Monday, May 31, 2010

Lumi Hinata: Book Review (A Sketch of Tranquility)

To this very day, when the words “Sketch of Tranquility” leave my mouth, a chill travels down my spine. I remember when ‘Sketch’ was published two years ago as a mini-story, one that captivated the attention of many viewers and slowly as the plot expanded, so did our knowledge of the author Emblem. Sketch originally was produced as a hobby until Emblem was convinced to turn it into a novel. Fortunately, I had the privilege of joining Emblem in creating this fictional masterpiece, so I can say with certainty Emblem takes pride in the art of writing, his focus is on quality and he has a major influence on his readers.

Carefully composed line by line, Sketch indoctrinates you about the richness of relationships; relationships built from the confines of patience, sacrifice and desire. It touches on thoughts behind suicide, unexpected pregnancies, drugs and interracial dating. It is not merely a story about drama. It paints a picture of educated black women in the struggle for happiness and the need to be understood. I love this piece for its raw sexy flavor, for the embracing of real love and the challenges faced in parenthood.

You will absolutely love the way Emblem makes you feel as if you are a character. Be prepared to laugh hysterically. Be prepared to cry uncontrollably. Be prepared to be aroused. Be prepared to read the book in one night. I’ve watched this work turn into the perfect volume for women in love, for those who desire to be in love, and for those who are unsure of what the future brings. This is also a book for men who often find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. Vanessa Williams said, “Save the Best for Last”, and you won’t want to miss what happens to Tranquility in the end, but you’ll find yourself asking, is it for the best?

Peace Luminous

Friday, May 28, 2010

Eternal Earth's review of 'Sketch of Tranquility'


So, I have been an avid reader for the last 3 years, mostly non-fiction. In the three years a ran up on a blog spot of The God Emblem.

( sure how I even found it, yet I did. To give a little back round Emblem is a 5% (a tru n liveing, like for real)..I had started copying his blogs for my ex-God to read (he was incarcerated at the time)...he read and said yeah he a tru n living..just is, now this was the beginning of myself getting into 120 (knowledge of self)....and if anyone who knows that studies and IS 120 knows its like new air :)....I honestly can not explain it in words,yet the one that does is Emblem. Just go to his blogspot and enter the real air of life. So anyways he started writing Sketch, not a clue to how it even started for him, all is his blogs are everything and anything of life, reality, related back to 120, its freaking makes sense!
So he wrote a book A Sketch of Tranquility, that I received thanks to his Queen, Earth, Maternal, me ultimately Earth! Now before i get into the book, it was actually a blog, every week ( I believe) was a new episode a soap opera in writing. I was OBSESSED i tell you, checking every damn day like a fiend, on the phone analyzing with the ex-God on it (yes he was getting copies too). WE ALL have relationships with everyone in life, mother, sister, friend, boyfriend, husband, daughter, son, cousin....relationships...bonds......I related! Fast forwarding....he stopped writing, WTF...
The book!
Trying my hardest not to harass, I would drop messages to him, when is the next one, blah, blah, nothing! Then the book was coming....too excited. You say all over a book?, INDEED, if you are an avid reader, an experienced reader, not do you just read the book, you wanna know what is up with the author their thoughts, how well they relate to the reader....Em got it! Sketch got me...All relations of everyone in the book, every character, I don't just have one favorite of each character with whom they may relate i love them all, each one got swag:)...........Intrigued? Cop it, read it in less than 24 it captivates you from beginning to end. I will his audience gets bigger those that don't know are soooooooo missing out.
I thank you all for taking the time to come through, so do me a favor go check the God and cop the book, thank you so kindly *curtsies*
As always I come as I leave eternally in peace;).....peaceeeeeeeeeeee

Yasir Allah review of 'Sketch of Tranquility'

I just finished reading the God Emblem's book called "A Sketch of Tranquility" and I must admit....It is one of the most Entertaining, Engrossing, and Emotionally riveting books I have ever read! It is an incredible piece and the true jewel in it is that it is written in a way that makes it accessible to all people! Whether you are a part of the NGE or not you cannot help but feel laughter, love, pain and hope as you put yourself in the middle of this real life relationship between the main characters of Tranquility and Infinite.
Peace to the God Emblem for adding another beautiful piece of work to this Universe.

Yasir Allah

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pakistan: America's Schizophrenic Mistress

My Political Science professor walks in the barber shop, my barber is a three time felon, he's a cool muslim brother and in the empty barber chair next to him is an Imam from Philly who has a Masjid in my locality. I've known the Imam for nearly 20 years and we've spent years in heated debates regarding Islam, but through our arguments/debates we have developed into a mutual respect for one another. He has three sons, a daughter and a wife that have the Quran under cap: a fact that fucks me up. The Imam really goes hard with Islam: I respect that. One of his sons worked with me intensely a few months back to get my Quran recital sharp. The Political Science professor teaches at CSU /Wilberforce University-I took all his classes back in the day.

While my barber is fading me up he asks the shop, "What y'all think about that Time Square bombing attempt. They was tryna blow movafuckuz up."

The Imam says, "It was staged by a C.I.A. 'Think Tank' to twist the already tight political screws that the U.S. has on Pakistan."

My Political Science professor from back in the day shakes his head, flustered at the Imam's conspiratorial analysis. He didn't bother answering and used his silence to retort the absurdity of the Imam's claims. The Political Science professor is a Nigerian dude who's hyper sensitive about International politics. I could tell he was doing his best to keep quiet. I've debated both of these dudes at one time or another in Political science classes or in Masjids. Me and the Imam have gone back and forth over ayats in the Quran like Venus and Serena playing each other at Wimbledon and I use to bomb the professor in class on issues concerning Europe's historical and present agenda to under-develop Africa.

The Imam takes it upon himself to say some more slick shit to fuck with the Professor, "Faisal Shahzad, the supposed mastermind behind the attack was a planted C.I.A. scapegoat."

I smirk in the chair as my barber is trimming my sides, because I know what the Imam is doing: He's fuckin' with the Political Science Professor. The Imam pushed a button and the hyper sensitive Nigerian dude goes on a rant.

"I was reading in the New York Times that Conspiracy theories are like a national sport in Pakistan, if they're not blaming the Americans, they're blaming Zionist Banker Jews or the Hindus. They're always crying 'victim' and pulling the international poverty card-when their impoverished condition is due to their own failed domestic policies as they pertain to education, economics and social infrastructure development."

The Imam is cool at first, and asks a question, "You ever heard of 'Economic Hitmen'? Their duties are to make weak countries weaker and more dependent so they can be controlled politically."

"The U.S. gives Pakistan nearly a Billion and a half dollars a year in interest free aid. A billion dollars shouldn't make any country weaker-should it!?!?" The professor sounded like he was in front of a class lecturing.

"That's Shaitan's money-designed to influence, control, manipulate and keep the Taliban from getting in power. You're brainwashed if you think that-that 'aid' money is used to build the infrastructure of 'day to day' Pakistani society. That money is earmarked for the Pakistani Military, secret ops money for drone programs, spy networks to counter act all Taliban movement in Pakistan. You talkin' about that money like they're using it to buy wheat and rice to feed the hungry. That money is for access to the Afghan/Pakistan border-prime real estate and also control and 'say so' over Pakistan's Nuclear policy. That money is to dilute Islam, to keep muslims on a prayer rug and Islamic Clerics who advocate Shariat(Islamic Law) out of the governor's palace." The Imam was spitting-naw, literally spittin'-spit was comin' outta his mouth along with his words. The spit was seeping on to his heavy beard.

In the intermission of the barber shop debate some Lil Wayne, hip hop niggaz came in talkin' about how the rapper Rick Ross is being sued by the Real Rick Ross and that Tony Yayo's and 50 cent's new song 'Pass the Patron' was 'hot'. By this time Abdul, my barber is puttin' in my front line, edging it up real crisp, at 41 my hair-line is strong as a 17 year olds, no recession or bald spots in sight. Abdul tells the young niggaz to take that dumb rap shit outside, or shut up and listen. Young niggaz decide to shut up.

"What do you think Raheem(Emblem) about that Pakistan shit?". Abdul asked me,

"Pakistan basically became an Islamic state in 1949 which gave authority to Right wing, conservative sunnis. They were more into establishing fundamental Islamic statehood than the living conditions of the people and from what I read they're more into Islamic slogans as political party lines than actual political content in action and application to benefit the Pakistani people. Basically Pakistan sells political pussy to the U.S. and hates the fact that it does so. Pakistan is like a side piece of pussy for the U.S., she's throwing pussy outta both legs to both the U.S and Israel. Pakistan is a quasi-Islamic, schizophrenic political mistress who hates the fact that she has to fuck a fat, balding pig like the U.S. and all she get's paid for turning an annual trick is a billion and a half dollars a year. The bitch got issues."

I could see on both their faces that the Imam and Professor were disturbed with my political analysis of Pakistan being a political prostitute but my duty as God is to distill it back to the hood in a small round drop in form and call it for what it really is. The Lil Wayne niggaz sitting in the chair waiting to get their hair cut had a look on their face as if to say, "Who is the freak bitch named 'Pakistan' and where she live at?"

"Tight!" I said as I looked in the hand held mirror at my fresh fade. "Damn, I look good after a haircut!" I whispered under my breath.


Monday, May 24, 2010

What is Vedic Mathematics EMBLEM?

I getz a call from Da God I Victory about wisdom months ago and Da God is like "Yo EM, I gotta jewel for you son."

"What God?" I asked.

"God it's mad ill, and I know you fuckz with Mathematics real hard so you gonna feel this shit God."

"What God!?!" I asked with the eagerness of a child being teased before Christmas

"God you ever heard of 'Vedic Mathematics'?" He asked me.

"Now Cipher!" I told him.

It's not too many aspects of Math I haven't heard of and I honestly never heard of 'Vedic Math'-needless to say Da God I Victory expanded my mathematical horizonz. Peace to that God.

So What is Vedic Math Emblem?

It is mental mathematics founded by an Original Man by the name of Jagadguru Sankaracarya Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji Maharaja of Govarddhana Math, Puri (1884-1960). Long ass name I know B.u.t. If you love Allah's Mathematics you will seek to do nothing more but to connect the dots between the vedic system and the system of supreme mathematics. I'm doing it and I love the experience.

It's no secret that I'm the number 1 critic of 'All Being Born' and 'Borning numbers out'. I've been that way for a long time. My whole academic career I've loved math from the time I attended the University Of Islam as a child until now. And that is when I was hit with the rotten egg of adding up whole numbers with no regard to the place vale of ones; tens; or hundreds-that is not math. Thus for myself I've concluded that 'all being born' has no mathematical relevance and I've personally classified 'abbt' as numerology, which is not the same as 'Mathematics' in that it does not comply with the natural order of operations and pragmatic functions found in advanced systems/branches used to build society and the empirical world around us Yada, Yada, Yada, You've heard all this from Em before, so consequently when you ask me how I see today's mathematics I might tell you what a polynomial or a quadratic equation is but I will not add the place value of 'ten' to the place value of 'one'(21 is not 3). Grown ass men are still doing that 'High School drop out' math and then set out to build a 'Nation' by spitting some slick shit to a young impressional mind? "That'z are culture Emblem!"-Well if that'z are culture then the mentally challenged in learning disability classes, wearing helmets are doing more math than most Gods and Earths. 'All being born' might sound good if you're smokin' some weed but if everybody in Allah School was on a plane with a pilot who's only mathematical aptitude was borning out numbers said members of Allah School would be praying to a Mystery God for parachutes like a hooker in church praying to cure syphilis.

Further, Vedic Mathematics expounds upon 16 Sutras-not to be confused with Quranic 'Suras'. Sutras are word formulas that can solve any practical mathematical problem presented. If you become proficient in these rules you can solve 8563
X 356
in your head mentally without scrap paper or calculator. The thing that is interesting about vedic mathematics is that where western math gives you five steps, by using the vedic system you can solve it in one or two steps. Wow! It fucked me up mentally when I first did it but it has shown and proven that it works.

The word 'Veda' is the root of 'vedic' and means 'unlimited storehouse of knowledge'. Knowledge is not a static concept, nor is it an abstract concept on Earth. The 'Nation of Gods and Earth' have a saying, "Do The Knowledge" in essence doing the knowledge implies emotional calculation and psychological computation-adding things up, subtracting things, multiplying things and dividing things, all of which can be defined as an observational, scientific behavior and action. Thus calculation and computation fall under the realm and category of 'knowledge'. Imagine doing the knowledge with a lightening quick calculative mental shorthand, applying formulas in your third, formatted with 16 rules. If you know 120-you're doing it now to some degree 'qualitatively'. 120 is not simply a hundred and twenty lessons, but there are lessons upon lessons within each lesson, deeply layered phrases that can be applied like a doubled edged sword-phrases like 'causing trouble'; snake of the grafted type; buried there; 'no birth record'; hard to be led; did not build a prison house; 'grafting and separating'; nothing in comparison; bymself; advocated. These various phrases work on the razor sharp edge of our build or destroy black and gold pointz-in which all one hundred and twenty lessons are represented and embodied.

Depending on how you choose to filter knowledge wisdom cipher you actually make 120 walk and talk, expounding upon parallel pointz of reference, correlating them to a said thought or situation. Similarly the vedic system provides 16 points that can solve any quantitative mathematical problem. It is this writer's position that 8 pointz manifesting 16 shades from black to gold on the flag representing knowledge wisdom cipher can also be used equally and in alignment with the 16 Mathematical sutras or word formulas found in the Vedic system-a system that has already been shown and proven in Academia by the God Sankaracarya. Knowledge Wisdom Cipher is parallel to Vedic Math. We must delve into the meaning of the phrases, visualize the phrases in knowledge wisdom cipher in terms of mathematical modalities and apply them both quantitatively and qualitatively.

We can not hold ourselves to be complacent in our understanding b.u.t. Ultimately we should be seekers of academic excellence. Again proving that 'mathematics is a rigorous endeavor and vedic mathematics is not a get rich quick scheme nor does it make claims of an individual becoming a mathematical genius 'overnight', like anything worth mastering-it requires that the practitioner, initiates and sages of knowledge wisdom cipher, supreme mathematics and supreme alphabet study math until it becomes a functioning conceptualization in your third eye. Keeping in mind that all 'being born' outside of providing a quick 'checksum', has little to no empirical relevance in terms of providing a serious mathematical system for scientific advancement.

The universe in which we dwell has an underlying mathematical significance. This 'significance' is an indwelling intelligence expressed in mathematical sequences. With Vedic Mathematics you have high math aptitude at your finger tips by applying and utilizing these 16 Sutras/aphorisms/rules.

The 16 Sutras
Translated into
Our Own Language.

The following are the aspects of knowledge wisdom cipher, Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet that best link to the 16 sutras in my third. Learn the Sutras and you can develop your own aphorism/Cee as they relate to the pre-existing 16 sutras. Draw it up and link it to your own cee and it will make an understanding of the concepts flow with ease.

1: By One More Than The One. Before=(Add ON)

2: All From 9 and the last from 10=
(Born To Knowledge the cipher)

3: Vertically and Crosswise= (Draws this water up into the Earth's Rotation)*Drawing up, distilling back' acts as the vertical application of the sutra and 'rotation' is 'crosswise'

4: Transpose and Apply=(Rain, Hail, Snow, and Earthquakes)*rain, hail, snow are various forms of water 'transposed' and experimentation with high explosives is a means of determining application.

5: If The Samuccaya is the same it is Zero= (All Eye Seeing)*Samuccaya deals with a compendium of validities,

6: If one is the ratio the other is zero= (Nothing in comparison)

7: By addition and by subtraction=(qualified or disqualified')

8: By the completion and non completion=(Knowledge to born to cipher)

9: Differential Calculus= (Hardly Detect)

10: By the deficiency= (Weak and Wicked)

11: Specific and General= (Teach and also train)

12: The remainders by the last digit= (Take good care of it)

13: The ultimate and twice the penultimate=(Refinement)

14: By one less than the one before= (save the brown baby)

15: All the multipliers=(not sent back)

16: The product of the sum=( and good breeders)

The above sutras/ aphorisms can be applied to the nature of any known math problem and if used properly said math problem can be solved correctly in your head. The God I Victory sent me an advanced book on Vedic math and as I read I am witnessing the proof before my eyes. The system is proven and legit. Nothing inspires me like mathematics that is correct, so I urge you to google 'Vedic Math', do the knowledge, and purchase materials that deal with the subject and it will not disappoint.


Friday, May 14, 2010

10 Dayz of Juice: A Self Study in Toxicity

The power and the born day were the hardest. On the power day I got in a no holds bared argument with a close family member and on the born day I went through a personal trial and tribulation with another loved one. Arguing was draining. My energy was literally zapped. I felt like I was about to pass out and faint.

At this moment I'm at peace. One thing that I've realized since juice fasting is the reality of toxicity, be it physical; mental; spiritual; intellectual; egotistical; emotional; and ultimately recognizing toxic existence in nearly every area of life and society. In understanding toxicity you must understand it at its root: 'Toxic'. Toxic means that a substance is damaging an organism. On a cellular level toxicity is known as cytotoxicity. Juice fasting is allowing me to cleanse myself on a cellular level and heal the damaged cells. In our lessons we learn about 'certain layers', understanding this phrase allows me to know that toxicity exist on multiple levels not just 'cellular'. Toxicity can exist on an emotional level. One of my former students once identified me as abrasive: he was correct as I look back in retrospect. I can be very mean b.u.t. As I analyze my own behavior I must look at my work environment, what I was eating, and overall what I was taking into my own personal ecosystem. "Give me a number one! Super size it!" and in this case 'one' didn't stand for knowledge it stood for a Big Mac, Large Fries and a Coke. Now I'm suppose to have knowledge of SELF-you'd be hard pressed to find a God or Earth that can spit 120 like Twister outside of me, so in all my Twister like Mathematical flowz I still ask the chick at the drive through for a 'Number One'? I know I have high blood pressure-my blood pressure is 'Good Times, James Evans, throw a chair at the wall' High, b.u.t. I'm hard to be lead in the right direction still and I'd know the degree if I was in a coma. I get liquored up, weeded up, and in the early born ciphers when I was moving weight I'd get snorted up. My name is Emblem of What?-'Justice' and Justice is a penalty or reward. The toxicity of all those substances manufacture devil-not God.

As above so below: meaning that if I'm toxic on a cellular level; I'm toxic on an interpersonal level; a spiritual level; an emotional level; an intellectual level.

No doubt in my mind that the law of correspondence comes into play as it relates to toxicity. I'm not a neat freak, nor is my kingdom a trifflin rat hole either b.u.t. for the most part my kingdom stays in good orderly direction, however there are times where shit can fester-dishes, laundry, old food in the fridge because I might be too tired from work, or have something on my mind, basically I can judge the degree of my toxicity by how 'out of order' my lab is or how in order it is. You can see your thoughtz by the manifestation of your immediate reality-it is a direct reflection of your present state of mind. Thoughts-atoms-molecules-cells- organs-body-immediate environment-extended environment environment-family-companions-world-planet-universe is a chain of events.

Da God Kalik Scientific said 'Be The Answer' meaning we must be the answer to the problems in our life. If we are 'Living Mathematics' we must be living equations that contain solutions for the math problems in our daily lives. I talk about how proud I am to eat steak-that is a toxic state of mind. That is not something I should be proud of and in the tenth day of a juice fast that has been revealed to ME via ME. I don't want a stroke, I don't want high blood pressure, I don't want kidney failure like my uncles, I don't want a heart attack in my fortiez, however I will continue to smoke weed. I ain't juice fast that many dayz yet Goddamn it! I haven't smoked in the past 10 dayz though and I feel as though I'm on a natural high-so for now, it's all good.

Realistically any environment will contain a degree of toxicity, even in the natural ecosystem of the rainforest there are deadly toxins-so I'm going to be reasonable in my assessment of toxicity. Shit! Even the fruits and vegetables I've been juicing have some kind of pesticides on 'em, maybe some have even been pumped with some hormones. Toxicity to some degree is a natural part of any civilization. We eat and defecate, we drink and urinate toxins and poisons-essentially toxicity is a part of life. I'm not claiming I'm gonna be no vegetarian nor a vegan but I will be mindful. I won't order a 16 ounce steak , maybe a 4 or 8 ounce-once a month. My point is this: I must become a better manager of my Universe on all levels as it relates to waste management(toxicity). I may need to follow that steak with plenty green, leafy vegetables, take the salt off the table and eat more fruit. Plenty water, less beer and Goose. 'Scientific Moderation' is the key word.

It's not about food now-now it's about juicing down Babylon-the Babylon in me, winning the Jihad in self, emerging victorious in the war within, keeping my blood pressure down, working out, listening more and thinking twice, three times and more.

'In His Own 'Good Time'!': Day 11-here I come.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mike Tyson and The Emotional Complexity Of a Cancer

I met Mike Tyson when I went to Central State University, he was awarded an honorary doctorate that day. He told me he wanted to become a gynecologist. Ha! Mike is wild.

For 25 years we've watched this man and he has never ceased to amaze us, to shock us, to somehow captivate us either with his dominating boxing ability as a youth or his magnetic speech impediment we all found charmingly humorous at one time or another. Why does this man have the ability to make the world pause and watch? The answer is-is that he's a Cancer and couple that with the fact that he can do massive damage to the average human being on the planet, causes us all to pause at the sight of Mike. We pause on the street, every time his face pops up on TV and we all think twice before asking for an autograph-nobody runs up on Mike Tyson and conversely no one just walks by Mike Tyson. So we all just pause, standing around acting like we're not looking at him because Mike is the personification of a paradox, he might fuck you up or he might hug you. Paparazzis all take pictures of him at a distance, more so than they do other celebs.

His devastating knockouts in the mid-80's are embedded in the collective unconsciousness of the human family. We've all winced at what it must feel like to get punched by Mike Tyson at one time in our life. He was literally a 'World Champion' with such devastating, ferocious punching power that he gave many average people nightmares, much less other boxers. We admired and feared him from a distance as if he was some majestic Lion in a zoo with a sign that read 'Beware of Lion'. The Media portrayed him as a great beast and like all great boxers he rolled with the punches: Mike played the wild Beast role well, biting off Evander's ear and one time threatening to eat the babies of Lenox Lewis. Mike scared the shit out of a lotta people. He played the role well-that'z what they wanted him to be and that'z what he gave 'em: a beast. The Media circus that surrounded this man was and has always been utterly a well oiled machine. "Watch Mike! He's about to do something crazy!" Whether he's worth 300 Million or broke-we've always been fascinated with this fellow human being who shares the planet with us, strangely, many of us are still in awe of him years after he has taken off the gloves and recently shed tears on Oprah's shoulder. Interestingly enough Mike Tyson is loved now-just as much as he was once feared. Most of us have nothing but love for Mike, no matter how crazy, or weird he may appear. I think every Human being on Earth dismisses his antics, as "That'z just my crazy brother Mike." When his daughter Exodus died, Facebook and Twitter put mad love in the atmosphere for our brother. So what is our fascination with Mike Tyson? The answer is simple: He's a Cancer.

He is born on June 30th 1966, which makes him a 'Cancer 1'- 'The Week of the Empath'. Sharp contrasting qualities exist in those born around this week (June 25th-July 2nd). They are influenced by what it is they feel: good or bad. They quickly pick up on the emotional energies that others put into the atmosphere and wear these energies like garments. Much like Mike could read his opponents-he reads the world around him. Mike's whole mission since the day he was born has been to get a grip on his emotions and at 43 you see it slowly happening. Mike Tyson has shocked us again and has become a damn Vegan! What Da Fuck?!?!

I'm in the 9th day of a Juice fast and I've been receiving all of these insights and I bare witness that what you put in your body effects your emotional disposition. I'm in an emotional place of genuine peace for the first time in a long time. For the last nine dayz I've been a 'Juicerian' and I feel absolutely beautiful. I can testify first hand to the fact that food plays a role in how we perceive the world and how the world perceives us. When I saw that Mike Tyson the astrological Cancerian had become a vegan-the zodiac sign Cancer opened up to me finally. I understand them now and it's taken me some time but Mike is the Cherry on top of the Astrological sign of Cancer.

I'm an Astrological Nazi and I've basically been doing the knowledge on Astrology since I could read and spell the word 'Aquarius'. I never forget a birth date-never! And I file dates away mentally, study them, analyze them and how I encounter all those born around a given time period of that particular zodiacal sign, determines how I deal with them. I'm alwayz taking mental astrological notez. For those that don't know: I'm an Astrological Machine. And since I'm an avid boxing fan I've known Mike Tyson's Birth date (June 30th) since the mid to late 80's. He represented a violent streak not normally found in Cancer-Cancer is the 'Mother' of moody, a nurturing zodiacal force, deeply emotional, sensitive, intuitive, in tune and Mike Tyson represented a subliminated contrast to normal Cancerian traits. Here we have in the mid 80's this feared young boy come along, knocking everything down in his path who captured the world's imagination when he won or loss. Mike Tyson represented the unconscious longings of so many Cancers who needed to lash out-he was the personification of a 'Mother's stress'.

Mike is forty three, all grown up, a man who has dealt with the loss of a child, getting past that pain, growing, maturing, choosing a path of veganism and if we watch closely, he is becoming very, very wise. Peace to Mike Tyson-truly the baddest man on the planet.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Emblem's Juice Fast (Week One)

Warning: You may not be able to read this entire blog at once, so, like fasting: take your time!

Day 1: May 5th

Yesterday I began my fast. I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a Juicer. The last juicer I had was kind of old and I felt it was definitely time for a new one. I'm about 215-220 pounds give or take, I'm not fat but more 'Tyson mid 80's' solid. When I was weighing 175 I was running 10 miles a day and maxing out at 15 miles once a week. The Last time I weighed 175 pounds I was understanding power years old, six years have elapsed and now I'm 40 pounds away from what I feel is my ideal weight and miles away from peak conditioning. I would love to get down to 175 again. At 5'9 and a half-175pounds would be my ideal size. I feel real good at that size. I got aches and pains at 215, and a lot of it is job related, and from what I hear fasting can reduce aches and pains drastically.

I never reached marathon level shape because I developed bone spurs at the tip of my toe next to my big toe. The pain was incredible and caused me to stop running for six months. The pain in just one toe stopped me from reaching that marathon distance of 26.2 miles. The pain at the tip of my toe was unbearable for nearly six months so much so, that I dreaded small things like putting on a shoe.

At 41 I'd like to get down to 175 pounds again and reconnect with my past level of physical conditioning. The toe is better, tougher and stronger. My job has allowed me to grow in physical strength, but it's 'work'-strength-not 'working-out', exercise strength. And most certainly my job has not allowed me to grow health wise. Working in a sub-zero Freezer the size of two football fields causes you to snatch every calorie you can get, because calories produce heat. I did a three day water fast about two weeks ago, it was good but at the time I didn't have a juicer-so it ended abruptly with a Chicken dinner. I felt like a real failure when I stuffed my face with that chicken dinner.

Yesterday, after I purchased the juicer I went to the grocery store and got two bags of apples, a pineapple, a Cantaloupe, a bag of carrots, and 2 gallons of distilled water. All together it was approximately knowledge cipher dollars. It was a good idea. I feel the effects already-it's definitely cleaning me out. Today I'm gonna get some vegetables to juice. Fruits are 'cleansers' and 'vegetables' are builders-some days I'll clean and some days I'll build. I haven't decided how long I'm going to do this juice fast but I have made an agreement with myself to really renew my 41 year old physical form.

I've never really been a 'foodie', but I recognize the need to renew the history of my physical body. I eat meat and I will proudly eat a steak at a vegan convention and not give a damn what the foodies think. So between the steak, the weed, the beer, the chicken, the liquor, the fish, the pancakes, the pizza, the eggs, the milk, and everything else besides pork-I know it's time for a major cleansing, and time to renew.

I don't have but one body-there are no more after this one, so I need to take care of it-and part of that is removing the garbage thoroughly.

The first day of the Juice fast went extremely well, plenty of freshly squeezed juice and distilled water. I feel calm and at peace. I'm about to juice a cantaloupe and a pineapple for breakfast.

May 6th: Day 2

Made some cabbage, broccoli, carrots and apples juice. I'm very hungry right now and the cabbage, broccoli, carrot and apple juice tasted nasty. The fruit juices tasted great, but my overall disposition right now is cranky and hungry. I'm thinking about this Chinese buffet I go to-I knockz 'em for 5 plates every time. I killz 'em. Sometime I go to this other place that makes soul food, and usually get a chicken breast and a thigh, potato salad, macaroni and a roll. It'z good, and when I'm in the mood for fish I go to this one place that makes this Jumbo fried fish sandwich with french fries. It's great. Or sometimes I go to this breakfast Buffet-I kill them too, but in the end I know I'm killing myself. I don't want to have a stroke, or catch diabetes. I already suffer from a bad temper and high blood pressure so I need to start paying better attention to what I put in my mouth. I can't believe I'm gonna be 42 next year-I remember turning 22 yesterday, time truly moves at a terrific speed. Health in those 40's is an issue, mathematically speaking I could realistically be in the last 20 years of my life's Quran. Admittedly I don't eat right: I eat meat, I drink beer and liquor, I smoke weed and I get a Black and Mild from time to time. I'm not gutted, my appearance is still relatively youthful, I'm physically strong but I know I'm not 'healthy'-healthy. I'm not sick or anything, but it doesn't take a vegan foodie to tell me I haven't been eating right. I eat a lot but not right. Juice fasting for only two days I can already feel the texture of my hair soften a bit, my toe nails, and fingernails are clear and I feel sharper mentally. We bury ourselves under a lot of bad foods, which causes stiffness in joints, arthritis and other ailments and I feel the justice after a meal at the buffet. A few days ago at a restaurant I'm watching this fat white boy lift his fork like a shovel over and over again, slowly digging his grave. That fat white boy was a sign to me, to get healthy 'food wise'. I never been an advocate of that vegetarian and vegan math-I respect them, but I don't want to go there: I enjoy food: steak in particular-so Instead of going to a vegan extreme I prefer to juice fast and after the fast I'll willfully continue to juice regularly and increase my fruit and vegetable intake.

May 7th: Day 3: 5:40 A.M.

It's 5:40 in the morning and last night was rough. A detox headache occurs when the body is releasing toxins at a fast rate. My body is not use to cleaning itself out radically, my body has become one with the toxins that are in the wrong foods, so when I start to release them 'withdraw' is a natural part of the process. Last night my headache was bad-I felt like I was going to have a stroke and die. Now the headache is gone and I do feel good. My mind feels clear and at ease. Since I suffer from high blood pressure I can feel that the internal anxiety, a latent worrying in my subconscious is gone, now I'm feeling calm and at ease. Getting through the detox headache was the toughest test thus far. Hunger is not really that bad-I'm not hungry and to be in control of hunger truly feels Godly. Food is called 'God degree' by us for a reason and implying the questions: Have we mastered food? Or have we fallen victim to the magnetic power of appetite and food. Food is magnetic, it has attracting power, greater than any drug-hunger calls us, and internally hunger can manifest itself as the wild beast-"...or fed to a wild beast..." The wild beast can be connected to our appetite. When I'm at a buffet I lose the knowledge of my self and kill that Chinese lately for 5 or 6 full plates, Once after I came outta there I just sat in the truck for 15 minutes before I put the key in the ignition because I was so full:That'z some straight beast life shit. "What is his own self?" Is a degree that has been on my third. Why because the wrong foods have caused me to be other than myself, all those toxins have stored up in the cells of my body-damn right, these toxins produce a negative disposition. Easily one can fall victim to an 'other than Self' disposition. As God and Earth we are divine beings-'Divine' are those things held sacred-when we refuse to hold our physicals sacred we sacrifice to a large extent our own personal divinity. Divine or Destroy represents 'D' in my Supreme Alphabet to imply that their are two cultures: 'Divine' or 'Destroy'. We have the choice to place emphasis on either 'Divine' or 'Destroy'. Vegans, consider what they put in their mouth to the slightest ingredient. That is an admirable characteristic. Me? I will drink Pepsi, or a Tahitian Treat and not think twice. Vegans can get on your nerves, but they point to the possibility of you becoming a better you. Now don't get me wrong, Vegans have just as many problems as anyone else, b.u.t. nevertheless they pretty much have a mastery of the science of food. Food is a central issue in my life, it always has been. My mother said I was a greedy baby from the time I was born. The family use to call me 'no neck' because I didn't have a neck-my eyes would be wide-I was wild when I saw food. I'm surprised I'm not obese-I came up very athletic, a whole lotta sports, heavy weight lifting as a teenager blessed me essentially with an athletic physical form.

I just drank power cups of pineapple, apple, and cantaloupe juice. It was real good! I also bought a 15 pound bag of potatoes and a pound of yams-yams are expensive. I'll drink that tonight. Juice has mow become my breakfast lunch and dinner. I feel real good, I'm in the process of spring cleaning the crib and juicing has helped me with extra energy to handle that task. When you juice, I've noticed that your surroundings become a direct reflection of your internal reality. The more you evacuate the toxins in the body, the more you will evacuate the toxins in your physical environment. Mathematics is the Universal language from cell to cell, meaning when you clean the cells within the body-the language of light(intelligence) will be emitted from one cell to the next cell. A cell is a cipher, any cipher from the smallest to the largest will be affected.

May 7th:-5:40 P.M. (3rd day)

I did a lot of spring cleaning, drank 5 more cups of Pineapple, Apple and cantaloupe juice about an hour ago. I've noticed that fasting has caused a restlessness. A restlessness that stems from North America eating habits that have become second nature. We center our lives around meals: Breakfast; lunch; and dinner literally represent various times of the day. I juiced this morning and I juiced around the culture hour and I feel restless, it's my subconscious programming I suspect. My body is basically wondering, "Yo where da food at dude-what is this juice shit?". The appetite of man is a beast-it is the intelligence of the human being that separates man from beast. We are usually led by the appetite, it controls us and leads us in many cases in the wrong direction. Regardless if the body is craving sex, water or food, all of which are essential appetite forces that the physical form craves. How we cope with these ideas represent us in a very personal way. Your sex life is nobodies business, you don't want anyone coughing over your food or spitting back-wash into what it is you're drinking. Why? Because that's your personal space. Appetite is a personal subject but ultimately how we engage appetite defines all of us on a very basic level. The appetite has a direct relationship to the human will. Fasting is to deny one's self food-upon doing this we exercise the human will. And the struggle becomes a clash of your interpersonal will versus personal appetite. Appetite is the 'beast', it has no regard for intellect. Stating this, I don't mean that to shun the majestic beauty of the appetite: Food is good, sex is great, water is of vital significance to life-so to deny anyone of these appetite based forces in the 'Self' is to exercise the 'will' in the 'Self'. Denial of any essential aspect of the appetite should not be associated with piety or righteousness. We should as scientist associate overcoming the appetite with righteous elevation if we so choose. One should be mindful that such a practice of fasting is an exercise of the human will. The will is aligned with the Universal Mind like a match to gasoline and similarly a 'fast' can be applied to day to day life is potentially explosive. We are all presented with obstacles, hills and mountains within our lives. Hills and mountains are actual facts that we have to climb daily in life. We all have a Mount Everest to climb; We learn to make it rain during thirsty times in life-it is our will that we must tap. Tapping the will is to open up the universe from within, human will contrasts human appetite-appetite is a gravitational force. Appetite is correlative to forces within the Earth. When You think of the Black woman you think of Earth, containing all the vital resources necessary for survival: food, water, and sex- six 'sex'-tillion is her total weight representing procreation for the human being. This massive-weighted mass has a direct relationship to the attracting power of gravitation. Water is the piece with magnetic-thirst is the piece without; food is the piece with the magnetic-hunger is the piece without; Sex is divinely magnetic, to be 'sex less' is to be without magnetism. The appetite pursues, while the will attracts. To reverse the magnetic polarity of these forces is to assert the will-upon asserting the will you take control of the force itself. Thus you can cause Rain, Hail, Snow and Earthquakes when you are in supreme control of your will.

May 8th: Day 4(Insightz): 1 A.M.

I'm laying here in bed thinking about understanding build: Then why did God make Devil? And I've essentially translated the idea of life's problems into 'Devil'(or any live grafted germ). In dealing with the concept of problems as devil I've realized that the only problems we really have are based upon things, people, ideas and values that we have some sort of attachment to. You only can have a problem based upon the relativity of your attachment: Work; family; financial; relationship; health-are all entities revolving in one's personal circumference. Money is a social norm-a means of exchange-that can or cannot be a problem in our lives. The psychological relationship that we have to things , people and ideas usually cause problems because the problem has an emotional root, a connection to something or someone in which we have a vested emotional interest and the capacity by which it/they function in our lives can by default cause dysfunction in our lives. The problem is designed to reflect the degree of your knowledge. There is a solution to the emotional problem but the solution itself may or may not be necessarily rooted in the emotion. Emotional content may serve as impetus to solve a problem, however the actual solution itself in terms of procedure should be applied without emotion. If your life is in jeopardy such is an emotional situation, and the solution may be as logical as getting yourself out of harm's way.

A mother's child is in a burning house, and she goes in the house to save the child: the impetus for her to go in and save the child is indeed emotional b.u.t. every step she takes is in and of itself logical-or as logical as she can reason her steps out to be-given the situation. Ideally, emotional impetus should produce a logical path for solutions B.U.T. in most cases emotional impetus leads to an irrational emotional act. "...lost the knowledge of himself and is living a beast life..."-losing the knowledge of self is as simple as not being present in the moment, allowing things to register on an emotional level causing one to be used as a tool and also a slave by the emotional elements made by the problem. Emotional responses are like snakes that sting someone else thus compounding the problem. Then why did God make devil? Is a question that is in essence speaking to an introverted idea. Why did you make the problem?-the problem is made to show forth power, not egotistically but to in fact usher forth a greater U.

6:A.M. Journal Insightz (Day 4)

I rested well, and during my rest, a dream caught my third eye. In my dream I wrestled a whiteboy and made him submit with a Boston Crab hold. I'm not into wrestling-as you know I'm a boxing fan, so to be wrestling in a dream was interesting as well as odd and for me to make this whiteboy submit is even more interesting. When I awoke this morning, I got hit with a dose of fear, no particular fear-just fear. The last degree I remember building on in my third before I returned back to rest was the equality degree in the knowledge to understand equality: 'He Likes the devil because the devil gives him nothing'. Fear does not enter into the equation until the build degree upon which the idea of 'planted fear' comes into play.

Some people and many prisoners hide behind tattoos. 'Prisoners hide behind tats and muscles'-is what my cousin who is currently in prison wrote to me in a letter. He went on to say 'Most are just scared big guys'. That took me to 'Why does he fear the devil now that He is a Big Man?' And if you know the answer to that born degree you know fear is the result of what transpires in the knowledge Cipher's degree proposition 'Because the devil taught him how to eat the wrong foods.' All that freshly squeezed fruit juice and vegetable juice cleared all the shit outta me b.u.t. not the fear. I ain't take a shit yesterday(Pardon the visual) but my system as of now, I would speculate has evacuated just about all stored up waste, b.u.t. I get hit with this strange dose of fear this morning? I attribute it to the residual effects of the wrong foods. Though my digestive track is probably relatively clear, negative energy remains in my cell structure, nonetheless still lingering around on a vibrational level within the cell- meaning 'fear' is still in my cells and in me. Mathematics is the Universal Language from cell to cell, implying that math conveys messages on a cellular level hence 'cell to cell'. The message of fear is still affecting the cell structure and consequently my thought patterns. The wrong foods as we know make an individual other than 'Self', meaning that the body, comprised of all of it cells, turns away from it's original nature. And for the Self to turn back to the 'True Self' requires a complete revolution-a revolt, an internal struggle, a war, a jihad against the 'negativity' that is fear. Fear buries us in a mental grave, and thus I am literally covered in the toxic dirt as the result of the wrong foods. Surface dirt is one thing but the pins of fear are embedded deep in the psyche, causing wounds to the psyche. When we state the Black Man is God or the Black Woman is Earth we're merely stating titles. The human being wearing the title in most cases is very much wounded from the pins embedded in their heads(psyches) from the past. Fear runs deeper than the mere cleansing of the digestive track, fear runs wild on the cellular level. Fear is in the fabric of our internal organs, our skin, our expressions and our wayz and actionz. The whole body must be replaced one cell at a time-with an overhauled nutritional format, coupled with a renewed thought process. Repetitive thought is reinforced in the cell and by changing the Supreme Mathematical message from cell to cell we revamp our total way of being. Negative thoughts in Self have festered, multiplied and grew, eventually becoming 'other than Self'. To turn those negative ideas around is to take full control of your cells and mental and physical cipher. Cells are the planets that are grown and made from the beginning in Self, proving that we are a Universe unto ourselves: Microcosms of the Macrocosm. Take the Devil off your planet.

May 9th: Day 5: 6:30 A.M.

I made it to the power day baby, and I feel great! Yesterday I had to work and for those that don't know I work in a freezer that'z 25 below, it getz cold as fuck. But I hung in there and actually had a good day percentage wise(work lingo). Yesterday morning I went to work, took two 32 ounce bottles of cabbage, potato, yam, celery and carrot juice. It tasted awful, and made me shiver and shake when I drank it. I can't explain to you how awful it was, b.u.t. guess what? It sent a surge of energy through me like no other. I could have knocked Mayweather the fuck out (just joking I can't fuck with Lil Floyd). That raw vegetable juice gave me a quick surge b.u.t. also consistent, sustainable energy throughout the day and my farts were powerful enough to evacuate the Staples Center. Word!!! That raw vegetable juice is no joke, it shows and proves the meaning of 'experimenting with high explosives'. Boom! After I got off work I juiced a pineapple, apples, and a cantaloupe. The combination of juices ran through me causing me to rush for the toilet. Yesterday I was under the false impression that I had cleaned my colon completely. Wrong? 64 ounces of raw, powerful cabbage, carrot, celery, potatoes, and yam juice coupled with another 32 ounces of Pineapple, apple, and cantaloupe juice showed and proved I was still very much full of shit. Wow! 'Get that poison out of your system' is my motto nowaday. I'm not hungry at all, in fact I'm very much at peace.

If you know me y'all know I desire to become a Hafiz of Quran one day and I practice it much like an instrument, sometimes I'm very consistent, and sometimes I might miss three dayz and have some mediocre practice sessions. When I miss three days of not reciting Quran, or Ayat dhikir(repetitive recital of an ayat-line work) I get disgusted with myself. This morning I got up and did an extensive review-good recitation, line-work. 'Line-work' for an aspiring Hafiz is like hitting a speed bag for a boxer-it's timing and rhythm. This morning my Holy Quran work-out was fulfilling. Peep this! Last night I whooped my computer's ass in chess. I've beaten the computer before, b.u.t. not without taking back moves after I blundered. Last night I didn't take back any movez, and I was moving quick as fuck- no blunders. This is indeed a powerful experience mentally. I did get pissed for a second about some shit-and I've resolved to handle that shit in person...

"I wrote some really ill shit, that due to a tentative peace agreement-I've omitted from day 5-but best believe 'If' I get wind of some fuckin' Innuendo-the Very extensive part of Day-5 will be published!!!"-Don't fuck wit Sha!

May 10th Day 6.

2 A.M.
Yesterday I did plenty juicing, I juiced grapes, strawberries, apples, tangerines and later, for my vegetables I made Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, cucumber, and potato juice-vegetable juice is not good at all. It's downright awful.

5 P.M. I got in a very heated argument this morning with a family member-that got really ugly. When I'm in an argument I'm completely Nuclear! Ain't no 'in betweenz'-same with a fight, before I lose-we're gonna both lose. Fasting makes you incredibly mean during an argument. You're already hungry and you add that with the fact that somebody wantz to get on some bullshit. My Old Dad is the same way. He, like me, will draw his pistol at the drop of a hat and I heard him tell his wife once fuck your dead mama and fuck your dead daddy. The argument I was in was completely therapeutic, at least for me it was. The argument showed and proved that toxicity exists on multiple levels. This morning I apologized to my neighbors in the apartment building I live in, I already have a voice that carries, so when you multiply that with hostility, anger-my voice carries even further.

Nothing was resolved, and outside of some miraculous act from a mystery God that does not exist-I think the closeness between me and said relative is pretty much done. And how I deal with that is by just remembering the good times-that makes it all worth while. The relationship between me and said family member had become toxic due to what I feel was the interjection of a third family member. It's all good-right now I'm in a place of unparalleled clarity and my position is-is if you don't start none won't be none.

Now the other event in my life was the formation of a kidney stone, as the result of all that raw unfiltered juice. I juice the pineapple rhines, the grapevine, the potato skins, cabbage, cantaloupe rhines-I don't peel that shit when I put it in the juicer, so what it did is that foam on top of the juice calcified and a stone in my right kidney started to form. I had kidney stones before, nearly 15 years ago and it was the worst pain of my life, next to losing my eye of course. The kidney stone had me on the ground crying my ass off, I thought it was the result of push-ups and that I had pulled a muscle or something. You won't believe me, but I did 1200 push-ups straight once approximately 13 years ago. I know yall think I'm lying but I'm not. What I did is I did one push-up on New Years Day and I increased 1 push a day for a year. By April of that year I was able to bust out like 200 and after more time had elapsed I was knocking out 800 straight-easy, and once I got high, and did as many as I could and ended up doing 1200 straight. The world record for push-ups is held by Minoru Yoshida of Japan set in 1980-he did 10,507 push-up. Emblem is coming for you Minoru. Shit I can’t do 75 nowaday, b.u.t. I'm gonna get my Old ass back in shape though.

Back to the kidney stones: the Earth told me to drink 2 ounces of lemon juice, 2 ounces of vinegar, and 2 ounces of olive oil-that shit gone. I don't feel no pain. 'How to keep her Husband' she truly showed and proved that degree.

Tomorrow I'm gonna be steppin' on my first milestone of my juice fast baby: Da God day-day 7. Buy a juicer and join me.

May 11th: Day 7
12:51 A.M
I started this juice fast on May 4th and completed my first day on May 5th and Now I've done seven dayz. I've done seven days before and it's alwayz a milestone when you touch down on your first complete week of fasting. I'm up early as you can see. I went to rest at the born hour and I feel like I've rested an entire night. That Vinegar and lemon juice seems to have really worked in dissolving that kidney stone. I have no pain in my back b.u.t the fact of the matter is-is that the vinegar nauseated the fuck outta me. I wanted to throw up but I guess I had nothing to throw up and I still got that vinegar after taste which tasted disgusting. My stomach feels unsettled, and weird, however, mentally I don't feel bad. I had a real good Quran work-out yesterday, and somehow fasting is tuning my voice pitch nicely. I'm hitting notez in that Quran that I would not ordinarily be able to, and sounding good, if I may say so myself. When I get back to repetitive, hardcore line work which is reciting each ayat 99 timez that'z when I'm really back in the Quran gym. After repetitively reciting 6236 verses 99 timez I will be on my way to Qari then Hafiz. I know yall Gods and Earthz like "This brother is deeply into the Quran." You damn right, the flow is tight and it's Islam. Scientist are suppose to extract the understanding which is the best part from the Quran, Torah, Bible, an Algebra Book, or a calculus book. I mean we do study 'Said' Muslim lessons and then draw them up with Supreme Math and Supreme Alphabet. The Quran is the ultimate said 'Muslim Lesson': is it not? It takes on a mathematical form from beginning to end. Hey, maybe it's just me, and If it's just me who has love for the Quran than I'm gonna come to North America Bymyself like a Movafuckin' champ baby. People should be allowed to expand their understanding as far as they desire it to go. This is a choice that remains up to the individual: to study as much or as little of what constitutes as the science of everything in life as they choose. Islam for the Original Man is not a 'religion' b.u.t. instead a way of life, a culture. Islam does exist as a religion, and if we are scientist, which indeed we are-it would be wise to examine the rituals which are based upon the substantative reality of truth. Religion is comprised of rituals. In the religion of Islam one is suppose to wash their ass at least five times a day. This is the only religion that points the human family in the direction of hygiene. If you take a shit, according to Islam- never dry wipe because you’re just smearing the shit with the toilet paper. The prescribed laws of Islam demands we wipe our ass with water. The religion of Islam contains many rituals that point toward male and female hygiene. So if you define yourself as God and Earth and your hygiene ain't right and exact, you might want to do the knowledge to the Islamic rules and regulations as they pertain to hygiene. It may help with living out I Self Lord and Master and I Sincerely Love Allah's Mathematics free from the grafted reality of having a shitty ass. Wipe with water!

Day 8-Here I come!

Monday, May 10, 2010

'Sketch Review' by Khadijah Khalifah Muhammad

I completed reading the novel, ‘A Sketch Of Tranquility’, by Emblem and “WOW” is the first word that comes to mind.

I found ASOT to be pleasurably feisty and forceful. Supremely written, A Sketch Of Tranquility is sexy, sizzling, funny, inspirational, and heartbreaking. Emblem did not waste our time with a watered down version of life. His depiction of the lives of the two main characters, Tranquility and Infinite, is adult, raw, open, realistic, honest, and very close to home for many of us, I’m sure. Quite often, I found myself putting the book down to reminisce of moments where I may have experienced similar situations as superbly illustrated in ASOT. Over and over again, I found myself laughing out loud, angry, sad, melancholy or in the mood for love….

If you’re looking for some good, solid, adult reading over the Spring and Summer, I highly recommend A Sketch Of Tranquility. As well, it would make a great addition to your book club, as ASOT offers a wealth of opportunities for character and situational analysis.

Hats off to you Emblem, job well done!!!

Khadijah Khalifah Muhammad.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Something I found while spring cleaning-

Allah to zig, knowledge to born the cipher, and knowledge wisdom cipher are words. The internalization of the words are the beginning. Using the words and wisdom found in knowledge wisdom cipher, Allah to Zig, knowledge to born the cipher to communicate and born understanding-understanding is paramount in the reality of becoming living Mathematics. When these words become the flesh and blood bonds that hold your life in order, knowledge of self is being born to 'Living Mathematics'. Living Mathematics is not a general term but specific to the said Original Person who is 'Living Mathematics'. Living Mathematics is a Personalized 'Self Style' (Your Original Way) is at first relative to the person living Mathematics out daily and secondly to the external parameters of a given cipher. Mathematics shows and proves with Knowledge and Wisdom- Knowledge is the point of origin of the cipher. Allah manifest in the knowledge Shown and Proven as Al-Alim(The Knower) Knowledge is intangible, representative of the Infinitely all encompassing, all Eternal Black Mind of Allah. The First act(Allah Cee Truth) is a physical expression of the black mind coming out of three stages of darkness in order to penetrate the Universal Black Womb of Wisdom. This was the first expresion of Allah's determined Idea-which is to 'Be' or Bring into 'existence'. Kun Fya Kun in Arabic means 'Be and it 'Is'. So 'Be' is the causative force to born understanding into the reality of culture dimensions of Life. The Word became Bond. The perpetual echo of 'Be' initiates eternaly to construct the point Of Origin-a point of Origin which establishes the first point of Self Perception, Universal Awareness, and Allah's Eternal Black Mind becoming conscious relative to, and within the The Physical Black Man living on Earth in this physical Universe. In Short The Black Man is 'God'-God of the Universe from His Individual Point of Origin(seen and heard everywhere)-not transgressing Tawheed(Oneness) but for 'All Practical Purposes'-the essential 'Self' is now universally Born to the Planet Earth or so it goes, "....when The Planet was first founded..." As she is the home of Islam.

Infinity starts from One while Eternity has No beginning nor ending thus eternity becomes infinity upon knowledge realizing itself to yield wisdom. The Totality of the Black Mind Of Allah(Tawheed); or esoterically referred to as the Nation of Islam in the born degree in the Knowledge to Knowledge Cipher '...has no ending...': Collective Enegetic intelligence constantly expanding, traversing, forever elevating, and experiencing SELF through True I Master Equality (TIME) in an infinitude of qualities and in an infinitude of ways.

In the Black Man's body their exist the Genetic Code or the Universal Blue Print of The Origin. The History and Quran find storage in the genetic information within' the black man's Body: in his Body The Germ of Life is found, his consciousness is manifested as a physical being who is 'self aware' of HIS relationship to Creation: A Painter dwelling In His Painting. And from Knowledge, all is prescribed and predicted in the nature of Universal Justice/Law. God of the Universe Means He's the sole expressed Holder and sole controller of the 'Prescribed law of ISLAM' and 'He' who is 'I' which is the flesh and blood 'said'(word) person of that ability is 'I CAUSE'(...all that above is caused....). The prescribed law of Islam works in the Conscience or 'Con' Science. The conscience is the rules and regulations in our internal Holy Quran that manifest as the Moral Father's and Mother's of Civilization. A person's conscience should be established in Freedom, Justice and Equality and consequently the 'Con' 'Science" produces conduct in accord with one having knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture refinement and is not a savage in the pursuit of happiness.

The Physical origin of the Universe is the reality of Knowledge being made Born. Wisdom is the Reflection of Knowledge, and the Understanding is conceived via intelligent light within the cream. Conception denotes pregnancy, a synthesis, and fusion is the Understanding Born from Knowledge and Wisdom. The Zig(knowledge) went into the Zag(Wisdom) and Yielded the manifestation of the second Zig(Understanding). It's as simple as ABC and 123 that form the basis of understanding the equality of the cipher: 360 degreez of Islam. When you Knowledge 120 in terms of memorization, you have to apply it-which is Wisdom(your ways and actions). The understanding is when you can navigate and comprehend the path.

Knowledge Wisdom Cipher gives us a blue print for human behavior. Living Mathematics manifests as build or destroy points as represented by the points on the Universal Flag. The Points represent the light being emitted from the SUN. The Seven is the Central Theme Showing and Proving Allah is God. God is Within The Cipher Borning Light From the Center. The radiant Quality comes from within and is visible to those 'without'(Un-Alike) the Radiant Quality of Knowledge Of Self. The rays of light only appear as build or destroy points B.U.T. Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math show and prove build or destroy points omnidirectionally, meaning in a full culture dimensional cipher, light will be shown and proven evidently and abundantly.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Born February 24, 1977

I'm not gonna eat my words but I will rewrite them. Floyd showed and proved that he is indeed the truth. He displayed unparalleled ringmanship last night and no sports writer or writer can write away his gift. The zeros on the Pacquiao fight will be even more so since he has defeated Sugar Shane. Sugar Shane rocked him in the second round but Mayweather rebounded.

Actually I thought Sugar Shane had a better chance of beating Floyd than Pacquiao. Why? I don't like the way Pacquiao moves, he leaves himself open, wild looping punches, that would make him vulnerable to Floyd's speed. I knew going in that Shane didn't match up skill wise with Floyd, but I thought that there was a looming intangible in the mathematical equation of this fight, a spectacular 'Rockyish' like intangible. I predicted that Shane would reach down deep to that place of character, strength and will and catch Floyd flush. Emblem was wrong. My word is my bond, and I stated in my last piece that I would write a piece in retrospect if Shane lost.

Who am I to disapprove of his character, I'm only an observer, but when he says things like he's better than Ali, it's like nails screeching down a blackboard. I will not give Mayweather that type of credit-he's great, but he's not that great. Ali is embedded deep in the world's consciousness and when Ali dies the entire Earth will mourn that day. Ali told the United States government, "I'm not going to Vietnam. The Viet Cong ain't call me nigga!" Ali stood for social, political and spiritual consciousness. When he fought Frazier he told Frazier that he was God. Ali learned Islam under Elijah and kept growing Islamically. He was a loud mouth like Floyd, a showman, but he was far from a mentally dead coon. I love Muhammad Ali-and when Floyd says he's greater-Floyd borders on insanity. Floyd couldn't carry Ali's pissy jock strap after a week of working out in the gym. This article is not to tell Floyd what he is not-he is indeed great-not the Greatest.

Routing against Floyd was in a weird way like routing against myself. We share the same birthday in a way as you know I'm an Astrological Nazi. I consider the day I completed 120 my second born day: February 24th is the day I took 120 undercap and that's also Floyd's Born day. In that regard I feel his swag and how he boast in his splendor. He is a God in that ring, it would be mad peace if he became God outside the ring.