Thursday, July 29, 2010

North Korea Is Crazy

North Koreans is wild as fuck. These dudes cocked the hammer back and are ready to pull the trigger. North Korea is on that communist math, and their serious about that communist vibe. Only thing the U.S. hates more than Islam are niggaz who kick a communist ideology. Communism is when all resources are controlled by the government and distributed to the people via the central government. America is not tryin' to hear nothing about communism after going to war with communism for decades post World War II. It's every man and woman for their movafuckin self inside the belly of this capitalist bitch called America. The U.S. Health Care system will charge you ten grand for a band-aid which is outlandish b.u.t. on the flip-side the North Korean government run health care system charges the citizen absolutely nothing for health care, however these movafuckin North Korean Doctors perform surgery without anesthesia(Not Joking). North Koreans in need of surgery get on the operating table and scream, "Wait movafucka, ain't chu gonna put me to sleep first before you amputate my leg?!??!!".

North Korean doctors respond. "We are out of anesthesia, b.u.t. don't worry: the pain will make you pass out soon."

The American capitalist mentality has the collective mind set of a tourist in Las Vegas. Americans want to chill in the luxury of the casino, shoot some craps; fuck some money up; eat like a glutton at a buffet; take in a show and get their dick sucked or pussy ate at the end of the night. North Korea is the complete opposite of the Vegas based American mind set. North Korea is like a homeless shelter in The Bronx: you hope you get a bed for the night; everybody is hungry; everybody's feet stinks; and everybody is cranky as fuck with a shank up their sleeve, so of course the North Koreans are ready to bark at the first movafucka that fucks with' em. America and South Korea are accusing the North Koreans of smashing the window on an SUV and sinking a war ship called the 'Cheonans', killing 46 South Koreans. North Korea explained to the U.S. and the South Koreans, "We ain't do that shit!" The North Koreans told Hillary Clinton at a conference in Hanoi , "Bitch, mind your movafuckin business. We got nukes too. What!"

Hilary said, "Fuck yall and your fuckin' threats. The U.S. Stands strong behind South Korea!"

The U.S. and South Korea have been conducting military drills, showing off planes, blasting Lil Wayne out the trunk of the air craft carriers and bustin' shots in the air. In hood terminology this is called 'Flexin'.
North Korea don't give a fuck! They ain't got shit to lose. North Korea is hungry, ain't no more catz so they don't have food. South Korea has McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Pepsi, Coke, Rocawear, Sean John, Nike, flat screen TV's and cable: the American dream. North Korea is jealous as fuck.
If North Korea shootz a Nuke, the U.S. is gonna light North Korea's ass the fuck up and North Korea knowz it. North Korea knows that they can't hang with the U.S. in a full scale Nuclear War. North Korea is basically depressed, them niggaz hungry, tired and sick. Last week I read that some of these North Korean movafuckuz are eating grass, bark from trees and tuberculosis is becoming more and more prevalent amongst it's citizens. The U.S. put sanctions on their ass because they wouldn't comply with a U.N. Cease and Desist order in regard to a Uranium Enrichment program.
These movafuckin' North Koreans have ICBMs(Intercontinental Ballistic Misles) so don't get it twisted-the North Koreans are holdin' big gunz. These North Korean Niggaz ain't pushovers like Iraq-America just can't stroll in waiving their dick. North Korea could hit South Korea with a nuke but they couldn't tag the U.S. from that distance. Mad movafuckuz will die in Korea if North Korea decides to go postal with nuclear weapons, including a lot of the 30,000 U.S. soldiers stationed at Military bases in Seoul. Do I think some shit is gonna jump off? Yeah, I do. I'm in agreement with Fidel Castro who just recently surfaced after taking a couple of years to recouperate from his health issues. Castro basically said, "Shit gonna pop off!"


Sunday, July 25, 2010

13 Trillion Reasons Why The Dollar Will Collapse

The power degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture manifests the phrase 'buried there'. Credit borns 'DEBT' and 'debt will bury you there indeed.

The United States of America has very bad credit as the result of debt accrued over decades. The last time America had good credit was in 1835, and it's been down hill ever since.  U.S. debt as of July 5th 2010 is 13 trillion, 182 billion dollars and growing. Imagine having a super credit card, and imagine that your limit on that credit card is approximately 14 trillion dollars:

"Wait Emblem, build on some shit I'm interested in God-like 'taking Jerusalem back' or that Supreme Algebra bullshit you build on! I don't want to hear about that grafted devil bullshit!"

Personally, I study the science of everything in life or as many sciences as I can get under my belt before I return to essence. The Asiatic World is not in a vacuum, Asiatic World politics is directly effected and related to the devil's political/economic situation of his civilization. As Original People we can ill afford to be deluded by the reality we want to perceive and opposed to the reality that is. The American economy effects the decisions of global financial markets throughout the world. When the dollar does collapse it will have a ripple effect unlike anything we've ever seen. Ezekiel 3:18-"When I say unto the wicked thou sure surely die and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way to save his life-the same wicked man shall die in his own iniquity but his blood shall I require at thine hand." The collapse of the dollar bill is coming soon. One could suggest, "Well just print more money nigga!" It sounds simple enough to print more cash, b.u.t. such a move would cause stagflation. Imagine if the Federal Reserve issued 13 trillion more dollars to pay the debt? The new abundance of paper currency in circulation would be so astronomical that it would devalue U.S. currency to the point where you would be able to wall paper your house with cash.

"So what determines the value of 'money' Emblem?"

The born degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher 'implies' that Asiatic People should take nothing on face value b.u.t. yet we continue daily to take the dollar bill on face value every single day. What backs the face value of the U.S. Dollar? Many Gods and Earths refer to 'cash' as 'Gold' and up until knowledge born God knowledge they would have been right and exact, b.u.t. now a day to equate cash with gold is an emphatic now cipher. Former President Richard Nixon separated the paper currency from Federal gold Reserve to make more economic devil. The U.S. Dollar is worth half of what it was in knowledge born build knowledge. Real economic numbers now back the dollar: The gross domestic product or the amount that a country produces in a year; Unemployment statistics; import/export ratios; economic growth domestically are just a few examples of the actual facts that back the dollar now-a-day.  International belief in America's economic bullshit is one of the primary factors that backs the U.S. Dollar. The use of the phrase 'Almighty Dollar' is directly related to 'Mystery God'.

The Dollar is an international reserve currency, which simply means it's widely accepted and used as a standard of economic measurement. Many economist predict however that the Euro will soon surpass the dollar and be accepted as the new 'Reserve Currency'. I don't think that's a prediction-I think you can count on it. 

*When the dollar collapses:

Most likely you'll be at work that day, and CNN and other news agencies will make the announcement that the U.S. Dollar has reached an 'All Time Low'. Daily commerce will go on as usual, you'll still be able to buy gas, groceries etc., because American ignorance will keep the dollar in play until actions are taken. A speech from the Federal Reserve Chairman and an Emergency state of the Union address by the President will soon follow. He or She will tell Americans to remain vigilante, and to keep a stiff upper lip (Whatever the fuck that means?!). He or She will claim that the crisis is temporary b.u.t. that will be a lie. Why? The only reason 'money' is of any value at all is because the world believes in it similar to the Mystery God. Industrialized Nations will step back and dump all U.S. Securities for other forms of international security which will more than likely be Euros and other viable international currencies. The collapse of the dollar will be rooted in the speculation on international currency exchange. These international nerds will peep that America is broke like a Poker Master can read a hand blind. The Federal Reserve will ask congress to enact a law to forbid the federal government from shutting down: it will pass. More than likely U.S. troops will be fighting on three or four fronts throughout the world. Private corporations: weapon manufacturers; pharmaceutical companies; oil companies and other billion dollar behemoths will intervene on behalf of the United States on some 'Save a Ho' shit.  International corporations will be running the country behind the scenes much like they are now b.u.t. to a greater extent. Every elected official will be an outright employee of a said corporation, they will perform solely in the interest of said corporation. National and International business interest of these companies will become intensely privatized, and the U.S. Military will act on behalf of these Corporations. The consortium of corporations will secretly become the Military's Commander In Chief not the President.
Many social programs for the sick, elderly, and the segment of the population that is 'at risk' will be disregarded. 'Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps, Public Housing, Social Security, unemployment benefits and pensions will cease to be administered to the public. The middle class will be abolished do to economic attrition.  Everything will be a business and everyone will either be maginalized(exterminated) or a 'pure employee'. So called 'democratic government' will be an illusion. The U.S. will appear as a 'democracy', however the system of government will be a Corporate Totalitarian fascist regime in disguise. Some would argue that's how it is now! Now Cipher! Liberalism is still hanging around. Liberalism will be repressed and done away with upon the full collapse of the dollar.  After the Dollar collapses the country will bounce back and the U.S. economy will spit poisonous snake venom to the average citizen. Corporations will purchase all laws on the books, and revise them-meaning they will be 'legally' above the law. The U.S. Constitution and your bill of rights will go to the highest corporate bidder. All of this will happen in a fine midst before 2015. The average 85 won't even perceive the change.

Just my theory. Maybe everything will be all good!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Day Saddam Got Touched

George W. wanted Saddam-Saddam emphatically denied he had anything to do with 911 but since desert niggaz that looked like Saddam, pulled off 911, the U.S. made it their business to take out the most arrogant desert nigga they could find: Saddam Husein. 'Arab'? 'Iraqi'? Afghani? Same thing in George W's eyes. George W told Saddam, "I think you might got some WMD, so duck fucker!"

Bush also told Saddam to step down as Supreme Dictator of Iraq, and had the nerve to give him a deadline. Saddam refused, so Bush invaded his country!?! Can you imagine havin' your country's front door kicked in? George W hit the Iraqi people with a bombing campaign he so eloquently entitled 'Shock and Awe!' Next morning kids in Iraqi playgrounds were hopping around, playing soccer with one leg, little Iraqi girls were now writing on chalk boards with one arm because the other arm had been blown off as the result of   surgical air strikes by missles that were less than surgical.

They hit civillian 'targets', mistakely of course(wink), kinda like the death of seven year old Aiyana Jones when Detroit S.W.A.T. kicked in her family's front door. Many innocent civilian victims in Iraq-mainstream media can't show you that war, instead they show you footage of George W declaring the Iraqi war a victory from on board the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln after 4400 Americans lost their life. 'Oh movafuckin well'-such is the political sentiment. George got it done, the hard decisions, he attacked Iraq like that pitbul in Tuna Fish bitch. 'Get the evil doers'.

Those bombs made the sky light up like the forth of July. It was a Holiday for George senior, George W and Jeb-it was a good day at the office, especially if you're family pisses oil in Texas: "Yehaw! Welcome to Cowboy country nigger!"

George W, according to his 'reliable intelligence' said, Saddam had some gully ass weapons of mass destruction in the glove compartment of his Yellow H2 Hummer; Chemical tip missles; biological pathogens; nerve agents; yellow cake; and cruise missles. Colon Powel said Saddam had cruise missles! Shit!

George W. snitched to the U.N. in '02 like big headed Rico with the thick glasses and perm, eatin the Bannana in Belly. "I gotta drop a dime on them niggaz!"

Next thing you know Saddam has U.N. Weapons Inspectors looking through his Hummer with the K-9 unit, searching between the seats, glove comparments, dashboard, the rear of his vehicle, looking for WMD and turning up nuffin.

George W. was pissed and told the U.N. Weapons inspectors, "Look again! It's under the movafuckin passenger seat!"

"I don't have anything!" Saddam said like any nervous Iraqi pleading for his life at a routine traffic stop in Oaklahoma.  Saddam's voice sounded like a Clerk from the Middle East when his Seven Eleven is being robbed. His hands raised high in surrender, Saddam yells, "The safe is empty. Please don't shoot. No WMD!' No WMD!"

George W said, " You a Goddamn lie, you rag head bastard. If you want somethin' done right: do it yourself!" and George W went looking for WMD, tearing the Iraqi's Seven Eleven apart. Basically he wanted and excuse to kill the Iraqi store clerk behind the counter wearing the 'S. Husein' name tag.

"What do you mean you ain't got no movafuckin' NewPorts?" George W yelled pointing the gun at the terrified Iraqi dictator, threatening to empty the clip in his face. He'd been wanting to pull the trigger on this Camel Jockey since the first Gulf War in '91.

In 1998 they planned to rob Saddam's Seven Eleven, everybody knew he had oil, guns and ice cold slushies in the back storeroom. The Iraqi Liberation act of 1998 was drafted by the United States Congress favoring a regime change in 1998-duhh. Meaning the U.S. wanted Saddam gone since the first Iraqi war but in an official capacity since '98. Bill Clinton signed that bill into law while Monica was under the desk blowin' him. Movafuckuz had been wanting to knock Saddam out the box for a minute.

Bush and Blair had planned to invade Iraq regardless if Saddam had or didn't have weapons of mass destruction. It was a done deal. Their justification was what the U.N Weapons inspectors did not find: Weapons of Mass Destruction. Things like chemical ingredients for a VX nerve agent and other ingredients that should have been declared by Saddam to  U.N. Weapon Inspectors were missing. Saddam's scientist should have had these chemicals according to U.N. records but da chemical shit was unaccounted for, so Bush and Tony Blair kicked in Saddam's front door waiving the four four, lip synchin' to B.I.G..

Germany, Canada and Russia were against the invasion, because they felt diplomatic means could have been employed.

Bush ain't give a fuck about no Goddamn diplomacy he just wanted to bomb Bagdad. Imagine bombing Manhattan to kill a few dudes you didn't like-you're gonna get civilian casualties like a movafucka. George ain't give a fuck, he green-lighted that bombing campaign and now a cute little Iraqi girl has no legz. Correction: many cute lil Iraqi girls have no legz. Baby Phat Jean shorts are considered long pants in Iraq.

Koffi Anann told George W. "Yo dawg! What you're doin' is illegal son and the U.S. invasion is not in compliance with the U.N. Charter!"

George W told Koffi that he looks like the movafucka who played Grady on Sandford and Son. George W ain't give a fuck about a U.N. Charter.

"Charter these nutz!" Bush told Koffi.

Bush got the drop on Saddam and said, "Close your eyes Saddam. It won't hurt none!" And Bush's eyes filled with a cold lust for blood. 'Gee Dub' emptied the clip in Saddam's face.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why LeBron Will Never Be In The Conversation

Since he wore the number 8, I knew Kobe would be great. The question back in the day was, "How great?" In his early NBA days he was a definite 'gunner', Kobe would throw the rock up from half court or drive the lane and try to dunk on an entire team, now his game has mellowed and he has become more refined. As a young man him and Shaq and the Lakers won three NBA titles. Winning three titles is pretty amazing considering that Kobe and Shaq were never exactly the best of friends. Shaq went on to win a fourth ring with Miami and Kobe has since won two more with the Lakers. When discussing the greatest centers of all-times, Shaq's name will undoubtedly come up in the conversation, and when discussing the greatest NBA players of all time, Kobe's name will come up along with Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Larry Bird and of course Michael Jordan.
Last night I was reading Jordan's comments regarding LeBron's decision to go to Miami and Jordan said, "There is no way in hindsight, I would've ever called up Larry (Bird), called up Magic (Johnson) and said, 'Hey, look, let's get together and play on one team,'" Jordan stated this after a celebrity golf tournament in Nevada.
Jordan went on to say, "Things are different. I can't say that's a bad thing. It's an opportunity these kids have today. In all honesty, I was trying to beat those guys(Magic & Bird)."
Jordan transformed the financial landscape of the game of basketball into a high stakes game of grotesque salaries and mega endorsement contracts. Now young free agents are making the best financial moves for themselves instead of working on the effectiveness of their low-post moves. Essentially the motivations have changed: the love of the game is gone and has been replaced with a 'love of money' attitude. The distinctions between Michael Jordan and LeBron James are vast and their names don't belong in the same sentence honestly. Personally, I never liked when sports writers and the media compared the two players, it was a slap in the face to Mike. I take nothing away from LeBron, he is one of the most physically gifted ball players of all time-but the major distinction between him and other historical greats of the game rests in the heart. I will also go so far as to say Lebron's 'will to win' is not equal to other players in history. In my mind, Bosh, LeBron and Wade should win at least three NBA titles providing they all mesh chemistry wise as a team. There are still no guarantees, and a whole bunch of unknowns they'll have to contend with as a team.
The Boston series showed me a side of LeBron that I never knew existed: he quit, or took 15 vicadin before game 5 against the Celtics. He didn't just have a bad game, something else occurred. Kobe had a bad game 7 in the finals, but somehow found another way to assist in the overall winning effort.
As dominate as LeBron could have been in that game 5 of the Boston series, he gave little to no effort. None. Conspiracy theorist are calling game 5, 'JamesGate', questioning why was he looking at the time clock so much and seemingly completely disinterested in an NBA playoff game? I'm gonna have to agree with the sentiments of the conspiracy theorist to a certain extent. Why? Because what many of you don't know is that LeBron is born on the same day as Tiger: 'December 30th' and as you all know I'm an astrological Nazi to my heart and like Tiger-LeBron in my mind had a filthy affair that he kept everyone apart from. We don't know what that filthy affair was or is-we may never know, but something went down in Game 5 that caused him to play like he was at a YMCA pick-up game. Quite frankly, he looked like he was high. His performance in game 5 allowed the world to speculate as to his character. Never have I seen 'quit' in Magic's, Bird's, Kobe's, Russell's, or Jordan's eyes. Never! Jordan once dropped 37 with the stomach flu in a Championship game. LeBron is a great player talent wise, but he won't be in the conversation of NBA greats any time soon. In all fairness to Lebron James, I feel his best playing days are ahead of him and I'm sure he'll make the best out of it.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr: The Artistry of Angles

Besides replaying the World Championship games of Fischer and Spassky I've also replayed Gary Kasparov's and Anotoly Karpov's Championship matches. While replaying the nineteenth game of their 1985 World Championship Match I witnessed the two mental brawlers open with a Nimzo-Indian Defense: Three Knight variation and then watched as the board split like the Red Sea: plenty of space emerged; pieces subtlety threaten from odd angles; and Karpov gets his dome frozen on Kasparov's 39th move. It's a beautiful game to replay while sipping merlot or puffing some herb. The openness of their play allows an individual to see into the long term planning of Grand Masters. New ideas were interjected into old themes, streamlining and formatting vetted strategies and tactics. The variations they played on certain lines were as subtle as a virtuoso Violinist noticing a singular string is out of tune. He hears the string whine clumsily but yet the crowd believes his play to be flawless.
Supreme angles of play manifests a style of combinative harmony, well chosen lines, showing and proving that Grand Master level chess flows like the beauty of a Quranic ayat. The only thing that rivals the beautiful angles of Chess is the 'Sweet Science.' Ali dancing backward elegantly, touching a nigga's chin from angles that only Sugar Ray Robinson could detect. Then there are the virtuoso and maestro like performances such as when Bernard shut out Tarver like a Yankee Pitcher throwing a no-hitter. Such performances are rich in boxing: Jake Lamotta's legendary clashes with Ray Robinson. Who could ever forget the sheer terror of Iron Mike climbing in the ring in the mid 80's with old fashioned black boxing shoes, black trunks, no socks, bitting down like a pit bull on his mouth piece, slamming his gloves together, twitching his neck, wearing only a cut-out towel around his torso ready to destroy? Our greatest painters on Earth couldn't capture a moment that grand. When Mike Tyson fought in the mid 80's the electricity in the atmosphere was pervasive, it gave my grandfather and elderly uncles flashbacks to Joe Louis in his prime. It was the black holiday, simply known as 'The Tyson Fight'-and in every hood people would ask, "Did you see how hard he hit the nigga!?! Damn!"
The night Hagler and Hearns fought was the night they both became Patron Saints of Courage and spit on the shameful life and legacy of every coward living and dead with the drama of their eight minute war? Marvin and Tommy composed and orchestrated a beautiful symphony, fighting arguably the greatest three rounds in Boxing History. Marvin gave Tommy the business that night. Hearns was valiant, determined, and truly believed he'd be victorious. Marvin didn't knock out Tommy Hearns that night but Marvelous Marvin Hagler knocked down Tommy's will and only a shell of Tommy Hearns remained. He collapsed like a Raggedly Anne doll and his eyes slowly rolled to the back of his head like two marbles. Both men fought like Kings and Tommy was check mated.
I'm not calling the outcome of Floyd and Manny, I'd rather just witness the splendor of the angles-angles like Kasparov spotted when he pushed his white Queen to c7 on the 42nd move of the nineteenth game of the 1985 World Championship Match against Karpov. I appreciate the artistry of angles from which punches are thrown, how each misses or lands like the click clack of pieces in a game of speed chess where rooks, knights, bishops, pawns and queens wildly gun for the king like a defensive line blitzinng a quarterback. It's beautiful indeed.

We may not get to see the angles of Pacquiao's punches or Floyd's evasive genius if Floyd refuses to sign. Mayweather's doing a Lebron imitation. He's making the Boxing world wait for trillions. The purse is supposed to be split 50-50, drug testing issues have been resolved but I have a feeling that Floyd doesn't like the 50/50, purse-split numbers. Why? Because Floyd is the piece with the magnetic in it when it comes to Pay Per view gate numbers-not Pacquiao.
Indeed, I want to see the fight like anyone else but I'm not going to sit up at home and wait for Floyd's signature. He's in control of the terms of the Pacquiao fight right now and it is Mayweather's chess game to play.
Wade, Bosh and Lebron are going to do their advocated Basketball thing like Jebus, Salim and Oriel founded Jerusalem next season and that's peace but Chess and Boxing however, represent the reality of coming to North America 'by yourself' and listening to jazz for the first time.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tell Us Would You Hope To Live To See The Day When Your Child Support Payments Stop?

Child Support has been a hump, a grind, a sacrifice, and a whole lotta steadfastness. Was I the best father? Now Cipher! I taught my son how to fight, how to play ball, how to be aware when bullshit is about to jump off and to never participate in running a train on a chick cause the little nasty freak might scream rape and all y'all niggaz might land in jail. I taught him how to dig to the body and rip a punch to the head. Did I teach him 120? His old Earth wasn't having it and specified to the Judge that the 5 Percent is a cult during divorce proceedings. My ex has a Bachelors, Masters and a PH.D and those are the only degrees she advocates that my son take under cap. If he ever decides he wants to deal with Supreme math-it'll be his choice to make as an adult and I'll be right here for 'em. My seed will be Knowledge Build in about two months, he has Graduated High School and my mandated monthly payments will soon end. I can proudly say that as a father I was not a financial dead beat, never got in arrears and as a matter of fact I have a credit of over payment that should take me up until his born day. Damn it's been a grind indeed!!!(Wipe sweat from brow).

Me an my ole dad were talking about his child support stories with my mom, when he brought up our cousin who got this chick in her wisdom ciphers pregnant and he's like power power years old, and she straight took him down for child support without blinking. My Ole dad said that my cousin should have gotten cut(vesectomy). I don't agree with him, no doctors are touching my balls. I could not imagine still being on a Child Support grind and I'm well into my 60's. That sounds like a horror movie more than a life. The babies are the greatest b.u.t. they're expensive as well. I write this not to discourage people from having seeds, because it is important that you add on, b.u.t. make sure the relationship is strong and solid before you embark upon bringing a life into the world.

Do I advocate child support? Personally, I think it's a new form of slave catching, however 85 niggaz and some 'lit professing God niggaz who can't feed their own seeds' will try to shirk their duty once the thrill of the juicy pussy dries up and it's time to take care of that baby-so in those instances: child support is unfortunately necessary. Some niggaz try to add on with a pair of sneakers, pampers or an outfit here and there but that's a bullshit con. I've been paying a Hummer and Escalade payment every month for years and that's bullshit too. In all reality it's three sides to the Child Support story: Man; Woman; and Child.

If you get too far in arrears they will lock your ass up without hesitation. I've seen niggaz do mad tricks: try to get joint custody- count calendar days for visitation to off set paying and do everything in their power to get out of paying increases or whatever. It is truly a Philly Street fight that many go through. My philosophy was just to take my lumps and keep it movin'. When my son came to visit me one summer I was still paying his mama Child Support for the two months he was here. It is an unfair system indeed, because I could've used that money for him while he was here.

Some women deny the father visitation, put pins in the baby's head about their father, and do everything possible to spite the memory of the Ole Dad. Shit is real in the battlefield of Family Court.

In 18 years me and my ex-wife have been to court twice, and that's a small number in comparison to some. The amount was agreed upon and I never went back to fight an increase or ask for a reduction or play some calendar joint custody game. I said "Fuck It!" and grinded it out. I'm so use to that chunk of money coming out of my earnings I don't know what I'm gonna do with that free space opening up in my life. Save more! I'm culture knowledge, I'm still a young man who looks young and I could easily make another baby but I don't think having another infant is my path at this time in life, not to mention that this is a very ugly world. I know people with a lot of children, ranging from babies to grown seeds and it's a beautiful thing indeed. If I was to have another baby I'd be over equality cipher years of age when the child is knowledge build and I don't really desire that for myself or for the child. If that's something you desire for yourself then by all means go for it! The babies are indeed the greatest.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Book Review: Earth Izayaa Allat

One of the greatest virtues in being a creator is sharing with other great minds of the time who born their own creations. It is like Che when he met different revolutionary leaders from the countries he visited or like Fidel, who til this day, maintains a close friendship with Gabriel Garcia Marquez, writer of the Latin American masterpiece One Hundred Years of Solitude. In my world of humble apartment living in New York City, creating as the True and Living Earth, it has been of great pleasure to meet and share with minds of my time. Whether it was the time I met Booker T. Coleman at Juice Bar and we discussed his lecture on how the Crusades was truly a violent race for the accumulation of sugar, the newly discovered drug of the white man, or seeing and briefly talking to Assata Shakur, while in Cuba, about life in exile and her revolutionary activities in the great island-country. Of most pleasure has been engaging in conversations and/or builds, whether virtually or in person, with the great Gods and Earths of this time. One such person is the DaGod Emblem. His builds and writings have truly added on to the real of the known. This God is definitely one of the great conceptualists of this time. His latest novel is one that you cannot put down once you’ve started on its journey. It will make you crack up like you haven’t laughed in years, feel angry, frustrated, and it will teach you information that you have not learned before.

Written through the perspective of its two main characters: Tranquility and Infinite, the reader is introduced to an added element within the writing never before included into a creative project; that of the urban subculture of the Nation of God and Earth. It is through this framework that one sees how each character develops through the story, with its underlying theme of Love. The dialect of the culture adds-on and enriches the cleverness in the writing. The many expressions from several of the characters indirectly teach the reader what the knowledge of self is about. It provides a general view of the teachings, how its members talk, and how it informs their lifestyles. It blends well in all the other layers within the story of so-called African-American culture beautifully captured in Emblem’s writing.

Sketches of Tranquility provides a creative forum of expression that enables the reader to connect, at varying levels, to the situations and/or characters of the story. For women it can become a story not too foreign from their own lived experience. For its female main character, it is the battling between success in the white-minded world and its contradictions with what she’s been taught to be as a righteous Black woman. Is she embodying more of the white man’s nature by getting her law degree and living on her own, rather than living out her nature as the true and living Earth, who is the Mother of civilization? It is this contradiction, as it is brought to her attention as a form of mental abuse by the male main character that becomes one of Tranquility’s battles with him. Mother than an independent woman, Tranquility is an expert in mastering both the grafted world (by extracting an expertise that will bring her financial security and serves as a way to help original peoples) and her world of truth embodied by her mother, sisters, and Infinite, whom she wants nothing more but his upliftment. She’s a woman that has it all together: a successful schooling career, a job in her field of study, a tight-knit family, knowledge of herself, and the ability to inspire. Infinite is the archetype of what most men in urban United States go through. Falling victim to savage passion and his inability to properly activate his talents were some of his struggles. Knowing the white man’s traps (i.e. more Black woman in college than Black men), he rather deals with his reality by attacking his black woman and trusting a female devil in providing him artistic guidance. His defeat and loss of power is felt all throughout this amazingly written novel.

This has been one of the most powerful stories I’ve read in quite sometime. Peace, Earth Izayaa Allat

Friday, July 9, 2010

Statistical Probability And A 'Chance' To Clean Himself Up:

We've all heard stories that 'The Father' shot dice, we know that 'V' in our Supreme Alphabet stands for 'Victory', meaning to win, and there is also the conceptualization of 'Luck' found within the wisdom build in the knowledge to culture the cipher in it's reference to a 'Lucky Mother'. The Born degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture Builds on the idea that we gave the devil a 'Chance' to clean himself up: What are the odds of the Devil cleaning himself up? Well according to the understanding culture degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher all the prophets have tried to reform him devil, but were unable, so they have agreed that it could not be done! If we study the forgone conclusion of the prophets in the understanding culture degree there is a zero percent chance that the devil will not be reformed. Wow! Even gangsta ass Muhammad gave it a shot in the born degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture, and by the time the knowledge cipher degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture rolls around Muhammad is fed up and taking heads.

Hypothetically: Suppose the prophets knew that there was no chance to reform him/ devil ahead of time? Musa would not have had a hard time, Jesus would not have gotten buried there, Muhammad would not have given the devil a chance to clean himself up and the devils expiration date would have been moved up a few thousand years I'm sure. It's all mathematics black baby.

Words like 'odds'; chance; and 'probability' all fall within the realm of mathematics. Those who can count cards in Vegas have been banned from casinos in North America. In all reality someone who is a true mathematician is a threat to any Casino, providing he can play said game. One of the filthy affairs that the devil keeps us apart from is 'statistical' knowledge. This mathematical branch is used against the average person, much like Casinos stack the deck against players on a casino floor playing slots, roulette, poker, shooting craps and black jack etc....

The 10 percent stack the deck against the average citizen in such a way that they make it mandatory to carry a form of auto insurance in every state in North America and with Health Care reform, soon you will be required to pay into governmental health care like taxes. Indeed, if someone hits my cee Allah rule it is good to know that I'm covered and that they're covered, B.U.T. think about it: you're betting on a negative outcome and in the event of such an outcome that you will be provided for. So by betting on a negative outcome, a financial safety net is provided. So much for thinking positive hence the idea of 'devil civilization'.

Death is of course inevitable- 'death' has always been a booming business for undertakers and insurance companies. You pay into a pool and the bet is guaranteed that you will die. It's not really a bet but it's a truth. Why? Because you are definitely going to die sooner or later. When will you die? How will you die? Where will you die? What will you die of? Are all questionable variables. Insurance companies know these variables will solve themselves like an organic polynomial. Statistically it is shown and proven that everybody dies. Nearly everybody from a little over a hundred years ago is no longer alive-this means more than likely you will have less than one hundred trips around the sun, regardless if your 5percent, 10 percent, 85 percent, vegan or meat eater. Insurance companies do the mathematical knowledge. They know in the event that when you die, providing you die under the stipulated rules specified in said insurance policy that they must make good on said policy, however the nature of the mathematical scam is to make sure payment from all general policy holders is consistent, finacially massive and dwarfs all possible payout amounts. They do the knowledge to past percentages and peep trends. Using the root of all sciences which is mathematics they understand the probability of an event by the number of favorable outcomes over the number of total outcomes. It's that simple: for all state lotteries; for all health, life, and auto insurance policies; for all casinos; for all sporting events; and for every stock on Wall Street-the formula stands true for the 10 percent: The number of favorable outcomes over the number of total outcomes and they blood suck your 'all being born black ass' until you return back to essence.

Probability is one of the core sciences of the 10 percent and is why they are in truth-the rich slave makers of the poor. The Number of favorable outcomes over the number of total outcomes is the mathematical model of what are called 'ratios'. The understanding culture degree borns the idea of 'one to every eleven' or how the understanding wisdom states 'less than one third that of...?' These are 'ratios' and with a history of ratios in the 10 percent's social Koran they can predict an event or an outcome. The understanding degree states "he didn't care about the poor part"-this was a mistake on behalf of the original man. Musa attempting to civilize the devil and having a hard time was a full blown mistake; Jesus' nice guy routine was a mistake; Muhammad attempting to clean up the devil with the help of an Emblem of Justice was a mistake. Not caring about the poor part was a 'ball', but the attempts of the prophets represents the consumate 'three strikes': Prophets struck out! But how does God Win? First of all, don't make the mistakes of the semetic prophets, because you can't reform him-devil. Are we talking about white people as devils? Historically: Yes Sir! B.u.t. now-a-day are we still talking about white 'people'? Emphatically now cipher! The devil Now-a-day is the probability that you will have a life that is based on hard times, nakedness and out of doors. Is this a derivative of a real devil? Indeed! A proper use of Mathematics is the only thing that is going to get you into 'Peace and Happiness in the very near future.'

Musa had a hard time civilizing the devil, b.u.t. the hard time he had is nothing in comparison to taking your own devil into heel or hell in the very near future. Murdering your own devils and the devils that are on your planet is paramount to you hoping to live to see the day. The mathematics of the probability of you becoming a failure, a loser or a social casuality is the new "Then why did God make devil?" So show forth your power God and Earth.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tracking Supreme Movement In a Polynomial Equation

Variables are indeterminate values, 'Polynomial' is an expression in mathematics that contain indeterminates. The importance of variables or indeterminates is that they allow us to place values on persons, places or things that we may not immediately understand. Also Polynomials have provision for values that are 'constant'(constants) found within the scope of polynomials. Polynomials are not infinite in expressions which shows and proves that in terms of living mathematics that they manifest in the paremeters of True I Master Equality. Basic arithmetic is employed in finding the answer to a given polynomial expression as well as following the exact algebraic order of operations or 'movement to find the solutions to a given equation.

X^2 -12x -28=0. The rule for showing and proving a polynomial equation is to set it equal to cipher- setting it equal to cipher is analyzing all the ideas in the cipher. All the ideas and thoughts are the actual values in the polynomial equation itself which manifest as your cipher. Remember: when solving a polynomial, set it equal to a cipher, similar to the idea of 'a year to every mile' found in the knowledge degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher: x^2 -12x -28=cipher.
Factoring must go from knowledge to born from the leftside, meaning you need the factors of negative wisdom build that add to negative knowledge wisdom which is negative knowledge culture and positive wisdom.
*Philosophical Prerogative of Your cee.
*What is negative wisdom build?
(Take it to any degree that you feel is relative to wisdom build, draw it up, preserve the jewel for yourself and keep it moving. The actual algebraic steps are right and exact, and how Gods and Earths traditionally deal with creative cee's relative to degrees remains in tact thus maintaining the integrity of I-God culture.)
*What is negative knowledge wisdom unknown?
( *Extracting and excercising philosophical pregative opens up an intuitive window in traditionally logical mathematical functions. How Allah taught us to open up Numbers is the Key to Self and World Elevation) Back to Math:

Factoring from the leftside we get negative knowledge culture and positive wisdom. As we continue the process we get the unknown minus knowledge culture times the uknown plus wisdom or (x-14)(x+2). *Pause: Peer into the parenthesis and look at relative degrees in knowledge wisdom cipher, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math. Take time out to find Jewels as you excersise the legitimate order of actual mathematical operations. Back to the Math.
(x-14)(x+2) though a multiplication symbol is not present the two sets of parenthesis are indicators that the idea of multiplication is in fact healthy and strong in this arangement. Remember when this initial polynomial was set to cipher-Well after it's factored, it gets renewed and reset to equal a cipher again. (x-14)(x+2)=0. This arrangement implies that one or the other set of parenthesis show and prove the cipher. Next step: We must keep it in mind that the initial polynomial equation borns to the cipher as well as the secondary element of the equation:
x-14=0 add knowledge culture to both sides of the first equation:
x-14= 0
{The unknown is knowledge culture or x=14}
Subtract wisdom from both sides of the second equation:
x + 2 =0
- 2 - 2
{The unknown is negative wisdom or x=-2}
The solution to the polynomial is {x=14, -2}

What is most peace about this idea is tracking the movement of the indeterminant unknown in the equation relative to what is constant in the equation. When we examine knowledge wisdom cipher, Supreme Math and Supreme Alphabet our degrees open up and we can begin to link coherant socio/political/cultural ideas that correlate. For instance: if we examine the answer to the above polynomial we can ask ourselves how is the unknown equal to knowledge culture relative to the unknown also being equal to negative wisdom. As I do the knowledge I cee what is the meaning of MGT, which is in fact a Positive aspect of knowledge culuture. How is it relative to negative wisdom? What is a negative wisdom? She is a woman who has lost the knowledge of herself and is living a beast life.
{14, -2}

Variables In Function Versus Variables Indeed

'Variable' comes from the Arabic word 'Say', and Old English took 'Say' and turned the Arabic word 'Say' into 'Sei'-pronounced 'xei'. As time past 'xei' eventually became 'X'. In a standard algebraic equation the 'x' represents an unknown quantity.
x^2 -12x- 28 =0
(x - 14) (x + 2) = 0
x - 14 =0 x - 2 = -2
+ 14 +14. x = -2
{14, -2}
Following the standard methods of solving a basic polynomial equation allows you to cee into the unknown value of the 'x'. In a mathematical expression a variable such as 'x' can also denote a function. 'fx' is used to indicate a calculus function. How are basic mathematical ideas applied to life indeed?

What has been on my mind as of late is the four dimensional linear expression of these ideas in 'real time' and how they are mathematically relevant to the individual? Everything in life can be described mathematically and everything in the universe can be described in mathematical terms. 'Function' is what and how something works. Behind the face value of function there is also the variable of 'y'. Throughout the history of my writing, there is no idea that fascinates me more than the 'unknown' and the 'why', both of which can be found in the Supreme Alphabet, which leads me to the idea that our math is designed to apply constants and variables. There is an 'unknown' and a 'why' to every event in reality. My Earth hit me with an original idea: 'an unknown within an unknown or a why within a why' (Xx+Yy). That idea had me laying back thinking even deeper into the comparisons and contrasts of a 'living' equation versus a standard linear equation solved on paper.

The mind is programmed to deal with the unknown. The knowledge understanding manifest that 'They continue daily to teach the 85 percent that all they cee and hear such as rain, hail, snow and Earthquakes comes from that Mystery God that no-one will be able to cee until he dies...' This phrase in the knowledge to understanding degree shows and proves that faulty programming is used to teach and keep the 85 percent's mind a slave from mental death. The 10 percent teach the 85 percent to deal with the unknown by psychologically projecting a mystery God above their heads. It's actually a quite clever idea which finds it's basis in 'magic'-it's called 'misdirection'. Misdirection is the key to magic or trick-knowledge. The hand becomes quicker than the eye. For everything that one does not know and for everything that one does not understand-a Mystery God becomes that psychologically projected embodiment of this trick which is based on misdirection. Things happen that appear to be beyond an individual's control in life, and the consciousness of a human being is taught to place a human omniscient personification of the unknown into the sky-'only God knows' or 'God works in mysterious ways'.

Religion is the package deal and is sold to the human family, similar to how a used car is sold to a prospective buyer. The used car salesman polishes the car up, tapes the bumper on it, sprays air freshner in the car and the 85 percent buy the car on face value. All Mystery God Religion is similar to that lemon sold by a used car salesman. 85 percent refuse to see the fact that religion is bogus, because they've been taught 'Faith' as a method of dealing with the 'unknown and why' variables of their lives. 'Faith' is essential to the con of religion and is the oldest confidence scheme.

I personally think that their is a reason behind all 'Unknowns' and all 'Why's'. That 'reason' is the Self-'yourself'-no mystery. The human being is participating in a singular reality, in which all Energy is ultimately 'One'. The perception of difference, separation and distinction fuels what appears to be the Drama. All 'unknowns' and why's are nothing more than YOU HAPPENING TO YOU; I AND I ; ONE LOVE. Their is no social/psycho Mystery God rationale to your life in the religious sense-this is why religion fails to explain anything scientific because it incorrectly explains the unknowns and why's of life. In True I Master Equality consciousness experiences an infinitude of qualities with no ending. This Self awareness becomes detached through religion and awakened in Knowledge of Self.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NGE Research Team Awarded Grant Money For Gulf Clean Up Effort

On May 15th, 2010, after nearly a month of oil being spewed into the Gulf of Mexico several government grants were offered to scientific research teams around the world to find solutions and methods to stop the oil leak and to clean up the oil spill. The grant amount has been estimated at 75 million dollars. The God, Almighty Scientific Mind Allah composed a grant proposal, sent it to the FEMA Grant Review Board who are the financial administrators of the grant. After reviewing Almighty Scientific's proposal a portion of the grant was awarded to the God. The amount of the award money totaled $2,000,000.

Soon after he was awarded the grant, him and a team of Gods were sent to Washington D.C. to meet with Government engineers and BP officials to brief them on how to stop the oil leak and clean up the oil spill in the Gulf. The following are the minutes from that meeting:

Dr. Pamela Landy, Governmental Scientist and spokesperson:

"Welcome gentlemen, as you know we are in the midst of one of the most devastating ecological events in the history of our planet. When we here at FEMA read your proposal we were very impressed as well as curious as to your methods, ideas and solutions. Needless to say we look forward to learning more about your rather unconventional methods to solve this problem. Thank You!"

Charles Schwartz: Deputy Director of Gulf Oil Production For BP-

"Good morning Gentlemen. I'd like to say on behalf of BP, that we at BP will give you all the assistance possible to implement your ideas. We look forward to working with all of you."

Almighty Scientific Mind Allah: Leader of NGE Gulf clean up research team-

"Peace, The nature of mathematics is to find solutions and that's what the other Gods and myself are here for: to find solutions."

Dr. Pamela Landy asks question-

"Last night I read your proposal and it's absolutely amazing. The chemical equation on page 31 is absolutely breathtaking and beyond my mathematical depth. Could you please explain what is 'O/15+ I/9+ L/12=9'? Is it an ecological chemical equation of some sort?"

Self Is Allah-Advisor for NGE Gulf clean up team-

"Peace My name is Self Is Allah, I rest in Medina. The math is mad simple, but being as you all are only dealing with six ounces of grafted brain power I see why you ain't drawing it up: You can't draw that wisdom up above equality, because of the grafted brain you're dealin' wit. Let me explain: The 'cipher' is the knowledge power and the 'I' is Born and Love Hell and Right is knowledge wisdom. When you draw all that up it shows and proves that 'OIL' is what? 'Understanding Equality'! Which is all being born to what? Born! You gotta know that 'Born' makes things complete and when you know and understand that 'born' means to be complete-you can completely clean up the 'oil' spill! Peace!"

Dr. Pamela Landy-

"The branch of mathematics that you gentlemen are dealing with is completely out of my depth as a scientist. So are you saying that 'O' represents an oxygenized component?"

Pure Mathematics Allah-Chief Scientific Officer: NGE Gulf Clean Up Research Team:

"Indeed grafted lady-you gettin it. The cipher shows and proves knowledge power which is cipher but it can also stand for 'Oxygen' if you want it to. Keep studying white lady and you gonna learn to do like the Original man before you know it. Peace."

Dr. Pamela Landy-

"So is 'I' in representation of an isotope?"

Pure Mathematics Allah-NGE Gulf Research Team.

"'Isaa-what?' Now cipher! Pay attention. Yall white people ain't doin' the knowledge!! 'I' is for 'I Self Lord And/Am Master. Some Gods say 'And' and some Gods say 'Am'. Personally I say 'Am' because my lessons come from first born Sha Sha. This 'Issa-bullshit' yall grafted devils is talking about is the reason why yall dumb ass, six ounces of grafted brain movafuckuz is fuckin' shit up to begin with. Yall cut an artery in the Earth-the Earth is the what? Black Woman! Yall movafuckuz at BP cut my Earth's throat and now she's bleeding. I should whoop your punk ass white boy!"

Meeting Minutes: Pure Mathematics is pointing and yelling at Charles Schwartz, Deputy Director of BP oil production and threatening to take his head. Mr. Schwartz is scared.

Dr. Pamela Landy-

"Gentlemen! Gentlemen!! let's just calm down. I know that your passionate about this ecological issue but cooler heads must prevail."

Meeting Minutes: Pure Mathematics and Charles Schwartz have both taken theirs seats and calmed down.

Almighty Scientific Mind Allah: Leader of NGE Gulf Clean Up Research Team-

"Before we even take the Oil clean up from Knowledge to Born-when do we get the check? We need gold to truly put Allah's Mathematics into full effect!"

Meeting Minutes: Members from NGE Gulf Clean Up team concur with Almighty Scientific Mind's remark by yelling "Peace...Indeed...Y Equal Self...Word is Bond and 'True dat'?"

Dr. Pamela Landy-(Pamela Landy opens folder)-

"Gentlemen we have the first installment of the grant money: A check for $750,000"

Meeting Minutes: Pure Mathematics Allah appears to be very excited, he stood up and is walking around the board room and appears to be crying tears of joy.

" Oh Shit! Oh shit!! That'z what da fuck I'm talkin' bout God! Cash Rules Everything Around Me: Cream get the Money dollar dollar bill yaaaaaalllllll. I grew up on the crime side the New York Time side, stayin' alive was no Jive, wore second hands, moms bounced on Old Man and then we moved to Shaolin Land..." Word Life my movafuckin nigga, I'm gettin a movafuckin Yukon when we get back to Medina Son!!! Yall gotta check cashing place 'round dis bitch?!?"

Almighty Scientific Mind Allah-

"Fuck a check cashing place. We gotta cash this shit at a Bank God!"

Meeting Minutes: NGE Gulf Research Team agrees with Almighty Scientific Mind Allah's suggestion that they should cash the grant Check at a bank.

Self Is Allah-NGE Gulf Research Team-

"I ain't got I.D. plus I got warrants for traffic tickets!"

Dr. Pamela Landy- Governmental Adm. FEMA-

"Gentlemen we need to really focus and narrow down a time table as to when your clean up efforts will begin and also a list of industrial equipment that you gentlemen will be needing for the clean up."

Pure Mathematics-NGE Gulf Research Team-

"That's a dumb ass question white lady. Go to the dollar store, get some mops, rags, 50 rolls of them Brawny Paper towels, Comet cleanser, bleach, pet soap for da oily ducks and a whole lotta buckets bitch!"


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

White People

In 1969 I was born into the Nation of Islam and as a child I attended the University of Islam on Broad and Susequehanna in Philly. My name was Brother William 81x and like any young child who learns something new, I needed confirmation. So everytime I saw a white person I'd ask my mama, "Mama is that Yacob's grafted Devil, skunk of the planet Earth?" No matter where we were at: my mom's job; the grocery store; or at the doctor's office-I had to ask: "Mama is that Yacob's grafted Devil, skunk of the Planet Earth?"

Briefly we moved to a white neighborhood, and my mom let me play in the backyard oneday, and three or four little white kids stood just beyond the fence and my crazy ass had a kaniption. I screamed, "Devil!" over and over again at the top of my lungs. My mom had to come get my ass from the backyard because I was havin' an Asiatic fit. Once my Ole Dad took me for Thanksgiving to visit my relatives on his side of the family that lived in Bellevue Maryland. My Aunt Estelle had a picture of a White Jesus hanging over the mantle on the dinning room wall and while everyone was eating, I pointed out to my Aunt Estelle, Cousin Joe and several other family members that a 'Blue eyed devil' was hanging on the wall. It was a large family gathering, they were small town black folks that didn't know nuffin' or even care about the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. What I said shocked the shit out of their country asses to such the degree that they paused while chewing their food and their eyes got wide because Little Emblem had called their white Lord and Saviour a 'blue eyed devil'.

When I was young My mother cut out rectangular shapes from yellow construction paper and tacked them to my bedroom walls. My mother: Linda 13x, used a thick black magic marker to write down various aspects of the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad on the construction paper. One of the paper rectangular cut-outs had Yacob's name written on it, identifying him as the one who grafted the devil. I couldn't quote the wisdom build degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher at the time and I understood nothing about 'grafting' per se, but what I did put together in my third eye is that this Big Headed monster named Yacob stuck long, long needles in the heads of kids. I didn't know why he killed da kids, cause da Emblematic one luh da kids but what I did know is that I wanted no parts of Yacob and them goddamn needles.

"Why he wanna kill da kids?" I thought to myself. I was only 4 or 5 at the time but the thought of Yacob 'getting me' in the dark was completely terrorfying. Damn right I peed the bed, because I knew for sure Yacob was in that movafuckin' dark hallway waitin' wit a needle if I decided to take my ass to the bathroom.

Do white people or the children of Yacob scare me now-a-day? They send me threatening letters called bills from time to time: at least one bill a day. Sometime they're pretty good at stressing me out to the point that I gotta stop and take a deep breath from time to time. At my place of employment, all but one of my supervisors is white and they're always up to no-good, or maybe it's just my imagination? Naw-they're always up to no-good. I'm very direct with white people-I listen to them in employment situations, relegate them to the official capacity in which they occupy in my cipher and leave it at that. You can be as Asiatic as you want to be but you gotta do trading with white folks to some extent in North America so it's necessary we be wise when doing so.

People are doors, when you open a door you have altered the course of your life and so it is with white people: it's some tricky shit behind the closed doors of their social equality.

My Old dad taught me how to shoot guns at an early age, but as an adult I've practiced shooting and still practice shooting with white people from time to time. A redneck taught a class I took regarding firearm safety which was mandatory to qualify for my gun license. Learning to objectively acquire a skill-set that white people possess is important for growth and development. As Original People we would be kidding ourselves if we thought white people could not teach us a thing or two. White people have had their hands on the stearing wheel of civilization for thousands of years, soley because they've sacked and pillaged the greatest libraries of the ancient world. When you learn from white people it should be done with the idea in mind that you're taking Jerusalem back-so take it back.

I commend all college graduates with knowledge of self because at some point they had to listen intently and think critically about what some random white person in history said, did or wrote.

An ignorant ass movafucka once mentioned to me that Calculus, and Algebra is White People math and it ain't the Math that 'Da Father Allah' taught. When the brother said that it sickened me. His ignorance was literally mind numbing. All branches of math originate with original civilizations. The pyramids show and prove a supreme mastery of trigonometry. White people learned all these branches of math after they crawled out of the caves of Europe and learned to stand upright. Shortly thereafter, only a few thousand short years had elapsed, before White People had literally applied the knowledge of mathematics to such the degree that they launched a rocket ship to the moon. That is a lesson in mathematical acheivement and applications that all Original People need to stand up and take note of.

Everyday NASA deals with Solar facts-not the solar facts from your Book of Life or Wikepedia but complex facts that calculate thrust, vector, magnitude, speed, mass, gravity and trajectory to put those satlelites up in orbit so that you can have 3G nationwide coverage for your IPhones and BlackBerries.

Science and Math have allowed white people to literally go to heaven while niggaz on Earth still prayin' to that mystery God, and kissin his ass to get into heaven.

White people rule because of trick knowledge but also like most children they are very adventurous and extremely curious. The Original People of Tibet have climbed Mount Everest for centuries, but ain't no 'Nigga-Nigga', Detroit, or Cleveland Nigga ever climbed that shit. White boyz get hyped over Everest: "Let's get a Keg of beer and climb Everest dude!!!!"

And his partner will scream back at him "Fuck yeeeaaah Dude I'm friggin psyched!!"

Any God with degrees on cap will tell you that Mount Everest is 29,141 ft. high but he ain't tryna climb that movafucka.

White people are like bad ass little kids with a whole lot of energy, and Black People are like old ass babysitters fallin' asleep on a couch watchin TV. I use to play with the eyelids of my babysitter when she fell asleep. She'd doze off watchin' M.A.S.H. and I'd use both thumbs to pull that old lady's eyes open and she still couldn't see me.

Black people dozed off and that bad ass little white kid we agreed to babysit for 6000 years spilled oil all over the movafuckin' Gulf floor.
White people get into shit and that's good and bad. 'Experimenting with high explosives' is a deep ass equation in our lessons regardless if the experiment occurs in thought or in deed; by Original People or White People.