Sunday, February 28, 2010

All Being Born To Insanity

-"My rent is five hundred dollars and I 'all being borned' it back to power: now me, the Earth, and seeds stay at Saint Catherine's Shelter for The Homeless"- Sha Born Wise Allah

-"My Name is True Almighty Mathematical Sequence Allah and I worked at the Airport-I was suppose to fill the 747 with 1500 Gallons of jet fuel-so I all being borned it to equality gallons and the 747 crashed into the Ocean 100 miles over the Atlantic: 311 passengers were killed. My bad!"

-"My attribute is King Gomar Oz Dubar Allah and I'm in the 'destroy rule' game. The Colombians fronted me two hundred bricks and I 'all being borned' the two hundred bricks to wisdom bricks and I only paid them for wisdom bricks and now their about to cut my dick off and put it in my mouth. Peace yall!"

-"I'm the Earth Qintessence Elevation Equality and I'm a fourth grade teacher. There are thirty three children in my class: we had a class trip to the Bronx Zoo and  only six seeds came back. I'm being charged with felonious child endangerment."

-"My name is Show And Prove Magnetic Allah and I work a full forty hour work week every week. I started teaching a female co-worker who works in payroll and the bitch 'all being borned' my check. I'm gonna fuck that bitch up!"

-"Peace! My name is Lord XYZ Allah-I'm the illest Asiatic to ever pick up a Mic. I just got 'signed' to Bad Boy and they gave me knowledge add six ciphers as a signing bonus, but Diddy 'all being borned' my advance money back to knowledge. The Black devil gave me one fucking dollar. 'One' Fucking Dollar!!! Now I don't even got train money."

-"I come in the Name of Master Akhem Infinite Allah- I Just copped that new 2010 Black Hummer-the car note on it was $630 a month and I 'all being borned' it back to born dollars. I paid the devils born dollars for a couple months and the dealership promptly repoed my shit."

-"Peace to my Universal Family-My  Attribute is 'Anonymous' Allah I told this fine ass Earth that I had a Knowledge Cipher inch divine eye: needless to say, the Queen was pissed when she found out that I 'all being borned' my dick size. My dick is only one inch when erect. She said my dick was so small that I can piss on my balls."

-"I'm Sequasia Wise Refinement and my God is Understanding Reality Allah-we taught all our seeds the 'all being born' method and to fuck what the math teachers in those devil civilization schools tell you-born those numbers out!" None of our children have graduated: ever! They can't even get a gig at Mickey 'D's.

-"My name is Chavez Wise Prince Allah I'm a young God and I just took the S.A.T.. I 'all being borned' the entire Math Section. I hope I get into a good University?"

-"Peace, I come in the Name of Lord Kaseem Cee Allah-I'm stationed in Afghanistan. I'm a Marine who works in re con. I have Just spotted Seven hundred Taliban soldiers so I radioed my Unit Commander and reported that I only saw seven enemy combatants-now all 50 soldiers in my unit have been captured. The Taliban said we are going to all be decapitated after morning prayer. Peace Family!"

-"My Attribute is Magnificent Showgun Allah I bet Big Wayne on my block 50 dollars that the Colts would win the Super Bowl. I gave the 85er power dollars when the Saints won and he shot me in my left buttock five times! Now I sleep on my stomach so the blood don't fuck up my sheets. I did pay Big Wayne the rest of his money!!!"

-"I come in the Name of Queen Highest Refinement-my God committed Suicide last month. I met him on facebook. I told him I only had one seed. So when I moved into his kingdom and brung all ten of my babies, da God said, "Who are all these Goddamn kids?" That's when I told Da God that I 'all being borned' Knowledge Cipher of my babies back to knowledge!"

-"Peace my name is Grim Reaper Allah. I recently murdered four devils in a Wal-Mart stick up. The jury found me guilty of four counts of 1st degree murder and the judge sentenced me to one hundred years in the penitentiary. I asked the judge if he could 'all being born' my sentence down to one year? The judge and everybody in the courtroom started laughing their Goddamn asses off! So I guess I won't be seeing yall til 2110. I hope my Earth stays true to me!"

Yeah, this is Em-I was fucking around, fuckin' wit my beloved brothers and sisters who deal with 'all being born'-but all jokes aside, if you can find 'one' legitimate real world application to 'all being born': Show and Fucking Prove! All Being Born has as about as much real world application as that so-called Mystery God above your head-so keep searching for that-that does not exist if you want. If you truly deal with that 'all being born' shit-then 'all being born' your fuckin' money. I dare you! I double fuckin' dare you!!


Monday, February 22, 2010

If Anybody Is Going to 'Touch' Little Floyd it's Going to Be Sugar Shane

No! I'm not saying that Sugar Shane is going to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. 'but' if anybody is going to beat him it is going to be Sugar Shane. I wanted to see that Pacquiao/Mayweather fight like anybody else, I was hyped, and I'm still shaking my head at the fact that they didn't ink the deal. 20 to 40 million dollars apiece and they couldn't agree to the terms? They had 80 million reasons to figure out how to make it work but they couldn't. Floyd's father brought up the steroid issue and he was right for doing so-Manny's punching power was on some Donkey kick type shit, he is beating opponents from one ring post to the next-he beat the fuck out of Cotto-so Mayweather's camp was right for calling Pacquiao out and demanding he take a battery of steroid test while training, before the fight and after. Pacquiao's camp agreed to the test but not right after the fight. The sad thing is-is that they could not agree. Pacquiao/Mayweather would have been been bigger than Hearns/Hagler, Leonard/Hearns, Duran/Leonard and Ali/Forman but they could not agree. All the while Sugar Shane's hungry, he's been looking at Little Floyd like a juicy steak for over ten years but they could never work it out. Floyd's camp kept Sugar out of the equation-but you gotta put Sugar Shane in the equation-he has went a total of 24 rounds with Winky and Winky is a pure middleweight. Sugar Shane is not a middleweight, but he went the distance with Winky in both fights. Sugar Shane also got at Mayorga and Sugar took it to Antonio Margarito's ass and he came into the fight at a 4 to 1 underdog, pissing on all the bookies in Vegas that night. I like Sugar's focus, he knows this is his shot-he is 39 years old and in his recent fights he has shown that he treats himself well, he takes care of himself, he's focused, wise, mature and above all he knows that he has the chance to give Mayweather his first 'L'.

Mayweather is out rolling with 50 Cent, 'kicking it', partying with G-Unit! I think Floyd is one of the greatest fighters to ever lace up the gloves, I never too much cared for his personality, too much braggadocio, a whole lot of arrogance, but he is nevertheless pound for pound one of the greatest to ever step in the square circle. 'BUT'-he has never been in a fight(A Fight Fight), nobody has ever given Mayweather a fight-this is not Mayweather's fault-Little Floyd is just that good, he has been around boxing since he has been in the womb-his old dad was the Man, his Uncle was the Man-the wealth of his Brain trust in terms of boxing knowledge is enormous-boxing is Floyd's second nature. He has won 40 fights and has never lost, his hands move at warp speed, his lateral movement is elegant, his defense is strategically sound, but no one has ever made Floyd fight on their terms because Floyd is so naturally talented. I remember when De La Hoya was getting ready for Floyd and De La Hoya sparred with Sugar Shane to get ready for that fight and on HBO's Mayweather/De La Hoya 24/7-Sugar Shane imitated Mayweather's fighting style perfectly-I laughed my ass off because he had Mayweather's style down to a science. Nobody was happier to sign that contract to fight Mayweather than Sugar Shane-Sugar Shane has been waiting in the wings to get at Floyd for ten years plus, and now he finally has his shot. Floyd's not the champ-titles mean nothing to Floyd because anybody who is anybody in boxing knows that Floyd is the man to beat. Floyd don't give a damn about a belt or a title, if you wanna make major bucks in the welterweight division you gotta fight Floyd.

Floyd's a Pisces(Feb 24th-same day Emblem finished 120)and Sugar Shane's a 'Virgo two' (September 7th). Astrologically I predict that this is going to be a very intelligent fight: strategic. Sugar Shane is going to try to make Mayweather fight. Everybody tries to make Mayweather fight and he does, he whips your ass in spots and gets out of dodge, and does it over and over again. This is why Little Floyd is undefeated. Technically Sugar and Floyd are both gifted fighters but Mayweather is more gifted: faster, younger, but he is not tougher than Sugar Shane. I do not think Little Floyd is anywhere near as tough as Sugar Shane, not at all but 'tough' doesn't win fights-skills do. Astrologically Mayweather is prone to emotional instability moreso than Sugar Shane, which could work in Sugar Shane's favor. On May 1st you can best believe Sugar Shane is going to fight the best fight of his life, he's going to be amped, smooth, and thinking. So will he win? Yes! I am going to go out on a limb and say it: Sugar Shane is going to touch Mayweather that night. I think he's going to force the action, be aggressive, and fight like hell to get in Mayweather's chest, slow Floyd down and win. I'm happy for Sugar Shane, in his last few fights he has displayed absolute brilliance. Mayweather is scared right now-he's scared to lose. He has been so perfect in the ring for so long, almost invincible. I'm not saying Mayweather was scared of Pacquiao but he did raise the steroid issue(raised eyebrow)? The idea of Mayweather's first loss is in the back of Mayweather's mind. He's not afraid of another boxer, he is afraid of a stat: that first 'L'. Juan Marquez came up from lightweight to welterweight to fight Floyd and got his ass whipped, he was uncomfortable at that weight(144lb) and Floyd came in at (146lb). Floyd was vastly superior but could not knock Marquez out and with that info I know that Shane won't get knocked out fighting Floyd, nor will Floyd get knocked out. So it will go the distance? Yelp! I think Sugar Shane is going to win on a split decision and hand Mayweather his first defeat. It is going to be a great fight.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From Mystery to Mystique

"They continue daily to teach the 85 percent that all they see and hear such as rain, hail, snow and earthquakes comes from that mystery God that no one will be able to see until he dies..."-now after God and Earth have done the knowledge to the knowledge understanding degree he or she is freed from the 'mystery' mentality, however one may still be vulnerable to falling victim to 'mystique'.
 The black and white picture of Master Fard reading the Holy Quran will cause old Nation heads to testify like Christians in Church: Master Fard in the picture has his hair greased to a perfect sheen, combed to the side, with the famous black muslim part, lined perfectly, streaking through his coal black hair. Fard is reading the Quran in the iconic N.O.I. photo and he's lookin' N.O.I. 'thrifty': that picture use to get 'old school killer' F.O.I.'s amped-brothers would scream "All praises due to Allah!" And "Dear Holy Apostle!" In reference to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. At the University of Islam my little fingers would draw Elijah's face, careful to make his decorative 'hat' a perfect rectangle. Then I would draw a crescent moon-it made me think of a backward letter 'c'; I'd put a star in his 'hat'. His Chinese eyes- I was sure to slant like two gold fish. "All praises due to Allah for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad!" Was the chant.  Me and My Old Earth were caught in the mystique of Fard and Elijah.
The N.O.I. are not the only one who get caught up in mystique-they have escorted Gods out of Harriet Tubman's auditorium screaming, "They shot my Father!!" Old Gods be tryna to get attention like old, negro women screaming "Jesus" the loudest at a stranger's funeral. Mystique is how people shield their dirty religion-mystique keeps the rational mind apart from diagramming the depth of a filthy affair accurately. Christianity is based around the aura of mystique that story tellers painted around Christ; shaping him; coloring him; making him a healer; and a man walking on water.                                     
Mystique is the first cyberspace, catching you up in a virtual reality like television reality show.  Remember when James on Good Times died and Florida yelled, "Damn! Damn! Damn!"? Esther Roll's dramatic portrayal drew me up.  We all felt that shit-it took me a little longer to go to sleep that evening, because James was dead, but in reality the executives behind Good Times weren't paying John Amos enough dough. John Amos wanted 'JJ' money. I was sad for nothing-John Amos was alive and well: James wasn't really dead! It was only TV.  Mystique lies to us and is merely entertainment-it's the part that makes religion a 'show' instead of a 'prove'. Mystique captures the imagination, like Pentacostals speaking in tongues. A long time ago, as a young God, me and this one God went to one of them 'talking in tongues' churches for 'shitz and giggles"-we got more than we bargained for-I ended up leaning on the wall reciting Arabic, hemmed up by old ladies.  This one old black lady with thick cankels said, "That ain't real tongues! That's Satan's tongue!" I thought that Big Mama was about to break out the twelve gauge on my black ass for playing with her 'Own Language'.  And like all true Philly Boyz, when Rocky screams, "Adrienne!!!" I'm ready to fight to the death. That movie had me running up the Art Museum's steps in Philly, dreaming of becoming a dumb Italian who eats raw eggs and Jumps around in a dirty gray jogging' suit at the power hour every morning. The mystique of Rocky had me cheering for an Italian that just broke a black man's ribs?!?  Mystique fucks with us all-my enlightener watches the Godfather so much I'm sure he can hear the violin theme music playing in his third. When Obama won the presidency he had a Christ, now he just looks pissed (Mystique: gone).  Mystique gets the best of us all from time to time. God and Earth don't do 'all being born" because it represents mathematical genius', God and Earth deal with 'all being born' because the God and Earth before them did 'all being born'. Tradition sometimes escapes rationality, and as tradition intertwines with mystique it forms a cloud-clouding the perceptions of a person.  Never get drawn up in the fine mist of mystique. Why(Y) because it's literally a form of hypnosis. "I Wanna Rock Right Now” by Rob Base will make anybody bop for a second-it's the mystique of musical hypnosis!
Once I saw Russell Simmons coming out of Crunch Gym in Manhattan and the first thing I thought was "That's a half a billion dollar nigga'!" Celebrities can catch your third eye up in a fine mist if you don't keep your mentality 20 miles outside (objective). Why(Y)? Because fame and money have a mystique. Dead Presidents, printed on paper-many of whom owned slaves have been known to make a man slit his mama's throat. Money has a powerful hypnotic mystique, it sprinkles fairy dust on your world, defining how you roll and what you're rollin' in from a Skate Board to a Bentley. Wealth, materialism, success, all have a mystique-mystique is magnetic to an extent, Hitler is one of the best orators in history and his magnetic at the podium was awesome. He took Europe over with the eloquence of his words. In truth Hitler was just a very inadequate short man with a Napoleon complex. Hitler's swag was the result of propaganda-which is the marketing of mystique to disillusion the minds of the people.   People get a unit followed by a few ciphers and their whole swag will change. Mystique is a  psychological transmission of an accepted social value, or a normative perception, altered by some intangible transforming the normal into the 'supernatural'. Mystique very rarely appeals to the logical mind-it sways the perception toward the idea of luck and fantasy. Mystique appeals to the unknown, human emotions and the imagination.  'God' the Father and the Son-this Two in One Duo are the subject of one of the largest institutions founded upon mystique in the history of the world: Christianity. Christians believe that Christ came back to physical life after death, so mystique sometime uses a supernatural tall tale to capture the imagination.  When you add the Holy Spirit into the equation it's like setting a match to gasoline that causes mystique to explode in the imagination of the human being.  A billion plus Christians in this world have gotten caught in the Mystery of the Father, consequently 'religion' financially capitalizes from the well orchestrated, historical mystique of Christ the Son. So when brothers and sisters who claim to deal with Supreme Math start screaming 'The Father this' and 'The Father that' my eyebrow raise in suspicion-because Christians also say 'The Father this' and 'the Father that'.                                   
The Holy Quran is an enchanting recital, it can get you so hyped that one may feel the urge to 'suicide bomb' some shit up: and I'm not talking about how a God says, "I'm gonna 'bomb' that God!!!" Having bad breath while hollering at another God who miss quoted the build degree is nothing in comparison to being bombed by an Iraqi wearing a bomb vest, containing C-four plastic. Mystique can usher forth a murderous passion that dismantles rationality.  I've learned to bring everybody down off their high horse including myself. An Islamic Scholar once taught me that the God Born surah (Naziat) in the Holy Quran speaks about how the soul is drawn from the body by the angel of death at the time of death-he explained esoterically why the Angel of Death causes one to evacuate their bowels upon taking their last breath. His explanation fucked me up, he said the soul was the lynch pin for the bowels- it caught up my imagination for a split second and left me with the visual that we will all shit on ourselves upon taking our last breath. The Sunni caught me up in the mystique of taking my last shit. So all; you; me; whoever-from Bum to Billionaire will go out shitty in the end regardless of their earthly mystique.                                            

Saturday, February 13, 2010

(By: Isaiah Muhammad) PRAYER AND OR MEDITATION: Are you against it, for it, or don't give a damn?

Peace to The Gods and Earths.
This post was inspired by a thread that eye observed on facebook. Eye didn’t take part in it because by the time eye became aware of it, it was already a day and damn near forty comments deep into it.

A queen initiated the build in this manner. “Peace to the GODS & EARTHS, I would like to ask for your UNDERSTANDING on how you see the term ’PRAYER’? Is it right and exact for the EARTH to pray to ALLAH? Thank you and warm currents, PEACE.”

A God opened his statement in saying that this was a vexing subject to him; likewise it is a very vexing subject to me as well, and it is also a very touchy subject. This is one of those subjects in this nation like “are we Muslims” or “are we religious” wherein you may get different and even conflicting cee’s on the matter because it boils down to how you are defining the terms.

So eye wanted to just open the floor so that ANY or ALL can express their thoughts, views, and understanding on the subject of PRAYER and or MEDITATION. Feel free to take up as much space as you’d like. After all we don’t have to pay for the space and your understanding is very much valued amongst THE WISE. Eye will start by stating how eye view the subject. Peace!!! EYE’M ALLAH


Eye come in the name of EYE’M ALLAH and eye personally don’t have a problem or jump to conclusions when a God or Earth says they PRAY and or MEDITATES. In fact eye cee them or it as necessary and some of us do it or them unknowingly. Those who only view praying in a religious light might ask, “Who is said person praying to?” and some would rather use the term ‘MEDITATE’ rather than ’PRAY’ because they think that it has less of a religious connotation than praying, when in truth they both can be viewed through a religious lens if one chose to do so.

As Original People we’ve been known to keep for ourselves the ’best part’ and not care about the poor part (1,3:1-14). Well in this modern Koran, sometimes WE make the mistake of taking what we want as the best part and pay no or little attention to what we don’t want, and we deem it as ’the poor part’. Just like eye said WE make mistakes in this day and time, we all could deliberate on whether or not those before us made a mistake in not caring about the poor part in the past.

As eye discussed before in a build titled “Whose righting(not writing) the Holy Koran or Bible? And will you tell us why you are not?”, there is no such thing as non-useful or un-useful land. Hell, look at what has been done with what at one time was considered the poor part of the planet Earth. And if you still see this as the poor part, eye don’t see anyone breaking their neck to get away from here and re-discover the best part for themselves.

Have you ever picked up one of those little clear balls from a souvenir shop with the images inside of it, and when you shake it up the glitter or little flakes scatter inside and you can’t see the image inside clearly because of the glitter or flakes? When you sit the ball down and allow the flakes to settle that’s when you can clearly see the image inside again.

That’s how eye view prayer and or meditation. Imagine all of those flakes as individual thoughts in your head. When you are going back and forth, and are constantly bombarded with all different types of thoughts and ideas throughout your day, it can become easy to lose focus, and it may become necessary to just take some time out to settle down, gather yourself, focus, concentrate, formulate, envision, or maybe even voice(to yourself or out loud) how you would like yourself or things to be.

One of the meanings of PRAY is to utter or address a petition to God or another deity. Eye know what the devil is implying in his definition but we all know who and what the true and living God is. So eye ask., “Can a person be other than him or herself? Emphatically and Hell Why Equal Self!!! If you are God and there is a criterion or standard of God, and you stray away from Mecca, then there is something that you have to do to get back to yourself. A petition to your higher or greater self which could be considered other than yourself at that time sounds cool to me! Some say a baby says it’s first prayer when it cries out for food when its born. The baby has been fed by its mother inside the womb before birth, so it knows what it is to be nourished, and it wants and needs that.

Another meaning of PRAY is to make a fervent request; or to plead. Let someone put some heat to a Gods head and eye guarantee you that some will beg and plea for their life. And nowadays with the advent of some of these Homo Gods in this nation., eye’m willing to bet that some of them would try to plea bargain like that crackhead tried to with O-Dog on Menace II Society. “Yo God, I’ll suck you….” Get the hell out of here with that supreme bullshit talking about you don’t submit to nothing. Yo ass submit to something and it ain’t hard to find out what.

Eye guess some words make Gods feel less than what they say they are because they still hold on to mystery God concepts. None of us are totally independent because we are all interdependent or dependent on Allah who is the Original People, the supreme being, Blackman from Asia(1:1-40).

Prayer is not just getting on your knees, doing rakahs, or holding your palms up, bowing your head and praying to someone; and meditating is not just getting in a yoga position, doing what you don’t normally do with your breathing, and saying Om. Prayer and or meditation in my view is only religious when you allow others to define it for you.

There’s a lot that can be said against and for prayer and or meditation, but eye won’t lose anymore time telling Gods and Earths how eye cee prayer and or meditation. Eye will allow others to bring their dishes or disses to the dinner table…LET’S EAT!!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Sun Draws This Water: 21 Sciences

The wisdom equality of the 'zig' in zig zag zig is the past. The present history of the zag is the 'now' and the future is 'no not nowaday' which manifest the second zig. Knowledge understanding represents composite 'zigs' meaning the past and future are directly related via the 'Now'.Two zigs show and prove that the master embodies the knowledge of the past and the understanding of the future. Zag born wisdom which shows and proves a wise way. The 'way' is wise because you preserve the best part which is an aspect of the second 'zig' or understanding. While on your 'way' you learn every square inch, releasing cream in the root, showing and proving 'that the root of civilization is in Arabia at the Holy City of Mecca or the womb which means where Knowledge and wisdom of the original Man started when the planet was first founded.' The releasing of Cream into the root proves the 'Love', running the devil over the Hot Arabian desert proves the 'Hell' and to hold Her Hills and Mountains is God's natural 'Right'. The Original Man exercises the that 'Right' to be Maker, Owner, Cream, Father and God to Her . Allah is God in the Earth and Heavens is the Understanding of God, showing and proving love, hell, and right's relationship to zig zag zig or that a 'Master' is One who gets Love Right among other things. Allah Is Just and True. 'Just' in the sense of Justice and Universal law. The wisdom and way of the cipher, proves the Truth and Square of the prescribed law of Islam(Shariat). The implications of Maker, Owner, Cream, Father and God are the qualities found in the 'said' person of that ability. He's held responsible for/ and to 'Her' to hold 'Her'-which is wisdom-who is analogous to water. " This water is never drawn above six miles from the earth's surface by the sun and moon. The reason it rains back on our planet is because the water cannot get out of the Earth's atmosphere with it's high speed of rotating around the sun-makes it impossible."
The Black Man's solar power and refinement is the origin of heavenly light causing her to rotate at that terrific speed of knowledge of the cipher to understand God in her third 'I'. The knowledge of the cipher is Her orbit(what comes around goes around). The Quran borns the Arabic word 'Mizan' meaning measurement or that Her orbit 'is in measure' which indicates you make and establish Earth in Justice. Thus God composes and then enforces prescribed Mathematical, Scientific law of reward and the reality of penalty: or Just-'ice'. Ice, borning the understanding of her wisdom polar caps: North pole representing her mental power and the South Pole representing her physical power, harmonizing to balance in magnetic equality. When you can balance Her mental and physical equality it proves you can hold the equality of her total weight and consequently with the Knowledge of culture you can set up an educational training unit to 'fat' her head constantly, causing the Earthquakes of mental pregnancy. You take Her from knowledge to born as Father. Earth proves twenty one ciphers equals 21 scientific subjects; Oceanography is the study of her physical and mental world under three forths wisdom; ecology is the interspecific interactions from the top of her head to her intimate toes; geography is the knowledge of her every square inch from her nipples to Her knee caps; biology is the study of all living things and. The most exotic Supreme Mathematical equations ever used to procreate. Allah takes her through every 'Religion' with ease as if she was eating popcorn and watching a movie. Chemistry is knowing the formula that balances multi-layered levels of communication between 'He' and 'Her'. Toxicology is the science of preventing the relationship from becoming toxic; hydrology is the study of water quality-measuring how wise she is through and through-from quoting the mathematics to living mathematics out in harmony with Allah. Psychology is teaching one another to think about the why(Y) or the wisdom power behind thought-as thoughts relate to the behavioral motivations of both 'He' and 'Her'. Botany is when she learns to meditate on her way around the sun, which borns the seasons, raising the children and simultaneously making her mind evole from stage to stage eventually into full bloom. Allah treats her every brain cell as if it is a splendid flower growing in the light of the Sun. The ciphers of Sociology, politics and economics are taught to Her so she may be wise to the science of filthy affairs at home and abroad. God must born linguistics to make sure she's on the same mile/page of the Holy Koran and Bible to insure she 'talks Her' own language; The Science of Logic is the reality of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and the rational order of things in the Universe. Her 29 million square miles of mental and physical useful land is the study of agriculture. Demography is the statistical study of Her populations all over her Planet. Each population represents a dimension of light(culture) that the sun is manifesting through: Black, Brown, Yellow and... . Meteorology is the scientific study of the Black Woman's atmosphere in terms of her emotional weather forecast and measurement of stressful pressure systems, currents of airs she's in at any given time, and other mist of water/wisdoms/women in different currents of the atmosphere she may or may not be increasing with.
'Education' is one of the twenty one ciphers that correlates with how to raise her children. Home Economics is how she administers the affairs of the Home of Islam- keeping her husband and household in accordance with Captains orders. Scientific Methodologies of Geo-Politics' is the reality of variations of pluralistic approaches and the highest scientific understanding of what is 'otherwise known': meaning a true Earth has more than one way to skin a cat. 21 ciphers stops, but droppin' science to 'Her' continues into the knowledge to build which establishes that we teach the science of everything in life: Love; Peace; and Happiness which we then correlate to the reality of getting God and Earth relationships right and exact and down to an artistic science at this time in the Asiatic World. How can she truly be Earth without the knowledge of 21 ciphers of sciences? 21 ciphers represents 'Wisdom' 'Her', 'Queen' and 'Earth' having Knowledge of Self and elevating above the mentality of the 'Nurse's Law'. So blow you're Earth a kiss and let that kiss be light and born the understanding of equality ciphers. Muah!!!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Astrological Nazi

My mother was an MGT captain and one of the sisters in her training Unit was named Sister Iris. Sister Iris was one of the sisters that use to watch me when my mother went to Chicago for Nation business. Sister Iris had no problem babysitting me for a week or two because of the date of birth. She'd tell my mother, "Girl as long as he is an Aquarius he's cool, bring him over. Sister Allison, another sister in the MGT Unit felt the same way. I was young at the time and their responses to my mother’s request for their babysitting services intrigued me a whole helluva lot. My mom was a Taurus, and she is the sole reason I know Taureans inside out, so Taurus was the first sign of the zodiac that I took under cap. I know how to deal with all bulls like a matador; it's called the science of side-steppin' bullshit. My old dad was one of them fly ass Virgos, he always had a fly car, a fly crib and a fly girl, but if you ask that nigga for some money he'd look at you cross-eyed. He'd give it to you, but you would get an ear full of hymmin' and hawin' before he'd come out of pocket. So my mom and dad initiated my interest in the zodiac. They got divorced when I was around three, and every time my mother would ask him for cash and he gave her some problems she'd hang up the phone and yell, "Goddamn stingy ass Virgos! He got enough money for all them cars and shit but can't give me money for your school clothes till October."

Her classification of people based upon their zodiac signs was fascinating to me. I learned how to read well very early due to my Nation of Islam background and by 5th grade my teachers made it clear to my mother that I was reading on an 11th and 12th grade level. One of the first types of books I read was my mother’s books on Astrology. My mother had a hairdresser who was a ghetto astrologer, she could do charts, tell what planet was in what house of the zodiac at any given time and by seven or eight I was drawing circles around Motown albums, using rulers to slice the circles in twelve and striving to read the addresses of the heavens by the planets in the houses. At age 8, I couldn't make much sense of it but I tried. What I wasn't able to figure out with astrological charts I compensated for by generalizing my friends on my street by their zodiac signs. My childhood friends would tell me their birthdates and ask me, "What does that mean?" I'd tell them to give me a few of them Watermelon Now and Laters and we can talk. By twelve I had a little hustle going on and by the time highschool rolled around I had my entire Homeroom broke down in Zodiac order, and very good generalizations of how the Zodiac worked in people's lives. Astrology and my interest therein has never left me, and at 41 years old I am a full blown Astrological Nazi. I'm prejudiced and I won't hesitate to discriminate against people born under certain signs. "Emblem that's unfair! People are people."
Oh no the hell they ain't: They're Rams, Bulls, Lions, Fish, Schizophrenic twins, Scorpions, Crabs, Goats, Tight Pussy Virgins, Water deliverers, Scales, and people who shoot arrows on four legs. Shit! I do the knowledge and now that I'm older I do the knowledge even harder because I have no time searching for certain energies not possessed in a given Zodiac sign. In Ausar Auset they try to break people down in terms of hot, dry, cold, moist and some other type shit. Fuck that shit! In 41 years I have learned to break people down in 52 categories, breaking each sign down into 4 subgroups: Example: Scorp 1, Scorp 2, Scorp 3, and Cusp Scorps and anyone born on the cusp I consider crazy ass fuck. My ex wife was born on the cusp, same day as Hitler, April 20th-I ain't know if that bitch was a ram or a bull and it threw my whole astrological radar off. When someone tells me they're born on a cusp: a footnote pops up on my mental screen and says 'proceed with extreme caution.'

In my adventures with Astrology I have come to understand that no sign is neither all good or all bad and I've come to realize that you formulate a unique chemistry with each astrological sign relative to your own sign. I got loads of experience with every sign, meaning I know numerous people born on the exact same day and that allows me to get clearer insights into that sign. Zodiac signs represents our energetic signature, meaning that we all resonate with a certain vibe. Some people classify all people under 12 vibrations, but I've learned to listen to the 52 sounds resonating from each of the 52 weeks in a year. Preserving the best part from each person is the general goal-you don't want to focus on the negative aspect of the person, which unfortunately I tend to do-if for example a 'Capricorn 2' pisses me off, my anger is not necessarily directed at that individual 'Capricorn 2' per se, but I then become pissed at all 'Capricorn 2s' and the energy they exude. "Emblem that is completely insane!" I know but that's how I roll, now some signs I have a Mastery over, meaning I have encountered them in a multiplicity of capacities so I can read them off top, and I know the nuances of their personalities.

7 years ago I took a course in Pisces 3 and passed-this is the highest aspect of astrological Math you can take because the Pisces 3 is the last energetic signature before the rebirth of Aries, marking the resetting of the Zodiac clock. The colored man, Einstein was born under Pisces 3(March 11th-18th). That Pisces 3 class was one of the most interesting experiences I have ever had with Mathematics because it helped me to gather a stronger sense of my Aquarian Self. Pisces 3 is the gatekeeper because of their extraordinary level of emotional and mental complexity. The answer to solve the complexity of Pisces 3 is something I will keep to myself because with that knowledge you can walk through the jungle of the zoo(zodiac) boldly.

In Matters of Love, Astrology is probably 95% of the prerequisites required before I embark upon a relationship voyage. The knowledge of Astrology in terms of relationships allows you to navigate complex emotional terrain so how people lay next to each other and not know the next persons sign is beyond me. It is not just that said person is a Cancer and the other person is a Virgo, but it gets heavier and deeper: What number Virgo are they, and what number Cancer are they? The Zodiac is a clock of the heavens and tells time down to the second. Every moment in the universe is a unique moment in time, and the place relative to that time speaks volumes to the energy you bring forth on this planet. Elijah told us not to mess with Astrology because it was beyond are level of Mathematics at the time, but time has passed and the fulfillment of the reality of the Solar Facts has to be reconciled with.

If I was to formulate a Company it would be with a Cap 2 (January 11-16), Virgo 3(Sept 11-18), Leo 2 (Aug 3-10), Sagittarius 3(Dec 11-18) and Scorp 2(Nov 3-11). This is my Astrological business dream team. Why? Because they blend with my Aquarian 1 personality flawlessly. Now my dream team is not yours, so you would have to do the research as to what astrological personalities blend well with yours. Learning Astrology is something you have to be interested in-in order to make it a functional part of your life. I don't think Astrology will be any good to you if you're not interested. The Holy Quran speaks of the Earth, Heavens and the trajectory of celestial bodies so Islam has a relationship to Astrology. Astrology is so much bigger than the daily Horoscope in your local paper so I encourage all to read about it.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Islamic Philosophy: The 'Kalam' School of Thought

Islam is not just what you see on the surface but has two primary academic, philosophical schools of thought; the Kalam; and Falsafa. The Kalam school of thought ushers a dialectical argument into the Islamic equation. A 'dialectic' establishes the initial inroads to developing a true academic school of thought. The two philosophical schools of thought of Kalam and Falsafa elevate Islam to a science and as a result Islam isn't solely relegated to mere religious status alone. God and Earth must understand the need for a proper dialectical study of what 'I-for-Islam' means to truly be legitimately immersed in the study of a real science. A dialectic is a systematic search for truth and demands that we examine ideas critically and not blindly bare witness because statement X,Y or Z is a 'popular' statement and thus by default becomes an accepted truth. Accepting the Supreme Alphabet's idea that 'T' stands for 'Truth and Square' is subjectively correct in the eyes of God and Earth, b.u.t. how do we analyze scientifically what we claim to 'know' objectively? Does what we know ever cease to become anything other than our own subjective truth? Do we really 'prove' when we 'Show and Prove'? Or are we bound to emotionalism, catch-phrases and reactionary rhetorical insights? The very creed of God and Earth demands that we be right and exact-being'right and exact' demands we march toward true scientific scholarship and disqualify all pseudo scientific notions.

For the past year I've been engaged in the study of Islamic Philosophy: 'Kalam' philosophy in particular. Any movement in the direction of real science begins with accepting that there are things you don't know, adopting such a mind-set launches one into the exploration of the unknown(X) with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. Historically, such a launch into the unknown has begun with a form of rebellion against the conventional understanding and accepted truth of the time period. Usually such a break from the norm is met with resistance and all notions contrary to the accepted truth are labeled as heresy and those that champion the new school of thought are considered heretics. The Nation of God and Earth(5 Percent Nation) are born from the Father's rebellion against the N.O.I.'s restrictive laws and Elijah's depiction of Master Fard as the sole 'Big G'. A rebellion of similar magnitude was also led by the founder of the Kalam school of Islamic Philosophy: Wasil Ibn Ata in the second century of the Hijra. He was expelled from his school of traditional Islamic studies because he disagreed with the leading scholars of his day. Wasil Ibn Ata; the Father; and even the Protestant movement prove that thinking 'out of the box' is never the popular thing to do, so when I put 'All Being Born' under a mathematical microscope last year the uproar was so great that you would have thought I took Jesus off the cross and burned the Bible. I didn't fall back from Supreme Algebra, however I think Supreme Algebra will better suit it's user on a personal level for the time being. The resistance proved to me that the Nation of God and Earth was religious because the '20 miles outside of Mecca' objectivity was not present in the majority. Now, as I continue to advance my math skills I have come to realize that Supreme Algebra must be a personal choice and consequently I will not attempt to make grown folks cease with the collapsing of whole numbers any further-it's not practical and I refuse to loose time searching for mathematicians to cause earthquakes on the math section of the S.A.T..The concept of Supreme Algebra has to be perfected in the individual. Algebra is 'free'- so learn it in your own good time. The Supreme Algebraic rebellion however was a necessary preliminary as well as a sincere attempt at true scholarship amongst God and Earth. Supreme Algebra broke from the acceptance of the traditional ideas of 'all being born'. Any rebellion of thought is important in order to escape from the prison house of narrow mindedness and move toward free, expansive ideals. God and Earth make the claim that we study the science of everything in life but do we have legitimate tools of math and science to truly be ranked amongst other nations leading the world in math and science education? No not now-a-day.

I remember when my enlightener took me to my first rally-he said "We're going to see the wisest people on Earth." I was so excited, but no longer do I become excited like a teenage girl before her first date. 'The wisest people on Earth?' We haven't built any nuclear reactors or Particle Accelerators but in our defense I have however mastered the equation of the 'Timberland/Time-Scuff Ratio'. I can rock a pair of timz a whole year with out a scuff mark. Not a one! Now that's Mathematics.

As I study 'ilm'(knowledge) Al-Kalam(Rational/Scholastic Islamic Theology) or Mutatkallamin, it has taught me to seek demonstrative evidence(Show and Prove) relative to what I claim to know. How do I know knowledge is my foundation if I myself don't test it? What is knowledge? "Knowledge is the foundation to everything in existence as the black man is the foundation to his family." I ain't a fuckin' fish on a hook and I'm not gonna just take that bait and bite that line because everybody else quotes the same fuckin' catch-phrase. The idea of knowledge must take us deeper into the foundation of ourselves. The study of the Mutakallamin shows and proves 'layers of currents' exist in reality and puts forth the idea that veils exist upon reality, veils cover our eyes, veils mask our true feelings and veils mask the true reality of the world around us. Veils limit perception. Truth in Islam is 'Haqq' and 'Haqq' translates from arabic to mean 'Reality'. Allah is considered Al- Haqq (the 'Reality'): now what happens when reality is masked with veils? Allah then becomes a Mystery God. The truest Layers of the Self has no beginning nor ending. This is a confirmation of our Science as God and Earth via Mutakallamin. Such knowledge confirms one of the Old 5 percent plus lesson breakdowns of 'A is for Allah' by Ahad Knowledge Born- my enlightener's enlightener. He said that "Allah is the Father of Reality and the knowledge of the Sun" so by studying Islam I can now show and prove his words with a reasonable degree of understanding as it pertains to traditional Islamic Scholarship in the field of Philosophy.

Peace EM