Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not The Babies Man! Not the Babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was young the first human tragedy I recall was the Jonestown Massacre, Jim Jones made the babies drink Kool-Aid lased with cyanide. I was maybe ten or eleven at the time,and the thought of Jim Jones murdering the kids made me toss and turn. At four or five years old my old Earth told me that a big headed man named Mr. Yacob sticks needles in the heads of black babies, "Mommy don't turn off the lights, Mr. Yacob might get me!" I would say before bed time. I am not ten any more, nor am I afraid of the dark, but I am still deeply affected by human tragedy, and Tuesday night a friend sent me a picture of the family inwhich the father killed his wife and babies and himself. They were black! I am not rascist, but I was not expecting to see a black family in the picture, kinda like the D.C. Snipper, I would have never guessed he was black. Neither event is a 'Black Crime', now I realize that neither crime or tragedy has color. Black people have just been known to tought it out through economic hardtimes, that is just how we roll. Economic Depression? Please! I have slept in places that range from apartment doorways to the rafters of a college auditorium. Making sure roaches didn't get in the Frosted Flakes was a major concern at one point in my childhood, so I can deal with a hard time and most black people can, but this tragic event flipped the script to show that black folks are not always poised in the midst of rough economic seas. Yes I have contemplated suicide before-who hasn't? Everybody has thought about it. I was hurt after the break up of my marriage, the loss of a home and I felt like putting that nine to my dome, pulling the trigger and returning back to essence, but when that steel touched my palm, I said, "Fuck that shit!"

Dude could not handle it six sextillion tons, could not figure nothing out a way, and would rather die than face economic hardship. Being hungry,naked and out of doors is one thing but murdering your babies is another wellfare, food stamps, section 8, or living at a shelter are constructive and logical alternatives if worst come to worst-you got to do what you got to do sometimes. My imagination got to me the most-most fiction writers have good imaginations and I saw what happened in my mind and this is why I tossed and turned Tuesday night, how could you shoot toddlers???????? Not the Babies Man! Not the Babies!!!!

No words!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"We Got To Teach Dese Babies" Said the Dead Beat Dad At The Rally.

Movafuckuz funny! “It’s about teaching the babies, da babies da greatest, da babies dis and da babies dat!” and they got mad problems with they own babies, shit I know I got problems with my son, my son’s old Earth boxed my son out of this culture purposefully(nurse shit). All the shit was caused by my black ass experimenting with one high explosive or another. Yelp! One of the swiftest Enlighteners in this movafuckin’ Nation had a problem borning his own seed into this culture. ‘Then why did God make devil?’ is some deep shit! Rakim said, “with knowledge of Self there’s nothing I can’t solve, in three hundred and sixty degrees I evolve.” I know the origin of the problem with my son: the culture degree in the one to fourteens borns shit mad true, devils started to cause trouble amongst the righteous people accusing the righteous people of telling lies, causing them to fight and kill one another. I let too many devils in the kingdom, not colored people, because what is a real devil?-‘A grafted Man which is made weak and wicked OR ANY LIVE GRAFTED GERM FROM ORIGINAL IS DEVIL!’ These movafuckuz continue daily to teach that all the shit you cee and hear, that true victory(Media) be one big nurse’s pin and the minute you purchase into the ideas of devil civilization in the slightest you will definitely bare witness that his ways and action are like those of a snake of the grafted type when its all said and done. Key word is ‘snake’, no matter what you say about snakes-snakes is some smooth ass creatures, a snake can get up in the bed with your ass and you won’t even know it, a snake can wrap itself around your entire body and squeeze, and you won’t know until a second before you die. A snake is a smooth movafucka. Devilish values is the true value and meaning of ‘Grafted Snake’ , when you buy into the values of the devil you consume the wrong foods. Me and my son’s old Earth had to have a movafuckin Benz, had to have some sort of material item that appeased us momentarily, and as the devil made the interpretation in my own psyche that I was ultimately held responsible for obtaining these trinkets- I risked it all(Freedom) to get ‘stuff’. She purchased into the values and I did as well, yes I taught her 120 but it did not distill to my Son. As I became a temporary savage in the pursuit of whatever trinket; car; jewelry; homes, etc I lost the focus of what the culture I God is trully about, and that is teaching the babies. The black baby of my determined idea to teach my son was aborted via the nurses law, so I fell victim to the hard times of devil civilization by building in a half original way. You got to keep this math fully original in your build, and fully original don’t mean no face value type shit, Ex: Pins, buttons, flags, name changes, making every rally, and swinging with every clique or cipher is what I have entitled as ‘Flag waiving’ behavior. I’m guilty of it- 20 years ago I use to have a thousand pins, buttons, crowns wit the tasles and shit, got tatted up with da flag, got DaGod on my forearm, da whole nine. Shit I was worst than a Gung Ho Marine who can’t wait to touch down in Iraq, but I grew from that in terms that I realized that it is not the symbol but the substantive meaning behind the symbol. Yes, the Sun, Seven, Moon, and Star is a very magnetic symbol indeed, but one thing I realized is that this science is truly about the manifestation of the substance behind the symbol. Ultimately the flag means Knowledge Wisdom and Understanding which incidentally is my born day, so Man, Woman and Child is the reality of what our flag means. Do you represent what the flag means? In terms of knowing and loving 120, Supreme Math, and Supreme Alphabet, Yes I do represent the build points well, but the cipher is the family! Am I the foundation of my personal family? Do I have a family that consist of the traditional unit of Man, Woman and Child? No I do not! I am still in the ‘bymyself’ aspect of the wisdom degree in the 1-36. Ultimately the build points suggest that we build family units, this means that God, Earth and seeds are fully absorbed in the divine culture of the cipher which is I God, I Self Lord and Master, and I Sincerely love Allah’s Mathematics (ISLAM). Families build communities, not vice versa, communities should foster in its cultural elements the nature of what the families core values advocate. ‘Universal Family this’ and ‘Universal Family that’, well family is ultimately supposed to be apart of the community and the community consist of groups of families who advocate one common cause. Family must come first, when I sold destroy rule I had this Wonder Woman, Slick Rick type of Gold Bracelet, it looked like it had a mirror on it and on it-it said, “FAMILY FIRST: IBM” in that case I was referring to the group of Gods I was hustlin’ wit, it had nothing to do with my wife who had one twenty and my seed who was a toddler at the time. Now I am older, and wiser as the result of past Quran, and I know that the Duties of the Captain is to give the order to the lieutenant and the lieutenant’s duty is to teach and also train the private soldier, meaning after you teach that Earth thoroughly she has a responsible to raise her children in the knowledge of divine culture. The babies perpetuate the culture of I Self Lord and Master, not everybody else’s child, your child, your baby, your seed, your true live, for real new born. How do you teach the babies? Well if they are the greatest-you got to give them the greatest enlightenment. Niggaz is funny as shit, at every family day they always up in a little babies face smiling to show just how great they are wit the babies, all in a deceptive ploy to advocate to get some pussy from the mommy somewhere down the line, ain’t nothing wrong with pussy, but don’t be bullshittin’ the babies. Every principle in 120 should be laid down in that child’s mind, are you willing to help that seed with his or her homework every Goddamn night? And then relate principles of knowledge wisdom cipher, Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math to them on a daily non stop basis? Or do you just want a shot of pussy? Understand your own intentions, do you really give a fuck about the babies? I know I do? Do you know there are children as young as seven, eight and nine who know the entire Quran by heart? And your babies can’t quote one to ten? Go figure! We have to ask ourselves how strong is this Math as a culture? Is this culture insulated from the wrongs foods that come with Devil civilization? I was elated when the Queen Maternal Luminous completed one twenty, now she has to perform her duty to make knowledge born to her babies, every Queen; Married or singled has that responsibility. The Earth has the inside track into teaching the babies particularly within the realm of a certain age! My mother is the first person I heard recite Quran and lessons, she schooled me and set a strong foundation. The Mother is so important, so if niggaz can’t teach their Earth 120 , keep the names of the babies out your movafuckin' mouth! Bitch!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Emblem Renews His Quran

Happy 40th Birthday to Emblem!!
Congratulations To The Earth Maternal Luminous Who Has Completed 120 on this day January 23, 2009!Today is my physical born day, and the greatest gift I could have received today is for the Earth Maternal to show and prove on this day. From Who’s the Original to how far Pluto is from the Sun is a fantastic voyage indeed. I extended my hand to her on September 27th, she grabbed it and we walked every step of the way together. I was her tour guide as we took in all the sights slowly and stood in front of them like a painting in a museum.
We saw Musa struggling to civilize the devil, grabbed a handful of burning sand that the devil was ran over, shook hands with Jebus, Salim and Oriel, stopped in Jerusalem where Jesus was buried to put flowers on his grave, saw the trading post that the devil set up in what he calls Africa, investigated his filthy affairs from the slave trade to World War 2, and then I showed her the place of my names Origin (Emblem). I explained to the Earth that the sword is used to murder four devils and that Emblem is Razor Sharp so be careful. “Each and every word must be bond.” Is what I whispered slowly to her, all the words in 120 become a bond to life and this is the essence of Living Mathematics. “You are the bond to life! Because you are the Word-a Wise Word that is becoming flesh! Wisdom is wise words being spoken/or written.” And with that being said she began to understand the idea that every lesson is to be internalized to be properly understood and applied. Slowly I explained that it ain’t about a Goddamn ‘Show and Prove’ every summer, it is about Showing and Proving every Goddamn day, nor is this math about pictures of the elevator the Father was shot in or what the first born said or did, this is about you raising your young Sun and Moon to be a decent God and Earth in and of themselves and that-that is ultimately the meaning of showing and proving. She is held responsible to raise wise babies, so don’t get caught up in the fine midst of Muslim Girl Gossip. The Queen got it, and quickly understood why you gotz to be able to show and prove on some ‘bymyself’ type shit, and hold the math tight on some ‘bymyself’ shit, yeah that advocated shit is peace every now and again, so I told her how to cee into the heart of bitch niggaz who trumpet G.O.D. but ultimately got noodles for spines, Oh yeah, the Earth can read into the Unknown in see clearly into the heart of a bitch nigga. Shorty Got X ray vision now! It was a quality walk, she ain’t just no ‘quote head’ , she got a nice understanding on shit that is her own, and she can link degreez and cross them shitz over like Iverson in his prime(Test her! I dare You! Nigga I double dare you!). 120 got five mountains 4*1-14, 9*1-14, 8*1-40, 28* 1-40, and Mt. Everest in the Actual facts, and I was a perfect gentlemen and helped her scale every mountain even if we had to climb 4 words at a time. We studied astrology as we drove the space ship to Pluto, she can tell you what planet rules in any given house of the Zodiac, Oh yeah nigga, she a swift ass Samurai now, make no mistake about it! I’m so very proud of her, it is so rare to see a wisdom complete 120 in this Nation, it seems like niggaz doing everything but teaching honorably, clown ass niggaz be on that Sexualize to Civilize shit, chill out nigga, step 20 miles out side of Mecca for a second and smoke a blunt. Do the knowledge, murder the devil of lust, niggaz savages in the pursuit of a nut. If a nigga can do ten years in the pen and not fall victim to He cipher monkey than you can at least wait until a wisdom safely completes a 3 billion mile journey. Al Sabr is ‘the Patient’ and the 99th attribute of Allah, meaning hold your fucking horses nigga! I John did the knowledge in the Patience and Kingdom and so should you, stop sexualizing and start civilizing, never put the honey before one twenty dummy.
My advice to the Queen: Never be in this for nobody else but yourself and your children, love the plan more than the man, stay away from all forms of Father worship and don’t teach your babies the ‘All Being Born’ method if you want them to score high on the S.A.T.’s. Never cheapen the Samurai Sword I gave you by showing it off on YouTube and finally it is more about the ‘Prove’ than it is about the ‘Show’!

Peace Em

Do the Knowledge on the Queen's Blog: Definitive Glimpses of Fire, it's off the the yelzabub!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20 A.K.A. 120

What is 120? Questions and Answers composed by Elijah and Fard! That is indeed correct. In my mind 120 is a practical set of tools to be applied to oneself in one’s everyday life. There is nothing fancy about 120, nothing complex, it is very simple-a simple set of facts laid down in very plain English to describe the generalities of everyday life in the Wilderness of North America. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad had a forth grade education, and Master Fard Muhammad was his teacher-Master Fard Muhammad is said to have spoke 16 languages, one of them being Mathematics and he is said to have been able to write 10 of those languages. The 24 scientist taught him the secrets of the Universe’s Origin and the 78 trillion years of history, the history of Fard is so fantastic, damn near like science fiction. Wow!!!!! Talk about an Ivy league education. So how does this man supposedly educated to the hidden secrets of the Universe run up on a drunkard wit only 4 years of formalized education? And how does he transmit to this illiterate man a tremendous amount of information? And why are these sacred degrees ;120 A.K.A. Supreme Wisdom A.K.A. ‘The book of Life’ so important to many Original folks in the Wilderness of North America whether they wear bow ties or walk in and out of Harriet Tubman in Harlem every summer quoting these 75 year old degrees? Though these degrees appear very simple on the surface, they contain great depth on a psychological level. Did Elijah know he was being givin’ degrees that contained as much depth as they do? Probably not! Elijah knew that 120 contained depth but leave it to the Five Percenters to draw what he was taught up in the most creative ways imaginable. Every God and Earth has a Unique understanding or at least they should, their understanding should be the result of their life’s experience, not the life of someone else. I have found many things in my travels within 120, and I have related them to my life, sometimes I have been accurate in my findings and sometimes I have been off a tad. When I was young all I wanted to do was take Jerusalem from the Devil, I’m sure many Gods have fallen victim to that degree by looking at that one phrase with tunnel vision, if you look further you will see that one of Jesus’s teachings was ‘Freedom’ now many find them selves in a prison house by having harped on that one phrase in the power degree. Yeah you can look at something in 120 with short sightedness, me an a God I grew up with use to do riddles with 120 all fuckin’ day, so believe you me I can see angles that most can’t. Eboni Joi wrote a blog in the 14th degree and beyond which posed the questions should Gods be allowed to sit in on Civilization Classes or something like that, instantly my mind fluttered back to the days me and Rashon Allah walked around the hood posing riddles in 120 to one another. Well the answer to Eboni’s question is simple and ironically found in the 14th degree(not beyond): if a half Original Man like Fard can ‘set’ up the training unit than and Original Man should be allowed to sit the fuck in. Period! I will crush anybody in a game of 120 trivia. ANYBODY!!!!!!!! SO DON’T STEP UP TO GET BEAT DOWN!!!!! But seriously-120 is ultimately suppose to turn into a way of thinking, and approaching any given situation or cipher. What did the Father do? He gave us Supreme Math, and Supreme Alphabet! What are they and how are they to be applied in conjunction with the body of lessons called 120? Let me disqualify some bullshit first: I heard of some movafuckuz who said all we need is Alphabets and Math, now these niggaz are just lazy niggaz who couldn’t memorize a Mother Goose nursery rhyme let alone 120, and they shield their dirty religion in fast talking, card trick rhetoric . The eight points on the flag disprove and disqualify their bullshit from the door: Supreme Alphabet, Supreme Math, 1-10, 1-14, 1-36, 1-40, Actual Facts, Solar Facts(And the Father left no break downs for the Supreme Alphabet or Supreme Mathematics because one is supposed to get their understanding as they live life in the Wilderness of North America). Also no one nigga’z personal understanding is the absolute Truth to enslave another movafucka in the prison house of the next man’s Understanding. Yes I have my views on degrees, but I don’t pass my understanding off to another, I let them know how I cee a degree but ultimately they got to get their own understanding. You don’t teach Understanding-understanding is something you gain by way of your trials and tribulations (labor). Somebody can warn the wicked with a page out of their Quran to save a movafuckuz life, but you don’t teach understanding. Farrakhan teaches his understanding and makes robots. We teach knowledge and wisdom to the human family but not understanding. A movafucka got to get his own understanding. Duty of a civilized person is to teach he who is savage civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of himself and the science of everything in life, love, peace and happiness.
Now 120 is generally supposed to be drawn up with Alphabets and Math, my gripe has been with the all being born elements. Stop collapsing whole numbers into one another(that is all I am going to say). My other gripe is ‘Father Worship’. I saw pictures of niggaz going to see the elevator where Da God got shot at, if that shit ain’t Christianity I don’t know what the fuck is. But other than that I love 120, Supreme Alphabets, and Supreme Math. Every time I walk someone over 120 I feel like I won a NBA Championship.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Contrary To Popular Belief Emblem Is Not A 'Commitment Phobe'.

When you go through 'Love' to get to 'Right' you have to walk through the bad neighborhood of ‘Hell’. God Loves hard, many niggaz claiming to be God proclaim they are free of emotion and that emotion is for wisdoms and wisdoms only, such a movafucka is emotionally handicapped. Not DaGod Em-I love strong as a movafucka, it could be said that I’m a passionate movafucka. Passion is why I fight and write well and more so why I love hard. Am I a sappy nigga? Naw! I ain’t no sappy movafucka, if it don’t work out between me and the shorty I don’t stalk, don’t chase and no restraining orders will ever be filed against the Emblematic One. I step the fuck off and live by Biggie’s Line, “Yall niggaz chase on-I replace on.” Even though Big’s line is ‘pimpish’, love is still very much apart of my life’s equation. There have been times in my life where I consciously stayed out of relationships, not because I was afraid of commitment, but I was just emotionally spent from the last relationship. I am never one to rebound quickly, my rebound time is principled on how deep my love went with said shorty-the deeper the love the longer the time between relationships. One shorty described me as an ‘Emo’(meaning I was emotional), yeah she was right, but I’m not hysterically emotional, I don’t cry uncontrollably, but my concentration is off and I become very distracted during the aftermath of a love lost. You have read my past blogs, some may come off as ‘pimpish’, but believe you-me I am not a P-I-M-P. My Enlightener once told me that a Pimp is a misguided king’. I can not make myself rich off of a bitch’s sexual labor and word is bond I had two chicks who wanted me to pimp down on ‘em. That ain’t me though, it was easier for me to sell destroy rule than use a woman’s body for a tool and a slave. Selling drugs was much more impersonal, you don’t have to see the destruction up close, but a pimp has to look at a woman slowly deteriorate into an animal right before his eyes and Em is not amoral. Don’t get me wrong, neither selling drugs or pimping is righteous, and both should be avoided if possible, but I’m not one to judge another man’s two forty-they got to get they own understanding. The wisdom cipher degree in the one to forties talks about the prescribed law of ISLAM and the knowledge cipher in the supreme Alphabet builds on Justice which in my mind is very similar to Karma. The knowledge of the cipher means what goes around comes the fuck back around. In respect to good love, pure love and a righteous love, hey I’m in the head- space where I could deal with that. I don’t accuse women of diabolical behavior because the build degree in the one to forties stands true: “All that above is caused by your black ass!”, so niggaz who always are full of generalizations about bitches need to examine that degree. Your causing all the bullshit nigga! Yeah it is plenty of grimy bitches out here, but Elijah said behind every no good woman there is a no good man and the Father said wisdom is the manifestation of ones knowledge just like the Earth reflects the light of the Sun. Yeah I can say some ill shit about a bitch, I can get to calling them nurses and shit, and more often than not I snap on my son’s old Earth, but in all truth-yours truly caused the earthquake. Making devil is a part of living mathematics, devil is made to show and prove power. Every cipher we live in has a positive, negative and neutral charge, so God takes the good with the bad, and stands neutrally holding the sword of Justice. Do I contain some bitterness? Naw! I’m a good sport when it comes to love, and I have learned nothing is wrong with loving a shorty, nothing is wrong with committing to a shorty. I would encourage an individual in love to give it your all, love hard, love strong, love loyally and ultimately love right. When you do this, it makes for a better life experience. When you love hard you become wiser and your understanding becomes masterful. Stay away from mediocre love-mediocre love is a love where all you do is fuck and fuss, build powers are notorious for fuckin and fussing (ex. Maury Povich). As civilized people we have to stay away from the ‘Maury Povich’ ‘who da baby daddy’ type love. “What about all that shit you said about Polygamy Em? That having to have more than one Queen type shit Em? What about them blogs Em? You sounding like a love struck sapp Em?”
Naw dawg! Polygamy is based on another shorty adding another shorty on because she wants to do it, not because you are lobbying, begging, and advocating that she do it. And more so you got to ask yourself as a man do you got enough dick and enough money to keep more than one bitch satisfied? Most movafuckuz talkin’ ‘bout polygamy got more mouth than they got dick or money, so they should shut da fuck up! So with all that being said, can Em be in a long lasting, loving and healthy relationship? Y Equal Movafuckin’ Self!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where You Been Em?

I’ve been thinking and writing. God never stops writing, honing my craft is something that God does daily. Yes-definitely looking forward to the next season of ‘Sketch’. In terms of thinking-all my thoughts have been about turning culture cipher. My thirties will be gone in 10 days. Culture cipher is a milestone in an individual’s life, the Father never saw it!, Martin never saw it and Malcolm never saw it. A 'milestone' born day makes you look back and reflect. 40 is when you step on the land of the Old. My 40 is not the new 30 but mines is a good 40. My dick still gets rock hard and I’m physically stronger than I’ve ever been. Haven’t had a cold since '06(and I'm not even a Vegan) and that cold was because I smoked a whole ounce of weed by myself which caused me to have a bout with bronchitis. But all in all Da God feel real great, my hands are still fast, Em still punch hard as fuck and God can still knock a movafucka out. I’m 217, Tyson’s weight in his prime, and my endurance is uncanny. I lift 30 thousand pounds a day in a sub zero freezer and haven’t had a drink or a blunt in about 2 months. Yeah I’m chillin’ on the alcohol, keeping away from the weed because of my Justice cipher born. My justice is very physical and if God get hurt they will piss test me on the spot. So physically I’m fine, mentally I’m stressed like anyone else(but learning to meditate), and the physical nature of my job gives me a thorough work out daily that relieves stress. When God was young I told myself never to get fat, my father use to be muscular at one point and let himself go. That was something I was vigilante about! and that resolution helped me to remain healthy and strong over the years. Em has been looking forward to 40 since 38 and now I stand on the eve of it. A lot of trials and tribulations, emotional ups and downs, victories, and failures over the years but I remain standing after 40 years of the wilderness of North America. I' ve meant an enormous amount of people from all walks of life from hoodlums to wealthy snobs and they have all been a great part of my experience. Philly, Chi and NY are just a few places that I have lived in my life and accounts for my diverse array of friends and acquaintances. This has really helped me to expand my understanding in terms of 120. Like all humans I have fell out with very close people in my life in the past, usually as the result of me telling them the truth about themselves at one point or another. If I’ve learned anything throughout the years it is that the truth does hurt. Some say that Em is mean because I can hit people rather hard with the truth, and usually I hit them after the fact but God don’t apologize for the truth because the universe is established in truth. Yeah I know how to hurt somebody, I have hurt many over the years, but I’ve helped just as many as I've hurt. Teaching knowledge of self is the greatest gift besides life that one can give another, and I have taught many. God loves teaching 120, Mathematics and Alphabet- it is the best part of who I am. Am I controversial? Hell yeah! The reason why is because I don’t give a fuck about what most will define as the rules,or what other movafuckuz think(fuck being Politically correct) usually my understanding on a degree is far superior than most(Emblem you egotistical bastard) yeah I know, but I’m a scientist, sometimes a big headed scientist that makes devil. And boy I’ve made my share of devils over the years, my own devils and I have taught some people who conduct themselves like devils. If I was to weigh my good against my bad, I would conclude that my good outweighs my bad in the total scheme of things. I know in my heart that I am a good person. I never set out to hurt anybody that didn't have it coming. I'm indeed one of the worst enemies you can make because I will destroy everything around me to destroy you. So please don’t fuck wit me! In that sense I'm like my Old dad, my Old dad and my brothers sit in the house with guns and wait for a home invasion (yeah I am spawned from a family of crazy movafuckuz that are trigger happy). But the culture of I God has made me sane. I love the way my mother raised me, for those that don’t know I have been taught to breath ISLAM on all levels, and have been doing so for nearly forty years now. So watch out 40 the Emblematic One is coming.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

A Beautiful Personal Science VS. An Egocentric National Science

In my heart of hearts I sincerely love this Culture. On a personal level Mathematics resonates on a core level in my Being, on a National Level this Culture leaves a lot to be desired. Why the great distinction between the National manifestation of this culture and the personal manifestation of this culture? Who is the Original Man? Is a powerful question as it pertains to this culture(I-God-I Self Lord And Master-ISLAM)within NGE’s expression of ISLAM the Blackman is God, in the ‘Bow Ties’ expression of ISLAM Master Fard is ‘THEE GOD’ and every other Bow Tie is just a god. The Sunni expression of ISLAM is that Allah is separate from their human form. The Gods express their own personal originality in how they manifest the culture of living Mathematics-providing they are comfortable with how they deal with living mathematics they bare their own standard as to how they live Mathematics. How do thousands of Gods in one culture manifest National Unity? Allah is One God manifested through many eyes. Ultimately Allah is the ‘One Common Cause’ of all in existence but put a thousand Gods in one room for 365 days and I bet you 100 to 1 that chaos would soon ensue, egos would emerge like monsters coming out of the ground, toes would get stepped on, intellects would flex and a cut throat game of king of the hill would begin. The science of ‘One Common Cause’ is what we should be dedicated to in theory but in practice the science of living mathematics has proven at this point in time to be a more efficient ‘Personal Science’ than it is a ‘National Science’. ‘Bymyself’ is the true reality of Knowledge of Self, because you have to know who you are first before you can deal with others equally. We all desire to be respected, we all hold to a sense of self that we are all somehow supremely special, gifted and talented. I understand that we all feel that we are somehow more special than the next God. I know this because yours truly feels supremely special. The way I deal with the egocentric disease, prison house and the r-o-p-e of a sense of superiority over the next God is that I realize that others feel that they are also very special and that allows me to accept that they are just as special as I am. This is Equality! When I Enlighten people as it relates to knowledge of self-I focus primarily on the fact that they are each Supremely Special, but a Monkey wrench must be thrown into that program that urges them not to take themselves so serious(Laugh Movafucka! Laugh.) As human beings we are all wonderfully flawed, this flaw is the signature of Allah’s perfection. Yes, we are perfect but simultaneously flawed-a great contradiction indeed. Why is there a contradiction to the idea of perfection, when all math is based on systems without contradictions? Understanding Build states that God Made Devil to show forth his power, but that power must be refined thus human flaws are coupled with are essential perfection in order that refinement becomes an action as opposed to a mere word. Allah in essence is perfect, not bound to the body, nor is Allah egocentrically based etherically in essence, but when this essence of the Eternal Black Mind of Allah incarnates into the physical form of the Infinite Blackman, an individual sense of self is established: Who is ‘He’ in substance(character)? We Know that we are the ‘Original Man’ and the general answers are made manifest; Maker; Owner; Cream; Father; and God, but the subtext of the generalities are brought to light during the life of that individual God. That God must live in the four dimensional Universe, he must survive in a harsh environment, whether that environment is the Hard Jungles of what the devils calls Africa or in the Wilderness of North America. He must seek shelter, he must eat, urinate, defecate, bathe, mate and bring forth progeny. The Original Man must do all of this in the midst of an inhospitable society (wild beast) which does not advocate his existence and simultaneously not fall victim to the devil civilization. The Cream (Cash) does not have his face on it, or anyone who looks like him, subconsciously this tells him that he may not be the cream of the planet Earth. In the midst of Surviving he must eat foods that are not grown by him, foods that he did not take from knowledge to born. Holding his family together, loosing his family causes trouble (stress) in the midst of his own psyche. These devils are made to be adversarial as well as proverbial (Yacob’s grafted devil). The Original Man ‘graphically’ designs devil into his life. These devils are the physical expressions of the subconscious worlds ‘buried there’ in the soil of his brilliant Mathematical Mind. When we show forth and prove are power by destroying the internal manifestation of devil-the physical manifestation of devil is of no consequence. “Why did we run Yacob and his Made Devil from the root of civilization over the Hot Arabian desert etc….” These devils cause trouble within the psyche first. Knowing the history of what happened 6000 years ago is great(good for you!)but do you know the devils(challenges) in you that keep you from building with Your advocated Self. Well let me be the first to say that my devils are as follows; I ‘hate’ the way certain Gods carry this math as if it is a religion. It is the religious angle of this NGE that pisses me off the most. I cope with this devil by minding my own business by myself (which is only a temporary solution). I also hate the numerological ideal of ‘All Being Born’ which demonstrates laughable ignorance in the face of math used for advances in Engineering, Science, and Medicine, chemistry, physics etc. Those are a few of the Devils that cause trouble within me, yes they are legitimate concerns but they cause trouble when it comes to advocating a society. The question is can I be bigger than my devils (Challenges) and overcome them? I can overcome my devils but I will not ignore my concerns, for they are indeed legitimate.

Thursday, January 1, 2009