Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yo Cee Yo Cee, My Cee My Cee

The Father gave us many gifts before he returned to essence:Supreme Mathematics; Supreme Alphabet; and he also showed us the Eternal reservoir of personal Divinity within our being. He showed us freedom of thought and freedom of personal expression. Nobody digs being boxed in, many of us don't realize they're 'boxed in' a mental prison house in terms of their thinking. Gods and Earths within our 5 percent culture are allowed to 'think' for themselves, no one God or Earth-groupz of Godz or Earthz or otherwise definitively shapes our thought process. We require that one take knowledge wisdom cipher under cap, as well as Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math and from there your thoughts and your ideas are your own. Itz peace to share and advocate a society from time to time but for the most part 'Itz yo thang-do what you want to do-I don't care-who you sock it to.'

"How do you cee today's Mathematics?" some may come with an 'All being born' build, some may come with how a degree relates to their life, but everybody has a voice in this math if they choose to use it, many amongst us are searching for their personal form of self expression, and their originality, and they will indeed find it in the culture of 'I-God' if they truly look within. That is the name of the game in this math: 'look within' no looking in the sky or to another man or woman for the very personal answers you need for the questions in your life. How a God or Earth interpretz 120 is up to them personally, yeah we have enlighteners, and educators that lay basic foundations, but a true enlightener provides you with the foundation of how to do the knowledge independent of him or her. I've had former students who disagree with my cee on a given subject or method, I don't agree with my Enlightener on everything, but ultimately that is the beauty of this math. The ability to disagree is a form of 'Freedom'.Your personal 'Freedom' to write, to study, to think, to ponder, to express your individual voice how you choose. I love Minister Farrakhan because he is a great man, but the fact of the matter is, that I would be disgusted with myself if I agreed with everything him or anybody else said. It wouldn't feel natural, and that wouldn't be me. I would literally be out of my mind.

Early on when you get knowledge of self your 'swag' starts to express itself, how you carry Math, and live with lessons-many love the way I drop math, many don't-Cool! That is what this culture is about: its your 'self styled' flow-not somebody else’s flow. Gods and Earths show and prove that Islam is not only expressed as a Religion but it can also be expressed as both a Science and an Art. We have our egos, and our egos are involved in our thought process in ways that sometimes our third eye can hardly detect. Ego attaches itself to one's perceptions. The ego is inextricably bound to our psyche. No matter how many blogs I write about the evils of the ego-the ego is as much a fact of life as taking a shit. Your ego is attached to your cee on a given subject someway or another. Oh well, we are human and I never let my readers or myself forget that we are so very human, so very flawed, but in our flawz is the personal, social, and universal perfection we all seek. Perfection within Flaws: A contradiction: Yes- but such is genius.

'Likes' repel-like in our desires to think free, to be free, to be removed from the shadowz that your Enlightenerz may have cast, to be your own man, your own God, your own Earth, this is the destiny of everyone taught in this math who is on the true path of what this culture is about. Yes, Itz a crazy zig zag zig truth but itz real, watching your students grow, blossom, getting to the point where they see thingz for themselves or they may cee thingz in you that they don't like and you may cee thingz in them that you don't like so we learn to preserve the best part of what they gave us and move forward in life. Such a rite of passage is the true test of the content that was taught. It's a human process, both my parents get on my nerves, sometimes I can't stand them, but they gave me life physically and I will always honor that. Maybe I don't show my honor for my parents enough but I do honor them both. It is the same with the elders in this nation, an ongoing cycle, we grow up in the Asiatic World just like we grew up in destroy culture and when you get grown: you move out. You do 'you'. And it is cool when you understand it that way. When the Father learned what he learned from the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he took supreme wisdom, and flipped it in his own way with Alphabets and Math. He didn't take the restrictive laws out of the Mosque instead he found the 'law' in the idea of righteousness for righteousness sake and thatz not to take any thing from The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's works. The Father just wanted to do his own thing. This Nation encourages that each individual do their own thing: Yo Cee Yo Cee My Cee My Cee. We may come off less than orderly at times, wild at times, but we are always free, not a 'Sodom and Gomorrah' Free, but a Civilized 'Free', a beautiful 'wild flower' Free, and if you get on my nerves-'a kiss my black ass' Free.

Malcolm X is a prime example: He had the teachings, he was swift, but his expression of Islam was so tied to the organized format of what The Honorable Elijah Muhammad had laid down, that when he was suspended, he had problems with his personal Islamic identity. The Father insured that ain't no kickin' nobody out of this, because your Islamic identity is internal, so if Every God and Earth fell of the fuckin face of the Earth tonight-I'd still be building on the dayz Mathematics by my Goddamn Self tomorrow.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Essence pt.2: "Muah", A Kiss From Death

A practicing Sufi or Sunni is always in remembrance of death. Death has this ability to come out of nowhere on your ass, it has no respect for who you are, what you do, your next big project, death just shows up-always uninvited, taps your ass on the shoulder and sayz, "Drop what you're doing yo, come wit me." Even to the big bad Gods, who hate terms like 'spirit', 'soul' and whatnot, death gonna tap that ass too! As human beings we personify earthly phenomenon, death is a phenomenon of the human experience. In the Quran Allah appointed the angel Azrail to take the souls back. How man shapes the unknown via his thought process is beautiful. Reading books like the Holy Quran, and Bible without spookism hanging above my head like a sword allows me to appreciate the abstract beauty of an empirical phenomenon such as death.

The remembrance of death is essential for the humble human being. Muslims say 'Incha Allah'(if its the Will of Allah) after they announce their intention to do said thing, attend said event, or achieve a major goal and to a brother calling himself God, he announces his intention with the force of his personal Being, but sometimes the force of his being is diluted and confused with his ego. What we forget is that the human body is not omnipotent at All. Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head only symbolizes at best a mediocre representation of Allah. Your physical form is a temporary vessel containing the force of Allah. This Divine Omnipotent force is the True U(disclaimer: Allah's force within is in no way associated with human ego). The True 'I' is ultimately the True Self. Your physical form is nothing but a styrofoam cup temporarily containing the essence of Allah's Omnipotence. This black styrofoam cup in this moment in eternity contains a portion of your Omnipotent consciousness. You are ultimately an Eternal Being but in this body-You are finite, your body does not have forever, it will return back to the Earth. Your omnipotence is that which provides the life force for your disposable body. The life force in your body is one with Allah's omnipotence, and eternity. Now when your ego gets out of control you confuse this omnipotent life force with your egotistical image of who you think yourself to be. "I'm God!!! I'm God!!! I'm Allah!!!" Yeah you hear how these big headed, intelligent niggaz get down, how they rip and run, the swag of how they carry math, the machismo, and their pronounced ego. B.U.T. the ego, man's cognitive process, your talent, the things your proud of about your own self are all finite Earthly conceptualizations. The baddest, the richest, the most powerful, the most intelligent and the hardest amongst us will be kissed on the cheek by death and your mortal coil will be fertilizer
for Mother Earth.

Often I imagine the Father's last moments in the elevator, when the assassin or assassins drew their weapons, surprising Da Father. I envision that he had no time to be scared, not time to process the event, Da God only had time to embrace death. You are not invincible physically. I can fight well but I don't think I could go heads up with a pro boxer and not get an aspect of my block knocked the fuck off> If somebody jammed a 50 caliber in your mouth and threatened to blow your head off-your ego at that moment would be nowhere to be found, if you were in a room over seas in Saudi Arabia, hog tied and a big Arab dude named Mustafa came out with an executioner's mask on and a rusty machete with the singular intention of cutting your head piece off-trust me, at that moment you won't be thinking about your omnipotence, instead you'd be smelling the defecation oozing down your leg and grunting in terror with duct tape around your mouth, your eyes would be
wide as fuck from fear.

Yes you possess the entire Universe within, but remember you are so human, so small in comparison to the vastness of the Universe. And to be so small, so very fragile, and so delicate in the scheme of nature, our egos are enormous. Understand your physical limitations, understand that you will die, understand that there is indeed something eternal about you-that your life force is without ending, continue to enlighten, awaken and enliven this eternal force, use it to shed light, in order that others may blossom with this Math.

It is this force of Allah that 'life' is based on, this force is Allah, and it is the foreverness of this force that we must be mindful of and also staying connected with Allah. No-not a mystery God-God is not a mystery when you understand Allah as the True Self. Don't allow your ego to disconnect you from Allah because so often the ego does. Disconnection from Allah does happen when the ego shows up. The ego is not that great at all for real for real! Your ego can literally be crucified, the symbol of Christ's Crucifixion is a symbol of the ego of man being mutilated slowly. Put your ego in check, be one of peace because that ego can get mutilated, slaughtered and can die a humiliating death. The Quran says that the life of this world is as fragile as a spider web, so stay humble with the knowledge of God, stay humble as the Original Man, stay humble as the Maker, stay humble as the Owner, stay humble as the Cream, stay humble as the Father, stay humble with this knowledge, don't confuse being God or Earth with ego.

Earths got ego's too, so in closing: A woman's beauty will fade, time will touch the softness of her skin, her ample breast will meet with gravity, her narrow hips will widen with food and time, younger girls will come along, their beauty newer, fresher, so Earth must be mindful to remember that the best part of her beauty is also a force within and that her beauty will one day return back to source of all Beauty.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We've all heard Gods and Earths say the word, 'Return' 'returning back', or 'returning back to the 'essence'.' 'Wow!' I thought the day I first heard it. "What does 'essence' mean?" I asked my Enlightener." He calmly answered, "'Essence' means you return back to the quintessential force that permeates the fabric of the Universe." Some Gods say you return back to the 'black mind' or pure 'black thought', some Gods say 'energy' and kick the whole 'energy can neither be created or destroyed' thing. Many stay away from the word 'soul', or 'spirit' feeling that it is less esoteric and too religious. Either way, where-ever you’re at in your growth and development in this math, death is a reality. Anything that is supposed by any said religion or school of thought about what happens after death is an abstraction. "...the dead has never come back to tell the living whether he lied or not..." the knowledge understanding borns. Something happens, even if 'nothing' happens-that's 'something'. The Quran borns that the souls of the wicked are drawn out with violence and the souls of the righteous are drawn out of the body in peace. Wow! I look at this phrase as if I was standing in front of a beautiful abstract painting in some fancy art gallery. Hmmmmmm! Have you ever seen rich people stand in front of an expensive painting and ponder the dead artist's state of mind at the time of the painting? I do the same when I read or recite any Quranic verse referring to akhira/or after life. In all your cognitive excellence, and with all your intellectual prowess: the phenomenon of 'death' cannot be fathomed by the living, it can only be pondered. Why? Because your brain is only equipped to deal with the 'rational'. Your brain rationalizes space and time, your brain orders chaos to make sense, your brain invents time, calendars, centuries, millenniums. Your brain acts as an integral component of time, you consciously understand that time is passing while you’re alive, you can hear the tick tock on your own life-it'z called a heartbeat.

In 'Essence' 'time' would not be 'time' as we cognitively process time. Human cognition by nature makes 'form', of the 'formless'. Where was the force of energy animating your physical body before you were born? Such a question is abstract but attempts to make 'form' of the 'formless' and attempts to rationalize the 'irrational'. You were in triple darkness-triple darkness is the God and Earth mental model and rationalization of your present being as it once was non-being. In three stages is U before U were U, and is U after U and is still U within and without the physical parenters of the 'U-N-I-verse'. Allah in triple darkness is how I understand life before birth, and life after death. Buddhist believe in reincarnation, life cycles, and things like karma: How does Karma relate to Justice? How do both Justice and Karma relate to life after death? Do the evil taste the same fruits as the righteous? Do rapist, murderers, pedophiles, and the wicked receive the same as the good, the virtuous, and the loving? Is their an externalized, omnipotent conscious being monitoring your deeds? In our attempts to rationalize with these esoteric mysteries-governments were formed, initially designing faith based policy principled on the 85% 'learned' perceptions of the unknown(teach and keep our people illiterate…). This ushered in the era of the modern 10 percent or rich slave makers of the poor.

Today's mathematics is Wisdom Culture Freedom which shows and proves the unknown in the Supreme Alphabet. 'X' is a variable, a singular variable can transform the smallest outcome. X can also mark the control group of a study in a scientific experiment. In this experiment a select group of men manipulated the stories of what is unknown and told people throughout the ages these stories. The manipulation of these unknown esoteric variables born religion and established mass control of a variety of populations all over the planet earth. The ultimate unknown was who is 'God'? and What happens after you die? People innately believe that there is ultimately something eternal about themselves. Muslims go to Jummah on Friday, Jews go to synagogue on Saturday, Christians go to church on Sunday and Buddhist chant throughout the week, and each religion has a set political agenda. Those who are sincere among them attend their rituals for purposes of collective worship and the maintenance of their souls. Once I seen a stone cold killer kiss some food he dropped on the ground up-to-God. The 85% are the 85% because of how they view what is Unknown. Fear has been laced into the unknown by the 10 percent. Religion plays with an individual's psychological view point of the unknown abstraction of life after death and an individual's relationship to Omnipotent awareness.

The understanding God degree born that Allah is God in the Earth and Heavens, Our knowledge wisdom in the Supreme Alphabet born Hell as the second stage after love and Right as the third. So Heaven and Hell fall within the spectrum of our study. How we rationalize the abstractions of both 'heaven' and 'hell' shows that we all have a sense of Justice, Karma and Conscience. Making the symbolism of Heaven and Hell internally available and not an external foreign concept brings forth morality, and what is 'right'. If you are not a socio-path you should know damn well if you were wrong. Only you know your heart-so purify it.

Religion cutz the connection between Man and the Omnipotent force within, and externalizes this Omnipotent force. I believe that all the prophets: Muhammad(Saw), Musa(Sa), Isa (Sa) Buddha(SA) taught 'connection' and not 'disconnection' from the essential, intelligent conscious force that permeates every nuance of the Universe and every visible and hidden dimension within said Universe. Quantum theory proves a host of dimensions exist within the Universe.

Nowadays Religion has become an ugly political mechanism to manipulate the consciousness of the human family for it's own political ends. Religion can become very disingenuous to both the sacred and solemn needs of the human family. The 'Asiatic World' formulates another relationship with Al-Khalaq(The Creator), The Asiatic World borns Oneness of Creator and Creation, a Painter dwelling within his Painting, a Potter's consciousness shaped in the Potter's Vase, and Black Mind and Black Man, Earth and Seed showing and proving Knowledge is the foundation. Rastas say "I and I". 'Essence' equals "I and I". Knowledge knowledge.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Foundation in Relationships: How God, Earth & Seeds Become Family

All that above is caused by your black ass. That phrase in the build or destroy degree has been making noise in my third for wisdom cipher years. The wisdom cipher degree states that I'm held responsible for the uncivilized. The blame game in past relationships is an awful truth amongst Gods. You can read the history of this blog and cee my growth over the past year-from how I once thought til now: My ex wife knowledged 120 and she was ill swift with it, but I was wildin', I stopped initiating the builds on the days degree, I was a savage in the pursuit, blinded by my own arrogance and shielding my own dirty religion in terms of not walking with math right and exact. All that above was caused by my black ass. Up until a year ago I would still blame shit on her, say things like 'she put a nurse's pin in my Son's third', and she did, but I was the ultimate nurse and the cause of her vindictive nurse behavior. The high explosives that you experiment with are the cause of a woman's scorn. My level of refinement and maturity in this math was lacking back then, Yes I griped about things in terms of going back and forth to child support court, and I would sit, stewing in my own salty bitterness pointing fingers at her. He and Her is build in the supreme Alphabet, understanding the build shows that I made devil. Yacob was me. I was the big headed scientist-too smart for my own good, confusing my ego with righteousness. Gods are the most 'non-mistake' admitting bastards on the fuckin' face of the Earth. You caused it nigga, whatever 'it' maybe. Your choices, your moves. In life's game of chess you can't take a move back. Your 'Filthy affairs', 'dirty religion' oh yeah itz some dirty niggaz amongst us. Not that they can't clean themselves up, but part of the process is accepting the responsibility of 'cause'. Blame your damn self nigga. That six sextillion broke your self righteous ass down didn't it? Lol!!! The ciphers of the world: money, greed, lust, envy, and devil civilization in general will rip your bitch ass out the main frame Son.

'Righteousness' is real, it goes all the way to the heart (Mecca), and the nature of the heart. We fall victim in this math when we exchange spiritual ideals for materialist ideas, not that you 'sit at home and wait' but You must understand that virtue is elevated when you see the spiritual reason behind lessons, behind math, behind Alphabet. All that above is caused by your black ass. From the subconscious layer of your third your path is predicted, determined and written and all the possibilities and variations are factored into the future. This is your free will which gives you choice.

To think that devil is just some dude pushing a pen behind a desk somewhere telling you he needs a report on his desk by such and such time is ludicrous. The first point of Origin of Yacob is your big headed ass, pulling the allegory of the mathology into a personal context is the true reasoning behind correct application of 120, Supreme Math and Supreme Alphabet. Your big headed ass contains the elementar (ruling emotion) of Yacob like characteristics-you can also be a doctor, you can be a nurse, you can be a minister, you can be a wild beast or a cremator. You can be the living embodiment of jealousy, envy, lust and hatred at any given time. Murdering any one of the four devils is about not bullshitting yourself. Knowledging the Understanding of 'What is his ownself' means you know when you're on some bullshit before anyone else, which means you can as 85% say 'kill that shit' before it stingz someone else. Oh I got some devils movafucka, Understanding build, ask "Why did God make devil?" "To show forth his power..." Thatz right, to show forth that power, but you will not show forth no power if you don't claim personal responsibility for the negative thingz within yourself and the Earthquakes you have caused. 'Negative things' meaning you're the epicenter of the Earthquake nigga.

If you want to disgust me-act blameless, act like you have all the answers, act like your shit don't stink-that to me is not only a pussy, but a major devil-the Quran says that in their heartz is a disease, and Allah will increase that disease.

Looking back on pass Quran, reading the pages of my life I cee wear I went wrong in relationships, one the first places I went wrong is sharing relationship details with brothers and companions-getting their 'Cee' on a subject, fuck that! Disqualify that behavior from the door-don't do that, another man's understanding cannot help you with your original situation. If that God has past experiences in his Quran about a situation that appears similar, and he offers you advice don't take it. It will be like cheating off his math test and writing his answer on your test-what must be understood is that he is an 'Original' down to his fingerprints, he occupies a given place in the trajectory of Quran and history, and the living math equations that he must solve is completely distinct from yours. The woman he is dealing with is original-the woman your dealing with is original and when you group women as if they are 'like terms' in an Algebra equation by generalizing them as if they are all the same you have made your first mistake: forgetting that we are all an 'Original'. Like chess your first mistake can quickly lead to your last. How did the problem affect him? Did his relationship's problem cause emotional pain? Don't take advice from this individual because his perceptions, judgments and thinking is biased and partial. Increasing with the current of air of an individual who has a biased opinion can cause you to born a fucked up solution for a given trial and tribulation in your life. I don't want to come off less than 'brotherly' but a God who has been jilted in a relationship who does not admit that they are the causative factor of the problem can not give you good advice in terms of a relationship. Problems in our relationships as God can be broken down two ways: 1:Building, 2:Destroy-meaning you have either taught your wisdom 120 or you haven't. Their is no way you can fault a chick in a relationship if you have 120 and she doesn't. She is absolutely blameless-so if problems do emerge-guess who the almighty dickhead is? Y Equal Self! Any pain you feel are those many stripes that you are suppose to feel because your black ass was held responsible for the uncivilized.

You got to watch who's current of air she's increasing with too-I don't want my Earth increasing with a fucked up chicks current of air. Sisterhood can get on some bullshit too. I don't want my Queen around no bitter Godless bitches. So you got to do the knowledge on the currents of air she's increasing with too.

Itz cats who have known chicks years and the chick only understands herself as a trampoline, and not mental, spiritual, and physical 'useful' land. Some Gods amongst us shield their dirty religion and you can walk up on their Earth and she won't even know that 'Knowledge' represents one. Then that nigga shields his dirty religion and tells her, "Shhhhhhhhh-hurry up and put on this headwrap!!!" Fake ass nigga! Wisdom is the representation of Allah's knowledge, meaning she is your reflection and the understanding manifest through the reflection. 'How to raise her children'- means you are responsible to set up a training unit to teach her and she is the first teacher of the child-she connects with children on an everyday, mundane level, and if she is bringing this culture 100% those children are gonna grow in this math, and walk naturally with itz living application properly installed. This can only happen when teaching the babies becomes more than a slogan and manifest as an actual reality. The babies are the indicators of the functional or dysfunctional family unit. A grown woman can learn 120 easily if she applies herself, but the reason for her learning 120 is to teach the babies how to become living mathematics. Man, Woman and Child-this is 'family'.

I write from experience, from the point of view of 'felt wisdom'. Through the love and all the pain I've felt while dwelling in emotional hell, I know whatz right: Keep your divine eye out of a wisdom until she's knowledged 120, and yall are a full fledged family when the babies touch down on Pluto. Now this is just my 'cee'. Do what you want, this is just a page out of my playbook, I would never strive to rope and bound you in with a code of conduct. Every man gotta get his own understanding.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Revolution: 'African' American Threat Assessment

I do the knowledge on so-called conscious original people, how they present themselves online, things that they write, and itz all good. "Black shit this, black shit-that rah-rah-movafuckin' rah!" Naw I don't want to come off as if I'm minimizing the 'rah rah' sentiment of 'black shit' because I'm not, nor do I want to come off like a cynic, because I ain’t on that fag cynic shit either, however it is my intention in my writing to be real, and not just some online image or icon. O.K. I do like the whole 'Emblem' thing and I allow my ego to have some 'ego-time' from time to time, but thatz it. My ego does not succeed in taking me out of reality into some illusionary realm. Fuck that! I'm good at keeping it real with myself and others, and it can be very costly and I can come off mean spirited and hurtful sometimes, not all the times-sometimes. Calling shit like I see it-is both a blessing and a curse, it has it's good days and itz bad dayz, and like all thingz: you got to take the good with the bad.

Niggaz in America have always romanticized with the word 'revolution'. As serious and as fed up as movafuckuz may have been or are-revolution won't happen no time soon and I can say this with relative assurety. I don't see any form of armed conflict between black citizens and the American government in the near future. If Obama is shot tonight, the riots would be over by next Friday. Negro please!

If I was in Afghanistan and scuffed my Timz I'd be pissed, spitting on my fingers cleaning them off trying to get the scuff out. I check my facebook status on my blackberry when the red light blinks and my ego checks to cee who's paying attention to litte ole 'Em'. News-flash: Em’s a shallow movafucka too.

If Al-Qeda asked me, "Brother 'Emblem'-Hamdullila can you strap this bomb vest to your body and go in Wal-Mart and strike a blow against the infidels?!" I would respond quickly, "Shit movafucka you got the game fucked up-I just ordered that new Kobe Jerzey from Eastbay. I love the Quran and whatnot but I ain't puttin' on no goddamn bomb vest nigga. Shittttttttttt!"

Niggaz can't find good enough reason to revolt-revolt for what? That new Will Smith summer blockbuster is coming out soon, we got a black president, a first lady with a perm, the Lakers won the NBA championship-I ain't blowing shit up-I got weed at the crib-striving to blaze after work-life is good movafucka. Revolt for what-cause somebody cancelled you as a friend on their facebook or myspace page? Nigga please! Or maybe the graphics on the Madden '09 ain't up to par on X-Box? Why revolt? Is the weed man jerking you around again trying to sell you a shitty dub. Revolt against the weed man not the good ole U.S of movafuckin 'A'.

All of the above to say that so-called African Americans are some very spoiled movafuckuz, even the brokest blacks got it better than movafuckuz in Zimbabwe or Haiti. We got soft feet, we never ran barefooted in the bush, the poorest American can get relatively clean water just about anywhere-as a matter of fact I'm gonna pause...

....Ahhhhh-just had a drink of water, wasn't even spring water, or bottled water or distilled water, it was good old fashion tap water, from the movafuckin spicket. And the spoiled American health enthusiasts amongst us would say, "Ewwwww Emblem! Tap water?!!!!How disgusting." Sounding like a snob in Beverly Hillz, but they themselves are just working class vegans, vegetarians or people who just drink bottled water they might forget that what the devil calls an 'African' or a 'Haitian' would look at that tap water like a fountain from the Gods while your spoiled American ass bitchez. American Niggaz funny as shit.

"I only eat soy for my protein sources." Understand that if your ass was in the hot African Sun alone and had to walk a hundred miles and came across a goat you'd kill that fuckin goat, drink the blood, and rip into the meat like a Goddamn savage. You wouldn't give a fuck about soy or spirulina. American Niggaz funny as shit.

And no I'm not clowning you, because Emblem is a spoiled middle class American, with a gas guzzlin SUV and a concealed carry permit who proudly eats steak once a week. Interesting thing is that my gun is not a revolutionary gun, its for 'ideal civilian defense'. Ha! So-called conscious Nigga has gun-still no revolution. Ha!

When disaster strikes Original people in American, shit like Katrina happens-niggaz panic, we look helpless and demand that water, toilet paper and food be air lifted in. You won't see too much 'Taliban' like resolve going down in the hood when shit hits the fan, your not gonna see no catz with bow ties on rigging a road side bomb to blow up a humvee because they've officially declared war against the United States government. When Bush stole the Election in '04 you ain't cee armed conflict or protest in the streets of America like you see in Iran with the whole Ahmadinejad/Moussavi fiasco. Maybe if some officers beat or kill a black kid, Reverend Al might call his hair dresser, make an appointment to get his roots touched up, and cop a new suit, but he ain't gonna be importing no C4 plastic, or syntex explosives from the middle east and he won't be launching a surface to air missile at the offending officers. Auto industry is doing bad but movafuckuz still want them white pearl Escalades (with Rimz), and Chrysler got a sale on them 300s right about now (Rimz not included), and what about your 401K at the movafuckin job and your health insurance? Nigga Please! Emblem Please! Oh I won't be coming out my face talkin' about 'revolution', because both you and I know that I would be bullshittin. You'll be surprise how many niggaz that talk revolution have not fired a firearm in their life but their gonna revolt? Again-Nigga Please!

Niggaz got rap careers('cop my new album'), spoken word careers(I will be performing at...), writing careers(my book will be out in...) but you ain't gonna see a Nigga in America blowing shit up. So at the next sporting event you attend, stand your movafuckin' ass up, put your right hand over your heart and repeat after me, "Oh say can you movafuckin cee you couldn't bust a grape if shit hit the fan because the United States Marines would hit yo black ass with Calibers of Ammo you never knew existed.. by the dawns early light..".

The most revolutionary thing you can do is teach your family this math, insure your children's education, get a gun and mind your own movafuckin' business.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Guest Blogger: Self Mastery of Emotionz Through 120, Supreme Alphabet & Supreme Math

This week I have decided to do something a bit different. The Queen Maternal Luminous A.K.A Ma’Lumi is on the seventh day of her fast and her third eye is clicking on all cylinders, and I really wanted her to kick a blog on my page because her Math has been like hot fire as of late. The topic I've chosen for her is: Self Mastery of Emotionz Through 120, Supreme Alphabet & Supreme Math.

Self Mastery of Emotionz Through 120, Supreme Alphabet & Supreme Math


I don’t know about my math being like “hot fire” but what I do know is everyone has experienced an emotion at some point in their existence. Emotions or how “Em” puts it, “Emotionz” are guarantee to surface and bring our energy down like allergies in the Summer, that is, if we don’t get a handle on them. I still find it funny to hear people say, “I don’t deal with emotions” as if they are exempt, but reality is we all deal with joy, we deal with affection, we experience loneliness from time to time, we even have moments of euphoria and these are, in fact ALL emotions. Now how we deal with emotions is what makes us stand out over another person. Some do allow negative feelings like jealousy, envy, melancholy and fear get the best of them – slowly causing a mental and physical death. These feelings build up over a period of time and drag our moods down like quicksand. Before we know it, we're buried. As a matter of fact, I just came across the word “Melancholy” and how the word was developed. The Greek word “melanakholia” means “sadness” which translates into the term “black bile”. “Melas” or “black” (see Melanin) + “khole” or “bile” is the condition in which acids run rampant causing internal chaos. The question is how do we arrive to the extent where we can successfully “master” our thoughts enough to prevent emotions from ruling our lives? Master? Did I just say Master? Indeed. I’ve heard individuals say Self-Mastery is a selfish term. I disagree. My thought is, if you cannot help yourself how could you possibly begin to come up with a plan to help another?

Iron is full of impurities that weaken it; through forging,
it becomes steel and is transformed into a razor-sharp sword.
Human beings develop in the same fashion.”
~ Morihei Ueshiba

How many people do you know who have transformed themselves into a razor-sharp sword? I know a few – there’s Beyonce, although she’s not my favorite singer, she had a determined idea at a young age to be successful and she made her way into the music and movie spotlight. Tiger Woods, he’s yet another example of what success looks like. He started young – put in a lot of time to be one of the greatest in Golf history. Michael Jordan – now he started off rather young and as we all know, his name is on everything. He has more endorsements that I can count on both hands. I’m quite sure he was out on the courts doing what he loved and being consistent so he could master his skill. Venus and Serena Williams – they were young and their father was persistent about Tennis practice, making them play above and beyond any other child and look at where they are today, so self-mastery is not selfish. It’s about putting your best foot forward to achieve a goal. They’ve made names for themselves…what names do we make for ourselves? Like Morihei said in the quote, we are like Iron, full of impurities. Impurities can potentially be very destructive if we sit and allow them to multiply. We must clean ourselves up – mentally (mind) and physically (body). If you take it through Supreme Mathematics, its like a stepping ladder. The bottom step is Knowledge – knowing in order to elevate, one must take the proper steps necessary - researching what YOUR body needs. Take a look in the mirror – get an honest evaluation of where you are TODAY and compare it to where you striving to be down the road. Once you’ve figured it out, the next step up the ladder is Wisdom – asking for help if you think you are in over your head. See if someone you trust can assist you – or perhaps someone who has been down the road before. Take notes for clarity. On occasion, when we arrive at the Holy City in Mecca, we find aspects of self that we dislike. Its called being real with yourself. Some take the internal poison that was lingering and expel it immediately, others pretend it wasn’t really there and let allow the festering process to continue. If it continues then once you get to Freedom, you realize there is none, all of the Power you could have refined is useless waste. One of the reasons I decided to fast is so I could cleanse myself physically from any and all physical toxins and then change 50% of my eating habits. Knowledge Culture in the Supreme Alphabet was standing out to me in bold letters surrounded by flashing lights keeping me mindful that NOW that I’ve completed knowledge wisdom cipher, and now that I’ve introduced this culture to my children, it is up to me to show them NOW how they can grow up in a mindset that I had to wait to learn at the physical degree of wisdom power. When it comes to the babies, we should all find motivation to better self because they are watching us – how we behave is how they will if not worse. Just look at the role models on TV today. Are these the images we want raising the youth? Absolutely not. If we do, then their lives will END before they realize it. Look at Wisdom Cipher in the Supreme Alphabet. Our culture is rooted in Mathematics – it doesn’t lie, its pure TRUTH. The interesting thing about a “SQUARE” is it has “4” right angles, so when we stand on our square, we are “cultivating” our children by showing them Culture from every angle (4). The Do's and the Dont's. One of my favorite phrases in the Culture degree of the 1-14 is “walk every step of the way”. This is the phrase we should use when we begin the journey to refinement. There is no time to skip steps because when we do we overlook vital things necessary for proper growth and development. The end result is failure. Failure causes what? Emotions. When we fail at something, we automatically get stressed, we get down and out, we may distill, we may go and “cause trouble among the Righteous” repeating what know from the Culture degree. So to avoid confusion, we take it one step at a time. When go in the right direction (order) versus taking shortcuts.

Reshape yourself through the power of your will…
Those who have conquered themselves…

Live in peace, alike in cold and heat, pleasure and pain, praise and blame…
to such people a clod of dirt, a stone, and gold are the same…
Because they are impartial, they rise to great heights.” ~ Krishna

There are many pressures in life – pressures to be like this – pressures to look like this – to dress like this – to walk like this – to smile like this – to wear your hair like this – to eat like this, so although having standards is not a negative thing, being judgmental is. We set certain standards within this Culture and that is most peace, however the idea is to observe that changing one’s way of life takes time. Point blank. Its not an overnight thing, you can't wave a “magic wand” and poof its there, it can take a matter of years, months and days…because it took equally as long for us to develop such behaviors. Do we appreciate people for who THEY are, or for who we want them to be? Ask yourself that. The first four actual facts deal with the (P)acific Ocean, the (A)tlantic Ocean, the (I)ndian Ocean, and (L)akes and Rivers. This right here can be drawn up as symbolic to a PAIL, showing that with all this water (wisdom) in the Universe brought together, you are bound to experience different currents in people and you must accept that not everyone is going to be the same. People come from all different walks of life – different upbringings – various personalities which is why we have our own unique DNA, our own fingerprints that are a reflection of our mental and physical make-up. Knowing what we know about DNA (Germs), if we are persistent in separating still, then we are making Devil as the Understanding Cipher degree of the 1-40’s will remind you. Our mind, body and thoughts are connected YET we cannot change them all at once. It’s a process and a very beautiful one if it is truly sincere. Now don’t confuse what I’m saying, as the Knowledge Wisdom degree in the SA stands out – there of course has to be some hell introduced in terms of growth and development, meaning we may have to be harsh on someone to show them the truth, but LOVE comes first. There has to be a balance or emotions come enter the equation. The end idea is both parties feel RIGHT. The teacher feels right and the student feels right about continuing on their journey.

Our DNA is a unique double-helix of concise detailed information used in the development and function of our being. It looks like a spiral staircase when (in a sense) you can picture to be the staircase that you can walk up and into the library of your inner self. Your inner self represents a HUGE library, so don’t expect to be able to read every page in one day. Grab a chair, and go page by page and enjoy it in the process. Eventually the more pages you go through, the more you will be able to grasp why you do the things you do, why you did the things you did in the past. As a matter of fact, everything we need to know about our mind and body is within the blueprint of our being. I keep in mind that as the equality degree in the 1-14 states, the Devil is trying to keep me blind so he can master me and keep me illiterate which translates into ignorant, so while I’m fasting, I’ve decided to get comfortable in my favorite chair in my favorite library. I’ll be honest with you, I have to really work on patience in regards to others’ ignorance. I keep it in mind that I wasn’t always where I am today – and I’m still growing mentally so I have to see that some are not aware of how they come off. Recognizing myself as Earth, I am consistently focusing on the weight I am carrying. Six sextillion tons is heavy never mind the 21 ciphers, so within this space there is room for a lot of constant refining and by stepping into the God degree of the 1-40, I am guaranteed to be successful as long as I travel at the most terrific speed of 1,037 1/3 miles per hour.

If we must deal with any types of emotions, let them at least be good ones (ex. Bliss, Triumph, Jovial type attitudes) instead of agony, paranoia, and pity. Draw up self-mastery how you see fit in 120 but just know the answers are there if you seek them.

No need to take medication, or pray to something unseen, or deal with fits of rage, the answers are found within the depths of your soul, so take it to the Knowledge Cipher degree of the 1-40 and loose no time searching…you know where to find it and I trust you will.

The ultimate goal is found in the Supreme Alphabet and that is Victory!


Kun Fiya Kun-"Be And It Is!"

On a quantum level it all started. 'Quantum' is the beginning of the manifestation of all that is physical. 'Black Mind'-we've heard the term-a consciousness that was present-that had yet to become material in three stages of darkness before Universe. Nothing could be classified as quantifiable matter. The presence of the black mind permeated this state of No-thingness. 'Knowledge is the foundation' we all say it-knowledge was awareness-aware of its own presence in the fine midst of no definable presence. Every idea that ever was, dwelled in the fabric of this awareness and is literally woven into the cloth that we now call Universe. Before this tapestry of Universe was knitted together, this omnipotent presence whom we refer to as Allah sought to 'Be' -Allah had to be born. Born into what? The Holy Quran establishes that Allah is neither 'begeteth not' nor is he 'begotten', the born degree in the knowledge to knowledge the cipher states that the Nation of Islam has no beginning nor ending, ultimately this means that Allah has no birth record-bringing us to the concept of 'eternity'.

Eternity vs. Infinity: What are the similarities and differences between Eternity and Infinity. Eternity does not have an origin, and Infinity has an origin, but both concepts are without an ending.

The moment of manifestation or 'Kun'/Be is the original point of Origin. This came about through Allah's consciousness realizing itself to such a degree that Allah's Self realization awakened to another level of its own omnipotence resulting in Allah's presence and energy configuring to form one dimensional strings or the first form from pure presence or energy. All 'form' is feminine regardless of how quantifiable it is, from the sub atomic realm to the Universal realm. When Allah configured to establish his presence as a given form this was the origin of the nature of femininity. Femininity was needed as a counterpart and prerequisite for manifestation. 'Be' was the expression of the initial masculine impression of Allah dwelling in the darkness.

When the presence of Allah initially became quantifiable it broke with non-dimensionalization or nothingness and established 'thingness'. The initial presence can only be understood in terms of Plank Units, for the 'all being borners' a Plank Unit is a way of understanding how things can be measured to 'Knowledge' (1), for instance some superstrings measure to the approximation of '10' to the negative power of 33(-33)of a centimeter-this is infinitesimally small. These initial nuances of matter formulated the first constituents of sub atomic matter within the universe. These supersymmetric strings vibrate on frequencies that no human eye or human ear can detect but nevertheless these supersymmetrical strings formed and ultimately this was the timeless being 'Allah' taking form into what we understand as space and time. A portion of Allah's consciousness was placed in the string itself. The fullness of Allah is not bound to any one singular person, place or thing but can harmonize within Allah's oneness all the same. "Show and prove Em!" A 'Timeless Being' can not place the total scope of timeless consciouness in a universe based on the physical constraints of time and space. The remainder of that consciousness it what we call essence, which we all will return back to.

The resonation of these supersymmetrical strings proves that Allah's consciousness is present in the smallest units of matter, they combine to form what we define as sub atomic particles setting off a zig zag zig parade. I've explained the first 'Zig' of Allah's consciousness in a state of timelessness, and the first 'Zag'-the presence of Allah initially dwelling in the form of Supersymmetrical strings, and the next Zag is composed of Quarks. Quarks are fermions; they establish the initial physical constituents of atomic components. Quarks compose the neutron, the proton, and the electron which are each made up of a combination of 'up-quarks', 'down-quarks', 'charmed-quarks', 'top quarks', 'bottom quarks' and 'strange quarks'. These pieces of matter are called fermions because only one quark can occupy a given place in space-time.

All quantum particles are manifestations of the presence of Allah emerging from non-dimensionalization into dimensionalization (Universe/Reality) or the reality of 'Be'. Quantum Mechanics is the process of Allah's words 'Kun Fiya Kun'-Be and it is manifesting into reality. A common misnomer on behalf of some Gods and Earths is to view 'non-dimensionalization' of Allah in a 'mystery God' light, when one takes this view one falls victim to a state of not knowing their origin in this world. Your pre origin before 'Be' was a non-physical state. We are not atheistic German materialist but for reasons of growth and development we must push to understand the natural dynamics of all quantum material: Tachyons, bosons, gluons, quarks, fermions, mesons, tetraquarks, pentaquarks, hadrons, gluons, baryons and the quantum list of particles goes on. Yes these particles were named by European quantum physicist and I know sense they are colored-we give them little merit, but we will not be scientifically and mathematically viable as a nation if we continue to do that. Europeans have peeped into the infinitesimal origins of the macrocosmic heavens, and seen very small pieces and bits of matters, they have the power, the machines, and the science to do so. Learn from them and build on what has been learned. They've looked into aspects of the physical universe that most of us from the inner city have never had the opportunity to cee. This is why we don't 'Hate' the colored man, he was manifested for us to show and prove our power, he has achieved a level of science that original people lost over many millenniums. This is our science, the more we elevate mathematically and scientifically the more we will grow and expand in terms of real Islamic Scholarship. Islam involves the science of everything in life, and everything in life manifest within the prescribed law of 'Islam'.

Knowledge is eternal and has no ending so hold no predjudice against any form of knowledge. As a Nation if we want to be equal with other Nations with the sciences of education we must first truly study. Then we will truly teach civilization to the human family of the Planet Earth.

America has to do the knowledge constantly on countries like Iran they are on the eve of developing a viable Nuclear program, North Korea raises it's middle finger at Obama everytime they launch a rocket. They are Nations to be respected regardless of their political ideology. Their scientific and level of mathematical elevation took them into the heights of true Nation hood. The only nuclear program the 'Nation' of Gods and Earths has is a microwave in Allah's school and we got that from Wal-Mart. I urge all of us to go crazy with real mathematics and physics in order that we may become truly sane. Kun fiya Kun!!!!


Sunday, June 14, 2009


Who The Hell Gives a Damn if We look like a Gang?-
It Beats Coming Off Like a Goddamn Metrosexual.

Adeeb Shabazz
7 you are definitely bringin' da blessings to the youth and reminding many Old G's of the importance of our "Wild Flower" culture.

Majestic Lane
Hmm... Strong proclaimation.... Not that I necessarily disagree because I see that some of the heart is gone in this day & time as well... I think there's a balance in having all of the bases covered (for those who are aware)... We cant continue to make this bargain where we always sacrifice one side for the other... Good manifestation!

Edward Sunez Rodriguez
This is real peace 7. I ain't tryin to see that Roman parliament. lol Now Cipher!
Your enlightener's sincerity is admirable. The denunciation of a student's lifestyle often comes across as asking them to abandon every aspect of their nature including that wonderful militancy. Interesting are the dynamics of my classroom (not so for students ...encountered outside of Allah School) that are extremely diverse. Some students lived the street life, others have no idea. Yet some of the latter are truly tough while the former are far more battered. It makes me constantly realize that my personal life experience is important in relating but I must also remember that for all students I encounter they've lived things foreign to me. This can range from criminal activities, a middle class upbringing to the immigrant experience. Ultimately, without condescending judgment a balanced equanimity allows me better to share what may be useful to them.
Peace, Sunez Allah

Eddie L. Thompson

Allah Universal
LMAO! That's what's up! I can understand the public relations angle, cause We need every angle from doctors to cremators, but that IS opinion of the public (85%), so...I recall an Older God telling me that "Ex-Knuckleheads make the best Gods", & he was Right & Exact...those of Us who would give our Life for nothing before, don't have a problem ...with giving all that We have & all within Our Power to see this Culture grow Now...& the wilderness with the bad economy banging & hustlin', these Warriors out here don't respect elitists who can't relate to where they @re now...& on top of that, what Woman can respect a Man that she thinks can't/won't apply Justice to protect her? Now, I don't advocate street life, but any Nation w/o Heart will fall...Standing on Square & being the Square are 2 different things...

Knowledge Born Allah
I agree that I would rather be labeled thuggish, believe me less bad things happen to someone, who looks like they ready to die, less police brutallity, less racism, even grimeys in the hood don't fuck with thugs

Freedom Allah
peace to the gods and earths

Zaid Divine Abdul-Hamid
Damn, I miss those days.
The Born Ciphers were definitely my training grounds, and there was no room for the weak of heart.
I remember when you couldn't roll out with certain groups of Gods unless you were strapped, lol.
BUT, everything is real, I have lost many of my beloved brothers to the belly of the beast, or back to the essence.
So, for what it's worth, I advocate being hard and raw with this in the beginning to test a persons determination and aptitude....
However, allowing the nation to be viewed as a counter-productive group, and possibly a gang is going against what Allah had invisioned for our nation.
It's is a poor man that has not any ability to generate food, clothing and shelter, without hurting someone else, that is a wicked person.
Im always down to ride on some fools trying to play with this culture, but taking from others is now cipher, unless they are drug dealers, and even then the consequences are still the same.

Zamzam Ausar
Peace lord I love your fire. You have the gift to wake the dead indeed.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Finding 'Joy' Through The Reality of Al-Mifta And The Quranic Art of Peeping Niggaz That Come At You Side Wayz.

Anita Baker is born on my born day: January 23-and I feel the Queen's passion in that rapture Album indeed, particularly when the weed is in the air. On the 'Rapture' Album Anita spit, "You Bring Me Joy". The beauty of her statement made me take inventory of those things in life that bring me 'Joy'. Writing brings me joy, building on 120, Supreme Alphabet, Supreme Math and reading and reciting Quran brings me joy. Trust me-four devils will come from all culture angles of the square to steal your joy in life, so in order for the joyful individual to remain joyful they must be forever vigilant. Never allow anyone to steal your joy. A thief of your joy is an act of emotional grand larceny which is a treacherous act indeed.

Recently Da God C'BS wrote a blog stating that he would retire his blog-he also announced that da God Sha King was retiring his blog as well. O.K., how did Em process and deal with that info? Without jumping to conclusions-I thought someone, something or some passing mood may have stolen both of da Gods joy. A person or even a whimsical passing mood can cause havoc for a writer if he's not careful. There have been times when I didn't want to write anymore because something or someone was fucking with my joy. Recently I realized that writing is not just a skill that must be constantly cultivated but writing is also a vehicle through which I find joy. Through the art of writing I've resolved to keep bringing that fuckin' mental funk with the ink pen regardless to whom or movafuckin' what! By taking joyful inventory I've realized that preserving my joy is to preserve the best part for myself.

Building with my Queen on Knowledge Wisdom Cipher, Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet and Quran is a joyous experience as well. When you see a woman drawing math up and linking them to Quranic verses coherently just as swift as any God-it's joyous to witness. This is why I encourage Gods to inspire their Queens to learn this math 100%, it makes for joyous relationships that are transcendent of the bullshit that relationships usually go through. I stress to all the Gods not to stress their Queens out when she's learning her lessons, if you are stressing her out-I recommend you refine your approach. Because to build with a Queen that builds strong in equality is sometimes better than building with your brothers. Why? Because the Earth brings a 20 mile outside of mecca objective approach that you may not have been peeping if you would have got a God's opinion on. Building with her is a definite Joy that I've discovered in the last year.

A God called me approximately two weeks ago and spit some shit in my ear like the 'Wass-Wass' (Shaitan the Whisperer). He suggested that maybe the Queen Maternal was only telling me things I wanted to hear. First thing popped up in my third was the Snake in the knowledge cipher degree slithering on its belly in the Garden of Eden (Religious Visuals are a ton of fun) when their rationalized and drawn correctly. I laughed to myself because the Queen Luminous will cross you like Rafer (Skip)Austin at the Rutger, and dunk on your dumb ass like Kobe going base line with 120 and Quran. I wanted to tell that nigga who came at me on some 'causing trouble' type shit that I bring out the best part in Queen like Phil Jackson bring out the best in the lords leaping. It is unfortunate that some Brothers building with Queens bring math with so much stress that they damn near cause her to have a nervous break while she's absorbing knowledge wisdom cipher. Keep an organic relationship to Islam. The initial suggestion itself was a form of devilishment in my eyes, especially when I know how hard the Queen works in the mental gym with 120 and the Quran. The Quran states that "in this 'Book' there is no doubt", you think when I renewed Quran with the Queen I would manifest doubt nigga?! I approach Islam like uncut raw coke, if you get that China white shit on your skin you might seize up and die. Get the fuck out my fuckin face trying to fuck with my Joy! Islam is potent and if the Planet Earth is the Home of Islam-I ain't gonna set up a home and wait for a movafucka to sting my Solar System with doubt. My advice to that God was to travel with a wisdom to Pluto and beyond into the deepest reaches of Quran. I enlighten an individual so that they will understand that there is 'no ledge'. Yes! There is 'no ledge' particularly if you keep on building. Absorbing 120 into your mental framework in such a way that you're brain is fully engaged shows and proves you can learn anything. I implore all to never stop studying Islam or I Self Lord And Master and to maintain the focus of a Samurai like discipline. I Self Lord And Master manifest infinite potential in terms of elevation, so why stop? Never divide Islam like a Pizza pie, every form can be drawn up to Al Ahad (The One).

Reading and reciting Quran is one of my greatest joys. I plan to keep reading and reciting until the day I return to essence. Building on Math makes me feel absolutely wonderful, walking through degrees slowly you cee angles of lessons that you've never seen before, degrees you've quoted backwards and forwards over the years manifests new ideas every now and think, ideas that you've never before fathomed borning a renewed understanding. Drawing up Quran, and relating a particular Ayat to your life shows and proves that the same thing we do with Knowledge Wisdom Cipher, Supreme Alphabet, and Supreme Math can also be done with the Holy Quran. Having this ability to draw all types of knowledge up objectively prevents acculturation from occurring-meaning that one can study the Quran in Arabic and not wear leather socks, or a Kufi, or take on Arab ways and actions. The academic excellence that 120 demanded of us when it was taken under cap allows one to probe and draw everything and anything up without falling victim to acculturation or devil civilization. Acculturation is when one culture takes on the characteristics of the dominate group. In Islam the dominant group on the planet is the Arab. However Knowledge Wisdom Cipher, Supreme Alphabet, and Supreme Math allows you to study the Quran voraciously without loosing your Asiatic identity and your origin in this world.

How hard do you study the science your dealing with? How dedicated are you? How many hours a day do you give yourself in the lab? Do you 'go hard' at Self Mastery to the point where you are Rabil Alamin or Lord of that world? How proficient have you become in your given area of Islamic study, be it Mathematics or Fiqh? The study of the science of everything in life requires a disciplined attitude, a focus, a determined idea to break the barriers that hold you from expanding your context. Study brings me joy. Right now I'm working hard on Baqara-and I get interrupted from time to time with someone who wants to build, and I don’t mind building as long as your content is constructive and concerns elevation. Calling me with a good question that stimulates my thought process, is also joyous for me-I will gladly put the Quran down, and build but don't call me with no bullshit. A lot of Gods called me yesterday with some peace builds, and I will gladly build with all my brothers and companions-I love math when the builds are meaningful and stimulating. In short, make sure what you have to say is worth me putting down the Holy Quran.

When your excited about that which brings you joy nothing can imprison your context. What do you mean Em? 'Yacob did not build prison houses for his people' the wisdom born degree tells us-this phrase can be drawn to mean-'never allow anyone, anything, any cipher to imprison your context'. If you allow this to happen you give away your joy. Religion is proof of how an individual's context can be shaped by others. We teach freedom which I draw to mean that all things within our context should be expansive. People will come at you sideways to strive to rip your joy off, and twist your context, I tell them Iqra (Read)-read. The Quran manifest that Allah is Lord of the Two East and Lord of the Two West, meaning I stay on Guard against four devils, my own devils and the devils of others. Many have allowed their devils to live, and believe you-me-they will sting your ass if you're not doing the knowledge. The Quran also states "they plot a plot against you-but verily they plot a plot against themselves." This is a very small verse in the Quran but one of my favorites, so when catz come against me, or come sideways I hum that verse and chuckle because a plot against me is a plot against yourself by virtue of the prescribed law of Islam.

A pre-written law is 'A Law' and the 'One Law' that subsisted in triple darkness before time became time, such a law was pre-written in the nature of Allah before manifesting from triple darkness into the reality that we've come to understand as 'Universe'. Your determined idea regardless of what it is-is in direct correlation to that 'Law' making you the 'said person' of that ability.

You are the fulfillment of this Universal Quranic Scripture-you are the Universe or the One Verse of Allah's word made bond into the Universe of the Mother Quran. The Quran manifested on Earth is Al Mifta or The Key which unlocks the science behind a year to every mile. When you read Quran you can read the shit out of people easy as fuck!!! It allows you to understand them on core levels quicker. I guarantee if you begin to study the Quran in correlation with 120 you will be able to peep a nigga coming at you sideways at a terrific speed. I chuckle when the Kafirun come. One of the Sciences in Islam is the examination of qualub to understand the niyat(the intention)it is easy to track the motivations and intentions of an individual when you understand that Al Mifta(the Quran)is a key or legend to the road map of the human psyche. You can peep catz when they coming at you on snake shit. When your all eye ceeing, you can read the fuck out a movafucka. Also when you study Quran on some self examination 'what is his ownself' type shit that will also manifest more efficiently. 120 when internalized insulates and inoculates an individual from God being understood as an external phenomenon from the Self.

120 and Quran when harmonically meshed provides the key to read into those that make up the world around us-it's like hearing Islam in stereo and watching reality in high definition. Warning: don't let anyone ruin your joy by coming at you sideways.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who The Hell Gives a Damn if We look like a Gang?-It Beats Coming Off Like a Goddamn Metrosexual.

I was doing the knowledge to Deen's last blog, he said something to the affect that our goal as a Nation in the next ten years should be not to be looked at as a 'gang'. I actually never felt that type of vibe persay, even though I have done my share of dirt. Gods was thick as thieves back in the day, and we ran pretty hard: Rashon, Lajief, Preme, Ramadeen and Sha (me), four of us got IBM tattooed between thumb and four finger and were ready to bleed the city dry. The tat was my idea. The God Life use to look at us all like we were crazy. "Why would yall put yourselves under the hammer of this justice system?" he would ask us shaking his head.

Oh well-we were young and dumb and being young and having the knowledge of God elevates your adrenaline. It's a lot of Gods that understand what I'm saying; some Gods still find themselves locked up from shit they did in the born ciphers, and then their are Gods like myself who've managed to carve out some type of living after their days of crime have past. At forty Da God Emblem is an Old G, no felonies nigga and only one traffic ticket(you can retire the Jersey in the rafters-'HOF'). 'Old G' is good, next I'm gonna rock red shoes and a dobb hat at a Rally like Poppa Wu (just joking, not a fan of red shoes).

Now I look at the young thundercats and smile, chuckle at their swag, and I always tell my weed man, and all the hoodlums loaded in the car with him to be careful.I'm Enlightening one of my weed men, he's one of those wild, lil Wayne type Catz, and were takin' it one degree at a time. He is a bright young God, quick learner, a ton of energy, good ideas, and a love for the streetz. He's one of those cats that playz playstation all the time, so I'm teaching him via sound, I put a rhythmic twist on 120 so he can listen to it while he's playing Madden. Do I judge what he does? Naw-because I know where da Young God Savior is coming from. Will I tell him to stop hustlin- and 'warn the wicked to save his life?' I will not, because what he does is not wicked! It's against the law, but it ain't wicked. More legal wicked things are done everyday than illegal wicked things. There are more wicked laws on the books than righteous laws, so I would never call the young God 'wicked'. I will build with him until he comes into a realization of what he should do for himself and I won't make that choice for him.

I was always O.T.(outta town) to such the degree that regardless of where you are reading this post at, I probably been in your state for one reason or another; taking something to somebody or following some wild lead but my mind was always on the grind. Once I went all the way to Seattle to stick up somebody because I got wind of the heroin grunge fad that was catching on out there. Yee Haw! I was a real cowboy 'Have Gun, Will Travel'. Da God Life called me a swashbuckler, and at the time I loved what I did especially when things were clicking. Once I went to the food court in a mall with a Nike box full of money and just looked at all the working stiffs like I knew the secret to gettin' money and they didn't. Did I mention I was really dumb then too? Well I was but I was learning and growing. The money felt good, it seemed that the more I risked my freedom the more free I became-if that wasn't a trader making an interpretation in my third-I don't know what is!

Emblem was usually in the middle of it, causing it, planning it and making 'it' happen-whatever 'it' was. One time I needed some dough and me, big Headed Perry and True Cipher Rule went to rule cipher born some destroy rule dealer. To make a long story short the whole stick went smooth, besides the police cruiser that drove through the apartment parking lot complex before we were about to speed off. I told the Gods in the whip to slow their heart rates down, and breath. The police cruiser just cruised on past. I asked Deen if he wanted to go on that stick, and he said, "Now Cipher!" Hey I respect that-different strokes for different folks, people go through their wildin'out periods differently. Big Headed Perry, and True Cipher Rule were wild, we all were young, and at the time I was still not beyond taking penitentiary chances. I was a young God and still had some wires in 120 crossed. What you cee and read now is this forty year old dude who don't want to be locked up with a whole bunch of 23 year olds who love lil Wayne, plus I enjoy my space; reading; reflecting; building etc. at forty I have definitely come to appreciate the fruits of freedom.My Enlightener is not a thug-don't get it twisted though, ain't nobody gonna punch him in the face and he not do nothing. My Enlightener will give you the 'business' for real-for real, but he never judged us, he was objective in how he looked at us, though we all had IBM on our hand, my Enlightener still saw righteousness in us. In his eyes you could cee that he would never stop giving us a chance to clean ourselves up, and he was definitely my companion in the kingdom and patience. The builds back then were strong, no blogger, no facebook or myspace, just a lot of Gods sitting on the sofa in a hot living room: reading Shakespeare and Nietzche one minute and putting a gun in your face the next. No I am in no way justifying what me or others have done, but regardless to whom or what-their is no unrighteousness in him. Lack of understanding at the time? Maybe, but none of us were evil. We were young and still growing, none of us were bitch niggaz, each one of us would give you the 'business' at any given moment.

Young people are going to be wild, your not gonna lay a code of conduct down on a young person, and it still be the Nation of Gods and Earths. We are Wild Flowers, this is part of our originality.

I knew who I was at 20 years old somewhat, and I was still learning more about myself in the midst of personal trialz and tribulationz. Were we a gang? Yeah. Did we come in the name? Indeed. For me the Nation of Gods and Earths was a sanctuary, it was a place where I could grow into my own righteousness at my own pace and not be judged on how many bean pies I sold or didn't sell. I don't wild out no more (I will still fuck you up!) but I don't wild out like that-like that. During this crucial time in my life my enlightener never judged me as I grew and developed.

One God I run in to every now in then has been locked up half his life, da God is understanding build years old and he calls this Math 'Falling Under The Five', he got Knowledge while he was locked up-does he have a gang manifestation of this culture? Y equal Self, he found peace in this Math in the Belly and the Math protected him. He prides himself on the fact that he never had his face cut. Personally I don't give a fuck how others view me or this culture. My responsibility to you is to be genuine and not put on airs regardless to whom or what. Even when I was wildin' I dealt with this culture by virtue of it's content, and not how others saw it. I would never want to judge those who 'wild out' now, they too must get their own understanding about what the content of this knowledge means to them. Ultimately gang behavior is nothing more than unrefined militancy and indicative of an individual who lacks a political understanding of a given situation. I taught a cat who laid there after being punched in the face(I wasn't there-but his eye told the story). I heard he did nothing and he had access to my nine millimeter still did nothing. Such inaction is proof that military action is not for every man, not that they are in anyway less than a man, it just means that their just not that kind of soldier-they may soldier in other areas like sewing, writing, and nutrition-some may have a real good report with the seeds and thatz is Allah manifesting in that angle. Fighting is not the full measure of a man-not at all, but I would not close the door on the young God who needs to feel a current of ferociousness in this Nation. They should also have the right to be themselves and like me; learn as they go. Great enlighteners are required, open ears are required because that young God who is wildin needs someone to build with.

I have no problem with the gang image, it too has is place in this Nation, it definitely beats that bullshittin' Metrosexual image that some of these half of fag ass niggaz is coming wit. If your're my brother and companion, I want to know that-if shit goes down-you got my damn back. I know catz personally that'll be softer than a babies bottom if conflict popped off- they'll scream "Don't hit me in my face!!!" and run. If that metrosexual bullshit continues with itz proclaimations, attempting to establish rules, regulations and codes of conduct-in ten years those same niggaz will have successfully put a rainbow around the Universal flag. Keep the image of this Nation ferocious or future Gods will be lookin like gay cynical Senators at a Roman parliament.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Hafiz Project - Phase 10

Emblem & Maternal - Builds on "Mischief", dirty tricks and the 28 degree in the 1-40's.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Returning Back: Flight 447: 228 Dead + Emblem

After I write this I'm going to the bank, then I'll get something to eat, get a blunt, go back to the crib, roll one and recite Quran. After about an hour of study I'm gonna attempt to do some cleaning, and tomorrow this time I should be at work. This is pretty much how I cee my very near future. We all have somewhat of a routine in life, but every now and then we interrupt the routine. Two years ago I flew to Vegas, and even though many of us get on planes as if it's a 'given' that we will land safely, the reality is that landing safely is not a 'given'. This blog is not about the safety of flying, nor is it about Vegas-it is about death.

A blog about death?! How morbid Emblem! Yeah,one could look at death as morbid, but death is a reality. Your next breath is not guaranteed, though many of us live life as if life is a 'given'. 20 somethings are some of the most invincible characters you'll ever meet, death is not real to people in their 20's, they are so young and vivacious, taking chance after chance, not listening, not caring, 20 somethings have all the answers. 30 somethings still got a 20 something swag, but usually if they learned anything in their 20's they'll walk with that swag wisely. When I hit 40 I looked up at the clock like an NBA superstar in a close game and saw '00.00', 'Game over' I did a double take, did the clock really say '00.00'? Naw it was just my eyes playing tricks on me, but at 40 years old you do realize the clock is ticking on that ass.

Monday flight 447 went down in the Atlantic between Brazil and Africa. It was an 11 hour flight from Rio de Janeiro to France. From 30,000 feet 228 people plunged into the Atlantic to their death. Anyone who has ever taken a flight thinks about plunging to their death due to a mechanical malfunction caused by some redneck mechanic named Goober who cut corners to get off of work a little earlier to drink beer and watch Nascar. Everyone on a plane is thinking about death they just try not to show it. Then there is the talkative white guy sitting next to you who flies everywhere, shows off the fact that he has a brand new laptop, then he tells you the story about his roller blade accident. Eventually you give him the hint that you don't want to talk and dude decides to listen to his MP3. As calm as that whiteboy was, he is thinking about death too. Yeah we sit back, watch the movie 'Bridewars', enjoy an onboard meal, but then we hear the pilot come over the intercom and tell us to "Be calm!"-ain't no 'calm'! Fuck 'calm'! Next, you turn your punk ass to the mystery God. If you a Christian you gonna be praying to Jesus, if you a Muslim you gonna be praying to Allah, If you're God or Earth your gonna be meditating and connecting with Allah the One force permeating the Universe doing your best not to admit it's a prayer all the same. No matter the belief system,the reality of death connects us all, and now seconds before impact what are you thinking? If you are really empathetic you can feel what the passengers on flight 447 felt: the roller coaster like drop in their stomachs, the relaxing of their bowels as if about to defecate, dry mouth, and clammy sweaty palms. Some passengers may calmly except it, some may scream-screams of sickening torture. "Fuck! I'm about to die! Ain't this some shit!" I would say under breath, "Um-Um-Um! I'm about to 'return'", I'll whisper to myself, shaking my head. I'll try to spit some Quran- during my last recital of Quran I would realize that maybe I could have been a better son to my ole Earth, maybe a little more forgiving of my ole dad, maybe a better father to my son, maybe I could have been a bit nicer, but I was me and me is about to be 'over' ain't no 'maybes'. I would tell my physical body, "Peace!" As impact got closer I would rest my forehead into the back of the seat in front of me, listen to the last sobs of the people around me, and return back to three stages of darkness back into the black mind of Allah.


Hafiz Project - Phase 9

Emblem & Maternal - Quick morning build about 'disease' and 'deceive'.