Sunday, March 28, 2010

Knowing What You Don't Know

I know what I don't know. Like numbers have no ending as are the branches of mathematics without ending. Branches of math exist that have yet to be discovered. There are enough Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, and Trigonometry problems to last a human being several lifetimes and these are just the branches we know of. History can be studied for thousands of years from a multiplicity of angles and viewed from various points of reference. There are enough languages on this Earth to boggle the mind, and as far as science is concerned many of us would be in a learning disabilities class wearing a helmet, riding the short bus if our knowledge was compared to real trained scientist of the Earth; Physicist; Biologist; Chemist; etc. I write this not in jest, but as a sincere acknowledgment of what I don't know and to the power of study and to encourage all to travel to second tier knowledge: opening languages, branches of math, realms of science, and all things yet to be discovered. In Islam alone 23 known sciences have been cataloged from Tajweed to Fiqh, to Shariat and the list continues. I do not talk a lot, because I am in awe at the things I do not yet understand. Knowing what you don't know is the beginning of knowledge and striving to learn new things is a sign of ones growth to be born. Last year I dispensed with long winded, know-it-all individuals in my life because I stumbled upon the profound realization of the vastness of scholarship in this universe that I've yet to explore. Such realization succeeded in closing my mouth and opening my ears-the ear being the key to Islam which has no ending. Be objective, shut the fuck up, listen and study your ass off. My Enlightener use to study Hebrew letters-he never broke the code of the tongue or became fluent in the Hebrew language but he inspired me just by trying. His failure in a semetic tongue born my success in Arabic and my budding interest in Hebrew. You must remain diligent in study to be masterful and being masterful in a serious subject is not at all about vanity but instead a sincere devotion to true scholarship. I read my first line of Hebrew two weeks ago and it tripped me out: Geheena in Hebrew means 'Hell'(burning garbage heap) and Jeheena in Arabic means 'Hell'.

The parallel between the two languages was fascinating. It opened up the phrase 'we took everything from them except their language' in the culture degree. Through rigorous study we take ourselves to Hell to get said subject 'Right'. Study is a form of Love that goes through hell to get right in fact. When you learn-don't be quick to show off because there is always someone out there who is studying while you're showing off and it is devil civilization that makes knowledge a competitive idea. True knowledge is for building-building within yourself(study). We irresponsibly do our duty as civilized persons when we attempt to impart opinions and not scientific or mathematical truths. Your values, opinions, and axioms are like assholes-everyone has one. 4x - 5 = 7 has the solution of x =3 since (4 x 3) - 5 = 7 this basic Algebra problem is not an opinion, or what I think, or my values, an axiom or religion-it's a fuckin' actual fact in Harvard, Yale, Princeton, on the moon, in another movafuckin' Galaxy, and even in The Allah School. The above problem is Truth on the Square, not Emblem's opinion or philosophy or my 'cee' but an actual Universal Truth.

Keep growing, and open up math books, and science books and study till no ending. This blog is purposefully shorter than most because I don't think I can stress in words the power of study.
'Iqara Bismi Rabikal Lahzee Khalaq-Khalaqal Insanna min Alaq.'

(Read in The Name Of Thy Lord Who Created thee From a congealed Clot 'sperm mixed with ovum')
Holy Quran: 96:1


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quran was Quran Before Quran was Kitab

"Infinitesimal Calculus is rooted in the idea of considering the smallest changes in the values of a given function. An important use of this branch of Calculus allows the gradient or the slope on a graph to grade and calculate the smallest or slightest change." Abdul Salaam Qudus - (The Sufis Guide To Open Heart Surgery- Pg. 468)

In knowledge wisdom cipher there are plenty of characters, objects, and ideas that have functions. Example: 'A Prophet by the name of Jesus' ; R.O.P.E.; a tool; Buddha; a trading post; Musa; a Holy Flag; Muhammad(SAW); a Sword; Fruit; a Sewing Needle(implied); MGT; Gold; a Traitor/trader; Water(Rain, Hail, Snow,); Land; Black Babies; Layers of Currents; Brown Babies; Root; Yacob; Prison House(The concept); Plant/ed/Planet; Elijah; High Explosives; a Secret; Doctors; Ministers; Nurses; Cremators; a Wild Beast; A determined Idea; W.D. Fard; Black Germs; Brown Germs; Savages; Devils; and a host of others. Each character, idea and object takes on psychological importance and though they are mere words these concepts are designed to accurately describe and represent the dynamic reality of our daily lives. These array of concepts configured in knowledge wisdom cipher act as a fluid stream of ideas that can be applied to all aspects of our Square. The majority of these concepts in knowledge wisdom cipher can be psychologically categorized, and grouped into viable terms that are synonymous with terms in Psychology and Mathematics found in academia. The very fact that the user of knowledge wisdom cipher assumes ownership of his lessons through memorization allows for a deeper understanding of Supreme Wisdom/Knowledge Wisdom Cipher as it applies to Self and the empirical world. Our responsibility to make knowlege born is a responsibiltiy that we first must use for ourselves as individuals. Knowledge Understanding in the knowledge to understand equality asks "What is His/Her ownself?" This question allows for the formulation of an interpersonal conceptual model, causing each character, object and idea in knowledge wisdom cipher to act as a concurrent reinforcement as living Mathematics may apply in reality. Example: The nurse's pin is a motif that I have expounded upon numerous times in the past, and it is no secret that I link the nurse's pin to the origin of phobias, psychosis, trauma, and amnesia. Amnesia in particular, has a relationship to the culture degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture's question: 'Forgotten Trick-Knowledge'; basically anyone is subject to 'forget'. We can forget things as the result of the 'wrong food', everyone understands that 'food' can be interpreted as the zig zag zig of mental, physical, and spiritual foods. 'Wrong Food' is an idea that has a direct relationship to the Nurse's pin, each of which is similar to the other but also containing a distinction. The measurement of infinitesimal distinctions and the fine mist of minute similarities is the nature of infinitesimal calculus.

The 'Nurse's Pin' is applied with a premeditation(Yacob's Laws) and thus-the Nurse's actions kill(kill all the black babies at birth)and like 'the nurse's pin'-'the wrong food' is fed with both deliberation and premeditation. In the differentiation we can infer that the 'wrong food' is willingly ingested due to the natural impulse of an individual to consume mental food-healthy or unhealthy.

'Calling it as you see it' or applying an aspect of knowledge wisdom cipher to a given situation is done at lightening tap speed on the square. The square is composed of culture complimentary angles. In the study of mathematics a complimentary angle is formed by a pair of angles forming a 90 degree angle: culture power degrees plus culture power degrees manifest born cipher or understanding cipher degrees added to equality cipher degrees to form a born cipher degree angle. When we accurately apply said degree to life in real time we have exercised knowledge wisdom cipher in motion on four complimentary angles-this is what we define as 'speaking the truth on the square'.

In the Book of Five Rings, it tells us to learn to look at things accurately: suppose we accuse a righteous person of telling lies, but in fact they're innocent? This means that our perceptions are not calibrated properly. To apply the wrong scenario, object, or idea in knowledge wisdom cipher in a given situation or cipher will only lead one's findings further in the wrong direction and they will 'loose more time searching'. Supreme Mathematics provides us with an option-it is the option of transposition: 'to rearrange a formula or an equation': Example: 4x + y = 5 can be transposed to y = 5 - 4x . Transposition is how we obtain a fresh perspective. To examine a situation objectively is the reality of being 20 miles outside of Mecca-but is it 20 miles North, 20 miles East, 20 miles West, or 20 miles South? The perimeter of our cipher in relationship to our objectivity or central point of origin is understanding the diameter of your knowledge relative to your immediate cipher or circumference, similar to a year to every mile. This idea can be transposed in terms of understanding the equality of a cipher by degrees.

As there is always room for refinement, there is always room for a fresh perspective, even in terms of scientific objectivity. We should not confuse our perceptions with what is Truth-Truth is pure mathematics and mathematics manifest from the root of the Universe into infinite branches. God consciousness means to be mathematically in tune, to be in tune can only be shown and proven through right and exact applications of real mathematical functions.

An Engineer is a master of the true mathematical rules that apply in construction or 'building' . An Engineer is also a master of the rules of 'destroy' or demolition. You will kill yourself if you attempt to demolish a building without the reality of the schematics of the building to be destroyed. You could dismantle the wrong beam and the roof could collapse and kill you-we call it 'falling a victim'. 'Destruction' is equal and opposite to the science of construction, showing and proving build and destroy; or that eight is eight.

God and Earth are intelligent people, and we know deep down inside even if we don't admit it that we can not continue to collapse whole numbers and move forward in terms of actual 'Nationhood'. In many cases as soon as we get our high school diplomas we block out everything we ever half-way learned in math class, much like a rape victim blocks out the memories of the traumatic event of their rape. Math in school for most of us was a traumatizing experience, especially when that math teacher first put an 'x' and 'y' on the board. You remember how inadequate you felt?! We might not wisdom this, but we know that we are not dealing with real mathematics when we collapse whole numbers, we're 'kidding' ourselves. 'Kidding' is a synonym from the 13th century etymological root from the Old English/Latin indicating 'to masturbate'). The mentality of a 'kidder' or one who is 'kidding'- is similar to a shepard fucking his 'goats'(kids), a child playing with an imaginary friend or autoeroticism. Whether it's a mystery God or Numerology: 'kidding' is 'kidding'.

In infinitesimal calculus we deal with functions. The function itself is a one to one correspondence, in the case of knowledge wisdom cipher it's the idea applied to the situation, or the situation being interpreted into the matrix of knowledge wisdom cipher. Example: In a strip club a drunken patron is acting like a savage in the pursuit of happiness - in this case the situation falls into the category of 'Savage in the Pursuit of Happiness', mathematically we can index this idea as knowledge God in the knowledge to culture the cipher or 17:40. Situationally you must understand it as 17x. Why? Because every cipher has an unknown attached. Each day has an unknown until that day is done. The day is done when the Earth has fully rotated, so every single moment of of every single day has an unknown. Ceeing the days degree in a particular way is the manifestation of your determined idea. A determined idea is an inverse function to every unknown within every moment. A determined idea is designed to bring about a desired outcome, and this is why a determined idea is 'inverse' to the Universe. An inverse function reverses the direction of the first function. Example: The Wild Beast has a function in knowledge wisdom cipher, and that is to devour the black babies whenever the nurse's would bring them. An example of an inverse action would be to reverse this initial function. For instance: if you see an older person leading a child in the wrong direction into 'harm's way' and you act to stop it-the act itself is an inverse function. For an inverse function to exist the first function must produce a one to one correspondence. In the above example the first function was the function of the wild beast, and the inverse action was to do your duty as a civilized person. This is common sense and correlating the terms of pure Math by laying them atop knowledge wisdom cipher to show the connections between pure mathematics and what we study: free of emotionalism, enslaving traditions, and ritualized religious behaviors. Mathematical expansion has no ending, nor does it deviate in anyway from knowledge wisdom cipher, Knowledge to born to cipher or Allah to Zig.

Knowledge wisdom cipher serves as a mapping function on a one to one level and on a 'one to many' levels correspondence. A 'one to many' correspondence occurs when mapping matches one element in the domain(cipher) with more than one element in a codomain(x). In simple terms the mother of the 'brown baby' can be matched to more than one child. In the wisdom build there is a 'Lucky Mother' who could have very possibly been pregnant more than once; first giving birth to a brown baby- in which she was lucky; and her second child; or other children could have very possibly been knowledge seeds(black babies). In terms of Yacob's rules and regulations she would not be so lucky if she gives birth to this black baby-but she can nevertheless be matched as the bearer of all seeds.

The origin of racism is not in the black and brown but the 'division' and separation of the black and brown germs. Understanding this is to truly understand the cipher-this tells us what and how the devil is made. Then why did God make devil? borns the nature of Allah's expansion by showing forth His Power through Universal trial and tribulation(Made Devil). The Universe like wisdom knowledge is hostile. Problems posed by the essence of the Universe mascarade as situations within a given cipher. We show forth knowledge and wisdom in the atmosphere of wisdom knowledge. The only way to move on to the next living math problem is to solve the one that you are on correctly by using the proper procedures as governed by the rules of real Mathematics.

Quran was Quran before Quran was Kitab.


Friday, March 19, 2010

The Illustrations of Beauty: Aesthetics of Appearance (By Luminous)

He likes Romanesque Architecture. She likes the way the stage vibrates when spoken word falls from her lips. He likes the symmetrical views of the books sitting in his library. She likes the art of mosaics.  Everyone has heard the saying, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, but what does that really translate in terms of beauty standards in this society?

During lunch yesterday I decided to go to the gym and burn a few calories.  I am not the type to step on a scale every morning and you certainly will never see my head hanging in a toilet after every meal with traces of vomit on my chin but I do watch my weight. I prefer the elliptical machine when I’m not on the treadmill and while listening to my MP3 player I glanced from right to left observing others who also were in the gym.  I thought to myself, “What are the prices of beauty?” More importantly, what is beauty?  I asked my co-worker how she saw the word “beauty”. After she hesitated for two minutes, she admitted that it was one of the hardest words to define.  Her final response was “Beauty is natural, it varies for different people.”  I then asked her why did she suppose so many people fall outside of the realm of natural if “natural is beauty”.  Needless to say, she was completely stumped.  Then she figured it was because “people are unhappy with themselves.”
Sound travels at the speed of 1,120 feet per second and when a female or male without the proper love and knowledge of themselves hears that he or she may not be the ideal image seen on television, they become tense.  The first step of relief is leaving the body they are in for a new one – one that is physically pleasing to the eyes of the public.  Confucius said, “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.”  I argue that its not about “everyone”, sometimes the person doesn’t even see their own beauty because of psychological abuse ‘buried there’, there deep inside their mind.  Close your eyes and imagine the complete opposite of you in a commercial representing the latest gum, the most fashionable clothes, the most recognized sneaker line, etc over and over again.  You start to think something is wrong with you.  One of my favorite television shows is Nip/Tuck.  It is a show about two gentlemen who were friends and became reputable plastic surgeons.  The very first thing they ask anyone who comes in their office is, “What don’t you like about yourself?” This questions is indeed a deep one because it prompts you to not only speak on why you are in the office at that very point but also all the other issues you see when you look in the mirror.  I was doing the knowledge to this plastic surgery/reconstructive website, a company located in California and it has a body image of a lady.  If you scroll over the lady’s body, it highlights all the areas that can be worked on – all you have to do is highlight and click on the area.  There was well over 30 procedures.  Here’s the thing, if you don’t like your freckles, this company can make them disappear.  You can place implants in your cheeks, your chin, your lips, your breasts, your calves, and your backside.  Get this – the company offers vaginal tightening, so if your earthly soil is loose, I’m sure for an astronomical fee, they will make it as tight as a seal compressor.  If your navel is lacking the ‘proper’ geometrical curve, they can adjust it for you.  If your skin is sagging, they will have a botox shot waiting at the front door.

Plastic surgery has even advanced to the point of changing one’s eye color over a process of eye surgeries.  Nothing says self-hate like multi thousand dollar painful procedures to change your ‘original’ appearance and look like the girl next door, or the guy next door.  The guy/girl next door more than likely will not show you the beauty in the moss colored trees, the copper threading in a blouse, the sapphire streaks in a ceramic dish or the bisque swirls in a Picasso painting.  Everything is about personal appearance – how do I look, how do I compare to her or him.  It is the constant internal fear that one does not match with the acceptable standards of beauty in THIS society.  This majority of this society is not concerned with morals or the presence of true beauty.  Beauty is in the motion of the trees, each curve of the leaves, in the random drops of rainfall, in the warmth of the Sun upon your face, in the smile of a passerby, in the knowledge you get from reading a book, in the purity of keeping your word – beauty is everywhere, and you must look for it.  If you don’t identify with what is pure, someone will feed you tainted images and make you feel other than self.  Beauty is the sound of your happiness. Each person is uniquely divine in their own way, search for yours…


Living Abroad (by Misrak Aja)

Living abroad and moving back the States is a strange wonder indeed. Though some ‘citizens’ may express rage towards U.S. policies and worldwide U.S. imperialism, the fact is that those who carry U.S. passports experience a range of benefits not afforded to those with citizenship outside of U.S. boarders. One of those benefits includes the trade of the U.S dollar. Though speedily depleting in value, the U.S. dollar is highly valued in most parts of the world. Ask any U.S. citizen living abroad -specifically in a third world country- whether or not they would relinquish the U.S. dollar for local currency, and they would probably look at you in disbelief that you would even ask such an absurd question. Though those citizens know that the dollar is valued on an illusionary figure based on the robbing of the world’s natural resources, they are not willing to give up the status it provides.

Being back in the States after being fully immersed in another society can also provide one with an insatiable thirst for building. Not only does one have the advantage of language mastery but home territory is not uncharted. The ease of maneuvering combined with a renewed entrepreneurial energy can lead one to unlimited possibilities. No, the writer has not given in to the ideology of the “American Dream.” However, leaving seemingly treacherous situations to experience more treacherous situations can sometimes leave one with the ability to take full advantage of their power to rearrange circumstances in their own home circumferences.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Movafuckuz Called Me Down To Human Resources Today!!!

Superstar writer by night and a hardcore, blue-collar Teamster by day. My justice cipher born is brutal, I work in a subzero freezer where it's 25 below. The freezer is the size of two football fields, and I operate a doubled forklift. It's the heaviest machine that I've ever operated. God and Earth I'm sure have a variety of professions, and I bet that our careers in devil civilization are as diverse as we are.  When I first got hired on six years ago, the guys outside in the smoking area screamed, "New meat!" and "Welcome to Prison!" During the first week of orientation they told me when I go out on the floor to have my 'Game face' on. In my six years there I've earned my respect, I've been in the Ice Box the whole time(and never fainted) and everybody knows that 'the ice box' is my fuckin' office. I handle large order quantities(LOQ) so on average I may lift thirty thousand pounds piece by piece before I load it on to my fork and into an 18 wheeler.

It's a grubby, raw, atmosphere: rednecks make up the majority of my co-workers and a small group of blacks represent the minority. On any given shift I may be the only brother, it doesn't bother me-I keep my head up and give the company percentages of productivity that are unequaled-my numbers don't lie.  All day I'm moving like a NFL quarterback scrambling in the pocket. My philosophy in the freezer is 'speed or frost bite', A white boy lost a piece of his nose last year to frostbite and every month or so somebody is passing out due to the sub zero air.   After work I feel like I just played football for eight, ten or sometimes twelve hours. Like I stated at the beginning-it is real hardcore shit.  Everyday before I drive into the freezer with my fork I get my mind right, and my face in the morning personifies the true meaning of 'Ice Grill', after my first run I have Ice chips in my beard like I've been kicking it in Antarctica. Rednecks chew tobacco, or smoke Cowboy killers, and cuss like sailors about company politics on the daily. They are always on some negativity with that Union shit. Movafuckuz have scrapped in the parking lot after work on numerous occasions.  What I do love about my job is that it's physical, it's made me as strong as an Ox and I have access to anything I want, meaning my Local Teamster brothers have their hands into everything from cars to guns (Legal Guns) to home repair, to farming equipment: you name it! Steroid heads benching 475 have tried to get me on that shit and I told them, "Fuck off wit that dick shrinking'shit!". The list goes on as to the shit I can come up on at that job-from that point of view my gig has been a valuable resource.

I work around gruff ass movafuckuz who are always in a bad mood and today I get called into Human Resources for what I thought was gonna be some bullshit-I told a Supervisor last week, "Deeze Nutz!!!". Being called down to human resources is never good, 'always bring your Union Steward and deny all accusations from the company' is the golden rule. So I walk in human resources with my game face on, ready to get funky with any movafucka that want it wit God and I get hit with this beautiful plant garden that Da Earth Luminous sent me.  I was shocked, it made me smile a big sunny smile while in the midst of my hellish dungeon. Thank You Sugar!


Mecca Is Where My Feet Touch!

'Dedicated To The Queen I Peace and Her Family' that he could clean himself.  Who amongst us is free of a filthy affair? A major part of being the 'All I Ceeing' is that you witness the affairs of your own heart. We deal with the knowledge of God, but we master the understanding of devilishment. God made Devil as the understanding build in knowledge to culture cipher  borns. U know every square inch which shows and proves 'Maker'. Time is True I Master Equality-Zig Zag Zig (Past, Present, and, Future). The history is predicted and written in the year one, meaning the ideas are seen from the door of the first Koranic cycle: seven Ayats of Fatiha (The Opening) - the key to the door is Al-Mifta which leads you into Sura Baqara. Alif Lamm Mimm: at that point the Holy Quran starts groovin'(Feel Me?!). One of the initial ideas born in that second Surah is that "in this book there is no doubt." The verse sounds beautiful to hear it in it's most mathematical tongue. The flow of the Koran causes spasms and mental orgasms for those that love Allah in his purest consciousness. The consciousness attained on Earth by the uses of Equality or forms of Tibetan Meditation is indeed elevated states. You can have no doubt that God borns from the womb of the unknown. We conquer the unknown through our determined ideas. Turn a dream into a determined idea, and make the dream born reality. We predict History from dream History and bring it into the fruition of Reality. When the Father's hands let the dice fly from a Black Mind's high, the cubes hit the wall and bounced back 'God' black baby. Harmonizing with the Universe's order of things is the reality of what makes a mother lucky, not the saving of a brown baby at the expense of the black-but teaching the understanding to black, brown, yellow and making those white ones that we would not kill as quick study from thirty five to fifty years: Devil teaches that 'Lucky' equates to the number seven or God-but it ain't 'Luck' its God, so it's the knowledge of God that destroys that mystery God.  God rests in the Home of Islam which is wisdom culture build born equality miles in circumference. That circumference is a cipher which is Cee I Power Her and Her Power I Cee. The understanding of the equality of the cipher manifest the reality of a person, place, or thing. The place is Mecca which is anywhere Allah's feet touch. Allah stands on the square root of civilization: a square is the wisdom of a cipher which is the Truth manifesting culture born cipher angles. In the truth I deal with the prescribed Law of Islam of the said person of that ability. The law is the shariat, which is the Love of Allah's Wisdom(LAW). The wisdom is the haqq or reality borning the reality of everything that exist.  Allah manifest from the power to 'insist' with his 'will' to exist in reality. The Ultimate Artist rests in the reality of His Creation-Realizing Himself within the Creation: Khalaq in Khalaqnaqun. The process is known as Allah's self creation from three stages of Darkness-From a state of an eternity of knowledge as the black mind of Allah focused for trillions of years to move black matter with black thought in the most infinitesimal understanding of all things small: it was Allah's mental mechanics on a quantum level; the 'x' particle; the 'y' particle; the 'z' particle-gravitational, electromagnetism, strong nuclear forces sewing together like super strings knitting together the magnetic and gravitational fabric of the first atom Hydrogen which curved space. This curve broke space/time allowing Allah's consciousness to place a portion of self in the construction of the second atom Helium or the 'second' the first unitary quantification of reality in space time-thus the mind of Allah made matter move by virtue of black thought and Allah exploded into reality. The Colored Mind calls it 'Big Bang' but really it was Allah exploding out of triple darkness. Infinite trillions of atoms later the mind of Allah is forever manifesting in the Maker, The Owner, The Cream of the Planet Earth and the God of the Universe (Point of Origin within an ultimate singularity). 'U'! Allah opened the 'Y' distilling it to the unknown which is wisdom's culture twice (two X) and that double X chromosome which born Woman. "Let there 'be' light" ('Be') in the Bible and 'Kun Fya Kun'('Be' and it Is) in the Holy Quran-proves knowledge ac/knowledged Self, borning Knowledge to Self Realization in the knowledge to knowledge culture:Knowledge knowledge borns 'have you not heard that your word shall 'be' Bond regardless to whom or what?' 'Zag' which is an aspect of wisdom equality is bond to life: the connection between the 'insistence' and the 'existence' or eternity to infinity, meaning when we die we return from the infinity of time (universal physical plane) to the eternity of the Black Mind which God and Earth define as essence-essence is the fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect. The mind is in the Past, the 'now' (present) and the Future-it's present and forever visible to the third eye, but not the naked eye. Allah was Mind before matter. Knowledge is the mind, intangible in essence, pure energy which is the same as 'Black Mind' manifesting in it's fullest extent in the Black Man. The black man is mental supremacy on a physical plane-from dunkin' basketballs to the ability of solving every living math equation from Allah to Zig Zag Zig. Everyday we get hit with a four dimensional math problem. The Koran is composed of four dimensional math equations from no beginning-to your origin in this world-until no ending. The mind of Allah is solution oriented at all times and this is the marvel of a Supreme mathematical mind. 'Then Why Did God Make Devil?' the question shows and proves the eternal objective:the problem is whatever devil causes trouble, and with the application of mathematics we solve. B.U.T. what about when the problem is emotional? E-Motion is just a 'Vibe'(Vibration), Energy into motion. The vibrations happen within the mind which causes the current of air you're in or otherwise known as your state of mind at the time. We've been taught in the devil civilization that the external(mystery God) controls the internal which is the blueprints of how the mystery God concept works. Knowledge of Self Shows and proves the opposite, in that Allah manifests 'through and through' from the inside out-oozing in the essence of the esoteric fabric of the Black Man. ...all that above is caused...-the power of causation is held by the sole controller who is Allah manifesting through Be to Cee the Divine material universe established in equality through the eyes of the Father, Who is God, Who is He, Who is 'I', proving Justice as King through times of Love, Hell and Right to Master a
 moment in the Now of a Cipher, proving Power to a Queen as a Ruler who is in the Right when Ruling Righteously via the Self Savior that makes knowledge born to the wisdom of the cipher which is the Truth on the Square in this Universe founded from Allah's Victory in the war against triple darkness otherwise known as the womb of Wisdom, ushering Consciousness fourth into the daily reality of the Unknown. Why? (Y) To travel the path of Zig Zag Zig (Past, Present, Future, as your body is composed of Solid Liquid and Gases). You are living and breathing the History and Herstory of Koran, a year to every mile, so every time you deal with problems in the days of your lives-preserve the best part of said lesson in the new daily Koran for Self. We 'renew' history we don't 'repeat' history, particularly if your all wise and doing everything right and exact. Right and Exact is the order of things from knowledge to born to renew the cipher. Keep Supreme Math in rotation. You got to run problems through the math as we ran the devil over the hot Arabian. Keep the process of solving living math equations hot, meaning allow your math to be forever expansive and explosive.  The mind of Allah is forever growing-not contracting. Allah is experiencing all qualities-this is the reality of 'felt' wisdom which births the understanding. The Zag is 'Felt' wisdom. Knowledge travels through the womb of the zag which is the the wisdom of the father fatting her, which is the experience to get to the understanding, or that 'Ah Ha-I got it' moment. You got to go through it-to get to it, meaning you got to bring some ass to whoop some ass. Allah went to war with triple Darkness. The black mind had to spark Self to born Light. ..."Let there be light and there was Light"..., meaning the word 'be' had to be seen and heard as sound, light and actual facts scientifically borning the 'bond to life'. Knowledge knowledge is the King of Kings and the Prince of Peace.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Examination of Culture Freedom

Culture Freedom has been on my third all day. I'm not one for cliché’ builds, not that I have anything against them but after you've listened to the same build year after year you feel like throwing yourself off a building if you hear it one more time. Culture Freedom: this rather complex mathematical axiom represents the number four or a quantity of four things and also two very compelling concepts. What is culture? Before we answer this we must analyze culture relative to civilization.

What is the meaning of civilization? One having knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement and is not a savage in the pursuit of happiness? I know it like the back of my hand. This knowledge God degree relative to the 'meaning' of Civilization puts us in the ball park of what civilization actually is: Oh but wait-the wisdom degree in the knowledge to knowledge culture states "...Civilize means to teach knowledge and wisdom of the human family of the Planet Earth...." Again, I know it like the back of my hand. Let’s expand our myopic perceptions of civilization a little bit and address civilization relative to the science of everything in life. No civilization can flourish without agriculture. Knowledge of the God jewel or food is imperative. This knowledge must transcend diet because going to the grocery store is not how we truly get food. The collective must understand how food is grown or made from the beginning so people can eat. Without this knowledge you will have scavengers that roam the land in bands searching out whatever food is available. In our math ‘culture’ is within the meaning of Civilization, in an academic sense the words Civilization and Culture are used interchangeably as synonyms and thus a civilization or culture without the knowledge of how to grow and make food from the beginning cannot truly exist. Without eating you have no life. Food comes first-you can't build a pyramid on an empty stomach. This is why the God degree manifests before build, because no one wants to build while their stomach is growling. In order to attain a high level of societal development food must be dealt with. Food is grown on land, so without land, no food can be grown. The equality, God, and build degree in the knowledge to knowledge the cipher deal with the word 'useful', meaning you can sew that soil and reap reward from that soil. Land is important, and useful Land is even more important. Not all soil is rich enough to give forth a crop. My Actual Facts born that the desert is fourteen million square miles. You can't grow corn in the desert. Understanding the nature of soil is paramount to the growth of crops, learning how to domesticate animals is important, tending to them, and also feeding them. Useful land also relates to lakes, rivers, and oceans. You will have no civilization, or culture if there is no water. Water or what we define as ‘drinking’ water must be available in abundance to sustain life. Civilization cannot flourish on Pepsi alone. You can't water crops with Sprite. You need water. Without the Nile River there would not have been Khemit or what we call Egypt. Do we know how to grow or make food from the soil? Do we know how to treat water to make it clean enough to drink? How long does it take to become proficient in agriculture? How long does it take to become proficient in the science of Water Resources? Water and Food are the cornerstones to civilization: so what is the meaning of civilization? One having water and food and is not thirsty or hungry.

We have this tendency in this culture to describe culture as either ‘Divine’ or ‘Destroy’ suppose we were left alone to build a ‘Divine’ culture? Could we provide water in such abundance that we could turn on a shower for an hour?-because, I love a long shower. Everybody who advocates I-God culture goes to the Super Market sooner or later. The Devil taught him/her how to eat the wrong foods. Do we have farmers amongst us? No because Gods timz are way too clean. I'm sure there are a couple of plumbers who deal with this culture, but could they build a sewage system for Divine Culture? Divine people do defecate. Minister Farrakhan use to say, "black people don't even make toilet paper to wipe our own back-sides(asses)." And once again the Minister is right and exact. So one of our first factories in Divine culture has to be a toilet paper factory or we would just be a whole bunch of shitty ass Gods and Earths. Mastering the reality of eating, drinking, shitting, and building a workable sewage system would be our initial concerns. Housing is important-who amongst us can build a house from the ground up? We would need educated architects to build houses in Divine Culture, and hopefully they won't all being born the blueprints for the Goddamn roof. Let Haiti be a lesson in terms of architecture, we can ill afford to deal with all being born when building our housing facilities. Do we even have any architects amongst us? The more I think about culture and civilization the more I realize just how complex it is. 'Lights' and 'electricity', would we have the know-how to provide electricity? (fixing the fuse box at Harriet Tubman doesn’t count!) Really, let’s keep analyzing this, suppose we got our own separate land, could we really provide a divine culture? If we printed some money and put the Father's face on it and called our currency the ‘Universal’-How many Universals would equal the Dollar, Yen or Euro in the international currency Market? The value of the currency is backed by the gross national product, or the total amount that-that nation produces. What could we produce and export to another Nation that said Nation does not already have? We don't make Timberlands because Timberland makes Timberlands-so what could we export? What about our military? I got two 45's, so could we protect ourselves from invasion?

Culture is a very complex idea when you take a very hard look at what composes an actual civilization-it is a helluva  lot. Usually we call ourselves a Nation: at best we are an ideological Nation. We come together around an idea that we all advocate, but the idea of Nationhood does not actually constitute Nationhood. Our 'Nation' is not yet 50 years old, and the truth is-is that we are still within the 'ideological' phase of our growth and development. This means that our collective cause is still developing thus our culture is still very much an ideological culture-so what about our freedom?

Me and the Queen went at the day's degree hard, not just with degrees in 120 but with a hard look at 'Freedom'. This morning I drew up Emblem's Theory of Freedom Relativity. Freedom is relative to your cipher or situation. Freedom is not an absolute concept, but instead a relative one. What does it mean to be free? This morning I went to work, I clocked in at build understanding cipher-and from build understanding cipher until the equality hour this evening I was on company time. My time was not my own. Sure I could have quit, and took my time back like we took Jerusalem from the devil 'but' and that's a big ass 'BUT' I would incur some economic earthquakes, either long term or brief depending on what I do with my new found freedom. Freedom has a relationship to currency in this country so we give up some hours of our time to obtain some of this currency so we can be somewhat viable in a world based on currency. Now some may turn to breaking the law in order to obtain U.S. currency, if they are caught the penalty is a loss of freedom in annual Units and in severe cases sometimes these annual units can be followed by ciphers. So freedom can be revoked through policy or law, and then all your actions are overseen, monitored and restricted. Freedoms that people who are not in prison often take for granted, are not provided in the prison house. Sexual expression toward the opposite sex is no longer available when your freedom is revoked and this implies that sexual expression with the opposite sex is a form of freedom. Man and Woman find freedom in one another, freedom is associated with pleasure, the ability to enjoy yourself, to go to Hawaii and sip on a drink on the beach is freedom providing you have the cash. If you don't have the cash you can go to the liquor store and get something to drink, but alcoholism can take your freedom. Someone can become a slave to a bottle, or a slave to crack, or a slave to sex or a slave to food. Freedom is a dynamic concept, as well as a fluctuating one, because freedom is rooted in the nature of the circumstances or cipher that you’re in at any given moment. If someone holds a gun on you and tells you don't move, you can still move, but you move at your own risk. If the person who is holding the gun on you is not authorized then your freedoms have been infringed upon. If freedoms can be infringed upon, then freedom is a 'Right'. Freedom has an inherent relationship to Right. Freedoms are usually established by the 'Ruler'-Rulers and Governments which decide the limits of Freedoms-you can print money but you might end up in a prison house.

Culture Freedom really peers into society as a whole, and if you really examine it-it puts the human family under the microscope. Often we state that our culture is I-God or I Self Lord and Master, and we make freedom a personal prerogative which is not a bad thing, it allows us to witness ourselves within the culture and examine our freedoms relative to the culture as a whole.