Friday, August 28, 2009

The Father, The First Borns, Enlighteners and Other Glass Ceilings

When I take someone through 120 nowaday, I tell them to recite 120 three times a day for thirty days and attempt to get their recital down to 16 minutes. That 16 minute recital is wild, but it can be done, because I've done it. From who's the Original to Pluto in 16 minutes or less. I do that because if you can spit it fast you can do it slow, either way it is done so that the individual never forgets 120 after taking it undercap. Presently I have just walked two students to Pluto, and a third is very close to touching down. Yes I taught them and with that comes a certain degree of pride I must admit. My new conversation nowaday usually surrounds the 'pedestal' issue. Any true enlightener takes himself off a pedestal. I don't teach flunkies or 'yes-men'! I don't! I want no part of the pedestal bullshit. I am a human being, I'm flawed and my flaws are an integrated part of who I am. I don't take the mystery God out of the sky and then put on his shoes so I accept my flaws. My flaws are uniquely my own and they usher forth my originality. I genuinely take myself off of a pedestal but subconsciously many will still place their enlighteners and educators in a certain light. Fuck that shit! For those I have taught their education and enlightenment is not complete until I am completely sure you have removed me from the pedestal in your third. My Earth is exempt because we are in a relationship striving to build a Universe together and in that case we place each other on a pedestal.

Yeah I do somethings well, I'm an Ok writer, I can do some interesting things with 120, and I got a decent understanding of 120 for the most part, but I am no more the Supreme being than those I've taught. Yeah Em but you still taught me, no nigga-by teaching you I taught another aspect of 'myself' and that is where it ends. That is where it must end in order that you may achieve your highest elevation into the conscious self realization of the Most High. Ain't no big 'G' or little 'g' math poppin' off if I enlighten you. That big 'G' little 'g' shit has reached pandemic proportion in this Nation. Fuck that bullshit, pedestal propping is the origin of all religion. I eventually got myself off the pedestal with every student I taught, even if I had to fall out with them to the point of hatred. Guess what? If they're beefed out with me, that means their pedestal free. Jesus' teachings were 'Freedom'. As an Enlightener if you're sincerely teaching Allah's Mathematics to another you should be doing that with all students, if you ain't got techniques for climbing down off your pedestal that students have the tendency to put you on, then that means you’re a bloodsucker. The respect level from God to God has to be mutual, not unilateral, this is the only way you graduate to the 36th chamber, and remember the 36th chamber was based on teaching the art amongst the people. Da God Truth rolled with me the longest out of all whom I've taught and during that time Emblem had no pedestals. I have my own legs to stand on, but no pedestal to hover above da God Truth or any other God I taught during that time. Every student in this math needs to be released from gazing at his enlightener like some some star struck fool! You will never come into the fullness of your Godliness if you're constantly walking on eggshells around another nigga. My Enlightener released me from pedestal gazing after 20 years. He told me when I first got lessons not to put him on a pedestal, but that was it. Your enlightener can tell you that shit all fuckin' day in the beginning, but when you start building with your Enlightener you become proud and say to yourself, "Wow. Thatz my Enlightener." Subconsciously you begin to operate from that 'wow' paradigm. And your not fully God if you operate from a 'wow' paradigm. It happens to all of us. My Enlightener gave me this paper entitled 'Rules of a Student' in which it said 'Honor and respect your enlightener at all times', its funny how I only remember that rule. So I proceeded to tell every student, "Nigga you think I'm wise, wait until you meet my enlightener!" I'd put niggaz on the phone with him, take niggaz to meet him so he could demonstrate his grandmaster technique. Fuck that shit! This ain't no fuckin' Kung Fu flick with cheesy voiceovers. How did I take da God Life off a pedestal? I thought I had done it 20 years ago but I hadn't. You walk around with this false sense of equality, but it is not real 'equality'-it is still on some bogus subliminated big 'G' little 'g' shit still. Every God must be mindful to take his enlightener off a pedestal, and fully understand the psychological work that that entails. The enlightener usually does something or should do something to remove himself. And if he doesn't he should just back da fuck up and disappear on some Fard type shit. A man can't grow under another man. Suppose Michael Jordan kept saying, "Wow Doctor J is amazing!!!" MJ would have been too star struck to realize he was twice as good as Doc(No offence to Julius Erving but Mike was that deal.) Don't get me wrong, it is not about being 'better' than another God, it is about becoming the Lord of a particular world, master of a given area of discipline. In other words 'get in where you fit in' nigga. Be the best at what you do! That captain giving an order to the lieutenant is for the birds. Allah ain't no fuckin' lieutenant! That is what this math is about. The Father told them little niggaz that use to call themselves, 'The Sons of The Father' yall niggaz is God too. That is what he stressed, we stressed that he was big G and still do, and for those that do that shit-you need to just call yourself religious. The Father was oh so human! How he was said to carry himself is what attracted me to this math. I did not want to follow Farrakhan. Farrakhan is wise but I didn't want to follow nobody. However we do! We follow, we listen to our Enlightener's a little more than we would some other nigga, and usually that shit ain't on equal footing. My Enlightener use to sometimes call me at 4 a.m. in the moring and go straight into a spoken word piece, "New Shoes and Blues, Pall Mall cigarettes and hard booze..." I'd be in the triple darkness of the black Mind of Allah snoring my ass off and God would call and start spittin like he's at a spoken word venue. Nobody on the planet Earth could have called me at 4 in the fuckin' morning without gettin' cussed da fuck out. If Obama called I'd tell him, "Nigga you better wait til the God hour." But when it's your enlightener you lay there and listen to the fuckin' spoken word piece, wiping sleep out your movafuckin eyez, wondering if the shit is a damn dream.

"How you like the poem God?" He would ask.

"That was mad peace Almighty." was my conditioned response. That is what you're supposed to say. Thatz your fuckin' enlightener-you are suppose to say it is 'peace' even if the fuckin' poem sucked. I've had knowledge of Self 20 years and I still had to listen to said spoken word piece, so subconsciously even the Emblematic One still had his Enlightener on a pedestal.

The pedestals fell like dominoes in my Family Tree: My Enlightener took himself down after 20 years. It was weird how it happened but it is something that happens in a student when the glass ceiling above your head shatters. It is seemingly becoming a rite of passage in this nation when you tell your Enlightener, "Yo dude I'm God too." When that happens, you ascend. Saladin got in contact with me after ten years and I felt he was subconsciously seeking the removal of his enlightener's glass ceiling from above his head. I ain't here from this nigga for ten years and I get a call one evening, "Peace God!"

"Who da fuck is this?"
"Peace God!"
"blah-blah-blah!" Ten years worth of blah blah fucking blah. I was still dealing with math, and he was still dealing with math, but I still had some shit buried there after ten years. On a certain level I'm still thinking "Is this nigga still a coward? Is this nigga still letting movafuckaz punch him in the face and still folding like a pussy? I held his act of cowardice against him and still do. It's petty-I know-but his act of cowardice was still buried in my subconscious after knowledge cipher years. If your best friend runs while yall are in the middle of a brawl, you ain't gonna never look at that nigga the same, even after ten years. His act of cowardice resonated in my subconscious as the God who ran. No matter what he was doing or how many narcistically perverse youtube videos he had, or how long his blogs are or how big his movafuckin words are: In my mind he could have used words like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in a sentence and I still would think he was a coward at heart. In my mind he was the nigga with the name of a soldier who let a bitch ass nigga from Love Allah make Deen his bitch-so in my mind he was subconsciously still a coward in my eyes, and I had a difficult time calling that nigga Saladin with a straight face. The real Saladin walked up in King Richard's Kingdom with a sword during the crusades when Jerusalem was taken from the devil and told King Richard the Lionhearted, "there is enough room in Asia to bury all yall pussies." So yeah da nigga changed his name legally but he still had a noodle for a spine in reality. And I say what I say out of love.

Da God Life calls me and said, "Why'd you call Deen a Metrosexual? I'm disappointed in you-you seem egotistical to me!" and hung da fuck up!" First of all no one censors or has a say in what I write. No one! I was so pissed I went to the gun range the next day and let off a hundred and fifty rounds. I write what da fuck I want. Any prison house placed on my pen takes away from the quality of what I write, so censorship will never happen for the ink that touches my page.

That shit fucked me up when my Enlightener hung up on me, the pedestal I subconsciously had him perched on started crumbling in my third. Deen came back after ten years subconsciously to take me off a pedestal and the residual effects triggered my enlightener to come down from the pedestal that I had subconsciously placed him on. The nature of the chain of events seem prophetic, prescribed and predicted because under ordinary circumstances my Enlightener would have never come off the pedestal. The thing is I didn't even know I had him perched on a pedestal until after said event. I was pissed but I was released. I know what Method Man meant when he said, "Release your Self" Now nobody in their right fuckin' mind has the right to call me at 4 in da fuckin' morning and not get cussed da fuck out.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Asiatic Black Harvard

"Breathe Emblem Breathe!" Consider the viability of two ideas: An Asiatic, God centered, radical pedagogical approach manifesting Supreme Math with a dialogic flavor- kinda like a Hood Harvard. Consider the second idea of cultural resistance: A denial of devil civilization couple that with subversive ways of your average 85 hood nigga and you have stepped in Emblem's class room: Revolution 101. Naw nigga don't change classes cause Em ain't strivin' to make a suicide bomber but I do see the need for massive psychological transformation. We have been made other than self and with an Asiatic world view our collective consciousness can be reformatted. Hip Hop nowaday is bullshit we must teach our babies to resist being defined by mainstream media that continues daily to make social retards out of our children. Mainstream media continues daily to stick pins in the heads of the black babies of the future and give birth a new consumer of the wrong mental foods. My two ideas: A Harvard in the Hood; and cultural and conscious resistance are based on two social idea: education and awareness. These lenses will combine to form a socially sharp 20/20 vision.

We should not attempt to escape the totalizing framework of western academia but instead translate it into a viable Asiatic academic work. The validity of western psychology need not be discounted only renegotiated into an Asiatic World view, placing special emphasis on co-ordinating Supreme Mathematics into an advanced arithmetic, psychological, social, political and economic model. Niggaz can do more than sing, rap, act, dance, roll bluntz, and slamdunk!!! Writing nearly everyday for the past 15 years has empowered me with the courage to consider redefining a contingent style of education. Asiatic Enlightenment is based on an 'Allah School' model with a particular emphasis on hard academic sciences that relate to the science of everything in life. We must begin to understand that knowledging 120 is nearly the equivalent to a high school diploma in our Asiatic Nation. Then what happened nigga??? Freedom is liberatory and thus should usher forth an inclination toward resistance. Because one 'knowledgez 120' one may tend to think they are no longer mentally oppressed and dominated by a ruling culture that doesn't give a flying fuck that their 120 quoting, vegan ass collapses whole numbers as a mark of mathematical genius. On the contrary nigga: wisdom understanding all being born to power will not assist you in engineering anything advanced. Movafuckaz in the back room smoking Cubans, drinking scotch, and laughing at your lack of proficiency in Mathematics. If we don't cause an earthquake in a college classroom at first, we can at least attempt to make a public library vibrate. Rigid control of social organizations and educational institutions border on fascism-a fascism established to keep you apart from their social equality.

The Asiatic Nation is on the eve of interfacing cogent math principles that can link features within 120 to any known ontological system of knowledge. A dialogic, critical pedagogy of Asiatic logic and education that transcends cultist pseudo science status, religious classification or any other random categorizations by so-called social authority. "Codes of Conduct?" “Official policy?" "Central leadership?" Now cipher! We all possess a knowledge in which we are the best knower: It becomes a matter of free educational exchange completely free of ego. Breaking free of institutional controls that zap so much of our mind power daily is a must. Our voices, Our minds and our Math must march forward and the majestic nature of our global relevance can ill afford to be undermined. Harvard in the Hood and conscious resistance will undoubtedly create a tension between officially sanctioned controls which continue to promote ignorance and illiterate policies. Thus remaining vigilante is of utter importance. Fard, Elijah, Garvey Noble Drew Ali, Ida B. Wells, Huey, Angela Davis, Eldridge, Bobby, W.E.B. Dubois, Malcolm, Farrakhan and the Father have provided strong shoulders for this Asiatic generation to stand upon. So we must stand!!! Knowledge is our greatest commodity as a Nation, learning is our ultimate employer and organizations free of egotism is our greatest chance. Build and destroy is exactly what it is: We must build and destroy, and disrupt the 10 percent movafuckuz who on a large scale manufacture small scale mentalities through weak and wicked educational systems. Original people are psychologically marginalized throughout the planet. The 10 percent engage in a daily practice of self image 'poaching'. The 10 percent head hunters 'hunt' your self image, mutilating, crucifying it, raping it, defecating on it, and hanging it on a wall like a trophy after deer season. All out war has been declared on the image of original people. I write because reading is an “art” which is anything but passive so now become proactive and aggressive. "Breathe Emblem Breathe!"


In the 85 world their day to day reality is a hoax, and consequently they suffer from a massive amount of false beliefs, " deceive the people so they would believe in him...". The 10 percent create the cosmetic face value of the world in which we live and the 85 percent purchase blindly into this said world. Reality has been defined for them, imprisoning them mentally by defining the world around them. They have been told what is 'right' thus have no real clue to 'righteousness'. The 85 percent are dwelling in a reality composed by the 10 percent are then taught to accept a counterintuitive lifestyle, completely detached from their inner divinity. The wisdom build degree builds on the 'Lucky Mother'. She is 'Lucky' because Yacob gave the order to the Nurse to shape the new mother's self perception. The Nurse and Yacob deliberately shaped the perception of the new mother to believe in 'Luck', an imposed, concocted, metaphysical idea that becomes a psychological sensation that is gratifying to the mother. So-called fortune bestowed upon her from the realm of the unknown begins to lay the foundation for a mystery God smiling down upon her from heaven. In terms of 'heaven' if the child did not fit the criterion of 'complexion'(color) the Nurse then committed murder and told that mother a lie that the dead baby was in fact angelic and is building a home in heaven for her when she dies.

Both lies told to the Lucky Mother and the Mother of the so-called Angel Baby was the reinforcement of the imposed perception and is an example of how 85 percent of the planet Earth fall victim to the face value of reality. Something in you tells you that there is more to reality than meets the eye. Like a doctor you qualify and disqualify based on physical evidence. 'Show and Prove' becomes your mantra and the 10 percent tell their believers to counteract your need to know with the statement that you need to have 'faith'. 'Detachment' is the nature of religion-religion is designed to exploit the unknown and interject a concocted belief system in the 85 mindset in a so-called civil but simultaneously sick styling that breeds paranoid delusions. The advocate of a mystery God is taught to believe in an omnipotent force that is beyond their own comprehension and consequently they fall to their knees: break, bow and bend to this omnipotent force in worship. Is prayer wrong? No! But if said prayer is aimed at a force said to be beyond your comprehension-it makes no sense. I often reverse scenarios and hypothesize that a mystery God exist and think how said 85ers must look to this omnipotent being? If said mystery God was real it would convey to so called worshipers a command to study Algebra, Trig, Calc, Geometry and every aspect of science but these worshipers are content to know him by surrendering and remaining on there knees. If said mystery God did exist, wouldn't it be obvious that said mystery creator placed it's essence in you by virtue of the fact that they are it's creation? And still they detach. The low self esteem riddled 85 percent creatures supposedly born into sin can't fathom their internal divinity. It's easy to be stupid. Learning about ourselves on deep committed levels is the ultimate form of worship, so often reality of day to day life catches us up in the rat race in such a way that we forget that the underlying fabric to all that is- is in fact our own collective consciousness our own Universal Black Mind in real time. The 10 percent catch the 85 in these psychological webs and cast hypnotic spells of fortune, consumerism, stressful economic realities, and they politically and economically manipulate 85 based on a mass deception of the collective perception.


Dream History'zzzzz

Mundane events that appear coincidental or random show and prove that 'serendipity' wears camouflage and that time is synchronized with the mind. Planetary consciousness or a black woman drawn to her highest equality is living, breathing intuition walking. "The Sun draws this water up..." Many niggaz say the words b.u.t. in many cases their 'bond' is bullshit. If your Earth ain't in tune-your not in tune. If she ain't swift your not swift. Me and the Earth have been building on dream History in terms of life events that lead up to a certain point as of late. 'Dream History' has always occupied a mysterious place in my conscious realm. The subject takes me back to times gone by of me sitting on the couch reviewing old plus lessons building on dream history. What is Dream History? I understand it as a state of mind that combines the Zig Zag Zig, meaning time is no longer linear but in fact the past, present and future manifest as a singularity or a moment standing outside of time without differentiation.

The rules of four dimensional reality do not apply in dreamz: gravity is not gravity-people you think you know are only illusions and places change in the blink of an eye. Dreams are weird-weird because they are not bound by the rules of this four dimensional reality in which we all dwell. Dreams give us an idea of the sheer boundlessness of the mind. Thought breaks barriers. Many have asked me how I see actual facts and I have stated on multiple occasions that I draw them up as symbolic obstacles: vast oceans, uphill battles in life, mountains that seem insurmountable, barren deserts, and the biggest mountain of them all is Mt. Everest-the big daddy of all challenges. Then there is 'sound' and 'light'. Sound and light represent barriers of time and space. Manifesting thought into matter is what the human being does daily. Knowledge-Word-Bond or 123(understanding is a living bond between Man and Woman).

Thought travels well beyond the speed of sound as well as light but we 'think' that 'light' is the prison house and R-O-P-E of all barriers. 120 is not only a navigational system for the Asiatic Black Man and Black Woman in North America but it is a 'thinking technique'. Our nightly dream history throughout our lives are ultimately connected to our everyday reality. Our waking reality is in and of itself a form of dreaming and sleep. Why? Because the theme of life is about the ascension of our consciousness, meaning the mind is forever awakening to higher stages of elevation. Elevation is infinite. Taking 'Jerusalem' truly means to take back your 'piece'/ peace of mind. The 'piece' of mind that belongs to you is your cognitive thought process. How you perceive the world is based on how you were taught and trained or the 'orders' you were given. The mental foods you were taught to eat programmed 'U'. What do we believe about ourselves? Look around you! Whatever you see is what you believe about yourself. Whatever the manifest condition of your everyday surrounding is-is the exact replica of your thought process. If you're pleased with what you see: cool! If you are not- your held responsible to renegotiate the terms of your belief system. When I say 'Belief system' I am referring to what 'U' 'think' about 'U'. Many are under the impression that they have knowledge of self-OK-that is half the battle but 'knowledge of self' is usually a mask initially: a mental face lift at first, worn to disguise that 85 percent beast with low self esteem that you have chained up in the basement of your sub conscious. If you had low self esteem before you got knowledge of self, chances are you still have low self esteem as the 'Asiatic Black Man' or woman. Knowledge of self is great, it provides us with these new, innovative thinking techniques, however is it a remedy for low self esteem, poor self image, cowardice, laziness and frivolous 85 foolishness ? This question brings me back to dream history.

The 'dream' is the tell tale sign indicating if 120 has anchored itself in your consciousness just as deep as all those goddamn pins in your psyche. Have u yet to dream in the language of 120? Can you feel the heat of the hot Arabian and wake up sweating? Can you see the rain drops distilling when you roll over in the middle of the night? How about the cold current: can you feel it? Can you touch the hemm of Jesus' garment while snoring? Can you feel the utter despair of not being able to swim 9000 miles? What about the Quran-can you feel the wind of the fluttering pages turn a year to every mile? The God Rakim said, "Fall deeper in the style-itz hard to breath". When you can recite 'What makes rain, hail, snow and Earthquakez in your Dream'z History then you are true N livin'. Until then: Sweet Dreamz!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Montauk, Long Island: One God's Story

Frosted Flakes is my thing, many Gods and Earths shun cow's milk, but not Em. I keeps a 2% fat gallon of milk in the fridge. One evening while I was lounging around the crib my power he one rings. My phone number is posted on my blog website inviting feedback and whatnot but this evening the caller was a God named Sincere and he didn't give me 'feedback' to any of my blogs. He told me a story that he claims to be 'word is bond'. Sincere proceeds to tell me one of the wildest stories I've ever heard. The God told me he had been following my blog for about a year and felt the need to confide to me the events that took place with him and his physical brother on Montauk, Long Island. Cool! I have no problem listening, if he didn't mind me crunching frosted flakes in his ear. However what he told me made me put down my bowl of frosted flakes. Sometimes I question the sanity of those that claim to deal with this science, is it me or do some of us in the Nation of Gods and Earth seem not so mentally stable? I'm not saying 'gun brandishing' Emblem is the poster boy for sanity but their are some Gods that walk around on Mars if you get my drift. This was one of those occasions when I questioned God's sanity. I listen good, and I'm pretty good at catching people in lies but the God was on point with his story. Years of incarceration will give you time enough to get an air tight alibi. New Yorkers are notoriously schizophrenic and no offense to da God Sincere but I did get somewhat of an unstable current of air from him. I'm not gonna lie-I thought this God's Elevator did not go all the way to the top floor. The specific incident the God built with me about occured on Montauk, Long Island in 1973.

At the conclusion of our conversation that evening I asked him if I could write a blog on the events he described to me, he told me that I could, providing that I did not disclose his government name. So I agreed to the terms and he gave me consent. The God called me back the next evening and I did an official Q and A with him. This is the God's story.

Em: "What happened on June 17, 1973?"

Sincere: "I was 15 at the time, my brother was 13, and we called ourselves God, we didn't know 120 but we did know Supreme Math, and the Supreme Alphabet and with just that little bit of knowledge we ran wild. I loved cars and my little brother loved the beach. My little brother called himself 'Power' and was a fanatic for beaches. Being from Pelon (the Bronx) the closest thing we came to beaches were Gilligan's Island on an old black and white TV set with a hanger for rabbit ears. Mom did try to take us to Jones Beach once per summer. This particular summer our old Earth cried broke and cancelled the trip. Power was crushed. I said I would take him as soon as I got a car. Not 'buy' a car but 'steal' a car. I learned how to drive by stealing cars, didn't even have a license but I was an excellent driver. On the early evening of June 17, 1973 I stole a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutless from a Jewish guy who owned a furniture store. The Jewish guy went in the store and I got in the car with the screwdriver, hotwired it, and my little brother Power was in the passenger side playing with the radio as we pulled off. It was still daylight when I stole the car and we hit the highway after about 20 minutes of joyriding. All you needed back then to steal a cee Allah rule was a good screwdriver. This car was out of my league Emblem, it was only two years old but it was sharp. Too sharp for a 15 year old kid to be driving. I sat up in the seat proud as a motherfucka. I had a Jackson 5 afro at the time, and little brother looked like Michael Evans on good times."

Em: "Where did yall go?"

Sincere: "We call ourselves trying to make it to Jones Beach. I thought I knew the way. When mom took us the year before, I swore I counted every turn. I got us to Long Island and I got us to a beach but it wasn't Jones Beach. I made it to a beach on Montauk Long Island and the car sputtered out of gas as soon as we pulled up on a road near the beach. I killed the headlights and me and Power got out the cee Allah rule. When you steal cars you never consider god Allah savior. Little brother took his shoes off for a second and tried to run through the sand but it wasn't a 'beachy' like atmosphere, it was cold and clammy for a June evening. It was gettin dark, and I needed another car to steel to get us home. I got the screwdriver from the Cutless and me and little brother started walking on the road we found near the beach. When we got a hold of some piece of junk car to steal we got caught, but not by the police. We got snatched up and thrown in a Black van. Both of our mouths were taped, hands bound, and we were both injected with something."

"What happened next?"

"As my eyes opened I saw a circular light, like I was looking up from an operating table. A whiteman with pale blue eyes, wearing a surgical mask looked over me, while he was plucking at a long syringe, and again I was injected with another needle. They put a mouth piece in my mouth, and two electrodes were put to both sides of my head and I was shocked over and over again repeatedly. I pissed and shitted myself, but they kept on. I could not scream because I had a mouth piece stuffed in my mouth to keep me from bitting my tongue off. Afterward they threw me in a shower and sprayed me with a high powered water hose. Two big white guys dressed me in a hospital gown and took me to what appeared to be a dog cage. Not a prison cage but a dog cage. I could see out the cage across from me but nothing I was looking at-at the time seemed real. What I saw were more cages-cages stacked on top of cages. First I thought animals were in the cages but they weren't animals. They were boys: White boys; black boys; Puerto Rican boys and they all had become animals. Was I hallucinating? Naw. I was looking through my cage at them but their eyes weren't the eyes of human beings. Their eyes had become the eyes of animals. Dog eyes, Gorilla eyes, wild eyes but none of the eyes were human. They were human eyes but the intelligence that is human was removed from their eyes. Letters were over each cage indicating some sort of tracking order. 'Montauk 453-FH'; Montauk 454-FH and so forth."

Emblem: "Were you in some kind of institution: 'Mental' or 'correctional'?"

Sincere: "Now Cipher. This was not an institution. This was something completely off the grid. I was a minor, my brother was a minor, if this was some kind of official instituion my old Earth would have been notified. This was something unofficial."

Emblem" "Like what God?"

Sincere: "I was a Montauk boy, a test subject in the Montauk experiment done on boys!"

Emblem: "What's a 'Montauk boy'?"

Sincere: 'The 'FH' that I saw on the outside of each cage stood for 'Fort Hero'. Fort Hero was an Army based on Long Island that Jimmy Carter closed in 1978. Fort Hero is where the Montauk experiments were conducted. The experiments were started by the Nazis."

(I really thought the God was crazy at this point. But kept listening.)

Sincere: "During World War two the Germans under Hitler conducted mind control experiments on the Jews. They did all kind of horrific shit to them: Physical shit and mental shit. Hitler like Yacob had doctors on the payroll. Hitler was looking for any advantage he could find against the allies. Hitler and his Doctors theorized that if you exspose an individual to massive trauma that the personality will break into a whole bunch of pieces and that you can program any given piece of the personality to perform a task-to essentially create a different personality from the face value personality or the front personality."

(The God had my interest. If the God was crazy he was at least interesting.)

Emblem: "So how did you end up as a part of a Nazi experiment and how do you know all this?"

Sincere: "I knew I wasn't crazy and this was not something that I imagined. They killed my brother in front of me, and later I was convicted of the crime. I would never shoot my little brother Power. I loved him. They brong my brother in an interrogation room and blew his brains out in front of my face as I sat handcuffed to a chair across from him. The bastards started talking to me as if my brother's dead corpse wasn't sitting across from me. I was going crazy, crying, hollering, scared, because I thought I was next. They hit me with another needle and I got calm real quick. My brother's corpse looked like it was smiling-I started smiling back, maybe he wasn't dead but he was dead, and through my foggy vision I could see blood coming from a large hole in the side of his head."

(O.K.! Now it's starts to come together. This was the basis of the God's insanity plea I thought.)

Emblem: "You were in the injustice before God."

Sincere; " 'Injustice' is the right and exact word indeed God, because I would never shoot my brother in the head. I did knowledge power years in Attica for the death of my brother. It was those devils in Fort Hero at Montauk that murdered da young God!!!"

Emblem: "What did the Cee cipher punks say?"

Sincere: "Apparently my prints were on the God U Now and my brother's body was taken and put back in the Oldmobile at the beach. The case was 'open and shut'. I didn't remember shit, because those devils wiped my memory. I was under their control for a week before they found me wandering barefooted in the Fort Apache section of the Bronx."

Emblem: "How'd they wipe your memory God?"

Sincere: "Electric shock treatments, sleep deprivation, sexual abuse, and every other heinous thing you can think of to humiliate me. They broke my mind down God, and reprogrammed it. They made me play solitare for hours, and everytime I saw the four of diamonds I was suppose to grab an unloaded .38 caliber revolver, stand up, do a full turn, recite the pledge of allegiance, aim at a picture of Nixon and fire. They made me do this for many days without sleep or food. After the last injection I was wandering the streets of the Bronx barefooted and mumbling to myself. Soon I found myself at the local precinct. My brother's body was recovered before they picked me up and I was charged with first degree murder."

Emblem: "You said this had something to do with the Nazis, but you didn't fully elaborate."

Sincere: "Well after Hitler lost the war, the United States did not disregard Hitler's research. Hitler's scientist were studying everything from mind control, atomic energy and theoretical time travel. The United States took these scientist into custody after the war, moving them to Puerto Rico to conduct experimental research for nuclear physics and the mind control shit was done in the States. All the Mind control shit was done in Montauk Long Island at Fort Hero the Military Base. They developed all kinds of techy, trickknowledge stuff there and psychological warfare was one of their various endeavors."

I concluded the interview. Yeah, I'm sure da God Sincere was in a facility of some sort but not a secret experiment run by the government. I'm not a conspiracy theorist and of course I believe the government has top secret shit going on-their suppose to have top secret shit going on-thatz what governments do. I respect the God, and it's obvious that he has been through a lot. I thank him for coming forward and confiding to me. I thought what he said was interesting, whether it's true or not is not for me to decide.

Have a Peace Weekend


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Blind Folded Grand Master of Chess: 'All I Ceeing'

Thought is manifest out of the mind. When I think of Knowledge I think of the 'Mind', visions of silvery electic chrome comes to mind. This is my mental abstraction of knowledge. The 'will' resides as one with the 'Mind'as I explore the visuals of my mental abstraction. 'Mind' equals 'Knowledge' and 'Knowledge' equals 'mind'. Mind is not thought but the nature of thought. 'Thought' is not an 'idea', and 'idea' is when thought has considered 'itself', and has evolved to a set of 'complex thoughts'. And 'Idea' considers 'time'. 'Time' is an aspect of wisdom; thought is an aspect of wisdom; 'ideas' are an aspect of wisdom; and of course 'words', 'ways' and 'actions' are aspects of wisdom. Knowledge is the force of will. The first consideration of Allah was to knowledge knowledge. Allah's very first consideration is his first manifestation of reflection. This first reflection was to consider 'Self'. 'Being' has come into manifestation upon knowledge-'knowledging' it-'Self'. The first consideration broke darkness with an infintesimal spark. This was Allah manifesting out of an undifferentiated energetic essence from three stages of darkness. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0 Are subliminated 'sub-groups' in ONE(KNOWLEDGE) infintesimally. Knowledge contains the nature of wisdom, understanding, culture, power, equality, God, build, born and cipher.

Heaven is the historical home of the Mystery God. Should we consider 'Man'(Black Man) the 'be all-end all' form of Allah's manifestation from three stages of darkness?. Creator comes to reside in His Creation, form the solidity of Allah's Oneness. The ultimate thunder 'above' an 85ers head are the ideas of Heaven and God. So was Allah disembodied(no particular form)? Elijah uses a very arcane wording in the Theology of Time in which he establishes a 'First God', Second God type of scenario. Analyzing that we can acknowledge that no one form is the ultimate image of Allah. Maybe a passing image, but not the eternal image. 'Original' has a beginning, 'Eternal' has no beginning nor 'ending'. The spark of Allah's Self realization was the beginning of 'time'(prior to 'Big Bang'-'Time' being the movement of quantum particles). A-B/Allah to Born/ or knowledge to born is the mind of Allah manifesting into four dimensional reality. Ultimately 'Heaven' is relative to an individual's perception, and is given as a place in another dimension. 85ers are not far off in their reasoning, because triple darkness is a non physical dimension. 85ers fall victim in to 'detachment', they separate themselves from oneness, and give way to externalized perceptions. Allah has no ending, thus more and more multifaceted aspects of Allah's Qualities are forever arrising out of three stages of darkness. Non being is forever manifesting into 'being'. Being Blind to Self can be looked at as ignorance, however consider for a second, Allah as a blindfolded Grandmaster of chess playing ten opponents simultaneously. Allah is able to witness, keep track of ten individual games of chess, showing and proving the reality of being 'All Eye Ceeing'. What are you saying Emblem? In Darkness visualization is possible in the third eye. Knowledge to born is to visualize, actualize and to realize. New positions on the theoretical chessboard arise out of every counter move:Example: I make a move, opponent makes a move,or in this case The sequence of actions borns the 'consequence' of new positions thus manifesting more elaborate and complex chess ideas. New ideas show and prove that Allah is forever manifesting from tripple darkness. The counter move is 'then why did God make devil?'. The thesis, anti thesis, and synthesis is the on going dialectic of Allah experiencing Said qualities. The Unknown ushers forth challenges, rungs of a ladder, obstacles, math problems inorder that elevation is insured. The Quran borns that Man travels from stage to stage.

I use the metaphor of Allah as a blindfolded Grandmaster to give the reader a sense of the unknown. Wisdom culture shows and proves the unknown, wisdom culture hours a day we live life similar to a said chess position. We don't set up home waiting, however their is a counter move taking place which is an unknown that we must be prepared for. When you make a move in life, something arises, that 'something' is the algebraic variable x or unknown-unknown is a four dimensional 'X'. Variables within life's circumstances are common. Everyday we see events manifest inwhich the conscious mind did not see coming.

Paul Morphy was an American Chess grandmaster, he was known for playing groups of people blindfolded. The power of his visualization was amazing, and his brain was grafted brain. So how do 'We' invoke that 'All Eye Ceeing' ability as original people? It's within us indeed. Chess is interesting because you can be in a winning position one minute, and because of a move or two that you didn't see coming your now in a completely different position-a loosing position. We navigate the unknown via considerations of 'known' terrain. To understand what you don't understand, you must embrace the unknown. The opponents of the blind Grandmaster are not themselves blindfolded, they can cee the board with their naked eye freely. Let's hypothesize Allah the blind Grandmaster checkmates all opponents: What did he see with his third eye that his ten opponents could not see?

The blind Grandmaster saw the nuances of chess mechanics in operation, where as the intermediate players were unfamiliar with the chess board's nature, the music below the squares, and the ballet performance of the pieces. The ten players who could see the board with their naked eyes were truly blind ones, and Allah the Chess GrandMaster was the actual one who could see. The ten players played common strategies, clumsy in their tactics, but fell victim on the ledge of knowledge.

How is Allah able to play chess blindfolded? Heaven is clarity of thought. To be Able to cee, concentrate, and focus on a multiplicity of complex ideas without viewing the Chess board with the naked eye is to glimpse into your mental potential. Elevate and upgrade the quality of images in your third eye into high definition. Then visualize prosperity, and 'success' in all your undertakings. What you visualize is what you project on to reality. The first reality must be in your ability to close your eyes and see into the unknown and consider the unknown variables coming at you daily from all born cipher degreez of the square.

When flat screens first dropped I copped one, and was amazed at the crystal clear imagery. When we draw lessons up in our third we do different things: Some draw up the rhetorical recital, some draw supreme math's numerical values to correlate to a given lesson; others draw up animated visions of 120 and correlate them to their real life such is a characteristic of a Grand Master of 120: A Grand Master of chess visualizes a variation of potential sequences, Example: "If my oponnet does this-I'll do that..if my opponent does this I'll do that." -for all potential moves made against you-you have a contingent plan of action. How clearly can you see possiblities, alternatives routes, and variations? The Grand Master is a Master because of a high definition third eye. You have heard of 'body builders', and how hard they work a given muscle group to define said muscle group-well a Mental Builder thinks in hi-def, he or she builds on the quality of their third eye. Learning something new makes the mind strong, how diligently you pursue any given discipline will determine how you grow mentally.

Allah is God in the Earth and Heavens, when you enhance your third eye for higher elevation you can see and hear the pieces of steel clang together as the piece without magnetism is drawn to the piece with magnetism. The ultimate draw up is to draw yourself up, and to keep yourself drawn up. The variable of the unknown 'X' is designed by the devil civilization to undermine our attempts at elevation. Four devils at born cipher degrees on the square seek to hit us with unknowns that resonate with negativity. Negative unknowns (-X) surround the perimeter of your cipher. The purpose of mental millitary training is about being a soldier for peace of mind, particularly in a world that is waging a battle against peace and positivity. There is truly no peace amongst 'Them'.

Nurse's Law was to kill the black babies at birth by sticking a pin in itz head. How many people come at you and attempt to stick a pin of negativity in your head? So many people will come at you with a pin for your dome. Their unknowns come at you out of nowhere, people you'd least expect. They will sting you, I've been stung plenty of times. When that happens I elevate into a mental discipline, into that state of being a blind grandmaster. That blindfolded grandmaster is no longer confused by the naked eye but is so concentrated that he finds the truth in his third eyez perception. What gets your third elevating? Whatever it is-do your best to stay on that plane.

Do the knowledge to the idea of the 'prison house'. Understand that if we are not free psychologically we reside in that 'prison house'. How do you draw up the idea that 'Yacob did not build prison houses..."? Don't build 'prison houses' in your mind based on 'what you think you can't do'. 'Can't' is a 'pin' of limitation. Keep it in mind that Supreme Mathematics is without limit. 'No limit' is an angle of Freedom. Mathemtatics has no limit thus it must be approached as a free science. Cultural Freedom is freedom of expression. A math equation is an expression quantitatively and qualitatively measuring reality. Chess and 120 measure reality. Every move in a chess game can be expressed mathematically-mathematically measuring the situation on the chess board: Example; Pawn to King four can be expressed as E2-E4. The chess board is culture dimensions, build squares by build squares, and shows and proves the truth at born cipher degrees times culture angles. That is the terrain of the chess board. E2-E4 in chess can be translated into the culture degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture,..."because they started making trouble amongst the righteous..." white's initial offense.

The pieces move according to prescribed law('way'), meaning every piece brings and aspect of 'wisdom' to the board. It is the duty of the King to make decisions in regard to the welfare of his kingdom. The wooden King on the board is only a figure head, a wooden piece, a puppet ruler-but you are the real 'Ruler' and logician behind the move. You are God and you look over the chess board and directly get involved in the affairs of the wooden pieces. The thoughts, strategies and moves come from your third eye or Alah's Home in heaven or triple darkness. Looking down on that chess board your given the opportunity to be All Eye Ceeing. You get to see every move that goes on within those 64 squares and the decisions you make could mean the difference between life and death. But it is only a chess board, and if you loose: 'checkmate', reset the board and 'run in it back'. But in terms of life- GZA said something to the effect "your in a deadly video game with one man."

On the Chess board of life shit is real, you don't reset the board. Buddhism proposes reincarnation. My knowledge understanding degree manifests to me that the dead has never come back to tell the living whether he lied or not. Check Mate is Check Mate! The Quran builds heavily on the 'After life'. I know their is an after life because energy can neither be created nor destroyed: Thus we return back to triple darkness. We call it 'essence' but none of us know anything consciously about 'essence'. Why? because Essense is without differentiation. Egos are the unalikez that attract and the 'likes' that repels, egos reside in differentiation. Death on this Earth is only the death of the Ego, and physical. Essense cannot die, because the essence is the black mind of Knowledge. Heaven has to be understood as a state of 'mind', some can say momentary bliss is happiness, others can make claims of perpetual bliss. Can a human intellect fathom an idea of perpetual bliss? How about bliss increasing exponentially over time? Exponential bliss is Allah experiencing eternal qualities within Creation. Understanding is knowledge three times. 'Time' x. When we arrive at 'understanding', we must still continue to build. Understanding grows in 'time'. How much 'time' do we put into 'understanding' something that we want to learn. Learning in this society is designed to teach and keep our people illiterate, but when we truly reach for high definition understanding we are achieving 'exponential bliss'. Imagine being able to find clarity in the third eye to the point where you could play a game of chess blindfolded and not only be competitive but to defeat 10 opponents simultaneously is amazing. I get the same feeling when I link 120 to math to the Quran. High levels of discipline in any field of study is when we Master our internal Passion. If you Master that which you are passionate about, learn to control it through discipline, and apply it. 120 is an art, 120 is not just a body of lessons, but 120 is full of colors, images, ideas, and is an animated psychological dimension. In the Quran Allah is refered to as 'Rabil Allamin' lord of all worlds. Your third eye travels around 120 similar to how a bible reader, quran reader and chess player considers a given chess position. One does not have to be held into the prison house of a given degree, but one can move the ideas in 120 fluently and according to ones own psychological landscape.

"How many bad moves have you made? How many more bad moves can you afford to make? If you play a Grand Master in chess you can not afford to blunder once-for if you do-it is only a matter of time before your king is trapped and decapitated?" Garry Kasparov

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Emblem A.K.A. Retarded Boy

At about ten years old I started bucking for my first Oscar nomination. That is how the acting career that never was nearly came about. I was an adventurous young God, and often I would roam from hood to hood by myself. I roamed plenty of places with my young friends but every now and then I would embark on a mission all my own. Usually roaming approximately one or two miles outside of my neighborhood, I would go to these hoods dolo and act retarded. The other kids would be amazed that they found a genuine retarted boy roaming the streets. My act was good, believable at least to children my age. Children have no problem playing with other children, their not like adults at all. Adults are always apprehensive when meeting other adults, but children can't wait to play with other children. Children are also very cruel. 5, 10, and 85 percent inclinations exist in children. While acting retarded I would stumble upon some 10 percent children that wanted to pick on the Retarded Boy. So the 10 percent children would usually try to exploit me for their sick, sadistic amusement. They would try to feed me dirt, make me do something stupid like drink dishwashing liquid, bleach or piss in a bottle: something completely insane. Children are sadistic in some instances. So after the children would set up their ultimate humilation of Emblem A.K.A. Retarded Boy I would out of nowhere gain 145 I.Q. points and reverse said humiliation of Retarded Boy, and they would be the ones humiliated in the end. I would sometimes mush in their faces what they tried to mush in mine then punch the ring leader in the face and hall ass. Shortly thereafter I would hear the alarm sound, "He ain't retarded!!!" and they would chase the Emblematic One. We were so young that I knew that they could only chase me but so far. The reason Emblem could roam to other hoods is because my old Earth and her friend Brenda were down the basement smoking weed, thus this is the reason da young Emblematic One was allowed to venture to distant hoods and play his award winning role of Retarded Boy.

I still do that Retarded Boy shit, not to kids but to Jehovah’s Witnesses. I don't have to venture out into some far off neighborhood, Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on my door and come to me now. Every Jehovah’s Witness wants to spread the good word of Jehovah and I'm always game for a build. But I don't immediately start building at the door and start showing and proving Allah's Mathematics. I take my time, take a Watchtower with sincere interest and a smile, get them to set up a weekly bible study for me, and will play my new version of Retarded Boy all over again. Not retarded like 'moron' 'wear a helmet' retarded that I use to play at the age of ten, but regular, everyday 85 percent, worshipping a mystery God retarded. I'll show vulnerability, act spiritually confused, and ask questions like, "Why is God doing this to me?". My Enlightener use to build so much that I became an excellent listener. A lot of Gods talk, talk, talk, talk and talk. Emblem can get the 'talkies' every now and again but my science is the 'ear'. I love listening, and I can listen for a long time, slowly jotting down mental footnotes, doing my own research in my third while that talking movafucka is building their breath away. Yes, I'm a pure "Ear Hustler!" I've been studying with a Jehovah’s Witness for about seven months now, actually it is good, it keeps my ear game sharp, and it helps me draw angles of the bible up to 120, Supreme Alphabet, Supreme Math and Quran. Of course the Jehovah’s Witness I'm building with doesn't know I have any given proficiency in any area as it pertains to knowledge of self. Back in the day when I use to build with Witnesses I would be quick to run down the 'Asiatic Black Man' thing, how it ain't no Mystery God, but nowaday I have dispensed with such a clumsy technique. It is usually futile, and fruitless to come straight out the gates with religious types. Now the Jehovah Witness dude has been introducing me to angles of the bible, and helping me to keep my Bible game sharp cause mainly I'm a mega Quran head. Any good ball player should be able to go left or right, so when I study the bible I'm working on that Left hand knawmean.

In our bible studies they never become debates, they are studies, but the name of his game is to convert me 'The Retarded Boy' into a Jehovah's Witness. Imagine that: Emblem knocking on your door to give you a Watchtower. This is the nature of the game that all religion plays, but when me and dude are building it is like slow chess. Now I use to play speed chess in Medina but on the Grandmaster level the game of chess is slow and meditative, and the moves are quality moves. I never make offensive moves in the Bible study, slowly I allow the opening moves to take shape. Last week we ran into the fundamental Achilles Heel in all Jehovah Witnesses and many Christian doctrines. They believe that all of man is 6000 years old (Ironic, Right!?) but ultimately we know and understand scientifically that the Original Man is much older than 6000 years old. Now I don't attack his point right away, like Rakim said, "I wait-cause I mastered this..." So this week I did my research on a multiplicity of indigenous cultures throughout the world and the numbers go as far back as 75,000 years. I need not go any further back: 69,000 years is enough of a deficit for him to explain. I presented this information to him, along with the Carbon 14 dating process and I didn't do it combatively nor with a one 'upsmanship' attitude attached to it. But I laid the information in front of him like an impartial objective scientist or an indifferent Attorney.

He dismissed the data as a hoax, as a ploy by Satan to mislead man away from Jehovah's Kingdom. His only response was "Do you believe in the bible William (Emblem)?" I told him I did, but that the bible should correlate to Jehovah's scientific mind. He insisted that Adam was made by God in 4026 B.C.. He also admitted that if Scientific Data was introduced and man was in fact older than 6000 years it would disrupt the timeline and void a lot of the Biblical claims Jehovah Witnesses propagate. A flimsy house of cards is easy to blow down. Well anyway he gives me a lot of info from the Jehovah Witness that does indeed attempt to align itself with science, but they pick and choose with Mathematics and Science. They do their best to stay a few steps ahead of the average everyday Joe blow. Next week I will give him his Retarded Boy back and act like I'm striving to disprove the Carbon 14 process, the history of ancient civilizations, and prove that centuries of scientific research by Europeans and Original people is invalid. Reverse psychology indeed! But of course it will be cumbersome, and loads of evidence will have to be disproven, which is in most cases impossible because most scientists Original and European agree. Will he loose his religious mind? Probably not! But it will be interesting to see his reactions to hard science courtesy of yours truly: Retarded Boy


Friday, August 7, 2009

Mathology: Emblem Meets Master Fard Muhammad. Part One

Marijuana is a helluva gateway drug. I was blazin some funk, drifted off to rest and a wavy fog hovered above me to the sound of a harp being lightly strummed-indicating I was about to start dreaming (like on the sit-coms and shit). I was at Show and Prove in Harriet Tubman, buildin' with some Gods in a cipher and in the middle of breaking down some degrees, I glanced over to the far corner. I did a double take, a triple take, then a quadruple take. My mouth dropped, and quietly-in sheer astonishment I mouthed the words, "Get-da-fuck-outta-here!". It was Master Wallace Fard Muhammad reading the Quran. I looked around and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Nobody else was paying him any mind, it was like no one could seed him but me. Slowly I approached him. He sat silently reading in the corner, quietly minding his business. My eyebrows and forehead were furrowed in utter disbelief.

"Peace" I greeted him, standing less than three feet from da God.
"As-Salaam Alaikum."
"It's you ain't it?" I asked.
"Yes sir."
"Awww shit! I knew it was you! Get da fuck outta here!" I could not contain myself. A lot of Gods talk about this First-born and that First- born, and stories about the Father and whatnot but I was lookin dead at the nigga who started da whole shit in North America. This was da Dude who asked Elijah "Who is the Original Man?".

"What da fuck you doin' here God?!"
"It's Show and Prove. I come to be with my Universal Family." he answered.
"Peace to da God! God we gotz to build Lord, lets step outside!" Me and da God started toward the exit of Harriet Tubman. "It'z so much shit I want to ask you. We started to walk toward Allah School in Mecca slowly, and no one seemed to recognize the pivotal figurek in Asiatic history I was walkin' with. Everyone nonchanlantly walked passed us both.

"God I know you hot as fuck in that suit. You want to sit in my whip? I'll turn on the air and we can build."
"No Sir. I prefer we sit and chat in my vehicle." Master Fard answered.
"Where's your cee Allah rule at God?" I said, looking both ways up and down the street, trying to figure out which whip Allah came in. Da God pointed up. I looked up in the sky and ain't see shit. "What da fuck is you talkin' 'bout God?"

At that moment he touched his national pin on the lapel of his suit jacket and said, "Two, to beam up Elijah."

"What da..." I couldn't finish my sentence because my atoms and molecules started to breakdown. Me and da God dematerialized right there on a 125th street in broad fuckin' day light.

"...fuck!!" I exclaimed, finishing my sentence as I re-materialized in the Mothership's transporter room a split second later.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! What da fuck!!!This da movafuckin' movaship son? This shit real?! You bullshittin! God I ain't know this shit was real. I thought you and Elijah was bullshittin'. I know this big movafucka ain't good on gas. What's da monthly payment on this bitch?"

The Mothership had white shag carpeting, velvet posters from the 70's with beautiful black women with afros, black tittie balls and a big ass disco ball hung from the ceiling. There was a Nike poster of Michael Jordan doin' his famous dunk, where he looks like he's laying down in the air.

"Take your shoes off God, make your self at home." Master Fard politely requested removing his Stacy Adams. "Nigga I don't know if you want that. I been in these Timz wit no socks on all movafuckin' day God. You might have to open some windows on this bitch, cause my feet will blow this shit out. Da God Fard clapped his hands twice on some 'King' shit and two MGT came out of a side door of the transporter room, sat me down, took my timz off and sponged down my feet with soapy, warm water. I giggled cause the shit was tickling as they washed my feet.

"You got da MGT up here washin' a niggaz feet: you ballin' God!" I said with a big ass grin on my face. Then the MGT put these red Nike slippers on my feet. Apparently Master Fard Muhammad dug Nike. The MGT bowed to me, then backing away and returned into the side door from which they came.

The Transporter doors opened, and Master Fard told me to follow him.

"Wallace-for a high yellow nigga-you a fly movafucka son. I must admit!" I said, walking behind him.

"Where we goin God?"

As soon as I asked, two doors automatically opened, it was the main control room, and there he was: The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he didn't look a day over 25. He was sittin' at the control panel, with his feet up listening to 'Ready Or Not' by the Fugees.

"Peace to da God!!!" I yelled, moving toward the console. Elijah took his feet off the console, and stood up and gave me a pound and a 'bump' shoulder thug-hug.

"Everybody think you dead back on da Planet Lord. You look younger than me God! You on some 'How to Eat To Live' shit for real!" I said.

Elijah smiled a warm smile that only he could smile. "No sir. This is a brand new body."

"Yall Godz making brand new bodies up this bitch? How much them movafuckuz cost? I want one!" I glanced at Fard and told him "You don't look a day over 25 either God."

"This is my original body. I eat one bowl of bean soup every five years." Master Fard answered.

"One bowl of bean soup every five fuckin' years?!! Nigga I know your stomach growlin'!!! Yall got somethin' to eat up this bitch? I'm hungry den a movafucka and I ain't a vegan son!"

"What would you like Emblem?" Master Fard Muhammad asked.

"Whiting fish, cabbage, brown rice, corn bread and a slice of heated bean pie with melted butter dripping on top. And a tall glass of cold soy milk."

Fard clapped his hands again and three MGT came out this time, bringing me the grub on a silver platter. One MGT tucked a napkin under my chin and the other two sat the food gently down before me. All three backed off quietly and quickly.

"Yall really ballin' wit that 'clappin' shit and the 'bitches'...oops... Excuse me. I mean the 'Queens' come out bringing whatever. Clap me some weed up dis bitch. Ain't nuffin' like a blunt after dinner. I know yall gonna tell me da whole shit from triple darkness to nowaday. I want to know it all, how all this shit started?"

"We're gonna share all of our information with you Emblem and we have something better than weed. We have something from the planet Archientist. It's called shawazza." Elijah said.

"Weed from another planet?!!! All hell yeah!!!" I was looking forward to them clapping me a blunt of that shit.