Monday, December 28, 2009

Accurate Knowledge Is Being Made: Strip Off the Old Personality (By Maternal Luminous)

I am not religious. My 93 year old grandmother has called me on numerous occasions with hopes that I will consider “saving my life and the lives of my children.” I've dealt with religion for nearly three decades. Truth is, I've never been religious, I was simply born into a highly religious Jehovah's Witness cipher. I was never baptized as it was a conscious decision of mine. Something about going door to door preaching “the truth” to people and warning them of actions not pleasing to God was all to morbid for me. The word “religion” is derived from “religare” which means “to bind”. My grandmother has been religious for over sixty years and having faith in God has given her the necessary peace of mind she had searched years, months and days for. The difference is, walking years, months and days in my shoes only helped me arrive at the fact that praying to this “Supreme Deity” I never met was the wrong flavor in my cup of coffee. My grandmother thinks that I've lost my mind by the way she speaks in every conversation. Her outlook is there's no way I can provide for my children without daily worship. I remain respectful despite my feelings of wanting to tell her to mind her business. I know she loves me and I understand that she is taught that by spreading the message, she can potentially save my life. I can't knock it, she's doing HER duty. So, sharing the same blood, I stand strong and do MY duty. Our last conversation though was my last straw. Usually I tell her I'm not interested, and I know for self that over the last three decades, had I have had a change of heart, I'd know who to contact. This time, I politely explained how offensive it was for her to judge how I raise my children and that I am not a neglectful mother, I don't party every evening leaving my children at home, I have a full-time job, I don't break the law, I pay my bills and I am responsible without religion being an every day part of my existence. She did back off and had to respect it. I remember I had the same conversation with my Father awhile back. Its amazing that people think you have to fear God to act righteous. Is this a blog to bash Christians? No it is not. See, I spent years (especially the last four) examining different ciphers of “truth” and I take pride in being able to say, I'm not mad anymore. I used to avoid Witnesses at all costs because I wasn't feeling their approach. Negatives seem overwhelming when you refuse to focus on a person's positives, so I decided to strip off the old personality like that which is mentioned in Colossians 3:9,10. Unlike baptism, I've welcomed a righteous set of principles into my life, so I must do everything right and exact. In a sense however, choosing a righteous path is not all that different from choosing to be baptized. Its the process of renewal – of cleansing one's self. I'm dealing with accurate knowledge by choice, not by force. Interestingly enough I always liked certain bible scriptures. Regardless of what a person will tell you, there is plenty of Truth in the Bible. Many people seem to hold the theory that if you read the bible, you are religious. Well, I don't support that way of thinking. After all, as a civilized person, my duty is to teach the “science of EVERYTHING in life” and I cannot teach what I have not put into practice for self. I will admit that living in a religious household kept me from having run-ins with the law, it instilled a sense of compassion and I am extremely grateful for that. I can't speak for all religious people, but many Jehovah's Witnesses go hard. Many are trustworthy. If I needed something done in my home, I would hire one. In the Spring of 2010 I registered for two religion courses, Religions of the World and Religion, Meaning & Knowledge. My goal for 2010 is to find common similarities and stop being so overly concerned about why we don't see eye to eye. Per the New World Translation Bible 1 Timothy 4:16 reads “Pay attention to yourself and to your teachings. Stay by these things for by doing this you will save both yourself and those who will listen to you.” Paying attention to my thoughts is what helped me realize that my duty is to stay educated, take care of my children and teach others in which ever manner possible. I'm not posting signs saying that religious people are crazy, because most of the ones I KNOW are working hard citizens trying to find their place in this world hoping for the day when this wicked system of things comes to an end and they receive everlasting happiness. Who doesn't want that?! I on the contrary am working on everlasting happiness in the present, the here and now. Take a look at Luke 19:43, it reads “...days will come upon you when your enemies will build around you a fortification with pointed stakes and will encircle you...” and this scripture is the truth regardless of what walk of life you originate from. In 120, in the build degree in the knowledge to “culture the cipher”, we recognize that within any given cipher there will be “currents REAL cold” and they will be swift and changeable. Notice the degree doesn't build on semi-cool currents or chilly currents, it says REAL cold indicating that at some point in our ciphers we will have to cultivate our foundations because if we don't we allow others to bring down what we worked so hard to build up. A perfect example is 1 Corinthians 6:9,10 , “Do not be misled. Neither fornicators nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men kept for unnatural purposes nor men who lie with men, nor thieves, nor greedy persons, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit God's Kingdom.” Being that the planet Earth is the home of Islam, then that means I am symbolically part of God's Kingdom. Point blank, the original Blackman is God, the owner of the planet Earth and since he knows every square inch, he's not letting any nonsense into his cipher. I know for a fact I don't want one single idolaters, thief, drunkard or extortioner near my family. On TV and on the Internet its become popular to see men lie with men. They have popularized the true meaning of a filthy affair. So just because I draw up aspects in the bible to modern day happenings doesn't mean I wish to convert. I'm using multiple resources to show and prove that this system as we know it will corrupt us unless we take stand. Refusing to get on my knees and pray shouldn't offend anyone religious. After all, we have more in common than you probably realize, our outlook varies, that's all. Accurate knowledge is a rather redundant phrase being that knowledge is never inaccurate. Our perception of what knowledge is sometimes may be inaccurate, but knowledge itself is not. Seek the truth however you have to find it, even if it means you have to study concepts you once shun.

You never know where it will land you.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Separation of Church & Nation (by Allah Universal)

Peace...Just a thought before I begin…Some of you may have heard the story of the Indians in the Americas around Christopher Columbus time (not his real name, but that’s another topic) that could not see the ships that were approaching them from the waters, This may or may not be true, but is does have a good point, in that generally people can only see what they know or believe to be possible. It’s only the limits of Our own minds that can fail us, in any given situation. Acknowledging & exceeding those limits is how success and victory are attained.

I’m all for free thinking, and a person’s right to use and advocate whichever philosophy will get them through the day, and through life, without reaching out & touching someone or killing themselves. My physical family is from the state of Mississippi, which is in the so-called Bible-Belt, and aside from the many summer vacations in my earlier years, I recently lived in the state for 79 months and 4 days. The people there are for the most part friendly and congenial, and some of this is based on their attempts (sometimes less than earnest) to live according to their Christian beliefs. My opinion is that it’s more entrainment than anything, but it did make for a relatively comfortable stay. I mean, any attempt toward righteousness is better than not even trying. Because of the insight that I posses, I could see their strange mixture of complacency and dissatisfaction with their way of life. The majority, especially the young, can’t WAIT to get away from there, but it’s all that most of them know, so they just go through the motions. I’m no in anyway knocking small-town life, just the small-town mentality that comes along with it, where you tell them of what the world has to offer, and they can’t see it (24*, 1-36).

How they saw me, and I say this without arrogance or self-aggrandizement, was a near-perfection of what they were striving to live in regards to righteousness, and intelligent application of what (they think) their prophet Jesus taught, in other words, being Divine. I still get emails, texts, & calls of thanks and praise from many whose lives I’ve impacted for the better. Not to say that it was ALL good, or else I’d still be there. Just like anything positive though, there must be some negativity to balance (6*, SF). Most with any good sense KNEW that I had more Understanding of what they were being taught in their churches than what they actually got there, but some of them just couldn’t “believe” it to be real (23*, 1-36). And this is where the entrainment comes in: One of the hardest parts of teaching a person anything beyond what they know is getting them to see beyond the limits that they’ve been taught to place on themselves (2*, 1-14). When a person believes that Jesus’ level of Understanding (or anyone else for that matter) is unattainable to them, and that they can only pray & hope for forgiveness as a born sinner (negative self-image), they will not be able to reach or exceed said limitation no matter HOW much they want to, simply because they believe they can’t (12*, 1-40).

Another consequence is that they have a hard time believing that one who HAS meet and exceeded said goal can be real, so a certain level of denial and even envy comes into play. I was constantly compared to their ideal (Jesus), also scanned & criticized for flaws so that they wouldn’t have to face the fact that they themselves can also attain said goal, with directed effort. In terms of descriptions applied to me, I think “militant asshole” was the funniest I can remember, contrasting with “amazing” said by the same person. Talk about confusion. What I drew from it though, is that someone proving that you’ve been lied to, & wrong your whole life is quite a shock to the system. Some people refuse to see what’s right in front of them, simply because they don’t want to change. Ironically, change is inevitable & constant, & no belief can render that fact untrue.

I say all of that, to say this; My recent experience, along with my own experience with religion, has given me the insight into the limits religion & religious behavior puts on a person’s mental capacities, and the difficulty it takes to break that elusive “glass ceiling”, or to even see the elevator door that will take them to the next level that they inherently know exists, but misinterpret to their own detriment. And I also learned, unfortunately, that this to can happen amongst Allah’s 5%. Yes, the civilized are still in need of some refinement in Our pursuit of Happiness (17º, 1-40). If we are to build Civilization beyond where it is now, the small-town mentality has got to go (21*, SA)…

A recent topic revolving around the Nation of Gods and Earths has been people with religious teachings & tendencies that are “mixing” them with Science and Mathematics (9*, 1-14). Certain individuals and groups/nations (10*, 1-10) have been mentioned for their distorted use of Supreme Mathematics, as well as distortions of the Black Man in his Supreme Being role and the Black Woman in her Supreme Borning role So, naturally what results is high explosives & the absence of Peace amongst Original People. I have had direct experience with a few of those who are aligned with these causes, and met opposition, contradiction, and just plain lack of Understanding what We as Allah’s 5% Nation advocate, per the Prescribed Laws of Mathematics and Science. What’s worse, where there WAS Understanding, there was blatant distortion and adoption of a worldview that was made to fit the emotional agendas of the ones advocating that kind of teaching to me. And no relief came to me until I left them alone to prove themselves wrong (11*, 1-40).

In Yacub World Manifest, there are indeed scientists that adhere to religion, and if they’re not careful or wish to use science to advocate their worldview, they’ll inject that into their presentations and poison the minds of the people with pseudo-science. While it may be true that some of the said groups/nations ARE prostituting Our teachings willfully (12*, 1-40), WHY it’s even happening is a question that only WE can answer. I’ll tell you, because WE allowed it to get to that point. Don’t “believe” me? 120 has it all laid out. The 1-36 can be used to diagnose any problem with Us here in the Wilderness, so We can start there. Or, We can take a good look @ the whole 1-14, to see where Our mistakes were made historically. And the story of Yacub’s come-up right under the noses of those in charge in the 1-40 is a good lesson too. Ultimately, We let it happen. How? By not being where We could be Nowadays. This IS the near future spoken about in the ‘30s & 60’s, no more time to procrastinate.

The United States of America, in the 1797 Treaty of Tripoli, states as a nation that “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion”. While that may have been true then, look around, it’s now a triple lie. The United States of America, just like the Nation of Gods and Earths, didn’t start out with religion as Our foundation, but now look around, it’s all over. What & how did this come about? Attempts to advance us as a nation through general education, including the study of various branches of math & science are STILL being thwarted by some. (6*, 1-14) The Father has replaced the “ideal” Jesus who’s level of Understanding is unattainable in the minds of some Gods and Earths, and the result is a negative self-image, no different than the Christians I’ve been around for 6+ years (5*, 1-14). In order to make devil, one must begin by…(31*, 1-40)…

There can be no progress in this matter, or any other matter, until blame is placed where it belongs – not at said individuals and groups, but instead Our Own Selves. Yes, WE holding the Greatest titles on the Planet, brought these conditions upon Ourselves (13º, 1-40). What & How? By placing limits on what We can or can’t study, what We teach along with 120, where We go to teach, infighting, trying to outdo one another to see who can teach the most, or who has the sharpest sword, worrying about who can take who’s God or Earth, gossip about who did & didn’t come to the Universal Rally or Parliament, children born into the Nation who have the teachings “forced” upon them instead of fed to them, and rebel as a result (how’s that different from a religious household? 8º, 1-36), and many other “religious tendencies” that a Scientific Common-Unity shouldn’t fall victim to. Meanwhile, We can blame them for spreading their gospels all We want, but unbeknownst to many of Us, with Our OWN behavior We’re are creating the very Frankensteins that end up joining said groups & nations (9*, 1-14) because of their dissatisfaction with the Truth (their own personal reasons & the only one We can’t be accountable for), with personal issues amongst each other, with pins that trickled in to Our teachings instead of High Sciences, with uncivilized behavior amongst the so-called civilized, and general complacency with what The Father gave Us in the 60’s, as opposed to taking what he gave Us further as the CURRENT Fathers of Civilization (5*, 1-14). So, why DID We make these groups? To show forth & prove Our Power, that We CAN and WILL overcome Our internal affairs starting with Saving ourSelves from the de-evolution NOW, or end as a Nation (35º, 1-40).

In my travels through the Wilderness by myself with our uncle(an) (2-5*, 1-36) , I’ve seen in my Own Self the potential for both the positive and negative impact that We can have as a Nation, more positive by simply not being so goddamn stuck on Ourselves that We ain’t doing the knowledge to what the people around Us have been begging for: Us to get it together & get it to them. We can’t offer people a farm when we can’t even milk the cow our damn Selves (28º, 1-36), the youth see right through that. Where We fall short, they lose out. The youth in the country are hopping to whatever seems hip @ the moment simply because they haven’t gotten an alternative that they can’t see through yet, & so as long as they continue to find ways around Us via said nations, they will. And they MIGHT, just out of spite, proverbially burn Our Universal Flag while doing so. I say We don’t get emotional & lose time blaming them (10*, 1-40), & although they still have to answer for it (10*, SA), it’s Our Duty to fix Ourselves up so they don’t even go there. They’re essentially, at their root, no different than Us (7*, 1-14) in that We all want Freedom, Justice, & Equality (16*, 1-40), We just need to educate them on how to educate themselves better & to think bigger, by 1st being the example (18-20*, 1-40). Because I’m not about theories, I’m working my Own Plan for the solutions as an Individual, as We all should. Then We can put Our Minds together to find the best practices (minus the selfishness), and get this issue re-solved, with a Right and Exact permanent fix. Said nations will only have as much Power as We give them, (38*, 1-40), & We can’t give them Power without taking it away from Our selves 1st, such as publicity, which is why I didn’t name names (plus, that’s just not what I do)…plug the leaks & be careful of who, what, how, & why you teach…Then what happens? I could say more on this, but I’d rather let you, the reader, think freely on how you can do your part in upholding the weight (6*, 1-40)…

Separate the church from the Nation, & We’ll be able to govern Ourselves MUCH better, or should I say, Supremely…

Allah Universal
(Living Mathematics)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Black Woman's Desire to Sleep With Jesus by MISRAK AJA

The psychosis in the Black community is beyond conviction. The disease has infected our familial units until they appear to be outside of repair. Though many factors go into this silent yet loud theatrical tragedy, this blog is a simple examination of the Black woman’s emotional desire to mate with Jesus. For those who may look at the previous sentence with a blind eye, let me run down a brief synopsis on why Black women find the religious character attractive – emotionally and even sexually.

In this society the Black man is feared, despised, hated, lynched, and castrated while his adversaries are held at a level of unworthy esteem. The Black woman sees this, feels this, has internalized this until it has become one with her very core. She begins to identify and take sides with her man’s adversaries. This hurt has morphed into a deep-seeded rage that has left her broken and dependent upon her enemy for rations. She falls in love with her enemy like a sexually abused little girl in love with her abuser. Though her conscious mind is enraged from the abuse, her subconscious mind has been so infected with self-rejection that she continues to bathe in her own plague. This is indeed quite a depressing trend.

However, within her Biblical soap opera dreams exists an immeasurable man. She reads about him in scriptures while holding onto his every utterance. She soaks in his every word. She wears his emblem close to her heart. She prays for the day he will sweep her off her feet to whisk her to a land far removed from the grumpy broken man on the couch. Hell, he’s even sensitive like the late-night romantic songs on the radio- ‘Jesus wept’ after all. She can rest all of her burdens (including the burden of being in a psychotic relationship with the Black man) on the tender bosom of the white man hanging on her living room wall.

So how does her longing to be tantalized by Jesus play in the continuous breakdown of Black male/female relationships? All of the desires she displays for her mythological lover enrages her Black man. He’s made to feel inferior to a man who is seemingly perfect and impossible to match. Moreover, this man resembles the same figure that has worked for centuries to destroy the Black man’s very existence. Now he has his woman! He begins to subconsciously resent the Black woman for rejecting him. His anger and hurt towards her causes their separation to deepen.

I did not write any of the above to coax Black women into turning their backs on Christian doctrine. Nor am I suggesting that the concept of Jesus is the greatest blow against Black male/female relationships. This blog is simply a calling for Black women to find solace in the arms of Black men through the trials, through the hurts, and yes even through the disappointments. It is a calling for us to defiantly deny any and all persuasions that are meant to lead to the deterioration of Black female/male relationships. These things we MUST accomplish for the resurrection of our Nation. Peace.