Thursday, April 30, 2009

Emblem's Class of Cipher Born: Deep in their 1-40's. Coming Soon to Pluto!

(in blue) Be Magnetic Allah, (smaller pic) Khaliq Allah, (b&w pic) Born Righteous Allah
I take nothing on face value and I have an uncanny ability to read the nature of an individual. Most often my ‘reads’ on individuals are quite accurate, not only do I see flaws, but I see potential. Usually traditional math teachers are dry when teaching mathematics. More often than not their understanding of a mathematical subject is very formulaic, steeped in tradition, possessing no innovation and they often become as dry as the formulas they teach. Emblem makes math breath, bleed, cry, smile and laugh. I make math human. Tailor making a style to fit the individual learning mathematics is my strong point. During the time that I have been familiar with high level mathematics I have run across students inwhich I knew their motives, whether their motives were self seeking or humanitarian, I could read into them. Never have I discriminated against those that were seeking to learn. Giving him or her a chance to clean themselves up regardless of their initial motives is what being the said person of that ability is all about. I teach all persons equally and according to their abilities at the time. As an enlightener it is my goal to assist the individual in realizing his or her potential. I have become a better enlightener over the years, months, and days of building with individuals. Wisdom cipher years ago my first generation of students exemplified the rambunctious energy of pre-schoolers and as a young math enlightener I was without seasoning, lacking experience. The lack of experience forced me to learn how to enlighten by way of trial and error. ‘Baptized by fire’ is probably the best way to describe my early years as an enlightener, fortunately my style of mathematical enlightenment has become better with age. Many math enlighteners call their students their ‘Fruit’, this is a term I shy away from, because I feel it creates an ‘underling’ syndrome in which I will have no part. Enlivening a young person’s mind is my duty as a civilized person, not relegating them to ‘Fruit’. My record of enlightenment is not perfect in the sense that one might traditionally view ‘perfection’. I have had disagreements with students in the past as well as graduates from my mathematical chambers that have gone on to live out their own ideals of what they feel is right and exact. The style of my instruction is arguably one of the best. Why? I deal with tradition but without becoming roped and bound by it. Supreme Mathematics is forever innovative, creating realm after realm, branch after branch, potentially one day rivaling in ‘applications’ the math classes of Ivy-league professors. An academic applicable approach to becoming living mathematics is the quantitative and qualitative difference in my approach compared to some, by this I mean that math covers all that is subjective and can be related to every area of human activity, as well as non human activity. Supreme Mathematicians in the past have fallen victim to being stereotyped and dismissed to cult status. Breaking out of that stereotype is the theme of my particular school of thought. The establishment of Supreme mathematics as a legitimate social science is paramount in my mind. Coming to North America alone has established Supreme Math as a ‘Bymyself’/Personal science, and with coherent application of living mathematics as well as the future synthesis into the various branches of math, Supreme Math can rise to the height of a great advocated group science in the very near future.
Single handedly dismantling the deficient ideas of whole numbers being collapsed into a singularity is what I am most proud of in my contributions to this living science, it puts those that deal with mathematics back on course toward understanding the various branches of math from an academic standpoint, and at the same time not separating 120 or the Supreme Alphabet from trigonometry, algebra, calculus etc.. By interweaving the myriad of ideas in 120 and combining it with text book math will usher the 5% into the reality of truly teaching civilization to all the human family.

Presently I am working on the Hafiz Project, a project that will embody body translation in exegesis of the Holy Quran. The Hafiz project seeks to dismantle the fears and phobias that many who subscribe to this mathematical culture have as it pertains to the orthodoxy. 120 is a context for us in North America, and we expand the context by doing the knowledge on all cultures throughout the world. Many amongst us have the last name Allah, but fail to fully appreciate the book in which the name is proclaimed the most. This to me is tacitly hypocritical, pseudo Islamic, and reeks of the Nation of Gods And Earths splinter group stigma. The Hafiz project is the first attempt to bring us as a Nation of age internationally, and hopefully will produce an international etiquette in dealing with the human family. You can’t teach the human family if you are unaware of their customs.Drawing up 120, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math has been and absolutely mind blowing experience. Those who are meant to ride this space ship will ride it, those who won't-won't.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

I just love the First Amendment-don’t you? Understanding the politics of the time in which the First Amendment was established, it seems more like a black and white gag reel of Moe slapping Curly and Larry. Democracy at its inception was such a cute child; a toothless grin; a saggy pamper; and fat little legs. Now democracy is grown, off to college, and racking up insane debt with its ‘Chinese ‘American’ Express card like all college students do.

In the Scheme of things American democracy is a relative new phenomenon, and the U.S. trumpets these virtuous epithets of democracy like Moses did when he came off of Mt. Sinai, doing his best not to trip with those two stone tablets in his hand. Unfortunately American soldiers are coming off of the Mountains of Afghanistan in body bags and not with the Ten Commandments in hand. Young men are not making it back home to the small town democracies of the Dakotas and the Carolinas. They are dead because they went to war against Shariat (Islamic Law), and Taliban warriors who can’t wait to go to Tahiti. Tahiti? Yes, Tahiti. Taliban warriors are recruited in Madrahsahs(Islamic Schools). The students recite Quran, shoot gunz , make salat, shoot gunz, practice blowing things up, shoot gunz, eat, shoot gunz, read more Quran, shoot gunz, and rejoice about the day they die Mujahidin. They become thoroughly engrossed in the ayats (verses) of the Islamic Holy book and dream about the afterlife. Richard Pryor called these type of catz- ‘double muslims’. Last week Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that the Taliban’s presence in Pakistan poses an existential threat. When I read that-I was like ‘Wooowww’(Flavor Flav’s voice). Existentialism in its most fundamental definition deals with the philosophy of existence. ‘Be’! Yelp, existentialism is as simple as the wisdom degree in the Supreme Alphabet. What does it mean to ‘be’? ‘Ahhhh’ “To Be Or Not To Be….”-Hamlet’s famous soliloquy and Hamlet finishes, “That is the question?” Well maybe it was a question for Hamlet but it ain’t a question for Taliban extremist who can’t wait to die, and get that one way trip to that heavenly Tahiti that the Quran defines as ‘Janati’; 72 Virgins; all the fruit juice you can drink; springs gushing fresh water, vines with exotic fruits and couches of rich brocade. Taliban cats can’t wait to die, and get a one way ticket to the afterlife while members of the Nation of Gods and Earths save up paychecks to get that Plane Ticket to Show and Prove in June. Such a global paradigm is not subtle in distinction at all: most Americans want to live, and all Taliban want to die, and take many others lives with them. It’s that simple. Kinda like the mass murder suicides of late but they want to do football stadium numbers in terms of death tolls.

The American Soldier just wants to get back to his wife Betty and his two sons Timmy and Todd. He just wants to taste a Big Mac and fries, sit in front of the plasma, drink a Budweiser and watch the game. How does this American couch potato fight against Islamic extremist who can’t wait to get to pornagraphic orgy in the afterlife? Our knowledge and Understanding degree states ‘the dead never comes back to tell the living whether he lied or not?’ The Taliban sincerely believe in the next life, and the picture of the next life that is painted in the Quran. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was not off the mark in her ‘Existential’ remarks. As I type this blog 50 more Taliban militants just went to their heavenly Tahiti. Last week in Buner, Pakistan the Taliban stepped in the province imposing strict Shariat law on the people there and Pakistani Military today flushed out some of the Taliban in a bombing attack killing over 50 militants. I think the Taliban’s treatment of women is disgusting especially when I watch the American Media's ‘spin’ that is put on how the Taliban treat women. I am an American, and like all American’s I believe everything Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC says? After all-white people don’t lie(wink).

Shariat was here way before democracy, and democracy considers Shariat intellectually primitive? The idea of ‘primitive’ is in the eye of the beholder, in this case the ‘beholders’ are the two diametrically opposed cultures: Democracy and Shariat. Amidst the smoke screen of the proclamation of the so-called ‘existential threat’ a democratic geo-political agenda is hidden in plain sight. But guess what? The Taliban also have a political agenda, they want to cease control of Pakistan and figure out how to launch a Nuke and hit Manhattan. Sorry but the First Amendment does not cover the doomsday prophesies of religion.
85%-10%-5% and these are the days of our lives.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Matrix Theory vs. Applications

This is the matrix( not Neo or Morpheous). The two brackets are actually sparse matrices-‘matrices’ meaning more than one set of bracketz. The array of data within the matrix is the rectangular arrangement of data. The data within the matrix are called elements, a, b, c, d, e, f, all of these variables are elements within the matrix. The elements within a matrix can be numbers, letters, symbols , stories, columns, rows, and arrays formulate the structure for the internal order of data arrangement in the matrix.

What does Matrix theory have to do with Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet, and 120? 120 is a matrix by the fact that it is a working story. The story works from the beginning to the end, from the ‘Original to Pluto’. The internalization of the story by the user of 120 thrust the user’s consciousness into story. The pieces of data within 120 correlate to all that is external, 120 contains events that parallel life, Ex: ‘The Nurses law was to kill all the ‘black’ babies at birth...’ how do we analyze such a statement? Do we live on the actual Island of Pelon? Of course not, so we must examine the degree within the matrix of the story and apply it to our psychological life or our routine. Where can we find the ‘Nurse’ in the dynamics of a given matrix? Nurse’s (‘Her/His’) behavior is clearly sociopathic-vandalism, fighting, disregard for rules that govern civilization etc.. In the case of the ‘Nurse’ in the matrix of 120 she was following an order, and adhering to rules and regulations. The ‘order’ is an integral component of any matrix. The order is still being given to 95% of the human family on an unconscious level. Yacob’s rules and regulations still apply within the collective consciousness of 95% of the human family. The collective consciousness of the human family is also a matrix. The collective consciousness of the human family is governed by the destructive forces of Yacob’s rules and regulations. If we examine what the devil calls ‘Africa’ we can realistically see the ‘Nurses Law’ in full effect as it pertains to the murdering of the ‘black baby’. Nearly the entire continent of what the devil calls ‘Africa’ is in utter disarray. This is the ‘Nurse’s Law’ acting on a global scale. The Matrix is about the examination of data elements. What does your consciousness absorb and in what order does your consciousness absorb this data? ‘Easily lead in the wrong direction’ is a reminder of the ‘order’: ‘Wrong’ or ‘Right’ direction/ Order. The directions that we consciously choose to move in can be likened to how we process data elements within the matrix. There are diagonal, secondary and trailing diagonals, essentially this means how do we read the data within the matrix of your life: and how do you relate it to 120. Do you use 120 to find solutions? And are you limited to the solutions you are able to find?

‘Determinant’ of a square matrix is a single number obtained by applying a particular set of rules to the elements of a matrix. The said set of rules in our culture is 120, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme math, they should determine how we deal with the pieces of data within our cipher. In short a Matrix is a cipher, when we include the dynamic data acting within said cipher.
I encourage individuals who deal with this math to do the knowledge on their own cipher, and apply the fitting phrase and said degree in 120, Supreme Alphabet, Supreme Math or even the Quran that describes what is going on within the matrix or cipher of your life.

Friday, April 24, 2009


A contrapositive statement is manifested from a conclusion, and using the conclusion as a starting point we surmise that which is contrapositive. For example if a number is even it can be divided by two, this establishes the contrapositive statement 'if said number cannot be divided by two, then it is not even.' In looking into a contrapositive statement the obvious idea is understood as a 'given'.

In Supreme Mathematics what is a 'given'? 'Sequence' and 'Qualitative' terms; knowledge; wisdom; understanding; etc. Is a sequence of mathematical operations. Yes indeed. Mathematics is principled upon the order of operations. Without the order of operations the sufficient condition to find a solution to said mathematical problem becomes an invalid mathematical statement. The 'sufficient condition' allows the sequence to remain on track from knowledge to born, disruption of the sequence will result in an incorrect answer. If Statement A is true, and statement B is true the previous statements qualify 'C' as the truth.

I have established that 'All Being Born' is a numerical fallacy, whole numbers cannot be collapsed into a singularity, now if the idea of 'all being born' has been debunct', a contrapositive position for expansion into proper, righteous mathematical context is on the horizon.

The questions and declarative answers in 120 have shown and proven to be true in the empirical world, usually the statements are identified as the result of behavioral conditions within a said cipher: Ex: 'causing trouble amongst'.., 'Hard time civilizing'..., 'Trader making interpretations'...,'setting up a home', 'slave from mental death' etc. The statements within knowledge wisdom cipher have proven to be true within the scope of the empirical world, and it is not a matter of being biased, or filtering the statement to be made true because of being partial or predjudiced. The statements within 120 have been proven true in the 'now a day'-just watch CNN if you don't believe me.

Understanding that the statements in 120 stand true and describe general conditions within the real world-how do we then describe specific conditions in mathematics using Supreme Mathematics?

In calculus a derivative is a function for some particular value to measure the rate of change. Measuring the rate of change is a study in the underlying conditions of the face value. The statements in 120 act as derivatives to measure life as we understand it in the wilderness of North America. Supreme Mathematics is ajacent to Quantitative mathematics. Those that study Supreme mathematics have the ability to 'draw up' the ideas within the various branches of math. What is a square root, and how does a ''square' and the function of 'Root' correlate to Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet, and 120? A 'square' manifest in 'truth' and the 'root' manifest within the culture degree within knowlege to knowledge culture. The greek symbol 'Delta' in mathematics is used to indicate a vary small portion, 'Divine'/'Destroy' in Supreme Alphabet correlates to one's cultural context. 'Divine' or 'Destroy' is act as paradigms. Delta and Divine do not correlate directly but they do establish that philosophical context can be assumed by the user of Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet. 'Philosophical' context' is established when we ask the question 'How do you 'cee' today's mathematics? The philosophical posture is assumed for further ellaboration on said day's degree. However the philosophical context does not have to deviate from the rigor of a'true mathematical statement. How do you 'cee' a particular degree is a matter of relative perception on behalf of the user of 120, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Mathematics.To manipulate and control the users perception of 120's context is to 'shield your dirty religion'.

The philosophical perogative on behalf of the user of 120, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math should remain autonomous: For God holds his own perogative, and for Earth she spins upon her own axis.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Race & Recession

Everytime you turn on the news-newscasters harp on just how bad the present economic condition is. Recession has a relationship to depression. I have always found it fascinating that depression is a psychological term as well as an economic term. The distinction is that in a recession people become apprehensive about spending, companies tighten their budgets forcing layoffs, and slowly the economy itself begins to degenerate slowly. Essentially the well being of the economy is based on collective positive thinking both on behalf of Fortune Five Hundred companies and the everyday American consumer.

A depression and to suffer from depression means to be demoralized. The collective psyche of the American consumer is in a state of demoralization, people feel bad and consequently the entire economy suffers. 'Stimulus' is an economic term for 'anti-depressant', basically to jolt the brain of the economy into a state of well being, yes anti-depressants have side effects, and so does the stimulus packages that President Obama and the Democrats have pushed. Yes it will cause an increase in National Debt but such is the price of a free market economy.
It is important to understand that the stimulus package is a wager on American Resilence. However, resilence is based on attitude, an individual can choose to think negative or positive as it pertains to life. Is the glass half full or half empty? Is the average American optimistic or pesimistic as it pertains to the present state of the economy? News agencies are trumpeting negativity on every major station causing people to be in fear of an impending depression. These stations are generating the idea of 'Obamavilles'. During the Great Depression President Hoover was made to be a scape goat, many citizens ended up living in shacks made of cardboard and tin. FDR encouraged Americans to pull themselves up, and he came up with a lot of economic mechanisms to revitalize the economy out of the Great Depression.

How will we fair in the greatest recession in the last 30 years? It is a tough call but it is not looking good, and I do not mean to be negative, but I do believe the 'Race' of are present President is at the core of the psychological problem at the center of economic issues in America. Yes, plenty of white people voted for President Obama. Liberals are notorious for having hidden guilt complexes as they relate to race. Is Obama's Presidency more about white people saying " Some of my best friends are black!" or as the Jefferson's theme song goes black people moving on up? 'Racism' manifest in many forms that are well beneath the surface. Do white people really support a black man and hold him in esteem as their leader or is his Presidency the result of confused liberal guilt attempting to purge themselves of racial sentiment. My position is the latter, during his European visit which was flawless-conservatives spearheading the liberal unconscious did their best to find fault with his every sentence, he bowed to Saudi Royalty, they attack his economic decisions etc..

Basically every thing is being done to make Obama look weak and 'Jimmy Carterish'. Four years and their guilt will be appeased. This is a very sad situation and unfortunately race is at the core of this recession, until white people consciously and unconsciously accept him as their leader are recession will continue to spiral into a depression.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Legalize Marijuana!

I can go get some Grey Goose, Hennessy and what ever else and get behind the wheel of an automobile and be so incoherant I could kill myself and somebody else. Alcohol is highly explosive if it is used irresponsibly, a person could lapse into aloholism, drunk driving and ultimately murdering someone while driving. But regardless of what happens the United States of America taxes every single drop of liquor sold in this country. Revenues from Taxation on liquor is channeled to the public good. Federal, State and Local Governments have figured out how to preseve the best part for themselves. It is a great idea, and perfectly resembles the idea of build and destroy within mathematics. Yes Alcohol is a destructive force when used in excess, but tax levied on the sale of every drop produces something that is in the general publics best interest, from the maintenance of sewers to the funding for a public library.

But they don't take the weed head seriously, and the stigma that marijuana is somehow negative is projected above the Marijuana user's head. Suppose a tax could be levied against the sale of Marijuana, suppose marijuana could be manufactured by privatized corporations, suppose the tobacco industry diversefied into the sale of Marijuana!

I know I am not the only one who sees the economic potential in Marijuana as one of the remedies for the recession and the looming doom of the depression in the next six months. Countries with brown people would make some money. Latin America would stand to profit great from such an international deal. Such a deal would be beneficial to both the United States and all of Latin America. Marijuana has its good points and bad points, but so does alcohol. Marijuana has more medicinal benefits than alcohol but alcohol is on the shelves all across America. The hypocrisy borders on insanity.

They Keep weed legal because Marijuana builds prisons, look how many are in prison because of use and trafficking of Marijuana! Many are minorities, and prisons are becoming privatized, prisons create jobs for rural towns. Criminalizing marijuana like it is somehow in the category with Heroin or Cocaine is not right and exact, not at all. They are not in the same league. America should consider legalizing Marijuana, and taxing it. We got to pay China their 1.5 Trillion dollars we owe them somehow. Americans need to figure something out before every McDonald's starts serving shrimp fried rice/w cheese.

The Hypocrisy of the Friends List

The Hypocrisy of the Friend's list is a devil that must be taken off our planet. 'I accept', 'I decline': you as a friend. Me and DaGod Truth got set up by undercovers in the mid born ciphers. I felt something shady about the whole current of air. I warned the God but the God insisted on going through with the deal. The God caught a trafficking charge and was questioned as to who his partner in crime was-the God caught amnesia. Truth will always be my brother and companion in tribulation. Why? Because he has shown and proven to me through hell that he is my righteous brother indeed.

I have room in my mind and heart for all those who are 'righteous' in the sincerest sense of the word 'righteous'. Emblem 'goes hard' at life, love and 'friendship'. The face value of friendship on Myspace and Face Book has reached epidemic proportions. What does it take to get to know-'know' somebody? It is not a hard question! It takes time. On here my phone number is posted publicly, many have called me and have built with me, and it is the greatest feeling in the world to meet people, learn what your thinking, understand where your coming from. Sunday I built with my Universal family from the time I came out of triple Darkness until I returned back to triple darkness, none of the builds were shallow, they were Good Nutritious builds. After my daily mathematical morning build with the Earth, Me and the God Supreme Victory built for like wisdom hours, then I built with Born Righteous, I-Victory, Truth, Da God Khaliq, and more, but it was all math from morning to midnight. I make my self available to all, true companiship and friendship comes with time. No one that builds with me puts on airs. The egos are shed at the door and we raise substantive ideas, thoughts. We never build with an air of one upsmanship or competion but ultimately to learn from one another, to preserve the best part for ourselves and grow as Gods and Earths. These are my parliaments, my rallies and my family days, because the mathematics are pure, free of ego, free of arrogance, free of 'swagger', and all of the other toxcity that comes with attempts at making the Gods and Earth this formal, official body. I looked on the the central website and somebody had it posted 'What we believe!' I shook my head!

It is the holiness of the exchange that borns God or Earth to realize their said potentials and abilities. When ever this math appears to be the least bit 'churchy', you are not conducting Self the correct way. This is not 'churchy', ceremonies, events and traditions are good but you must not allow them to become nails in coffins used to judge, discriminate or generalize. How many of you remember Kendu Islam? Well their is a picture with him standing near the Father smoking a cigarrette. Kendu was only 13 or 14 at the time, but in the black and white photo the idea that comes to mind is to be without judgement, because your judgement of someone eles has nothing to do with their righteousness.

I never judge those I build with, nor do I want to be judged, grouped nor generalized and classified with others. Be your Original Self, because your Original Self is your best Self and being your best Self is ultimately about being exactly who your are. I have grown to get to know all I build with and I genuinely consider them my true brothers and companions in tribulation. Never think I don't have time to build, even if I am on the other line I will get back to you: I ain't forgot you 'I Supreme'! Building and borning is the best part. 'Friends are those who enrich your life, and though it is maybe a bit idealistic, I would like to build true companionships with all on my friends list over time.


Friday, April 17, 2009

The Very Best In Modern Cynicism

When Lebron James first came into the league I was cynical. Why? Because the media was striving to make him the immediate air apparent to MJ. They gave him MJ's number, and told him go be greater than Michael. Nothing is wrong with striving to become as great or greater than Mike, but the ink on Lebron's high school diploma hadn't even dried before they gave this teenager these extroidinary large pair of Air Jordans to fill. The media hype at the time was also unfair to Kobe-Kobe already had three rings when Lebron came in the league. All these high hopes and Lebron had yet to step on the hardwood. What the media did was unfair to Lebron as well. I never questioned Lebron's ability, but I knew he needed time to grow into the player we are seeing now. Greatness takes time. Greatness is not something that happens overnight as the media hype at the time continued daily to teach.

I started this piece out by explaining that I was 'cynical'. What is cynicism? What does it mean to be a cynic? And does cynicism have anything to do with not taking anything on face value?

Cynicism comes from the Greeks. They established a school of philosophy based on cynicism. Initially cynicism meant to 'reject' conventional values of society and live in accord with nature. They had a very liberal philosophy and viewed all humanity as equal, and they felt that the planet belonged to all. Socrates was the most noted of the cynics and an advocate of the school of thought. The cynics attained virtue by rejecting wealth, fame, reputation and pursuing a life of poverty. The cynics were often found begging on the streets of both Greece and Rome for food. The word cynic means 'Dog Like', this name was given to them because they chose to live like dogs, negating hygiene, and traditional standards of what was defined as modern living at that time. Even though the name cynic originated as an insult and was initially used to describe a 'dog' the virtues of a 'dog'were adopted by the cynics and the dog came to represent the symbol of their philosophical school of thought. 'The dog' was upheld as a symbol of their virtue because dogs are loyal, and know their enemies from their friends.

Early cynics made a virtue out of shameless behavior; sex in public; going barefoot; being dirty; without modesty or manners; and generally they acted like uncouth savages in public. Shamelessly they proclaimed cynicism as the greatest virtue and superior to the status quo. Cynics would hound citizens, reminding them of the error of their ways by harrassing them in public. They would often do this as people went about their daily business. Imagine a Jehovah Witness on Crack-who hasn't bathed in a few months running up on you trying to give you a Watchtower and lay a guilt trip on you for having a job, food, a home and clean clothes: that was a cynic.

Early cynics appeared to be self righteous, dogmatic even and trumpeted their virtues as the pinacle of all other philosophies. They clearly had difficulty in minding their own business, but seemed rather intent to bother those citizens who were taking care of their business. Were the cynics critical? What does it mean to be critical versus cynical? Did they have a discerning eye? Or scientific judgement? No they did not. Early cynics believed that false judgement was the root of all suffering, but they themselves were quick to judge others falsely. Lets not confuse the cynic with the critic-cynics were not scientific because science is about being objective as well as critical. Mathematics is critical in terms of its proper operations within the context of an equation thus cynicism has nothing to do with criticism. The cynics believe that false judgement was the root of all suffering, but being a cynic is to be bound to leap to the false judgement of others, because they judge without evidence or the specific nuances of a situation. By not having a twenty mile distance from the root of things they fall victim to taking things on face value, and consequently exacerbate the disease of their perception by adopting an intellectual stubborn posture. The cynic is deficient when it comes to empathy. They lived only to indulge their own self righteousness. Their smug attitudes of 'our way or the highway' and beligerant preaching in the streets of Greece as if they were anarchist are the picture my research painted. The very fact that they were allowed to be cynics and have a school of philosophy shows that Greek lawmakers were greater in their tolerance of homeless cynics than the cynical philosophers were of the political ideas that allowed them their freedom of civil beligerance.

Most cynics were bums on the street yet they thought they were better than those that made normal livings as respectable citizens and maintained food, clothing and shelter. Imagine a homeless person telling you that the roof above your head, the food on your table, and the clothes on your back demean the nature of your existence because you are not on the street begging for food with them and adhearing to their ideas as the pertain to life. Imagine the nerve of such an individual. Who are they to assess and associate your social conduct as less than virtous! Everything in societies status quo is not right and exact, many values are warped and twisted, but many of us strive to make a living the best way we know how. The cynic was not happy until you were on the street defecating in the alley with them. The motto of 'Misery loves company' should in fact be the cynic creed. During my research of cynicism I learned that in Greece they were definitely crabs in a barrel. I started out by saying that I was cynical when Lebron came in the league, and I must retract that statement, instead I hold the position that I did not take Lebron on face value when he entered the NBA. I knew that he had a lot to show and prove before he could be considered greater than Kobe-let alone Michael Jordan. No I am not cynical, because I trust in humanity even in the midst of all of are flaws. Their is a lot of good in all of us. Their are many things that I do not agree with, but I don't shun the opportunity of a civilized exchange of ideas to come to a common cause or common ground. The cynic is stubborn, their ideas are of the highest virtue to themselves alone, and they have no room for refinement in their mind. Cynics were basically the white trash of both Rome and Greece, and I see why the word cynic means 'dog like'.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Power of The Queen in Chess and in Life

I have stated in the past that I am a recovering chess addict: Power years clean and sober. The reason I don't get down on the chessboard anymore is because it becomes a clash of egos when man plays against man. Chess is a game that subconsciously says that "I am smarter than you, by way of strategy, tactics and cunning.' It reeks terribly of egotism, and I want no part of it. However I do play against the computer on my phone, and in that context, it no longer becomes about my ego, as it is about building. The game of chess has been a part of my life since the age of equality, early on I fell in love with the game, but at a certain point I realized that I had to back off from human opponents. I did not want to proclaim with a resounding 'checkmate' that I was better, nor did I want someone to tell me via 'checkmate' that they were somehow smarter because they beat me in a game of chess. The male ego is crazy like that and consciously or unconsciously associates dominance in a given area with a complex of superiority. The ego of man manifest in some very strange ways, and chess is indeed one of them. Now I prefer a strong game against my blackberry, no feelings of intellectual superiority or inferiority are involved, nor do I have the pressure of saying that I am better than someone else or they are smarter or better than me.

The game of chess is rich with many metaphors, and the greatest metaphor is the manifestation of the Queen on the chessboard. That wooden piece on the board stands strong and regal, she is free to zoom from one end of the board to the next. She causes opposing kings great anxiety, and she is prepared to die for her king. Interestingly enough, if she is taken, a pawn can elevate by climbing six ranks and become a Queen. The King is the most important piece on the chessboard and she is the most powerful piece on the board in terms of movement. Yes I have learned to play without my Queen, needless to say it is very challenging, particularly if the oppossing King still has his Queen. The fight without a Queen is brutal.

In many games of chess it is customary to castle within the first 15 moves either Queen side or King Side, regardless of the side of the castle, you must seperate from the Queen. The King is usually protected in the castle, surrounded by his right hand man the rook, and three or four pawns, serving as bodygaurds. The Queen from that point forward works in concert with knights, bishops, rooks and pawns to win the war. Chess is one of the most accurate game metaphors for life, and every man must ask the question, "Does my Queen have my back?". God directs her movements both at home and abroad. It is a grave mistake in chess to be careless with the movement of your Queen. Loosing her can be potentially disastrous. There is nothing worst than being forked, pinned, or skewered by an oppossing piece and watching an opponent smile as he takes her off the board such is a heartbreaking sight for any true chess player. Some chess players gladly trade Queens, it slows the game down, and the game becomes a game that takes on a tactical tone. Her absence is felt in such tactical wars, and it is very similar to a man dealing with the world alone. I have dealt with life from both the aspect of having a Queen and not having a Queen, both have their pros and cons. That wisdom degree in the knowledge to understand the equality referring to coming to North America by yourself is a very real journey in the wilderness of North America, and the sense of loneliness becomes a reality that can either make or break a man. Having a Queen is great particularly when you see that she has your back in the Wilderness of North America, and she is also on gaurd against your hidden and manifest enemies. Many Gods don't listen to their Earths when the Earths analyzes the character of men around her King-but believe it or not a wisdom is a 'Wiz' at peeping the nature of your so-called brothers and companions. She can determine via intuition the real from the fake, and see quickly into the treachery of so-called brothers and companions better than you can in a lot of cases. She is the field General after you have castled, and you must ask yourself can you trust those around you? Betty Shabazz is reported to have told Malcolm X that he was naive and that he was blind to the treachery around him. Needless to say she was on point, Malcolm X was shot numerous times by those who claimed to be his so-called brothers and companions. I have often stated that the 'Ear' is the key to the Earth, meaning you must allow her to build and listen to her! I listen to my Queen, and one of the things that I have noticed is that she speaks from an intuitive point of view, she can see into the hearts of men because she is a woman. She is naturally wisdom cipher miles outside of masculinity by virtue of the fact that she is a female. The very nature of her femininity allows her to call maculinity like the Father called a dice roll. A woman has the capability to spot a bitch move of a man. Men sometimes will act like bitches, she can see effeminate behavior in a man without that man realizing he is on some bitch shit. I love asking what my queen thinks about a given cipher, particularly now that she has 120 on cap, she will bring a lesson to my attention that I was not necessarily focusing on, such a collaboration of Yin and Yang or Unalike attracting is the proper order of things. Man and Woman combine to form the clearest, razor sharp view into a cipher and this borns understanding. Two men can advocate society, but two men can not born civilization, civilization comes by way of a woman. Whether it is the wisdom degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture or the knowledge God degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher, both the meanings of civilization are inclusive of wisdom. Their was no civilization in tripple darkness, because the way out was not manifested before time became time. Wisdom is the portal by which civilization is born.

A community of 'he cipher monkeys' only born saliva and fecal matter. Two chicks born 'spit' and two men born 'shit'. Man and Woman are the root of civilization according to the culture degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture. I John born companionship through trial and tribulation, that just means that he's your rook in the cipher of the castle, and your the rook in the cipher of his castle, each man however is his own King. The most important elements of that Kingdom is teaching her how to act at home and abroad, after the Queen Side or King Side castle has taken place. After you caste, she is alone with your other lieutenants and private soldiers. When you close the castle doors-the Captain or King gives the orders for her to move either offensively or defensively on the chess board of life. Knowledge wisdom in the knowledge to knowledge the culture builds on the military training of men. She can tell you by being in the field which cats are for war and which cats need to get sent back and babysit the babies. Not every man is made for war, some men are made to stay back and gather berries, and weave baskets. She can peep the offensive postures and relay back to you necessary steps needed to deal with the impending battle. The enlightener tells us that 'wisdom is the way', if you got a wisdom who is sharp with math, connected with her inate intuition, and you have learned to listen to her then the sky is the limit-better yet Pluto is the limit, better yet there is no limit!



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Flaw In the Diamond Borns The Divinity

Smug catz coming off more righteous than thou are not cool. I'm proud to say that even as God on Earth I am flawed, it is this flaw that shows me my divinity. King David in the bible was tragically flawed, but he was sincere and devoted to growing into the mind of God. His errors of judgement are noted in Samuel and Kings, falling for the womanly wilds of Bathsheeba he set up her husband(Uria The Hittite) during a great battle. David called for his Army to back off and Uria was killed at the battle of Rabba. David got Bathsheeba pregnant, attempted to conceal the identy of the father and all manner of tricknowledge. King David would have made a great guest on Maury Povich, he was a walking Soap Opera, but in all his struggles David wrote Psalms as a testatment to righteousness. The bible is nothing in comparison to the Holy Quran but Psalms contains great moral substance and beauty, and it shows that King David learned through great trial and tribulation.

The bottom line is that David was a flesh and blood man, deeply flawed, but nevertheless sincere and righteous. My Enlightener called me at the power hour this morning building on the story of King David. He broke down David, King Solomon, Hiram Abif, King Tyree, The great Temple, Signs and Symobls of Masonry and the whole nine. I have a Great Enlightener. After wisdom cipher years of 120 on cap I still learn from the Great Life Allah. I learn! As much knowledge as I have obtained my ears remain open to him and I have learned to perserve the best part of what he says for myself. I will have the Quran on cap by late 2011 at my present pace, but no matter what I learn- I will forever be humble in his presence. Before he gave me my knowledge to knowledge the cipher, he gave me 'rules of a student' and one of the rules were 'honor and respect your enlightener at all times.' That rule in my third keeps me grounded. It is 'Honor' that balances my flaws, it is the science of the 'Ear' and the art of listening that I one day strive to perfect that keeps me in the mindset of a newborn. The mindset of the Newborn is the greatest mindset. Every day I realize that my shi does stink. That intimate bathroom moment provides my nose with knowledge and reminds me that as a divine being that I must keep my build down to Earth and 'funky'. In the Words of Every Hip Hop Artist with a new Album about to drop "I keepz it real!"

Am I better than you! Yes I am when it comes to the gun range! I can out shoot most. But as a person-am I better than you? Am I in a position to judge you? To Criticize You? Now Cipher! Da God Jesus put it simple, "He who is without sin cast the first stone!" 'Sin?'-I understand 'Sin' as a moral deviation. 'Right and Wrong' is the general compass that the human family uses to guide their morality, the compass of 'right and wrong' is in a lot of cases 'morally flawed'. The justice system in this country is deeply flawed. Ethical studies have been done that have proven if the average American finds a wallet containing cash that they wont search out the owner. Yes-the flaws within the devil's civilization effect us all to some extent and the pins run deep. The knowledge cipher degree states that if the snake is allowed to live it will sting someone else, the snake lives in all of us-burried there in the black germ waiting to be grafted from the original either mentally or physically, and a lot of our own behavior may fall short of what is right and exact. But are we doctors? And who are we to qualify or disqualify another's cipher! We don't wear bow-ties-do we? The behavior of every individual stems from the 'niat'(intentions). When your intention is not righteous then your actions fall short of righteousness, even if the face value or superficial aspects of what you do appear to be genuine and righteous on the surface. Em can peep his own bull, so I damn sure can peep someone elses. Game recognize game. I am not a fan of flagwaiving Gods and Earths, gung ho rally goers, those who sing the enlightener the loudest or those that weep when the Father is mentioned. I am a fan of he or her who comes in a fine midst, who is quiet, who studies quietly, does the knowledge, shuns the spotlight, and teaches privately and wisely. That God or Earth is Masterful, the master forever asks him or herself 'What is his or her ownself?' This silent, private soldier like quest is the greatest personal elevation for those that come in the name. But those who take attendance at the rallys, those who have more u-tube videos than Jay-Z, Wu-Tang-and Soldier Boy combined have failed to Master the art of God in a fine midst, but instead hold up signs in proclaimation of their divinity. Those who chronically have nothing positive to say, but put more pins in the heads of newborns than nurses are themselves failing to elevate.
What I dig about the Father are the flaws many say he had: his use of stimulation, his love of the Earths, and the way those dice were reported to come out of his hands and roll a seven. Often I imagine the sound of the click clack of the dice. The Father as a man is who I honor, the one they called Pud around the hood, the one that could build with you about the lessons over a bottle of cheap wine and a joint in a real nonchalant fashion is the image of the Father that I hold dear in my third. That is the flavor I dig in this math. We can't judge Da God who's locked up or Da God out of town on the grind flipping and ounce or a bird, chopping up work with a copy of one to fourteen on the table,struggling with whether or not what he is doing is right and exact. Don't judge him! That God is the greatest amongst us. Yeah thatz DaGod, he ain't got no room to judge, he only got room to refine himself in the midst of his trials and tribulationbz, and decide for himself if what he is doing is right and exact. Real time, Real actions, real big boy consequences. His code of conduct is his own, his choices are neither right nor wrong, but his Justice will born his Truth. Your two forty can't be judged by another. Yeah thatz DaGod! So no-I have no time to judge you, put you down or criticize you as if my shit don't stink, because my mouth still waters at the thought of nine ounces on the tripple beam! Now 'Trips' are outdated and digitals have taken their place, but the big boy consequences of his own life are for him to judge. We must all Find ourselves at the speed of sound and elevate to the speed of light in our thirds to cee and understand. Judgemental, critical negative catz will hate this build, but the real gonna love it to death.

I love the real amongst us!



Tuesday, April 14, 2009


You Better Be Building With Your
Earth More Than Your Building With Gods.

The planet Earth is where we live, but usually as Gods we stay building with Each other, doing all kind of Super Star moves with the math with each other. Now Cipher! My Earth finished 120 because I spent quality time building with her. Damn being on the phone or in a cipher with a whole bunch of Gods giving me their cee on a subject. Don't get me wrong, I love building with my brothers, but after a while you got to step off and land your ass on Earth. When she take 120 under cap it is the true reality of Allah is God in the Earth and Heavens because now she can build with you just as strong as any of your brothers can build with you. When an Earth can give you a strong build that is the six sextillion tons that holds your ass down. Her Gravity is proportional to the mass of her intelligence.

She keeps her husband by building and destroying snakes and nonsense in the cipher. This is the best part of Earth which is Mecca. Her mind has to be emersed in 120, so many amongst us settle for mediocrity when it comes to the education and the enlightenment of their Earths. This is the reason why so few Queens can spit one twenty from knowledge to born. I told yall in the book 'DaGod' that the Key to the 'Earth' is the 'Ear' but I guess yall ain't listen. Gods are so good at talking mathematical jive and don't know how to listen to her, and if they do listen they got to jump the gun and start yappin'(I really need to teach a course on how to teach an Earth). Hear her and listen to her. 'Know it all' cats with too many answers can't teach her because their mouth is always in the open position(put a sock in it)?You ever wonder why you can quote 'rain hail snow and Earthquakes' and she can't?

If you really learn how to teach, teaching her one twenty wont be like climbing mount everest, teaching a woman one twenty is like a cook out, good weed and good music playing(The Temptations) when I get down. Teaching her One twenty should be enjoyable not stressfull. Yall tight ass cats need to relax and build. Ever wonder why your Earth hasn't knowledged 120? Well it could be because your stressing her out. Western education stresses students out-your approach is like that of a white man-this is why American children rank near the bottom in Math and science in the world.

Super Learning is about teaching a tremendous amount of material in a short period of time in a stress free environment. I pick up tremendous amounts of Quran because I relax when I study, the same principles should be applied when teaching your queen. Don't stress her out man, rub her shoulders and spit one twenty in her ear nice and slow. NICE AND SLOW!


Oracular Phenomenon And 120

Soothsayers, prophets, priest, palm readers, and tarot card readers. Give me a break! No I am not being cynical, but the official capacity of the 'oracle' or methods of an oracle being read-is bull. Once you have 120 internalized, or whatever body you subscribe to and understand that their is nothing coincidental or accidental you are your own oracle. Ra Un Nefer Amen's Cards, the I Ching, tarot Cards or a Middle Eastern Lady in Lower Manhattan with dark mascara under her eyes who charges $20 dollars to look into a crystal ball is all garbage.

Take your degrees under cap, or the Quran under cap and you can eventally learn to read that which is happening around you. The mind of God permeates the cipher of all life, and things happen in accord to the 'Law' which is God, thus the force of Allah resonating from your being makes it possible for you to interpret yourself, you don't need a trader making an interpretation to understand your own interpersonal, multiple level communciation with the Self(this is why it is called Knowledge of Self). The Higher Self is inextricably connected to the Lower Self. Yes you are teaching yourself. Within the Zig Zag Zig the past, present and future are meshed as One, before time became time every moment that would come forth after Allah's Self Creation was in fact one moment-Meaning the past present and future are ultimately one moment. Living on Earth in the material realm we percieve time from a linear standpoint. This water is never drawn above six miles is a barrier resulting from the physical speed of the Earth on itz way around the Sun, inducing the Earthling to produce a Gregorian Calendar, it is important for us as Asiatics to percieve the Asiatic World, such a shift in perception transforms the time.

Understand that time is a matter of perception, spatial relationships, acting in concert with light, speed, space and consciousness to percieve. In a Gregorian sense we percieve time as linear. Time is not linear, the revolution of the Earth around the Sun proves that time is a cipher, the shape of an Old School Clock proves this. The Asiatic World fuses Time with the mind, when you understand that the mind is timeless, Mathematics can be proven in no limit of time. The Gregorian calendar and sense of time constructs the time 'limit' thus roping and bounding the essense of The Asiatic being which is infact Boundless.

You must take on the Understanding that You are in essense one with All, and that Time as you have historically understood it is fragmented in a Gregorian Sense. We must relearn to percieve life from the Year One! The Year One is where you stand on the square. Yelp! Right there, where ever you are sitting or reading this blog is the year one. The year one simply means the point of your Origin. You Originate from where your at 'Now', meaing 'now' is the only time that exist. This moment is the year one, 'now' from this moment forth you have the capability to predict your future-Meaning you can look into the Unknown(X) in advance, kind of like a chess Grand master looks over a chess board. Plot your steps, and the Oracular phenomenon which is 120 can act as a guide. I have incorporated also the Harmonious elements of Quran to also percieve the cipher which is around me. 120, Math, Alphabet and Quran are Lenses to See and understand Life on the level that you choose to see life. Not only can you see life but you can Cause Life, and various other elements in the empirical world. All that above is caused by the Original Man experimenting with High Explosives. Well when you look into the lense of 120, Quran and link them to Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math you have an extrodinary navigational tool. You have Wisdom or a 'way',then comes the ability to accept and realize the happenings in your personal cipher, and not only in your external cipher but your internal cipher. Many draw 'build' and 'destroy' in the knowledge culture the cipher up when studying their Earths such is proper indeed. The build and destroy is accurate to do so but you can also draw up what isl emotionally happening in you. When you become living mathematics and your lessons increase with the current of air you are in you are in fact a human oracle pointing out and predicting from the center of your cipher your 'year one', the scrolls of your life that are being unfolded in your Quran. Can you read clues of your Journey? Your higher Self is you, it is not a mystery God, remember that the Asiatic Mind is emersed in a timeless state, meaing it has no beginning nor ending meaing you are participating in your determined idea as you read this script. A spark causes the explosion of meaning to push forth into your consciousness. Remember I am not seperate from you, I am only another physical vehicle of 'you'. It should be understood emphatically that the Real 'Self' is without separation but born from communication. So We communicate to the Self as One. I came to North America By My-'Self'. You can look at that as being alone or you can look at that as being 'al-one' or Ahad meaing the one. We are all One, different physical vehicles but never the less 'One'. Take nothing you see on face value, it all has meaing to your being when you draw it up to the Self.

Lower Self -And- Higher Self

Many among us deal with the fact that there is no lower Self or Higher Self when dealing with the Original Man. I disagree, any time you learn, and espand your consciouness by way of increasing your understanding you have elevated. The very fact that we use the term 'elevation' shows and proves the idea of higher and lower self. 'No Ending' is an idea that shows and proves further the idea of the 'higher Self'. Yes, their are 'levels' we ascend to, and descend to. The Quran states that we travel from stage to stage. There is a part of the mind that deals with conscious deliberation as it pertains to your actions, and there is the part of the mind that is completely reactionary, constantly reacting, and not acting, there is an aspect of the mind that can become completely inert and sedimentary if not used. A planet is something that is grown or made from the beginning meaning that 'Growth' is an idea that should indeed be incorporated into the'Self'. My Enlightener states "Don't be a fool to think God is as simple as Adding Water, putting in microwave and you have God. Voila".

We are not God by virtue of the fact that we are black men, that is craziness, and excuse to be arrogant swimming in the water of vanity and narcism. "We God by Nature!"Said the religious Five Percenter at the Rally. I say "God by what?" Such a phrase is an excuse not to grow, and if taken on face value many will walk around showing and proving nothing but intellectual laziness, thinking that when they regurgitate 120, Supreme Math, and Supreme Alphabet that-that makes you God, 'Now cipher', you can be the most low self esteem piece of crap to walk the earth quoting those degreez, and completely needy of attention, of awards and praise. Get beyond that 'need'. Being God is so much bigger than that! Many amongst us suffer from chronic low Self Esteem. The Low Self Esteem is principled on an insecurity deep with in self that is buried there from our 85 past. Yes their is an insecurity in everyone, a pin causing an emotional fault line, producing internal emotional earthquakes in the 'self'. Catz is funny, walking around as if they are completly and utterly secure with who they area, such behavior is Ego Allah Self Delusion. News Flash! Then Why did God Make devil? Are you shallow enough to think that-that devil is not hidden in the bowels of the black germ of your emotional, spiritual(yeah I said spiritual) and Mental Self? Grafting is a physical and mental process. Catz kill me with the savior he I square don't stink current of air. Yeah right! Can a devil Fool a muslim? Naw but Gods sure can fool themselves. Being God is a very human experience, laced with insecurity, vulnerability and crucifixion. The story of Christ is a prime example of God on Earth. The righteous do bleed, the Father proved that, but cats come off like they stop bullets. News Flash! You don't stop bullets! Caught up in the physical Self, as if the physical self is the be all-end all to being God. Now Cipher! God is bigger than the physical Self ultimately without an ego based identity in essence. On Earth you come in the name and die in the name but in essence their is no words to born a name, because the 'knowledge' has no words, so it manifest the vehicle of 'Wisdom'. The physical Self confuses the person. 'Person'(Per-Son) meaning 'through' 'sound' in short Word is bond to Life. In the Beginning the word was with God and God was the Word and the Word became flesh. The beginning is that 'Origin of Man'. The Word became Flesh, the Word has an Origin, it manifest from Knowledge, and knowledge is the foundation which is intangible in essences. This is the 'nature', so when your ego raises the proclaimation "God by Nature", understand what you say. Some amongst us say the black Man is just God, and not the fact that God is within. This goes straight into the idea of the Self-the Truth is-is that God permeates the Self from within to the 'without', and that all that is within is 'without'. Words place value upon the abstract, and when dealing with the idea of the abstract-words attempt to bring that which is abstract into focus for the brain that navigates the Earthly realm, however it is the mind that navigates the heavenly realm. Essences is an Etheric current, and is beyond the physical. Yes the Self Must elevate beyond the material realm, the self will Elevate to the higher Self when you are returned back, but 'you' won't be 'you' as 'you' understand 'You'! Your identity, character, personality, physical. ego, and the people who tell 'you' that 'you' are-is not the 'Truth' of 'U', even your proclaimation that you are God is limited to the Earthly mind striving to reason with the zig zag zig of the heavenly abstraction of the 'Self'. Actually the true 'Self' is the reality of the 'All', because in essence there is no differentiation. Differentiation began with the origin of the Universe and every thing that is physical and material. Tripple darkness was a state of the Holy Self, not diluted or tampered with in 'any Form'-the mind was in the essence of its greatest nature. God ushered forth via creation of the first Atum/or Atom via energy, turning potential energy into kinetic energy, using energy itself as a vehicle of expresseion to experience time, via the wisdom or the first 'second'-'second' being the first increment of the physical and universal time as the Original Man percieves time to be. The greatest amongst are not blind to division, but build inspite of the divisions, because they understand the entire reality of the 'Self' as 'No Words' and only the bond to 'life'-this is an essential harmony that borns Universal Harmony! Positive Education Always Corrects Errors(You know I'm joking with the cheesy ass cliche Acronym right?)

Friday, April 10, 2009

The War In Iraq: ISLAM and Where do the Nation of Gods and Earths Stand

5 U.S. troops were killed by a suicide bomber today in Iraq. Are we there to spread democracy? How does Islamic Law/Shariat relate to democratic ideals? U.S. Service men and women are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. 4271 Service Men and women have been killed in Iraq, and 677 in Afghanistan. We have to ask ourselves as world citizens, U.S. Citizens specifically: what does it mean to protect, control, and bring democracy( so called'Freedom') to a given region? These question bring another question: What is a Politcal and Economic agenda? As average citizens the media tells us that we are protecting our country against Al Qaida, and the Taliban, and further terrorist attacks such as 911. The fact of the matter is that America has not refined the ability to co-exist with the Islamic world! President Obama recently toured a mosque overseas and the Imam explained things to him, but of course it was necessary political posturing. Yes it is an attempt to help relations with the U.S. and the Islamic world, but such an act will not transform ideological differences.

As Gods and Earths, Beys and El's, Bow-ties, 'African' American Sunnis and Suffi's and other various Islamic movements throughout North American we must examine our postion. Personally my concern is with the Nation of Gods and Earths as to are global position and world view toward Islam. Members of the Nation of Gods and Earths are quick to spout out the acronynmic definition of ISLAM as I Self Lord And Master-I Sincerly Love Allah's Mathematics(how cute) and everyone's favorite: 'Arma-Lega-Lega-Arma-Head', such a definition reminds me of High School cheerleaders screaming, "Give me an 'I'! Give Me an 'S'! Give me an 'L'! Give me an 'A'! Give me an 'M'!" I hate to be Salidinish in my assessment of such juvenile like acronyms but that is the acronyms of ISLAM and ALLAH are biggest crock of bull ever in terms of Islamic scholarship, it is right up there with the mothership. Islamic scholarship is very vast: from Tajweed to Tafsir to the mathematics within the Quran. A 40 plus year old Nation comes along and describes Allah as 'Arma-Lega-Lega-Arma-Heada', so with a Salidinish like cynicism I say, "Paleeeeeeeeeeeese!"

How do we evolve are ideas concerning ISLAM? and where does 120 stand within said cipher. Knowledge wisdom cipher is a general tool for those original people who have recieved Islam in North America it provides a format by which to draw clarity in are psychological and daily social reality innoculating us from pseudo Arab acculturation. I say pseudo Arab because that region called Arabia belongs to Original People.

I have also beat the dead horse that 'all being born' is the most pseudo scientifical build you can construct, and has nothing to do with mathematics so I will leave that alone for now. So how do Gods and Earths fit into the realm of Islam in a Global sense?

The best part of what we have learned as members of the Nation of Gods and Earths is the ability to formulate a personal exegisis as to how we view various degrees within 120, relate them to ourselves and the world. We have done this without a self proclaimed leader, teacher and guide providing instruction under the guise of a so-called 'Example'. Yes we all must have an Enlightener/Educator for a time in order to shed light upon the dark mind, but after we demostrate a degree of proficiency it is are responsiblity to continuously elevate and find our given niche and determined idea. This is a preventative measure for/by the Nation of Gods and Earths. Thriving without a said leader prevents us from falling into the bank account of that leader and consequently prevents us from deteriorating into the realm of a 'religion'. 'Religion' is to worship outside of the Self, ISLAMIC Science is to revere the essence of Allah within the Self. It should be noted however that just because we don't follow a given individual, this should not mean that we do not adhere to the highest caliber of personal and collective Islamic scholarship. The nature of ISLAM demands constant elevation into the realization of Allah, not in an egotistical fashion, but in a manner of humility. The posture of Sajud in Islamic prayer(Salat) means to put your forhead on the floor, interestingly enough the forehead holds the cognitive function of the brain which is a massive part of the intellectual functioning of all human beings. Does Allah put his forehead on the floor? The black man is God right? Let it be understood that your intellect is in no way God, your intellect does not cause you to be God, at best the intellect governs how we navigate throughout society and the level of civilization that can personally and collectively be attained by those within this culture. If the cognitive part of the brain deteriorates through extreme hunger, individuals will resort to canabalism. As Black Men we are the vehicle that expresses the universal essense of the Black Mind of God on Earth, all other vehicles come from our genetic dominion. Your Original XY contains the Universal essence of God. Arrogance, egotism fragments the righteousness of this Universal essence and the prescribed law of Islam. "I'm God-I'm this and I'm that and I come in the name of All Wise, Supreme, Magnetic, Super Duper, Knowledge Born Electricity Allah!" Such a haughty character dismantles the righteousness within his own nature borning Yacob's grafted devil, in mathematical terms "....or Colored Man" A 'colored'(not necessarily referring to race) psyche degrades divinity and the righteousness of pure mathematical elevation.

Maturing in terms of ISLAM and becoming proficient in the various sciences falling within the scope of ISLAM, drawing All Islamic Ideas 'up' how we have been taught to draw 120 'up' mathematically will allow us to grow into are fullest potential as God and Earth without falling victim to shirk(Devil Civilization). By learning to put the arrogance and narcisim down that tend to come with the initial understanding that God is the black Self will allow this Nation to attain its fullest glory. You can't teach civilization to others if you don't understand their level of Islamic Scholarship. The Nation of Gods and Earths can't step on the world stage attempting to teach civilization with the idea of 'All Being Born'. Get real! ISLAMIC Scientist throughout the world would die as the result of side splitting laughter.

U.S. Narcism must also be put down in order to resolve issues with the ISLAMIC world. President Obama during his European tour spoke eloqently to the Europeans regarding the differences between the two nations: faulting that both U.S. and European attitudes are to blame for the international divide. The U.S. must take the same approach of this type of diplomacy when dealing with ISLAM; Shariat-Islamic Law. Their are more than one billion, 500 million muslims throughout the world and the U.S. war machine does not stand a chance in a long term war. Islam is a state of submission to the creator, the essence of all life, and Muslims are prepared to take themselves out to take out a group of Soldiers. They are prepared to die as much as U.S. soldiers want to live. You can not when fighting that type of individual. The Islamic idea of 'Mujahidin' and dying 'Shahid'(dying in the way of Allah) is foreign to Americans, this includes Gods and Earths even though are culture cipher degree borns the idea of 'giving all you have and all within your power', this means your Life! Our knowledge Understanding states, "The dead has never been known to return from the grave in all the history of Islam', no one returns from the grave, but the essence is eternal. This essence is without distinction, their is no 'You, and I' in essence. When Allah builds in the Quran it is usually with the pronouns of 'We' and 'Us'. Build or destroy in the knowledge to knowledge the culture show and prove 'One Common Cause' or 'We' this can only happen through humility and the dismantling of personal and collective arrogance.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

...For He is the 'All-Eye Ceeing'!

In the land of the blind the man with one eye will be king, well in that case I am the King of Kings! Running wild, not caring and experimenting with the high explosives of late teenage mischief, mayhem and violence caused the loss of a precious light: my left eye! How did I loose it? Well the last thing I remember the doctors saying was that "I can't get a blood pressure!"(I'll let your imagination take it from there). I don't like to go into the mechanics of the story, because it is my story, and I feel I kind of understand what returning to essence is like. I didn't 'return' and I am back from a kind of physical death, and I was resurrected minus my left eye. Adjusting was the hard part, seeing things in a new light, and appreciating the things I do see allows me never to take any vision for granted. One eye makes you do the knowledge that much more harder. I never had a traffic accident(Knock on every tree in the rainforest) and I take nothing on face value. I appreciate the sight of a child's smile a little more, the color red touches me on a deep visceral level, green is my spiritual color, and I love the sight of fresh blond lion colored timz. Yes I can appreciate the beauty of a woman a little more, from the arch of her foot, to the nobility of her chin, the shape of her face, to the sway of her hips, to her subtle kissable belly button. Yes I see women a little more clearer with one eye than I did with two eyes. I cee the potential in the children more than I once did, and strangely enough my view into arrogance, ego, narcisism, self indulgence, and inhumanity has been magnified as the result of having one eye.

One eye has made me a better fighter, I am a knock out artist, I have no time to waste with an opponent. The longer he is awake and fighting the probability of me injuring the right eye goes up-so I am very 'Tysonish'(Mid 80's Tyson) in a brawl. I had Three fights in my thirties, and all were over before you could recite "What Makes Rain Hail, Snow and EarthQuakes?" As far as gunz go, one eye has made me an excellent shot. I have developed a profound respect for Gunz over the years. Do I have a fear of going completely blind if something happens to my right eye? No! I would only become swifter mentally!

I have always found it ironic that the Egyptian symbol of God is and 'eye' and oh how I love my colored eye patches, I don't rock black patches because in terms of eye patches the color black is such a cliche. Me and Slick Rick share the colored eye patch fetish, nothing is more flavorful than an eye patch that sets off the gear. I plan one day to get a Silver, Gold, and platinum eye patch and yeah I got a prosthesis, and I rock that alot, it looks very natural but not as natural as the original eye did. It looks so natural that I never told my ex wife until two years into the marriage, I took it out and had to pick her up off the bathroom floor that day. The prosthesis does make my left eye take on a slight 'Forrest Whitaker' like appearance, it is definitely gangsterish on some Lucky Luciano type flavor. Yes I have adjusted, and learned to appreciate the very special mark that makes me The Original Man, and one eye does show and prove to me the living reality of 'The All Eye Seeing'!

Before I return to the essence I would like to see through my left eye socket, I want an internet connection linked to my brain, and a sim chip in my third that will allow me to take your calls and e-mail you straight from the dome. Imagine that!
Em A.K.A. Ra

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Telepathy, Mind, Brain, Learning

The power of the brain is phenomenal, and the human family has yet to reach its fullest mental potential, it has been estimated that we only use a tenth of the brain's potential. What else are we capable of mentally? It has always been my assertion that we can communicate without speaking with our mouths. Essentially if the human brain is capable of manufacturing cell phones, satellites and other devices that assist humanity in communication that the capablility is indeed inate.

Imagine that: having the capability to send thoughts from one human being to another. We have all done it at one time or another.

"Hey I was thinking that same thought!"; or when we finish someone elses sentence; all of these are things that everyone does daily.

We are just scratching the surface when we demostrate small displays of telepathy in everyday human interaction. I do feel that such phenomenon goes deeper. When we send an 'I M' or a 'Text' and press 'send' an idea is sent from one human being to another. The very fact that we can create a plastic, and metallic hand held device that performs this operation shows and proves that we have the potential residing in the 90% of brain function that goes unused.

What is the brain? The 'Brain' is not the 'Mind', the brain is the physical vehicle that interprets the intangible aspects of the etherical 'mind'. It has been theorized that the mind resides on the 'Quantum' field and is infact inextricably linked to the fabric of the universe, meaning all 'Mind' is 'One', and this transmission is interpreted via brain function. The Quantum field that the mind is inextricably linked to is where we get the idea of justice from. We have all heard 'what comes around goes around', thus understanding Justice as 'Penalty' or 'reward' allows us to simplify justice to draw up 'Law' and 'Prescribed Law'.

Coordinating brain function with Universal Justice of the Quantum field or Mind, allows us to grow into 'Self Relization' or 'Knowledge' being made 'Born'. 'Self Realization' is when we continuously embrace cognitive function. Mathematics is thee most complex excercise that the human brain can perform. Chess blends Math, and art, but unfortunately it engages the 'egotistical' function of the psyche which ultmately causes 'war'. Pure Mathematics however builds and adds on, meaning that if you can study various chess openings, middle games, and end games of present and former grandmasters-than you can also study 'Algebra, Music, Calculus, Trignometry, Matrix theory, combinatorics, languages, engineering, science and art. All of which add on to civilization, where as the study of war only manifest more 'war'.

Another way we can engage the cognitive function is through 'memorization'. Taking one twenty under cap allows us to fully engage the cognitive operations within the human brain.
Cognitive psychology is the study of 'sensing', 'perceiving', 'remembering' and 'thinking'. It is a form of psychology that stresses the importance of purpose, 'knowing', 'understanding' and reasoning behavior.

Jean Piaget was a Swiss Psychologist, who placed emphasis on the cognitive approach to his research in the development of a child's understanding of the empirical world. Develop complex task for your children, engage their brains in powerful ways and we will show and prove that the babies are the best part.