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Pimp Rules No Longer Apply

"Pimp Rules No Longer Apply"-To make this statement in the midst of modern capitalism is blasphemous to many engaged in the pursuit of happiness. A Pimpish ideology permeates the entire hip hop world right now, and has become acceptable in many original cipherz. "You a pimp nigga!" or "That's pimpin" are phrases of admiration, and a show of esteem from one peer to another. As quick as the eye blinks, in a terrific speed anyone can fall victim to being lulled to sleep by this 'so-called' compliment. The glorification of pimping if allowed to live is the snake that can sting someone else with the quickness of a King Cobra. The pimp's psychology borns residual ideas annexed to a pimp's initial idea of plans for exploitation. Back in the day some Gods, many I know (including myself) use to call the book 'Pimp' by Iceberg Slim 'The Bible'. At the time I already had 120 and even back then My 120 was sharp as a Samurai's sword, but the understanding of 120, Supreme Math and Supreme Alphabet was not fully felt. Understanding is 'felt wisdom' meaning you got to experience those degrees before you can qualify them, disqualify them as relevant and right and exact.

As the Wisdom Build degree borns many of Yacub's rules and regulations to make devil, pimping too has rulez and regulationz-grafted rulez and regulationz to make a whore, and ultimately to keep a wisdom from rising to her fullest equality. A pimp is not focused on drawing this woman up into the Earth's rotation, his primary focus is to experiment with the high explosives of her emotionz and cause perpetual Earthquakes in her third. A woman who chooses to become a whore is a woman who is traveling every step of the way in the fine midst and wrong direction of a nervous breakdown. The failure to cope with the 21 cipherz of her nerves, and her mental and emotional swift and changeable currents of air causes an emotionally ecological imbalance in the atmosphere of the complexity of all 21 of her life's cipherz. A pimp constantly chipz away at her self-esteem to born whore. This is the process of animalization ('Her' gone Savage). Pimps put her in a mental prison house so she cannot possess or find the knowledge of herself, for if she did she would not be a whore. A whore is a woman who has lost the knowledge of herself and is living a beast life. If the pimp had knowledge of himself he would not look at himself or define himself as a pimp.

Back in the day when Gods like myself called the book 'Pimp' The Bible: This was not right and exact. We justified this filthy affair by proclaiming that we only read Iceberg Slim to preserve the best part for ourselves, and we honestly did try to find parallels between 'God' and 'Pimp'. We were searching for that-that did not exist. Nowaday as I examine these grafted ideas from an older Gods perspective I realize there is absolutely no parallel between God and Pimp. None! Back then I was able to quote 120 swiftly, but my understanding was not mature, proving that finishing 120 in terms of memorization means absolutely nothing if it is not properly understood and applied. Pimp rules like 'cop and blow' I would parallel to 'One piece had magnetic' which was completely incorrect now that I look back. Ultimately 'Magnetism' is 'Righteousness'-'cop and blow' is 'Self-Righteousness'. Righteousness is when you truly draw Wisdom up to the highest equality, righteousness is when you knowledge the Earth's mental soil, the richness of it, uprooting the weeds that choke her vegetation, the poisonous insect therein and grow and make a 'planet' from the beginning. This is the reality of knowing every square inch of her. Righteousness is when you understand the Earth as Allah's sacred Garden. A pimp does not preserve the best part, nor does he have the mental giftz to cultivate and calculate the best part of a woman. A pimp focuses on desert, desolation, and deepening an already ignorant woman's internal void. He advocates that she goes savage in that unforgiving emotional desert, he advocatez that she looses the knowledge of herself in that desert. The pimp ropez and bindz her in and holds her in the caves of a dark, dank depression. The pimp capitalizes on all her internal doubts, her self-esteem issues, he focuses on using her for a tool and also a slave, keeping her blind to herself so that he can master her. This is not the wayz and actionz of God. God makes knowledge born, God makes her orbit smoothly around him. God borns the understanding of Sunshine, God murders four devils and freely travels to Mecca to build. 'Truth' of the matter: is that God murderz pimpz. The whole psychology of a pimp is grafted from that which is truly original. Unfortunately most pimps are characterized as blackmen, but this is the result of the wrong mental foods making the so-called big man other than himself. Ultimately the pimp is the corporate 10 percent in America, and the international 10 percent throughout the world who blood suck original people throughout the Earth through debt and theft of natural resources.

Many young Gods come at me with questions concerning wisdomz, it's natural. Many still have an 85 pin implanted in their dome-usually their conflicted by 85 ideas, 85 thoughtz, 85 wayz and actionz with the Wayz and Actionz of being the True and Living God. I understand. Upon getting 120 an individual feels empowered-usually at the time it is 'power' without refinement. Their conflicted with 10 percent ideaz, 10 percent thoughtz, and 10 percent wayz and actionz. That too I understand. Interestingly enough this part of a God's Quran is marked by the most miscalculationz in this God's Growth and Development- showing and proving that a little bit of knowledge is dangerous. This period of Quran is marked by a great deal of ego and arrogance signifying the birth of a great Sun. Such a period can last indefinitely if a genuine effort is not made to transform one's state of mind to the Elevated Places of the Most High. Ultimately when you have 120, Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet and are on some 10 percent bullshit in termz of your wayz and actions it is up to you to ask truly 'What is His own Self?'. Keep 120, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math raw like China White Coke. The memorization of 120, Supreme Alphabet, and Supreme Math don't make you righteous. You’re not righteous until you born righteousness. Back in the day I would step on coke, like every other dealer to stretch it, and to get more dough, similarly I use to step on 120, Supreme Alphabet, and Supreme Math to serve my ends. I could use 'Take Jerusalem from the Devil' to mean letz go rob somebody. You can make 120, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math do what you want it to do, either for purposes of righteousness or for unrighteousness. Don't be a savage in the pursuit..., and that is what a pimp is-A savage in the pursuit of a false idea of what he thinks happiness is.

As humans we all are manipulative to some extent, so I'm not gonna say I'm not, but I will say my intentions in what I write is not to manipulate you toward that which is unrighteous but to that which is righteous. The purpose behind my every sentence is to push you to look in the mirror. I'm not going to tell you what I want you to see. It is up to you to be honest with yourself as to what you cee in the internal mirror of Self. Use no one to destroy them unless you see that they're coming to destroy you first. Leave that pimp and whore ideology alone, that shit is poisonous. Simply Be God or Be Earth and don't dilute, mix or tamper with being God with 85 percent or 10 percent bullshit.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dr. Malachi Z. York: Master of Mind Control

After Elijah died, my old Earth wasn't feeling Warith Deen Muhammad. My old Earth did the knowledge on Warith for a while and she noticed that slowly he was moving the Nation away from the teachings of the Messenger. Like any young black woman with knowledge of self my mother was driven to keep learning even after Elijah's death. At seven years old I use to pick up books way beyond my depth to look at the pictures and pick out what sentences I could understand. For those that don't know Dr. York A.K.A. Imam Isa was fluent in Quranic Arabic and I have always dug the magnetic of Arabic letters, so I would look at his books. Dr. York was super intelligent, I would go as far as to say his IQ was well beyond what is characterized as your average genius. His memory was damn near photographic if not fully photographic, he was quick witted, and his charisma was like lightening. Even though I looked at his books as a seven year old child-something about him rubbed me the wrong way. All young boyz have 'womanizer' radar to protect their mothers and I was no different. Dr. York had a look on his face like he might try to do the 'hootchie cootchie' with my mom. Dr. York was definitely a 'movafucka' in every sense of the word even then I could see it. Dr. York was a musician he recorded with mad groups back in the day; Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, The Delfonics, Evelyn Champagne King and many others. During the disco era he had these posters and billboardz all around Philly, New York, and Jersey in which he was sitting in this wicker chair with this white suit on with a big ass dinner plate medallion on his chest looking like a cold pimp. At the sight of it-as a young boy I knew that wasn't how F.O.I. rock it, and the F.O.I. were my chief male role models as a child. My mother asked me about what I thought of him(Dr. York) and I told her that he wasn't the Honorable Elijah Muhammad so we shouldn't follow him. I said it plainly and continued to play with this bad ass Hotwheel, Speed Racer Mach Five car-and that was that. Dr. York A.K.A. Imam Isa's books went in the dusty cellar.

My mother asked me how I felt about him because Dr. York had her sparked on some level now that I look back. Keep in mind my mother was well versed in the teachings of Elijah, she was a Sister Captain in the Nation and Deen of girls at the University of Islam-so she was swift-but even with what she knew, this nigga York was so nice with his bullshit that he made her look twice. Now suppose neither me nor my mother would have had a background in Islam? The nightmare would have begun. Many young women, and young men were absolutely ignorant in regard to knowledge of self in the 70's and they fell victim to this very intelligent manipulative man. York had a gift of gab that was beyond belief. Minister Farrakhan is an orator, meaning he is well spoken, his charisma, and his knowledge shows through clearly. His speeches contain a natural flow of high and low, he has a raspy voice, and the ebb and flow of it is civilized. Farrakhan generally makes you feel inspired at the end of his speech regardless if you follow him or not. Dr. York on the other hand was not an orator, he didn't deliver speeches, his style was a cross between a fast talking jail house hustler, and a slick talking pimp. He left those that followed him feeling more confused after the speech than before they started listening to him. His stories were fantastic, wilder than Star Wars or some Hollywood science fiction shit. He told his followers stories about Alomar, Crill, Saad and that he himself was from the Planet Zeta Reticulli-he told people he could float, walk through walls and a whole bunch of other outlandish shit. Nuwabian brothers always make me squint my eyes in horror, shock and dismay because I can't believe that they believe that shit. It blows my fuckin mind. Christians believe that Jesus is coming back out of sky, and I chalk that up to tradition (no harm no foul), but these Nuwabians with all do respect believe the wildest shit.

Yes Elijah came at Original People with the MotherShip (No harm no foul)I draw the mothership up as symbolic to a plane of thought, a high plane of ideas, and connecting with the fabric of the universe Yada, yada, yada, yada-no big deal-I don't hold the mothership against Elijah or Fard. Interesting enough the Father wasn't on that 'Mothership shit', I guess Allah thought like me, 'until that shit land on a hundred and twenty fifth street in Harlem the dice game gonna keep on nigga'. The Father ain't spit no Star Trek shit, he told us, "I Allah am your older brother, You God to, get your own understanding, don't be puttin' me on no pedastool, you can be just as great as me and pass that joint little nigga." See I can't help but love somebody who keepz that shit real. To truly free somebody is to take your self off a pedastool.

Dr. York not only put his self on a Pedastool he put his self on another fuckin' planet, he was hypnotic on some Jim Jones, David Karresh type shit. And my one Uncle use to hustle coke with a few of them Ansar catz, he told me Dr. York had a Sex Jones that was from the planet Zeta Reticuli. They said he wanted to fuck everything in the room, when the nigga came in the room the gold fish stopped swimmin. Every open hole was fair game in Dr. York's eyes. He told his followers that they could only get physical in the 'green room' every three months. They say this nigga got over a hundred babies (Goddamn!!), and when he got indicted they hit him with 200 counts of child molestation. The Federal prosecutor reduced the counts from a thousand plus. Some say it was a conspiracy aimed at him-get the fuck out of here! Prosecutor ain't gonna make up no Goddamn a hundred counts of child molestation. Michael had two counts, but he also had a billion dollars that the parents of the children were after. But in Dr. York's case: Hell naw. Now he is in a maximum Facility (ADX) in Florence Colorado, his inmate# 17911-054 his projected release date is December 15, 2119. But sense he's from the planet Zeta Reticuli he doesn't age like we do-so chances are when he's released he'll look exactly the same, and he has the ability to speed up or slow down time, he can even go back in time. If he wanted to-he could evaporate from his prison cell, sometime he astro projects and you can see him in the sky flying over Brooklyn on a clear night. Nigga Please!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Emblem Arrested For Drug Possession

July 24, 2014 CNN Headline News

"In Today's top stories, the rockstar-like writer Emblem was pulled over while driving on I-95 North today. Sgt. Winslow Smith, a Pennsylvania state trooper noticed that the Black SUV was traveling at a high rate of speed."

"What started off as a routine traffic stop ended up being a major drug bust”, the State Trooper told reporters.

"I noticed he was acting suspicious, and I asked him if I could check the trunk. I saw the anxiety in his face, so I asked him to step out the vehicle and called for back up. Emblem didn't agree to the initial search, so I called the K-9 Unit, they arrived about ten minutes later. The police dog indicated that a controlled substance was in fact in the rear of the vehicle. Given 'probable cause' I opened the trunk and there it was, 5 kilos of Facebook, and 3 pounds of Myspace. Later at the station 13 ounces of Twitter was found stashed under the famous writer's testicles."

"The high profile celebrity writer and 6 time winner of the Platinum Pen Award denied that the confiscated drugs were his. After posting a Million dollar bond Emblem was briefly interviewed outside of the courthouse."

"The drugs were not mine, they were planted, I would never sell Facebook, or Myspace to the communities in this country. I've been framed and I'm sure that justice will indeed prevail. That's all for now. Peace."

"Were gonna go to our Criminal correspondent: Skip Duggan-Skip what's the latest?"

Well sources have determine that the 6 time Platinum Pen winner was in rehab for “statusing” on Facebook and that two years previous he was snorting Myspace. This is a clip of the famous writer's 2011 interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"I was at a party you know-having a good time with some Gods and Earths-a Earth offers me a Myspace profile, I said, hey why not. When I tried it-it was a new world. Next thing I know I was thinking about the things I would write to others and what others would write to me. It changed my worldview of friendship as I knew it. I grew up on the stoop-step in the hood talking to friends, playing with friends, fighting with friends. The emotional bonds were real. They were tangible. You could touch them. After I snorted a line of Myspace, the next thing I knew I was addicted. I knew I had a problem, so I sought help, got off the stuff and shut down my profile, and I was cool. When I won my 6th Platinum Pen Award, I was at another party, and an Earth offers me a Facebook profile, and she told me-"Hey it's completely safe-it's not like that Myspace junk. The high is so grown up!" So I try it, but this time I snort it through the blackberry head implant, meaning I had the drug on hand whenever I wanted. I could status whenever, people would respond, and it too was cool-but then I realized that all these social networking drugs were ultimately destructive. Deleting 'friends', requesting 'friends', it was worst than crack. After I heard the story about the lady who committed suicide after her internet implant chip was cut I knew it was all bull#$#$#. It was a trick that government agencies were using to manipulate the public, they were tracking us, it was classical conditioning just like Ivan Pavlov did with the dogs in Russia. Myspace and Facebook and Twitter were forms of social tracking, social control, and a ploy for massive psychological manipulation. So I kicked the habit cold turkey, and I've been clean and sober about 9 months now."

"Emblem you don't think your being the least bit paranoid? I mean come on-it's just a social networking site."

"A bill is presently on the floor of congress right now to make Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook classified as illegal drugs because scientist have proven that it causes highly addictive just like cocaine or heroin. Women are selling their bodies to keep their internet head implants on, just so they can check who commented on their status. We haven't seen this type of destructive behavior in communities since crack hit the black communities in the mid eighties."

Clip over-

"As you know that bill was passed into law a year after Emblem's interview, and to see the poster boy-or poster God who so fervently advocated against these illegal substances get caught carrying such a large quantity of Facebook, Myspace and Twitter is very ironic. Back to you Steve."

Anchor Newscaster:
"I have Dr. Francis Hill, a psychiatrist with us to explain the ravaging effects of these social networking substances. Welcome Dr. Hill. Can you explain to our viewers why social networking sites are deadly and dangerous drugs."

"Well in 2009 the Obama adminstration discovered that under the Bush administration that Dick Cheney after 911 as a black ops program not listed as a part of the Patriot Act enlisted L.A. computer programmer Tom-the famous icon on Myspace to come up with a device for social control. Myspace was designed by government psychologist as a mechanism to track al-Qaeda operatives seeking to pull off another 911. It was a way of tracking cyber traffic, identifying key words like 'Allah', or 'Jihad', it was a major tool, but the initial program failed and became more of a place for teenagers, so they upgraded, and the Facebook program was born-, they took out some of the bells and whistles on Myspace and launched this program primarily at adults to identify anti-American sentiment. When the Obama administration got wind of the program, and saw just what the Bush admistration had up it's sleeve they shut it down. This is the reason why former president Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney are in Federal prison as we speak. Unfortunately Obama was vetoed by congress when he tried to stop the Blackberry brain chip as you know it was the first smart phone implanted in the brain of humans."

"Dr. Hill can you tell us just how deadly these social networking sites are when acting in concert with the Neuro Blackberry chip."

"High definition digital is in full effect throughout the world, people now have blackberry neuro chips in their head, someone can access their e-mail just by thinking about it. The reason why social networking sites became so deadly is because telecommunication, and neurochemistry became a recipe for disaster. It gave birth to residual 'telepathy'. People were able to status their thoughts just by thinking about them, putting cell phone devices in people's head was a horrible idea, if Bluetooth was said to cause cancer what do you think this Blackberry Neuro chip is doing? It's a matter of time before we see the damage this is going to cause. Well anyway there were residual thoughts-So many thoughts were in the atmosphere that people were literally having nervous break downs while driving to work. Last year the death toll on American's road ways were a half million-50,000 times that of drunk driving. People can not think anymore, not to mention that a real friend now a days is almost impossible to find. Unfortunately all our friends our in our heads. This is why everybody appears schizophrenic."

"Thank you Dr. Hill. For those just joining us-Six time Platinum Pen winner Emblem of Justice: arrested today-carrying 5 kilos of Facebook, 3 pounds of Myspace and 13 ounces of Twitter. Those top stories and more when we return."

Commercial-"Do you have hemorrhoids?...

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Agriculture: The Mathematics of Making Earth

The greatest scientist on the Planet Earth is a 'farmer'. He is the reality of 'Maker', Owner, Cream. A farmer is traditionally portrayed as a quiet, hardworking, simple man. His face is usually stoic, not too many smiles, and he's very stern and focused. He gets up at the crack of dawn every morning, and usually schedules out his entire day in his head: no forms, no 'to do' list, nobody has to tell him what to do-he just does what has to be done. A farmer doesn't punch a clock, and his only supervisor is the rain and the soil.

In knowledge to knowledge the cipher, the idea is brought to the forefront in three degrees: The equality, God, and build degree all manifest the idea of 'Useful land', though the degreez gets into the quantity of how much is used by each man, the reality is that useful land is useful land. Old school Nation degrees use to born the phrase,'Producing land'-or land that can produce. At my justice cipher born I work with a few farmers: rednecks who own heads of cattle, chickens, and various other livestock. Some of the farmers produce soy, various grains, corn, and other types of vegetables. 'Where da hell does Emblem live?' Well I moved to small town USA from Brooklyn USA about equality years ago. I was in desperate need of hearing my ownself think and now I can hear me. Well anyway working with some of these farmers, learning how to shoot properly on their land, building with 'em about engines, animals, soil has taught me the reality of what I did not learn in the streets. Now this is not about farming, but it is about the subtlety of making Earth produce.

Every original person who was brought over here was forced to farm to some extent. White people told us what to do and our people did it for free and for fear of death and the lash. Many of those original people learned agriculture, though they did not know how to read, or write-they learned to read the weather better than doppler radar. They could feel the weather in their old bones, they could predict the yield of a harvest by the dirt between their fingers and were able to sense whether soil was loosing its richness. These Original slave field hands were masters of farming. Though they were victims of the greatest human atrocity in the history of the Earth, they were building on the science of agriculture deep in their third eye. Slave masters became dependant and could not live without the wisest slave field hand, no matter how old this field hand became, they eventually taught the white man about the fields in his plantation. The slave master relied on the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of these original people because they had seen so many seasons past and understood cycles and the trends of time.

Now what does all of this have to do with 'Making Earth'? Well firstly the blackwoman is the Earth-I assume if you’re reading this you already know this. The Planet Earth is the Home of I Self Lord And Master-Earth is where God lives. Elijah, The Father, and other great men in Asiatic World History have born to us that God is not a Mystery in the sky, so the reality of God is on Earth indeed. If she is your Home, this means that Your Kingdom is born from her-it would stand to reason that taking the science of teaching her from knowledge to born to produce the knowledge power of how to Cee-I-Power-Her to Her Power I Cee is to show and prove that which is right and exact. Predicting history a year to every mile is Bible(Farmer's Almanac)-if your prediction is 'generally speaking', but if God's prediction from the year One which is 'Now' is right and exact and Holy than your prediction born Holy Quran. How do you born Holy Scrolls to The True and Living Earth's Soul? Power manifest that Jerusalem must be taken, and that Christ Consciouness is buried there. Raise Christ consciousness from the Black Womb that is founded in peace is the reality of taking Jerusalem from the devil. We gave him the 'Power' to rule the Earth for Equality add three, knowledging that understanding manifest what is his ownself into Infinite Layers to no ending-knowledging that understanding again borns a chance from a mental death. In the culture degree they caused trouble amongst the righteous at the root of knowledge God which is Civilization. Knowledging that Wisdom is Love-Love born Hell when held to a singular current of an emotion. High Explosives Make Love elevate when God knowledges the Build and realizes all that above is caused by Him even the swift and changeable currents in Her, he can cause the current to transform from cold to warm when he takez her third eye from Knowledge to born. When it's warm its right, not too Cold which born Hail and Ice, and not to Hot which born desolation, no vegetation and desert. A warm current of air in peace allows God to show and prove that his equality is the 'Most Peace'. Al Salaam is the Most Peace-his eyes and ears do the knowledge to a wisdom's, words, ways and actions. You show and prove the Most High, when you show and prove the elevation of the open ear, a man who don't listen can't Make useful land into a producing planet because he manifest wisdom out of his mouth 24/7: blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, even though he show and prove wisdom he's not holding the silent foundation of knowledge. Knowledge which is Man keepz his trap shut, and does the knowledge. Knowledge proves itself to Self in silence. It is Wisdom that is Woman or Word who borns out of Silence. Out of this Silence a child is born which is the Understanding-proving Wisdoms bond to life-this is why word is bond, but the question asks, 'Have you not 'heard'-'heard' being the key word. 'Have you not heard' is a contrapositive phrase which is really a way of a man knowledging his knowledge to shut da fuck up. I know some Gods who will talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and they wonder why they have never made a True and Living Earth right and exact. In Philly there is a word called 'Nut'-a 'Nut' in Philly is another word for 'sucker'. A 'Nut' can't make knowledge born because he only speaks to show how wise he is. That is like a man dressing up in women's clothes. Shut da fuck up and listen to the Wiz and make useful land produce on the best part.


Friday, July 17, 2009

The Ninety Nine Attributes Of Allah

I am mean to some. Once an ex-student called me 'Abrasive'. Am I evil? Hell no! If I call somebody a name-it usually is based on the Truth. I have this tendency to be awfully accurate in my assessments of individuals. If I call you a pussy-usually I'm right, if I call you a'fake ass, bitch ass nigga'-usually I'm right. If I call your wayz and actions like those of a snake of the grafted type-usually I'm right. My problem is not that I'm usually right, but my Qualub(heart) usually getz real gangsta with the situation, and fails to find peaceful resolve. Yeah it's one thing to say that I'm right-it is another thing to gloat about it or rub it in. Emblem rubs that shit in-so in that regard I am wrong for doing such. I recognize that it is a very mean spirited practice. If you know somebody is a bitch ass nigga it is not righteous to rub that shit in-that is mean spirited. My temperment has been in question lately. I've brung it into question, it is up to me to assess it, and cure it, which is the meaning of Self Savior.

I have high blood pressure, men in my family notoriously keel over from heart attacks and being mean spirited does not help with high blood pressure. Our understanding born degree builds on fasting and praying, and the Quran and traditional Islam calls prayers 'Salat'. Can you meditate 5 times a day daily? As Gods we stay away from the term 'prayer'(Even though it's in 120). I understand why we stay away from it-but we don't stay away from 'meditation' which is for the sake of semantics another word for prayer. No Arabic word can be truly accurately translated into English-so my 'salat' I call my meditation. Some amongst us would like to divide meditation and prayer but they are essentially the same things. I prefer the lotus position in meditation, kind of like a Kung Fu Grand Master high on a Mountain wit the long white hair and beard and shit (Thatz that fly shit). Meditation is about emptying the mind of thoughts, and truly finding peace amidst all the confusion of day to day events. I really need to practice this meditative form of prayer on a daily basis because I am a hyper movafucka, at 40 I got a lot of energy, a lot of mental traffic flows through my third. So I need to find peace within.

I am quick to anger. Being quick to anger is not in anyway a virtue. I was studying the bible yesterday and reading that Cain slew Abel because his younger brother was favored in God's eyes. Well you know I 'drawz' it up, and I realize how much fire is in me-it is very good to be fiery, but it is not all the time healthy, particularly if you become consumed with your fire. I still got that 'let's get in the middle of street and settle this shit' mentality-them North Philly, Brooklyn and Chi-Town streets are still carved in my third. So presently I'm working on my temperament. I have been using the ninety nine attributes of Allah and meditating on them. I draw up the ninety nine attributes of Allah as the qualities that need to be cultivated within. Al-Rahman is my favorite Surah in the Quran and the First Attribute of Allah. Al Rahman is The Compassionate. So I have been meditating on compassion-a quality that I have but during moments of anger and rage I lack. Rahman is an Attribute of Allah and I must cultivate the reality of Rahman in Me. 'Raheem' is my name-actually-my Ole Earth born it to me as a nick name, and I ran with it. So Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem is basically the duty of a civilized person, every time you teach a person you manifest Compassion and Mercy. Al Malik is Da King, and that manifest as the knowledge knowledge in our Supreme Alphabet and a King keepz it word is bond. And I do that but sometimes the words of this King can be somewhat abrasive. Al Quddus is the Holy One, The most pure, the most Perfect. The born degree manifest that Holy is something that has not been diluted, mixed or tampered with in any form. To me that means keep the math raw and uncut, and this is part of the reason I am considered 'abrasive'-I don't water shit down. Nigga if you a bitch you a bitch but again I have to temper that with Al Rahman-The Compassionate. Al Mu'min is Allah the Guarantor, the Self Affirming, the Granter of Security, and the Affirmer of Truth. I draw those attributes up as something that I indeed have to cultivate within. It subtly represents power refinement when you really meditate on 'em. Al Muhaymin is The Protector, this represents in my third the knowledge-and you know how we say, "'Knowledge' is the foundation of everything in existence as the Blackman is the foundation to his family." We gotta be the Protector. Al Jabbar is the Powerful, the Irresistible, and the Compeller. Basically Jabbar is another way of saying you the piece with the magnetic in it Sun. Al Mutakabbir is the Tremendous, I mean when we show and prove What makes Rain, Hail, Snow and Earthquakes-that is indeed a manifestation of Allah-the Tremendous. Al Khaliq is the Creator, when you get into that mode, that zone, that is writing, painting, making music, dancing, learning, pondering and building-all of that in us-represents Al Khalaq-The Creator.

That Al Khalaq vibe also corresponds with that 'grown or made from the beginning' born in the born degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture. Al Bari is The Rightful-I cee 'rightful ownership', 'rightful thinking indeed, and growth into the reality of our own righteousness. Al Musawwir shows and proves Allah as the Fashioner of forms. Proving maker, and Builder, Educator and Enlightener. When you teach the babies you 'fashion' the mind, and shape it. Al Qahhar is the Compelling Subduer. I draw that up as bringing something close to you that is a negative agent: a snake, a devil, a challenge and subduing it-it is the reality of destroying the devil in one day manifested in the understanding build degree. Al Wahhab is the Bestower, when you manifest Supreme Math to an individual you have truly Bestowed a gift among gifts to an individual. You have granted them a Blessing. The Father gave us Math in Quality, not Quantity so he truly showed and proved Al Wahhab. Al Razzaq is the Ever Providing-if you have them babies God you got to 'Provide' God-Build-and- Born degree. Period! It ain't a game Fam. Al Fatah is the Opener, and the Victory Giver. When you learn to open Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet, 120 and Holy Quran you have been given an internal Victory. Learning to apply it is an ongoing, never ending process. Al Alim is the All Knowing and the Omniscient-showing and proving the reality of the understanding God degree of 'All I Ceeing'. Al Qabid is The Restrainer and The Straightener, I had to meditate on Al Qabid when I saw Deen outside of the Casino in Atlantis, nigga could have got knocked fuck out if I wasn't building on the 245th verse of Baqara which borns Al Qabid. You lucky your Enlightener is damn near a Hafiz of Quran or you would have swallowed your teeth nigga. You 'smiley' Movafucka. "Al Quabid-Al Quabid-Al Quabid-Al Quabid!!!!!!"You have to invoke the quality in your life as a Mantra of sorts, showing and proving 'Word' is bond to Life. Al Basit is the Expander. I build on this quality to Expand my heart, open it up, not only for bravery but for love, and forgiveness. Also this attribute of Allah is to remind us to Expand our context in 120, Supreme Math, and Supreme Alphabet. It is the expansion of context that allows our Understanding to become more Universal and fluid in its application. Nobody wants to carry math like a Goddamn robot-living Math is about being Organic. Al Khafid is the Abaser, check the YouTube Video of Sadaam Hussien before he is about to be hung. This man went from ruling a country as it's dictator, possessing all kinds of wealth and now he walked to the gallows with a trench coat with weights in it-to gaurantee his neck would snap. This is the reality of Al Khafid. No matter how famous you are-how grand you are-you will be abased. I meditate that when I am abased it will not be in disgrace. You should to. Al Rafi is the Exalter. Wyclef Jean is a perfect example of a man who walked into the energy of Al Rafi-he came from a hut and he is giving back to his homeland in Hatti. Learn to harmonize with the internal quality of Al Rafi that is within. Al Muizz is the giver of Honor. What does it mean to be honorable? I am learning, but in all that I learn-I will continue to call it like I cee it-sometimes that makes me appear somewhat 'crude' but it is not dishonorable. Pull know punches and be honest even in the midst of trial and tribulation. Great teachers are also givers of honors. So teach, represent Allah in the form of Al Muizz and bestow honor via enlightening others. Al Mudhill is the Giver of Dishonor. That is the reality of being abased, and being stripped of honors once held. "Oh Emblem is such a great writer.. but did you hear he embezzled a hundred Grand from Allah School?" (Not like we got anywhere near a hundred grand at Allah school but if such were the Truth I would have fallen victim to the quality of Al Mudhill.(Send your check or Money order to Allah School C/o Emblem)Psyche! just fuckin' wit chu. Al Sami is the All hearing, and Al Basir is the All Ceeing, showing and proving sound and light in the actual facts and the understanding God degree of being Ceen and heard. Al Hakam is the Judge, the Arbitrator. This opens up the knowledge cipher in the Supreme Alphabet, when we deal with Just I Cee Equality, and Just-Ice we are manifesting Al Hakam. Al Adl is the utterly Just, meaing no matter how the cipher spins, God must be Al Adl-utterly Just. Al Latif means the Gentle. Yo dude, be gentle with your wiz, your Earth, your Queen, your seeds, hold them because that is who you are. Niggaz always gotta be thuggy(me included)-chill out for a sec nigga. Al Khabir is the Aware, you know what that means "do the knowledge". So to do the knowledge is to invoke Al Khabir from within. Al Halim is the Forbearing, to me forbearing is an aspect of Mercy. Dropping Math is to deal with forbearance. Al Azim is the Infinite and the Magnificent, that is how we have to mentally roll knawmean. We always say Knowledge is Infinite, Al Azim proves that Allah is Infinite. Ash Shakur is the Grateful, what does an omnipotent being need to be grateful for? Being Grateful in it's highest is not just a matter of being a recipient. 'Grateful' at its highest is to have the ability to Give, and bestow favor. Be Grateful from the essence of your being. You are of the source-that has the abiltiy to bestow in abundance. Al Aliy is the Sublimely Exalted. Remember when Rakim said he don't need the spotlight because he already has light? Well that is what being Sublimely exalted means. It means to be instrumental but you don't egotistically posture. Al Kabir is The Great. Al Hafiz is What Emblem is determined to manifest, Al Hafiz is the Preserver. "Preserving the Best Part for your self." Is the true reality of what it means to be Al Hafiz. I would love to preserve 120, Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet and ultimately to become a Hafiz or Preserver of the Holy Quran hence the title 'Hafiz of Quran'. Al Muqit is the Nourisher, Al Hasib is the bringer of Judgment, Al Jalil is the Majestic, Al Karim is the Bountiful, Al Raqib is the Watchful, Al Mujib is the Responsive, Al Wasi is the Vast, Al Hakim is the Wise, Al Wadud is the loving.

Al Wadud is the Loving, a title we must all learn to be. To love, and to show beauty to one another. This is an Attribute that Emblem A.K.A. the 'Abrasive' one must work on. Al Majid is the Glorious, Al Ba-ith is the raiser of the dead, look at that knowledge understanding degree in that knowledge to culture the cipher. Al Shahid is the Witness-Jehovah Witnesses would love that attribute. Al Haqq is the Real. The Real is definitely what 'Em' bring. Keep it Al Haqq 100 percent all day everyday nigga. Al Wakil is the Trustee, and the Dependable proving you are held responsible for the uncivilized. Al Waliy is the Protecting friend, showing and proving that wisdom God in the knowledge to culture the cipher. Al Waliy proves that-that 'I John' Math is on point. Am I a good companion-you damn right. I will bust shot for those that I love, but the minute you cross me fucker-Your done! Al Qawwiyy is the Strong, and the reality of the wisdom build in terms of being healty and strong. Al Hamid is the All Praiseworthy. Praising ego? Emphatically Now cipher! Al Muhsi is the Numberer, or what I like to draw up as the ultimate Mathematician bringing us to the reality of Knowledge to born back to cipher. Al Mubdi is the Originator-if you can't find the Originator in 120 you don't need to be reading Emblem. Al Muid is the Restorer, basically can you repair something that has been severly damaged? Al Muhyi-Is the Giver of Life. We see life all around us: birds, treez, roaches, catz, antz, ratz, our babies. Allah is Al Muhyi-the Giver of Life. To understand this Attribute you have to have a foundation in triple darkness and realize oneness with all life throughout the Universe. Al Muhyi is on that 'I and I' Rasta Math and that 'No Beginning Nor Ending' Math. Al Mumit is the bringer of Death-"gotta go-gotta go-gotta go!" We all gotta go, so hey, in life travel light, because death tells you, "to come as you are.".

Death won't even let you change cloths first, Al Mumit just takes your ass. Al Mumit don't even care if your ass made Thriller. Al Mumit be like "So"-Time to go nigga. Al Hayy is the Ever Living. We all know that the Father got shot up in the elevator, but we also know that Supreme Mathematics manifest as Al Hayy the Ever Living. Al Qayyum is the Self Subsisting, I see Al Qayyum as, Yo, you got to be able to take care of yourself before you jump into a living situation with a Queen. Al Wajid is the Unfailing, meaning Allah don't fail fam, and in the Math I draw that up as 'Without falling victim to the devil civilization.' Al Majid is the Illustrious, Al Wahid is the Unique One, Al Ahad is the One, As Sammad is the Everlasting, Al Qadir is the All Able, Al Muqtadir is the Dominant-I draw that up as the Black germ in the blackman's body. Al Muqaddim is he who brings forward or what I like to see as the manifester of Quran. Al Muakhkhir is the Delayer.

Al Awwal is the Alpha. Al Akhir is the Omega, Az Zahir is the Victorious, Al Batin is the hidden, I draw Al Batin up as a fine midst. Al Wali is the Patron. Al Muta Ali is the Self Exalted. Al Barr is the Most Righteous. At Tawwab is the Ever Relenting. Al Muntaqim is the Avenger, Al Afuww is the Effacer of Sins. Ar Rauf is He who has pitty. Malik Al Mulk is Owner of All sovereignty. Dhu-Jalali Wal Ikram is the The Lord of Majesty and Genorosity. Al Jami is the Unifier. Al Ghaniyy is The Independent. Al Mughni is the Emancipator, Al Mani is the Witholder, Ad Darr is the Afflictor. An Naffi is the Benefactor, An Nur is the Light, Al Hadi is the Guide, Al Badi is the incomparable, Al Baqi is the Immutable One, Al Warith is the Heir, Ar Rashid is the Infallible Teacher, and As Sabur is the Patient. Wow! I did it, and if you read it you did it too! 99 Attributes of Allah can be found in 120, Supreme Math, and Supreme Alphabet if you look hard enough. You can find Yourself in the Attributes, invoke them, I know I need to invoke a few of them but ultimately the 99 attributes of Allah allow us to grow deeper into Supreme Mathematics if used properly.

Have a Peace Weekend,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grown And Made From The Beginning

My connection to Islam is unbreakable, being brought up in Philly-Islam was everywhere, "Salaama Laikum Ahki." can be heard up and down many blocks. Philly is deeply rooted in Islam, from the bow ties to the Sunnis to the Els and Beys, to the Gods and Earths-Philly is fueled by Islam. If you look at the names of a graduation list of any elementary, middle, junior high, and high school you"ll see mad Islamic names nowaday. If you stroll down 52nd Street you can't help but peep Islam everywhere: 'Freeway' lookin' catz sportin heavy beards; muslims playing chess; old heads with shades and kuffis; young and old wisdoms in hijab; gangsta muslims with the streetz and the echoes of penitentiaries in their eyes, ripping and running in the dunya, struggling with their naffs, jumping in and out of Escalades; muslim men will have stands with dhikir beeds, mizwack sticks, and Islamic books yellin' "Got those incense and oils Ahki." In Philly you'll see some brothers on corners in full garb, they might be blazing one in fanta leaf, on a mission for'faluse'(Cash), "Make duaah for me ahki, we gonna get that kafir tonight-Black shot Takeem all da fuck up."
Philly accents fall slightly different on the ear than New York accents, there is less drama in the Philly accent and communication in terms of meaning is not as layered in the city of Brotherly Love like communication is layered in the Apple. You'll hear muslim dudes talkin' about the word "haram" or that which is forbidden. The sisters are looking for the best deals on meats that are hilal. Yeah it is a society within a society that offers everything that any other society offers. In Philly Islam is everywhere.  Cities like D-Mecca got mad Muslims too, both black communities and Arab communities. In Dearborn Michigan, their level of Islamic scholarship is high. I personally know three individuals who have memorized the entire Quran there.

Memorization of the entire Quran and drawing it up to the math has never been done(If you know a God or Earth who did it-let me know).  For those that adhere to 120, Supreme Math, and Supreme Alphabet what I am manifesting is rather odd for a member of the nation of Gods and Earths. 'Emblem you taking the whole Quran under cap G? That is insane God!', well maybe that'z why they put the Father in Mattawhan and Bellevue. Many probably thought he was insane too. The Father was the first who actually did what Elijah said do. Even though Khan, Malcolm and Jeremiah Shabazz were swift ministers they ain't take the whole Supreme Wisdom undercap. Sure they had strong commands of 120, but not that word- for-word spit like the Father had. So in that respect the Father was an Original indeed, not only did he take Supreme Wisdom undercap but Allah carried math with an Original swag which is the best part.  I do remember that First Born Prince use to come down the isle of Harriet Tubman sometimes saying, "Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem." It influenced me as a young God when I heard him do that, First Born Prince let me know through his actions that I wasn't out of bounds, plus he was notorious for rocking the 'Sheik' look.  Being born in the Nation of Islam I did not separate the Math from my personal history in Islam, it made no sense to do so, particularly when Elijah born that Islam is Mathematics and Mathematics is Islam. Many in the Nation of Gods and Earths come from Christian backrounds of some sort and they usually under go somewhat of a process of converion, or being convinced that Math is right and exact. My personal Quran did not born a Christian backround, there was no real conversion process for me.  Seeing the oneness of my connection to Islam was in no way difficult. Islam was my obvious birthright. Islam is 40 years old in me and still going strong, 20 years ago Da God Life gave me a refresher course and Enlightened me to the teachings of Elijah, and introduced me to Supreme Math and Supreme Alphabet. I was interested in learning what the 5 percent taught before I connected with Life, and actually it was my aunt Salamma who put me on to da God Life, and ironically he grew up right across the street from me. He was a solid Enlightener who taught me well. After I finished 120 I found my mother's Old copy of Supreme Wisdom in the basement, dusty pages, browning and forgotten. Finding the lessons in the basement confirmed my path. Old black and white pictures of Elijah, Fard, and Wallace Muhammad were in the basement buried under dusty layers.  My old Earth had this majestic Quran on a stand, it was beautiful, and the Arabic words magnetized me, as a young child I always had and interest to learn, and to be able to read it one day. The swirls of the letters, the intricate loops, shapes and the beauty of its recital captivated me early on.  My old Earth taught me Al Fatiha, the first Surah of the Quran when I was about build years old. She was mad nice with Quranic recital, not as nice as I am nowaday but her recital was off the chain for back then. I use to smile everytime she use to spit it at me.  My roots are deeply Islamic, so 120, Supreme Math, and Supreme Alphabet amplifed what was already buried their beneath my psychological surface. When Da God Life taught me how to open 120, open Alphabet, and open Supreme Math it gave me a renewed view of Islam. Not a distorted view, but an intrinsic view.  Life didn't have to convince me who God was, because from way back in the day my old Earth taught me that I was the Asiatic Blackman and that I was the 'Microcosm of the Macrocosm'. My Grand Old Dad use to tell me that I was a dormant god when I was little.  Finding my internal divinity has never been a high and low search but finding out how to use my internal divinity properly has been my greatest challenge in life.

Never have I've viewed Islam with division. Never! When Gods come at Islam with any form of negativity it sickens me, same as when sunnis suggest that Gods and Earths our kafirs. That is emphatically now cipher. You got a moon and a star in your Goddamn flag and you can't see our kinship?!! Islam is One. Customs and Traditions may vary amongst us but they should not produce differences.  Studying Islam as I do has allowed me to see lessons way deeper-connecting them with the root of the Holy Quran shows me just how beautiful Supreme Mathematics is. We cannot stop our study of Islam at Pluto, and blindly lace our understanding of 'Islam' with what the Father said, and we can't stop our study of Islam at what the first born said. 40 years of Islam rocks in my soul, and I can go through 120 and Quran with the best of 'em. No form of Islam boxes me in, but I do understand each form of Islam as a discipline. A discipline within the form, a discipline of function, and a discipline of a mathematical path, a discipline leading into realms of higher self realization. I am attempting to master a few disciplines in Islam. 'Mastery' is about having a decisive prowess in a given field. My Enlightener studied Ausar Set, that was peace and da God became relatively proficient with it. I saw some angles in what Ra Um Neffer Amen taught but my form of mastery is 120, Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet, Holy Quran, and Shariat(Islamic Jurisprudence). To be strong in those given fields of study is an example of a few disciplines I have chosen to pursue in my lifetime. You will never get a one dimensional build with me in terms of Islam. To study all of Islam is to study I Self Lord And Master and ultimately that is to study the science of everything in life.


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Sacked: A Short Story

You can't play with the heart of a woman-any woman. The heart is the core of the Earth. The root of civilization is in Arabia at the Holy city of Mecca, and for those who have never noticed 'Arabia' is shaped similar to the shape of a human heart. Saturday Steve McNair was shot twice in the chest and twice in the head by his 20 year old mistress Sahel Kezemi. The 36 year old, ex-NFL star drew up the young wiz, and did something to cause a helluva Earthquake. Over the weekend me and Da God Supreme Victory kicked a variety of scenarios back and forth as to what could have caused the wiz to snap to the point of 'murder-suicide'. What pushes a wiz to the edge that she is prepared to end your world and her world?

Me and Da God came up with a variety of scenarios as to what went down in that condominum that night. I'm sure many have speculated, and I am no better than the others who have guessed, but this is how I cee the series of events that took place.

"We need to chill for a while." Said Steve taking a sip of Grey Goose.
"Chill? Chill how?" Sahel retorted.
"This 'thing' we doing. We need to rethink somethings." Steve answered.
"Rethink-fucking what Steve? What the fuck is it to 'rethink'?"
"The whole DUI thing, publicity, and shit like that. We got to lay low. You know I'm married."
"And you told me when you first met me that you weren't happy and that you were gonna divorce her. Was that a lie just to fuck me Steve? Was that a fucking lie Steve?!!!!"

Steve didn't answer, he rolled his eyes, and had a look in his eye that said, 'You don't 'get it' do you bitch.' It was a patronizing look-a look that angered Sahel.

Sahel had sensed that her Prince Charming was getting bored with her, the sexual fireworks were starting to subside, he had recently started to become distant, she could feel it. The DUI would cancel her license, he would take the Escalade, put her out the condo, and her dreams of one day becoming Mrs. Steve McNair would come crashing down. Sahel's worst fears were coming true, she was going to be another 'fuck', another one of the 'groupies' who fucked and sucked from state to state chasing a pro player. Steve had taught her things sexually that she never knew existed, he opened up something deep and hidden in her. He used her sexually like she had never been used before and on some level it felt good. She was completely and utterly in to him, he took her from a 95 Kia to an '07 Escalade. He bought her jewelry, clothes, gave her a key to the condo and now he wanted to 'Chill'. The weather in their relationship was becoming quiet chilly. Sahel did not want to 'Chill'. He had become everything, he picked up tabs in restaurants, snuck away on vacations and shot videos of her doing 'things' to him-triple x porno things-degrading things, things his wife Mechelle no longer did in the bedroom. Tears began to stream down her face. She was now a 20 year old kept whore, who was about to be cut from his team. Quickly she got the hint, and ran into the bathroom of the condo and started throwing up, he used her like toilet paper, and now he was flushing her down the toilet like shit. 'Sahel McNair', the towels in her dream home would be monogrammed with the initials 'SM'. That big dream home in heaven was evaporating as she threw up.

Steve sat on the couch coming to his senses, he would buy another bitch- bitches were a dime a dozen in his world-his world of money and fame. Bitches in Vegas, New York, Hawaii, LA, he had 'em all over the place, but it was time to chill with Sahel. This young bitch was getting sloppy, getting pulled over by the cops, and getting that DUI. Any one of them cops at the station that night could go to the press. That was the last thing Steve needed is his wife Mechelle in an Attorney's office filing for half his shit, and child support. With all his millions and four children child support would be a major bundle every month. 'Fuck it.' he thought, it's cheaper to keep her (Mechelle). He needed to cut ties with the crazy young, Iranian bitch, the pussy was good while it lasted but he had to cut ties before divorce attorneys and Mechelle fucked him with no grease. Yeah he heard her throwing up in the bathroom. 'Bitches always play the 'drama' card' he thought, he didn't give a fuck.

Sahel had made him his world, and loosing Steve meant the end of the world. She raised her face from the toilet bowl, stood up, and looked at herself in the mirror, all the glamour was gone, the life drained from her big beautiful eyes as her mascara ran down her cheeks. She opened her purse, and pulled out the 380 semi-automatic handgun she purchased a few days earlier. She put it to her head and thought about it. If she killed herself Steve would finally see that she loved him, finally he would feel the emotional pain she felt. She was about to pull the trigger, and paused.

"We go together!" She murmured in the mirror, taking the gun from her temple. Sahel opened the bathroom door, walked into the living room as Steve sipped on the Grey Goose. He looked at her-her eyes were dead. Then he saw the gun in her right hand.

"Bitch what da fuck is wrong wit chu?!!! Put that shit down!" Steve yelled, his eyes wide.

"Bye Steve. See you on the other side!" Sahel raised the gun calmly, and squeezed twice, hitting him in the chest, and squeezed again hitting him in the head once. Sahel squeezed again hitting him in the cheek it was that shot that took the life from his eyes. It wasn't real, she just didn't do what she thought she did. She was about to wake up in his arms, but it was real. This was no dream, it was very real. Sahel ran to Steve's corpse. "Baby wake up! Steve wake up! Your strong Steve-wake up." Crazily she kissed his bloody face, telling his lifeless corpse how much she loved him. Realizing he was dead, Sahel understood that she had to go be with him, so both of their souls could float together in the universe. She sat next to him, put the gun to her temple and said, "Here I come Steve!" and squeezed.

Game Over

Moral of the story: Never play with a woman's heart.


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Sherlock Holmes: Doing The Knowledge

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the creator and writer of the fictional character Sherlock Holmes. I discovered Sherlock Holmes in the early 90's, of course I heard about Sherlock before then but I became rather interested in his cases in my early wisdom ciphers. Me and DaGod Rashon did the knowledge real hard on Sherlock Holmes and I eventually put my enlightener on to the fictional detective. I actually purchased the annotated version of all his cases. The book cost me about $80 bucks but it contained nearly 2000 pages all dedicated to the mythical detective. I eventually lost the book in a drug raid but I enjoyed it while I had it. "Why were you so interested in Sherlock Holmes, Em?" Even though he was a fictional character-the light in which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle painted him was that of a brilliant Logician, skilled in the art of observation, deduction and reasoning. It was everything I was looking for at that time in my growth and development. 120 was about three years old in my dome, and I wanted to be proficient in the art of drawing everything I possibly could up into the Math, plus wildin' out on street nonsense required that my mind be as sharp as possible.

A 'Sherlockian' is an individual who studies not only the cases of Sherlock Holmes but he or she is a student of logic, and every other known empirical science-in short a Sherlockian studies what Gods and Earths define as the science of everything in life. There are Sherlockian Societies scattered throughout Europe, North America and the Netherlands, none of which I am a member but I do however consider myself to be a 'Sherlockian' to the highest degree. Am I a trained Sherlockian or a natural Sherlockian? A little bit of both I suppose. My memory is rather detailed, and I study or have studied a great deal of diverse subjects.

If someone was to ask me what does it mean to be a Sherlockian? To Put it in the Mathematical terms of 120-it would be one who is 'All Eye Ceeing'. In street terms a Sherlockian is one who can call things 'like a dice roll' ahead of time. A Sherlockian picks up on the intonation of your voice; detecting anger, happiness, sadness, jealousy, guile, sarcasm. A Sherlockian reads body language, habits, and keeps a running psychological profile on all the individuals he encounters. I'm an Astrological Sherlockian, meaning as soon as I get your exact date of birth-I instantly start to classify and calculate an Astrological profile. No I don't have drawer full of notes but I do have a head full of footnotes. I don't try to do this knowingly-I just do it. Once I asked my mother "Why did you slam my head against the wall when I was four years old?" She said "I never slammed your head against the wall." but she did. Maybe she unconsciously repressed the incident or selectively chose to forget it or just out-right lied, but no matter what: I remember when she slammed my little four year old dome against the wall. When she did she'd just broke up with a dude named Al, we were in the Nation of Islam at the time, she had a tan brand new Grand Am, in which I spilled bean soup on the leather upholstery and when we got in the house she rammed my head in the wall. Such are the trials and frustrations of a single mother I suppose, maybe she thought I forgot, but a natural Sherlockian never forgets. Angrily she barked at me afterwards, "Are you Ok?" she asked me because she knew she was dead wrong for doing that shit. Captain of MGT, Dean of Girls at the University of Islam, slamming a babies head against a wall. 'Civilized' my ass, she got savage on my ass that day. Now its 36 years later and I'm still planning to file charges with child protective services against her ass. When she's in her 90's officers will come remove her ass from the old folks home in handcuffs. A Sherlockian never forgets.

There are some things we all would rather forget, but in all reality as a Sherlockian you don't-you learn to adjust to the info you have in your psyche. The worst thing about not forgetting is that you call people on information that they told you ten years ago, or shit that they did 20 years ago and usually you end up loosing a friend, because you caught them in a lie they told a decade or two ago.

Not only is a good memory required to be a 'Sherlockian' but deductive and inductive reasoning is a necessary part of the package as well. Deductive reasoning is the ability to do the knowledge on the circumstances of a situation, construct a logical train of events that purports a logical consequence gathered from the initial premise. Example: At ten years old I came home from school, the door was open, my 6 month old little sister Naya was in her play pen, no one was in the living room, basement or dining room, kitchen or bathroom but my mom's door was closed, my step father's shoes were in the vestibule and my mother's car was parked on the block. Logical conclusion: Mom and Step pop were upstairs having 'Relations'. Being the natural Sherlockian that I am-I had to confirm my initial hypothesis. I went upstairs, opened the door without knocking of course and there was my mom and step dad-humping like two junkyard dogs, "Close the door!!!" They yelled and of course my little Sherlockian ass smirked an evil grin.

There is a little Sherlockian in all of us, as Gods and Earths we call it doing the knowledge, stop, look, listen and observe. Learning, through constant study is the key to an excellent mind, never stop advancing the prowess of your intellect. Let nothing deter you from the power within, don't let age stop you, don't let the pins that have been placed in your dome stop you. Continue to learn, and study voraciously, pick something weird or odd to study, something out of the way, something no one else knows, something rare, and learn it with the highest of excellence, discipline and focus.