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Supreme Algebra: The Aesthetics of Mathematics

Aesthetics is a study of perception. Traditionally aesthetics has been considered a branch of philosophy, encompassing subjects such as judgment, sensations, and how the human mind considers and evaluates art, natural phenomenon, and culture. There are no ruling consensus values governing aesthetics as a whole, all findings are purely relative to the individual, the control group, or culture. The Nation of Gods and Earths in terms of 'aesthetics', from a cultural paradigm shows and proves 'I God'/ 'Her Earth'. How we view living mathematics, our 'cultural freedom', our 'society advocated', shows and proves that our truths are relatively subjective.

How is aesthetics, which at first glance, appears as purely 'philosophical', integrated into a Supreme mathematical framework? Allah manifested to us that the quantitative numerical values of the glyphs 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and, 0 also have 'qualitative' counterparts that travel from knowledge to born to cipher back to knowledge. Man made and designed all numerical symbols and designated the values to said glyphs- neither the symbols, nor their values are inherent or absolute truths, meaning you can't go to another planet and find that '2' is wisdom or the symbolic glyph for the number '2', but you will be able to find 'two of something': '2' specks of dust from Pluto; '2' rocks from Pluto; '2' mountains on Pluto but you will not find the numerical symbol for '2'(Highly Improbable).

When the statement that everything must go from knowledge to born is uttered, it should be understood by those in our nation, that such a statement is not necessarily an absolute truth, instead it is a postulation and subjectively relative. "Show and Prove Em!" The DNA molecule is composed of four amino acids; adenine; cytosine, thymine; and guanine-all operating in a variation of sequential chains defined as nucleotides. The nucleotide chain does not manifest from knowledge to born, but instead knowledge to culture. What this proves is that no one 'universal rule' is absolute. The 85 percent consider a mystery God as 'absolute' and just like there is no mystery God, there are no absolutes. Truth is relative, and mathematics has infinite branches that have yet to be discovered. By understanding that there are no absolutes and that truth is relative, we can then began to understand how relatively beautiful the universe actually is and WE can also began to understand that Mathematics is not limited to the study of structure, space, quantity and change but that it also has an integral relationship to 'qualities'.

The original man establishes knowledge as the essential nature of what has quantitatively and traditionally been defined as '1' mathematically. This is nothing new, this has been done in various systems of Kabbalah throughout history and Quran, so by merging the underlying and eternal principles of the universe with Asiatic consciousness-the Nation of Gods and Earths borns its own urban Kabbalah. Kabbalah is the mystical relationship between the consciousness of man and man's empirical world and his/her subjective universal truth. With this Asiatic Mathematical Kabbalah we philosophically ponder the phenomenon of existence. We describe a 'living math problem' and devise 'living mathematical solutions'. This 'Knowledge of Self', 'Thinking about what we think about' or metacognition, which is a form of existentialism. In the Nation of Gods and Earths we define existentialism as 'Be' or 'Born'. Hypothetically if every existentialist testified in a court of law as to the nature of existence, their testimony would be mere speculation, conjecture and hearsay if true math is absent from their testimony. "Case dismissed due to lack of evidence- evidence is actual fact!" Emblem says, slamming the gavel.

Absorbing aesthetic content and discovering that Math is a 'qualitative' study as well as a 'quantitative' study, radically transforms what we have come to understand as the 'State of the Art' or 120. Ultimately a rigorous study of mathematics when undertaken in earnest and consequently related to the philosophical qualities of knowledge, wisdom, understanding etc.., proves that the 'State of the Art' or 120 is in fact the 'beauty' in the beholder's third eye, but more importantly it should prove that the 'Beholder' of that which is beautiful is a Supreme Mathematician indeed.


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Mathematical Applications: You said it's called Supreme Mathematics, right? Why Is called:SUPREME Mathematics?


Da God Allah Universal was one of the first Gods to actually see where I was coming from in terms of true mathematical applications and their parallels to 120, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Mathematics. Early on he understood where I was going with this Supreme Algebra Math. Since then the God has been drawing his own comparisons of relating Supreme Math to traditional quantitative mathematical applications. I respect Da God Allah Universal a whole lot and he is indeed one of the swiftest Gods amongst us, he shows and proves this by breaking down set theory and relating it to Supreme Mathematics. Do the knowledge to his build.


Peace…When someone asks me what Supreme Mathematics is (however I end up bringing it up & get’em to ask), I have to think about how this person thinks, to give them an answer they can understand…My simple answer might be it’s the Cycle of Life, or the way everything works in the Universe…Let’s consider an Original Man who’s an atheist mathematician, and my college professor, curious to know why I call this odd philosophy of mine SUPREME Mathematics…How do I answer without sounding like I don’t know shit, AND without confusing the hell outta’ him? And God forbid I sit there and try to run a numerology game on him…people have flunked classes for less…

Supreme Mathematics is Mathematical Proof that Mathematical Law IS the Supreme Law in the Universe, and demonstrates the Supreme Law of the Universe being complete within itself…The following will use basic Set Theory and Applied Mathematics to prove the validity of Supreme Mathematics…

Supreme Mathematics, simply put, is a set of values, and like any other set, is a Set that's potentially a Subset, as well as a Superset. A set is a collection of values, also known as a Cipher. This particular set of symbols (also known as glyphs) {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0} only REPRESENTS the inseparable values that ARE, THE Useful Land/Re-Source, literally used everyday by the total population of the Planet Earth, to measure & describe what we acKnowledge all over the planet Earth, and throughout the Universe…Essentially all of our mathematical applications involve the values that said set of digits represents {Knowledge to Born, Add a Cipher}…& “weather” it’s an all en(compass)ing or a (minus)cule transaction, all of our Modern Day Math comes back to using these values nowadays in order to be successful…These values represented by the set {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0} represent by their own virtue the nature of omniscience, omnipresence, & omnipotence…These values are visually seen daily as the set of the said digits {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0}, and are known as Arabic Numerals. This is the Arabic in which we daily write & make our Korans go ‘round, literally…It behooves us to know these values well…

In order to make a set a superset, one must 1st separate, and create a subset within that set, using any number of digits/values existing within that set...e.g. {5,6}, {7}, {1,2,3,4,8} are all subsets of {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0} . Every set must contain empty sets, represented by the null symbol {Ø}, and they must exist simply because the set exists. So that original set {Supreme Mathematics} must contain empty sets also, and they are categorized as subsets. In addition to that, the Prescribed Law of Mathematics also state that any set, is a subset of itself, therefore {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0} is a subset of the Original set, {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0}. So, this particular set/cipher of digits/values, is complete within itself as a set.

This Set/Subset/Superset called Supreme Mathematics as set of values, has many subsets of positive values, and by default contains subsets of negative values (empty sets) as well, AND is superset of itself. This law can be seen in everything to the atom to the Universe itself. Because of this law, it’s possible to manipulate the values in this set/the values within Supreme Mathematics, infinitely & indefinitely…add ANY mathematical symbols to this set/subset/superset called Supreme Mathematics, & by default you get problems to solve. Such is Life. The Science of Man, Woman, and Child…Set, Subset, & Superset…

All you have to do is look around you to bear witness. Mathematics shows & proves ITSELF in no limit of time using only the laws within ITSELF…One must use the Prescribed Laws of Supreme Mathematics to born anything, there’s no getting around the values contained therein. One can only show & prove the Supremacy of SUPREME Mathematics using ALL Mathematics, and vice versa. The plus sign is just a start. One can Add-On all day, but what happens when you keep recycling the same blocks in Jenga & “calling” it Adding On? The Tower of Babel-On eventually falls, & the tongues become confused…Last I checked, confusion ain’t Peace...On the other hand, Peace is inevitable when you Build in accordance with Mathematical Law…We already know this…Such is Life…


Allah Universal

Living Mathematics

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Supreme Algebra: Transforming The Order Of Operations

The night of the Presidential election I got calls from a few Gods, and they were very excited and an older God called me and said, “Obama is the 44th president of the United States, he is going to build and destroy!” I didn’t feel like building on my supreme mathematical revelations at that time so I bit my tongue, chit-chatted with the God for a second or two and hung up. His statement really got to me, many disagree with Emblem's whole Supreme Algebra kick, and that'z peace! The difficult part for me is the very evident and transparent contradiction in our claim of dealing with Supreme Mathematics.

I feel very alone in my position, some agree with me and that is peace too, but for the most part the overwhelming majority of those in this culture will ‘all being born’ whole numbers until the day they die. I have been on this kick since the day I got student enrollment. I asked my enlightener did he know calculus? He told me ‘no’-and at that very moment I knew that there were inherent flaws in our culture. At that time I hadn’t knowledged 120, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if you claim your dealing with the highest and most Supreme form of mathematics in the universe that Algebra, Geometry, Calculus etc. should be ‘no brainers’. When I realized that the ‘all being born’-digit summing' thing was an integral part of our culture, I realized then-that from a strict mathematical standpoint-that what we call Supreme Mathematics was in no way Supreme, maybe philosophically 'supreme'-but not mathematically. Our order of operations were and are grotesquely flawed. Maybe 'the math' was a philosophical good, and social good as a whole, but it was in no way mathematics in that it conformed to the rules of logic that govern all mathematical systems, functions and solutions. Let's stop kidding ourselves, you can't chart the trajectory of planetary orbit with 'all being born'-it's unrealistic.

Today’s mathematics is wisdom understanding 'all being born' to ‘power refinement’ as most would commonly and incorrectly surmise, but '23' does not equal '5'. Why not? Because you have completely dispelled 18 units of ‘1’s by collapsing the place values of the 'tens' and 'ones' of the whole number 18. It is a gross violation of the innate harmony of pure mathematics. In the case of the Nation of Gods and Earth or 5 percent ‘18’-is knowledge to build or destroy and knowledge to build or destroy has been completely disqualified from the mathematical operation(This is so Goddamn wrong I feel like crying). Many of us have Math phobia-many fear real math because if you don’t love math-math is very hard. Thatz why I'm having a hardtime leading in the right direction. Ain’t too many people striving to really deal with math because it causes headaches. This is why old heads in the math catch headaches when I start building on that Supreme Algebra 'crap' “Shut up Emblem-The Father said…!” Or they will make the claim that we don’t deal with arithmetic in the 'academic sense', well if you don’t deal with arithmetic-there is no way in hell you can be a true scientist dickhead. No way-No How! 'The Nation of Islam is all wise and does everything right and exact’-isn’t that what we say!?! Well let me be the one to make it clear that turning 23 in to 5 is not right and exact. If you think so: loan me 23 dollars and let me give your ass 5 dollars back as repayment.

“Ok Emblem! Have it your way! What do you suggest.” I suggest we break out the math books and shut up and study math until the day we return to essence. The 'best part' that I have preserved for myself from this culture is 120, knowledge to born and Allah to Zig Zag Zig, if we properly relate these symbols and ideas to the true order of operations of mathematics we could make a space shuttle and have Show and Prove and fly to the goddamn moon in 2045. Mathematics is the language that my uncle does not speak, in other words Emblem has a lot of aunts and uncles that still speak gibberish-it's gibberish because our mathematical order of operations is flawed as of the date of this writing.

Understanding The Order Of Supreme Algebraic Operations


That which is within the ‘Parenthesis’ of any Algebraic equation must be dealt with first: Example: (2+4)+8^2=x. solve for the unknown(x). You deal with the wisdom and the culture in the parenthesis before you began working with the 'build to the exponent of wisdom' on the outside of the parenthesis. Visualize yourself actually removing the parenthesis, in previous Supreme Algebra installments I have mentioned that I drew the ‘parenthesis’ up as either the ‘caves of west Asia’ or the ‘rope to bind in’-If we were to draw the parenthesis up in terms of relating this stage in the order of operations to self- it can be looked at, as dealing with our own psychological devils within.


I have also discussed exponents and related them to a heightened sense of awareness and when solving an equation they represent the next segment in the order of operations (^) *Script is not available on facebook or blogger for me to express the exponent properly, however the exponent is next in the proper order of Algebraic operations, in that you combine the like terms, and then apply the indicated operation, in the case of 'build to the second power' the answer is equality culture.

Multiply or Divide:

Multiplication or division as dictated by the equation is the next in the order of operations. Both of the ideas of Multiplication and division can be found in 120. Wisdom Build in the forties deals with multiplication, and division can be found in the God degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture or the understanding cipher degree in the knowledge to culture ciphers in terms of ‘separation’.

Add or Subtract:

Add or subtract is the final stage of the proper order of Algebraic operations, and hopefully we all can do that, even ‘All being borners’ will find this final and basic function of the Algebraic order of operations the simplest.

Ultimately I am striving to show and prove Supreme Mathematics, not Supreme Numerology.


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Sunez Allah: 'Nice Nice'

My physical sister Naya lives in Mecca and she took my son to the Rucker to see a game once. At the time my son J.R.- Jamal Raheem was seven. Naya brought him back to Medina and he said, "Dad the players were 'nice-nice!'".
'Nice Nice' entered my vocabulary that day.'Nice-Nice' in my mind means highly skilled, profound, disciplined and naturally gifted. I can peep who got skillz. Some writers are good, and some are 'Nice Nice'. The God Sunez Allah is one of the writers in this Nation I consider 'Nice-Nice'.

Check out this piece!

The Noblest Methodology
Principles in the Scholarship of Self Study

By Sunez Allah

The desire to validate and prove a developed thesis, a powerful truism or a more idealistic possibility is the greatest danger and the most necessary element in the scholarship of the self. The God and Earth, those learned men and women whom share the accepted reality that they are indeed the creative family of the universe, have deliberately labeled themselves scientists of their own self reality. Couple this with an established Nation, a society of families acknowledging their birthright, collectively establishing institutions to allow their natural way to manifest, for over 40 years. With this desire to prove self may come the establishment of ritualistic doctrine of adherence, the stagnation of established tradition or the wonderful environment of constant inquiry, application and revelation of purpose as the everlasting culture.

With such a declaration of supremacy, one needs more than noting mere reoccurrences of opinion throughout history, sociological observances of grandeur or the mere disproving of another’s humanity. These are all often incomplete, far too simplistic and lazy proofs not conducive for this new world of ancient truth to thrive in. The methodology to prove self must entail an awareness and embrace of select principles to be completed.

Essentially, the activity of proving self, where one’s principles are virtuously applied, is the greatest revealing of the supreme being ever available. The methodology must first recognize clearly the ultimate nature of its conduct during inquiry. It must admit one’s perspective, at each varying moment and offer an honest disclaimer of its discriminatory lens.

Secondly, the methodology must befit the ensuing pedagogy employed. The characteristics of a search for truth will be employed in the sharing of truth to come. In addition, the pedagogy, being matched to the populace’s way of learning and guarded against the society’s corruption, must honorably validate the research findings.

Thirdly, the methodology must be informed by a documentation of one’s history with the utmost integrity. It must admit the probable errors involved, the presuppositions made falsely and a respectable account of the relevant events. When this framework for proper principle is acknowledged and accepted, we will have earned the titles we have labored to prove henceforth.

The Nature

Our framework for studying the self must begin with the major pronouncement that guides us to denoting ourselves the supreme beings of the universe. That pronouncement is that there is no mysterious being, energy or force that controls, conducts or decides our reality. With an immediate denouncement of anything outside of ourselves, we automatically lift any barrier to the deepest possible query forthcoming.

Armed with this infinite scope of questioning available, we must note the root of teachings that are our foundation. With supreme mathematics (detailing the law and order of the universe, creation and revealing the nature of the essence of the Original people, the creators) and the 120 lessons (the precise questions and answers between W. F. Muhammad and his pupil, Elijah Muhammad) expressing our identity and relationship to the universe and struggle today, our greatest questions will be to verify its claims.

The 120 lessons are an arcane text that is to be seen as revealing a subjective true reality. Once we are deemed the Original men who are God, the Original women whom are the Earth, we can no longer have a westernized objectivity. As Original people, we may dismiss this as a proposed danger as our ancestors (i.e. Egyptians/Kemetians) only studied science in relation to themselves (i.e. the study of the celestial bodies was not separated into astronomy, its statistical figures and astrology, its relationship to self) and we are only reacquainting ourselves with a natural way lost. However, it is also a wonderful ancient way to constantly question the self and never believe oneself. Many of the statements in the 120 lessons are open to challenging and are not exact in calculation as technical statements; rather, they are to be analyzed with equanimous application and engaged into, as Gandhi uttered, one’s experiments with truth.

Being daily considered as scientists, we must then be what they are, exceptional students. The exceptional student is one whom is constantly open to being wrong about each and every thing learned at each and every moment. As Jiddu Krishnmurti’s suggestion that we must “abandon knowledge,” there must be a consciously strict challenge to every morsel of understanding we have acquired. That the roots of all understanding, knowledge, be questioned and scrutinized at every turn.

The benefit is not merely in uncovering the wrong but it is the only way to discover that which makes one’s way more profound. The reality of our understanding is mathematics. Supremely, the proof of what we are, (1) and what we will always be (0, zero) are expressed. Our memory of how something is right may, at any moment, be insufficient for the newest insight to further seeing our reality.

Works that assume that our supreme mathematics is correct deliver a truth with the same religious pompousness that we so despise. Essentially, we must offer a scholarship that only adheres to the refusal of mystery and the openness to any and all questioning. We are to test and dispel all theories, including work that attacks, scrutinizes and challenges everything that we have come to accept, most supremely.

The nature of Allah, as a scientist of self, is to unconditionally engage in the study of self with a questioning that eliminates every mystery and engages every possibility for the furthering of self and humanity. Never shall it be to propagandize our statement of self, regardless to how befitting and wondrous it may reside with us.


The pedagogical stance of a teacher openly inviting of students in a society of extreme disagreement and violent opposition is a unique danger embraced by the Gods and Earths. Unlike the Taoists, who kept their identity as a master secret until the ideal student was recognized, or the Sufis, whose nomadic lifestyle kept them from any repercussive harm, we are openly offering our sharings. With this the danger to our methodology is inherent in the ensuing pedagogy.

The history of our Nation is one survived on strict testing for the worthy student (i.e. fasting prior to learning mathematics and/or their first lessons of student enrollment) and aggressive enforcement that those assuming the title know what they claim to know. While this was an honorable way to establish a foundation amongst antagonistic environment, it may not be well to haphazardly apply these conditional standards to our scholarship or pedagogy.

As the Sufi dictum resonates among the great elders, we must teach one according to their understanding. This presumes that we must not make anyone become God or Earth but present them with the awareness of civilization as the immediate concern. Upon this acceptance of a new perspective, the student’s resultant questions will ready them for methods of righteousness, the way to live and activities to engage in to promote this proper way. Only a distinct few will be ready for a knowledge of self that gives them the fortitude to engage in the science of everything in life. Here, with those accepting their supreme birthright, standards must advance where showing and proving oneself must be in one’s works beyond mere explanation of self identity or quoting of lessons and accepted insights mechanically. What must be enforced is the judgment of each poor, righteous teacher that deems a student ready. Studying the self means also burdening self with the
responsibility of sharing what is appropriate at all times.

The pedagogy, embracing an unconditional goal of merely teaching what one sees another may learn, will perfect the scholarship methodology adhering it to scientific reasoning as opposed to emotional pleas. The emotional pleas will continue to mount the longer the statistics of time and tradition accumulate in our Nation. With complete scientific reasoning to each and every assertion of self to the best of our ability, we offer the truth as a forum for all humanity. Thus our goal is not to collect as many Gods and Earths as possible. It is merely to share truth to those whom do not have it and are ready to understand it. It is that the highest development of pedagogy is one that transfers the spirit of experimentation, application and self-actualization. Ultimately, the sharing of the forums that allows the student to test, verify and append upon the truths offered them.

Historical Documentation

The documentation of organized holders of arcane philosophies, ideologies and scientific truths is awkward and almost self defeating. Those that protect this knowledge want only the stories that are most respectful and reflective of honor to be dispensed. In this way, the truth we share is not sullied by a scarred devotion to such. Well meaning but it can lead to an alteration of facts and a sharing to the wrong audience.

Our reality, unique as our understanding we endeavor to share, must be historicized to those whom have not been exposed to it. Details of impropriety, advocated falsity and rumor are not to be left out for our reputation. They must be proven necessary of omission because they are not based on fact but hearsay. Much of the documentation in our name has not concerned itself properly with what can be proven, whom is a reliable source or whether certain information is relevant as to the populace’s usefulness.

The history of our Nation must also not be used as a glaring proof of the truth we present. The mere existence and utterance of Fard Muhammad does not prove him correct. Father Allah’s dubious choices of lifestyle do not justify them one iota despite the immense well deserved respect, honor and success he garnered among the people in his lifetime. If this is the case, religions of complete absurd falsities are relevant merely for the length of time adhered to and the myriad masses accepting.

The greatest documentation we may offer is how our Nation continues to serve justice upon our own teachings by holding them to the highest standards of scientific judgment. That we saw a truth spiritually in our hearts and advanced it with verification of any and all sciences is the key noting of our history. Within that, the trials of an arcane teaching disseminated among the masses and all of its inherent flaws and missteps, the delusions of grandeur with those who seek to come in the name with illegitimate misunderstanding, hidden agendas and pure bloodsucking notions, all must be sincerely referred to. When this principle of honorable telling is manifest, the people will not be fooled by epic mysticism and the inherent hopes of an awaiting majesty.

The principles of methodology made apparently clear and continually revisited for a people who are establishing the awareness of self identity is a testament of the dignified. The populace must see an open objectivity of this most subjective true reality that we have lived and sincerely share for the benefit of humanity. In this way, Allah is seen and heard everywhere by unwavering principles revealed.


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Lost In Translation: A Cocaine Business Model

As a Junior in college I took American Business 301. I listened to this Ph.d in a suit, he was running down the nature of free market capitalism. He told the class that capitalism was the private ownership of the means of production. Dr. Greggs mentioned supply, demand, consumer behavior, wholesale, retail, vertical manufacturing and a whole bunch of other shit that I wasn't taking notes on because I was too busy looking at my pager.

"911???!!!!" Was the message that da God Shakim was leaving on my pager.

"4" Is what I sent him back. That meant I was on my way over the hot Arabian Dessert to hand that off. 'That' was 4 and a half ounces of coke, or what's known on the street as an 'eighth'. 'Eighth' because four and a half ounces is an eighth of a kilo, sometimes it would be 'nine' cipher zig zags(two eighths). Anytime I saw this God the transaction was always lucrative, 3500 or 6500 dollars minimum.

Dr. Greggs was building strong on effective marketing, advertising, increasing sales and maintaining your customer base. He was happy as a lark drawing all these models on the board: ratios, formulas, and graphs and shit. I was board and breathing deep, looking at the clock, waiting for the fourty five minute class to end. When a brick was in the fridge I was an overjoyed movafucka, all I could do is count the cash in my mind, thinking of my next outfit, and how stunning I would look, who I would front for and how I would look when I walked in the room with it on. DaGod nigga! Dagod!!!! At 22 I gave my Earth the money to put down on a luxury condo in the burbs. The first night in that movafucka I felt like Scarface, wasn't no North Philly or Brooklyn roaches, no mice fucking around in the Frosted Flakes box leaving droppings on the top of the fridge, instead the crib had a two car garage, cathedral ceilings, a backyard, washer, dryer, dishwasher, a walk-in closet and a master bedroom that I still dream about to this day. What I remember most is that my son had a race car bed. I always wanted a race car bed.

A God named Sun called me and said, "Put me on nigga!" I did. Power is a movafucka, or what you perceive as power. No refinement, just power, arrogance, ego, and a whole lot of machismo. Are there any Gods other than righteous? Hell yeah, that nigga Sha Sha AKA Emblem was unrighteous than a movafucka. 'Venom into victory!' was my slogan, it's funny how we can use one twenty to shield are dirty religion and hide our filthy affairs. Unbeknowst to me the real world was becoming my class. I was learning everything Dr. Greggs was teaching in American Business 301. I called 'Supply' 'staying on', I drew 'demand' up as the fact that cocaine sells it self. Cocaine is the pornography of business, it sells itself, it's raw, and it causes addiction to the extreme. Even though I was middle management I was making a ton of cream. I put in plenty work hand to hand, a few times I had to go in one of my spots and grind out nine ounces of coke my damn self.

The chances I took were outrageous, reckless and insane. The chances were crazy because I had a completely nihilistic outlook for my future. On my neck I got a tattoo that read, "I COME TO DIE!". I got that tattoo because deep down I knew that I would end up dead or incarcerated. Techically I was in a life class, which is known in Wu-Tang ciphers as a 'Chamber'. The Chamber got deeper, with so much coke on the scale, I had to see what the raw was like. When I tasted it-it numbed my mouth, when I snorted it-it made me feel like Super God, so I identified with Tony on the balcony bustin' shotz.

"You know who you fuckin' wit? You fuckin' wit da best!!! I had Knowledge of Self but I was mentally dead still. I was ready to die, not yet ready to live. I had no concept of living-living without distrust, living without the stigma of crime or moral corruption. I had no idea. How long was it before Shakim or somebody else set me up? Even though I taught Da God 120, that '120 shit' quickly flies out the window when units followed by ciphers increase. 3500 was my cut off, fuck up an eighth on consigment I'm gonna release glock pit bulls nigga.

Dirty Aaron fought a nigga named Disco because Disco ripped his pocket, and tried to take his G pack when I was in High School. How hard do you fight for a G pack? Dirty Aaron under normal circumstances should have lost his fight to Disco, but when Cream entered into the equation he damn near killed Disco for his paper. Cream changez everything.

The Translation of coke into the normal everyday American business model is difficult but it does however translate. Last week I told a former business partner "You better pay me what you owe me or I'm gonna fuck you up faggot." It was in regard to my book sales from Da God and my company Platinum Pen. 'Fuck Judge Judy' was my mind set. I will put a Glock in your mouth faggot, not for the amount but off the principle. Money ain't shit, I lost money in the coke 'game' before, I seen niggaz fuck up $500 dollars, $600 dollars and $1500 numerous times, no big deal-it's the principle of fucking me that getz at me more than the cash. Dr. Greggs would say take them to court. Court is such a joke to the hood mentality. Dirty Aaron ain't file a complaint claiming Disco took his G pack of coke. Dirty Aaron took Disco to war. Thatz what I seen! Thatz what I know, and thatz how I understand and unfortunately thatz how business still translates in my third

Somebody once told me, "Emblem you can really write!"
"Thanx!" I said.
"Naw nigga-you can 'Write write!' you got a gift and shit."
"For real?" I answered with a furrowed brow.
"Yeah nigga! For real! You could possibly live off the shit you write!"

Coming from the uncivilized world of coke to the civilized world of publishing has been and is still a difficult transition because I'm still operatin' with a coke swag and crime paradigm. Sometimes it feels completely uncomfortable dealing with people who don't come from that world. Now savvy comes into play-now I can't shoot at somebody who fucks up my paper. I'm doing my best to work within that American business model, and like knowledge wisdom cipher say, "preserve the best part" of the streets for myself. You can't stick a glock in a niggaz face if they owe you-you can, but are you willing to pull the trigger? What comes with those consequences? The answer is 'a whole lot of prison time'. 'Loose no time' is what my degrees teach me. Fuck it! You still can punch a nigga in the face, take the misdemeanor, and cross your fingers it doesn't graduate into felony assault. Fuck all that shit!

Ultimately you can't afford to loose your cool or loose time. In my eyes theft is still theft though.
Once I went out to Seatle to stick up heroin dealers during the grundge phase, them niggaz was vacationing in Hawaii when I got to Seattle, I called my Enlightener to send me a ticket home, it was one of those times I was fucked up financially(it rains a lot in Seattle). I changed my mind and said, "Fuck it!" and decided against asking him for the cream. I didn't want to owe him. I made it back from Seattle with the clear conscious that I never ever had a financial issue with my Enlightener. Never!!!! And that faggot who I did enlighten and who does owe me paper-Go look in the mirror pussy- you a BITCH ASS FAGGOT!!!!(I can be so crude.)

What I have learned from doing business with my brothers and the American business model is as much as we use 'word is bond' in this culture as a contract, I would highly recommend that WE do business to the letter of established whiteman's law. I hate to say that shit but every so-called brother/sister and companion ain't a brother/sister and companion.



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Supreme Algebra: Solving For the Unknown

Philosophical prerogative in Supreme Algebra means to translate algebraic expression into 120, supreme alphabet and supreme math then actually solve each equation for the unknown. 2m+x=3m. (2) Don't come half original if you’re striving to (m) master something. (Add)ing on with a determined idea into the unknown equals understanding his/ her/ your ownself. The unknown equals knowledge master (x=1m). The philosophical prerogative is derived in the same nature as the various acronyms for 'PEACE' in our Nation. Stimulating the power of Al-Khalaq (The Creator). The philosophical prerogative exercises the creative and artistic nature within us and keeps true universal mathematical parallel to 120, Supreme Alphabet, Supreme Math and Holy Quran. I add the Quran into the equation because 120 is a Quranic summation. In the Holy Quran you'll find other laws not mentioned....The Bible is another tool that can be drawn from. This is why I stress the internalization of the degree, whether it be from 120, the Bible, Quran, or from other various wise wisdoms throughout the planet Earth: Ausar Set, Sufis, Buddhism and Kabbalah, etc. Reading inwardly how a Supreme Algebraic expression applies to you is the ultimate universal elevation on Earth.

The fact that Supreme Algebra correlates with real math will allow the user of Supreme Algebra to feel secure with the fact that they are in one accord with the science of everything in life, and real pragmatic mathematical law. We don't have to get constantly left back in the 1st grade still digit summing in our thirties and forties or still 'all being borning' at fifty. Supreme Algebra is for those who choose the path of true introspection and real life application of mathematical science. Inward examination within the context of real mathematical order allows the user of Supreme Algebra to truly take hold of their lives and themselves x -3c=9: Solve for the unknown(x). Belief in the unknown takes away(-) the understanding to cee that the true and living God is being concealed. Ans: x=9+3c. You discover the solution for the unknown by reversing the subtraction sign, symbol or anything in life that is substantially taking away from your mental, emotional, or physical well being. After this psychological reversal of sign symbol and substance it borns that the Supreme Algebraic user understands and cees that he who is being concealed in the unknown is The True and living God or Earth (You). Each Algebraic expression must be translated into your cee (How do you cee the Supreme Algebraic degree?) When you do this personal translation you then proceed with the actual algebra, charting in your third eye(or paper) what each symbol, term and actual order of mathematical operation is related to your life personally. We are the ones responsible to elevate this mathematics up to a truly supreme level.

The benefits of Supreme Algebra are two-fold: You can now teach the next generation of Gods and Earths true Math; and do so with the pillars of your culture fully intact. Higher math is how we elevate into the future successfully. 5t(x+a)=10: Solve for the unknown. Earth=5t (An Earth struggling) do the knowledge-(struggling with whatever issue). The square mileage of the Earth is born in the power degree in the knowledge to knowledge cipher and the power degree in the 40's opens up the truth and square to her land and water. I drew the power degree up as her struggling because according to understanding build, we gave him the power to rule the Earth for 6000 years. The Unknown and Allah in the Parenthesis (ROPE) transpose into the idea *wisdom is realizing there is no mystery God. Solution: x = 2 - a.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Congrats to Da Gods - Completion of 120 - 8/2009

Khaliq Allah (Beaumont,TX) and Born Righteous Allah (Houston,TX)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Congrats to Da God Be Magnetic - Completion of 120 (9/9/09)

Do the Knowledge

Supreme Algebra: Dealing With 'Exponential' Emotions

'To the second power', 'squared', or cubed, an exponent has the power to multiply a factor times itself according to the value of the expressed exponent, Ex: (8•2 = 16) shows and proves the power of multiplication, however the exponent has the manifest power to times a number times itself, Ex: 8 squared borns equality culture. When something increases exponentially it is like the power of multiplication on steroids. In linking math to living mathematics I see the exponent (as a positive force or a negative factor, each of which can have an exponent attached to it). If we understand the factor as a force, the factors in Supreme Algebra can be linked to 120, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math.

Imagine if you were so caught up in an emotion that the emotion impeded rational judgment, in such a case the emotion has taken over the body. This can be drawn up as an exponential negative {(-2)(x)}*x serving as the exponent. If the exponential emotional state of being is anger it can easily lead to violence or murder. If a husband is deeply in love and comes home to find his wife in bed with another man his emotional state will exponentially increase in a negative direction, showing and proving the equation of the knowledge culture degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher “…easily led in the wrong direction.” There have been instances in which husbands have murdered their wife as well as their wife’s lover. Did he think of the consequences? Emphatically no! The husband's emotional state of being was squared or cubed exponentially thus impairing rational thinking. 'Determination' depending on what drives it can move you toward an object and serve as a positive emotional exponential state. Yacob according to the wisdom culture freedom was 'determined'. This proves we have the innate power to push ourselves in productive directions. In the instance of 'determination' as opposed to a crime of passion-determination in a positive direction can foster one to work in accord with mathematical law, righteousness, rationality, and logic. Negative emotional exponents appear to be random in the empirical world, and often blind-side us, forcing irrational and reactionary behavior.

In most cases exponential forces arise from unexpected variables producing unforeseen unique events. The event causes a chain reaction ex: a mother is driving, car flips over with child in it and 110 pound woman lifts a 3000 pound vehicle to save her trapped child. The unforeseen event(x=unknown) borns the circumstances causing her emotions to ascend to an exponential level producing vast amounts of adrenaline and an unbelievable degree of strength in that small woman. This may be a woman scared to walk down the street at night on a regular basis , however when her child's life is in jeopardy fear is no longer a factor in her thought process. Fear produces the ‘ROPE’ of boundaries so when we rationalize with fear it becomes a debilitating part of our psychological make up. When fear operates at an exponential level it can kill a person quicker than a bullet. If an individual is startled the heart may fail

“Because the devil planted fear in him when he/she was a little boy/girl.” is a powerful statement. Many of us have deep rooted fears buried there, and aspects of our personality are in fact fear based. Fear owns many us, controls our behaviors, decisions, choices, as well as multiple facets within our lives. Understanding that fear has played a major part in many of our lives. How we approach situations? And how do we deal with them mathematically? Since we claim we study Supreme Mathematics we must ‘do the math’. A whole personality can be governed according to how it responds to ‘fear’. When fear becomes an underlying reality in our personality every situation or cipher we find ourselves in is somehow connected to an intrinsic fear that has been planted. This means that fear has exponentially increased with the current of air we are in and our fear based emotions are subconsciously dominating our every waking moment.

Emblem invented Supreme Algebra to be solution based, so how do we remove those negative emotional exponential factors that have dominated our lives? Algebraically we must ‘Identify’:x^2- y^2=(x+y)(x-y), Identify like terms, R-O-P-E them in, cave(parenthesis-group them), do the knowledge on the understanding culture in the knowledge to culture the cipher “…take them off our/your planet….” Simplifying is done for the expressed purpose of reducing the problem to its lowest terms (own language/internal dialogue). Algebraically ‘Elimination’ of the negative terms in the thought process is the reality of taking devils off your planet. This culture is so much bigger than ‘all being born’. Please continue to travel with me in this Supreme Algebraic journey.

Have A Peace Weekend,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Supreme Algebra: The Evolution of X,Y,Z

'A' is for Allah, 'B' is for Be or Born and 'C' is for 'Cee'. We learn the English alphabet as toddlers and soon learn to connect it with words. What is the Alphabet for? Alphabets are the foundations to all written languages. A nation that can not express it's words in writing will soon find their language dead. Letters represent sounds, and a 'word' is a combination of sounds. The meaning of a spoken word travels at the speed of sound. The Supreme Alphabet is a combination of titles, concepts, ideas and abstract spatial arrangements. Angles such as 'right' and 'square' can be understood as angular spatial dimensions and esoteric geometrical ideas. Zig zag zig however is a spatial dynamic charting the path, and momentum of a vector. Zig zag zig correlates with 'swift and changeable' modalities of solid, liquid, gas, 'past, present, future', 'man, woman, child', and knowledge, wisdom and understanding. In the Supreme Alphabet 'Z' is not merely a sound but indicative of abstract 'transcendence', thus Zig Zag Zig is a mental model used to grasp 'directional change'. Every letter in Supreme Alphabet stimulates a meaning.

We all draw from our 'on going' 'cee' because understanding is a work in progress. We listen to others and preserve the best part of their discourse for ourselves and that which we preserve becomes our own understanding. When does the language change? When we travel to different places on Earth the communicative expression changes like the line's trajectory on a zig zag zig pattern. Two languages can represent two vectors: A, B, vectors are two social magnitudes, a fusion of two societies (cosine angles) and the result is a 'scalar'. The Palestinians and the Israelis are examples of a social 'scalar'. In Mexico they speak Spanish, in Portugal they speak Portuguese, in Paris you'll hear French and in some parts of Africa you may find a different tribal language every 5 kilometers. Mathematics however is the foundation of all languages from cell to cell and cipher to cipher. Grammatical rules govern the rules of all spoken languages-so how does math play a part? Math is in essence a descriptive function, ideally Mathematicians of the past such as Descartes have shown math as both calculative, analytical and descriptive. An analysis is expressed in descriptive terms and in the realm of higher order thinking-calculations are posed against a described problematic unit in the form of an equation (Then why did God make devil?). Higher order thinking is basically the process and calculation of factors and variables within a given cipher. How well you calculate is based on your knowledge of the 'order of operations'. In math equations a student must have knowledge wisdom and understanding of the 'order of operations'. In an algebraic formula you solve the equation by dealing with the brackets or the parenthesis first. In terms of Supreme Mathematical operations the brackets contain factors: 'A cave'; a 'rope'; 'buried there' and a 'prison house', all are psychologically symbolic to what would be a 5 percenters algebraic brackets (XY). In Supreme Algebra Psychological factors in 120 are projected into algebraic functions. When you draw the brackets up to the Self you're asking '"What is his or her ownself" it is a question which allows you to deal with your own personal cipher. The brackets are your boundaries, your own personal algebraic blackboard. 'Caves' can be related to depression, 'As this mist ascends higher' is a phrase that can be understood as moving into higher realms of happiness(If one chooses to draw it up as such). We deal with the Algebraic bracket all the time: "In the Blackman's body there exist two germs..." Such a phrase is a prime example of the algebraic expression (XY). 'X' and 'Y' are mere variables that represent a given aspect of reality. Remember this: 'any statement made in Algebra is true for all numbers'. So what is Supreme Algebra? 'Nested multiplication' is a way of renewing the Quran of a westernized Algebraic system of expression Ex: [(4x-5)x + 7] x-8. Each bracket and factor within the expression can be linked with a corresponding principle in 120, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math. Supreme Algebra is governed by the same rules of arithmetic that govern basic Algebra. How we approach math in the Nation of Gods and Earth is that we exercise freedom of expression within the terms of legitimate Math.

We should never however transgress against the principles of arithmetic because to do so deviates from the nature of mathematics as a whole and would consequently lock us out of a true logical system of thought. In a Supreme Algebraic framework the philosophical prerogative of a God's or Earth's individual 'Cee' on a subject remains uniquely their own . The core requirement in Supreme Algebra is that it must mirror established rules and regulations of basic Algebra. EX: If X=-10, Y=-2 and Z=-7 The solution for X+Y - Z is -5. How do we draw this basic algebra problem up and understand it from the point of view of Supreme Algebra? X(the unknown) equals a negative aspect of knowledge cipher. How can you draw knowledge cipher up negatively? (*exercise philosophical prerogative) 'Wrong foods'; 'sting someone else'; 'The son of man searched for trillions...' and 'birth records of other said nations' can be looked at as manifestations of negative knowledge cipher(-10)=X . All negative aspects of knowledge cipher should be drawn from your own 'cee' on a degree. (y) equals negative wisdom or (-2)=Y: Again we can rolodex 'knowledge wisdom cipher' and find multiple examples of 'negative wisdom' or philosophically speaking 'wisdom existing in a negative state'. We draw things up actually and literally thus 'negative wisdom' can be expressed as a colored man; a hard time/ 'a waste of time civilizing' devil; being 'by yourself'(bymyself) can be looked as negative if one hasn't figured out how to cope by themselves. -2 in terms of the Earth's circumference can be negative or positive depending on Pi (3.14....)or(Power Of I). Pi's relationship to the diameter circumscribes the circumference of an Earth's or black woman's cipher. Supreme Algebra is relative to the user in that he or she will see the degrees that are pivotal at a given time in their lives. Your Life! Not someone else's life- not the Gods and Earths collectively but 'U'. This is your life!!!. How do you see today's degree? Not how do 'We or 'Us'.... Someone else's input only serves as a way to see things that may have possibly been overlooked. (Z) equals -7 in terms of the prescribed values designated for the 'X,Y,Z,' set. How can we draw up a negative aspect of any given God degree? 'Negative God'?! Now cipher-'a negative degree' falls in any negative aspect of that God degree. *We must exercise philosophical prerogative when using and applying Supreme Algebra: '-7' can be 'thinking your all different', A 'trading post is being set up in your community or mind' is a negative aspect of the God degree. (-7)Mt. Everest can be looked at as a metaphor for an insurmountable obstacle that may produce a defeatist attitude and short circuits an individual's will to show and prove power (5). Knowing our designated values for X, Y, Z, and arranging them in a respective equation as X + Y - Z will equal negative power (-5). A Negative aspect of power is a failure to refine; finding yourself 'buried there' or your 'uncle's' failure to acknowledge family relationships. Follow the rules that govern Algebra- link them to supreme mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120 and born living mathematics into Supreme Algebra. Who was the founder of Supreme Algebra? An Original man named Emblem. LOL! Algebra or any branch of Math is a descriptive language and in understanding any language one must decipher strange and exotic symbols and then relate them to sounds, words, and ideas. Linking this science to true math is something I did last year and kind of kept it to myself. It doesn't take a genius to see that 'all being born' and digit summing whole numbers has to be overhauled and upgraded into a legitimate academic system of math such innovations would ultimately usher the Nation Of Gods and Earths into an age of true mathematical excellence. When you understand the symbols of math you can master any language.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Alzheimer Gods: "I bury dem Cockaroaches."

'Murdering Four devils' is wild math. That knowledge cipher in that knowledge to knowledge culture be ringin' in a nigga's third. Movafuckuz would be locked up on death row if they actually murdered four white movafuckuz! So when that understanding understood degree born "A grafted man which is made weak and wicked or any live grafted germ from original is devil." Nigga you'd be wise to murder four grafted germs instead of four random white folks. The injustice system wouldn't hesitate to put a needle in your arm on some lethal injection shit or just hide your ass in a prison house forever. That understanding understood degree in da forties unlocks a whole lotta shit in terms of how to draw up devil. That 'grafted germ' angle is peace because you can draw 'germ' up to 'thought'. The 'germination' of your thoughts can make Devil or born Godliness. The knowledge cipher degree is peace because it provides us with a living math equation that defines devil: ('Because the devil is weak and wicked and will not keep and obey the laws of Islam. His ways and actions are like those of a snake of the grafted type....') Peep! 120 lends insights into the behavioral patterns and the pathology of devilishment.

This degree is to be aimed inward, so who is has internalized can point their high powered intellects internally . Are we in Muhammad's times? Now Cipher! Is an Original Man a Muslim? Or is The Original Man God? And How do those who advocate this science deal with the intricate psychological wording of certain phrases, questions and answers in within 120? Ok! Niggaz want to call themselves Allah. Cool! But understand that you do so under provisions written within the United States Constitution that guarantees certain constitutional protections such as 'freedom of speech' and arguably the 'freedom of religion'. In my opinion the Nation of Gods and Earths are a religion we just suffer from a massive case of collective denial . Any time you deal with the subject of 'God' or 'Devil' you're religious. "Why you say that Emblem?". Because if your black ass was a citizen of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Mecca(Saudi Arabia) or Medina(Saudi Arabia) and said that the blackman is Allah your head would be cut off quicker than you can say 'Allah U Akbar'. Desert niggaz don't play when it comes to that shirk shit, so you best to keep the 'Arma Legga Legga Arma Heada' to yourself if you ever find yourself buying a pair of timz in a hardcore Muslim country. The world is bigger than Harlem or 'Mecca' so learn every square inch of the Home of Islam but come in a fine midst. It's all geo-political bullshit when itz all said and done but Muslim countries got rules and regulations and thatz how they govern their Islamic Nation.

The Nation of Gods and Earths is an Islamic Nation and we have standards to maintain: Supreme Alphabet, Supreme Math and 120. Recently I heard a couple of Gods on Original Thought saying that 120 ain't all that important no more. They said they don't got 120 verbatim no more, and they just got the 'understanding'(Niggaz Funny as Shit!). Scarface didn't like the Colombians? Thatz how I feel about a nigga who tryin' to sweep 120 under the rug." Some old heads say they once had 120 on cap and forgot it and can't quote it verbatim. How da fuck do you forget some shit that your supposed to use every day? Do you forget to use your toothbrush in the morning movafucka? No toothbrush having niggaz. Them Alzheimer Niggaz need to pick-up and study their Book of Life, if the dust from the book doesn't choke 'em first when they open the book up. Them old fuckerz ain't exempt from spittin' 120 right and exact. An eighty year old, gray haired, white lady who insist on driving a car has to take her old ass to the DMV every six months to make sure she AIN'T GOT alzheimerz (when I was little I thought it was 'old-timers', my aunt in Brooklyn still calls it 'old-timers'). The DMV makes sure the old lady can still see the big 'E' on the eye chart. Make them old Gods take a 120 test cause Alzheimer Allah will fuck the babies education up. If they can forget 120, they'll forget those veggie burgers cooking on the stove. Would you let a nigga with Alzheimer's babysit your babies? Emphatically now cipher! Them 120 forgettin' ass niggaz will destroy the legacy of the Father if you let them Alzheimer niggaz convince you as a collective group that we don't need 120 any more. One day when I'm old and ramblin at a rally saying some shit like we don't deal with 120 no more tell- me to sit my old ass down. "Emblem sit da fuck down God! Somebody please take his old ass outside so da old God can smoke a blunt."

Whipper snapper Gods be running up on old Gods demanding that they quote such and such degree in the 1-40's. First thing da old God says is, "Da Father said..."- Young God say, "Naw nigga-get cha old ass on the floor and give me fifty push ups, and when the Earths stumble over lessons make em do sit-ups, squat thrust and crunches. Old ass niggaz straining to do one push up. 50 Push ups or take a shot of 1-5-1 80 proof liquor nigga. You either gonna be in shape or drunk after going lesson for lesson wit me. Old niggaz wanna engage in the filthy affairz of down playing 120, they are the literal living manifestation of 'forgotten trick-knowledge'. Nigga take some gingko biloba. You remember to take that Viagra before a free trip to the Holy City of Mecca. Gingko biloba is good for the memory. We can't forget 120-120 keeps the Nation of Gods and Earths from looking like a bunch of escaped mental patients, people already think we're crazy as fuck. So 'hell naw', we gotta preserve 120. I know it ain't 4 billion 4 hundred million movafuckuz all over the planet Earth now a day. Itz about seven billion movafuckuz that eat, sleep, and shit all over the planet Earth all day every day. I know the actual facts on some family tree'z is raggedy but you got to draw those numbers up and make that math show and prove like a Jewish accountant. We gotta draw math up to the best part. I know the knowledge culture says 'His Ownself is A righteous Muslim' it is a complete fool who can't preserve the best of that degree for him or herself. 120 is one of the pillars of our foundation and Alzheimer Allah niggas want to piss on our divine pillars like dogs pissing on fire hydrants. We can't let that happen.

Attorneys got to pass da bar to become lawyers future Gods should be able to say "I got my bachelors from Harvard,and I did my graduate studies at Emblem University where I got my degree in the science of everything in life." 120 is an Asiatic World Psychology. 120 points out all the shady shit movafuckuz do and any attempt by Alzheimer niggaz to invalidate 120 is a fuckin' violation and them niggaz need to be ran from amongst us over the hot Arabian desert barefooted. "Fuck Casper Gomez! Fuck de fuckin' Diaz Brotherz, Fuck da Alzheimer Allah niggaz who forgot 120! Fuck'em All!! I BURY dem COCKAROACHEZ!!!".