Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Religious and Cultural Islam Weighed

When analyzing religion around the world it presents an extremely dynamic spectrum of global forces. A devout Sunni Muslim may be one of the most religious individuals on the Planet Earth. A devout Sunni follows the Sunnah(Way) of the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). If said Sunni is radicalyzed he may take you to war at the drop of a hat for what he 'believes' is right and exact. Religion similar to love can invoke extreme passion. Can an individual become as passionate about Islam in a secular cultural capacity?

What is the secular culture of Islam? It is Islam without the rituals, voiding the ritual and preserving the substance of what is behind the ritual. It should be noted that not accepting or performing the obligatory rituals according to the mandates of the religion of Islam would classify an individual cultural practitioner of Islam as a Kafir(Disbeliever). Religion draws lines of distinction quicker than culture does, particularly in terms of 'believer' and 'non believer'. The religion of Islam completely rejects Fard as Allah in person, such is the gravest sin (shirk). Shirk in Islam is defined as setting up partners with Allah. Farrakhan teaches in defense of Elijah and Fard; God and Earth scream "There is no Mystery God". The religion of Islam doesn't substantiate or validate such claims. Ultimately a Cultural Islamic position implies that validation from those that are Religiously Islamically oriented are not in need of validation.

The Nation of Islam is officially considered a 'religious entity'. The N.O.I. is structured in such a way from the top down and from the bottom up in a religious fashion. N.O.I. perform Salat(obligatory prayer) and make duahs(intermittent prayers). Can prayer be found in secular Islamic culture? Indeed: 'Yes I fast and Pray Allah' is a phrase from the 'religious' text of knowledge wisdom cipher. Is 120 a religious text? Hmmmm?!?

What is Islamic scholarship from a religious context?

What is Islamic scholarship from a cultural context?

Islamic Scholarship from a religious point of view involves The Holy Quran(Hafiz'-memorization; Quaris-recitation) The Hadiths(Alams-Scholars) of the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) life, and Shariat(Islamic Jurisprudence-Muftis*, Clerics*, Imams* Maulanas*).

Islam as a culture places emphasis on the unjust social conditions for Original People, particularly in North America. Cultural Islam analyzes sociology, education, economics, and psychology as they relate to Black People in North America and is solution oriented, probing for answers to the unjust social situation original people deal with daily in North America and throughout the world. Cultural Islam in North America is deeply rooted in the religious message of Elijah Muhammad. However it is not until 'The Father' do we see the full emphasis of Islam coming into focus as a full blown predominantly North American urban 'subculture'. The religious motifs from the religion of Islam linger in the cultural context-from the black woman/Earth/MGT/Queen etc. covering in 3/4's, to the dietary rules of not eating swine, and the use of the name 'Allah' and the word 'muslim' in various places throughout the primary cultural/religious text of 120 are in fact religious carry overs . 'The Father' suggested that those who practice Islam in a Cultural context change their names Mathematical names in order that they not be confused with muslims steeped in the religious aspect of Islam.

Allah was the name of God in pre-Islamic Arabia however the name was amongst other names of deities in pre-Islamic polythiest Arabian society. We can thus conclude that the name of Allah manifested before the prophet Muhammad(PBUH). The religion of Islam makes the claim in the Quran that Adam, Ibrahim, Yacob, Moses, Jesus were all in fact muslims who worshiped Allah and all lived prior to Muhammad(PBUH). Muhammad(PBUH) is considered the seal of the prophets in that he gave this ideal of peace(Islam) and submission (Islam) a regulated, official form (Religion) to be practiced. This formation of Islam was given to the Arab first so that they could socially clean themselves up from their barbarous social stench. The Arab in Pre-Islamic Arabia was for all practical purposes uncivilized: stories of cutting out the hearts of their enemies, eating them, burying their daughters alive and other rituals are heinous acts that are well documented in Pre-Islamic Arabia. Collectively Arabian society dwelled in a non-progressive culture while Jews and Christians had already developed relatively sophisticated religious based civilizations principled upon monotheism. During this period the Arab had yet to distinguish themselves from the Polythiest.

"Why does Muhammad make the devil study from 35-50 years...." The Sunnah of the Prophet has just as many, if not more daily rituals than Masonry, Judaism, and Christianity. The Religion of Islam is something that someone could easily spend 35-50 years studying. The Quran alone has 6236 Ayats (verses) to be memorized and studied. Islamic Jurisprudence or the Shariat is as complex as the volumes of law books found in law libraries in the U.S.. Hadiths(sayings of the prophet) are analyzed to preserve the ideas of the Islamic Patriarch Muhammad similar to the Jews preservation of the stories of their patriarchs Moses Abraham Issac etc. in the Torah.

Remember: 'we'(original people) did trading with them(Arabs) and did not kill them as quick as we would the other devils (Jews or Bani Israel-Children of Yacob) who had not gone under this 'study'. That 'study' was the 'Religion' of Islam.

The Father's claim that he was Allah, and the Idea that Master Fard Muhammad is Allah in person are all religious claims. When the Word 'God' is in the sentence the conversation cease to be scientific or secular and quickly becomes 'religious'. Cultural Islam attempts to bridge the gap between religion and culture but collectively a lack of social cohesiveness causes Islam as a culture to essentially fail for now. Why? Original people are innately religious-not necessarily on the face value of obligatory duty to an unseen being(Angel/Mystery God/Spirit etc.) or ritual, but original people innately have a deep sense of God and a need to creatively express their love for God: mystery or otherwise. Original people's sense of God from an innate paradigm is what legitimizes our Cultural claims of Islam on an individual level in North America. Islam as peace; Islam as submission; or Islam as culture-original people are inextricably linked directly to God as either a mystery or the anthropomorphic ideal that this so-called God manifest as man or man manifesting as God. My theory is that Original people are innately connected to the idea of a Supreme Being subconsciously and the connection takes on a variation of expressions via world religions. If all religions ended by midnight new religions would form by dawn.

The Islamic world has very little, to no understanding of Islam in the West from a cultural standpoint and frankly they have little interest in accepting Allah in Person as Fard or 'The Father'. As a collective religious body, their understanding of Islam is in most cases irrationally passionate, such to the degree where the religion of Islam can at times violently critique a societies domestic or foreign policy by waging Jihad in the form of asymmetrical war(terrorism) in order to transform said social policy.

Not all muslims are terrorist and to assume such would be unfair but muslims have waged jihad and have succeeded in establishing historical and present day geographical strongholds in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran; Iraq; and millions of muslims live in China, West Africa, Pakistan and Asia. One billion seven hundred million muslims occupy the Planet Earth.

Where does the 'cultural Islamic' practitioner stand? I can only speak for myself: Be wise and examine Islam from as many points of view as you possibly can and most of all enjoy the study. Remain scientifically objective and your scientific objectivity will reward your study of Islam. Connect the dots from every aspect of Islam and ultimately you'll discover that Islam pertains to the science of everything in life.

Will the global divide between the religious and cultural aspects of Islam ever be bridged? In my opinion, No! The divide between Cultural Islam and Religious Islam can only truly be connected silently in the mind of the individual seeking the connection and consequently understood within the Self. Words will only create further division.

In my mind, Islam is 'REAL' Mathematics such as Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Combinatorics, Mathematical Analysis and the infinite number of mathematical branches yet to be discovered. Mathematics is Islam and Islam is Mathematics. Historically culture teaches us that a civilization will rise no higher than it's understanding of mathematics(Islam).



Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Did They Receive More Gold?: Jewelry

The wisdom born degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher ushers forth the idea of a 'Prison house'. I have always found that the wisdom born degree in the knowledge to understanding the equality and the wisdom born degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher have somewhat of a 'carrot-on a stick' relationship, in that an individual may find themselves in pursuit of more gold and end up building a prison house for themselves. Gold and steel are two metals mentioned in knowledge wisdom cipher and the wisdom build in the knowledge to understand the equality shows and proves that 'gold' like steel also has an attracting power . This is why gold was used by the devil to fool a muslim 379 years ago. It is the attracting power of 'promised Gold' that ultimately creates the financial prison houses in our lives.
Gold triggers the internal notion of 'Want'-many of us 'want' something, a certain type of car; fame; fortune; homes; stylish clothes; and other luxury items. Interestingly enough the wisdom born degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher shows us another ideal: "when one fell victim to the law the penalty was death and was enforced on everyone who fell a victim". Many fall victim to 'Wanting'-wanting' can be looked at as a grafted snake that lived to sting someone else. 'Want' is contagious and like a snake, 'want' will strike like an airborne pathogen, infecting someone else and that 'someone else' can be 'you'. Another aspect of 'want' is that 'want' is neither healthy or strong, in fact 'Wanting' is similar to cancer, and ultimately consumes the mind, body and essence. The penalty for 'want' is mental death and enforced on everyone who falls a victim to 'want'.

Yacob was successful in all his undertakings because he was ultimately an undertaker himself. He dug graves by virtue of his rules and regulations: black babies, brown babies and yellow babies are buried there in Patmos as the result of laws mentioned and laws which are not mentioned. To reveal Yacob's secret warranted death for those who lived on the Isle of Patmos. Did the populace of Patmos outside of Yacob's quasi masonic body of Doctors, Ministers, Nurses and Cremators understand that he was deliberately murdering members of the general population solely because they did not meet Yacob's specifications of color? Emphatically No! They did not know. He kept them apart from his aforementioned filthy affair.

Infantcide: Yacob by virtue of his rules, regulations and laws not mentioned raised the infant mortality rates on Patmos drastically-to such the degree that knowledge seeds(Dark skinned Individuals) disappeared like the trader after 200 years of Yacob's social policy of eugenics (grafting).

'Save the brown baby' or that which is 'Gold' in complexion. Did the brown generation receive more Gold? Now cipher, because eventually Brown Babies were targeted and they to disappeared like the traitor/trader in the wisdom build. Yellow: which is a lighter aspect of Gold was also eventually done away with to make way for a people suffering from the genetic deficiency of full blown albinism: The colored man-Yacob's grafted 'devil'.

Yacob was indeed successful in all of his undertakings and as Chief Undertaker of the Island of Patmos he made sure that 'lies' were woven into the general fabric of the manufacturing of that which would one day become a thriving global satanic populace. "Tell the black baby's mother a 'lie' that her baby was an angel baby and it was only taken to heaven, and that someday when she dies, he would have secured for her a home in heaven....". Did she receive more gold or her home in heaven? Now Cipher! When the mother of the Black baby eventually died she never came back to tell the living whether the Nurse lied or not.

The above mathelogical story is steeped in an aesthetic allegory, teaching us the wisdom within the born degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher: to take nothing on 'face value'-examine, qualify and disqualify as diligently as a doctor on Patmos. A doctor is for all practical purposes a trained scientist who investigates raw data, and scrutinizes his or her findings relative to cause and effect. Via the scrutiny of the doctor, he qualified or disqualified the young couple desiring to marry to Ministers-Ministers are also scientific in that they are trained in theology's impact on a society as a whole. The couple-no matter how in love: the ministers remained steadfast in upholding Yacob's law, adhering to the rule of only marrying the 'unalike'. The Nurse's would murder the 'Likes'/ 'alikes'/'a-like', and cremators would dispose of the body of evidence efficiently. Each member of Yacob's clandestine society was unknowingly carrying out Yacob's boyhood fascination with magnetism. In the abstract thought process of a child he conceived a hypothesis: 'The destruction of 'like' forces would empower unalike forces to attract the de-magnetized 'like' forces and become the global attracting power for six thousand years. *From the mind of babes.

Abstractly as a child he conceived the idea and scientifically as an adult he related and researched these magnetic forces of Blackness that dwell in Original People as two germs existing in the Black Man's body. Ultimately he came to understand that the causes of color in humans can be found on an infintesimal level: genetics.

Dominant and recessive forces are at work in the black man's body, similar to the magnetic forces of the steel Yacob played with as a child. So he postulated the idea that white people could indeed be brought into existence by maintaining the continuity of mating the 'Unalike'.

Yacob in Genesis 35:10 changes his name to 'Israel'-his reported 59,999 followers can be identified as the 'Children of Israel' or who the Holy Quran refers to as 'Bani Israel'. With the addition of Yacob the population of Israel was 60,000 exactly. There were 12 tribes, approximately 5000 members in each tribe and numerous clans within each tribe: collectively they are called the Jews-where you get the word 'Jewelry'. At the time these Hebrews/Jews were 100 percent Original.

The Jews historically have been considered a shrewd people and have globally been considered scientist of business and global trade. Why so 'Shrewd'? Firstly: There Father Yacob was Shrewd. Secondly: because they deal with tricknowledge which is 'usery'(interest) which according to Islam is Haram( A forbidden sin). Usery allows the lender to charge money on top of the initial price at the time of purchase. Example: If you purchase a home, car, or take out a loan you get hit with the essence of 'Tricknowledge': Lying, stealing and the method of how to Master the original man is the full scope of usery. This Jewish idea of interest buries you in debt like Da God Christ got buried in the power degree. The things you 'want' usually have strings and the R-O-P-E of interest attached. Banking institutions extend you credit and soon you owe the people who sold you said item two or three times the initial face value of the ticket price. They can also reserve the right by contractual stipulation or clause at the time of purchase to raise the rate of interest.

Did they receive more Gold from Mr. Goldstein or Goldberg?

Emphatically NO!

Yacob was the father of the devil who taught the devil to do this devilishment. Tricknowledge is synonymous with shrewd business practices which are usually unjust. Tricknowledge is lying, stealing and mastering the original man. A Trader or Business Man made an interpretation/inter-orientation that they would receive more gold for their labor which was more than they were earning in their own country.

Did they receive more Gold?

Do the knowledge on the illegality, thievery and unrighteousness of interest (Usery), and you will understand clearer the historical financial beef between Muslims and those who have not gone under this study(Jews).



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

God Is Not A Super Hero!

If there was a mystery God you'd just be a man and with the understanding that there is no mystery God-you're still just a man. Those who deal with the knowledge that the black man is 'God' sometimes co-op the modus operandi of the Mystery God almost in a comic book fashion.

High on the mountain top,the lightening bolt struck him out of the inky black, star lit night sky and an electric blue force field encompassed his muscle bound body. The 'A' on his red super hero uniform stood for 'Asiatic'. He was from the Asiatic Federation Of Gods and Earths, equiped with his super alphabet, super math and the utility belt of 120, he swore to protect, and teach the ignorant and slay evil with his mighty sword. His wise Enlightener with the long white beard said, "You shall be called 'Emblem Of Justice'" The engraved case was opened and there lay his glowing, flawless sword.

"Go out my Son and slay evil!" Emblem ran to the edge of the mountain to fly away, but he didn't fly, instead he plunged quickly to the rocks below. His last words were "Oh shit!" Splat!

"You should have taken the stairs dumb ass!" His Enlightener's voice echoed.

I used my name 'Emblem' in the above skit to illustrate I'm no better than you, I've went through my delusional period of knowledge of self. Yes, a delusional period! Many make the mistake of co-opting the identity of the mystery God that does not exist, and putting on the personified cloak and super hero costume of that so called mystery God. When the identity of the mystery God is co-opted a comic book like alter ego emerges and the delusional aspect of self begins. One day I sat back blazing on my powerful green medicine and it hit me. "Nigga please! You a movafuckin' man!" If man is God-God is Man, meaning you a movafuckin' man nigga. 'God' becomes a psychological defense mechanism, your cape, the 'G' on your chest, something that tells you to believe in yourself. God becomes your mask in the psychological mirror of the Self. It's therapeutic for the historically defeated black male ego. Being God becomes the new drug of choice. Calling on 'Jesus' never done a nigga much good. Many black men have been hung from trees in the south screaming Jesus' name in their last moments and Jesus ain't stop the lynch mob, and calling yourself God doesn't make you exactly bulletproof either. I've seen a God with the name of a 'Warrior' walk around with a black eye for months afraid to fight back against the 85er who blacked his eye, so he hid behind all of his grand warrior titles. That is delusional. Maybe a need to feel special when the world tells you everyday that you're not 'special'. Maybe hearing a beautiful black woman say in a sexy voice "Peace God!" is just what we need to comfort our fragile egos. Yes the universe is a lonely place, infinite unknowns surround us daily and the environment is cruel, hostile and unforgiving-'God' is a security blanket: mystery or otherwise. Maybe we need that 'G' on our chest. Being God is no big deal to Emblem-to me it means that I'm just a man(who is the original 'man'?), I'm not bullet proof, my hands ain't quicker than Mayweather's hands; Andersen Silva would fuck me up in a cage match; and if a hollow point catches my dome it's a wrap for DaGod Em. I don't shield my dirty religion in the name of Allah, but instead I embrace my vulnerabilities as a man. Yes the black man is God, b.u.t. The black man is also a 'black MAN'.


Almighty Supreme Born Terrific Fantastic Understanding Electrically Magnetic, Greatest Asiatic Pen, Amazing Mathematical Grace, Blazing Hot SUN EMBLEM ALLAH

P.S.Loan me 20 dollars

Friday, June 18, 2010

Walking With the Dead and Split Personality Syndrome (by Misrak Aja)

Necrophilia: sexual feelings for or sexual acts with dead bodies. The term sexual implies a reproductive union, that is of course unless one or more of the parties involved is a dead body, celestial body or otherwise.

It seems like there is a new plethora of internet radio shows, Facebook pages, Ning pages, etcetera that deal with various levels of consciousness. Some I find quite entertaining. Some I find laughable. Yet, most serve to get my intellectual wheels moving. Some of the shows, pages, etcetera that I have found most striking have dealt with topics regarding some Gods shying away from “ready-made Earths” or if I may attach a diagnosis, some Gods dealing with the disease of “necrophilia.”

While listening/reading more and more and mentally delving into the topics, my mind was taken back to my not-so-far removed history of dummying down my intellect to please those who I deemed to be dumber than I. Ha, it may sound funny and maybe a little sickening but I did it and wore my newly-found stupidity well. I remember conversing with a God after one of my last break-ups and telling him how I actually acted like I had had a lobotomy just so that I wouldn’t appear to be smarter than the brother. Sad, but true. I didn’t want to appear to be too intimidating. That’s a different diagnosis. It’s called “schizophrenia”. Schizophrenia is a severe psychiatric disorder with symptoms of emotional instability, detachment from reality, and withdrawal into the self .

Like most diseases, both schizophrenia and necrophilia deal with weaknesses Schizophrenia deals with the weakness of not accepting one’s self. While necrophilia deals with the weakness of not being able to carry the weight of the living. The brother dealing with necrophilia and the sister dealing with schizophrenia never work out. Eventually and every-so-often, the sister’s true self will come out and the brother’s taste for dead flesh will either prompt him towards murder or send him looking in the graveyard for the lifeless.

Unfortunately, in an age when uncultivated sisters are held at a higher esteem than intellectual sisters some women fall into the trap of not being themselves simply to appease. This issue is even more exacerbated because men need to be admired. In fact, admiration is one of their greatest desires. Therefore, if a brother feels he cannot be admired by a sister who challenges him to be his best, he may think that his only option is to deal with the dead.

But how do we challenge him? Do we brow-beat him into submission to our intellectual will? Hmmmm. Please know that any woman who feels the need to brow-beat a brother won’t even want him after the beating is done. As one of the man’s greatest desires is to be admired, one of the woman’s greatest desires is to admire. A woman can’t admire a man who allows her to control him. It’s against the laws of our biological make-up. Instead the two must deal in balance and learn to draw out the best parts of each other, free from intimidation as well as self-intimidation.

On a side note: Many “ready-mades” began in the minds and bodies of their fathers a long, long time ago. They weren’t walking around as naked, unconscious prostitutes waiting for someone to come along and save them from destitution.

We as a people need to be raising our babies, including our girls, to be super-intellectuals and builders because that is our culture. Yes, it is our duty to teach the uncivilized but it is also our duty to create more perfect unions amongst the civilized.

If I have a daughter and brothers are intimidated by her because she is “ready-made” well, they had better get their weights up or go back to the graveyards because best know that she is going to be ready-made before she even appears in my womb…and that’s that piece. PEACE.


My name is Born Understanding. This morning I woke up and had to piss, I opened the bathroom door and my 90 year old Uncle Kenny was standing in the middle of the bathroom naked with shit caked between his ass mumbling something about Billie Holiday and the Japanese he fought in World War two. He was in the final stages of Alzheimer's and dementia was taking it's course, ravaging his mind terribly. My uncle fought in World War Two and Korea and since I can remember he has always been a man of dignity, discipline and self respect. Now he's out of his mind and I have to clean my uncle's shitty ass.

His pension fund was robbed by one of them Madoff type wall street devils, and all he gets is a small pittance monthly from SSI and Veteran's Administration. My mother agreed to watch him today while I attend a God and Earth parliament in Mecca. Ma Dukes doesn't pull her share of the weight when it comes to Uncle Kenny-she won't let him live with her because she claims her apartment is too small, but she has no problem depositing his V.A. and SSI Checks every month. I'm striving to be civilized about the whole cipher and not argue.

After bathing my uncle I went on the internet and did the knowledge on euthanasia. My uncle knew his Alzheimer's would get bad about seven years ago and he really wanted to take his own life before the disease progressed and it is my opinion that he should have been afforded that right while he was still of sound mind. Now it's bad, real bad, I have to strap him down at night so he won't wander around and hurt himself. Last night I forgot and the next thing I know I'm bleaching the bathroom, cleaning human feces off the toilet seat and wall.

Finally my mother came, late of course and I took the train to Mecca. I arrived late for Nation business, so instead of walking in the auditorium late I decided to build with a few older Gods in front of the school. An older God asked me how I saw today's Math and I really didn't want to go into a conventional build, so I told him that if God came to North America by himself that God should have the right to deal with 'Euthanasia'!

The older God looked at me strange and asked me what did I mean by that statement.

And I said that "It is God's right to deal with euthanasia whenever and however God so chooses."

"Sexually?" The God asked with an angry look on his face.

When he said, "Sexually" I was lost for a second. I was building on the right to euthanize myself before my mental capacity is diminished, but apparently the God thought I meant when I said "dealing with Euthanasia" as sexually getting physical with the 'Youth in Asia'. So I smiled because of the misunderstanding, b.u.t. the God took my smile as the grin of a sneaky pedophile and punched me in the face. I fell to the ground and several Gods in other conversations came closer to see what the older God punched me in the face for and he told them that I wanted to fuck the Youth in Asia. The next thing I know Gods from all 5 boroughs are stompin' the shit out of me, yellin' "The babies are the greatest nigga! We don't molest babies in this Nation! That'z savage!" Somehow I managed to get away and they started chasing me and I ran down the street screaming, "Euthanasia! Euthanasia!! Euthanasia!!!"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where Psychology, Politics, and Mathematics Converge

"Yo Em what up with all the international political blogs? I want to read the shit about how the Nurse's Law relates to Calculus nigga!"

Every position, political, mathematical or otherwise must be backed up-this proves word is bond.  "I will give all I have and all within my power..."-Yeah right movafucka. Niggaz can rol-a-dex memorized lessons like a Vegas card shark shuffling a deck, but few are willing to actually give all they have and all within their power to see the day for which they have waited...." I use the word 'Nigga' a whole lot: so da fuck what! If a pussy nigga rol-a-dexing through cultural degrees at the speed of light in his third eye, and lit professing at the speed of sound but is innately a coward that individual is as empty as a 'show' without the 'prove', meaning there is no proof in the position: political, mathematical, psychological or otherwise.

Peace is not a singularity, it rests on a spectrum of polarity-in which the opposite is 'war'-socially speaking.  'What is his own self?' Is an analysis of consciousness. If you critique the social institutions in the Wilderness of North America relative to the analysis of consciousness and it turns out that-the man doing the critiquing is a pussy his 'consciousness' cannot meet the demanding price of 'Peace'. Lit professing, roladexing lessons is admirable,  but not final. 'Nation' building is next. Ideological nation building or industrialized nation building? Is the question. Our intellects don't meet the demand of an industrialized national complex for the total population: Be honest-what the fuck can Ausar Auset teach me about building a sewage system for 2 million movafuckuz-get outta my face with that King Tut bullshit.

Calculus is a study in mathematical limits-does your math have limits? The math may not have limits but a niggaz politics has more limits than a denominator of a fraction expanding indefinitely(an analogy for my fellow calculus heads)

Politics bound to personality or personality bound to politics? Both, movafucka! Mathematics is a study of the personality-personality is a study of psychology and psychology can be studied through politics- each critiquing the other. This opens up a critical psychology; If your a coward-your politics provides a look into you're cowardice; if you're an attention junkie in constant need of a pat on the back: mathematics can explore this internal issues within the mind of the narcissus. Allow me to be honest: violence is visible when my window of critical psychology is opened: Nigga I sleep with a gun.

Can cowardice be converted into a political idea? Can violence be converted into a political idea? To answer either question is to examine the notion of explicit politicization of the psyche: socialized as a war lord, or a pacifist/pussy. Each position is a subjective state, transparent through the critical psychological window of the self. All psychological concepts register within the realm of the political. One could say 'social' as opposed to political, however the social construct is the whore of the political reality. Politics registers on all levels, and interestingly enough, defined by the essential psyche, but then usurping the will of the psyche and the politics then become definitive to the psyche, eventually composing the majority of the human psyche. God Made Man and Man Becomes God; Man Made Computers and Cyborgs one day Become God-the usurping of political 'will' from one successive generation to the next is a political theme. Niggaz sleep. Sleep indeed! Know you're sleep-even when you think you're up on some shit.  Humility is sometime found in knowing what da fuck you don't know.

Rol-a-dexing cultural lessons is an employed means by which concepts, means of explanation, modes of expression and the randomness of experience are described-so da fuck what! A Chinese person will have his or her own cultural interpretation of events-regardless if said interpretation is esoteric or materially exoteric, the conditions themselves remain-in plain view. Are the circumstances of any given situation external from our perceptions? Or are our perceptions of the situation fused with the circumstances themselves? Who gives a flying fuck if they are or if they are not-facts remain. The politics of the condition remain. Real Mathematics can measure a situation actually, as opposed to philosophically. We can come up with a philosophy of wiping our ass: 'An Existential Critique On Ass Wiping': A Study in Social Philosophy.

Philosophy does not measure; numerology cannot measure; witchcraft can not measure; tarot cards cannot measure; Religion can not measure; and madame Cleo's Jamaican accent was fake as fuck but all can be used to make an interpretation or 'inter-orientation'. Will you receive more gold? Fuck Naw Nigga, all traders disappear. Traders, and traitors shape the perception and continue daily to do so.

Many say that 'Psychology' is not an exact science. I tend to disagree because politics shows and proves the measurable motivations of behaviors of individuals and groups. Psychology is the study of motivation. 'Why' (Y) demonstrates a search for reason-reason allows us to understand the yet unchosen choices moving into the unknown (X). Essentially a mathematical analysis of our politics is a window into our psychology.



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

JUSTICE (article from 12 Jewels Newsletter) by Misrak Aja

Peace. Justice is rarely found in courtrooms or prison systems. To hold onto such a belief is akin to holding onto a belief that those who prepared trees and ropes for lynchings are somehow now friendly associates with their victims. Instead, it is through the “justice system” where most find the most preposterous forms of injustice. Disproportionate numbers of Original People (Black - Indigenous, “Latinos,” etc), forced sterilization, unjust imprisonment terms, and medical practices relative to genocide are simply a few of the outright proofs that the United States’ system of justice is a bedfellow to slavery. In fact, the title “United States Justice System” is merely a term of satire, humor at its best.

Knowing the truth within the above statements is simply the first step in achieving true justice. It is imperative that “victims” of unjust systems do full scale evaluations of the reasons that bred their situations and necessary tactics that will improve their oppressive conditions. It is not enough to know that a system is unjust; planning and implementing strategies that serve to alleviate cruel circumstances are of supreme importance. For example, if one observes the fact that liquor stores and the lack of available healthy food unjustly plague one’s community, one must initiate strategies to eradicate these oppressive conditions. It is NOT the duty of the oppressor -in this case the liquor store owner- to bring justice to the oppressed -the community afflicted with the liquor store.

A major dilemma arises when “victims” of unjust practices do not realize their power to regain control over their situation(s). Too often they merely view themselves as nothing more than victims of injustice, leaving themselves to whither and wallow in their own oppression. Thereby, creating generations of mentally subjugated people so focused on day-to-day survival that they ignore the causes and effects of their own actions/inactions and the actions of their enemies.

The key to fully understanding justice is knowing that the power to restore it rests in the hands of every living and breathing human being. It is not found in the Supreme Court. It is not found behind prison gates. It is not found in the voting booth. It is not even found in the church/mosque/temple. It IS found in the minds and actions of people with a clear understanding of their inherent rights to live freely, justly, and peacefully. Peace.

Notes For Black Calculus: Quran Prediction

An aspect of calculus is to determine the instantaneous rate of change.  We are living in a cycle of Quran, our lives are personal Qurans, and in the midst of our Qurans, change is occurring rapidly(subjective) from one moment to the next. People change their minds similar to swift and changeable currents of air. Variables of change that effect events combine to form an original singular event that leads to a chain of events. What is the 'rate' of change? What is 'rate'? Rate is change of distance over change in time. Drawing this calculus idea parallel to our science means how far have you come in your life's Quran? We use the idea of 'Quran' as a compilation of our history which is our time(Asiatic World).  R=D/T, Rate equals Distance Divided by True I Master Equality. Pondering upon this idea further we can infer that we are going somewhere. This concept of 'somewhere' can only be described as an unknown unless you know your destination, b.u.t. few can tell you how they will die.

 Ideally we desire to become successful in the deliberations of our undertakings and the fulfillment of a determined idea, bringing us to somewhat of a personal as well as a philosophical question: 'What is your determined idea?'.  Your determined idea is a reflection of your essential foundation, established by a combination of social/political pins(ills) and the social/political goods(Knowledge of Self) synthesized with our innate genetic disposition all of which compose the psyche. What we've absorbed from the origin of our Qurans are filtered through our general consciousness to establish 'You'. This 'You' which is egotistical in make-up is very distinct from the reality of  'I'.

Your origin in this world is Allah or Point A of a Line-this line in Arabic is the Serataul Mustaqeem(The Straight Path). Be or Born is equal to point B. Mathematically a line is understood as y-y1=m(x-x1). The average rate of change between two points is equal to the slope of the line connecting them.   If you can show and prove the understanding of Point A(y1) of a Line, Point B(x1) of a line and the Slope(m) you can understand the uniqueness of the line or your path. A line that touches a curve at two points is called a 'secant' line: I call'em 'nigga can't you cee?' lines-Have you ever kept running into somebody, doing the same shit or going through similar ciphers?  Understanding this coincidence is relative to the average rate of change equal to the slope of the secant line. Secant lines or 'nigga can't you see lines' show us trends. "Why I keep runnin' into this movafucka?" A trend is occurring and these trends show and prove the average rate of change in our personal Quran. B.U.T. 85 percent on this planet are average and calculus allows us to find not just average rates b.u.t. 'instantaneous rates' of change and 'Black Calculus' allows us to further understand these quantitative mathematical functions as they relate to Self on a qualitative level. The understanding of the instantaneous rate of change is a straight line indeed. This straight Line is a tangent line completely distinct from a secant line. You ever heard movafuckuz say, "I lost tangent or that their off tangent?" This tangent line is an example of focus and the reality of ones determined idea predicted of them before they were born. Your birth was original, setting into motion in this world a chain reaction of unique events, a trajectory of sorts; a 'path'.

In terms of instantaneous rates of change it is shown and proven by the slope of the tangent line. Imagine the secant line converging tightly to a point not deviating or curving to become a tangent line. The tangent line closely emulates the activity of the expressed function of the change being measured. Instantaneous rates of change cannot be understood in Quantitative Calculus if Rate equals Distance over True I Master Equality becomes Cipher over Cipher 0/0 this is an indeterminant form in quantitative calculus. However in Supreme Math this indeterminant form can be looked at qualitatively as being 'on square' or in Calculus terminology 'on point'. As we proceed further in determining the instantaneous rate of change we must understand the value of a function(f) at point A or ('f')a.

People mean different things to you at certain 'points' in life. 'How to Raise her Children' is an instruction in the knowledge culture degree b.u.t. one day her function changes as said child grows up to become a Great Man or Great Woman: Understanding the value of her function is imperative to understanding the instantaneous rate of change. Calculus literally is the study of change. Black Calculus is the study of Black Change. We must be brave and step 20 miles outside of the root and be objective to the reality of a function(f) at a given point on the tangent line. I wrote a piece on 'limits' and 'no limitz'-limitz are ultimately concerned with what a 'quantitative value' is approaching/trajectory.

What is your path? What is your motion along said path? What is your speed? Do you have the ability to accelerate? Can your acceleration be measured?  What is acceleration a derivative of? What are derivatives? What path is the world moving on as a whole?

Calc is that shit! I urge you to smoke a joint or fast cause ain't nothing like elevating with Allah's Math.


Professor EMBLEM Algebra One Syllabus

Professor: Emblem
Class: Algebra One
DaGod Emblem/

Those who have   taken my class in the past know if I hear or see someone saying or doing 'All being Born' it is an automatic 'F'.

In this Algebra One class you are required to buy a quarter pound of weed.  If you are not a weed smoker it is recommended that you juice fast for four days out the week to keep up mentally. For those that cannot afford a quarter pound of weed-your gonna need at least a Quarter ounce of weed per week during the duration of this class to stay high enough to keep up mathematically.

There will be quizes and test everyday, you will be given homework every night because everything in this universe is Mathematics and math problems never stop. Show and Prove is everyday of your life. Your final grade will be based on a problem in life. How well you solve that problem will determine your final grade.

The Following Curriculum Must Be Mastered 100 Percent Before Admittance Of Students To Emblem's Algebra Two Class.

1. Pre-Algebra Review   • 1.1 Introduction   ◦  1.1.1 Beginning Algebra     ◦  1.1.2 Review of Arithmetic: Addition and Subtraction     ◦  1.1.3 Review of Arithmetic: Multiplication and Division     ◦  1.1.4 Top Ten List of Mistakes      • 1.2 Factors and Fractions   ◦  1.2.1 Factors and Primes     ◦  1.2.2 Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiples     ◦  1.2.3 Introduction to Fractions     ◦  1.2.4 Multiplying Fractions     ◦  1.2.5 Dividing Fractions     ◦  1.2.6 Adding Fractions     ◦  1.2.7 Subtracting Fractions     ◦  1.2.8 Mixed Numbers     ◦  1.2.9 Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers     ◦  1.2.10 Multiplying and Dividing Mixed Numbers      • 1.3 Decimals   ◦  1.3.1 Decimal Numbers     ◦  1.3.2 Multiplying and Dividing Decimals     ◦  1.3.3 Percent     ◦  1.3.4 Conversion between Fractions, Percents, and Decimals       2. Foundations of Algebra   • 2.1 The Real Number System   ◦  2.1.1 Real Numbers     ◦  2.1.2 Ordering Real Numbers     ◦  2.1.3 Arithmetic on the Number Line     ◦  2.1.4 Multiplying Real Numbers     ◦  2.1.5 Multiplying a Negative by a Negative: The Why     ◦  2.1.6 Dividing Real Numbers     ◦  2.1.7 Order of Operations     ◦  2.1.8 Properties of Real Numbers      • 2.2 Exponents, Exponential Notation, and Scientific Notation   ◦  2.2.1 Introduction to Exponents     ◦  2.2.2 Evaluating Exponential Expressions     ◦  2.2.3 Applying the Rules of Exponents     ◦  2.2.4 Evaluating Expressions with Negative Exponents     ◦  2.2.5 Converting between Decimal and Scientific Notation      • 2.3 Algebraic Expressions and the Language of Algebra   ◦  2.3.1 Algebraic Expressions     ◦  2.3.2 Introduction to Word Problems       3. Solving Equations   • 3.1 Introduction to Solving Equations   ◦  3.1.1 Equations     ◦  3.1.2 Addition Property of Equality     ◦  3.1.3 Multiplication Property of Equality      • 3.2 Further Techniques for Solving Equations   ◦  3.2.1 Solving Equations with the Variable on One Side     ◦  3.2.2 Solving Equations with the Variable on Both Sides     ◦  3.2.3 Equality or Identity?     ◦  3.2.4 Equivalent Equations and Equations with No Solution       4. Linear Equations and Inequalities   • 4.1 Formulas and Word Problems   ◦  4.1.1 Formulas     ◦  4.1.2 Formulas: Temperature Conversion and Rate     ◦  4.1.3 Ratios and Proportions     ◦  4.1.4 More Ratios and Proportions     ◦  4.1.5 Finding a Perimeter     ◦  4.1.6 Solving a Linear Geometry Problem     ◦  4.1.7 Solving for Constant Velocity     ◦  4.1.8 Solving a Business Problem     ◦  4.1.9 Solving a Mixture Problem     ◦  4.1.10 Solving an Investment Problem     ◦  4.1.11 Solving for Consecutive Numbers     ◦  4.1.12 Finding an Average      • 4.2 Inequalities in One Variable   ◦  4.2.1 Introduction to Inequalities     ◦  4.2.2 Solving Inequalities     ◦  4.2.3 Solving Word Problems with Inequalities      • 4.3 Compound Inequalities   ◦  4.3.1 Sets, Intersections, and Unions     ◦  4.3.2 Solving Compound Inequalities     ◦  4.3.3 More On Compound Inequalities      • 4.4 Absolute-Value Equations   ◦  4.4.1 Matching Number Lines with Absolute Value     ◦  4.4.2 Solving Absolute-Value Equations     ◦  4.4.3 Solving Equations with Two Absolute-Value Expressions      • 4.5 Absolute-Value Inequalities   ◦  4.5.1 Solving Absolute-Value Inequalities     ◦  4.5.2 Solving Absolute-Value Inequalities: More Examples       5. Polynomials   • 5.1 Polynomial Basics   ◦  5.1.1 Determining Components and Degree     ◦  5.1.2 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials     ◦  5.1.3 Multiplying Polynomials      • 5.2 Techniques for Multiplying Polynomials   ◦  5.2.1 The FOIL Method     ◦  5.2.2 Multiplying Big Products     ◦  5.2.3 Using Special Products      • 5.3 Techniques for Factoring   ◦  5.3.1 Factoring Using the Greatest Common Factor     ◦  5.3.2 Factoring by Grouping     ◦  5.3.3 Factoring Trinomials Completely     ◦  5.3.4 Factoring Trinomials: The Guess and Check Method      • 5.4 Special Factoring   ◦  5.4.1 Factoring Perfect-Square Trinomials     ◦  5.4.2 Factoring the Difference of Two Squares     ◦  5.4.3 Factoring the Sums and Differences of Cubes     ◦  5.4.4 Factoring by Any Method      • 5.5 Solving Equations by Factoring   ◦  5.5.1 The Zero-Factor Property      • 5.6 Division of Polynomials   ◦  5.6.1 Using Long Division with Polynomials     ◦  5.6.2 Long Division: Another Example      • 5.7 Synthetic Division   ◦  5.7.1 Using Synthetic Division with Polynomials     ◦  5.7.2 More Synthetic Division      • 5.8 The Remainder Theorem   ◦  5.8.1 Using the Remainder Theorem     ◦  5.8.2 More on the Remainder Theorem       6. Rational Expressions   • 6.1 The Basics of Rational Expressions   ◦  6.1.1 An Introduction to Rational Expressions     ◦  6.1.2 Working with Fractions     ◦  6.1.3 Writing Rational Expressions in Lowest Terms      • 6.2 Operations with Rationals   ◦  6.2.1 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions     ◦  6.2.2 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions     ◦  6.2.3 Rewriting Complex Fractions      • 6.3 Equations with Rationals   ◦  6.3.1 Solving a Linear Equation with Rationals     ◦  6.3.2 Solving a Linear Equation with Restrictions      • 6.4 Inequalities with Rationals   ◦  6.4.1 Solving Rational Inequalities     ◦  6.4.2 Solving Rational Inequalities: Another Example     ◦  6.4.3 Determining Domain      • 6.5 Applications   ◦  6.5.1 Solving a Problem about Work     ◦  6.5.2 Resistors in Parallel      • 6.6 Variation   ◦  6.6.1 An Introduction to Variation     ◦  6.6.2 Direct Proportion     ◦  6.6.3 Inverse Proportion     ◦  6.6.4 Joint and Combined Proportion       7. Relations and Functions   • 7.1 The Rectangular Coordinate System   ◦  7.1.1 Using the Cartesian System     ◦  7.1.2 Thinking Visually      • 7.2 An Introduction to Functions   ◦  7.2.1 Introducing Relations and Functions     ◦  7.2.2 Functions and the Vertical-Line Test     ◦  7.2.3 Function Notation and Values      • 7.3 Domain and Range   ◦  7.3.1 Finding Domain and Range     ◦  7.3.2 Domain and Range: An Explicit Example     ◦  7.3.3 Satisfying the Domain of a Function     ◦  7.3.4 Graphing Important Functions      • 7.4 The Algebra of Functions   ◦  7.4.1 Operations on Functions     ◦  7.4.2 Composite Functions     ◦  7.4.3 Components of Composite Functions      • 7.5 The Slope of a Line   ◦  7.5.1 An Introduction to Slope     ◦  7.5.2 Finding the Slope Given Two Points      • 7.6 Graphing Linear Equations   ◦  7.6.1 Using Intercepts to Graph Lines     ◦  7.6.2 Working with Specific Lines     ◦  7.6.3 Interpreting Slope from a Graph     ◦  7.6.4 Graphing with a Point and the Slope      • 7.7 Linear Equations   ◦  7.7.1 Writing an Equation in Slope-Intercept Form     ◦  7.7.2 Writing an Equation Given Two Points     ◦  7.7.3 Writing an Equation in Point-Slope Form     ◦  7.7.4 Matching a Slope-Intercept Equation with Its Graph     ◦  7.7.5 Slope for Parallel and Perpendicular Lines      • 7.8 Applications of Linear Concepts   ◦  7.8.1 Constructing a Linear Model from a Set of Data     ◦  7.8.2 Scatterplots and Predictions     ◦  7.8.3 Interpreting Line Graphs     ◦  7.8.4 Linear Cost and Revenue       8. Roots and Radicals   • 8.1 Rational Exponents and Radicals   ◦  8.1.1 Converting Rational Exponents and Radicals     ◦  8.1.2 Radical Notation and Properties of Roots     ◦  8.1.3 Variables and Negative Values under a Radical      • 8.2 Simplifying Radical Expressions   ◦  8.2.1 Simplifying Radicals     ◦  8.2.2 Simplifying Radical Expressions with Variables      • 8.3 Operations with Radical Expressions   ◦  8.3.1 Adding and Subtracting Radical Expressions     ◦  8.3.2 Rationalizing Denominators      • 8.4 Equations with Radicals   ◦  8.4.1 Extraneous Roots     ◦  8.4.2 Solving an Equation Containing a Radical     ◦  8.4.3 Solving Equations with Two Radical Expressions     ◦  8.4.4 Solving Equations with Rational Exponents      • 8.5 Complex Numbers   ◦  8.5.1 Introducing and Writing Complex Numbers     ◦  8.5.2 Rewriting Powers of i     ◦  8.5.3 Adding and Subtracting Complex Numbers     ◦  8.5.4 Multiplying Complex Numbers     ◦  8.5.5 Dividing Complex Numbers      • 8.6 Applications   ◦  8.6.1 Finding the Length of the Diagonal of a Cube     ◦  8.6.2 Finding the Distance and the Midpoint between Two Points     ◦  8.6.3 Applications in Meteorology       9. Quadratic Equations   • 9.1 The Basics of Quadratics   ◦  9.1.1 An Introduction to Quadratics     ◦  9.1.2 Solving Quadratics by Factoring      • 9.2 Graphs of Quadratics   ◦  9.2.1 Finding x- and y-intercepts     ◦  9.2.2 Nice-Looking Parabolas     ◦  9.2.3 Graphing Parabolas      • 9.3 Solving by Completing the Square   ◦  9.3.1 Solving by Completing the Square     ◦  9.3.2 Completing the Square: Another Example     ◦  9.3.3 Finding the Vertex by Completing the Square      • 9.4 Writing Quadratic Equations   ◦  9.4.1 Using the Vertex to Write the Equation     ◦  9.4.2 Building a Polynomial Equation from Its Solutions      • 9.5 Solving with the Quadratic Formula   ◦  9.5.1 Proving the Quadratic Formula     ◦  9.5.2 Using the Quadratic Formula     ◦  9.5.3 Predicting Types of Solutions From the Discriminant     ◦  9.5.4 Using the Discriminant to Graph Parabolas      • 9.6 Equations Quadratic in Form   ◦  9.6.1 Solving for a Squared Variable     ◦  9.6.2 Finding Real-Number Restrictions     ◦  9.6.3 Solving Fancy Quadratics     ◦  9.6.4 Horizontal Parabolas      • 9.7 Formulas and Applications   ◦  9.7.1 Solving a Quadratic Geometry Problem     ◦  9.7.2 Solving with the Pythagorean Theorem     ◦  9.7.3 Solving a Motion Problem     ◦  9.7.4 Solving a Projectile Problem     ◦  9.7.5 Solving Other Problems      • 9.8 Nonlinear Inequalities   ◦  9.8.1 Solving Quadratic Inequalities     ◦  9.8.2 Solving Quadratic Inequalities: Another Example       10. Systems of Equations   • 10.1 Linear Systems in Two Variables   ◦  10.1.1 An Introduction to Linear Systems     ◦  10.1.2 Solving a System by Graphing     ◦  10.1.3 Solving a System by Substitution     ◦  10.1.4 Solving a System by Elimination      • 10.2 Linear Systems in Three Variables   ◦  10.2.1 An Introduction to Systems in Three Variables     ◦  10.2.2 Solving Systems with Three Variables     ◦  10.2.3 Solving Inconsistent Systems     ◦  10.2.4 Solving Dependent Systems     ◦  10.2.5 Solving Systems with Two Equations      • 10.3 Applications of Linear Systems   ◦  10.3.1 Investments     ◦  10.3.2 Partial Fractions      • 10.4 Solutions by Matrix Methods   ◦  10.4.1 An Introduction to Matrices     ◦  10.4.2 Using the Gauss-Jordan Method     ◦  10.4.3 Using Gauss-Jordan: Another Example      • 10.5 Determinants   ◦  10.5.1 Evaluating 2x2 Determinants     ◦  10.5.2 Evaluating non Determinants      • 10.6 Cramer's Rule   ◦  10.6.1 Using Cramer's Rule     ◦  10.6.2 Using Cramer's Rule in a 3x3 Matrix      • 10.7 Working with Inequalities   ◦  10.7.1 An Introduction to Graphing Linear Inequalities     ◦  10.7.2 Graphing Linear and Nonlinear Inequalities     ◦  10.7.3 Graphing the Solution Set of a System of Inequalities      • 10.8 Systems of Nonlinear Equations   ◦  10.8.1 Solving a Nonlinear System by Elimination     ◦  10.8.2 Solving a Nonlinear System by Substitution

*One Only Learns What One Teaches Self!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Geo-Politics of the Drug War in Afghanistan 'Hoodishly' Simplified

If Emblem got more guns, but da nigga in the project building across the way got more dope, better dope, and manufacturing that dope by the metric ton, my guns don't mean shit unless I lick shots to take over that niggaz spot and gain primary access to the supply of good dope. Drug kingpins in Afghanistan gettin' hella rich, and the CIA which is a global street gang could use that dope money to fund some black ops shit around the world to finance U.S. strategic interest abroad. Gangstaz got wisdom, from Frank Lucas traveling to the Far East for an international heroin connect; to Rayful Edmonds connecting to a Central American Cocaine Cartel via a Cali connect to pump dope in D.C.; to George W hangin' Saddam on You-tube-I'm sure George W was there in spirit. Politics and the dope game are geo-political and go hand and hand. Global dope politics is right up there with oil politics and international banking. When we analyze any given region we understand the politics of the region, in rural Afghanistan it's reported that poppies grow everywhere. The poppie is converted to heroin and soon thereafter it's being sold to some drummer in a rock band in Wichita Kansas, or a strung out whore in London.

Rich Afghan war lords get rich as peasant farmers grow the poppie for a small percentage of the profits much like a worker movin a g-pack of coke out of an abandoned building in any inner-city. The Taliban teach the Quran in Islamic madrassas(Schools) rhetorically reciting Quran, keepin' the Afghan masses high off the unparalleled beauty of Quran recitation while simultaneously creating more poor soldiers ready to die for Allah and/or the Afghan global heroin trade which is the same thing in geo-political terms. "Bahahahahahaha-haha" the evil fat white man laughs from behind a desk while petting his white cat.

What are the U.S. interest in the region? 'Cake' nigga. Cake! Not German Chocolate: Money! After 911 George W Bush vowed to hunt down and kill 'evil doers'. U.S. intelligence had long since confirmed that Al-Qaeda was training recruits in the Afghan and Pakistan region. Afghanistan was providing a safe haven for Al Qaeda leadership-and it's common knowledge that Al Qaeda and Taliban jihadist were being funded by Afghan dope money. Can't go to war unless you get cho weight up nigga, so heroin money was helping Al Qaeda and Taliban forces get their weight up indeed. Can't go to war unless you got bullets. In the hood you always got a nigga who got guns for sale, same thing goes for the international community-you have international arms dealers that got military grade shit so that a standing rag tag army can show respectable force on the battlefield. In all reality the Taliban and Al-Qaeda niggaz get hand-me-down weapons sold to them by ex-CIA and KGB operatives turned entrepreneurs as well as other independent shadow arms dealers. The Taliban and Al-Qaeda get hand-me-down weapons while backward regimes in Africa get the real low-end military hardware: machetes. The U.S. Military purchases new weapons straight out the factory show room, Obama and Congress just copped them new drone auto piloted autobots with rimz and been fuckin' them Taliban niggaz up with drone attacks. Obama got Taliban niggaz screaming Allah U Akbar like a movafucka before them drones hit.

U.S. getz this high Military grade, state of the art, cutting edge hot shit from companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, General Dynamics, United Technologies, Science Applications International Corp, Health Net, L-3 Communications Holdings, Honeywell Inc., Hughes, Rockwell, and Textron. Palestinians ain't got nuffin' but rocks to throw, in the next ten years I'm sure the Yankees will recruit a Palestinian pitcher named Ahmed with a wicked fast ball developed from throwing rocks at Israeli armored tanks. Basically Obama and Congress go gun shopping like anybody else in the hood but the shit they cop-the average nigga with a .45 or 9mm couldn't fathom. Obama and his generals don't buy everything in the store with their congressional appropriated Military budget and what they don't cop at the Fortune 500 corporate gun stores, CIA Black ops cop with low key money they raised from filthy affairs around the planet. CIA diversifies like any other corporation, kinda like a ghetto fabulous chick who does hair, babysits, sells her food stamps at .50 cent on the dollar, and pitches them bootlegged copies of Soul Plane that her cousin Davante left before he got picked up on a child support warrant. Also said ghetto fabulous hood chick moves weed and crack out the back door.
Everything she does-she does under the radar much like the CIA.

Rural Afghanistan is the Mecca of global Heroin production. Poppie is absolutely everywhere, and like all greedy people, Western and Russian businessmen as well as Afghan drug Kingpins alike go to war at the drop of a hat for dope profits. Greed is interesting because the host entity or person that possesses the quality of greed has very little or absolutely no compassion at all for the human condition. Corporate greed cares very little when a child steps on a land mine. An Afghan War Lord's greed is not concerned with the poverty or broken bodies of women and children in rural villages in Afghanistan or anywhere else. And U.S. interest cares little about the Pakistani and Afghan people, aside from the fact that they want Pakistan to babysit and keep an eye on the Taliban.

'Find Osama Bin Laden'-I really don't think or ever thought this tall black dude who was cut from the Lakers was ever a part of the 911 equation. Bin Laden was a former Laker, a member of the Saudi Arabian Lakers, word on the street said until his ankle injury in the ABA(Arabian Basketball Association) that Bin Laden was dunkin that shit backwards. JJ(Just Jokin) but on the real, Osama was never the issue, America needed a face of evil and it just so happened that this 6'9" former power forward for the Saudi Arabian Lakers was the perfect poster boy and salesperson for evil, especially since he was never given that hundred million dollar Nike Sandal contract. Western Media did a screen test and Bin Laden was perfectly cast as the spokesperson for terrorism, the face of Al Qaeda, Islamic evil and George W's justification to punch Saddam in the eye. Political Marketing crafts the perceptions of the people, it's marketing and propaganda on the highest level. Madison Avenue is the Mecca of advertising but it's nothing in comparison to the hypnotic trance that global media induces upon the worlds population. I believe global media about as much as I believe that the white chick on the Valtrex commercial with the Colgate smile is happy kick-boxing in the midst of a painful herpes flare up or that the old white guy with yucky, painful hemorrhoidal itch is relieved 5 minutes after applying Preparation-H to his lily white ass. The best way to understand international politics is to ponder the people and bullshit around you on a daily-it's all the same shit: simplify.