a player moves the white king's pawn two spaces forward, occupying the center of the chess board. Personally, I call 'E4'-'Mecca', also known as the root of civilization. When I first learned how to play chess my father taught me to control the center of the board, explaining to me that "Everything runs through the center!". In football no down or play can happen until the 'center' snaps the football. In basketball having an intimidating, dominant big man(Center) going hard in the paint is key on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. In boxing and martial arts all students are taught to get in touch with their 'center' of gravity or balance. And in Geo-politics the same rules apply: 'He who controls the Center (Middle East) controls the world.'

Don't think for one minute that-that which is going on in the Middle East is because of 'face book'. If you believe that 5 revolutions in 5 different places in 5 weeks happened by coincidence-I also have the Brooklyn Bridge for sale. 'Facebook' and Social Media as a whole was nothing more than a bishop in the geo-political chessboard representations of things. After 911 the Pentagon had to monitor domestic and foreign activity to the hilt and thus Social Media was born out of the 'Patriot Act': Voila! Social Media is the next best thing since house arrest. Smartphones are GPS computerized monitors and Homeland Security always has a '20'(Location) on it's citizens. Tweet or Status a threat to the President and see how fast 9 big corn-fed whiteboyz in dark suits and sun glasses kick in your door and hall you off to an undisclosed location. Social Media is now a matter of National Security, first acting as a domestic security measure, now 'Social Media' is a powerful factor in foreign affairs that can shape and influence policy abroad.

The number one friend of the U.S. Government On 'facebook' is the CIA-CIA operatives and informants are deeply embedded in each of the societies that have recently undergone revolutionary unrest and change. One would be very naïve to think that the CIA is not there in some capacity. The average American can rest assured that their tax dollars are hard at work in the Middle East. Everything that happens in the Middle East is a matter of National Security. Oil is the life-blood of any industrialized nation and America is in the Middle East knee deep in blood.

Mainstream Media has pointed at Social Media for being responsible for the revolts. Social Media fused the metrics of the demographics to boil over and produce radical political change. Factors such as unemployment, youth unemployment and an increasing disconnect with aging leaders, were just a few factors that led to civil unrest: coupled with the advent of Social Media, things dynamically caught fire. The Internet is a powerful tool, it is probably the greatest product produced from the Wilsonian propaganda machine since television. The Internet has an unrivaled control over the collective conscious of young progressive minded populations around the world. Political Perceptions are shaped by Media and Social Media. Images are well crafted into instant data that is quickly communicated anywhere in the world. Globalization has connected the Planet.

"Abracadabra" in the blink of an eye the Information Age is now erupting like a volcano, even in places like China-China has done it's best to insulate itself against 'democratic, and capitalist' values by diligently monitoring Internet activity-but to no avail: The Chinese citizen manages to still find the blocked porn sites transmitted in from the Western World along with all other cyber ideas illustrating decadent Western values. The Chinese National Guard was on high alert to identify, prevent and thwart all political protest. Chinese Security officials were at the locations of planed protest before the protest could bust a grape. I'm sure the CIA's sentiment is, "5 outta 6 totalitarian regimes ain't bad."

Totalitarian leaders could argue that "Western capitalism and democracy is strategically evil!!!" and scream it at the top of their lungs, the contradiction of these old Middle Eastern Totalitarian Dictators is that they are just as wealthy if not wealthier and just as decadent than the Western industrial elite they label 'evil'. Now they stand accused of being 'evil' by those they once governed. The vast sums of personal 'wealth' these dictators blood sucked from their countries failed to trickle down to the average citizen.

Middle Eastern dictators are greedy and the Pentagon is simply playing excellent geo-political chess. 5 revolutions in the Middle East didn't happen because 5 random, unconnected individuals in different areas of the world woke up one morning and read the same Facebook status: "Omg! I now realize Gadhafi, Mubarack, Ali Abdullah Saleh and the bastard in Tunisia are no longer my 'BFF's; Lol. I think I'll 'HART' (Have. A. Revolt. Today.)"

I attribute a lot of what's happened in the Middle East in recent weeks to George W- not to vilify the former president, but to applaud the excellent chess play of him and Dick Cheney: Long term vision; and staying the course. They are Grand Masters of the science and art of the Filthy Affair. Bravo! Critical examination of the history and activity in the Middle East over the last 25 years is important, allowing one to see the reasons for the past, and present moves of the U.S.

What we are seeing is predicted history-a history predicted as early as 1986 when Reagan tried to kill Gadhafi. Reagan could not justify a complete deployment of U.S. troops to depose Libya's totalitarian afro rocking dictator so Reagan killed Gadhafi's daughter instead. Remember, George W is a recycled Reaganite; George Bush The First was Reagan's VP; and George The First was also at one time the former CIA director. It's reasonable to conclude George Bush the First new how to play geo-political chess on every level. The First George Bush also made the idea of The 'New World Order' palpable to the American public and just what was the New World Order? Remember the trilateral commission? It was the collective alliance of Western Democratic Nations all standing unilaterally united on Economic, Military and Political fronts: moving in one international democratic accord. They stand against anything that opposes the spread of democracy: be that Radical Islam, socialism or communism.

Reagan is considered one of the greatest U.S. Presidents because he dismantled the Soviet Union, which made him to some, a genius political strategist. The First George Bush didn't take down Saddam, the Second George Bush did. Saddam was on good terms with the U.S. until he attempted to take control of Kuwaiti oil fields in 1991. He had long since gassed the Kurds but the U.S. didn't make a fuss then. He was eventually hung for war crimes but his real crime was striving to control land that the U.S. didn't give him permission to control. He stepped outta line. U.S. Policy has deep Philly rootz. The second George Bush was a lot like Philly Rapper Beanie Segel 'Get Down or Lay down Caesar!'- Saddam has been laid down.

While the U.S. is over in Iraq they might as well put in some new leaders. The CIA changes the leaders of foreign governments like maintenance workers change light bulbs. The West has basically forced old Middle Eastern Dictators to take an early retirement in order to screw in some new puppet blood.

Why Libya? Libya produces 1 million drums of oil a day. BP was drilling in Libya like a white man in a Filipino whorehouse and Gadhafi was taxing 'em.

Oil: the 'Cipher I Love' is at the root of the upheaval in The Middle East.

Why Egypt? To help Israel sleep better at night.

Why Yemen? To dilute and control radical Islam.

Why Algeria? A need to return back to Good Old Fashion 'French Values'

He who controls the center of the chessboard, wins!


Friday, February 18, 2011

(REPOST) Curb Your Education: The City Of Invention (Blog written by the Earth)

“It’s overwhelming. I’m exhausted.
I did this for them, so there it is. I did this for them.”
~Kelley Williams-Bolar

Akron, Ohio’s fifth largest city, “The City of Invention”, home of LeBron James and the city where Kelley Williams-Bolar and her two daughters reside. Are you familiar with Ms. Williams-Bolar’s story? To summarize, Kelley is a 40 year-old Mother of two girls, ages 16 and 12. They lived in the housing projects of Akron, and due to the unsafe conditions in the girls’ school, naturally like any concerned Mother would do; she decided to search for a better school – one that would offer the type of education every child deserves. As is normally the case, she found herself seeking schools outside of her impoverished neighborhood and used her Father’s address in the Copley-Fairlawn school district to send the girls. She did this for two years. Well, unfortunately the school district discovered that ‘something’ wasn’t right and conducted (now get this) a $6,000 private investigative search to prove the girls didn’t belong in the school. Because of the fact that Kelley submitted documents stating that they lived there when in fact they did not, the school found a way to ‘press charges’ so to speak and have her arrested and charged with a felony of falsifying records. $6,000! Do you know what I could do with $6,000?! I could purchase two used cars. I could buy 30 designer boots. That’s about 6-7 months worth of food for a vegetarian family. The school sold her out! She “invented” a way to give her daughter’s what she felt was the world in the palm of their hands and the school “invented” a way to make her an example of what not to do. I don’t condone lying, so I won’t sit here and tell you it was an honest move, but listen to the type of punishment she received. One, she was arrested. That is punishment in itself. Confinement – quality time away from her children. Two, they slapped her with a felony (which carries two 5 year prison sentences). They reduced the time to 10 days, 80 hours of community service and three years probation. Rough, right? Well, it didn’t stop there. Kelley was studying how to assist special needs children while pursuing a degree, but with the felony clinging to her name, she instantly became disqualified to earn said degree under the Ohio law.

I did a background check on the Judge who sentenced the Mother. Her name is Judge Cosgrove. Cosgrove lived in Akron since 1974, so it’s safe to say she knows Akron like the back of her hand. She knows what each neighborhood has to offer. She also was one of the 3 Judges to participate in the ReEntry Court Program for convicted felons. When I first read that, I thought to myself, “ReEntry?” “ReEntry into what?” Clearly she has been studying Law long enough to know what happens to convicted felons after they attempt to “reenter” society. She knew that sentencing Kelley with a felony would ruin her life. You can’t tell me that she didn’t. Judge Cosgrove (from what I read) is known for her community involvement in the Victim Assistance Program. Well, the truth is this Mother is a victim. Where was her assistance? I'm sure she couldn't afford the types of attorneys that would work on her case day in and day out. As a Mother, I can very easily relate to her pain. Her quote above said she was overwhelmed and exhausted and trust me, it is exhausting seeing your child(ren) suffer in a place that is supposed to offer safety but is the epitome of hell. I can’t walk in her shoes completely but I can relate to living in the projects with younger babies doing anything in my power to escape the scenery. This isn’t a Mother who became impregnated at an early age – she was 24 when she had her first daughter and 28 when she had the second. All she sought was a chance – justice – hopes that her children could be a part of a culture that would mold them – prepare them for life’s challenges but instead they gave her and the girls the middle finger. Copley-Fairlawn made it clear that they only develop the minds of the children that could afford to be there – the ones who live nearby who were financially ‘comfortable’.

When it comes to our children, parents get in the Boxing Ring of Life. We take blows, wipe the blood, treat lacerations and turn the other cheek. This story hit me hard because I’ve always had to stay in my son and daughter’s school.  I can relate to the mom’s who hate to drive off and leave their children. I can relate to the dad’s who get on the school bus to confront bullies. I can relate to the parents who would do ANYTHING to sleep at night instead of crying, fighting for solutions while making sure your children get 8 hours of rest. The school systems are jungles. The fights for justice are roped and bound in struggles. I’m disgusted that the justice system blew this whole situation out of proportion. Yes, records weren’t right and exact, but to remove the Mother’s right to obtain a degree?? Basically they said, we aren’t teaching your ‘outsider children’ and you can’t teach anyone’s child either. That’s like having one of your dogs urinate on your brand new fur carpet and instead of you putting the dog in its cage and denying it its daily treat, you decide to make an example to your other dogs by breaking the dog’s leg, beating it for 20 minutes, yelling at it, and maybe even throwing hot water on it. Its exaggerating the discipline to the extent of abuse because you have the power to do so.

I sit sometimes at night and I think about the scenario, remembering how many parents I knew in the past years that lied about their addresses. Several articles claim the story presents a RACIAL issue. Some state it presents a STATUS issue. I say it speaks to both racial concerns and status. Obviously it is a status issue because families who have money can afford to send their children to any school they select. Any school. It is a racial issue because it is often black families who get caught up in the media and used as examples like they are monsters or some type of circus freaks – then all the viewers spew ignorance about the person as if they knew the accused personally. Then there are racial issues mixed with status issues. My parents sent me to a private high school. For all four years, they spent approximately $44,000 11 years ago. Sure, my last name is Kennedy, but I’m no relation to THE Kennedys. My parents weren’t ‘wealthy’, there were no silver spoons. They were middle class and my Father worked extremely hard to provide for his family. With all that said, even though I was able to attend, I never felt ‘a part’ of the whole community. There were a few Black students, I think about 10 (if that). There is never utopia, but parents do the BEST they can for their children, because despite what can be done – not everyone is able to teach their child at home full-time.

Children learn in degrees. Various levels are in place for the purpose of feeding facts slowly and appropriately. Sculpting takes place – a child invents life as they see it in their minds. It is our duty to provide as much positive mental support as possible so they are molded with love. How can a child be molded with love when they are taught that they are ugly, or poor, or stupid?

My heart bleeds for this family.

Stop at nothing to stand up for your child(ren). They need you to protect them and fight for their rights.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

African Tribal Shit: Less Than A Dime For A Tutsi Dozen

After doing the knowledge to the movie 'a Hotel Rwanda' I read a book about the Rwandan genocide: 'Shake Hands With The Devil' by Romeo Dallaire. He was the 'Force Commander of The U.N. Assistance Mission To Rwanda' from 1993 to 1994. The book is his first hand account of the Rwandan genocide and what really happened, causing readers to question the international community's official position regarding human attrocity: African attrocity in particular.

When I think of The American Slave Trade I think of the greatest crime against a people in the history of the world, ending the lives of an estimated 100 million Black People, literally cutting off the ancestral rootz of an entire people. Though not in the official definition of 'genocide' - enslavement is very much a characteristic of genocidal behavior because it subjugates the innate will, restricting freedom. Freedom has an integral relationship to life and living. Subjugation on a grand scale takes away life and is in that light murderous on an individual level and 'genocidal' on a group level.

Officially 'Genocide' is the systematic extermination of a people by another people with pre-determined deliberation of will': a 'cleansing' of a general group of people for whatever reason. The American White Man spared his slave: he needed some company; someone to bounce an idea or two off of; someone to mentally abuse from time to time; someone he could lynch at his leisure; someone to scream at; someone to laugh at; someone to do the grunt work that nation building requires; someone who's wife and children would belong to him. The slave Master wanted more 'slaves' not bloated, rotting corpses - it would have economically been disastrous for the White Man to directly commit genocide on black people during the American slave trade, instead the white man reduced the quality of life-which is for all practical purposes a slow indirect genocide none the less. Direct genocide would have crippled the colonial economy in early America.

What is a slave? A forced flunky, politically naked, economically dependent and psychologically divided by Willie Lynch protocols. Willie Lynch protocols established in 1712. His protocols caused Original People in the Wilderness of North America to believe that they were all different. The ideal of Willie Lynch policy at its fundamental root creates the smoke and mirrors of the illusion of 'difference'. The Belgian colonization of Rwanda in the 1800's instigated, promoted and sponsored Hutu and Tutsi differences. It was the illusion of these differences that eventually caused rats to grow to the size of small puppies as the result of the rats feeding on dead Tutsi flesh in the Spring of '94.

First, I examined the obvious crime against humanity, traced its origin to Belgian colonization and after thorough examination of the historical pathology of European colonization I realized that European colonization alone was not enough to justify what happened in Rwanda. Though Leopold II was brutal in his conquest of the Congo in 1865 I still felt compelled to look at all Human Beings and wonder if there is an 'evil gene'? Not just the grafting of the black germ into the recessive white, but there must be a portion of genetic information stored in the original genetic profile of the 'black germ' to justify such human on human attrocity. In the Quran, Allah commands Iblis to bow to Adam, The Shaitan refuses after studying the Body of Adam. What the Shaitan saw caused him to be indignant to the notion of bowing down to what he perceived to be an inferior creature. Why should Iblis have to bow down to such an inferior creature-a creature made of mud while Iblis was 'different': as Iblis was made of smokeless fire? Maybe the Shaitan saw Adam's genetic inclination toward evil-an inclination that all people would genetically inherit? Iblis then becomes the Shaitan or Satan as the result of his refusal to obey Allah's command (Quranic Cee). Though its a religious version of events, the Quranic story contains deep psychological insights into humility and the origin of evil.

There are plenty of Original people who believe that they are 'all different' because of religious, ethnic, geo-political, personal, tribal or other superficial and mundane differences. I postulate that murderous inclinations are natural in the human being, and genetically hard-wired in the original black germ of life. The Human Being's struggle for survival owes its murderous nature a debt: at some point during human development, killing became a necessary part of human survival. The human being genetically balances the need for survival with the proclivity to kill-causing social implosion or mass murder, such as war, genocide and slavery. Genocide occurs with a relative degree of frequency in human populations. Raising it's head a few times during a century, whether it's 'Africans', Indians, Jews, Cambodians, or Vietnamese-mass murder is usually going on somewhere on the planet at any given time. Genocide usually manifests itself in the fine mist of petty differences, political motive, xenophobia or the need to subjugate and conquer.

Murderous behavior may take a few generations to manifest itself, lurking beneath the surface until the idea of 'difference' becomes tangible and more pronounced: murder will surface. The notion of 'difference' forms gaps in cultural and ethnic identity, '...and was no more the same...' a phrase in the understanding cipher degree is highly relevant . As the idea of 'same' disappears, violence against a people for the sole reason of 'difference' eventually comes to pass. Differences grow wider as each generation enforces the illusion of 'difference' via tradition, culture and ways of being. Slowly these groups become more and more unalike on face value. Social reinforcement of ethnic, racial, ideological, and religious differences causes amicable civil exchange, dialogue and communication to breaks down, especially when one group claims to be superior over another.

According to our Mathology-The wisdom build degree emphasizes the mundane phenotypical differences of 'black' and 'brown' as the central theme in early Pelonic Yacobian policy: "Kill all the black babies, and save the brown babies". Mathologically speaking, Yacobian policy caused a 600 year genocide on Pelon. Hutu Policy was somewhat of a reversal of Yacobian policy: "Kill all the brown babies(Tutsi) and save the black babies(Hutus)." The Tutsis are generally considered fare in complexion, and to have slightly 'better hair'('Good Hair'?), or a thinner nose than that of the Hutus. The mathological reversal on behalf of the Hutus of the Yacobian edict was equally genocidal. The Hutus and Tutsis thought themselves to be 'no more the same'.

The Tutsis were favored in the eyes of the European Belgian early in Rwandan colonization, and told that they were somehow inherently better than the Hutus, when in fact, no true distinguishing random physical characteristic existed across the board. Plenty of dark-skinned Tutsis having full lips and thick hair reside in Rwanda. Many Hutus and Tutsis were married. Rwandan National Politics was guilty of the ongoing manufacturing of the superficial notion of differences between this group of original people, and consequently a truly horrific display of African tribal evil played out on the international stage. An orgy of slaughter and a frenzy of wholesale murder on a grand scale occurred during the spring of 94 in Rwanda.

During the Rwandan Genocide I was oblivious, lost in my own self importance, absorbed into my own marijuana fog, finding myself paying more attention to Tupac's 'Me against the World' album than Rwanda. More concerned with the new Nas album; or that new Wu-joint; and reading the book 'Pimp' by Iceberg Slim. I didn't give a fuck about the Human attrocity going on-on the otherside of the Planet Earth b.u.t. at the same time I new the Planet's circumference. In the Spring of '94 my own personal vanity had me focusing more on maintaining a fresh Caesar fade and pursuing CREAM than participating in an intelligent dialogue regarding genocide in Rwanda. The iconic bird was chirping in a cartoon caption above my head.

" Teach knowledge and wisdom to all the human family of the Planet Earth..." was my dirty religion in '94, running a bag of hustles out of 120 and lusting after ill gotten gains. At the time I could have given less than a fuck about what was going on in what the devil calls Africa. I had 'knowledge of Self' at the time but still was pretty much geo-politically ignorant. I could recite 120 in 16 minutes-Big fucking deal! Tutsi babies were being slaughtered while I did a Raekwon and Ghost 'Only Built For Cuban Links' imitation. Knowledge of Self is suppose to shed light on the Self and the reality of what's happening in the World. 120 is not for egotistical self indulgence. And so, even with 120 I was still very much ignorant to the ways of the world, blinded by my enormous Asiatic ego and my shallow declaration of self deluded personal omnipotentence: 'Arma Legga Legga Arma Heada' which was more accurately a case of an arrogant 'Asshola'. 120 is suppose to be a tool that provides the analytical apparatus necessary to examine not only the SELF b.u.t. every square inch of the Planet Earth, instead I was critically analyzing the book 'Pimp', my enlightener convinced me that it was a 'must read'. Years later I see the error of trivial wayz, still very much petty as I weigh the differences between the Blackberry and Droid smartphones-yet and still, I strive to expand from the fetters of small minded politics. Small minded politics are characteristic of Wilsonian idealism which is a policy in public relations that stings every American nowaday. Ohhh-how politically alienated and naive I was and still am. At least now, in my defense, I study the world as if it belongs to me: because it does!

Political alienation is a purely Wilsonian ideal. Wilsonian Idealism is at the root of Western propaganda, existing at the very core of the United Nation's actions or what could better be described as 'inaction' in Rwanda. As I read the book 'Pimp' and listened to Wu-Tang back then, Koffi Annan suffered from a similar alienating disconnect as it pertained to his fellow human beings in Rwanda; President Bill Clinton was pre-occupied with Monica's throat, and consequently the value of Rwandan lives were catastrophically devalued to less than a dime for a Tutsi dozen.

In three months Rwandans slaughtered 800,000 of their fellow Rwandans, it was a level of genocide never before seen in such a short span of time. The Nazis at Nuremberg were found guilty of slaughtering an estimated 6 millions Jews which is a tragedy indeed. The nearly one million Rwandan lives lost in the short span of three months occurred at lightening speed compared to the six year long Jewish Holocaust. Death is death and as militaries around the world become more efficient killing machines I'm sure even more staggering statistics will one day add themselves to the horrific list of genocidal actual facts. 'Genocide: Coming To A Neighborhood Near You!'

Part Two:

Imagine if Bloods slaughtered Crips on a grand scale: no visible phenotypical, or physiological differences exist between Bloods and Crips only the 'colored' illusion of difference. It's that type of difference that became a Hutus' war cry resonating in the pit of a Tutsis' stomach.

What caused the Hutus to willfully attempt to carry out the extermination of the Tutsis? Such a question invites a fascinating look into group psychology, and the murderous tendencies that lurk below the surface in human beings. Upon stumbling upon this innate evil found in the human being we may better know why the Shaitan did not bow down to Adam in the Holy Quran.

It is said in Asiatic Mathology that "Yacob was the Father of the Devil and taught the devil to do this devilishment." Before the mathological origins of the 'Colored Man', devilishment is implicated as an inherent nature in the Original man. White people come from black people thus devilishment is present in Original people: BIGTIME!!! All people are capable of devilishment, regardless of color, ethnicity, religion, tribal or organizational affiliation. Without pointing the finger at former President Bill Clinton or the United Nations- I think the finger should be pointed at 'Self', specifically at the 'collective unconscious' that C.G. Jung mentions in his writings. An examination of the connectivity of all human beings is warranted after all crimes against humanity. As human beings we must psychologically ask ourselves why human-on-human attrocity occurs on the landscape of human populations? What are the antecedent behaviors? How can we predict and avoid such inhuman behavior in the future? Nowaday we mostly play to our self-righteous cyber inclinations, failing to acknowledge our evil within, while full well knowing that such evil exists within all of us and quick to parade to others how righteous we are: Bullshit! True righteousness may be in understanding just how fuckin evil you are and taking it under 'heal' in the very near future. Awareness of such innate evil would work toward evil's eradication from the nature of the human being(taking the devil off your personal planet for real).

After nearly a million deaths no one stopped to ask "Why am I killing all these Tutsis?" Belgian colonialization cannot be held fully responsible, because again: 'Yacob was the Father of the Devil and taught the devil to do this devilishment'. This implies that Every human being on Earth should be found guilty of crimes against humanity for what happened in Rwanda-including myself. My ignorance in regard to what happened in Rwanda in 1994 is no excuse. How do I plead?


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Evaluating The Nature Of Solution Structures

Pre-existing mathematical principles are innate to the Self, with this innate understanding of infinite intelligence 'buried there' in the subconscious there is a chance to be drawn up into the HIGH EQUALITY of the SELF. An understanding of 'Self Equality' demonstrates the relationship of the self to the community; the society; the Nation; the world; the Earth; the solar system; and ultimately the Universe. 'Self Equality' is not merely bound to understanding what relates to the Self B.U.T. also the mind's power to make matter move, example: Energy into motion or E-MOTION, hence why all emotions have a relationship to equality.

Self Equality(19/5) is an innate understanding(3) of the cipher(0) of the Black Germ's implied biological endowment. The Black Germ is a repository for the Black Mind. Mind is composed of the dynamic force of living mathematics which permeates the fabric of the Universe: ALLAH. The Black Germ contains the instructional language (Quran & Bible), or blueprint that grows and makes the physical vessel of the Black Man's body from the beginning. As the mind manifests and universally progresses into infinity, alphabetical characters are cast, establishing a means, or a bridge to communicate from mind to mind. In the case of the English language 26 unsuspecting 'symbols' are arranged. Each letter representing a sound. 26 characters with unlimited possibility in how they can fuse together to make not only matter move b.u.t. sounds that contain meaning, known as words or wisdom. Language becomes a functional invention formulating man's ability to traverse the universe with HIS mind.

Sounds pregnant with ideas are containers for determined ideas. 'In The Beginning Was The Word'- The WORD delivers the WISDOM of CULTURE, freeing the mind to create and fuse as ONE with it's CREATION/ meaning an ORIGINATOR originating the Universe with the energy of BLACK MIND and now dwells within HIS own CREATION: A PAINTER LIVING WITHIN HIS OWN PAINTING. ALLAH said,"KUN FYA KUN" (Be and it is).

Have you not heard that your word shall be BOND regardless to whom or what? 'Be' is the first formulation of the 'BOND'. The BOND links the Idea of the word to the LIFE from which the WORD initially came. Where did the 'word' emerge from? Ans: The Mind, or the intangible ESSENSE of knowledge. You can't touch knowledge-knowledge is an intangible foundation of the substantive reality of wisdom. Nor can one touch an idea, b.u.t. one can touch the reality-a reality that sprung forth from the idea of SELF REALIZATION. God Knowledges HIS Wisdom, which is an esoteric understanding to Seven and One Half(1/2) ounces of brain. Elevating above equality into a UNIVERSAL realm is the reality of seven and one half acting as an esoteric expression full of substancial meaning and implying the ability to transcend the gravity of Earthly Wisdom-a wisdom that is never drawn above six miles of the Earth's surface(Practicality). With such elevation the Original Asiatic Black Man becomes the living manifestation of the MIND of God Cipher Divine (Living Mathematics). Though this appears to BE a vertical journey upward (ELEVATION), it's actually the development of an internal generative reality that manifests a conceptual grammar that speaks to SELF and constructs the rules in which elevating thought fashions itself to formulate a rather HIGH SCIENCE in terms of structures known as mathematical branches-branches dedicated to finding solutions. With Math we measure the internal and external environment of any known or unknown CIPHER, studying both its relativity and variability. The internal and external realities of any known or unknown cipher is the sub system of a more complex macroscopic cipher(Tawheed/Oneness of Allah). Each cipher is relative to the next. The cipher or system is a known or unknown mathematical branch that has been discovered or has yet to be discovered.

The unlimited possibility of alphabetical and numerical combinations are constructed to form intelligible ideas-ideally these ideas are without contradiction and bound to formulaic procedure and rules of orderly operation. Math formulas that exist in known branches of math such as Algebra, Calculus, Trig, Geometry etc. are universal solution structures. The Solutuion structure evaluates inputed factors; considers the unknown and standing provisional arrangements and allows for the user to inpute problematic abstract ideas of quantity to construct correct applicable solutions as they pertain to the material reality. Mathematics is the foundation to all language, and is a communicating device as well as a computational solution structure."


Monday, February 7, 2011

Iverson's Cross

The biggest question I get from individuals who strive to get at me are inquiries regarding the cross-referencing of degrees, how to connect them, and link one degree to the next. Actually in my opinion, 'crossing', or cross referencing degrees doesn't really exist in the way one may think it does. Think of knowledge wisdom cipher as a basketball, and flash back to when Allen Iverson was hot, and his patented move the 'cross over' which was a rather simple ball dribbling maneuver based on a sudden shift of direction initiated from a neutral center of gravity. The move confused the defender-it was 'razzle dazzle' at it's finest , the crossover finds it's origins in the fundamentals of excellent 'ball control'.

It's important to understand what knowledge wisdom cipher is, it's a very unique and simple form of historical, cultural, mathological and intellectual organization. Personally, I've come to understand 120 as an articulatory apparatus of ideas.  The expressions of 'I God' culture awakens a natural curiosity usually  expressed in the early years of childhood when every question began with "Mommy why?" Or "Daddy why?" hence the 'initiates' title in I God Culture "Newborn". As we grow older, adult authority stifles growth, unwittingly discouraging the child from asking so many questions and the natural curiosity falls into a deep slumber-like hibernation. The title 'Newborn' is substantiated when an educator or enlightener triggers the dormant nature of curiosity to re-awaken an individual from the parental or socially imposed state of 'mental death and power'. '

'I God' culture's odd acronymic,  expressions such as 'Y Equal Self', 'Now Cipher' and a multiplicity of other expressions found in knowledge wisdom cipher are taken out of their historical context and transposed into the context that describes an individual's situational experience in real time. These unique, and very compelling phrases in knowledge wisdom cipher are unalike, subsequently attracting others with these  magnetic phrases. 120 is not only a linguistic phenomenon but a cognitive revolution in thought organization. Why? Because the creative, succinct and original use of knowledge wisdom cipher shifts both perspective and perception of society and SELF, literally turning the sleeping brain 'on', and stimulating a drive toward a deeper discovery of 'Beingness'. Knowledge wisdom cipher's interesting expression of ideas also has the capability to 'spark'-in I God culture, a 'spark' is reminiscent of the theoretical  spark that both physicist and religious scholars claimed to have occurred at the point of the Universe's origin.  This critical 'spark' toward self knowledge is heralded as a step in the right direction(inward). Furthermore, there is plenty of History and Quran which supports this spark.  If cultivated correctly, this spark can change 'Wrong Direction' into 'Right Direction' which is the true crossover move leading to the reality of 'Knowledge of Self'.

'Knowledge of Self' as I cee it, is not about the razzle dazzle of cross referencing degrees at all, instead it's about embarking on a journey into a personal and discrete infinity'(...nor ending...).  Razzle dazzle of cross referencing is not at all important as it relates to  substantive scientific content. Razzle dazzle is flashy, frivolous often resulting in boisterous, vain behavior similar to that of a loud 10 percent Christian Evangelist spitting biblical scripture on TV, screaming the name  'Jesus' at the top of his lungs to shield their dirty religion. Razzle Dazzle is also similar to a spoken word artist who gets off on the sound of his or her own voice.   Being the 'piece with the magnetic' is about coming in a fine mist, and under the radar. I God culture dishonors itself when it stoops to the level of televangelism, or that of a mediocre spoken word artist in love with his or her own voice. Razzle dazzle in I God culture is empty in content, intellectually lacking in substance, void of scientific credibility and academic merit. One should avoid the razzle dazzle aspects of I God culture and stick to the objectivity of scientific factz. The Harlem Globetrotters would get slaughtered if they went up against the Miami Heat, L.A. Lakers or Boston Celtics. Razzle dazzle is all show and no prove.

To be adept in the fundamentals of I God culture is to have your own understanding of the patterns, and the properties that compose each degree and how lessons apply to the self as well as the empirical world around you.  Proficiency with knowledge wisdom cipher is attained by one's willingness to draw up every word; every phrase; every sentence; every answer to every question into your own 'cee'.  Your degrees should resonate on a very fundamental and personal level.  For those that appreciate my cee or another God's cee or an elder's cee is fine for a time- ideally, another individual's cee should lead you to develop your own cee in your own good time. The key is to learn and elevate from another's cee and cross it over to your own original cee when you have arrived at your own point of personal and intellectual independence.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Em & Em

As I was driving home last night after work my tire blew-out on the highway. I took my foot off the gas, pumped my brakes gently, made it to the side of the road, got out the car and angrily slammed the car door. I was 15 minutes from home but too far to walk on the highway.

"Ain't this a bitch!!!" Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!!" I yelled.

My choices were either call AllState Road-Side service, or change the tire myself? I popped the trunk, got the jack, and pulled the tire out the wheel well of the trunk. It was cold, rainy and 18 wheelers were blowing by me at terrific speeds. I could feel the wind as the vehicles violently blew pass me. Changing a tire at night on the highway is dangerous. It was the front right wheel that blew out. After I jacked the car up, I put the jack to the wheel and started to un-loosen the lug nutz one at a time.

Finally, I had risen above my emotions, cleared my head and simplified the situation, it was a living math problem that had to be solved. The faster I changed the tire-the faster I'd get to the Kingdom. There was a ditch in back of me that ran parallel to the road, at first I paid it no mind, and then I saw a bluish, purple curcular light, not smokey, but smokey in texture. It was a spinning vortex in mid-air just a few yards past the ditch.

"What da fuck is that!?!" I asked myself curiously. It was a bright light approximately 6 feet in diameter and spinning slowly. It was UFO type shit but I wasn't high, drunk or dreaming-I'd just gotten off the justice cipher born and was perfectly sober. This shit was bugged da fuck out. I calmed myself, remembering that everything in this universe has a logical explanation. Walking closer with that 'white person in a horror flick' curiosity, armed with the investigative tool of Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet, 120 and my .45 caliber I bravely investigated the strange spinning light.

The swirling of the bluish mist was hypnotic as I peered into the center of the bright vortex. The closer I got, the more I realized that what I was seeing was unexplanable by normal standards: strangely, I was drawn to it. I put my finger in it curiously and it shocked me, compelling me to further walk into it. I stepped into the vortex and stepped out the other-side. The next thing I know, it was broad-day light and I was in a completely different location.

"What da fuck!" I was standing in the middle of the street and a car was coming directly at me. Quickly, I dived to the side-walk, and the car that just missed hitting me angrily honked the horn at me as it sped by. I stood up, wiped myself off, and immediately recognized my surroundings. I was at the bridge that separated the Diamond Street Projects from my old neighborhood. The projects were still there, they had been torn down years ago. What the fuck was this? I'd just gotten off work that night in Ohio, and now I was back in Philly in the middle of the day? I squinted my eyes in complete confusion, because nothing was making sense and then I looked across the street and saw the young me walking my High School sweetheart, Rasheema home after school. It was me! I was looking at me!! It couldn't be-but it was me. I turned away quickly, so the young me wouldn't notice the old me.

Rasheema had on those big ass gold bamboo earings I had bought her. As I watched myself as a young man I could tell I was beginning to grit my teeth in a sneer, slowly turning on my ice grill, because I wasn't gonna tuck my dookie rope chain with the 'Dollar Bill' medalion in my shirt. I was walking into the projects boldly. Only pussies tuck their chain in. I wasn't gonna take off my rings. Fuck that! Ain't no niggaz gonna snatch my shit or my bitch's earings, at least while I was there. At that age I thought I was invincible. The old me could tell what the young me was thinking.

I started walking behind me causing the younger me to look back at the older me suspiciously. Da Young Emblem couldn't tell that it was himself that he was looking back at. I must have looked scary to my young self and Rasheema. I had on Rocawear jeans, and timz that were 25 years ahead of any clothes or boots made in the 80's. After a few hundred yards the young Emblem got tired of the old Emblem walking behind him. And the younger Em turned around confrontationally ready to fight.

"Yo-you got a problem old nigga, cause we can do this shit right now?" The young me screamed at the old me, squaring up, ready to fight as I came closer.

"It's me!" The old me said to the young me.

"Me who?" The young me asked.

"I'm you!" I said to da young God.

The young Emblem punched the old Emblem in the face fast as fuck with all them damn rings. Young Emblem hit me so hard that my eyes watered. Those young hands I had were fast as fuck! He let go three punches before I could get set and throw one.

"Kick his Old ass God!" Rasheema yelled.

"Rasheema, it's me!" I yelled at my ex high school sweetheart.

"Stop! Who is you, and how you know my name nigga?" Rasheema asked me, cautiously moving closer.

"The two teenagers looked at me closely! I'm you young God." I said to my young self, holding my face in pain. Rasheema goose-necked even closer, as the young me put his hands down, relaxing from his boxing stance. He looked at his older self with a raised and furrowed brow. Rasheema figured it out first and it scared the shit out of her-her eyes opened up wide with horror. It freaked her out. She didn't understand and ran into her project building as if she had seen a ghost.

"What da fuck???!!!" The young me mouthed in utter amazement. You- me? You're really me? How da fuck is this even possible?"

"I don't know. I was changing a tire at night and somehow got caught up in some sort of vortex and was transported back to this time."

"What year did you come from?" the young Em asked.

"2011. I'm 42 years old! What year is it now?."

"It's 1987, I'm 17 almost 18. "

"What's 2011 like?" I asked the older me as We began to walk back to my old neighborhood.

"Well for one: we got a black President."

"Get da fuck outta here! A Black President?"

"Barack Obama! Yelp! No bullshit."

"He a muslim or something?"

"I don't know, but he's black-got a caesar fade, a black wife with a perm, fat ass and the whole nine."

Did I ever finish 120?" I asked myself .

"Young God you got one of the sharpest recitals of 120 on the fucking Planet Earth and your understanding ain't too bad either."

"Are you serious?" The younger me said with a goofey, surprised grin.

"I shit you-not!" I told my young self confidently. "As the future approaches I think it would be wise if I shared with you some valuable info regarding our future."

"What's going to happen? Are me and Rasheema still going to be together?"

"Little Nigga are you crazy!?! She's gonna be throwin' pussy out of both legs as soon as you go away to college. I hate to break your little heart young God." Puttin' the news to myself bluntly.

The younger me stopped walking, his jaw dropped in shock. What was my past was his future. Young Emblem started crying. I forgot how much he had cared for his high school sweetheart Rasheema, how they had planned their lives, and vowed to stay together forever. Ahhh-the innocence and naivite' of puppy love. I gave my young self a comforting hug like a Father to a Son. I didn't mean to hurt my feelings.

"Look, young God she is not even the one you're gonna marry, or have a son or for that matter divorce."

"I'm gonna get a divorce!!!"

I made the young God cry even harder. In less than a minute, I told him his High School sweetheart was not gonna be with him forever, and that a woman he has yet to meet would be his wife, have a child by him and that they would eventually get divorced. I was dropping too much total weight on myself at one time. How much was I changing the future by telling myself about the future? Did I just wipe-out my son's existence by telling myself about the trials and tribulations of future relationships before they happened?

I had to cheer myself up-I couldn't leave myself in tears. So, I had a plan: change the future.

"You'll eventually find the right wisdom for you, she's about six or seven years old right now, so be patient. Also you're gonna be a billionaire." You're gonna have a company called Microsoft, and a social network called 'facebook'. It's the new crack. In order to do this, you're gonna have to study math and computer science diligently and stop selling drugs. 18 year old Emblem went into his pocket and pulled out a G-pack of crack viles.

"Hell naw nigga! I gotta get this pack sold old nigga!" The young me said defiantly.

"Fuck that drug shit young God. Everything that seems cool now is corny in the future. All those damn gold rings, that dookie rope, the Gucci glasses, those jeans, those Adidas will be corny in the future. Everything. Cool quickly becomes corny as time passes. 120 is peace, take it undercap and whatnot but whatever you do, don't become a religious zealot with that shit. Remember: niggaz is niggaz! Read books on computer programming, master real math and learn everything you can about computer science and the future will be yours."

"I'm not really interested in computers. Right now I'm on the culture degree in the 1-14. I'm interested in my lessons."

When he said that, I pulled out my Blackberry and showed young Emblem.

"This is high mathematics in the palm of your hand. Your culture degree builds on '...where knowledge and wisdom of the original man started...' well right here and right now I'm telling you to go at that Knowledge and Wisdom real hard. That knowledge and wisdom is Math and Science little nigga. Real Math-not that all being born shit. The math and science class you've been falling asleep in from time to time-you gotta wake up." I was adament as I told the young Emblem what the deal was for-real-for-real!

"So What is it? A pager?" The young me asked with a perplexing look on his face as he took the strange device under perusal. "This looks like some Star Trek shit!" He said.

"Now cipher! It's not a pager. It's a Blackberry smartphone, a computer, it's a MP3, Video camera and whatever else."

"What's an MP3?"

"A Sony Walkman but smaller and better." At that moment the vortex opened up in front of us. I couldn't tell myself everything I wanted to because this might be my only chance to get back to 2011.

"You keep it-it's called a Blackberry-study it, play with it, and don't break it."

I took the phone charger out of my pocket and gave it to the young Emblem.
"When I get back to the future I'm gonna call you. Remember what I said, 'Microsoft' and 'facebook'-it's gonna be da new crack. Don't tell nobody. Peace Young God!"

"Peace!" The young me said to the old me throwing the peace sign.

I stepped into the vortex and came out the otherside again. I didn't go back to the future, intead I went further into the past. When I came out the vortex I saw a six year old big headed boy playing with two pieces of steel. I knew it was Yacob. I pulled out my .45, and put it to his big ass dome. The darkskinned child looked at me innocently with no fear in his eyes and I considered what would be different if I pulled the trigger and murdered the innocent looking six year old.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Qualifications & Disqualifications of Trading Post Behaviors

Geo-Politics is a very real chess game taking place all over the Planet Earth. International politics is worthy of examination and a subject that all Original People should take under study, particularly for all those who claim to be members of a said nation. No nation can afford to overlook the movements, activities and global incursions of another nation-that'z like not paying attention to the chessboard. "Ooops! You lost your rook bitch-give me dat."

Expand knowledge wisdom cipher into an international paradigm and examine the political economy of other Nations. 'Nation' in the knowledge culture degree in the Supreme Alphabet points to the fact that other Nations on this Planet are worthy of study 'Now' or your ass is going to 'End'.

Recently, I did the knowledge to China's currency relative to American imports, and Chinese exports into the U.S.. How did such a study begin? It began in the Electronics department at Walmart while I was looking at flatscreens. I actually bought one of the first flatscreens when they were still rather expensive and was amazed at how cheap they had become. I looked at the friendly white dude's name tag and asked Roy, "Are any of these TV's made in America?" He gave me that look white people give you when they don't want to tell you the God's honest truth, but have no other choice. Roy winced uncomfortably as if he had to take a shit in a public bathroom, and said, "I'm afraid not!"

Well Roy better be afraid - be real fucking afraid Roy! Why should Roy be afraid? Because China has a venomous currency slithering around the globe like fucking monopoly money. The build degree says "...certain layers of currents are real cold and warm and some are very swift and changeable..." Let's call 'current'-'currency'. China's currency is called the 'Renminbi' or 'Yuan'-Yuan is a unit of the 'Renmimbi'. America has the dollar and the Asiatic Yellow man has the 'Renminbi'. "Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM get the Money: Renminbi-Renminbi to buy some shrimp fried rice yallll."

I'm not a member of Wu-Tang nor am I a political-economist, however there are certain rules that govern the protocols of international currency exchange at the trading post set up between the Nations of The Planet Earth. What is the rate of exchange between the Renminbi and the Dollar? Rates fluctuate daily b.u.t. the Renmimbi is comparatively rediculously low relative to the Dollar bringing us to the fact that certain layers of currents are very swift and changeable. The Chinese keep their currency devalued and also keep their citizens extremely poor, which is just another hard round drop in form of a 'rich slave maker', proving that Capitalism and Communism are both very brutal, violent filthy affairs for both economic dirty religions.

Wisdom cipher years ago I read an article for a Political Science class: 'International Affairs 301'. The article was entitled "China's Dirty Practices". It wasn't a political propaganda piece-it was an academic research piece that exposed the Chinese Elite. The Elite of China exist as members of the Officers' Corps in the Chinese Liberation Army. They make-up what the Gods and Earths would define as China's 10 percent. The People's Republic of China is definitely a 'For Profit' political entity even though they consider themselves 'communist'.

Governmental control of a given population relative to the civil liberties of it's citizens is a social equation determined by who is in control of the military. That's just a fancy way of saying "He who has the Guns of a country getz what the fuck he wants." At the daily trading post of international currency markets China makes false economic interpretations and the Chinese Government intentionally devalues it's currency, which plunges their people into a deliberate socially engineered poverty and thus China's industrialist make themselves rich from the labor of their own 85 percent populace. The same formula is mentioned in knowledge wisdom cipher. Hmmmm!

The Chinese produce more, pay less to their labor force and export to other countries at unequal rates of exchange because what seems to be a devalued 'renminbi' bolsters both the Gross Domestic production in China and increases foreign demand for massive Chinese exports to other countries such as the U.S.. These other countries are interested in selling products to China, but a Hummer, BMW, or Benz, would just sit idle on a car-lot in China. A toothless Chinamen on a bicycle 'ain't got' money for teeth least of all the disposable income necessary to purchase a 'Hummer'.

China controls the international rates of exchange of it's currency, intentionally keeping their currency devalued and making it rather difficult for the average Chinese citizen to save a significant nest egg relative to any substantial market value of any notable international standard.

At the International trading post an economic cold war is being fought: American companies would love to have Supreme Chinese clientele, but the Children Of Bhudda are unable to absorb American retail imports at the same rate that Americans absorb retail shit Made in China. China keeps America apart from their social equality. Can you blame 'em? This occurs because of the insignificant domestic purchasing power of the Chinese 'Renminbi' or 'Yuan'. Americans make nothing that the Chinese can afford to buy on a retail level. In defense of American trade-American exports to China are aimed primarily at China's industrial manufacturing sectors. In terms of the retail sector such as textiles-China isn't responsible for transforming America into a Nation of consumers. Americans have been socially programmed to consume blindly regardless of whom or what. China has however added another dimension to the diet of American retail consumption via their imports. America is gradually becoming one big National Mega Mall with Chinese made products taking up shelf space at Target, Walmart and every other feeding troth where U.S. consumers consume.

In the basic scheme of things it can be said that, "China Got Economic Game!" They have Pepsi, Pizza, smart phones and a thriving criminal culture in urban areas, equipped with everything from drugs to whorehouses. China has hoods(West side!!!) and the 'hood' is the 'hood' regardless of whom, where or what. The Chinese government rigidly controls what's going on and how shit goes down on their economic, social, political and 'internet' side of the street.

What happens in China stays da fuck in China!!! China is handling their own political and economic business. If they need to play strategic games with their currency, then that'z their fucking business. The problem is-is that the U.S. hasn't come up with a contingent economic strategy to counteract Chinese economic onslaught. The U.S. claims Capitalism and its free market system to be the best economic religion in the world but in the same breath owe China a few trillion dollars. What da fuck?! That's like the Crips owing the Bloods. American Industrialist have a hard-on for Chinese Pussy but China Doll refuses to open up those economic thighs to American Industrialist to sell a Billion Chinese consumers Yankee caps, Ford F150's, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, and Big Macs. China said at the G-20 conference, "Fuck that! We're Gonna groom and grow our economy in our own Good Time and continue to give you Yankee pride movafuckuz limited access to our consumer markets." When the Chinese dude Hu came through to kick it last month wit Michelle and Barack-Barack in his exact words said, "We want to sell you stuff!" Hu then replied while exhaling a blunt, "My name is 'Hu' not 'Hoe' nigga, and I'm a Hustla homie not a Customer Chronie!"

What does all this mean Em? What dis got to do with 120 and the corner I'm standing on God?

First, open up your third-and then your third degree in your knowledge to knowledge the culture. "...and knowing every square inch of it ('HER')..." Pay close attention to the global chessboard. Do the knowledge to the knowledge degree and the reality of 'Maker' and peep the wisdom God and what it involves: 'What was the name of the place where the devil was 'manufactured'?' For any Nation to become industrialized-it must 'make' and 'manufacture' shit. Vertical manufacturing is when you transform a raw natural resource into a refined finished product to be bought and sold at home and abroad. The process of vertical manufacturing creates jobs and ultimately this is what real industrialized Nations do to build economies. America has failed it's ownself industrially, and while the Colored Man remains the 'devil' to those of the Asiatic creed living in the Wilderness Of North America the colored man's economic house is burning while Original Asiatics who rent a room in the house are singing, "The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire, we don't need no water let the movafucka burn-burn movafucka. Burn!" Personally, I don't want to be in any movafuckin house that's on fire. I don't advocate the expiration of colored people-I advocate the expiration date of devil civilization.

Understanding Power:

Tell Us The Exact Expiration Date Of The 'Devil Civilization'?

Ans: Expire Knowledge Born Knowledge Culture Freedom

Notice that the above degree states 'devil civilization' and not 'colored people'. Devil civilization is colorless, it's a social, political and economic practice of governing that governments around the world employ regardless of whether or not their economic ideology is communism or capitalism. 'Devilishment' is independent of any race, creed, religion, ethnicity, individual, governmental structure, nationality or economic philosophy. If said government encourages blood sucking, and refuses to cultivate the innate potential of it's every citizen then it is devil civilization. Democrat, Republican, Tea Party, Communist Party, RBG, NGE, NOI or Taliban-whatever the political ideology or acronym of a regime is-if said governing body does not practice righteousness and does not act in the capacity of service to the human family it will 'expire', whether it's China, Egypt, America, Iran, North Korea, Europe, Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Sudan, Afghanistan or The People's Republic of The North Fucking Pole.

...And Knowing Every Square Inch...,


Thursday, February 3, 2011


The Ten Percent Use Those Who Are Successful In Their Undertakings To Make Interpretations To U N I:

One insignia defines the 'Jordan' brand. The picture of MJ with his legs stretched like an upside down 'v', while his upper torso is erect, and his arm stretched, palming a basketball that he's ready to jam. When I see the actual Jordan film footage of that dunk-I get chills reminiscent of the chills one gets when they hear the Martin Luther King Jr., "I have a dream' speech. The icon of MJ resonates in the unconscious of most Americans, it's instantly recognizable. To achieve that status is the determined idea of so many players. The Miami Heat are starting to gel as a team, over the next decade will they achieve 90's Bulls' status? If they surpass the Bulls in the number of Championships; will they achieve 'Dynasty' status? Will Lebron ever eclipse the greatness of MJ? A more appropriate question: will Kobe ever obtain a sixth ring to equal MJ's 'ring count'? Even if he does, could he ever spearhead a brand that transcends the vintage 'Jordan' brand? Aside from MJ murdering a room full of white women-the insignia that defines 'MJ' will continue daily to sell itself. Why? Because MJ's symbol is an integral part of marketing at Nike. The commercial jingle, 'Like Mike-if I could be like Mike' is a mantra running on an unconscious auditory loop, continuously playing in the mind's of Nike consumers.

Oprah is not a beauty Queen, she's on the chunky side of the chocolate chip cookie and obviously ignores the vegan isle in the Super Market, but regardless of whom or what her show has taken the world on a 25 year journey. She's every white woman's best friend and every black woman's sister. Her name has become synonymous with wealth and tears. Oprah literally made Mike Tyson cry like a 12 year old girl. A 'good cry' on Oprah is a Rites of Passage on the landscape of the occasional celebrity meltdown. You are not on the A-list of celebs until you've chatted with Oprah. She owns her own magazine in which she graces the cover every single month and now she owns her own cable Network. A media mogul, black woman billionairess: Oprah is an Icon that tells everyone in America "that you to can have extreme material success." Will they receive just as much gold as Oprah? No, they'll be lucky if they get a ticket to be a part of her studio audience.

How do the 10 percent use icons?

Ans: Social Icons are gate-keepers, who use their star power to influence 85 percent behavior on behalf of the 10 percent.

"They continue daily to teach the 85 percent that all they 'see' and 'hear' such ass rain, hail, snow and Earthquakes comes from that Mystery God that no one will be able to see until he dies. This is believed by the 85 percent...."

Major and minor icons are corporate messengers who sell hope among other things to the 85 percent.

Every young black male who can lightweight hoop on a competitive level, laces his shoes up with the hopes that one day-with practice, that their game will become 'Kobe-ish, 'Lebronish', or 'Jordanesque'. These modern athletic icons represent a standard of excellence on the court, and have become models and spokespersons used to persuade us to buy everything from sneakers, to underwear, to sports drinks. Mike, Kobe, and Lebron have tapped their innate gift of pure athleticism and have obtained 'Cream' status-'Cream Status' is when one has risen to the square cipher power of any given field of endeavor.

Corporations contract celebrities to endorse their products, who in turn encourage consumers to purchase these products. The consumer identifies with the celebrity endorsing the product. Using major icons is a very effective psychological marketing strategy because a 'star' draws the demand up in from the fine mist of the unconscious to the conscious realm of the consumer.

I write this piece while wearing a pair of Roc-a-Wear jeans, and a pair of Timz. My identification with the Timberland brand is a purely environmental attachment going back at least 20 years of my personal Quran. I wear Timz because as a teenager, everybody I grew up with wore Timz-that'z the only reason I wear them. The devil has taught me how to consume Timberlands mindlessly for no apparent reason. Why do I buy Timz? At least 10 years worth of old Timberlands align the shelves of my storage closet like trophies. That'z Mind Control. Emblem is a fucking Timberland Zombie.

"...without falling victim to the devil civilization, otherwise to show and prove that Allah is God, always has been, always will be....", Basically, we all do trading with devil civilization and most of us sure as hell don't kill the devil as quick. We 'eat' from the table of Devil civilization everyday. Devil civilization provides food, clothing and shelter. We have a few community farms as original people, B.U.T. not enough to meet the needs of the total population of the Asiatic Nation in the Wilderness. Mostly, we get our meals from the trading Posts of Devil Civilization. Asiatic society is still a 'work' very much in progress.
Asiatic citizens purchase God, Build and Born jewels at the Trading posts of the devil civilization and minor Icons such as athletes, actors, actresses, rappers, singers and political personalities make interpretations that standardize the status quo of the American dream daily. The media casts the personalities before us and we purchase into and get drawn up by the unholy current of air called 'consumerism'. The image of the Icon is used as a tool to make us a slave from mental death and power-bound by the R-O-P-E of 'brand'loyalty. Corporations hire Iconoclastic Gate-Keepers that hold the keys to the mental prison house of consumer behavior.

There are conspiratorial theories regarding 'mind control'-b.u.t. when you examine, qualify and disqualify every square inch of your own behavior-you'll see that your own behavior, in many cases, is already mentally controlled by some thriving corporate wild beast in devil civilization.

Reasonable Doubt is one of my all time favorite Hip Hop albums and everyday I wear Roc-a-wear jeans, cuffed over a pair of timz. Why? Only, because Reasonable Doubt was/is a tight album? What do Jay-z's 'genes' have to with my patronage of his brand? Nothing really! I mindlessly bought into Hova's 'brand'. Now, as I stare at the consumer in the mirror-I can see my own controlled mind and don't feel the need to take much interest in a wild conspiracy theory. Mind Control happens everyday, no secret laser beams, just some good ole fashioned Nike Commercials with MJ dunking, and then gulping Gatorade. I'm thirsty now!

Da God Em is wearing a pair of Hova's Jeans, with a pair of Timberlands on 'because'? And sipping Gatorade, displaying that I'm the piece without the magnetic sometimes. Pins run deep.

McDonald's, also known as the Golden Arches, or Mickey D's have the wrong food on tap daily. The pin of the Golden Arches is planted deep in the heads of babies: EARLY!!! A baby can spot the Golden Arches from a car-seat a mile away. " Ma, I want McDonaldsssssssss." It's true that I associate traumatic experiences with the metaphorical nurse's pin- it should also be noted, that conditioned behaviors, resulting from social stimuli is also a form of the nurse's pin. A loyal consumer mindlessly identifies with the idea of 'brand'. Brand loyalty is a controlled behavior, a conditioning, resulting from the phrase in the knowledge understanding degree, "They continue daily..."

Corporations who sell goods and services rely upon pop culture icons to become corporate pitchmen or spokespersons. The pitchmen are sent by the trader to interpret to the consumer why they should purchase a given item. With the purchase of the item the consumer unconsciously purchases into the persona of said athlete, rapper, actor, or beauty queen. The products that are pitched to the consumer are made to appeal to the consumers sense of vanity-vanity is a rash that grows on the ego, positively rewarding and reinforcing the inclinations of the ego.

Stereotypically, hypnotist swing medallions back and forth in front of the eyes of the subject supposedly being hypnotized. Today's pop culture Icons swing trinkets before our eyes and we fall asleep, and become psychologically defenseless, lose the knowledge of Self and become a savage in the pursuit of.... Post hypnotic suggestions are planted into the unconscious mind of all of us, including Emblem. And Emblem goes out and buys another pair of Timz. Why?


"Because, What?"