Thursday, February 26, 2009

Emmanuel Kant: Working With A Grafted Six
Do you know what you don’t know? We say knowledge is the foundation, knowledge is infinite in essence, so at a given moment in time the questions remain do we know what we don’t know? My son Jamal was power years old when I begin researching Kant and the nature of epistemology. The year was born build and I picked up a book called ‘Ground breaking Works in Metaphysics’. It kept my mind occupied in that I considered the abstract reality beyond the physical nature of things. Kant suggested that human knowledge had limits in that it could not fathom the nature of the unknown. That is definitely a Eurocentric point of view in which I disagree with, however I do see where Kant is coming from and realized that he did not draw the clear distinction between knowledge and understanding. Understanding is ‘felt wisdom’, meaning you go through something, whether it is the study of a given subject or an actual experience that brings you to understanding. Understanding is felt wisdom and travels through the labor of woman or wisdom to be born into the physical vehicle that we define as understanding. Knowledge is One. ‘One’ in and of itself is without wisdom. Wisdom marks the point of true physical law in which knowledge permeates the universe and stands as its foundation. European philosophers from Aristotle to Kant have confused knowledge with understanding which is incorrect. Kant critiqued ‘reason’, and wrote multiple discourses regarding the limitation of reason. We can describe reason as the variable ‘Y’(Why?) in the Supreme Alphabet. Nearly the first half of the knowledge to knowledge the culture’s questions start off with ‘Why’ in order that we ascertain reason. Is ‘reason’ understanding? Y Equal Self. ‘Self’ is indeed understanding but metaphysically stands as pure Knowledge in a subsisting underlying fashion. The ‘reason’ behind all events direct or indirect are caused by the Son of Man both on a global level and a personal level-all that above is truly caused by the Son of Man. Our lives are prescribed from essence-wisdom culture in the knowledge to culture the cipher proves this in the phrase ‘it was predicted of him’... The ideal of being ‘Prescribed’ means that undifferentiated intelligent energy matter subsisted in essence(undifferentiated Energy Matter), which is an Idea that I have discussed in previous builds. The metaphysical subsistence of Allah in essence is a non physical Truth, meaning that an underlying mathematical intelligence is present. Is Allah a Mystery God in essence? Emphatically Now Cipher but what we can draw up is that the ‘non physical’ was present before the physical this can be proved with the scientific truth that Energy equals Matter. Kant disagrees with Emblem in that he concludes that the human mind can only think in terms of ‘Cause’ which he basis upon the Earthly ‘experience’ alone and consequently cannot fathom things or idea beyond the earthly realm. Kant’s ideas are non progressive, if such is the case, Man would not be able to make, invent or create art, music, discover the laws of physical science etc.. Kant stands on a desolate island with his ideas, and we can clearly see great limitation within the grafted brain of this European. Kant was wrong, his own colored people have proved he is wrong. The advent of cyberspace, cell phones, space explorationa and new trickknowlegies added to the human experience daily disqualify Kant’s ideas of Earthly experience manifesting causality. Interestingly enough he does not fathom Universal causality. He failed to see ‘effect’ both on Earth and in the Universe. All that above is caused by the Son of Man, meaning Rain, Hail, Snow and Earthquakes are the manifest effects of the High Explosive mind of the Original Man’s thought process.
Multiple schools of thought exist in various branches of philosophy, one school are ‘the Empiricist’ and they are a group of Europeans who say we learn about the world based upon what we see, mostly all, if not all Empiricist are Atheist in that they do not consider invisible forces. The Empiricist are largely concentrated in the realm of the ten percent, and many lean toward amoral behavior and lack ethics and compassion. These ‘Empiricist’ usually clash with the ‘Rationalist’ who draw knowledge from the intellect. They can be found in European technical fields they are not completely atheist but are quick to cook up ideas as they pertain to both science and religion. The contrast between both schools of thought prove that ‘there is no peace amongst them’ as the knowledge degree borns. Kant strived to make peace amongst them by suggesting that you can’t apply reason without experience. Both schools of thought and Kant’s attempt to make peace is bogus, because they all find themselves limited to a grafted six in that they all lack a sense of equality. God has no beginning nor ending and is older than the sun moon and stars. The Original Man by his nature understands that mathematics is the language of Allah, a source of reason , intuition and applies to the physical world. Math is without limitation. All of these ideas prove the reality of every ‘Y’ (Why?) being equal to the ‘Self’. YES! Yes is an affirmation, a force that proves that relative and absolute truths exist simultaneously in any given cipher, and within said cipher both eternity and infinity are found.

Friday, February 20, 2009

You Don't Know That Movafucka!
120, Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet is where I begin. The 'science of everything in life' don’t stop. Mathematics by its nature is righteously Eternal, it don’t stop, can’t stop, and won’t stop. What is the birth Record of the said Nation of ISLAM? We know it ain’t no birth record, it didn’t begin and will not end. Now Nation or End, Now is the time to build a Nation or End in a Pit of ignorance as the old clichés echo. What is the essence of that ‘Nation’-, the ‘Nation’ at the point of no beginning is undifferentiated Matter/Energy or Allah in the essence of Triple darkness. Knowledge or Allah was eternally subsisting. Infinity began upon the manifestation of Wisdom which established the reality and Physical laws of the Universe. The generation of the first atom broke the first layer of darkness, and the consciousness of the black Mind of Allah dwelling in a multiplicity of forms until arriving at the fullness of said expression as the Black Man! ‘Now’ here he is/we are in the fullness of our expression still expanding infinitely into the darkness of the unknown, pushing forward in time with Knowledge, wisdom, Understanding, culture Freedom, Power Refinement, Equality, God, Build Destroy, Be or Born, and Cipher, mathematically measuring our daily and physical reality. The Nation advocated for ‘one common cause’, everybody loving everybody, cool, I can get wit dat shit if it was possible, but the force of Allah that was once undifferentiated in triple darkness is now distinguished and a variety of vehicles(black men), so in essence you may understand a black man as God, but as the psychological layers of their history and personal Qurans unravel at the surface as to who they truly are, you begin to understand that you can’t take movafuckuz on face value. I got knowledge of self(forever expanding), I know who the fuck I am(forever learning), I wash my own movafuckin ass,(forever keeping my ass clean) do I know anybody else truly? Well in essence I do, but life's experience shapes individuals in very original ways proving we are all the ‘Original Man’ and 'Original Wo-man'. How do we all hold hands and sing ‘Kumbi fuckin ya?’ The Answer is-we don’t! I don’t know the next movafucka. Ego’s create the differences that cause us to fight and kill one another. Ego is the big headed scientis call Yacob. Every body talks about how they feel as though they are being slightly persecuted by people who are displeased with them in this Nation. Truth is-nobody gives a fuck, more movafuckuz give a fuck about Chris Brown and Rhianna than hating you, proving once again that ratios don’t change: 85 is 85, 10 is 10 and 5 is 5. There are 85’s disguised as 5 amongst us. There are 85s who can quote 120 amongst us, and they only think they are God. How do you detect 85 amongst 5? Ask them about Allah’s Self creation out of triple darkness? If they cannot link themselves to their origin in this world-they are 85. I’m not gonna run a G.A.T. (God Aptitude Exam). “Why not Em?” Because it’s none of my fuckin’ business who can prove or who can’t prove their origin in this world. My only concern is that I can prove my origin in this world, and that I continue to become increasingly proficient in doing so each and everyday. Everyday I got to check my ego and keep it out of the neighborhood of looking for 'community' or 'national' acceptance. As long as I know 120, Supreme Math and Supreme Alphabet I could care less about an auditorium full of movafuckuz singing the Enlightener. “Damn Emblem that statement is as Harsh as the picture of the dead monkey in the New York Post!” I cannot impress upon you enough as to how difficult it is to truly know someone else. Wisdom knowledge in the knowledge to culture the cipher states ‘likes repel’ however wisdom or water in the build degree increases with other midst of water which would seem to be a contradiction to the rule found in the wisdom knowledge degree but in fact it is stating that women are easier to increase with one another than men. Don’t get it twisted-bitches can definitely beef out with one another, but somehow they manage to still go shoe shopping and at the same time despise one another. Men can’t do that shit, we just pull da gunz out. If I learned anything from hustlin' I learned that niggaz is shady some movafuckuz, and every nigga want his cut. In the case of the Nation of Gods and Earths ‘likes repelling’ is a reality, but the Farrakhanite niggaz surround ‘Khan’ and throw him all the cake. I’m under know illusions in regards to another niggaz treachery be he 5, 10 or 85. I understand the treachery in my own heart, so I can perceive the treachery in another Man’s heart. Treachery stems from the ego, borning culture devils in each human being. Yeah we understand that knowledge build in the supreme Alphabet is Righteousness, but does your righteousness outweigh the treachery in your heart? Each Black man is a star and he shines in his own solar system and this is Freedom of expression. In this Nation each man got to get his own understanding for his self, yeah we can work together but their must indeed be a universal solar distance present.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Indexing, Nomenclature, Ontology, And Elements of Taxonomy
1:1-10 or the knowledge degree in the knowledge to knowledge the cipher: What is proper and what is improper? It is not a matter of ‘what is proper’? and ‘what is improper’? Both methods serve as a reference to classify and index the first degree in 120. I prefer ‘knowledge to knowledge the cipher’. Why? Knowledge degree in the knowledge to knowledge the cipher is a longer way of indexing but in my mind more comprehensive. What is the big deal Emblem? ‘Quantitative’ and ‘Qualitative’ questions arise-if we just look at 1:10 we reference a body of degrees only, but if we describe the body of lessons as ‘knowledge to knowledge the cipher’ we take on a qualitative point of referrence and thus establish 'Knowledge' as the foundational body of degrees, and the 'cipher' as the realm within which we search for said degrees. If you read the history of my blog you will rarely see a ‘Salidinish’ index form to reference a degree being used, not that da God's style of indexing is incorrect but personally I choose a method I feel is a more comprehensive form of indexing-on the rare occasions that I do index. Personally I don’t like to index degrees. If you read ‘Da God’ there is very little, if any forms of indexing a reference to lessons. Why? Because if you don’t know, too bad for you! “Well that is kind of cold and harsh don’t you think Em?” Emphatically Now Cipher! If you don’t know where I am at in describing a given idea with a reference to 120 then too movafuckin’ bad. An organic reference to a degree implies that you know what da fuck I'm talkin' about and if you don't know you ought learn 120 with fluidity. No relief will come until your black ass learns 120. The book Da God is a study in the nomenclature within 120, sighting and establishing 120 as a functioning dialect. 120 is not an official language because the etymologies of the words that we use in 120 are based on roots from Indo- European language families which are composed of over 450 languages and dialects, so all the hierarchal elements of the words in 120 have roots in other languages. 120 however does formulate a mental taxonomy-meaning the knowledge, wisdom and understanding found in 120 can be mentally arranged in a manner that describes the empirical world around us, as well as internal psychological dynamics occuring in the mist of our relationships to others. When we live in accordance to this mental taxonomy and classification of concepts found in 120 we produce are own internal philosophy toward living life which incidentally is a living ‘Ontology’. Interestingly enough taxonomies are embedded in cultural systems. 120, Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet is an on going process of becoming an efficient functioning dialect that describes those lives lived by those within this culture. The culture degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture says ‘My uncle does not talk his own language’ and the understanding degree states he was brought over here by the trader 379 years ago-being transplanted from one place on the Earth to another caused natural languages that our people once spoke to be dismantled and distilled in to deep layers of the subconscious of our minds and they remain buried there. This cultural nurse’s pin or nail in the coffin of being geographically removed from one place to another caused a collective mental death. Original people are oriented to read in all four directions. When we were made other than ourselves the limitation of reading from left to right only limited our mental abilities. When we took on the English collage of Indo- European languages the history of natural Asiatic Language compromised Black People's psychological perceptions of their intimate empirical and internal worlds. Hieroglyphics reflects the fact that Original people ultimately think in the form 'pure ideas', the ideas are distilled in the form of a writing device(Pen) which represent the spoken word with the letters of the said language. The letters resemble and find their roots in pictures and that are perceived via their unique shapes and sounds. Supreme Wisdom, 120 is a body of ideas, each idea can be used to describe a situation or cipher in the context of a said event in real time. ‘Da God’ is a study in this dialect, not only in its literary form of expression but in terms of how B God Allah thought of the world around him. When we think in pure 120, our mental arrangement brings us back to our true self in an organic fashion.
In the last two years I have went back and forth in a minor debate with myself: How should the Earth learn 120? Should she learn it in a millitary training format or should she learning in a non indexing form of relating the ideas to the reality of a situation? A couple of years ago I realized she should take on 120 in a completely organic way which embodies both a Military format and a organic format: Example: Earth scolds seed by saying, “Stop causing trouble amongst the righteous, keep it up and you gonna get beat wit many stripes young God!” This is a completely organic example of 120 being used directly in a very natural situation. Ultimately 120 should break down to describe the most mundane aspects of reality, simultaneously conveying high ideas to the seed in a fine midst that the seed can hardly detect. The seed in said example was mildly informed to the events in the culture degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture and the knowledge born degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher. As this dialect is spoken to the child throughout his early years, said seed eventually will become oriented to the culture of I God in a very practical fashion, and all knowledge that the seed acquires throughout life high school, college etc.. willl be knowledge added on to their own cipher, and the child will not have to work at being God, but will be God with ease. This culture as we understand it is still very young, and what we want to avoid is the constant mechanical regurgitation of 120, but we don’t want to forsake the military like discipline of taking it under cap. Ultimately it boils down to how we teach our Earths to born a progressive culture because bullshit Gods born bullshit Earths and bullshit Earth raise bullshit babies. Duties of the Captain manifest all the way down to the babies. The distinction between Divine culture and destroy culture is a fragile delineation, but how we live and think in the wilderness of North America ‘now a day’ in terms of 'True Culture' versus 'Acculturation' is very important to the furthering of this culture 70-100 years from the date of this writing. Regurgitation and recital of 120 is important but it should be understood that one day in the very near future you will be able to download 120 into your brain, and any 85 walking around will have access, so it should be understood that it is more important to download one 120, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math into your heart and essence.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Da God Truth Allah A.K.A. Snoop!

Approximately a year after I taught Da God Deen, this dude walked up to me and wanted to learn the science of everything in life. God was country as a movafucka-you got to love a country nigga, they way more sincere wit this math then all them fast talkin city Niggaz. Da Father was a country nigga, he got 'citified' eventually but the core of da Father was 'country'. Worst thing a city nigga can do is mistake a country nigga for slow, cause they ain't slow, they peep shit that citi niggaz don't because they got they mouth closed doin' da knowledge to a city niggaz bullshit. So Truth peep shit, and can call nuances of the 'game' like no other nigga I ever met. Truth's Old dad should be featured on American Gangster, his Old Dad was one of the Oldest and respected Hustlaz in the history of Nap town (Indianapolis), his old dad returned back to da essence and Truth carries on his Old Dad's legacy, not that Truth is a Gangsta, because he is not-but his disrespect of everything that is conventional, and traditional is in tact. Truth don't give a fuck about shit but da next blunt. Da nigga could smoke Bob Marley under da table. Truth and weed are inextricably linked. Weed is his wisdom, Truth will give you a bitch before he gives you a joint. Truth will call his employer and tell his employer he is taking a day off to smoke. If you were to look up free spirit in da dictionary his picture would pop up, Truth literally don't give a fuck and gives a whole new meaning to 'didn't care about da poor part'. Is Truth a thug? Naw he ain't no thug, doesn't play hard, but he has been in a ton of situations with me. Allah rolled with Justice, and I rolled with Truth. Once me and Truth took four pounds of weed from this one nigga, and smoked and sold all that nigga shit. Truth is from the weed generation of Gods I taught. In terms of his understanding of math-he rolls with it mad comfortable. A good friend of mine taught me about a word-da world is 'Mosey'-'slow walkin, slow talkin, not in a rush to do too much of anything' and that is Truth. Truth moseys wit da math, when he builds you don't even know he's building, the phrases of 120 just flow naturally. Actually I was da most uptight out of da two of us, he use to tell me to chill, and I be like, 'fuck 'chill'. So yeah, Truth is mad relaxed, so relaxed it use to get on my nerves. Truth only gets uptight when da weed ain't around, movafucka will start takin' heads, best time to build wit Truth is over a blunt, he gets animated, and da math just flows. Strange thing about Truth is that he is a Capricorn-born 364 days after Deen. Truth and Deen use to call themselves 'A-likes' when they use to smoke, but in all reality they are not. having Enlightened them both they manifest very different angles of Capricorn. Deen is the ridgid traditional Capricorn with shit in Order and a workaholic. Truth is like "fuck Order and fuck a job just roll the blunt tight!" The fact that they are born so close together allowed me to see two very different sides of Capricorn. Deen is hypersensitive, Truth don't give a fuck. Deen sees the need for regulation, and responsibility, and Truth sees the need for deregulation and detachment. Truth ain't attached to shit on Earth, and that is weird for a Capricorn. From teaching them both they both taught me to find da middle ground of the two polar opposites. I have a Capricorn rising in my astrological chart so I balance myself between da two extremes of ridgidity and fluidity. Truth and Deen can learn alot from each other, Truth could learn responsibility from Deen and Deen can learn how to chill from Truth. I take lessons from both of them. Good Enlighteners always learn from the nature of who they taught, it is not that you are just giving the lesson but you are receiving a lesson in return proving equality means to be equal in everything. Truth laughs at uptight niggaz, he smirks at overly competive and one upsmanship type niggaz hypnotized by da rat race. I don't chill as hard as Truth does, not at all, da rat race of big cities in my blood will have my ass bouncing around in an enclosed environment. But if you ever want to have a chill ass good time go build wit da God Truth. Truth is a walking party, blunts seem to just find they way to that nigga, and everybody wants to hear him build even if he's on some outlandish bullshit. Truth can get on some outlandish bullshit from time to time, but it always manifest into constructive dialogue.
Truth will fuck a white bitch and not blink, and don't give a fuck if Allah School pressed charges against him. This one white bitch bought da nigga a car, took him to Florida ten days and kept him smoking for damn near a year. He brung that bitch to my crib before, driving da bitches SUV, all I could do was shake my movafuckin head and laugh. He ain't shallow though, he studies Sufism, and Quantum physics and the history of Gangsters and how to pimp. Da nigga is mad peace when all is said and done. Me and Truth had mad weed spots back in da day, all he got to do is walk down da street and he can move an ounce, he is da poster boy for 'Where Da Weed At?' Once da spot got raided, we got set up by an undercover. I had a feelin that something wasn't right and got away-Truth got pinched, didn't rat and took da charge. Cops asked him who was da guy in da Red Shirt(Me), Truth said, "I don't know what da fuck you talkin' bout." God is mad peace, so next time you in Nap Town, and you ain't on some uptight flagwaivin shit, stop by da God Truth's crib and smoke a blunt and have a drink with 'em-I gaurantee you will get a real down to Earth build about da math as it relates to life.


Friday, February 6, 2009

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad designated the ‘X’ as the symbol for a member of the Lost Found Nation of Islam that did not know their true identity. ‘X’ is a mathematical variable which represents some ‘unknown’ number. The Father ushered in the era of designating a given quality to numbers and letters within the alphabet from knowledge to born to cipher and Allah to Zig Zag Zig. Creative understandings to given lessons within what Elijah called Supreme wisdom and what members of the Nation of Gods and Earths have termed 120 have been the signature of our Nation. We teach freedom, so no longer was the ‘Lost Found’’s understanding bound and limited to one honorable leader, teacher and guide, but now the individual could invoke their own divinity and not give it over to a quasi-evangelical Islamic entity shielded in another form of Christianity. ‘How do you see today’s Mathematics?' or 'How do you see today’s degree’? became an opened question, up for debate, discussion, and intellectual and spiritual dialogue. Elijah had no fantastic Ivy league education stamped with the approval of white academia. Master Fard’s Questions, and Elijah’s answers appear very simple on the surface and mark the beginning to a very interesting and fantastic theology. Within this theology Fard and Elijah remove God from the sky and place him in the nature of the then Modern Blackman of 1930-1930 in American History marked the era of the Great Depression. It was a Great Depression for white people, because since Black People set foot in this country we have been subjugated to a depressive state, so the lessons: Supreme Wisdom, 120 are delivered with remarkable clarity to bring Original people out of the mental state of depression. They explain in terms, that are not at all complex and so simple that of fourth grader can grasp history, mathology,the struggle of the Blackman in the wilderness of North America, and the politics he is subjected to. Hidden elements of the psychology of the blackman and black woman are buried in these simple lessons and it was Allah who started us on a path of deep excavation of these lessons that on the surface appear quite simple.
1. Pins-Used in the wisdom build degree in the knowledge culture the cipher as an instrument of murder. What is a 'pin' in psychological terms? When we examine the working of a ‘pin’ in terms of the psyche we stumble on the psychological terrain of ‘Pathology’-the study of disease, disorder and the examination of the disease’s origin. We all have 'pins', knowing we have pins is the first step to ‘pin removal’(a chance from a mental death). ‘Pins’ impede personal progress and higher elevation into an ever greater knowledge of self.
2. Shielding-Shields-is used in the power degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture in the context of hiding a filthy affair and the dirty religion used in hypocrisy. Shielding is ‘Denial’-denial leads to self delusion-delusion or a false belief of Self or a Mystery God. Denial takes us away from pure knowledge of self-all denial is usually based on fear, deep fears buried there within the subconscious of the Self. Denial acts like a nail in the coffin that keeps us stagnate and unable to resurrect to the mental state of Christ. Even those with knowledge of self are still not fully alive, we are becoming 'ever alive', and we are ever growing, but part of being grown from the beginning is facing up to the things that you are in denial of. Denial stops us from truly answering the question 'what is his/her own self'.
3. Sword-is an Emblem of Justice to facilitate the delivery of Justice, a sword is an instrument of great beauty and danger, but since it plays a part in justice it rights the wrongs. In psychological terms a sword would imply ‘Active Avoidance’ in which a subject must perform certain acts to avoid punishment. The Sword allows us to navigate life in a reasonable way. The sword is an icon of interpersonal and social regulation. If your on top of a skyscraper, a reasonable person should understand the repercussions if they leap off, thus ‘Active Avoidance’ is the key idea implied by the Sword, in short don't fuck wit Emblem cause I will bury your ass there, but with love.
4. Cream-A term used to imply the best of something, many within our Nation have used it to describe money, but on a higher level Cream is an Anti-Depressive state of well being and peace. Money does that for some-not for all-Many millionaires are miserable. Interestingly enough you can determine how a God or Earth views the world by asking them how they see ‘Cream’, showing and proving that your understanding is the best part or the Cream.
5. Steel-The famous two pieces of steel found in the wisdom wisdom degree have been used to determine pieces with magnetism and pieces without. Ultimately magnetism can be used to define adient or abient behavior. What is the stimulus with or without magnetism? Adient behavior means to move toward a stimulus and abient behavior means to move a way from the stimulus. All that above is caused by the Son of Man, when people are drawn to you or away from you this can determine how said individual feels about themselves(ego). Subconsciously when one lives to be the piece with the magnetic 100 percent of the time- this is the human need to be loved and accepted. Unfortunately this is a very vain pursuit in many cases. It is shallow and ‘face value’ in essence, particularly when this is a concentrated, focused pursuit. Magnetic ultimately is the Truth, and the Truth is the power.

6. Ruler, Food, Clothing, Shelter, ROPE, Holy Flag, Sun, Moon, Star, Gold, Holy Quran, Bible, Grafted Snake, Colored Man, Wild Beast, Savage, Half Original, Devil, Indians, Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Jebus, Salim, Oriel, Nurses, Doctors, Ministers, Creamators, Earth, MGT, Black Baby, Brown Baby, Germs, Blood Etc. I am sure if you look within knowledge wisdom cipher you can find many more. Search, and use the terms to apply to yourself individually, and you will see an Asiatic Psychology born right before your eyes. If Sigmund Freud can coin Ego, Id, Super Ego for colored psychological mapping than we should be able to understand Yacob as and intellectual, symbol of egotism that is ultimately involved with the process of making devil in all of us. Drawing up the symbols of 120 is a beautiful system particularly for the advancement of our Nation in educational terms. Ultimately these ideas are not designed for us to think we are all different but I think they will foster a more harmonious learning environment that can really usher us into a collective Asiatic World Consciousness manifesting the true reality of One Common cause.

Love and Peace

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Emblem Will Be A Grandfather Before You Know It! My Understanding!

My son Jamal Raheem A.K.A. J.R. has grown up so quickly, I remember when he use to laugh at Barney, and scream for Juice, I remember bringing him home from the hospital. Wow!
The Babies grow up so fast, if he is anything like his old dad was at his age he's trying to blow the young shorties back out that he's kissing in the picture. Loosing time, yeah I lost some time with him. I did talk to him about sex and strived to be as open as I possibly could be. I strived to 'keep it real' as hip parents do and explain to him that I knew what it was like to be drawn up by a Queen, but like his old dad he knows it all at sixteen, or so he thinks. Yeah I imparted some 'game' to him, but now he has the ball. He's a Libra, and them Libras don't have no problem laying it down in the department of makin' seeds. He's only sixteen, but we know that all that was not good in multiplying would marry at the age of sixteen, his old dad is a helluva a Mathematician so I'm sure that my son will be quite good at multiplying. I only have him, one son, 'God's only begotten', and I only have him because I never wanted to feel like I felt growing up. I felt my old dad made up for his mistakes with me and my old Earth by producing three other sons,(my half brothers). I never wanted my son to feel that degree of alienation. I wanted him to know that he will always be my son. He doesn't know one twenty, his old Earth played 'nurse' as I have mentioned in past builds. The nurse's pin is deep(she took him to church to consciously spite me), but I got my eye on him, he got my blood line and I can't wait to build with him. Me and his old Earth agreed that I won't build with him until he's knowledge build, and he's old enough to make his own choice. Regardless of his choice, I will love him till the day I return and beyond.
Two years and counting!