Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mike, Kobe, Lebron & How to Make Knowledge Born To Your Earth

After the 'Pick and Roll' what measures has the defense made to adjust to the temporary change in coverage? Who's duty is it to come out and defend the open shooter? How do you draw the foul to get to the line? How do you make a defender commit to the foul? How do you anticipate who is open in the paint without looking? How do you defend a shooter without drawing the foul? How do you make those around you better? How do you motivate without being abrasive? A NBA pro is literally a genius in the physical sense, and an NBA superstar is a grandmaster. How does all of this apply to teaching a Wisdom?

I was watching "Doin Work" by Spike Lee which is a documentary about a game in the life of Kobe Bryant, and that was the first time I seen Kobe Bryant's basketball I.Q.. He lives and breathes the game of basketball like I live and breath 120, Supreme Alphabet, Supreme Math and the Holy Quran. During halftime in the documentary the team was watching film, looking at mistakes, lapses in coverage, why they didn't get rebounds, and who wasn't doing what and Kobe had the basketball I.Q. of a coach. Basketball is only one world in a Universe of worlds but in some cases the laws of one world can be translated into the laws of another world. How we carry 120, Supreme Alphabet, Supreme math and Islam in general is a telling sign of our Islamic I.Q.. Michael Jordan was not a cerebral basketball player when you think back, he was more intuitive, a quality which I think is lacking in players today. Kobe is cerebral, and from what I saw in the film a very intellectual basketball player. Lebron James is probably one of the most naturally gifted players of all time, but he is still lacking an intangible, it could be 'Will', 'Confidence', 'Timing' or 'Self esteem' it's not clear. Something is still missing in Lebron-that Lebron himself has to find. There is no way Jordan could drop 44 points in a playoff game and the Bulls loose. Lebron has dropped 40 plus points in the last three or four games against the Magic and the Cavs have still lost. Jordan dropped his 40+ points at the right time, when it was critical, this is why I think that MJ was more intuitive than intellectual on the court. Kobe has a gift but I feel his 'Will' is not where Mike's Will was, not that he can't score at will because the Black-Mamba(Kobe) can kill you, but willing your team to victory is different than scoring a basket. Jordan by his very presense brought his Will to the team effort.

All of this to say that when you enter into a relationship with a Queen you have to bring your will to win to the relationship. You will be doubled teamed by the nurse's law, wild beast will come out of the post to put an extra defender on your endeavors within a relationship, meaning you have to make real time adjustments to negative emotional coverage. 'Then why did God Make devil'?-simply means, that you have someone or some situation playing defense on the quality of your relationship with the Queen, a force that maybe either within or without. The point guard's duty is to bring the ball down court, not get stripped, find the open man, guard the ball, and be able to shoot the ball from the outside if need be. Your Earth has to be taught the duties of a point guard and the ball represents our cultural values: Keep the home;raise the children; keep her husband ;sew and cook and in general how to act at home and abroad. Do you trust her to take the jump shot in life? All of this is a metaphor for critical decisions to be made in the midst of a relationship. She has to hit the three in the last seconds if the ball ends up in her hands, meaning her understanding gotta be nice.

Phil Jackson is the Zen Master of the game of basketball, he taught Michael & Kobe the code of the Samurai and the whole nine. Phil Jackson is a great enlightener in the game of Basketball, and has revolutionized offensive postures from what used to be squares, man to man, to now-what he has defined as the triangle. The triangle offense has brought more finesse to the game of basketball, it has made offenses more fluent, more flexible, while still providing the ability for a team to get back on defense instantaneously. How are you imparting this culture to your Wisdom, Earth and Queen? The God Yasir called me from C-Medina, and we built on the psychological and emotional finesse that is needed when building with a wisdom, and the example that I brought to the table was the tight basketball shorts that players in the past use to wear. If you walk out on the court with tight shorts now-a-day they will laugh you off the court. Baggy shorts are in, leaving room for the nuts to breath, but some amongst us still carry math like we are in the days of Jerry West, Bob Coozey and Dr.J, not to say West, Coozey or Doc couldn't ball because they were all 'the man' on the court during their times, but times have changed. God can not bring math to the Earth like Gods he got on tight basketball shorts. The History of this culture is beautiful, but we must understand that looking at history all the time is like dwelling on black and white game film of five foot two inch white men running around shooting old fashion free throws from between their legs. Enlightener, and Enlightement must be in Hi Def now-a-day. Gods and Earths are playing above the rim mentally. Some cats out here have 50 inch verticals injuring their heads on rims. Their are young Gods out here who are not buying the ways of old to the point where it stifles their own personal development within Godhood. No young God wants to be called another Man's fruit. That God desires to shine on his own with a full blown shine. Borning that mentality to the God from the door will build stronger Gods that will consequently build stronger Earths, leading to stronger and swifter seeds. These new formations will build a stronger Nation. A relationship is teamwork-teamwork which ultimately starts from how a God builds with his Earth, this sacred bond is the basis of civilization. How do you impart 120 to an Earth in such a way that it transcends her just regurgitaing the lessons back to you, or she's just another Earth in the back with a headwrap preparing tofu for the Gods? The key is to never minimize her, never put her in a diminutive light and have a personal rally with her each and everyday. If a female attorney can argue a case in a court of law, then an Earth can build strong. Don't treat her like a child when you build with her, elevate with her, and stop carrying this math like you wearing tight basketball shorts lookin' like Air Whack.

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Hafiz Project - Phase 8

Emblem & Khaliq Surahs 113, 114 Family Build Duration 33:48

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hafiz Project - Phase 7

Emblem & Maternal - 'Last Days' built plus extra reciting. Duration 25:22

Friday, May 22, 2009

Discovering Realms of Higher Self Realization

Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist who manifested the idea of 'the Hierarchy of Human needs'. He was a humanist psychologist who formulated a pyramid model that represented various levels of Self Realization. The base of his pyramid model deals with 'human physiology' which essentially governs eating, breathing, sex, defecation, water intake and food, all essential aspects of living day to day. If an individual is deprived of the basic needs that govern life, that individual is relegated to toil in the realm of pure poverty. The second aspect of his pyramid governs security of an individual's own body, employment, one's resources, social morality, family, health and property. The third aspect of Maslow's pyramid deals with 'love' and being loved, intimacy and belonging. The fourth aspect of the pyramid manifest self esteem, self respect, respect for others, and an individual's various achievements in life. The fifth and highest aspect of Maslow's pyramid is problem solving, creativity, spontaneity, comprehension of empirical facts, lack of prejudice and personal morality which is above social morality. A 'principled' individual's principles-are not based on social norms or the status quo but what He or Her has discovered in their own journey into Self Realization.

I dig the way the colored dude Maslow broke down human needs and tied it into self realization. Conceptually speaking his model is rather accurate. Early this week or sometime last week I wrote that a civilization can only elevate as high as its Mathematical achievement or something to the effect bringing me to The Father-The Father did something very similar to Maslow when he linked whole numbers to intrinsic values establishing the foundation of what we define as 'Supreme Mathematics' which if used properly can indeed born Self Realization.

Knowledge of Self is a fundamental aspect to elevating to Higher Self Realization b.u.t. What is 'Knowledge of Self'? I don't think that 'Knowledge of Self' is an idea that should be 'generalized'. Knowledge of Self for me is not Knowledge of self to another individual. There can be similarities but similarities should not constitute generalizing 'Knowledge of Self'. Relegating 'Knowledge of Self' to an 'across the board' statement is a contradiction of the idea of knowledge of Self. Knowledge of Self could be better understood as 'Knowledge of (Your) Self'. Who are 'You' and 'What is his/ or her Own Self? Knowledge of 'Your' Self is about 'You' getting to know 'You'. Knowledge of Yourself as it relates to Asiatic and World history is about you understanding your relationship to History as it relates to the World now-a-day. However Understanding Yourself relative to history only answers one side of the personal Living Math equation of 'Knowledge of
(Your) Self'. Yes I am the Asiatic Black Man: Maker, Owner, Cream, Father, God and Whatnot but I often have to build on Triple Darkness and Allah's Manifestation out of Triple darkness to better understand my Own origin in this world. One Should Be Building On Triple Darkness Every Moment of Their Lives Silently because no amount of words can describe Allah's manifestation out of triple darkness. Sufis say that if all the Trees on Earth were pens, and all of Her oceans were Ink it would still not be enough to exhaust the Wisdom of Allah. Words travel no higher than six miles above the Earth's Surface so Your personal Point of Origin in this world is 'You' and must be 'U'. 'You' are the individual living Your life from day to day. How much of Your Life 'R' 'U' living is representative of the Authentic or Original 'U'. The journey in life is a transitory Journey. The Quran states that the human being travels from stage to stage. We travel from Triple Darkness--to Sperm-To Egg-to Fetus, to child, and born into everyday life. Life is a continuation of the existential ladder. We climb from one rung of this ladder to the next rung into Higher Self Realization. One of are greatest phrases in this Nation is 'Constant Elevation'. The idea of 'Constant Elevation' simplifies are path and reasoning of our life's journey.

Always take on the attitude of a newborn because a Newborn looks at the world objectively proving the baby is a Scientist by Nature. The newborn is a natural Scientist and Artist, simultaneously discovering the world and the existential reality of Self and what it means to 'Be'. Learning is a joy to the seed, but nurse's pins slowly manifest as people, places, social arenas and these pins sometimes succeed in murdering the nature of the baby's mind which moves naturally toward higher Self Realization. The murder of our innate personal 'Scientist' and 'Artist' is two fold: The Nurse though evil in His or Her intentions ultimately challenges the Newborn to first 'exist'; and secondly to elevate toward Higher Self Realization. Often I build about Math and Science, but I can not leave out the aspect of Self that is 'Allah the Artist'-the ninety nine attributes of Allah show and prove 'Khalaq' or the Creator. When we manifest 'Art' of any kind: paint, write, draw, music, spoken word poetry we transport into the Nature of 'Al Khalaq'- The Creator. 'All that above is caused by the Son of Man', from the bottom of Maslow's pyramid of human needs to the top of the pyramid of human needs The Original Man is the Cause of our lives in This Earth Cipher by virtue of the choices we make as the 'Make-Her'.

My Enlightener built with me recently about energies that manifest through people, how we classify these particular energies and their meaning to US. His views allowed me to cee into the reality of people and places deeper, allowing me to view reality itself in a more transparent manner. I was able to view the cardinal principles people and places and the meaning they take on in my life. Ultimately what he said shuttled me into a deeper understanding, and showed me more so how Allah permeates all reality, either realized reality or unrealized reality-showing and proving the idea of '...seen and heard everywhere'.

The ego identifies with the face value of reality and usually the ego dilutes the purity of the Actualized self and the Actualized Self ultimately falls victim to the Negative reality or Devil Civilization. The Actualized Self is Your present state of Self Awareness. The snakish aspect of ego allowed to live stings 'Someone Else'(You) and (U) because it has synthesized with the Actual Self thus distorting the True Self which is God or Earth. The aftermath of such a snake bite is when we become who we think we 'R' or what we have been tricked to think we 'R' and not who we 'R' in reality. The 'Ego' is the face value of the Self, and if 'U' strip away everything: Your name, Your place of business, Your money, Your things, Your relationships, Your looks and how others view You-You will be provided free Transpo to Mecca or the origin of the Self. Such a practice is what is defined as Transcendental Meditation or what I like to define as 'A Walking
Mathematical Meditation'.

My Enlightener also told me to never take 'gain' or 'loss' to heart, 'gain' and 'loss' are essentially illusory states that we come to believe in and fools US to believe in 'HIM'. You are not your things, nor are you your wants or your desires such things handcuff US and strip away Culture and Freedom. This is the Truth, and the Truth is relative to the individual, but the Truth is absolute when we discover that it applies to All-no matter what angle of the Square an individual may manifest from. At sometime or another WE all become quite emotional in regard to Truth from our angle of the Square but interestingly enough Truth is not emotional, Truth is what 'IS' and my Enlightener also born that Truth has no opposite. A lie is not the opposite of the Truth, it is only an attempt to block out the Truth. Truth stands alone without Opposition on the Square.

That 'Truth' which 'IS'-is not what we cee with the naked eye. The build degree explains in no uncertain terms that things exist that the naked eye can hardly detect. Higher realization is about you realizing that 'You' are ultimately that which 'IS' True. When You strip away all the face value layers that make up the ego You'll realize that which 'IS'-is the first wisdom aspects of our famous acronym I-Self-Lord-And Master. I always pondered why would we use 'And', a grammatical conjunction to express Who We Are? I draw up that the 'And' is a divine conjunction borning the Righteous connection to the Master. The Master peers into that which is Unknown(X) regarding the 'Self' and discovers the eternal layers residing within the 'Self'. Eternal Potential is forever expressing itself. Then why did God Make Devil? To Show forth His Power.... Higher Self Realization is a Journey to realizing personal and collective Power via the excellence of Our intellect, and congruent to the ascension into Our personal(ByMySelf) and collective(Advocated) journey into Creativity (Al Khalaq).

Understanding 'And' as 'Divine Connectivity' to the Master in the I Self Lord And Master Equation allows the Master to manipulate and Cause that which 'IS': sometimes consciously; or unconsciously. That which 'IS' resides on levels of consciousness that are 'buried there'. The conscious realm that is indicative of our waking state of day to day existence is rather weak in comparison to that which we have yet to realize about the Self. The Elevation into the Higher Self is based on the internal excavation into the eternal unconscious layers buried there that Your third eye has yet to detect. In essence Allah had to implode into his own Eternity to break the first layer of Darkness by exploding from triple darkness into U or Universe. Finding this balance is the path to Higher Self Realization.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Homeschooling is Gangsta

I don't do the knowledge on Original Thought online metazine, not that I have anything against them but I just be in my own world dealing with my own build knawmean. But I did hear some rather good things from others in regard to an article they dropped on homeschooling recently. It made me think about the possiblities of the children, often we say the babies are the greatest but then we feed them to the wild beast of the public school system. Homeschooling is a very powerful thing and I commend every God and Earth that is showing and proving along those lines. King Solomon said, "Get ye Knowledge, Get Ye Wisdom, but with all ye get-get Understanding." "The babies are the greatest." is probably one of the most quoted statements made by those in our culture and to homeschool a child is the greatest act that God or Earth can do to show and prove that the babies are indeed the greatest.

I was building with my Queen on the math of homeschooling and the subject just opened up the true nature of learning, not 'carrot on a stick' reward learning, but real learning. The freedom to design your curriculum for your babies is culture freedom. Why does the devil teach and keep our people illiterate? We know the answer but the question itself contains mad understanding:...'teach and keep' our people illiterate. This means that the colored man's education- is an education in stupidity excluding that of the hard sciences. My Ex-wife got a PH.D in education and she is not academically inclined at all, she just purchased some boobs and they let her pass. I went to college with this other cat who got his Masters in Education and became a principal and dude would stumble reading an article in the newspaper. Those who oversee our children are lacking in many essential academic areas themselves. Any sexy chick, or dude who's mastered the art of cheating can graduate college. Usually all those in education want to do is collect a check(carrot on a stick learning), they don't give a damn about your seed, so when we send seeds to school we literally feed them to a wild beast.

Not that all teachers are bad, I remember the good teachers in my life but most of them are foul and could careless about your babies. I have a huge amount of respect for University Level Hard sciences such as Math, Science and so forth, but have little or no respect for liberal arts education; social science, education, philosophy,and psychology. People with degrees in this field should not be taken on face value. The stuff like biology, chemistry, Math, Engineering, Computer Science, and other subject of classified as a technical academic discipline is the real deal. Advertising, business, education, social work, philosophy, and political science is all bullshit unless the student decides on a law degree for post graduate studies. A law degree is essentially a Masters in Bullshit, and unfortunately in America a degree in legal bullshit can afford an individual a comfortable lifestyle. Anyone who can read is capable of mastering the soft sciences and should have the ability to impart it to a child at an early age. The parent of a homeschooled child should focus intensely on areas surrounding Math, don't allow your child to cop out and end up in the Education or Social Science department at the local University. By knowledge culture the homeschooled child should be enjoying Calculus.
I used the word 'enjoying' because a parent of a homeschooled child can interject a sense of joy and fun in the lessons because the child is relaxed, there are no bullies, no peer presure, and no teachers who stress the babies out. Homeschooling is Gangsta for real, you can give the babies 120 early and build with them about it and how 120 applies to them and current events. 120 manifests all the social sciences in one whop! A child can be building coherently in 120 by the age of knowledge understanding, while still learning hard sciences to prepare for undergrad and post graduate studies. A homeschool curriculum should be designed around the MCAT(Medical College Admissions Test) which focuses on strong writing skills, scientific concepts, problem solving and critical thinking. If your child can ace an MCAT and LSAT(Law School Admissions Test) should be rather easy.The parent should follow and surpass all state guidelines, requirements and spend time with the seed. Be very patient, mild, pleasant, firm and consistent. Do you have to give up your carrer? No! State requirements born 'flex time', you have to remember you are on your time. I am not speaking from experience I'm speaking from the point of view that if I could raise my 17 year old seed over again, I would make knowledge born hardcore to him but I was too preoccupied with my own gargantuan ego disguised as God to truly understand that the babies are indeed the greatest. I know what I would do different if I could do it over, but in life there are no 'do overs', all you can do is do better.


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Hafiz Project - Phase 6

Emblem & Maternal

Is The Nation of Gods and Earths Religious?

Yall better go ahead and get under the umbrella of that first amendment. Anytime you use the word 'God' you are stepping from the secular realm into the religious realm. When the Nation of Gods and Earths attempts to claim pure secular status-we're climbing the slippery slope of a sliding board with grease on it the size of Mt. Everest. 'God' is religious terminology, 'Devil' is religious terminology, dealing with 'Muslim' Girl training, "His ownself is a righteous Muslim". "Why does Muhammad and any Muslim murder the devil?" and to top it off the Name of Allah is the cornerstone of the faith of over a billion Muslims in the world, a name that they are prepared to fight and die for. Your name is Such and Such Allah-but your not religious-your a scientist who digit sums whole numbers, and somehow finds a universal truth in your sum. Needless to say digit summers are safe and Iranian Scientist won't be looking to kidnap a digit summer to help them with their Nuclear program. Regardless of what an individual chooses to do with the integers of a number scale, he or she never the less deals with religion. My enlightener once told me that every person has their own religion-he had a point. If you choose your higher power to be your ownself, or a mysterious being separate from yourself-it doesn't change the conclusion that both individuals have a relationship with 'God'-a mystery or otherwise. The individual who sees God as his ownself has ratonalized the mysterious abstraction to be his own being after which the question of this individuals omnipotence is brought into question. Omnipotence at a dead end job? Woooowwwwww!(Flavor Flav's voice). The individual who worships an unseen God has rationalized the abstraction as a being separate from their own being. Whether the idea of God is held as an 'ahstraction' or 'concrete'-the reality is the same in terms of the idea of 'God'. Whether your 'devil' is under the ground with a pitch fork fueling the fires of a firey pit or if your 'devil' is the white Manager at Mcdonald's that puts Allah on 'fries' when God has the skills to work the drive thru window-The devil is all the same no matter how you slice it.

Jesus(RA) had twelve disciples, Muhammad(Saw) kicked it with his companions known as the Sahaba, The Father(PBUH) rolled with the First Born. The Father split with the N.O.I much like John Calvin the French theologian rejected the views of the Catholic Church in the 15th century. Schisms manifest from differing religious ideas. But many amongst us shun the term 'religion': Who the hell are we kidding? We are kidding ourselves. Many Gods amongst us who claim not to be religious are the same ones calling themselves mathematicians but simultaneously break the Laws of Allah which governs every mathematical branche that has been discovered and that has yet to be discovered. Wow!!!!!! "Emblem you ain't have to go there." Go through 120, and pull out every word that is used by religious people across the Planet Earth. Mecca and Jerusalem are two of the most, sacred and Holy places on the planet Earth in terms of religion, Patmos is where John(Elijah said it was Yacob) wrote the book of Revelations. 'Free Transpo' to Mecca mentioned in the knowledge cipher degree-why the hell do I want to go to Mecca if I'm not religious? Of course Emblem says the 'Holy City of Mecca is Within', and I rationalize it as such, draw up the degree and produce my understanding to that knowledge cipher degree. Still there is no difference from me making a spiritual hadj within, and a Muslim Pilgrim taking a plane and making Salat in front of the Kabba. No difference. The expressions are different but the ideas are inextricably bound as one and the same. Is the Nation of Gods and Earths pseudo Islamic? As much as I hate being 'Pseudo' anything the word 'pseudo' fits particularly when we call ourselves 'Mathematicians'. Yesterday a cop was following my truck-I thought he was gonna pull me over and I was as nervous as a member of the Nation of Gods and Earths before a Calculus test. How the hell you gonna call yourself a Mathematician and digit root summing is as high as your mathematics goes? 'Pseudo' Mathematicians is the word that best describe us at this particular stage in our 'religious' development. Do the knowledge on how Gods break down their family lines as to who taught who and what individual did what: Christians, Jews and Muslims have a similar practice. You can open up any bible and peep the lineage of Israel-he begot him, he begot him-he begot him-he begot him, and he begot him. Sunni's classify the validity of a given Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) by tracing said story back through a 1400 year sacred line. "Who is that Mystery God?" is a question that is just as religious as "Do you believe in God?" Why? Because the word 'God' bonds you to a religious worldview.

I study everything, recently I have been studying with a Jehovah's Witness. Now when I study with this cat I am not combative, I'm very quiet and agreeable, meaning I don't raise points or attempt to disprove this man's belief system. I am learning how the Jehovah Witness 'believe',I can only do this with my ears open and mouth shut. Nevertheless I peruse the content of the information as thoroughly as I possibly can looking for comparisons and contrast with Sunni Islam. I have found quite a few comparisons and contrast between Sunni Islam and the Jehovah Witness. God is an invisible being for both religions, so are the Angels, and Satan is also invisible. Each religion uses their brand of 'faith' like cement to box the believer out of scientific objectivity and rationality in order that the believer will take the teaching on face value. Religion keeps the patron out of higher order thinking (*Interestingly enough 'Algebra' was discovered by the
Muslim world). Hey that's O.K. with me, religion does what it does and I accept that. Religion makes for a very interesting study if it is put into context, meaning lets wrestle with the abstractions that come with religion. An 'Angel' is an abstraction, meaning no one can concretely give you an accurate picture of what an Angel is or looks like, neither does either religion fathom the vastness of its Mystery God's intelligence. The mystery God is the greatest unknown within religion, and its considered a sin to attempt contemplate the omnipotence of Jehovah or Allah. Similarly in the Nation of Gods and Earths none of us will ever eclipse the Father even if we levitated above Allah School.

We all have old people in are families that have angels on the mantle with wings and whatnot. Angels in that case are only figurines and the human beings artistic projection into reality. None amongst us have seen the likes of winged creature. Sunnis teach about the Malaika(The Angels), and the Jehovah Witness teach on the Angels and neither have ever seen them, but they are bound by their respective faiths to 'believe'. We can scientifically rationalize the abstraction of Angels, and draw it all up to ourselves making the idea useful to the individual God and Earth building.

What is your 'cee' on Angels? My Enlightener told me that an Angel is an Angle of Allah. Either way the creative aspect of Angels is how you choose to draw it up I suppose. Angels, Hell, Heaven, God, Devil, are all part of a non-secular, psychological, religious vocabulary that leaves the confused individual attempting to rationalize with something that is abstract. Jesus was reported to have resurrected from a physical death. The belief of resurection is itself an abstraction and Gods and Earths rationalize 'death' in terms of the 'death' being physical or mental.

If the Nation of Gods and Earths had an archeological dig on the Island of Patmos would we find evidence pointing to those that followed Yacob and were instrumental in making devil? Show me a baby bone-some old pins that the nurse's used or something. Maybe a big headed statue of the their Island Leader Yacob. Chances are Fard may have put one over on Elijah on that one. What negro in 1930 was interested in taking a trip to Patmos to show and prove those degrees? None probably-so we have to look at the allegory of the story and draw from it, look how the story relates to the internal psyche of man to make the story valuable, relevant and psychologically valid. For those that are not relating the story of Yacob to their own psyche via the investigation into the Patmos situation-they maybe be 'airballin' and 'brickin' that Patmos jumpshot.
This blog won't succeed in solving anything within Religion,or in the so-called Secular world or amongst the Nation of Gods and Earths but I build that all my writings sparks the reader to expand their mathematical, and scientific outlook. I love Islam, I am Islamic, but am I religious? No I am not. I think the Quran is a beautiful book and would love to fully draw it up. Has it ever been drawn up by any amongst us(NGE)? I don't think so, but in my draw ups within the Hafiz Project( I have sought to look at the Quran in context, finding how the Quran applies to the 'now' and how the verses in the Quran apply to 'Self' and I am doing this for my own personal growth. Even with that being said, there is no way out of the fact that we in the Nation of Gods and Earths are quite religious even though we shun the word 'religion'. Don't believe that we are religious? Examine Show and Prove with a Scientific eye and cross reference it with another religious gathering.

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Hafiz Project - Phase 5

Emblem and Maternal - Discussing "belief". Psychological vs Spiritual

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Distinctions Between Those That Follow Farrakhan And Those That Choose The Path of The Five Percent Nation Of Gods and Earths

I recently wrote a piece entitled 'Mental Military Training: Going To War With Low Self Esteem. Many of you enjoyed the piece, and I enjoyed writing it, however brother Philip Muhammad, one of my Facebook Friends felt as though I took some jabs at Minister Farrakhan in the piece. I told him that the picture I painted with my words was a brief account of my forty year Journey in Islam, and that in no way were my words intended to be an attack on Minister Farrakhan. Needless to say the brother was perturbed and defended 'Khan'(I call Farrakhan-'Khan' as my personal term of endearment for Da God). The brother took some shotz at me but I told him everything I wrote was my honest account of my experience in Islam and nothing was meant as a personal attack. In the Early 70's Khan wasn't the leader of the Nation of Islam, he was a Minister. MGT talked about brothers, and my little 5 year old ears use to dip. My Aunt Salamma, and my Old Earth use to call him "Louis-the Minister with the overbite". My old Earth was the Sister Captain of the MGT, and Dean of Girls at the University of Islam so Islam was pretty much 24/7 for me as a seed. Women build on men, and I conveyed that in the piece, but it was not an attack on Khan. I also called Khan 'dude' in the piece. 'Dude' is how I build, no one is above being called 'Dude'-I didn't mean it in a derogatory way or with disrespect-thatz just Emblem being Emblem. I also said something to the effect of "I ain't want to sell no bean pies, papers, and be donating to number 1, number 2, number 3, number 4, number 5, number 6, and number 7 poor charity." That is the Truth about how I feel, not something I was writing just to be snide or mean. I know the Nation has a number of charities and that is peace-Charity is a part of Islam, but I kind of want to give to Charities that I want to give to, such is the perogative of adults. I have no problem buying a paper or a bean pie from a brother on the corner who has them for sale, and it is also my perogative not to be the one on the corner selling the paper or pies. If a brother chooses to do that to help the N.O.I. movement-I honor that brother (Al Hamdulilah).

We are all free and independent adults capable of making choices, which brings me to something I have been thinking about as of late: Why Do Some amongst US Follow Farrakhan, and why do some of US deal with the 5% Nation (Nation of Gods and Earths)? What does that have to do with our determined ideas that were predicted of all of us in the year One? And lastly is there a genetic predisposition to choose one Nation over the other?

A genetic predisposition Emblem? What do genetics have to do with a choice we make as free and independent adults? Well I have always drawn the 23 Scientist up as the pairs of chromosomes in each normal man or woman's body (23x2=46). The 24th Scientist I have drawn up as the Personal Self which is you and the 25th Scientist is when an individual is launched toward a path of higher and higher Self Realization. Now this is just my 'cee' on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th Scientist and how I cee it is how I cee it. The Quran borns that Man travels from stage to stage, or as the Gods and Earths say 'Constant Elevation'. I also theorize that Genotypical combinations are manifested on the physical or phenotypical level as ciphers and situations. Do Genetics only point to our finger prints, height, eye color, hair texture, dispositions toward health or sickness etc..? Could genetics possibly prophesize and predict into the social realm and our social dispositions toward a given choice in our daily reality? The 23 'Scientist' meet in Mecca every 25,000 years and discuss the history, they bring the recorded accounts of the thinking of the people, they multiply the thoughts times the actions, and predict the history which is the future and the Highest Scientist ratifies the history or future Quran. Where is Mecca? In My view the ultimate Mecca is not just Harlem or the Holy City of Arabia for all Muslims across the world but in all reality Mecca is when you have arrived at the central aspect or point of Self freely by murdering the four devils of Jealousy, Envy, Lust and Hatred within.

Now back to the genetic soup: Man meetz Woman, Man and Woman concieve Child-Child grows up to bring about a certain instance in the already predicted History or Quran. The Wisdom Culture degree borns the Idea that what Yacob did was in fact predicted of him to do. Drawing up the psychological allegory of Yacub we see that we have all been predicted to bring about an aspect of the History or Quran. I was born in to the Nation of Islam, but I am now a 5Percenter or a member of the Nation of Gods and Earths. Why? What in me is distinct? What in a follower of Farrakhan is distinct? In my view the distinction is a psychological trait predicted from the genetic Quranic level to bring about segments of the reality or four dimensional history or Quran.

I was a part of the Nation of Islam from the age of zero to six (69'-75), the general teachings were installed in me much like a program is downloaded to a computer, my psyche did not override the program. The Founder of our Nation-Allah or The Father invented and integrated a new Knowledge of Self type of software for the internalization of 'KOS'. This new software could very well possibly have cost The Father his physical vehicle. He manifested 'KOS' as new 'Operating System', it changed the parameters for the user of Supreme Wisdom or 120. First of all he told us To memorize every lesson in 120, and super impose it with Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet and that this operating system only can run parallel to the fact that you must know That you too are 'Big G' and not small 'g' or 'gods'. The Big 'G' and little 'g' equation was the first existential mathematical problem solved by The Father in essence. The way he solved it is that he taught that a Black Man is just as Divine as another Black man potentially. Automatically such a thought broke not only the pedestal he could have put himself on but it broke the pedestal that many Men reside and rely on. This pedestal smashing science did not take away our respect for other Great expressions of Allah that manifest as Wise Black Men, it just gives the individual user of Supreme Wisdom or 120, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math the tunnel vision necessary for his own personal Self Realization. Farrakhan is the leader of the Nation of Islam, he has loyal followers who love him, honor him, and hold him in the highest of esteem. This form of devotion is natural to them, usually he has awakened them to a deeper knowledge of who they are, and of course they love this knowledge the way in which Farrakhan styles it. They love everything about the N.O.I. experience; the suits, the bow ties; the bean pies; the Sisters dressed in all white; the drilling of the F.O.I.; and the clean cut image of what a Laborer is suppose to look like. They love clapping for the Minister when he comes out and builds, they love yelling, "Teach on That!" They love the drama before he comes out, they flow with the pitch of Farrakhan's raspy voice, his emotional climaxing anger at times when he yells "I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT SO AND SO SAID-FARRAKHAN SAY..." I mean everybody has gotten amped and hyped at hearing Khan get loud at one time or another. He is indeed one of the most charismatic speakers of this History and Quran. His charisma touches those that follow him. Elijah did not build like Khan, Elijah dropped jewels with crazy simplicity, and absolutely no Charisma was attached to Elijah's words, but what was attached to Elijah's words was simple honesty. Everybody loves honesty. The Messenger would have a straight face and talk to you about the MotherShip just as calmly so much so that you would step outside looking up in the sky. I remember I asked my old Earth, "Mom when is the mothership coming!" and I'd really be thinking it was a Goddamn space ship in the sky. Actually I was looking forward to it landing and picking me and my mom up-I use to wonder what kind of toys they had in the Mothership, because surely the Mothership had a play room for babies. I smile as I think of the MotherShip now, how innocent and literal my view of the teachings were at six years old. My Grandfather use to tell me the tallest tales about his experience in World War II-I thought my Granddad was invincible until I saw him cry at my Grandmother's funeral and like my Grandpop-Elijah too captured my imagination. I would tell my mother to turn on the light because I didn't want Yacub to 'get me' and put a needle in my head. Yacub was the boogieman under my bed. Now I see Elijah clear, eye to eye, and man to man. The Father saw Elijah as well, he saw Supreme Wisdom or 120 the way he chose to see it, and told those that he taught to put no one on pedestals, and to elevate for Yourself. You don't register, process or write a letter to Fard to become a member of the Nation of Gods and Earths. Your duty is only to take 120, Supreme Math and Supreme Alphabet undercap and draw it up for yourself and that is cool enough for US who are members of the Gods and Earths. And for those who 'process', write letters and follow Farrakhan that is peace too. So I hope brothers in the N.O.I. understand I ain't got nuffin' against Khan, Da God can build, and has 'built' but as a member of the Nation of the Gods and Earths he does not get put on any type of pedestals. Da God Khan is Peace, and that's where it stops for me. I build that Da God Khan continues his works, and that those who follow him prosper under his leadership. And I also 'build' that all who walk the path of the 5% continue to internalize their lessons, think for themselves, take nothing that anyone says on face value, preserve the best part of what a persons says and "keep it moving" by becoming the Greatest God or Earth that they can become.

Da God Emblem

Hafiz Project - Phase 4

Emblem and Maternal

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brave Enough To Love Her, Brave Enough To Listen

When I first stepped in Harriet Tubman in the 80's I saw the Gods at the front of the stage arguing over whose turn it was to build. G.O.D. had to resolve the situation, but each God in the incident had to maintain his swag, his machismo, his screwface, and his anger. Witnessing this as a young God let me know this '5 percenter' stuff was serious business. To me this meant that you had to be hard, strong and loud. Papa Wu-or Freedom at the time roared down to the front of the stage, and at the time he appeared in my eyes to be the loudest man I had ever heard, between his every word you could literally hear a pin drop. One God from the audience told Papa Wu to watch his mouth because he cussed, and Papa Wu put Da other God in check real quick. The whole thing was mind blowing, it was my first Universal parliament, and I thought everybody would be similar to my Enlightener. How wrong I was. For those that don't know my Enlightener, he is a real cerebral God, calm and smooth in his disposition. Da God Life is the type of God who can reason with the unreasonable, but many Gods that I met that day didn't come from that angle of the square, in fact many were quite 'abrasive'-'abrasive' is a term that I have been hearing as of late-a God close to me referred to me as 'abrasive', needless to say I was taken back by such a statement: "Me? Sha-Sha? Da God Emblem-'abrasive'?" No way! But as today's degree asks, "What is his Own Self?" I had to examine my own ways and actions. I've told many that 'What is his Own Self?' is one of my favorite degrees in all of knowledge wisdom cipher. Every degree has been my favorite at one time or another, but that 'What is his Own Self' is a degree that I can't shake from my third, nor should I shake it from my third. The degree is introspective and forever probing, searching for the 'Authentic U', and interestingly enough 'U' are forever growing into Higher Self Realization if you ponder this degree. The seed of the knowledge in God is forever expanding, but what predates the knowledge and understanding degree? Knowledge wisdom of course, and what is knowledge wisdom? It is 'Love', It is 'Happiness' in it's Supreme Alphabetical and 12 jewel context.

So when I stepped into Harriet Tubman that day in the 80's why didn't I cee 'Love' and 'Happiness' or at least the 'face value' of 'love' and 'happiness'? Why did I cee such abrasive behavior? First of all, in the city it is important to keep your 'edge': you gotta lock your doors in the city, you gotta have some pep in your step in the city, you gotta speak up and be heard in the city. City life demands a certain degree of aggression. That 'edge' is important, and forces that vibe of 'abrasiveness' to touch the current of air you are in-in many cases God's abrasive behavior is felt first by his Queen. Your abrasiveness hardens her, she can potentially be as gentle as dropz of water or as 'hard' as dropz of ice.

Unfortunately like Lot's wife metaphorically turned into a pillar of salt so have many beautiful Black women. What is the pillar of salt a metaphor for? 'Bitterness'-bitterness can permeate every fiber in a Black woman's being if she doesn't seek out the true and living God. Like Lot's wife she looks back at her Quran and turns to a pillar of salt, and she too is arguing at the front of her own mental Harriet Tubman, but she is arguing by herself, yelling at herself and angry at her past mistakes. Her internal argument is the result of being used as a tool and also a sexual slave in the Wilderness of North American and all over the Planet Earth. In the Egyptian/Kemetian mythology Sett raped Auset, and split her consciousness into Nebhet(traumatization), desensitizing her so that she distills in the form of hail. When our Beautiful Black women manifest into whores and dykes this is the result of Nebhet's or 'Nurse' consciousness taking shape in her psyche. Hail comes down from the heavens of her head in hard round drops in form, borning hail storms and other torrential aspects of weather. Hail can come down as hard as golf balls and in some cases hail can kill. Are you brave enough to love the Black Woman who the 85% and 10% has turned into a pillar of salt? And if Hail is not enough proof as to the torrential emotions going on deep beneath her surface, then the high explosiveness of A Black Man's thoughts when used in a less than right and exact fashion can cause her to shake beneath your feet returning many back to the essence showing and proving Earthquakes can kill.

Loving her is a good thing, loving her through hell is a good thing, loving her 'right' and 'exact' is the greatest thing. When we look around we see global warming, holes in the ozone layer, pollution to three fourths of Her wisdom or water, pollution to Her land, Her polar caps are threatening to melt down which is the equivalent to a global nervous breakdown. All of these signs on the Planet Earth should alert us that if We as God don't learn to Love our World-our World will spite US by splitting, shifting Her own consciousness and transforming into 'Nebhet' or the 'Nurse' who is programmed to murder Original babies. HerStory is a True Story and HerStory is in direct correlation to History, showing and proving that we make Quran a year to every mile! What type of History are You Making with Her?

So how do you love her? Do you love her stern, and firm? There is a way to be firm without being 'Hitlerian" in your approach. There is a way to be stern without being 'Stalinish' in your demands of Her. The Sun is Fuel for the entire Solar System, so motivate Her to Revolve and Evolve Mentally. How do you motivate a woman to have a voracious appetite for Knowledge and Understanding as if She is someone starving for the right food? You Got to be Da God degree that she eats from, the body of Christ and Her Daily Bread. God gotta balance the Zag like spinning a basketball on His finger. You gotta let her know that the unknown is real, she is genetically the double X('xx'), meaning you got to bring love or knowledge and wisdom exponentially to the second power. 'But' Brings means that you gotta bring 'ummph' God, especially if the devil continues daily.'Ummphh' ain't nuffin' but the build power word for 'magnetic'. As God elevates love to its second power which is 'right' Paradise on Earth is Made Born. Hell is the first power of Love, as much as many of us use the term 'born' we can listen to a woman in the fine midst of giving birth actually making knowledge born and cee that it's painful proving that hell is the first exponent of love. You and that shorty gotta go through something, and believe it or not you will continue to go through things as long as you both shall live. Why make it rain on a planet that can't stand the rain? Meaning you don't want to be with a Hussy that can't walk with you through a hard time. As God, We can choose the temperature of the hell, master the heat, use the heat to purify the love, because hell is a purification process to born 'righteousness'-'right' in order to rule as a Ruler. In metalurgy fire is used to purify the iron. Hell is similar to detoxification. Love goes through hell like a Heroin addict going cold turkey-and similarly we got to be Maker or 'Make-Her' go cold turkey from an 85, savage way of life. Holy is something that has not been diluted, mixed or tampered with in any form and when you keep the love Holy this means you have born Her to the Mental Emotional Mind State of 'Right'. Love must be balanced in equality. When you have your balance you can elevate, you will not elevate if you are out of balance or your love is not 'Just' and 'True'. Love is Man and Woman, and the equality of their Love formulates the seed of understanding. "Very simple! And yeah Emblem we all know that!" Very possibly-maybe we don't understand what we know or the two Zigs ain't equal, because the Zag is out of tune with the nature of the 'Zigs' in how were balancing her emotional equation. "Love is the emotion that God blessed the female with." as my Enlightener's old plus lessons reads. What I do know is that in order to bless a woman with 'love', which is the Zig's first manifestation of the Zag-God himself must have a thorough understanding as to the nature of Love. Interestingly enough, Allah is 'The Loving' one of the 99 attributes of Allah. Thinking back on 'The Loving' as an attribute of Allah, and the thoughts of my first parliament brings me to the question of how many of US, have learned the Mathematics of Loving Her? We know how much money we want, or how prestigious we think we are and We later learn in life and through refinement that the face value of things unfortunately equals loving the devil because he gave us nothing in the end. Thus it is important on a core level, the Meccan level of our beings that we must ultimately learn how to Love. Love is as Essential as the air we breath. Love is the cornerstone to the root meaning of civilization in our culture degree: "The root of civilization is in Arabia, which means where Knowledge and Wisdom of the Original Man started when the planet/planted was first founded.

As She knowledges the Cipher to Understand God in Her third she travels around U Blackman-She is doing the Knowledge on U in Her third, this is what the speed of the planet Earth proves. As the Force of Fire in The Universe You shine light into Her atmosphere or Mental Heavens. You are the thought behind the essence of the light itself. Light correlates to your intentions which must be Divinely Righteous for your Light to produce Life on the Earth's mental surface. 'Word is bond' so your bond must be your Life regardless to whom or what, and if there are clouds or doubts in Her mind or Her emotional atmosphere You got to keep that Light coming at 186,000 miles per sec. As The Glorious Sun of Man you got to shine regardless of 'Whom' or 'What' to her surface and keep her wisdom or water drawing up so she can rise above the emotional surface such is the art of causing Her to experience 'Emotional Tropical Sunshine' meaning that Allah Builds to Keep His Wisdom on 'Cloud Nine'. It's your duty to make the Earth's Surface like the Weather in Tahiti all day every day, and I'm still gonna rock Timz on the beach. All that above is caused by Our Black Ass! Well ain't it? Draw that Queen up to Cloud Nine! Our righteous brother got buried under her emotional surface, meaning your Christ consciousness has suffered a temporary mental death if you don't build the skills to get beneath her emotional surface and get them pins out of Her dome. Many Earth's got pins deep in the circumference of their Quranic Dome, so you got to go through every emotional verse line by line and mile by mile. So Make Her mind like the Mystery of Heaven and Pave Her Third Eye with streets Made of Pure Gold. This is what it means to Know every square inch of her and to choose for yourself the best part which is ultimately all 196,940,000 square miles of her. Regardless of what the square inches on your family tree's copy of 120 borns, every square inch of her is a lot of emotional terrain to cover, so cover it with the determined idea of a Passionate Scientist. Be brave enough to listen to Her, because when We listen We Truly are pure Knowledge, she is Pure Wisdom, meaning she needs to speak, she got things on that third eye of Herz that She needs to get off, so take Her every word as if you are learning every square inch of Her.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hafiz Project - Phase 3

Emblem and Maternal - Religion Build

Emblem's Dream 2109

"A Civilization's Elevation Is Relative To It's Level of Mathematical Achievement"-Emblem

Our beautiful storefront in Harlem! Ahhhhh! How Grand! Now yall know I'm being sarcastic right? "

Peace. Builders Build-
What's The ScienceBlackman?
How you cee today's mathematics?" saidone God to the next.

"Knowledge Wisdom all being born to Understanding,understanding is the best part, which represents the babies.The babies are the greatest..yada..yada..yada..yada..." Yall know how the rest goes.

Last night I had a dream, and that foggy, wavy, sitcom,dreamy stuff surrounded me.

The year is 2109:"Peace God. How you cee today's mathematics"One God said to the next.
"God I been dealing with Alternate Segments."
"Build on that God."
"Well an altenate segment is any chord drawn in acipher that creates two segments, one aspect is seen to bethe alternate of the other.
When a chord is drawn from thepoint of contact of a tangent then the angle between thetangent and the chord measured on one side of the chord, isequal to the angle in the alternate segment which lies onthe other side of the chord."
"Peace, thatz kind of like Yacob separating the browngerm from the black germ manifesting an understanding of thecipher."
"Indeed. I can see your reasoning God."
"Peace God I got to get back to work.""What floor you work on God?"
"The God God floor at Allah's Institute."
"The Old folks home for old Gods and Earths?"
"Y equal Self. and they still be collapsing whole numbers."
"That is such a shame that them Old Gods and Earths never saw the math."
"The best part is that the babies Emblem taught sawit.

So where you work God?"
"On Emblem Boulevard at Allah's Archetectural Development and Civil Engineering Firm. We puttin in asewage system for New Mecca, a housing development on buildcipher acres. We buildin 30 Family of four condos for acommunity of Gods and Earths. It will be done in 2112."

" That's Peace God."

"Peace God. Builders build."

Then I woke up and twelve still equals three and Iscreamed, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"


Mental Military Training: Going To War With Collective Low Self Esteem

"They continue daily to teach the 85% that all they see and hear such as rain, Hail, Snow and Earthquakes comes from that mystery God that no one will be able to see until he dies this is believed..." "To Make our people of North America believe the people of that continent are the only people they have and are all savages..." "Teach and Keep our people illiterate.." So many degrees in knowledge wisdom cipher build on the head game that has been played on original people. The wisdom build degree talks about the pin placed in the head of a black baby to kill the black baby at birth. Has any one stuck a pin in your head recently? Maybe not literally but for our entire lives pins have bombarded our consciousness as original people daily. Images portrayed of original people by the media is classified as modern pins. These pins go deep into the psyche of original people. When we see original people portrayed as idiots, thugs, and stereotyped in movies,videos, music, T.V. etc... Our women have been taught that their best part is their sexuality alone, and not their mind, our mind have been taught that prison is somehow a rites of passage, thuggery is the norm and that being intelligent is anything but cool.

I was taught to eat the wrong foods of those images through most of my adult life even after having 'knowledge of self'. That which made the difference in my case is how I was raised. Being born into the Nation of Islam, and my exposure to the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad as a baby up until the time he returned to essence planted seeds in me that were a little different than most others who were never exposed to such teachings til late. As a young teen the teachings were not forgotten they just had distilled deep in my subconscious, and the teachings were never forgotten. My mother was very hard on me as a Junior F.O.I., she was my teacher at the University of Islam. They told us that we were born to rule, to raise the Lost Tribe of Shabazz, they taught us that we were young gods, all of these teachings were drilled into from the ages of zero to seven. When Elijah died in 75, I had just turned six years old, and I called Walter Kronkite a lying devil when he said the messenger died. "Elijah Mohammad-Leader of the Black Muslim Movement died today..." My mother got on the phone with the other M.G.T. and talked til dawn. I came down the stairs in the morning in my tighty whiteys and asked my mom, "Is the messenger of Allah dead?" His death was a hard death to fathom because he was made to be bigger than life, the hat he wore was majestic, and when he had on the Sun glasses he looked spooky almost in the eyes of a six year old. 'Spooky' is the best way to put it. As I got older of course I realized he was a mere man like other men, and I also recieved the teachings again via the 5% Nation, before somebody started calling us the Nation of Gods and Earths which is O.K. but when I got 120 wasn't no Nation of Gods and Earths. When I became a 5%er and told that I must take one twenty undercap I understood that 'spooky' man Mr. Muhammad a little more-it was a way of coming back to my origin. I couldn't get with the Farrakhan thing, especially after kicking it under Elijah. Though Farrakhan is one of the most charasmatic speakers of all time in my mind he was nothing incomparison to Elijah, and my mom and my aunt Salamma who were also both in the Nation under Elijah use to laugh at Louis's overbite. Elijah was just a tough act to follow. As a teenager I wasn't about to wear a suit and hustle papers for dude, so when the teachings of the 5% came across my plate I ate up, because I could be big 'G', and not have to submit to a paper bill or bean pie bill, or number 1 charity, number 2 charity, number 3 charity, number 4 charity, number 5 charity, number 6 charity, number 7 charity, etc etc etc...

When I got knowledge I got into Islamic thuggery hard, it was natural coming out of number 12 mosque in Philly. Hoodlums were my idols from Jeremiah Shabazz to his killer fruit, all the hits that the Nation put out was done by either the Philly Catz or the Jersey catz, but mostly Philly catz. They took military training to the extreme, and I think they were more fascinated with the killing then the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. So I equated Islam with gangsterism, even after I got knowledge wisdom cipher undercap I was wildin, everyone I taugh became a part of that mentality of gangsterism. Getting older with knowledge, I realize that it is my duty and responsibility to deal with proper military training of my mind and pull the pins out, pins can come like snakes and sting someone else if you allow them to live. Growing up with this knowledge has been a very powerful experience. I encourage all to raise their babies with the knowledge that they are divine beings because it will steer them through the rough times of their lives, and the very virtue of the teaching knocks down low self esteem.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Elevation and 120

Emblem and Be Magnetic Build

Hafiz Project - Phase 2

Emblem and Maternal

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hafiz Project - Phase 1

Emblem and Maternal

Friday, May 8, 2009

'Go Hard!'

How hard do you 'go' at something. Working around destroy power dudes, they always describe a fantastic athlete as a 'beast', yeah it is offensive I suppose, particularly when white dudes are describing black athletes. Some phrases that 85ers use make me think, and one phrase that many people are using now a day is "Go Hard". I love the phrase "Go Hard", even though 85 usuually use it to describe some illegal endeavor-as God and Earth we have been taught to preserve the best part for ourselves. I will say that the phrase 'Go Hard' touches me on a deep level and I preserve it for myself. I think of boxers when I think of the phrase 'Go Hard'.
I love when HBO does a peice on a given fighter before a fight and they focus on a boxers work ethic before the fight; how hard they train; how they mentally prepare; how many rounds they spar; jump rope; put in road work; hit the heavy bag; hit the speed bag; and all the circuit training that goes into preparing for a big fight-those type of segments never cease to inspire me. Every man has a fantasy sport that they would have loved to been a champion in, whether we are having a brief Michael Jordan day dream while shooting paper in the waste basket at the office or playing touch football on the weekend with co-workers, something deep down in every man longs to be a champ. My sport is boxing-I throw punches in the mirror like Martin and say "Emblem could have been a contender." but on Earth where we live I'm just a writer who can hook off a jab. Oh well, I'll take the pen over the gloves, but the training of a boxer is at the essence of my work ethic.

When I was young, growing up in Power Hill me and all my squad would jog down to the Art Museum and climb the steps like Rocky, we all wanted to be boxers at one point or another. Maybe it's that Sylvester Stallone, Rocky montage that I'm gettin at. The boxer has to be pure, no sex 10 weeks before a fight, up at 5 a.m. doing road work, in the gym doing sit ups, working the bags, jumping rope and becoming mentally tough before he goes to war. The work ethic of a boxer before a fight is so passionate, they go so hard. The pictures of Muhammad Ali running in Zaire with the children before he fought Foreman is classic. How long can you keep at it? You don't know if your training harder than your opponent until fight night, so its that uncertainty that drives you. Your training is between you and you, yeah you have a manager who tells you to do all these exercises and holds the stop watch and whistle while you sweat but only you know if your heart is in the fight. The sport of boxing is so honest, two men have nothing else but their will and their skill and outside of the fight being declared a 'draw' only one man will win. A Football team can have a wide receiver, quarterback, kicker that is the hero of the game. A basketball team always has the star player who steps up and takes the last second shot, but in boxing it is just you, and nobody to hand the ball off to. The boxer is the Patron Saint for Self Savior.

I'm forty years old, and I won't be stepping in the ring anytime soon, but everyday we all step into the ring of life and something or someone is trying to knock our block off. Then why did God make devil? is the ultimate boxing match-'to show forth his power' is such a beautiful phrase in the understanding build degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture. A challenge has been issued in all of our lives, and we all have to go hard to be successful in our undertakings. A gospel song sung in Southern Baptist Churches goes, "How can I go to heaven laying on flowery beds of ease, when others fought to win the prize and sailed through bloody seas, if I must reign then I too must fight, and sail through those same bloody seas." and to me that translates into 'Go hard'.
Whatever it is you choose to do in life I encourage you to 'Go Hard!'
Enjoy your weekend.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brain Potential: Retention, Memorization, A Rapper Named Twister & Mnemonics

We call memorization taking something 'undercap', when I was young I understood memorization as knowing something 'by heart'. 'Undercap'-'by heart' are both very interesting phrases in regard to memorization. "Do you know 120?", one God or Earth asks the next, memorizing 120 has become a relatively mandatory aspect of our culture which I feel is peace. It was initially intended to become a mandatory part of N.O.I. culture but most N.O.I. members are too busy paying for Khan's Mansion and Bentley through selling papers, bean pies, signing paychecks over to charity etc.. and as a result they have little or no time to study as Gods and Earths study(or should study). Memorization takes a special dedication, anyone who knows 120 'by heart' knows what I am talking about, for many of us the memorization of 120 is literally the greatest academic achievement in many of our lives. Taking something 'undercap' that does not rhyme-is amazing, no cues of words from previous words that rhyme- only multiple concepts cohesively blending together to formulate comprehensive ideas.

The process of memorizing 120 starts off relatively slow, as many of us worked to get our 1 to 10 on cap we began to open up are retention abilities in preparation for lessons to come. Some family Treez in our Nation teach 1-36 next, Treez like mine manifest 1-14 after 1-10, there is no right or wrong order per se-I figure if somebody is not serious, 1-14 will usually be the Doctor and disqualify said individual, and thus the enlightener need not loose any more time building with said individual. Any idiot('abrasive' I know) can skate through 1-36, but a person has to have average or above average retention abilities to knowledge 1-14. What I have noticed however is that student's retention abilities become stronger by the time they arrive in the 1-40's, by then said individual has knocked down two mountains: the culture and born degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture, and their flowing, juices bubbling and they are ready to go further. I never give out a whole copy of any said body of degrees with the exception being knowledge to understand the equality for two reasons: I don't want said student peeping too far ahead, and also for insurance in case said student becomes intimidated from the massive amount of work and says "I can't do this." and gives up. Memorization is sort of like bench pressing, an individual has to work out with a weight before they can max out at a higher weight. 120 is a mental marathon that engages brain function, and a sincere attitude has to be present in an individual for them to take 120 undercap. I never forget the day that I showed and proved to my enlightener, I had 120 cold, 20 years later still got it cold, but it was the pride, the sense of power and feeling of achievement that resonated in me the most.

120 is only the tip of the iceberg to what the brain is capable of, idiot savants have been known to memorize entire phonebooks of major cities by name, number, and address at a glance. Idiot Savants are deficient mentally in many areas as they pertain to what we as a society consider 'normal'. Idiot Savants do however give us so called 'normal' folks a glimpse into human brain potential. In my hood growing up their was an autistic Idiot Savant named Troy, he could do math in his head like a calculator. They called him retarded but in my mind he was far from retarded. If you asked him what is 4,563,866 x 23,989 he would shake his head like Stevie Wonder for 5 to 10 seconds and give you the answer. We tested him with calculators for kicks, he didn't know the place values ;Trillion; Quintillion; Sextillion etc.. but he'd spit out the answer in the proper numerical order in the same order displayed calculator. Usually the calculator only had eight digital places, his answers could easily go past eight places, and we would assume his answer was right because he got the inital eight digits of the answer correct. His memory was also photographic, back in the day before the internet, my old Earth bought me a set of Encylopedia Britanicas and I would go in the house and get any given Encyclopedia of the set, bring it outside, let Troy read it, take the book back and he would recite what he read a few seconds earlier. I was young at the time but Troy remains one of the most fascinating characters I've ever encountered in my entire life. He had a really big head, he was a knowledge seed and he stayed real dirty and didn't know how to tie his shoes. Troy was young as well and his people didn't give a damn about him. Troy would be seen roaming the streets at all hours of the night. I was jealous of that dirty big headed boy who didn't know how to tie his shoes, because I knew that he was using a part of the brain that in all of my 'normalcy' I could not figure out how to use.
Gigabytes, megabytes all that computer jargon for memory is interesting to me, because it is speculted that the human being never forgets anything, if put into a certain state of conciousness defined as hypnosis recollection can reach upwards to 60 percent accuracy and 60 percent is amazing. Many of us are sometimes forgetful, once I drove back and forth to the post office four or five times because I kept forgeting one item or another. So we come up with memorization devices such as memos or for more complex tasks 'mnemonics' or what I call mental short cuts.
I was excellent in Algebra back in the day because of 'BODMAS' meaning 'Brackets'of 'Division' 'Multiplication' 'Addition' 'Subtraction', that 'BODMAS' mental short cut allowed me to stay within the proper order of operations when solving a given Algebra problem in high school. In introductory trignometry(which I dropped in the first week) the professor gave us the mnemonic method to remembering trignometric ratios (SOHCAHTOA) 'Should Old Harry Catch Any Herrings Trawling Off America', each capital letter stands for a particular step in the order of the operation in solving the problem. Any order of operations can be memorized with a mneomic device for any given branch of mathematics. This is why I harp on real math being taught in our Nation as oppossed to pseudo Mathematics or numerology. The Supreme Alphabetical characters from Allah to Zig Zag Zig will provide very meaningful mnemonic devices for our seeds which could potentially elevate the seeds beyond the stars when it comes to Mathematics. No civilization can rise above it's Mathematical aptitude.

The rapper Twister is amazing. I don't listen to Twister as a fan, but what I do find fascinating is his ability to condense vasts amounts of coherant information in very short periods of times with a rhyme. He raps extroadinarily fast, and children understand exactly what he's saying. All rappers have a gift to some degree when it comes to retention and memorization, a good Rapper is always reciting rhymes, writing rhymes etc... They are poets and that is what poets do: Spoken word or Rappers. I'm not an expert in judging rappers or spoken word poets but they are demonstrating strength in regard to memorization. The rappers memorization device is the 'Rhyme Scheme': Cat: Hat: Mat: Bat etc... and the 'Rhyme Scheme' is indeed a method of memorizing massive amounts of info easily.

The Hafiz Project is about learning the Quran by understanding its relationship to 120, Supreme Alphabet, and Supreme Math which will serve as the mnemonic device. In the last 15 years or so of studying Arabic I've learned that the Quran 'Rhymes' in Arabic all the way through, from Surah Fatiha to Surah Nas, and that shows and proves that it was made by the Original Man and also this is why people have been able to take it 'under cap'.



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Breaking The Code of Language: Stimulating The 'young' L.A.D.

Many amongst us have taken Spanish in school, some amongst us even speak Spanish as a first language. All of us cee the Spanish disclaimers signs pertaining to Safety, Customer Service, Municipal instructions etc..Most all public notices have a Spanish section on forms. Looking at a Spanish sign long enough many can decipher the meanings of words even if we don't speak Spanish fluently. Why? Because Spanish and English find their origins in the same place: The 'Roman-ic' language family, and both find their origins in Latin. English and Spanish share practically the same alphabet, so an individual who speaks either English or Spanish can detect similarities in most cases.

What Languages do we know inwhich the Alphabet is completely different? Very few amongst us have broken that multi layered code of language- Alphabet-Vocabulary- Meaning-Pronuciation-Enuciation-Rules of Grammar etc... Chinese is a Sinitic language, Japanese is from the Japonic Ryukyuan language family and the list goes on, because the languages of the Planet Earth are vast. As NGE we teach civilization to all the human family of the planet Earth right? Right?! No we don't! We're actually as a Nation very local in the scheme of things. To teach civilization to all the human family of the planet Earth requires that you speak their language. 'Culture' embodies a grand scope. How many cultures exist presently in what the devil calls Africa, or India, or South America?(and the list goes on and on.). Lets not 'kid' ourselves, for the most part we teach civilization to some one who shares our cultural experience from the door. I have never enlightened anyone who's spoken another langauge, never have I had the pleasure of breaking a cultural barrier. So I implore us to keep it real: we teach according to the context of what we know culturally. Usually Americans are accused of arrogance: we go somewhere overseas and are pissed, usually asking ourselves, "Why don't dese people speak American?" this is a prime example of cultural arrogance not cultural freedom.

In the book Da God I demonstrated that Supreme Alphabet, Supreme Math and 120 are used as a dialect. 'Dialect' is not langauge, lets not confuse the two. Dialect deals with regional speech patterns which pulls its terms from an already pre-existing language or variety of languages. 'Knowledge' represents the numerical value of 'one' in our Supreme Math, but ultimately the word 'Knowledge' has its roots in Latin! Ahhh! Now we're getting somewhere, you can go through all of the Supreme Math, and every word now falls under Latin or the Neo Latin origins of 'Romanic' languages. But wait 'Em', "have I become my own Uncle who does not talk his own language?" Yelp! Me too unfortunately. Language is about describing concepts, ideas, things, feelings, situations to ourselves and others. Hey I'm writing this blog in a language founded by colored people and your reading it, so-yo-colored people were not only kind enough to give us a 9000 mile Carnival luxury cruise, they took everything from us including our 'language' and gave us the King's Enlish. Struck in the head, and struck dumb. Now I'm not saying that to say we are dumb, we have just been taught to think in a tongue not our own. Original people Fathered most every tongue on Earth, but we are not native to England per se. We are however the natives to the entire planet Earth but in the sense of communicating 25,000 years ago by literally saying, "What up Dawg!' No! Languages have evoled over the milleniums, and thought has evolved with it. Words are vessels containing ideas, and ultimately it is the ideas that are buried there that we want to dig up.

Noam Chomsky is a linguist who teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he is a professor of modern language and linguistics, he is very technical and specialized in the area of langauge, and learning theory. One of the ideas of Mr. Chomsky that I have found to be rather interesting is his theory concerning nativistic learning which stems from what he has defined as the L.A.D./the Language Acquisition Device is innate to all humans. When utilizing the LAD in the brain a child generates his or her ability to acquire the language spoken by the people around said child. The child speaks before they can read or write, after the child speaks, soon there after they began to coordinate the words they know into a literary and written format(School).

Emblem is in the 8th Grade! What I mean by that-that if I was in an Arabic speaking country they would put my big ass in a class with 8th graders and that would be 4th period Quranic class(Imagine my two hundred pound body in those grade school desk. Lol) For the last 15 years or so I have been slowly turning on the language aquisition device in my brain, usually in America children turn off their ability to acquire another language by the age of 8(...teach and keep our people illiterate). Studying Supreme Math over the years has always kept me open to learn the science of everything in life. Being God of the Universe infers that you don't stop at Pluto, when I arrived at Pluto 20 years ago, I got slapped with a big understanding knowledge degree: 'Pow'!"Then what happen Nukka!".

The Quran is for us, why would it not be? Some verses are allegorical, and some are literal. The same way I can draw up a lesson is the same way I can draw up a verse or ayat in the Quran, and the Nation of Gods and Earths have provided me with the ability to do this without becoming 'religious'. You heard of pimping your ride? Well I Pimped my 120 and put a V12 Viper Engine on that Beeeeeeaaaach by learning the Quran! How we see this math does not stop at how far Pluto is from the Sun. We say I Self Lord And Master meaning ISLAM is not even the hidden as anagram, but the manifest acronym. Messages have been sent to us from February 20, 1934 to the now a day. Arm Leg Leg Arm Head is simple, a monkey has an Arm leg leg arm head, but it is the simplicity of the acronym that we should take note of: Allah-the English translation is as close as we get to approaching the name in English without knowing our own language. The funny thing is that every God's
last name is spelled wrong when you learn to read Arabic. Now your getting outrageous Emblem! Nope I'm telling the truth. What happens when you see that which is made by the Original Man in its Original Context?(Quran) Oh yeah I forgot to ask, Who Made the Holy 'Quran'..... I know Elijah said 'Koran' wit a 'k'(maybe it was the Georgia accent), well what is a 'Koran' and who in the hell uses the English 'K' for the arabic pronuciation Quran which is a 'Quaf' which is the arabic equivalent to the 'Q'? It was The same englishmen who use words like 'Mohammad' 'Mohamadism' 'Ko-Ran' and call Farrakhan 'Fara can. The colored man sure is a practical joker, and he did a good job in diluting your tongue which started at the root of civilization called what? I forgot.

All of this to say that I am in the midst of translating the Quran from the Arabic and connecting it to 120, Supreme Alphabet, and Supreme Math. This is part of The Hafiz Project,sponsored by Nallem Media. In the C.D.s I recite the verse in arabic, translate to English and give my cee on how I cee the relationships to 120, Supreme Alphabet, and Supreme Math. Not having this project is like not having a cell phone, hey but some people like home phones.

The Hafiz Project is also going to be an online course, in which I will go over the entire Quran in Arabic, spending three minutes on each verse which will be recited on a gabcast on this blog. The Quran is for those who want to take this Hafiz trip with me. But I will warn you, the memorization of the Quran is like taking 120 under cap 100 times but the thing is-is that nine year olds have done it, so it can be done. I will be working from an all Arabic Quran made available for purchase on the side bar.

It is my determined idea to take the entire Arabic Quran under cap and link it to Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet, and 120. "The First Born didn't do that Emblem!" Your right they didn't-Emblem did.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Disrupting Illusory Nominal Values

What is a 'Nominal' value? The nominal value of a number is the 'named' amount or, in cases of measurement, the size it is intended to be. Meaning that 24 is 24, 3 is 3, 19 is 19, 14 is 14 etc..The correlation of numerical values representing quantities into qualities was established by the Father. The wisdom culture degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher asks the question What was his Idea of making the Devil? What relationship does the nominal value of 24 or Wisdom culture have to do with Yacob's determined idea? We can look, construe, filter, shape, make, bend, and mold wisdom culture in our minds to fit into the frame work that we want it to fit. Example: The wisdom of Yacob's determined idea was manifested to transform his culture of that time by making the devil. Such is a creative mental rhetorical excercise. We have made our 'Truth', shaped it to fit into our understanding, created it, projected our view onto the world by ceeing wisdom culture in the light we have chosen to see it. Is this valid? Yes it is very valid-you can't tell a child in art class that his or her picture that they painted is 'wrong' (I suppose you could, but that would be mean.). That child has the right to craft the picture he chooses to craft, and no one has the right to say that the picture that the child painted is somehow 'wrong'. Art is not 'wrong' in essence. I suppose if your going to sculpt a vase there are definite proceedures to follow, but for the most part there is nothing wrong per se with a piece of art. When we give our cee on the days degree it is what I have defined as a 'philosphical perogative' for an individual to cee the degree from his or her point of view.

This brings me to the idea of what is the line of demarcation between 'art' and 'math'? What is the difference between art and science and is the difference only within the confines of our perceptions? When we go to college the initial degrees we acquire are either a Bachelors of Art or a Bachelors of Science. The wisdom knowledge degree in the knowledge to culture cipher establishes Yacob as a scientist. When can a subject be classified as a science? When is something established as an art? Art is in the eye of the beholder. It has often been said that one man's trash is another man's art. Art in its essential definition is relative to individual perception. Math on the other hand is relative to governing rules and regulations. Deviation from mathematical proceedures will cause an incorrect answer or result in a math problem.

We have all heard the phrase 'State of the Art Technology', or 'Cutting edge technology' and such is cases math has been transformed into socially acceptable items, gagets, luxuries etc. and all of us have something that deals with 'State of the Art' cell phones, T.V.s, Cars.. basically this means that some scientist bound by the laws that govern math, has applied them in such away that he or she has creatively invented something that has been introduced to the general public. This is the 'inventor' or in other words a 'Maker'. This 'Maker' has elevated to such a level in math that they have entered the realm of artistic math, applying branches of math and 'making' things. Their mathematics has become 'State of the Art' meaning that their math 'made' something. By law said person is now an 'owner' of his or her intellecutal property, inwhich things like 'patents' and 'copyrights' are covered.

Are you dealing with Supreme Matematics in such a way that it has become 'State of the Art', and renewing old ideas and are you a maker and an owner? Bill Gates updates Windows damn near every year, adding on something new to Microsoft Windows software. I wrote five books on Windows 95, and they are not compatitble with no program now a day which taught that I must continously upgrade my thinking-or renew my history.

The only thing in this universe which is not religious is mathematics. Religion is very similar to art. Basketball is a religion, Christanity is a religion, religion is relative like art. Math rings of absoluteness. Usually many percieve 'absoluteness' with ridgidity, but such is not the case, math is absolute in its ability to expand, grow, elevate and evolve but it can only grow in accord with the prescribes laws that govern the universe, deviation from the prescribes laws will at best relegate your methods to mediority at best. Religion is similar to art and bounds individuals to and illusory sense of absoluteness while simultaneously steeped in tradition, short sighted in its world view, and unable to expand in the prison house of the religions narrow context of propageted truth. Usually religion becomes ugly, and ultimately there is no peace amongst religions. A religious individual is the last individual who wants to study a math text book.
If you show a bible thumper a math equation and tell them that this is the world of God, they will call you a sinner, and damn you to hell. But their is no disputing math because math is right and exact. Everything outside of math becomes emotional, and unfortunately in human beings more often than not emotions will dominate logic in our psyche.

Yes I artistically draw up lessons, to do such a thing is my 'philosophical perogative', however I don't play when it comes to math, because it is math which is the true word of God and word is bond and bond is life and I will give my life before my word shall fail. So to arrive at a digit sum by making 24 equal to 6 is clearly a mathematical error. Digit summing and finding the digital root of a number is fine if one chooses to remain at a kindergarten thought(The babies are the greatest but why remain one?), but again 'State of the art' is defined by our willingness to evolve into mathematical, absolute Truth that is our own language-the language of God. To remain ignorant to mathematical horizons because that's how such and such did it or does it is dirty religion, and with religion comes stagnation, not elevation.

I study with religious people often: Jehovah Witness, Sunnis, Christians, etc. and I cannot believe just how closed minded people are when it comes to mathematics. August 12, 2008 I wrote a blog called 'twelve don't equal three', in the Book Da God B-God built with Unikue the night before his release about how twenty two is not equal to four, and even though I have shown and proven tiresly many Gods and Earths remain as simple minded as Jehovah Witnesses who are waiting for the New Paradise in which Jehovah God will rule over the Earth. I use to tell my Ole Earth that the Nation of Gods and Earths is not a religion or a cult and that we study Supreme Mathematics...huh...such is the irony of life.