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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Unit Followed By 21 Ciphers
A fallacy is an argument which seems to be correct but which contains at least one error and, as a consequence, produces a final statement which is clearly wrong. Though it is clear that the result is wrong, the error in the argument is usually (and ought to be) very difficult to find. The total weight of the planet Earth is Six Sextillion tons, a unit followed by twenty one ciphers, each cipher represents a ‘place value’, Ex: ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, trillions, quadrillion, quintillion and sextillion. 0=A place value! What does it mean if we negate the reality of ‘place value’? When we say that 13 is all being born to 4, we have negated the nominal value of ‘13’, and ultimately disrupted the unitary place value of the universal law governing ‘ones’ and ‘tens’. The reduction of 13 into 4 is not a mathematical function, and is not in accord with laws governing pure mathematics. The laws stand true both quantitatively and qualitatively. ‘Quantitative’ denotes quantity and the amount of any given number of things, Example: x=10 marbles. As Gods and Earths we assert that not only do numbers have Quantitative value but they also take on ‘Qualitative’ values: Ex: ‘1’ is not just 1 of a thing but also holds the intrinsic quality which is knowledge, 2 is not just 2 of a number of things but holds the intrinsic value of wisdom, 3 is not just three of a thing but holds the intrinsic value of understanding. Since I first got knowledge of self it has always been my idea that disrupting unitary function for the sake of a ‘build’ is in fact an error. Example today’s math is Knowledge born, if said God or Earth state that knowledge born is all being born to knowledge cipher which born back to knowledge, they have completely broken mathematical law. The razzle dazzle of course does in fact tickle the ear but in all reality 19 is not equal to 1, and if 19 is not equal to 1 then Knowledge born is not equal to knowledge. The difference between 19 and 1 is ‘18’. To discard the true value of quantity proves the fallacy of 'all being born'. Such a fallacy is equal to the belief in a mystery God. 85 percent believe in a mystery God which does not exist and the mystery God is not ‘True’ nor is 19=1. 19 or Knowledge born has its own standing nominal value, to disrupt the true reality of the nominal value of 19 does however equal the idea within the knowledge cipher degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture “will not keep and obey the law of Islam”. Though that phrase comes out of the knowledge cipher degree, this does not validate the soundness of the ‘arithmetic’ of 19 being equal to 10. I say ‘Arithemtic’ because a God once told me that Supreme Mathematics has nothing to do with ‘Arithmetic’, well if this was the case we should call ‘Supreme Mathematics’ ‘Supreme Philosophy’.
We deal with the ‘Square’ all Mathematics exist on the square of ‘Truth’ meaning there are four angles at born cipher degrees. There are four fundamental functions in all mathematical branches; Addition, Subtraction, division, and multiplication-these rules that govern arithmetic stand true throughout every branch of math; Algebra; Calculus; Trigonometry and Geometry. Someone once told me that Supreme Mathematics has no relationship to the branches of mathematics taught throughout academia, and I told him that the quantitative mathematical results are equal to qualitative mathematical values. Essentially what you do Quantitatively in Math can be done qualitatively-this is 'equality'. How we understand Supreme Math must be challenged. Math forces one toward higher order thinking, and it would be wonderful to see Supreme Math used to truly build, invent and create things one day in the very near future other than a great speach in front of Harriet Tubman. I don’t expect to be fully understood in my lifetime in regard to my ideas concerning supreme math. A hundred years from now a young God or Earth is going to read these old blogs and grasp my take as to why ‘All Being Born’ deviates from functional math, and be successful in the undertaking of showing and proving. A large consensus of Gods and Earths agreeing with me is pretty farfetched right now, old Gods and all of their ‘Father said’ and ‘First Born’ stories will lead new borns deeper into the mental grave off ‘all being born’. Old heads shield their dirty religion of ignorance and continue daily to teach all being born. Tradition is an R-O-P-E and definitely binds the minds of the young. True Math however frees the mind. Free your mind and your ass will follow!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

85 Loved Ones
My ole dad told me to watch my mouth while I was talking to him this weekend! For those that don’t know I cuss like a movafuckin sailor sometimes, particularly when I’m venting. Yes I can do the ‘job interview’ language, and can spit with proper enunciation with the best of college English teachers. But guess what? Most of the time I got a movafuckin cuss word coming out of my movafuckin mouth. Naw I’m not trying to be cute or get attention and it is not because of a lack of vocabulary. I just tend to say what the fuck I feel. But back to my ole movafuckin dad, he tells me to watch my mouth in front of him, this movafucka don’t pay my rent, my car insurance, my taxes-in short he don’t do a movafuckin thing for me! Never really has to be honest, he is a stingy selfish movafucka, and I don’t ask that nigga for a movafuckin thing. I got three snot nose half brothers that still live under his roof-the twins are 21, and my other half brother is 30, none of these niggaz have ever lived anywhere but under his roof. These niggaz walk on egg shells around him. My father just mugged my youngest brother. For those that don’t know what ‘mugging’ somebody is-it is palming some one’s face and pushing it violently. My twenty one year old brother started crying. My old dad got them niggaz shook. They suburban niggaz, but he left me and my mom in the hood and that old movafucka would definitely think twice about raising a hand to me. I’m not the fuckin’ one. I was talking to him one time and he said he could beat all of his sons, then he thought about it and said, “Probably not you! But I would hope it wouldn’t come to that because I would have to shoot you!” This is exactly why I would never want to live with this nigga under any circumstances. I got my first apartment at 19 or 20, and I have had about 11 apartments in my life give or take. No one has ever co-signed for none of my cars, and I never asked them to. Through all of my ups and downs, couch hoping, been homeless a couple of times I never once knocked on this movafuckuz door for a movafuckin handout because I knew that stingy movafucka wouldn’t get up off a movafuckin nickel. I remember when I got accepted to college, instead of him giving me a little cash when I left for college he bought twin Glock nine millimeters for himself. Now I got my own Glocks nigga, Yeah I dig guns but other than that, me and that nigga ain’t got nuffin in common. I’m forty fuckin’ years da fuck old I wish I would watch my movafuckin mouth around his ass. 85’s get on my movafuckin nerves. The thing about blood family is that they don't necessarily deal with this math because they are your relatives. 85 family never truly get to know you! You know them, but they never know you-truly. Gods and Earths who read my blogs and build with me love me more than my 85 family because they know who I am and I know who they are. 85 family have no Idea who the fuck you are, not a clue. And when you do say your God or Earth they think your full of shit! Why because they remember your humble beginnings. So they have a hard time perceiving you as a Divine being nowaday. When he told me to watch my mouth I felt like telling him, “Nigga I’m God! What the fuck you mean watch my mouth!” Ignorant ass 85. My old Earth is another story, because she once knew the teachings Supreme Wisdom/120 generally speaking, now she is flaked out, she says shit like, “We all are gods, blackmen, white men, Jews and Gentiles and when she sits down to eat she says, “…for Christ Sake for the nourishment of our bodies….amen” And she is a former MGT Captain and Dean of Girls at the University of Islam. She is a wishy washy ass chick. Well I do thank her for giving me ISLAM at such an early age, but when I think about how she instilled ISLAM in me so strong as a baby but now frowns at the math I’m dealing with-it pisses me the fuck off big time! Yeah 85 family can piss us off more than 85ers who are complete strangers. The reason is because we have those familial bonds with them, and when we get knowledge those familial bonds have a very strong gravitational effect on the emotions of Gods and Earths. I love my dad but he is an ignorant movafucka who is blind to the knowledge of his self, and I love my mom but she’s a fake ass Oprah Winfrey who thinks the corporate universe revolves around her.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our babies need to be reciting 120 like this!

120, Francis Bacon, L. Ron Hubbard, and Scientology
You can go through the history of my blog and see I dig doing the knowledge on philosophers especially European movafuckuz. White movafuckuz crazy, and be on some ‘shit’ for real! 120 is simple, it describes the internal aspect of an Original person’s psyche, as well as the external reality of the world and the dynamic of how people interact with each other. So yeah, 120, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math is that shit. The mental and physical power of a real devil tells us that destroy evils are working with a grafted six and that grafted six is mentally very explicit and wild. Francis Bacon is noted for ripping off the Scientific Method from a Muslim dude Ibn Al Haytham and William Whewell a half century later revived Bacons ideals regarding the Scientific Method and its relationship to inductive reasoning. Most of all us have taken science in grade school, junior high and high school and we know that the Scientific Method essentially involves reasoning, establishing theory or your hypothesis and ultimately experimentation. Inductive reasoning is paramount as it pertains to the science of everything in life. Induction means that we ponder the ‘x’ or the unknown with a limited field of data. Inductive reasoning ultimately urges one to think out of the box and out of our comfort zones. When I think of ‘thinking out of the box’ it brings me to the idea that Yacob did not build prison houses for his people. We know that the wisdom born degree is inferring that a physical prison house was never built but we have to understand that the math equation in the wisdom born degree can also be balanced from a mental point of view and ushering forth the idea that we cannot and should not build mental prison houses for ourselves in any capacity. Expanding the consciousness is breaking free into the unknown to ponder, theorize, and ultimately create using the true laws that govern mathematics. Real Math not numerological misplacement of actual numerical values (e.g. tens, hundreds, thousands etc), Real Mathematical reasoning leads in the right direction toward Real Science. The unit of any given value is true, and to recognize it as malleable and easy to transgress, breaks with true science and at that point your reasoning ceases to be scientific. Example: 17 all being born to 8 or 17=8, mathematically neither equation is true.
Back to Bacon
Francis Bacon was rumored to be the bastard child of Queen Elizabeth, yelp the Queen got her fuck on, conceived Francis, never officially acknowledged him but made arrangements that he be extremely well educated in the European sense of the word ‘Education’. Peep this, they said this movafucka was actually the writer we have all come to know as William Shakespeare. Regardless of whether or not any of this colored dudes Koran is actually true brings me to a point: The point is he is one of the chief influences of another colored dude: L. Ron. Hubbard. Hubbard is the founder of Scientology, the official religion of many celebrities-Scientology has turned Hollywood the fuck out! “Now what the fuck does Francis Bacon have to do with L. Ron Hubbard Em?” When I was a young God, my old Earth use to get these pamphlets in the mail about Scientology, and all I use to see is the name ‘Hubbard’. For those that don’t know-my government last name is ‘Hubbard’. So I was 8 years old asking the question “Who is this Colored Man with my last name?” So as a young God I use to try to read these books my old Earth got from this White Man. Now when I was build or destroy years old Elijah had already returned back to essence and my old Earth was studying every goddamn think, Buddhism, Sunni Islam, Suffi Islam, Christianity, Arabic, and tantric sex manual(I peeped at them books whenever I got the chance) Yeah my mom was a chick on a mission. I walked in her room one time when I was like build years old and she was chanting “Namyyo ho lay rang gae que” in front of a bowl of fruit like a movafuckin’ Buddhist. All I did was take a deep breath, close the door, shake my head and say to myself, “I wish she make up her damn mind!” So back to L. Ron Hubbard-I was reading Dianetics at nine years old trying to figure out what the fuck this white man in the sailors cap was building on-well I couldn’t draw him up until I got 120 under cap and then them fucking crazy ass, rich ass Scientologist came into focus. “But what the fuck Hubbard got to do with Francis Bacon Em?” Well Francis Bacon was a writer, and as I suggested earlier in this blog he may have written under the pseudonym William Shakespeare, and as a writer he had some very interesting ideas, one of his ideas was ‘Utopia’ or the perfect society. Bacon wrote a novel entitled ‘The New Atlantis’. A book which outlined the idea of a society free of debt, penitentiaries, crime, slavery and equal rights for women and religious free of religion oppression. Bacon looked at God as a divine mystery and he felt that the more fantastic and incredible the story that surrounds this Mystery God-the more that people have a tendency to ‘believe’. 85% Love believing in the wildest shit! He is right and exact in this regard, because it is some wild stories that surround that mystery God. L. Ron Hubbard in that Scientology shit build on some wild ass shit in terms of ‘the beginning’. When you got a thorough understanding of 120-Hubbard is not too difficult to draw up. Now check this shit out: Hubbard said we are thetans- ‘Operating Thetans’ or OT’s. Hubbard told his followers the story of ‘Xenu’. Xenu was the alien ruler of many galaxies and that 75 million plus years ago brung billions of people to Earth in spaceships, put hydrogen bombs in volcanoes, detonated the bombs and thetans clung to the bodies of the humans. Wild story right? Hell fucking yeah that shit is wild, it is right up their with Star Wars and Star Trek, but more importantly it is up their with Genesis, Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, Revelations, Adam Eve, Zeus, Moses, Heru, Ausar, Auset, Atum and yacob taking 59,999 people to the Island of Pelon. Stories! Where would the human family be without stories. The Holy Koran or Bible is made by the Original Man who is Allah. What is Bible and Koran according to are Math? It is ‘His-Story’. The human being is the ‘definer’ of the reality in all three aspects of time: Past; Present; and Future of Zig-Zag-Zig. What could separate the Gods and Earths from everyone else is Mathematical rigor drawn up to 120. Meaning we can solve issues in life with our ‘Story’ if it is properly coordinated in the contextual true Law of Mathematics, and the numerical and esoteric Factors of Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, are actually used in accord with the prescribed Law of Math: Calculus; Trig; Algebra etc.. But many of us find it easier to recite the story alone, instead of actually learning Mathematics. It is easier to be led in the wrong direction of collapsing whole numbers, if true math was that easy any retard would be a genius. Usually when our minds begin to think we are a certain age physically, and when we forget that we are in fact beings with no beginning nor ending we fall victim to believing in our relationships to linear time thus loose the mental dexterity to delve into something as complex as Calculus with the vitality of a 17 year old high school student taking a class in Calculus. When the ‘story’, no matter how wild or unbelievable is combined with actual math we truly do reach a clearing in our thinking process. We must learn to own the ‘story’ for ourselves and make the myth transform into math, and fiction transform into reality. The ‘unbelievable’ is an inherent part of the scientific method and scientific process, our success is ultimately defined by what we don’t believe in not what we do believe. This means we are more prone to approach the unknown with force of will, not force of habit. We believe in our habits both good and bad and who we think we are. But ‘knowledge’ of Self is to know that we are boundless beings capable of the impossible. Many of our past Qurans are held together by nurse pins, which formulates the tapestry and fabric of who we think we are. The ‘Pins’ jammed in are domes so deep and hold us prisoner like the image of Jesus’ hung to a cross, the nature of the story of Jesus is that he rose from the dead. We know and understand that there is a chance from a mental death but many of us are nailed to mental crosses still, and ultimately buried there. Never put yourself in the prison house of belief-particularly when it comes to who you are. Experiment with high explosives, pull the nurse pins out, and let your mind explode like a grenade going off. Boom!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Second Amendment And 17 Reasons Why Em Ain’t The One! “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed." That constitutional guarantee is the law of the land. Since many original people namely those that the devil calls ‘African Americans’ feel as though their citizenship and freedom in this country has never been fully recognized many never bother to pursue legal ownership, and a proper knowledge of a firearm. So we see rap videos with some dumb ass cat rapping, holding the quintessential ghetto nine millimeter incorrectly twisted to the side, pretending to be a killa, as well as an expert marksman. A Black President has assumed office and he never hesitates to remind you that he is just as much a true blue American as any White man in Idaho with a U.S. flag flying proudly on his front porch. When Original People fill out a job application we check ‘African American’. The last aspect of that title is ‘American’, that title guarantees you the right to bear firearms, and you don’t have to purchase them on the street illegally. You are within your constitutional right to bear arms. It is the illegal possession of firearms that contributes to crime, not legal possession. When a black man has a gun, the first thought in a lot of cases is that he is involved in some type of criminal behavior. His esteem as an ‘American’ has been compromised from the foundation of his upbringing usually: Why does he fear the devil now that he is a big man? When I was young and running wild my ole dad use to tell me that if I keep up wit that dumbass street shit I would never obtain a decent job, and secondly I would throw my right to bear arms out the window. At one time I could not fathom carrying a gun ‘legally’, taking Jerusalem from the devil set the foundation for all my past wildin’ out activities. When I gave up the ‘game’ and all the bullshit that comes with it I began to seriously review my rights as an ‘American’ especially those written expressly in the United States constitution. When I saw that I could own a gun lawfully, carry a concealed weapon legally, providing I adhere to the proper mandates of said state I was awe struck. If I am pulled over by the police it is my responsibility to inform the police officer immediately that I am licensed to carry a concealed firearm and that I am presently in possession of said firearm. No ‘Cops’ episode for me-where the cops during a traffic stop find a firearm stashed between the seat, and consequently the black or Hispanic guy is sent to prison for felony possession of a firearm like a dumbass. That ‘Cops’ scenario that is played out everyday with some Lil Wayne type nigga with his pants saggin’ telling the arresting officer that he ain’t know how the gun and marijuana got in the car is the result of ignorance. Someone who adheres to State and Federal law doesn’t have to worry about that shit. It is fucked up how many original people remain illiterate to basic gun laws, many law abiding original people still have a stigma when it comes to owning and carrying firearms. My Ole dad first took me to the gun range when I was about ten, and as a boy 'busting off' felt good. Yeah I said 'bustin off', naw nigga-really bustin off!!! My little hands shot a 357 Magnum and a nine millimeter semi automatic Taurus that day. The first time you shoot a gun is just as memorable as the first time you had sex, you never forget. My old dad gave me the basic safety instructions that day, and I rolled with that knowledge through my ‘wildin out’ years. He taught me the ‘BRAS’ method: Breath, relax, aim, squeeze. This weekend I was at the range releasing some tension and two 40 caliber Glocks with some rednecks from my job. Yeah ‘Rednecks’! “Em got Rednecks on his squad?” You Goddamn right- nobody on the Planet Earth has a more proficient knowledge of firearms than the colored man-word is bond!!!! Their Father Yacob played with steel, and like father like son they play wit steel! They got the knowledge of guns, ammo and the whole nine down to a science. Don’t let Pookie from the projects teach you shit about a gun, all he can show you is how to shoot a little baby in a stroller with a stray bullet. So many rappers talk about twin ‘Glizzys’ and have no idea of the responsibility that comes with one Glock let alone two of them. Glock has absolutely no safety on the frame of the gun, the only safety that comes with a Glock firearm is the knowledge you have of the weapon. The knowledge I have of Glock is the sacred 17 reasons why thou shall not fuck with Em. 16 in the movafuckin clip and one in the pipe equals 17 and best believe that 17 is not all being born to 8. 17 shotz equals 17 hot ones in that ass, another reason why ‘all being born’ is mumbo jumbo ‘cult’ bullshit.
I encourage all Gods and Earths without felonies to become NRA members, gun owners, and eventually licensed concealed carry holders. “Why you advocating ‘God U Nots Em’?” That early generation of Gods use to use the term ‘God U nots’, yeah their right, a gun don’t make you God, nothing does but the knowledge of yourself, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with asserting your full constitutional right to bear arms in this country. Knowledge of Self borns the reality that there are savages amongst us, and it ain’t no mystery God. Many amongst us have Earths and babies and what not, and my uncle does not talk his own language but I bet when said 85 is looking down the barrel of a Glock he will understand exactly what da fuck Emblem is talkin’ bout! Salidin had his door kicked in once while his babies were in the kingdom, and all he could do is call the movafuckin’ police. When I heard that shit I began to salivate, because in the words of Cedric the Entertainer “I WISH a movafucka would!” I would have been legally justified to unload hot shit in they movafuckin’ ass the moment they were in my domicile ( I fantasize to this day about the orgasmic like rush I would have had unloading the clip in said savage who dared kick my door in.) 17 hot ones to go, and when said 85 is returned back to the essence, his disembodied consciousness will resonate the question “Who is that Mystery God?” and hear nothing but an echo in infinite triple darkness. Em would have been that 85’s enlightener, because I would have lit that ass up wit light and thatz my duty as a civilized person: To teach!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thomas Robert Malthus: The Malthusian Catastrophe

Thomas Robert Malthus 1766-1834
What is the total population of the Original Nation in the Wilderness of North America and all over the Planet Earth? Those that know their knowledge to knowledge the cipher know the answer. Thomas Robert Malthus established in one of his essays, ‘The Principle of Population’ an idea that was later termed the ‘Malthusian Catastrophe’. In essence he postulates that short term needs will soon over shadow long term supply, and he speculates that a population crash is inevitable. He was far from an optimist when it came to the subject of the human family. Malthus was a ‘Skeptic’ with a capital ‘S’ when it came to improvements as they pertain to the living conditions of the human family. Malthus held the position that every civilization will have a segment bound to the prison house of poverty. Natural resources would eventually run short as population naturally grows and runs into the brick wall of abject poverty for many. We have all heard the saying, “The poor grow poorer, while the rich grow richer!” Well this is indeed an embedded truth in the devil civilization. The rich own the resources, while the poor remain subject to dependency upon the rich. This dependency is the reality of the equality degree in the knowledge to understand the equality: “He likes the devil because the devil gives him nothing.” In this degree the poor uncle gravitates toward the rich landowner. The landowner-in this case the devil rewards the uncle with a pittance of the overall profit. The devil is the ruler, the understanding build states, “We gave him the power to rule the Earth….”. The scope of the devil’s governmental, and economic ideologies trickle down to every aspect of 85% daily life. The uncle/aunt/ or 85%er is roped and bound in to this relationship that is neither based upon justice or equality and the idea of ‘freedom’ is relative and ultimately restrictive which is in fact a contradiction in the term ‘Freedom’. ‘Democracy’ trumpets the idea of freedom, but in all reality the political ideology of democracy is based on Privatized ownership of resources, meaning very few individuals have the means to be ‘free’, thus ‘Freedom’ is in all reality a commodity, and not a political ideology called ‘democracy’. The ‘commodity’ or said resource belongs to Industrial captains. The economic playing field is not equal and the so called ‘land of opportunity’ is in all reality a constructed social illusion crafted through careful social/psycho engineering. A friend of mine purchased a home for $133,000, their mortgage is approximately $1,300 a month, but by the time they pay the mortgage they will have paid the bank $300,000-$400,000 dollars. The 10% is ultimately described as the blood suckers of the poor, if the percentage of the interest rate does not show and prove the phrase ‘blood sucker’ I don’t know what can. The speed of population increase is more powerful than the planet Earth’s ability to produce resources to comfortably house all its citizens. The planet Earth has been described as the ‘Home of ISLAM’ and this is undoubtedly true, we all are citizens of her whether Black, Brown, Yellow or White, we all have the basic need to eat, sleep and shit everything else in the meantime is incidental. Malthus, like a doomsday Prophet states that depopulation, via the vices of man multiply at a terrific speed, massively wiping out whole populations through plague, famine, pestilence and war. Malthus is right and exact, he is literally speaking to the knowledge degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture in that there is ‘No Peace among them’. Regardless of the war the rulers of the Earth move with a Malthusian ideology in the back of their mind, and in fact become the controllers and initiators of catastrophe, both natural and unnatural. It always intrigued me how Presidents, Kings, Rulers etc. can send young boys to die as if they were mere wooden pawns on a chess board. Humanity escapes the ‘Regal’ amongst us. Sending someone’s baby to die or loose their limbs in defense of some hidden greed in the belly of the ruler is evil indeed. Not caring about life, a disregard of humanity, a twenty one gun salute, a flag for the family and a Xeroxed letter from said President or ruler is all they get for someone they loved. ‘War’ the oldest form of population control known to man, secondly ‘disease’, we all know about the global AIDS epidemic , my old Earth was part of a delegation sent to meet with Mandela about ten years ago to educate South Africans in regard to the epidemic. In Zimbabwe cholera is attacking Original people in record numbers, people contract the disease by water and food which contains Cholera Vibrous, did you know that one of the names for Cholera is ‘Asiatic’! Hmmmmmmmmm! Cholera can cause death in 12 hours. Malthus shows us by using the mind of a real devil the bullshit that can go on and is going on-on the planet Earth. Many people say if your not part of the solution your part of the problem, but the 10% are behind the problem and profit from the problem. Governments both African and European be on some bullshit. Robert Mugabe is a rich African Nigga who don’t give a fuck, yeah I know that is the spin Western News puts on shit but you can see that shit, same wit that movafucka in Darfur Omar Al Bashir! Shit, George W. Bush couldn’t wait to go to war in Iraq to knock Saddam off over some Yellow cake enriched uranium-that dude didn’t even have, and that shit ain’t have nothing to do with 911 and cost nearly 5000 young men and women their lives. Egos! Ain’t no peace amongst them, and you can see that shit on a global scale. Knowing every square inch of it he has chosen for himself the best part, well ain’t too many best parts left, and the 23,000,000 square miles is becoming less and less useful. This blog is not laced with negativity but truth and to Leave you on a positive note I will say to all reading, “Do your best not to fall victim to the devil civilization!”

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Recession: A Brief 'Hood' Analysis
The movafuckin pimp pimped down on his Hoes to movafucking hard, bled them bitches dry, worked they pussy dry, and tricks ain’t buying dry pussy. ‘Pussy’ can stand for any retail product. Pimps are the industries: Auto, banking; and housing. These pimps control every hoe and trick on the strip. The retail pussy or product that is sold to the consumer is regulated by movafuckas holding a strong pimp hand. Auto pimps can’t get they hoes to sell pussy(cars), because the price of gas rose via the gamblers/speculators. The ultimate dope is oil, Arabs ain’t raise the price on the dope, it was the international commodity speculators or gamblers. These niggaz was in the gamblin’ hole blowing on dice and concocting a plan to raise the price of dope/ oil on the street. That shit caused everybody, pimp, hoe and trick on the strip to panic causing everybody to hold on to what little cash they had. Movafuckuz held onto they cash so tight that it became a trend but every true hustla know “Scared money don’t make no money!” and made the movafuckin’ block (economy) recede. Retail pussy was hard to sell which fucked up a pimps pocket consequently the pimp had to lay off hoes. Imagine that! Pimps gotta lay off hoes. Hoes couldn’t make quota, pimps went broke, caddys got repossessed, and cribs got forclosed on because nobody was buying pussy. Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros and a few other movafuckuz that controlled the block started fuckin’ with that consignment shit, frontin’ movafuckuz da dough to get cribs on that sub prime mortgage shit, and that adjustable rate fucked wit pimps, tricks and hoes alike in terms of stability. When your mortgage is one price one minute and another price the next it will fuck wit anybodies hustle. So Obama is the New King Pin on the block, so he say “We got to get shit jumpin again, lets have a house party called a stimulus package, slashes taxes for homeowners, and loan shark these pimps some paper, regulate that shit with jewish bean counters and make sure they run the stables tight. Pimps got sharked some dough from Uncle Sam, but Uncle Sam want that cheese back, meaning that Pimp better turn a profit and get them hoes selling that pussy again, but tricks still scared to trick, they holding that grip tight even during Christmas movafuckuz still wasn’t trickin’ like that. So keep your head up during a recession and Remember-in the words of the great Filmore Slim, “Pussy gonna sell when corn and cotton won’t!”