Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Year One: Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)

15095 years ago, 23 scientist came together in the Holy City of Mecca to write the history for the Koran we are presently living in now-a-day. Their job was to predict the history in advance; predict you; everything about you; and everything you will do. Their level of mathematics was/is beyond anything we as normal humans can possibly comprehend. You wouldn't know they were scientist if you looked at them. They appear as normal black men that you would see waiting at a bus stop in Detroit, Chicago or Philly but their mathematical and intuitive aptitude is beyond belief. They are millions of years old but on average they don't look a day over forty. They don't hang together, instead they live all around the Earth, listening to the thinking of the people, multiplying the people's thoughts times their actions to predict the deeds and the affairs of human history.

The 23rd scientist is named Earl Monroe, a knowledge seed, tall dude with a receding hairline. Earl's job as head scientist is to bring the beer to the prediction convention every 25,000 years. The guys do their best to make it a party and not a hum-drum boring University math lecture. Luther, the 22nd scientist brung the beef ribs, and a special barbecue sauce he'd been working on for four thousand years. Black Mike, the 21st scientist was the DJ, his job was to bring the greatest musical hits of the last 25,000 years. His music collection contains the greatest golden oldies of all the expired Koranic cycles, he even has classic hits from Buddhism 35,000 years ago. Joe Brice, the 20th scientist brought the potato salad, cole slaw, and his famous Detroit Fried chicken, made with his special recipe. He was from Detroit way before Detroit was named Detroit. Terry Tolliver is the 19th Scientist, he brought the strippers, his motto was "It ain't a party without strippers!". Melvin was the 18th scientist, he brought the weed. Dwight was the 17th scientist, he brought the card tables. Keith was the 16th scientist, his duty was to organize the basketball game between the 12 major and the 11 minor scientist. A minor scientist was missing because the 24th scientist wasn't eligible for the draft. At the last Koranic prediction convention the Minor scientist beat the Major scientist 98-97. Big Percy was the 15th scientist, he booked the hotel and mother-ship flight reservations, the other scientist were pissed at him because at the last Koran prediction convention he made reservations at the Meccan Holiday Inn and they didn't have air condition. Cedric the 14th scientist was in charge of the entertainment for the prediction convention weekend, so he predicted the history of Richard Pryor before Rich was born and had all 23 scientist laughin' like a movafucka. The 13th scientist was named Gregorian, he was
always late and did shit on his own time, so the other 22 scientist knew better than to 'set up a home' and wait for him to bring a damn thing. The 12th scientist was named Larry, he was color blind and was the actual scientist to first see white people in his third eye. However it wasn't the 12th scientist who actually predicted Yacob's birth 8400 years in advance, it was Leroy, the 11th scientist. Leroy got slapped by Bobby the 10th scientist. Bobby slapped Leroy because he stepped on his 'predicted' Air Jordans. Bobby liked to rock fly shit way before certain gear hit the Planet, so he had 'J''s, and timz 15,095 years before they were hot.

"Movafucka I will slap you out the Asiatic World into Gregorian time you step on my shit again." Bobby yelled harshly at Leroy. His slap felt like hot steel on Leroy's face causing Leroy to see a six year old big headed little boy playing with steel in the Asiatic year 8406. That one slap triggered a whole series of events; the 9th scientist Shawn saw Musa; the 8th scientist saw Jesus; the 7th scientist saw Muhammad; the 6th scientist saw Jebus; the 5th scientist saw Salim, the 4th scientist saw Ariel, the 3rd scientist saw both Master Fard Muhammad and Noble Drew Ali, the second scientist saw the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan and the 1st scientist saw The Father being born and he also saw this crazy movafucka named Emblem rolling a dutch 15054 years before he was born.

The End!

In the story I was making jest, not at The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, nor Master Fard Muhammad who gave us such a fantastic story of 'mathology' but I was hurling jest at those who still believe that 23 elderly black men come together every twenty five thousand years to write history. Master W.D. Fard and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught lessons in symbols. The symbolism of the 23 scientist points to our genetic code (internal Quranic ayats). You are created from 23 chromosomes from your father, and 23 chromosomes from your mother. They combine to form 46 chromosomes or 23 pairs. The chromosomes merge in the truest Mecca(The Woman). The primary function of DNA is long term storage. You contain the history books of every generation before you within Self. The information and records of every single one of your ancestors resides on the DNA, double helix molecule. Understanding that all the info of the past is within our bodies forces us to ask another question "Is all the information for the future also within our genetic Quranic Ayats?" The question calls to mind the dialectical arguments of 'predetermination', 'nature/nurture', and 'fate'. 'Fate' comes from the latin root 'fatum' which literally means 'What has been spoken'. In knowledge wisdom cipher you will run across the word 'said' in phrases like 'said nation' or 'said person', also the idea of things, events, and persons that are predicted in the year one. If this is the case-we essentially live in a four dimensional reality that is pre-recorded and we would literally be participating in events that have already been written. Such an idea of living a life that has already been written in advance implies that you are helpless to control your future no matter what you do. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad gives us some wiggle room in a phrase he often used, "beating the Scientist Prediction". How do you beat the scientist prediction or change the course of life's events after they have been set into motion from the year one? Fate can be looked at as a prison house to some extent and if 'fate' is the reality of life, how do you then, escape the clutches of fate? Who is the 24th scientist? You are the 24th, the 25th and as many other scientific levels as you can fuse your consciousness with and in to. A numbered scientist represents the science your studying: the number is a marker. We study the science of everything in life. Life is infinite as the numerical value of the scientist can grow to be infinite. we should live our lives as if Supreme Elevation is our ultimate determined idea-this will allow you to beat the 23 scientist's genetic prediction of your life. This shows and proves that we have 'choice' in a Koran that has been predicted.

Do not think because a DNA molecule is ten thousand times smaller than the head of a pin that it can not be classified as a 'Scientist'. The foundation of your every physical feature as well as the power of your intellect are rooted in the 'infinitesimal', which means incalculably, and immeasurably small. All life is born from the micro into the macro, so on a fundamental level all intelligence emerges from the fine mist of the infinitesimal into the macroscopic universal reality of the Asiatic Black mind's potential toward infinitude. The Quran borns to us that man travels from stage to stage. The spiral, double helix, DNA molecule resembles a winding staircase and this level of consciousness that we exist upon is merely one stage on the staircase of our personal growth on an eternal path.

Consciousness has no ending and on a collective level can be correlated to 'said nation' which has no beginning nor ending. When you understand this, you then realize that man does in fact have the potential to cause rain, hail, snow and earthquakes from an internal standpoint. Before you can control the weather however, you must control the rain, hail, snow and earthquakes of your own life and the emotions within Self. Self Mastery is about removing the weights that hold your mind down; the weight of narcissism; the weight of egotism; the weight of materialism; the weight of vanity and every other negative 'ism'/'schism' associated with the 'Dunya' (world). It is my theory that no matter how much of a man you think you are, or how black you are, or how wise you are, that you are not God if you are controlled by smugness, egotism, and arrogance. Allah's consciousness is in the ego less realm of Self which is weightless like space.

Have you ever met an individual who is always telling you and others what they are doing, trumpeting their resume of piety, exulting their virtues and values of righteousness to the world? There are some out there who have resumes of their good deeds-they remind me of corrupt Catholic priest: giving the good word in the light but molesting little boys in the dark. Never trust one grandstanding their pious acts because it reeks with the stench of ego. What is His Own self?-Is a personal ideal, which leads to the path of scientific Self study and has little to do with judging others or looking down upon others. With that Master degree of 'what is his ownself?' we open up the University of Self. Negative dispositions can be spewed from our primordial genetic info but if we educate ourselves into the fact that Allah is an omni-directional, omni-dimensional expanding, ever growing Reality, we will not fall victim to the prison house of fate. The higher we elevate as a Supreme Scientist (24th-25th-26th...) the less popular and more humble We Will/Should Become.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Like many did when first coming into the knowledge of God eye pretty much threw the Bible away because eye knew it was not holy and that it had been tampered with. Having so little respect for it, there was a point and time when the god Ali Excellence Allah and eye were roommates, and we would tear pages from the Bible to roll a joint if we didn't have a dutch for a blunt or some ziz zags. Hell, eye was thinking if the God could speak to Moses thru a burning bush, surely he could speak thru a tree; especially a tree with his words already on it. Well not a tree but you know what eye mean.

Eye mean we use to do crazy ish like calling prayer lines and harass the call takers, or pretend as if we needed prayer and present whoever was on the other end with scenarios that we knew they didn't have an answer for. That was at a time when eye was living a way of life that if eye told you you would swear that it came right out of a Iceberg Slim or Donald Goines book; or as Malcolm said, it would beat anything Hollywood. DAMN!!! those were some wild days and a far cry from the said abilities that eye am presently of today.

Come June of this year eye will be celebrating my 20th year "inside the Holy City Of Mecca", and within this wisdom cipher eye have experimented with high explosives in many forms; but eye must admit that over half of those years, months, and days were spent living mathematics in conjunction with a determined idea that was the pursuance of some of what the trader has to offer.

Now don't get me wrong, I've learned a lot, taught many and never taught or advocated any devilishment DIRECTLY, but being a former athlete with a competitive fighting spirit caused me to see that we who are classified as "a said person of that ability", haven't even put a dent in the influence of the mystery god teachings on the human family of the planet Earth. So eye asked myself why are we not being more successful in all of our undertakings? Well, besides the fact that some of us have fallen victim and in love with this devils way of civilization, eye see that it's partially because we haven't gained a comprehensive understanding of the Holy Koran or Bible.

Hell, in competitive sports you watch the film on your opponent and when you have your opponents playbook(Bible,Quran), that is suppose to be and added advantage. It doesn't mean that you change the way you play(SM,SA,120), nor does it mean that you change your game plan; but what it does is apprise you of what you can expect from them, and you will know what they are capable and incapable of.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that our people sleep in the Bible and that it is their literal graveyard. A dead man can't wake himself up, he has to be awakened. It took an original man to teach the devil how to master the original man and it's going to take THE ORIGINAL MIND to unlock and change the combination of what has been added on the upper part of our peoples brains. A shriner by the name of Dale Carnegie in his best-selling book 'How To Win Friends And Influence People' said that if you want to win people over to the way you think, you have to make them think that your idea was their idea.

In the Original Rules Of Instructions given by Fard to the laborers in the Nation Of Islam on how to use the lessons; in the 3rd instruction a footnote is written by Elijah and he says “No man can be Successful in Teaching a people that cannot speak, clearly, the People's Language“. Does not the born degree in the knowledge to culture cipher born the science that the 85% will not 'let'(permit) the 5% teach them? Why? It doesn't say that they won't let the 5% teach them ‘because’ they believe in the 10% on face value. A period precedes the "They believe in the 10% on face value". They won't allow us to teach them because we cannot speak the language that has been grafted into them.

The knowledge cipher degree in the 1-10 says Christianity is 551 years old and if we subtract the 551 from the approximate date of when the lesson was given, it will take us to 1382 when the first Bible was translated into English by John Wycliffe. No where in my lessons does it say that the whiteman had anything to do with making the Holy Koran or Bible, it says the original people made it. Yes Yacob's grafted devil tampered with it, but we had already written "in advance" that he was going to do that; it's written right there in both the Bible and Quran.

Now whether or not there's an actual big book written about 15,095 years ago with 25,000 years of advance history in it, or if it's even possible to do that is another subject for another time; but let us make USE of that which was placed here "in advance" for the babies(us), and no matter who wrote them we should be able to put our original brains into and over the mind of the writer(s) and untie the ropes(Bible & Quran) that bind the minds of the people.

Eye'm a student of guerilla warfare and it's known amongst guerilla warriors that whoever has the support of the people and has the best knowledge of the terrain('land') will win the war. That is why propaganda is so important in warfare. About god years ago eye took the time out to read and absorb the whole Bible and now eye can hold a fruitful conversation with Christians and elevate them and no problem arises until eye tell them my name, but by then they've already taken the anti-venom that will save them from the poison of their snake-bite.

DaGod Emblem got over 2/3rds of the Quran under cap and anybody who has ever read any of the Gods writings should know how valuable the God is and is going to be. Eye openly profess admiration of the God for doing that. That's one helluva undertaking to become a Hafiz. Now eye'm not saying put the books under cap like DaGod, but eye am saying we should survey the land, gain the scope, and make 'use' of them and we will find ourselves even more qualified and effective teachers of those who do not know their origin in this world.

THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS UNUSEFUL LAND! Do you mean to say that out of 57,255,000 square miles of land only 29,000,000 square miles of it is useful? Eye hardly believe that unless eye am blind, deaf, and dumb. The Quran says that Allah hates the prodigal(wasteful) and if it was true that out of 57,255,000 square miles of land, only about half of it was useful; that would not only make Allah a hypocrite but that would make Allah 'The Hypocrite', and eye've never seen that amongst the 99 qualities of Allah. That's why the degree says 'how much is used everyday' and not how much is useful. My ole man worked in the concrete business over 20 years and one of the key ingredients in making concrete is sand, so even the deserts are useful.

In conclusion in The Problem book Fard called the Bible a 'poison book' and it is, but what is medicine? It's poison isn't it? Yes it is., but if it's 'prescribed' by a competent DOCTOR and administered by a competent NURSE, it can affect healing. Since the minds of the people have a great effect on the weather(13:1-40) we should do whatever we can to make it the best weather possible because we all have to live in it. T.H.E.M said that he would fast and pray Allah that he live to see the hereafter when Allah in his own good time takes the devil off our planet(39:1-40). What are you willing to do?

Love, Peace, and Overwhelming Victory!!!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Unravelling Yacobian Symbolism: Laws Not Mentioned

Archaeologically the story of Yacob as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Master Fard Muhammad has not been proven or disproven. There have been no expeditions to Patmos to uncover the fossilized remains of the baby bones of black infants; no tiny skulls with evidence of fatal puncture wounds have been found and National Geographic has not found any ancient stone statues dedicated to a black scientist with an extremely large head. No concrete scientific evidence has been cataloged in anthropological or archaeological academic journals that confirm Master Fard's teachings regarding Yacob to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Ancient writings that would tell us about the secret orders given to the Doctors, Ministers, Nurses, and Cremators by Yacob are not being studied by the linguist Noam Chomsky. And if you were to ask the average God about Patmos most will simply tell you that the 2 train will take you to the Bronx. Applying for an Anthropological grant to buy a few shovels and excavate the remains of a sixty six hundred year old island civilization would not necessarily be prudent nor yield the best results.

Rewarding results would best be found in the study of the symbolic logic hidden in the story of Yacob. The story of Yacob is rich in relevant symbolism- symbolic logic can be used to unravel a treasure chest of understanding buried in Yacobian 'mathology'. Symbolic logic is a branch of mathematical logic and can be broken down into two distinct subdivisions; predicate logic; and propositional logic. Propositional logic would be best suited to unlock the psychological mysteries hidden in the symbols of the story of the 'Big Headed Scientist'. Propositional logic allows for interpretations of the 'Rules Not Mentioned' in the Wisdom Build degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher. The idea of certain rules not being mentioned points us in the direction of the subconscious. We live our lives in a framework of consciousness that we define as 'normal' but that which is below consciousness is the subconscious or things buried there below the surface. The rules and regulations handed down by this 'mathological' figure born with a determined idea can be understood as a programmable language downloaded into the subconscious much like a computer program is downloaded into a computer. Decoding those things not mentioned in the Wisdom Build degree should be your determined idea. Interestingly enough the Wisdom Build is integral to the Knowledge Understanding degree: 'What is his own self'? The Wisdom Build can really aid us in better understanding Self from a psychological point of view, providing we effectively use the tools of symbolic logic.

Devil Civilization is constituted by laws enforced, as these laws are enforced they proceed to make devil in the Patmos within Self. We are all Islands unto ourselves to some extent. If we understand Revelation Chapter 1 verse 9 we know that John was on Patmos and that Patmos was a Prison Island. A question of propositional logic must then be posed to the Self: Are you a captive of your own Self, helpless to continuously make devil within Self? The idea of restructuring the 'likes' that Yacob ordered destroyed would assist in the reverse manufacturing of Devil to God-not to be confused with an attempt to graft devil back into original but instead a concerted, ernest effort to deprogram 'Yacob's Rules and Regulations' which are seemingly on auto-pilot, acting in the subconscious of each and every one of us to some extent. The Doctor's Law on Patmos was to primarily 'qualify' or 'disqualify'. The Doctor's ruling of qualification or disqualification could mean the difference between Self Acceptance or Self Alienation. Black Babies were dealt a bad hand via Yacob's Law of 'Self Alienation'-'Self Alienation' is to feel that the Self is unreal and is a condition in which an individual experiences a growing sense of distance from life, a feeling of hopelessness, and a sense of futility where as 'Self Acceptance' would foster an attitude in the brown baby of being satisfied with one's Self, and one's qualities. The colors Black and Brown act as a color coded index to catalog, classify and is responsible for the authorship of what is deemed socially stereotypical. Ministers would only marry those that dealt with Self Acceptance-Self Acceptance is translated into social acceptance and those previously disqualified by the Doctor would then feel rejected and are consequently socially rejected; ; crime; unemployment; poverty; low-self esteem; poor education etc.. In the event that a black baby is/was born the Nurses would then murder the black baby at birth, fostering the enforcement of the initial rule of destroying the 'likes'. The murdering instrument is symbolized as a needle/ pin to be stuck in the head. The pin causes a stigma or what the black baby feels is an inherent blemishing of their character. Cremators would burn the black babies at birth when ever the nurses would bring them. The Cremator Icon subliminates and masks Self destructive behavior. If we look at Yacobian symbolism through the eyes of our own personal psychological kaleidoscopes we must see these character's in ourselves and also in those around us.

Those in your social equality and immediate cipher; 'friends'; and family alike actively perform in this stage play of life. It is up to you to identify the four devils internal and the four devils of the external. Propositional Logic insists we 'pose' questions: Who is close enough to you to put a pin in your head? Who is close enough to you to feed you to a wild beast? Who is close enough to you to tell you that your baby is an angel baby? Who can disqualify you? Your the closest person to YOU-in the Quran it says that Allah is verily closer to you than your jugular vein, so you should understand that their are internal Doctors, Ministers, Nurse, and Cremators in you and this is any negative thought that murders your good ideas(Black Babies). The Doctor disqualifies your ideas and the Minister will not issue an order for you to excersize your will to carry(Marry) out the idea. Low Self esteem is a carefully constructed format so using Propositional logic we must pose the idea of factorial inavariance: The Doctors, Ministers, Nurses and Cremators externally and internally represent the foundations of social and personal behavioral patterns. How we deal with these internal psychological factors must transform because if it remains unchanged then the Wisdom Build's correlation matrix to the activity in our psyche will continue to manufacture devil. We must attempt to dismantle the organizational hierarchy of Yacob's rules and regulations with our own internal Swords. What is your reward in regard to the destruction of the devil civilization(within)?


Friday, January 15, 2010

The Lucky Mother

Being dissatisfied when things are not the way you desire them to be is a part of life. Usually when we're dissatisfied we exercise our wills to bring forth change. Dissatisfaction is usually the result of an unknown(x), it should be understood however that unknowns are not associated with dissatisfaction 100 percent of the time. Good unknowns(x) happen to us from time to time, usually these 'good' unknowns are associated with the mystery God, fortune, objects, rituals or luck. The wisdom build degree in the knowledge to culture cipher introduces the idea of a 'Lucky Mother'. She is a woman who has given birth to a child of a lighter complexion: a 'Brown Baby'. It stands to reason that during Yacob and his people's six centuries of experimentation on the Island of Patmos that each successive generation was stigmatized in such a way that certain phenotypical characteristics marked the origin of classism and social status. By labeling a new mother as 'Lucky' this extended her and her child social and economic privilege: such is a reasonable inference to the 'laws not mentioned' in the wisdom build. The wisdom build degree in that knowledge to culture cipher symbolically refers to the beginning of 'isms'. In the Holy Quran Iblis was commanded by Allah to bow down to Adam-he refused. The story in the Holy Quran marks the beginning of 'Egotism' or a sense that one person is inherently better than another person. The story of Iblis in the Holy Quran also implies a lack of humility consequently the origin of arrogance.

All stories from the great books of religion throughout history represent a collage of psychological symbols that compose an amalgam of ideas behind all human activity from love to war. Classism can be derived from the political dynamic found within the wisdom build degree- 'classism' in turn gives birth to 'racism' and in the time that it took to make a devil (six centuries) the phenotypical distinctions gradually became the apparent face value by which people were/are socially and economically judged. Regardless of whether there was or wasn't a big headed black man in history named 'Yacob' who took 59,999 individuals to an Island called Patmos in the Aegean sea is irrelevant in the sense that none of us can actually Show and Prove Yacob in archaeological terms. However the genetic evidence that a mutation of some sort took place with or without conscious deliberation is indeed evident. The symbolism of Yacob internalized in the psyche of the individual does subjectively place a marker for the origin of 'Devil Civilization' but more importantly 'Yacobian' symbolism facilitates the understanding of an Asiatic individual's origin in this world. The knowledge degree in the knowledge to knowledge the cipher does in fact initiate the individual into the Asiatic World as an Original being. Elijah and Fard's unique introduction of a renewed time and space defined as the 'Asiatic World' establishes a new beginning, a cultural motif and a unique global paradigm for the Asiatic captives stolen from the root of civilization. Devil civilization will very rarely provide a 'good unknown'(x). Why? Because the science in the wisdom build deals with eugenics: 'Kill all the black babies and save the brown babies'. Eugenics is a bio-social movement to improve the hereditary characteristics of humans by eliminating propagation among the 'unfit' and encouraging propagation among 'superior' individuals. This was Hitler's objective as well as Yacob's determined idea. I find it strange that New Finland has never been hit with a catastrophic Tsunami, or a cataclysmic Earthquake. Maybe they're just 'Lucky Mothers'?!?

It seems that in recent years the 'Mystery God' has been bringing his wrath down on Original people and saving the 'White People'. Early last year I wrote an article in which the subject was the 'Malthusian Catastrophe' the article gave me a refresher course in 'Macro-Economics' and shed light on the idea of population control. Robert Malthus born the idea that as a society becomes more sophisticated and the quality of life improves that populations will grow more rapidly (Good at Multiplying) resulting in a global populace that will place a heavy burden on natural resources and thus the macroeconomic idea of 'scarcity' quickly comes into focus. Malthus goes on to make the prediction that famine, disease, and wars will increase 'mortality' rates on a large scale. Emblem takes Malthus a step further and suggest that there are deliberate agendas to reduce the global population. The Earth's population now-a-day is approximately seven billion. A number that all governments throughout the world are all dreading. Malthus places long term economic stability over short term gains. If I was a white economics Professor at Harvard I would give a class a joint project to work in concert with a sister class of young scientist at M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology) and ask that they solve the Malthusian problem of over population and reduce the world's population drastically and make everyone witnessing the population reduction believe all that they 'see' and 'here' is happening as the result of a series of unfortunate natural disasters caused by a mystery God that no one will be able to see until they die. I'm quite sure my students with their young, eager, Ivy League, diabolical minds could-like their Father 'Yacob' figure out how to kill a black baby and save eleven white babies. If my lessons teach me anything it's the reality of what causes Earthquakes and to continue daily to truly learn who/ what is causing all this to happen.

"Class-does anyone have some ideas of a population of people we could drastically decrease? Taylor had her hand raised first!"

"Haiti. They are unwanted, most are black as hell, there government is corrupt and they’re in the middle of the Atlantic and I'm sure the Navy has some sort of Ultra Sonar equipment that could shake the Ocean floor. I think we really could do good numbers in terms of death tolls."

"Excellent idea Taylor! Anyone else? Megan!"

"Hit Cuba with a Tsunami-they've been a pain in our ass for years!"

"Not bad-Not bad! Anyone else? Stephen!"

"Let's invent another virus more deadly than AIDS and put it on basketballs and give them out free to black kids on inner city basketball courts all over America."

"Stephen you’re truly the Anti-Christ!"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

EMBLEM is The Ultimate Mujahidin (Holy Warrior)

23 year old Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdul Mutalab was indicted yesterday and faces a life sentence for the attempted murder of 289 passengers on board Northwest airlines flight 253. He was attempting to strike a blow against the Kafirun (Infidels). Recruited by al-Qaeda and radicalized in a Mosque in Europe, Umar was ready to die Mujahidin (Martyr). Humming that Quran in a mosque in Europe, listening to highly politicized Bayans (speeches) by fiery Imans, and radical Islamic clerics hyped that young man up to the point that he was willing to blow up a plane. A few weeks ago five young Muslims from America took a flight to Pakistan to fight alongside Taliban soldiers and they were eventually caught and all are now facing Life in a Pakistan prison. Snorting that raw Islamic coke is addictive than a movafucka. Karl Marx said religion is an opiate. Imagine being so psyched and hyped up to die and go to 'paradise' that you’re willing to blow yourself up and take many lives with you. In Iraq muslims coordinate simultaneous suicide attacks, exploding car bombs while behind the wheel. Fighting and dying in the Name of Allah is a high honor in the radical Islamic world. President Obama in early December ordered that 30,000 young men and women be deployed to Afghanistan and I'm sure that all 30,000 troops hope to return home in one piece. The Taliban are infused with uncut, raw, radical Islam and don't give a fuck about returning in one piece because they seek to find peace in the afterlife that the Holy Quran defines as 'Jenna'(Paradise). Master Fard asked Elijah 'But brings rain, hail, snow and earthquakes?' In the answer to that knowledge understanding degree Elijah states "...the dead has never been known to return from the grave-in all the history of Islam never reveals anyone coming back from a physical death..." Another aspect of the degree states" "...lied or not..."-"or not" being the key phrase: Elijah was indifferent to the afterlife in the metaphysical sense and basically born the idea 'when you’re dead-you’re dead!' and this was some of the baby laxative put on top of the raw, uncut religion that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) pumped on the global block. Raw coke like raw religion can kill-snort some 'Fish scale' or 'China White' and your fuckin' heart will bust and if you abandon the life of this world (Dunya) and embrace the raw, uncut Islamic teachings that prophet Muhammad born you'll be prepared to 'bust' with a bomb vest strapped to your body as well. The Father put Supreme math on the China white raw that Elijah and Fard stepped on in the thirties. I don't snort raw Islam without a cut. I make sure I draw the beautiful Ayats of the Holy Quran up to knowledge Wisdom Cipher and snort it with the straw of Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Algebra. Sunnis might say I'm dealing with bidda (innovation) which is Haram (forbidden) but I disagree. What I deal with is Haqq (Truth)-my angle of what's truth.

I love Islam and will not snort it raw while under the umbrella of the first amendment. That first amendment in the U.S Constitution borns the idea of 'freedom of religion' and America provides certain other 'freedoms' such as Taco Bell; running water; sewage systems; Vegetarian restaurants; Las Vegas; Caribbean vacations; McDonald's; Japanese restaurants; Pizza; freedom to become a wealthy entrepreneur; education; and plasma TV's in which many Americans sit in front of daily and drink beer, smoke weed, while communicating with Blackberries, IPhones worrying about who commented on their twitter and facebook statuses. Americans are comfortable. "I'm not American I'm an Asiatic Emblem!" I bet cho black ass puts 'American' on the job app and would scream 'American' like a movafucka if the IRS withheld your refund because you claimed 'Asiatic' status on your taxes for '09 and if the INS decided to deport your black ass to Mecca Saudi Arabia (The real root) you'd be screaming 'American' like a movafucka. Many of these liberties and comforts we experience in America are Haram(forbidden) in terms of Shariat (Islamic Law) but these luxuries represent generations of struggle for black people in the U.S.. I'm a 5 percenter and the 5 percent consider Muslims to be included in the percentage along with 'civilized people' and 'Muslim Sons'. Many in the Wilderness of North America who claim to be members of the 5 percent have not reached the point to which they are willing to wage a holy war against the United States Government. Blacks, Latinos, and other Asiatics are relatively comfortable in America compared to an individual who was raised in Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur or Yemen. Karl Marks predicted that the 'have nots' would eventually rise up: He was correct but in America the revolution or the Jihad is basically waged against bills that are due such as cable, cell phones, car notes, rent, mortgages and some take it a step further and wage Holy war against their Nafs (bad habits). So essentially in this country the 'have nots' do in fact have a helluva lot and we love the devil because he gives us 'nothing' but in fact this 'nothing' is more than most have throughout the world. Niggaz get pissed if the drive thru at Taco Bell is closed on a midnight munchies run resulting from smoking too much Cali-dro. We go to Saviors Day, Show and Proves, Rallys, Moorish Science meetings and even the Arab Sunnis at Jummah on Friday in this country shun radical Islam. Even Arab Americans won't put on a bomb vest and go in Wal-Mart-they got Seven Eleven's to chase niggas out of in the morning. Blacks might tack a picket sign together and scream "No Justice-No Peace" after the NYPD or LAPD have unloaded a clip into some poor black dude innocently listening to Lil Wayne in his IPod but we ain't striving to take flying lessons, hijack a plane and crash it into a building. Why? Because the NBA playoffs are coming up, everybody including Nike is hoping to see Lebron and Kobe go head to head and absolutely nobody is gonna blow themselves up before the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight, even Osama Bin Laden got money on that fight.

I would hate to blow myself up and the mystery God can't get Pay-Per View. If the Mystery God ain't got Time Warner or Direct TV I don't wanna go to Heaven. Niggaz in America don't want to take that chance of missing the game or the fight and what movafucka you know is gonna blow up a new Escalade with 22's? Fuck that! The closest we get to revolutionary violence is Papa Wu punchin' another God at a rally and that's entertainment not terrorism. Our Earths want to mix and match some colors for their outfit for the next Show and Prove and coordinate the head wrap with the sandals-they ain't tryin' to fuck wit no Burka(full body covering)Gods are looking forward to improving their credit scores so they can buy Homes and Hummers one day and in the meantime we look forward to our next pair of fresh construction Timz. Fuck throwing a rock at a tank wearing nothing but sandals screaming "Allah U Akbar!". All a God gotta do is show and prove for his flag, get an Earth, go to a rally or two, sing the Enlightener and like Wu-Tang said in CREAM, "Teach the Truth to the young black youth." We some soft ass, candy ass Americans-oops-excuse me 'Asiatics'. We snort an ideology that has a profound cut on it, a cut that is infused with an American way of life that we all have fallin' victim to and fallin' in love with directly or indirectly. Whether you eat organic food faithfully or order number ones from the McDonald's Value Menu obsessively: the availability of food in this country is a luxurious way of life. Running water is a Goddamn luxury, even the homeless are overweight. Emblem however is the ultimate mujahidin (Holy warrior) and tonight I will strike a blow against the Infidels by only watching one episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'. Gotta go, ESPN Sports Center is on, and my Chinese food is here.


Friday, January 1, 2010

A Tiger's Love of White Pussy

'Because the devil taught 'Tiger' how to eat the wrong foods' is this years degree in the knowledge understanding equality and apparently Tiger has a voracious appetite for the taste of white pussy. Is white pussy the wrong food? Dealing with a white chick is taboo in the Asiatic Nation: 5 percent; N.O.I.; or Noble Drew's peepz-all the Asiatic brothers are conditioned to turn their noses up at the thought of a grafted woman. Those with Knowledge of Self usually shun the white woman in the daylight but some Asiatic Black men still secretly long for her while jackin' off to internet porn in the dark. Unalike attracts, 'Likes' repel and the extreme opposite of a black man is a white woman. The myth of the black guy's divine eye size ain't a myth, it's math and white chicks will be the first to provide supporting scientific data in a Power Point presentation on the contrasting penis sizes of black men and white men. Can you imagine Missy Anne's eyes during slavery, as she watched the sweaty black male slaves from the shade while they picked cotton in the hot sun? Imagine what she thought when she mistakenly caught her first glimpse of Big Black Luther's genitalia. She probably covered her mouth and gasped and said, "Oh my Sweet Jesus!" and promptly fainted. Big Black Luther and Missy Anne couldn't wait for Massa Gilmore to go play poker at another slave owner's plantation. Luther couldn't wait to slide up in that white power U. Big Black Luther temporarily felt like a free nigga who escaped, following the North Star to freedom as he was up to his knees in that white power U. Big Black Luther was probably Shack's great-great-great grandfather. Luther pounded little petite Missy Anne as she fantasized of being a damsel in distress, taken and ravaged by a big black savage buck in the dark junglez of what the devil calls Africa. 'Jungle Fever' is such an appropriate psycho/socio description for interracial relationships.

In Tiger's mind the white woman is a symbol of freedom, a living breathing unconscious motif of wealth and liberty-his own personal Statue of Liberty; a trophy to put in his trophy case with the rest of his golf awards. We've all seen episodes of Jerry Springer where a blind, deaf and dumb negro thinks that the 400 pound, white, 'trailer trash' chick is the be all-end all of beauty-wrong mental foods made both that negro on Springer and Tiger other than self. The knowledge understanding degree in the knowledge to culture cipher manifest that 'They continue daily to teach the 85 percent that all they 'see' and 'hear'...' White women are paraded, dangled and engaged into the general public's consciousness daily, via the social realms of media, advertisement, and entertainment. She's Miss USA. Miss America and Miss World: These beauty pageant titles usually held by the white woman by way of the western power structure have made her out to be the international standard of beauty-a standard of beauty resulting from European imperialist domination. Her nip/tuck nose, collagen injected lips, recessive blond flowing hair, ironing board flat ass, expensive boob jobs and her notorious reputation as the greatest dick sucker in the history of the galaxy have bombarded the world's psycho-sexual unconscious, making her a coveted prize. The adverse effects are explosive in the conscious and unconscious minds of Black women. Subconsciously many original women desire the skin and hair of the colored woman which the black woman has been tricked to believe is a divinely ordained privilege. A white woman's hair and pale skin has remained elusive throughout an original woman's entire life, plunging her into a psychological state of low self-esteem that is seemingly on auto pilot. Many Black women played with white Barbies as children and used mops to simulate Madonna and Britney's hair in the mirror, and now, as adult women, many black women now use perms and weaves to continue their subconscious quest of imitating the colored woman. The fashion industry also strangles original women as it parades and sets the standards for clothing and what should be worn on their backs if they truly desire to be the so-called 'next top model'. These false standards of 'Barbie' like images are 'pins in the head' of these black baby girls, subconsciously telling original women to step their game up, and do three hundred more crunches and watch their carb intake so they can fit into a size two and look like Barbie. Don't believe the hype or the lie because the Truth is in the black woman's brilliant mind which is the best part of her and also that gorgeous ass which follows her where ever she goes at home or abroad. White women will never be able to back that 'thang' up and they have nothing hot to drop. But what white women lack in 'junk in the trunk' they make up for with other exotic, freaky bells and whistles on the Lamborghini dashboards of their sexually tricked out hedonistic fuck bodies. A white chick works with trick-knowledge, catering to a black man's socially and historically wounded ego. She wont hesitate to bring her girlfriends into the bedroom equation to bring her big black savage buck's reverse Oreo Cookie fantasy into reality. While digging deep into her sexual bag of tricks she will demonstrate her ability to deep-throat a dick beyond her gag reflex in .035 seconds flat and in her next breath divorce her billionaire, black athlete husband quicker than he can say, "Oh shit! A fire hydrant!!!".

How does a Black man see through the sexual trick-knowledge of a colored woman and not fall victim to devil civilization and also believing the white woman is the international standard of beauty throughout the world? The answer is simple: Valtrex commercials! Valtrex commercials are mind blowers-especially when you have an imagination like Emblem. The commercials show the white bitch ridding bikes, jogging through the 'woods', rock climbing, river rafting, doing aerobics, sky diving, kick boxing and all the while Emblem is watching the true victory with a horrified look on his face, visualizing vicious, red, stubborn, pulsating blisters on the inside of her mouth, power u lips, clitoris and labia of said white bitch flashing her minty fresh Colgate, all American grin. Tiger Woods must have never seen a Valtrex commercial but I bet you that nigga got a prescription for Valtrex nowaday.