Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Nurse's Pin And Deprograming Cellular Memory

Our history, bible and Quran are programmed into our cellular memory. The amino acid double helix strands of deoxyribonuceic acid contain the Zig Zag Zig of who we were, who we are now and the potential of what we will become. The nurse's pin being stuck in the head of the black baby is something that I have come to associate with a traumatic experience. These nurse's pins that were stuck in our heads as children leave psychological scars. The psychological scars from the pins leave memories in the cell that create, shape and are responsible for aspects of our behavior and our habitual tendencies. The pins contribute negativity and psychological adversity to our overall growth and development. Pins place not only a sword of limitation above our heads, b.u.t. the r.o.p.e. of a nuce around our necks, limitting and strangling the potential of what we can become. Mental scars work like echoes in the subconscious and the subconscious goes to war with the state of our waking consciousness. If you have ever read a book on the subject of Self improvement and you attempt to work some of the themes and ideas in the book you will meet with some positive results because of the deliberate efforts to make your life better. In most cases the authors of such books have presented a Self Help program usually explaining how much he or she has benefitted from the book's claim of a new unique mental technique and strategy. Many of us in the Asiatic Nation quote and think about knowledge wisdom cipher and Supreme Mathematics daily and plenty of us still live an unfullfilled mediocre existence. Why is tremendous adversity still present in our lives after learning this powerful knowledge(Supreme Math)? And how do we think our way out of these mediocre lives that many of us find ourselves existing in day to day?

Actually, I love the mind, and I love thought, which is probably why I'm a writer. 'Thought' arises from the pure essence of what we deem the 'BlackMind'. I often envision this 'BlackMind' as an infinite grid and each point on the grid represents a place in space and time occupied by the omnipressent 'BlackMind' of Allah. Each point in my mental model of the infinite grid contains in degree an aspect of this Black Mind. Studying some aspects of physics has allowed me to come to realize that the abstract mental grid in my mind that I envision as the 'Black Mind' is really the Quantum field which is the fabric of the universe. The quantity and degree to which the Black Mind dwells in a given vessel is determined on a neurological and cellular level. Every cell in the body listens to our thoughts. If you've ever noticed that when you're thinking-you're third eye is visualizing the thought, an inner voice is speaking, a third ear is acting as an inner listener, and an aspect of you're mind is an observer, watching the objective screen in your mind. Every cell in the body is listening and watching your every thought.

Living in devil civilization, negative thoughtz are more prevalent on the field of the mind than positive thoughtz and more often than not the inner voice in our mind is affirming our negative ideas and the internal witness is visualizing negative posibilities on the screen of the mind. Every cell in your body watches and listens to the transmission of these negative thoughts via a remote broadcast from cell to cell, causing the negative behavior and actions that are seemingly not right and exact to occur in our lives. This is why 'Then why did God make devil?' in the understanding build is an internal reality and not just a degree pointing the finger at a 'grafted devil' for our personal hardships. Devilishment is an internal reality in the Original Man. The phrase '...Yacob was the Father of the devil and taught the devil to do this devilishment..' in the culture degree, refers to a time prior to the colored man. Yacob was born out of disatisfication, implying that there was a ten percent blood sucking element present within the society during the time of Yacob's birth that deliberately disenfranchised 70 percent of the population. Negativity is innate, and the Zig Zag Zig which is positive, negative and neutral are qualities which all reside in the Original Man. The only possible way the devil could have been grafted from us, is if he was in us to begin with. This negative voice we hear in our third eye from time to time is usually loud, it yells out our own fears, similar to a rapper on stage asking everybody in the audience to say "Hooooooooooo!". This negative rapper in the mind is the internal speaker forever suggesting and casting visuals on to our mental screens of potential situations that often result in negative outcomes. This negative mental dynamic is born from the nurse's pin and or the devil planting fear in him or her when they were youth. Redundant outcomes continue in our lives because we think the same things we thought before and thus have similar negative outcomes in every cipher. The brain cells are resonating negative sentiment daily, neurological patterns are practiced and rehearsed. As the Black Mind's electrical charges rides the roads of our neurological pathways, this electrical impulse because of habit takes the same route and consequently arrives at the same destination: mediocrity. So how do we deprogram our mental programs full of negative viruses? It's easy! All you have to do is....



Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Swerve of Her Zag

'Zag' has been seen and heard everywhere in my third lately. I can't shake it-'Zag, Zag' Zag'! Once I fixated on the Unknown (X) in the Supreme Alphabet for equality months and now I'm being haunted by the 'Zag', not even the two 'Zigs' b.u.t. the singularity of the 'Zag' has my third drawn up into a fine mist. For all practical purposes the first Zig is a straight line: this can be shown and proven by the first stroke of the letter 'Z'.

If you're driving, listening to Reasonable Doubt your digging the groove of your 'Zig' and everything is all good, b.u.t. when your wheels hydro-plane or hit a patch of black ice, or you suddenly turn the steering wheel to avoid an accident your Allah Self Savior at that moment is in the reality of the 'Swerve of the Zag'. The swerve of the Zag will raise your car insurance, cause a collision, or worse: death! Zag will return your Allah Self Savior back to essence. The mathematical equation I drew up for 'The swerve of the Zag' is 'Zig add the Unknown born Zag'(Zig+ X=Zag). Zag is the equivalent to woman and woman is represented by the double Unknown (X) chromosome in the terms of Black and Brown Germz in the Black woman's body.

So, it's like Michael Jackson said, "Girl You knock me off of my feet!" Mike was unconsciously building on the 'Swerve of The Zag'. A beautiful woman walking down the street in the Summer time can cause a healthy heterosexual man to have a Cee Allah Rule accident. Gods pride themselves in that We forever profess to 'do the knowledge' which means we strive to be scientific. Yacob was a scientist born 20 Miles outside of Mecca-20 miles Outside of Mecca is to be scientifically objective-Objectivity is a cornerstone attribute of any true scientist. A sexy aspect of Zag can temporarily draw a man up into a fine Miss and cause him to be moved from the square and truth of his objectivity, consequently causing any male who is a healthy strong and a good breeder to take his eyez off the road, 'Zag' and die. This means that in some currents of air a woman is so magnetic that she can temporarily make God the piece without. Any God who claims to have never been drawn up by a Woman is lying, stealing and trying to Master the Original Man: so miss me with that bullshit and if he continues to swear up and down that he has never been drawn up into a woman's current of air he's a He Cipher Monkey. The weight of the Planet Earth is Six Sex Tillion Tons and The laws of physics confirm that mass bends space. Objects smaller than the Earth can get caught up in the Earth's rotation because of Her Ass(Oops! I mean 'Mass'). When you get caught up into the Earth's rotation you have been drawn toward the Mecca or root of Her Zag. EU means Hillsides and R-O-P-E means the Rope to bind in. The culture degree in the knowledge to knowledge culture is subtley building on the science of being 'pussy whiped', it's a crude term b.u.t. it's the truth on the square. Zag is woman and woman is analogus to Water, and this water is never drawn above six miles from the Earth's Surface by the Sun and Moon. What does the sexuality of Zag have to do with water's limited elevation no higher than Equality Miles? Equality rules sexuality and has a relationship to the entire universe because Positive, Negative and the neutrality of every atomic charge, impulse, and current of electricity within the Universe arises from the underlying mathematical intelligence at the Universe's Origin, proving God of the Universe, the Father of reality and that the Black Man possesses the Foundational Knowledge of space/time and/energy/ matter. The Universe is the ever pregnant Black Womb of Space. Wisdom is Energy in Motion(liquidity or fluidity). Your physical form is primarily water, everything in your body is based on elements that come from the Earth, so it's only logical you'd be drawn to the Power U: 'Her Power I Cee'. She's also drawn to God because without seed she is a barren desert: 'Cee I Power Her' this proves the phrase in the build degree "...which is called gravitation...". Unless you can levitate you're not getting around gravitation. Gravity is a Universal Law. When a God releases cream into the diameter of the Planet Earth he's actually distilling back to the Earth in the form of drops of water; semen, seed, or sperm. The Planet Earth is the Home of I Self Lord And Master-so are you paying rent(trickin'), or do you own?

As the Owner I can not help but take Zag back to the Lab, and put Her under the microscope. Zag is slowly opening up more and more the more that I analyze the principles and precious jewelz that constitute Zag. Gods say, "Rise above emotion into the thinking of God", first: understand that emotion is a ladder that leads into the thinking of God rung by rung. Every rung of an emotional ladder is an unknown emotional cipher; and a 'then why did God make devil?' The Zag of a 'Z' actually leans like a ladder. God must Show and Prove in every emotional cipher and climb this ladder. The emotional situation is God's 4 dimensional math test. If you pass you elevate, if you fail you're retested on the material until you demostrate adequate aptitude in the field of emotional mastery. Emotions can be swift and changeable. 'Emotion' is an energetic thought in motion that contains an aspect of Zig and Zag. 'Swift' is Zig and 'Changeable' is Zag because when you Zag-you've changed directions abruptly. The shape of the letter 'Z' contains wisdom parallel straight lines and the Zag line in the letter 'Z' abruptly and diagonally slants back to the parallel point of where the initial Zig line began.

Why is Zag so instrumental to the two Zigs? The Nurse's law is to kill the black babies at birth by sticking a pin in it's head while the MGT and GCC are taught to raise their children-regardless if a woman contains the Positive qualities of a refined MGT or the Negative devilishment of a Nurse on Pelon-either way the truth remains: the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world with either a Nurse's pin or an Earth's sewing needle, both of which are sharp instruments just as the Zag is a sharp shift in direction from Zig. God must be a Wise Scientist when navigating the Useful Land of the Zag or He will Crash. Keep your eyes on the road!



Monday, September 13, 2010

The Nag Of Her Zag

'Zag' is a singular part of that trilateral variable 'Zig Zag Zig' in the Supreme Alphabet. Lately, I've been building on 'Zag Theory'-my own 'Zag Theory': the trialateral variable of 'Zig Zag Zig' has traditionally stood for trialateral concepts such as past, present, future; solid, liquid, gas; knowledge, wisdom, understanding; sun, moon, star; man, woman, child; positive, negative, neutral and a host of other trilateral ideals. When we remove the 'Zag' from each of the above trilateral ideals they manifest as 'present', 'liquid', 'wisdom', 'moon', 'woman', and 'negative'. Drawing up the 'Zag' from each of the four ciphers of three sets in the twelve jewels shows and proves 'wisdom', 'justice', 'clothing', and 'peace': each of which is a 'Zag' element in the jewels. 'Salim' in the power degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture also manifest within a 'Zag' context. Salim's name is the part of 'Jerusalem' which means 'Peace'. Salim is similar to Salam which also means peace-'peace' also being a Zag element.

An examination of the 'Zag' clues us into a bridging quality present in the cause and effect of all that happens. In the trilatreral concept of 'Allah', 'Be', 'Cee'-'Be' is the element linking 'Allah' and 'Cee' which is the technical aspect of Master also known as knowledge understanding. Though 'Master' manifest as knowledge understanding-'Master' cannot deny it's relationship to 'Wisdom'. Before 'Master' manifest in knowledge understanding in the Supreme Alphabet 'Love, Hell and Right' shows and proves also another trilateral idea in the knowledge wisdom degree in the Supreme Alphabet in that 'Hell' is also a component of 'Zag'.

'Love must go through 'Hell' to come out 'Right'. 'Zag' is wisdom, 'Zag' is woman, 'Zag' is the 'present' which is the 'Now'-'Now' is the knowledge culture in the Supreme Alphabet-knowledge culture in the knowledge to knowledge the culture is 'What is the Meaning of MGT and GCC?'. 'Zag' is a feminine quality-knowledge of the Zag is to cultivate and train that feminine quality in women which is wisdom or wise words ways and actionz at home and abroad. 'Be' which is an aspect of 'Zag' facilitates understanding through the womb of wisdom into the reality of the only time that exist which is 'Now'. The 'now' is fluid in its dynamic and why 'woman' and 'wisdom' is analogus to 'water': liquidity denotes the nature of the 'Zag'. Past 'History or Koran' is 'Zig'; Present Koran is 'Zag'-'Zag' is forever in the moment and just like every given moment is predicted in the year one the 'Zag' is born from the primortal and immortal 'Zig'. In the 'Zig' you can plant the seed or Planet to grow and make life as we know it from the beginning and or from the first 'Zig'. Now is then fulfilled in the 'Zag'. 'Zag' consciousness is forever returning into the essential idea of the 'Past' and or to the first 'Zig'. 'Zag also transitions into the second 'Zig' also known as the future or the 'Black Baby(Understanding). 'Zig' and 'Zag' are transitory concepts. They are forever in motion and in all reality inter-changeable from moment to moment in that the present soon becomes the past and what was once considered the 'future' or second 'Zig', after a few passing moments quickly becomes the 'Now' which was once the future. 'Zag' is 'Be' and also 'Being' which is to be Self aware and consciously 'present' within the moment. Offering 'Peace' within the moment is 'Zag'. In the Jewels of Love, Peace and Happiness-'Peace' is the Zag. Hell is also the 'Zag'. The reality of a woman going through 'Hell' to push the next 'Zig' or Black baby into reality is 'THIS LABOR' which is most peace. 'Zag' is Labor pains to Show and Prove 'Be' or 'Bringing that Black Baby into Existence' via Pushing from the first Zig to the second Zig. Doing Her part to make Knowledge Born of the 'Now' which is the expiration date of the devil civilization(1914).

In three stages of darkness Allah considered Self first. This 'Consideration' of the 'Self' coming into culture dimensional reality based on space and True I Master Equality is also 'Zag'.

Understanding The Woman With The Science of 'Zag'.

The 'Zag' is fluid. A refined woman is fluid. Knowledge Culture which is 'Now' is the 'Zag' this is why most women are cornerstoned in the reality of the moment. The reality of the moment is something she is forever assesing. What has been or what will 'Be' is not entertained equally with Her consideration of the 'Now'. "'Baby' needs Milk 'Now'!"-'Now' is knowledge cutlure which is a 'nurturing' quality in Asiatic culture. 'Now' is not the 'Origin', b.u.t. stems from the Origin. The 'Origin' is in the first 'Zig'. Zig considered its own 'Zig' or Knowledge 'knowledged' itself which yielded the reality of the 'Zag' which is the facilitator to Allah becoming 'World Manifest' to Understand the Light reflecting from the moon. The initial Sun's Light is reflected back To The SON of Man on Earth by way of the moon. All this Inner G(energy) is Manifested from GOD impressed at the CENTER of the Cipher and expressed as build and destroy pointz.

So What is the 'Nag' of Her'Zag'? Recently I watched the first Hearns/ Leonard fight and Angelo Dundee was nagging Sugar Ray Leonard, telling him, "Your blowing it kid! Your Blowing it!" Tommy was really gettin' at Ray that night and it was the nag of Angelo's 'Zag' (words) that kept Sugar motivated to knock Hearns out in the knowledge culture round. The Nag of Her Zag is 'negative' on face value in order to keep the Zig of the Black Man's Mind aggressively on the Grind. "How To Keep A Home; How To Raise Her Children; How To Keep Her Husband are all done with the Nag of Her Zag. "Pick up your socks out the middle of the floor God"; "Have you done your homework young God?"; And you're damn right she'll be pissed at God if he's in the champagne room of the local strip club experimenting with the high explosives of civilizing 'Pinky' the savage hoodrat whore(How To Keep Her God). God is the foundation b.u.t. Earth is the glue that holds the Zigs together via the 'Nag of Her Zag'.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Ranting On Capitalism Over A Blunt

The following was written under the influence of a Dutch Master cigar filled with potent Marijuana:

Have you ever heard a pro-black Afrocentric dude in a kinte cloth dashiki, wearing a kuffi scream "Black people need to get their economics together!"? Actually, the entire statement has good intentions but in reality it's a misnomer. 85 percent of the black, brown, yellow, and white people on Earth know very little about the nature of an economic system, which is one of the reasons they are 85 percent. Me and the God Supreme Victory have been having some very interesting builds as they pertain to economics. The ideas of Freedom, Justice, and Equality are both rhetorical and relative concepts espoused by many Nations throughout the world. The interesting thing about Freedom, Justice and Equality is that each Nation on Earth has it's own political ideology and economic philosophy as it relates to 'Freedom', 'Justice' and 'Equality'.

Freedom, Justice and Equality themselves are broad terms, open to political and economic debate and interpretation. 'Freedom' in capitalism implies a free market system open to anyone with an innovative idea and the ingenuity to market that idea. Such economic behavior is considered to be 'enterprising' or 'capitalistic' in essence. Capitalism or the 'free' market system are described using flowery words b.u.t. the 'free' market is 'cut throat' and contains an 'every man/woman/child for him or her self' mentality. Being 'cut-throat' is considered 'Freedom' in a capitalist framework: free to cut someone elses throat?

If by some chance I find myself drafted by the Steelers in the next couple of weeks to play Quarterback-the linebackers on the opposing team have the right to blitz and do their very best to sack me and paralyze me if they get a hold of me. It's a brutal game! Sports in America is an indicative abstract portrait that points to the reality and nature of Capitalism. A team is basically it's own corporate animal, free to manifest it's own corporate culture. Usually in the corporate culture a competitive nature is thriving internally as well as externally. If a supervisor on a job is terminated-subordinates buck for the open position and the impending pay raise. If a starting Quarterback on an NFL team blows out his ACL, the back up Quarterback ultimately has a chance to shine over the injured starter due to the starting Quarterback's misfortune.

A 'savage in the pursuit' is really a phrase that can be translated into 'individual pursuit' in a capitalist context. Each of us who live within a capitalist system feels the competition daily-competition is an outgrowth of capitalist greed pervasive in everyday life in the Wilderness of North America. If a man walks into a whorehouse every whore on deck is going to compete to turn the trick similar to how defense contractors compete for government military contracts. The mind set is absolutey the same.

Hip Hop culture in recent years has been using the word 'Eating' to describe a lifestyle. 'We Eatin' or 'I'm Eatin' is a phrase that can be found on so many albums in recent memory. Boxers, basketball teams, football teams and other sports franchises are always using the word 'Hungry' when they are in the 'hunt', 'race', 'pursuit' or in contention for the pinacle prize of that given sport. 'Hungry', or 'Eating' have a very direct relationship to food, unconsciously telling us that at the end of the day everybody is in a frenzy for 'God' degree or 'Food' because everyone needs to 'eat' to survive and live. In a blazing hot desert, stranded human beings have been known to fight and kill one another over a bottle of piss. There is a phrase in the culture degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture that shows and proves this behavior: '...he went savage'...'. In some instances throughout human history cannibalism has been practiced both culturally and in times when humans have faced extremely desperate situations. Richard Pryor once joked in a stand up performance that he would eat through the asses of 20 movafuckuz to get out of a nite club that was on fire and when questioned by the Fire Marshal as to the 20 dead people in the club with their asses eaten out-Richard Pryor jokingly picked his teeth after the meal and said, "I don't know what the fuck happened to 'em!" He was demonstrating in a joking fashion a poinant comentary on capitalism: 'Dog Eat Dog'! 'Desperate times call for desperate measures' which is another axiom expressing and indicative to every day behavior found in the Wilderness of North America. Desperate behavior: everybody is desperate for money, desperate for things and such behavior exemplifies the phrase 'Savages in the Pursuit of Happiness'.

Put 5 horny men in a Sports Bar with 4 Attractive women in heat: I'm more than willing to bet that the least agressive and the least assertive male is not going to get any pussy(Pardon my crudeness). When women choose a mate-yes, I said 'when women choose a mate' they are unconsciously processing the genetic qualities of the male candidate via his looks, size, strength, and intellectual prowess relative to their own genetic characteristics and unconsciously their also considering the viability of the potential genetic make-up of the possible child they may have in the future. Which brings us to the next idea: was Darwin on point with that 'survival of the fitest' bullshit? Darwin was neither 100 percent right, nor 100 percent wrong: the evolving from apes' is bullshit, b.u.t. his idea regarding the 'survival of the fitest' has some validity. In St. Luke 12:47 a scripture found under the caveat of the knowledge born degree states: "And that servant which knew his Lord's will and prepared not himself neither did according to his will shall be beaten with many stripes." The entire idea of 'preparation' speaks to the 'Survival of the Fitest'. The knowledge cipher degree touches on the idea of a 'Jungle Life'. 'Jungle' no longer means Lions, and tigers and bears b.u.t. nowaday it means savages, 85ers and devils that have no problem burying a civilized person where he or she stands. Jungle life is real!

The 'greater good' in the midst of this jungle life is a very noble ideal. President Obama's ideal of Universal Health Care is a legislative provision that moves toward the social concept of the 'greater good', and though it is noble it is also naïve. Yeah, the poor will have their health care provided for b.u.t. also they will be tested and made to be lab rats by some trillion dollar pharmaceutical company that has a government weapons contract to develop a new chemical weapon to test the effects of some chemical, or biological agent on humans. Under the guise of Universal Health Care the poor will be made guinea pigs. The wealthy will still have the best health care. Universal Health Care will not be 'Universal' at all. The word 'Universal' is face value trick-knowledge. Take Magic Johnson for example: Magic still looks like he can drop 20 points, grab 8 rebounds and dish 12 assist in an NBA game nowaday even after announcing he contracted HIV 20 years ago. He seems healthy as a horse. How is this possible? It's not magic-it's Money! Magic has money, and he can afford cutting edge medical care. Universal Health Care will not be equal to the health care that the rich can afford. The health care the government will provide to the 'have nots' free of charge will be experimental with the hidden agendas of extermination and global population reduction brought to the medical trading post via the kind and trusting face of President Obama. Obama's not the villain and I'm sure he genuinely believes he's doing the right thing. It's the trillion dollar Pharmaceutical companies with government contracts that will be taking aim at the 'have nots' who over populate the planet Earth.

Equality means to be equal in everything according to the the build degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture which is a profound virtue in the Asiatic World. B.U.T. in America, 'Equality' only exists on paper or in law books. Equality is by no means practiced as much as it has been written about in law books and political diatribes. Equality functions like a mentaly retarded person in America-it's not fully accepted as a whole entity within America's political and economic philosophy. Equality is expressed best in this country in the form of the Special Olympics where all the kids who are mentally retarded and suffer from down syndrome, and other physical and mental defects all get fake gold medals, a high five and a hug even when they come in last place-this is the closest we get to equality in America. Inequality on the other hand permeates daily American life and it's a by-product of the visciousness of the capitalist animal.

As far as Justice is concerned we can examine the disparate numbers of minorities in prison as opposed to whites in the criminal justice system and can quickly discern that the American justice system has a 'Finders Keepers-Losers weepers' sentiment for disenranchised minorities. Freedom, Justice and Equality are rhetorical jokes in America.

I am not however a 'Socialist'. So how could my above critique on American Free Market capitalism and it's fallasciousness, and inhumanity be scathing, cynical and derogatory b.u.t nevertheless I remain accepting of a capitalist system? Because when your Ole Dad was fucking your mom(Yes I'm crude) and you were swimming around in your daddy'z big nutz(more crudeness) you were at the starting gate of the grandest and most unfair race of your life. The numbers and the deck were stacked against the sperm cell that was once you. Depending on the virility of your father the odds against you winning such a marathon was utterly gargantuan: possibly a billion to one. The race of sperm is a pure competition and capitalistic in nature. When your mama's pussy started to get good to your ole dad he busted a nut and shot you and all your brother and sister sperm through his uretha into your mother's womb and all yall Nutz were swimming yall ass off crazily. Every sperm was swimming with visciousness and with the intent to reach your ole Earth's egg first. There were sperm that were bigger, stronger, faster, and even smarter, b.u.t. everything worked in your favor, from the time of your mother's ovalation to other competing sperm who got murdered by lycocites or became lost in the fallopian tubes. Your ass made it to the golden egg head first. Unless your a twin or a triplete all the other crazy ass nuts dried up, died and got douched out of your ole Earth's womb: There was no fucking equality in that womb during that race-that womb was a hostile environment at the time and you won. The wisdom wisdom which is victory was yours. The odds of you winning that Sperm race is similar to escaping from a Nazi concentration camp or from a maximum security prison or hitting the Mega Millions and Power Ball lottery all in the same week. Capitalism like the journey of sperm is indicative of a brutal reality. Damn right it's unfair! It is naïve to think this life on Earth is separate from the race of our Origin. Look around you! Crips fighting Bloods; Republicans fighting Democrats; Miami Heat trying to stack the deck against the rest of the NBA; Every rapper feels a need to get shot or go to prison to get street cred in order to go platinum; who's number one at the Movie Box office this week?; Who's gonna win the Oscar?; Who's gonna win a BET music award?; Who's gonna win the Super Bowl?; Who's gonna win the NBA finals? Burger King has been trying to knock off the McDonald's Big Mac with the Whopper for years; Pepsi and Coke have been shanking each other like two convicts on a cell block for more than a half of a century. Arabs Hate Jews; and Afgans Hate Americans. Competition is the origin of racism, sexism, war and capitalism and it emerges from a cellular level and grows into the macroscopic level that is reality. These behaviors are destructive b.u.t. mathematics is the universal language from cell to cell, meaning that all we see and hear in the macroscopic cipher was predicted from the infintesimal realm in order that the fitest amongst us will make it into the future via genetics.

All socialist instincts and impulses should not however be ignored. We must entertain and embrace our humanity to assist are fellow human beings who are less fortunate. Righteous Socialism fosters and preserves our humanity, while capitalism fosters our individual need for survival. My mother came to visit me about culture years ago and asked me with great concern "Why do you have guns?" At the time I had them under the couch, pillow, in cabinets, junk drawers and closets and I told her in a very matter of fact way "If you have to ask, then you'll never understand."

Ultimately, Socialism, and Capitalism are ideas that make for stimulating conversation. Life demands that we examine the virtues and pitfalls of each economic system. They are ideas that one can spend lifetimes analyzing. Both socialism and capitalism systems in my mind have to be synthesized in order to mathematically and naturally balance the human family's distibution of natural resources relative to our collective humanity without losing the tenacity of our collective and individual instinct to survive. Both ideas are European-which is probably the cause for all the confusion b.u.t. the two economic systems speak to the modern reality of resource distribution, making them worthy and important for original people's perusal and study.

The contrasting ideas of Socialism and Capitalism became interwoven with social and political policy as populations increased and human beings began to live in close proximity to one another. The emergence of the populated urban landscape presented the problem of how natural resources would be distributed to the people? The nature of social distribution of resources ushered forth the advent of economic philosophy which asks the question: How will human society navigate the delicate terrain of each individuals 'Needs' on an over populated planet in the very near future?

Claryfying our economic values and priorities as an Asiatic Society are just a few of the universal parlimentary questions that have to be asked and intelligent decisions that must be made in order to determine the viability of the future of the Asiatic Nation.

Adam Smith and Karl Marx are the patriarchs to the economic systems of Capitalism and Socialism and in my mind both of these colored men need revision.

Outside of your tribal turf war on Friday and Saturday nights traditional 'African' societies throughout history and Quran were for the most part very organic, and harmonious societies in terms of co-existence b.u.t. nowaday with the global population boom being what it is-it's important we as original people think in terms of 'food'. Who is going to be 'eating' in the very near future and will We as an Asiatic community/society/nation be 'eating' or 'starving'? And also what measures will we collectively have to address to insure that as an Asiatic community that we will not be relegated to hunger, nakedness, sickness and out of doors? All are serious economic questions for now and the future that need to be raised by the great scholars, philosophers, writers, and activist of this said Asiatic Nation.