Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hating Emblem

     Some People hate Emblem. They really do. But if they were near me they would really love me. My honesty is absolutely undeniable. I call shit like a dice roll, meaning that I'm usually right and I put on no airs for anyone, I'm not a respector of persons and the way I carry math it's as if I-God culture is my straight up personality. Movafuckuz try to be God, feeling as if they have to be a certain way, and conduct themselves in a certain manner-not me. I use the terms 'nigga' and 'bitch' like water and I don't give a fuck. I never strive to portray myself as some goodie two shoe role model: fuck that! That's not how I teach and that's not how I am, but I'm hated, I'm deeply resented and the whole nine. This shorty snapped out on me online, and she wrote that I'm and ex coke head and everything else she could think of to say bad about me.

     The Truth is: I sold large amounts of coke. A few times it took me a few hours to make all of the dead presidents face one direction. And of course I use to snort blow off the tripple beam. I ain't never smoke that shit because I knew that was a one way ticket, but I use snort my movafuckin' ass off-so the fuck what-that's nuffin' if you're moving bricks of that shit-it's part of the lifestyle. But I see how people strive to condemn me for my criminal past: fact of the matter is I'm proud of my criminal past. Once I beat the shit out of a nigga with a pistol for not having my paper and went to the hospital to see him afterward to make payment arrangements. I make no apologies for my past. I got a good heart though and I'm very honest: my last street debt I paid down to the dollar and bought dude a bottle of Grey Goose as a late fee. I never got beat, and I never took a loss: don't get me wrong-niggaz fucked up my cash from time to time, but I had my wits about me to survive it-to live that life for knowledge build years and not fall victim to one misdemeanor or felony: Ain't too many niggaz can say that. Yes I have 120-I can take it from Who's the original to Pluto in 16 minutes. God in my eyes is not a goodie two shoe faggot nigga, boasting a resume of righteousness nor is God a criminal. Allah is seen and heard everywhere. God is a movafucka that don't back down, shoot a game dice with you, blaze a blunt with you. Fuck that nice guy, self righteous Pope shit. The only rules I follow are my movafuckin own and the IRS'. I am not a member of a fuckin cult. Fact of the matter is-if a movafucka can write some shit about me that's cool but if you ain't got enough heart to come down and shoot it out in my small ass, gun loving, second amendment screaming, red neck town-shut da fuck up!

To those that love me-I love you too and I'm going on Vacation til September 11.



Sunday, August 1, 2010

'Goddess' Examined Under The First Amendment

1st Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Recently I watched the beheading of Eugene Armstrong online, an American who was abducted by Islamic extremist and ultimately decapitated. Approximately six men stood behind Eugene Armstrong as he knelt, facing the camera blind folded. The men wore black hoods and scarves, reading a letter in Arabic. As one finished the letter, one of the Islamic extremist took out a blade and cut into the right side of Eugene Armstrong's neck and began to saw through the neck slowly. Eugene Armstrong was slaughtered like an animal because he did not believe as his captures believed. "His head would be taken off by the sword..." I know the born degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture well and it is much easier to quote than it is to watch even if your name is 'Emblem'.  In the end they pulled his head off and blood gushed. His last screams were awful. It wasn't a quick chop of a sword, but instead a slow sawing motion with a knife.  Watching the beheading online fucked me up, I did not rest well that night.

 If a God went to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and proclaimed himself 'Allah' in front of the Kaba the Mutaween A.K.A, the religious police would behead him A.S.A.P..  Wahabis take a rather extreme stance because this is the prescribed law of Islam of that said Nation.  It is very easy to call yourself 'God' in America.  The idea of being 'The owner of the Planet Earth' found in the knowledge degree in the knowledge to knowledge the cipher is a concept espoused in our Asiatic world view.  If we crossed an international border and strolled into Iran as if everything was 'all good' we'd be captured at gun point and imprisoned in a foreign Nation's prison.  President Obama, the State Department, and the U.S. Embassy in that country would be helpless to intervene on our behalf. While under arrest by said foreign government we could quote or pull out a copy of 120 and say, "See here, in the first sentence, where it specifies that I'm the 'Owner' of the Planet Earth!?! Now I demand you release me!" Your demands will not be met. The idea of you being the 'Maker', 'Owner', 'Cream' and 'God' rests with you and those who advocate the ideology that you advocate. What we advocate as an Asiatic Nation is 'protected' by the very Nation we accuse of advocating the greatest devil civilization in the history of the Planet Earth which is an ironic and an almost comedic paradox.

Consider this: Why is it so easy to call yourself 'God' in America? Is it because you have Knowledge of Self? Or is it the natural fact that the Black Man is God by nature? Emphatically Now Cipher, none of the above! You can call yourself 'God' in America all day 'erday', primarily because of the First Amendment. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution does not apply in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, North Korea or anywhere else outside of U.S. jurisdiction. Leave U.S. Jurisdiction and your basically on your own Mr. God and Miss Earth.

Many Americans suffer from a disconnect from the origin of their rights to freedom of 'religion', 'freedom of speech', 'freedom of press' and peaceable assemblage. These rights extended to citizens by the Bill of Rights are usually taken for granted almost always and as Americans we treat these rights as if they were concocted in a vacuum.  One thing that I thoroughly understand is that one can not live life in a box, because your every declaration is relative to some governing national element and usually this governing element is an enumerated law.  That first degree in the one to ten would not be prevalent or expressed and expounded upon if it were not for the first Amendment in the Bill of Rights. God and Earth shun the classification of being defined as a  'religion' however we are still nevertheless benefactors of the freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of assemblage which are all protected under the first amendment. Although on a cursory level God and Earth deal with religious concepts within the doctrine of 120 and even though much of 120 is derived from both Biblical and Quranic sources-God and Earth nevertheless openly declare a non-religious, secular position.

As of late there has been an uproar about the term 'Goddess'. Forgive me, but I don't see the argument? Why? Because if a chick wants to call herself a 'Goddess' you can't legally tell her she can't. Personally I'm not a fan of the term 'Goddess' because it reeks of a discontented, bitter bitch with hair under her arms, screaming "Hotep!" More power to that bitch. Why? Because the same first amendment that protects your black ass and allows for you to call yourself Almighty Such and Such Lord of Radio Shack Allah is the same first amendment that allows her to grow wild pubic hair on her coochie and call herself 'Sheera, Goddess of the non-douching Amazonian Queens!'

 You can express your ideology, demonstrate the culturally elevated sophisticated aspects of your God centered Asiatic paradigm all the fuck you want, but in the end: if said bitch is determined to define herself as 'Goddess'-that'z between her and her nappy ass under arm hair. Tell da hairy bitch "Hotep!" and keep it movin'.

We're all spoiled under the constitutional freedoms we take for granted. We are soft ass, docile Americans who get to choose not to eat meat because we can. We can choose to be man-sandal wearing vegans(Em will never wear man sandals). Can you imagine starving in the Sudan and refusing to eat meat that was available during a time of famine? Abundance provides choice.  Even the dirt poor have some degree of choice in America. Fat Homeless people live in America. if a chick is on some Goddess shit: so the fuck what-that bitch ain't got nothin to do with paying one bill in my life or your life.  I know when to do my duty to teach and I also know when to mind my fuckin' business, sit back and laugh at da hairy bitch. I ain't 'fitna' (country word) cut a bitch head off because she doesn't espouse the same Ideas as I do. And if any one violates a so-called Goddess' Bill of Rights with violence, the assistant United States Attorney will charge you with a hate crime in the blink of an eye and won't hesitate to throw you in a cell with the most depraved, horniest 85 savages on D-block. So be nice to the Goddesses, buy them some lady Gillette razors for Kwanzaa so they can shave all that goddess hair under their Goddamn under arms, legs, backs, between their funky buttcracks and pubic area.