Friday, October 31, 2008

Kneeling Before The Sword In Meditation

Pick that pen up Em

Elegantly high grade ink distills to blank page

Dreams written in Arabic caligraphy

Visions explicit like pornography

A movafucka like me listens to the silence of Tranquility

By night I write

A full Moon eclipses candle light

Rain taps the Window Pain

Thoughts from other dimensions drive average Gods insane

kneelin' before da sword

Honorable Samurai I Em

Surfin' on 120 like a Care Free California beach bum

Movafucka I know how to ride a wave

Free a mental Slave

Mangle all Ideaz of God that are custom Made

That Control eighty five

And since 'Five' rhymez wit 'high'

Goddamit I stay high!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

God And Earths Relationship-Gabcast Series. Channel 20936

The Asia Talk series is a trip! Da shit got me thinkin', well I think alot and thinking is nothing knew to me, but in terms of God and Earth relationships it has definitely given me 'pause', a 'pause' that has made me ponder our Mathematical cliches, shit like 'secondary but most necessary'. That has to be the most creative way to tell a woman to shut the fuck up! I don't think no other culture in the history of the planet has developed such a creative way to limit 'Her Voice'. Should a woman's voice be heard? Well if she is 'Wisdom' and Wisdom is parallel to 'Words' than it would seem mathematically incorrect to limit 'Her Voice'. Such attitudes call for a critical analysis of our Culture. Refinement in our cultural attitudes as they pertain to the Black Woman must be examined, and certain behaviors should indeed be disqualifed on the basis that they may not be right and exact. Today's Math is wisdom born and I can't help but do the knowledge in my third to a Queen in the delivery room pushing to make Her Wisdom Born. Knowledge Knowledge manifest that the Word is indeed Bond to life, she is the Mathematical factor that establishes the idea of born. Can anything be born without wisdom? The Universal nature of wisdom is that it holds together the very fabric of the universe. The foundation in everything in 'ex'istence is knowledge but We all exist by way of wisdom as well as knowledge(Wisdom Knowledge= Universe). The tripple darkness series established Knowledge as the foundation. Knowledge is intangible in essence though it is the foundation, wisdom borns/brings Allah into the general four dimensions of reality. Allah is the Painter of the Universe, He has come to live within the 'frame' work of reality. The 'frame' is a Square, and a square borns the cipher. Does it not? The square is the wisdom of the cipher or in fact the Truth, showing and proving Truth or Square in the Supreme Alphabet. Ladies first? In terms of Orgasm-yes, she should cum first. Thatz wisdom knowledge and that is how many ciphers follow six sex-tillion tons-you gotz to till that useful land, stir that movafuckin top soil and get the minerals and nutrientz in that dirt ready to bare seed. This is called fertility. Emblem ain't kissing no Wisdom'z ass to get some Power U, that will never be my determined idea. Kissing Ass to get pussy is the true meaning of 'Roman' tic-. Love must be 'Asiatic' and we must begin to define Love in Asiatic terms. Did you know dung(shit) is used to make soil richer? A good wisdom has shit on her mind, sometimes itz cow shit, sometimes itz bull-shit, sometimes its the bullshit that comes with us Asiatic Blackmen. Agriculture of a woman's mind is what the idea of 'Useful' means in terms of land. If your the 'Maker' you better put on your overalls and be a hard working farmer to perserve the best part for your self. Did you know that farmers are some of the hardest workers on the planet? The passage below is from Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon: "You see? The farm said to them. "See what you can do? Never mind you can't tell one letter from another, never mind you born a slave, never mind you lose your name, never mind your daddy dead, never mind nothing. Here, this here, is what a man can do if he puts his mind to it and his back in it. Stop sniveling," it said. "Stop picking around at the edges of the world. Take advantage, and if you can't take advantage, take disadvantage. We live here. On this planet, in this nation, in this country right here. Nowhere else! We got a home in this rock, don't you see! Nobody starving in my home; nobody crying in my home and if I got a home you got one too! Grab it. Grab this land! Take it, hold it, my brothers, make it, my brothers, shake it, squeeze it, turn it, twist it, beat it, kick it, kiss it, whip it, stomp it, dig it, plow it, seed it, reap it , rent it, buy it, sell it, own it, build it, multiply it, and pass it on-can you hear me? Pass it on!"-Toni Morrison-Song of Solomon.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


There are people in this world who won't forgive Em for whatever reason. "Em What did you do?" I am God but I have not always been an Angel. 240(Life) putz us through many trials and tribulations. Usually said trial or tribulation is emotional. As we go through life we touch many emotions; anger; fear; sadness; and a multiplicity of others. Lately I have been dealing with 'forgiveness and the idea of being 'unforgiven'. People fuckz me up, them and their 'perfect standards'. What the fuck is a perfect Standard anyway? and what da fuck is 'Perfect'? Is is 'Right and Exact?' Maybe not, but 'Perfect' can not be applied to 'emotions'. What is the perfect emotion? I know your going to say 'Love' right? Love got more flaws than the U.S. economy. Is 'Forgiveness' an emotion? Naw it ain't, it comprises an intellectual and an emotional state:Forgiveness is a 'Judgement of the heart'. Can you let go of pass trespasses? We develop 'Issues' when we cannot. Mad movafuckuz got issues. I got 'em! Not in a bad way anymore, the reason being is that I have learned to put the emotional baggage down. Drop that shit right where the fuck I stand, and just be me. Be Me! You can't please everybody, and I have emotionally pissed off folks, and I to have been emotionally pissed off, but I get it together sooner or later and keep on keepin on. That is all the fuck I can do. Living life is a wild education, because you see shit, all kind of shit-I peeps movafuckuz, that movafucka Em do the knowledge hard, and sometimes I don't like what da fuck I cee. Fuck it knawmean! Just fuck it! A bitch can love you one minute and hate you da next-yeah it is usually based off some shit you said or did, but the swift and changeable extremes of what goes on emotionally with bitches is amazing. They point there fingers in your face and say 'your suppose to love me and me alone'. Maybe it is the way they are pointing there finger, almost like a mother scolding a child that irks me. Can I deal with a relationship, and all that comes with it; the good; and the bad? Hell yeah! I am a Man 'Now', I tell people often I became God as boy, but could I finally settle the 'devil' in me down, take the devil off my planet and love and be loved? Again I say, "hell yeah" -I may be unforgiven by some wisdomz-that is OK! I can live with that, as long as I remember to 'forgive' myself-and learn from the ways and actions that were not quite right and exact. "...he didn't care about da poor part..." ultimately that means 'Fuck it'! Did you know 'Fuck it' is an art form? Now you know nigga!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Personal Earths Vs. National Earths: Comparison and Contrast

My first Earth was a personal Earth, she knowledged 120 and had a hot recital of the lessons. She was not nationally affiliated with other Earths or the NGE sisterhood of Queens. 'In fact all that above is caused by the Son of Man.', any complaints that I may have in regard to what may have went wrong in my first relationship is distilled back to the idea that 'all that above is caused' by yours truly. I was rippin' and runnin' from state to state trying to get this hustle or that hustle poppin: C-Medina-Allah's Garden-Power Hill-Now Why-D-Mecca etc. . "Cash Rules Everything Around Me" was my mantra-it was a mantra that came at a high price-it cost me a great Earth. As God we are in many cases responsible for what goes down in a relationship, my case is no different: This Filthy affair; That filthy affair; hustlin; and wild street shit altogether was the combined high explosive of my experiments that caused emotional Earthquakes. I have given what went down with my first Earth up to 'Koran', my determined idea, and what is predicted of me in life as an integral part of my path in life. I am the Prescribed Law of I Self Lord and Master, and I am not exempt from Justice or 'Many Stripes'-Justice is indeed a learning process. The process of learning the clear distinction of right and wrong have been lessons delivered by way of tough Love-tough Universal Self Love. My first Earth was a personal Earth. I never exposed her to the Nation of Gods and Earths on a National Level, it was a different time then; Myspace Groups of Gods and Earths didn't exist; the word 'blog' was not heard of; National communications from one state to the next was very expensive and cell phones looked like bricks. Nothing reinforced the education I gave her, so she transformed from Earth to Nurse in the blink of an eye. The knowledge Culture Degree in the knowledge to Knowledge Culture institutes a training Unit- The 'Traning Unit' is specifically geared to women, so that they can get together and build on righteousness from a female point of view, which is very important. Some Gods alienate their Earths, Queens, Moons, and Wisdoms from National Exposure for one reason or another, usually it is because of some latent insecurity within their own GodHood or Manhood. Briefly I had an interlude with a National Earth, and that situation I also mishandled. The idea of a 'National Earth' was new to me and my perceptions as they pertained to Nationally affiliated Earths was rather clumsy, and stained with chauvinistic cynical ideas. I doubted the idea that a woman could Love Allah's Mathematics in a 'bymyself' capacity due to the bitterness I stilled carried from my first Earth 'falling victim to Devil Civilization'. Eventually I learned that women can hold this Math down just as strong as any God. Positive Education Always Corrects Errors and in the case of the 'National Earth' that experience corrected my then 'frozen below zero' mindset as it related to Women Holding this math down sincerly with or without a God. My Brief interlude with the National Earth is also an experience that I give up to 'Koran' , my determined idea and what is predicted of me in my path in life. Any God or Earth that is single has failed in every relationship they have had in their life in one way or another. Yacob was successful in all of his undertakings-Emblem cannot say the same, particularly when it comes to relationships. I realized that I have undergone a great deal of emotional trial, tribulation and hell to get the idea of 'God and Earth' relationships right. What I have learned more than anything is that as God you have to manifest Allah's Mathematics with 'Love' to an Earth and that 'Love' as Mary J. Blige said in 411 must be a "Real Love". God must show and prove to Himself and his Earth held in Mental, Emotional orbit the capacity to give Her that 'Real Movafuckin Love' that she needs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Women With Under Arm Hair: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

I got a call from a good friend of mine this morning and somehow we got on the topic of women with hair under their arms. It grossed me the fuck out. A woman who looks like she has a midget in a headlock is a terrible thing. That and foul pussy odor got to be my biggest turn offs in regard to women. Once I saw a woman stretch and it looked like she had all of the Jackson Five's afros under her arm. Yuck! Yuck! Fuck! I don't even know why I'm writing about this shit knowing that it causes me great mental duress. The thought of it is indeed disturbing to say the least. Hair under a woman's arms is just plain wrong, unnatural, and nasty. Feminist be rocking that nappy under arm look sometimes, not all of 'em but a lot of 'em. Women with hair under their arms like that is the equivolent to an adult boogey man. If I was making love to a woman who was mad beautiful and she raised her arms and exsposed jungles and jungles of afros I would scream like a movafuckin bitch, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" That would be Emblem. Certain type shit can just bring back childlike fears. A woman with thick under arm hair would definitely put me back on anti depresants. Man Hating Feminist have the legal and constitutional right to fight for as much as they want to fight for as long as it is in accord with the law of the land, but when they start rocking the dread lock, afro under arm look they have transgressed a sanctified Commandment of God: 'Thou Shalt Not Have Under Arm Hair Woman!" That was the 11th Commandment 'queit as kept'. So when I cee women break that law, feminist, dykes or just regular chicks with poor hygiene I weep. I literally weep. Why would such a dainty creature like a woman want under arm hair? Personally as a man I got a movafuckin Afro under my arms, but I'm a man-just like I don't want no woman with ugly feet, I don't want no woman with under arm hair. It just ain't right. This is a rant, a Black Blogger complaining-but that thought of Women with under arm hair has to be addressed.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Playing Hookie From Work

I had every intention of going to work this morning, but when I got out of bed, my physical body said, "Take a 'Me' Day"- so I listened to my physical form-it made sense, I lift thirty thousand pounds a day in a freezer that is 25 below zero-so I 'chilled' today. I dig what I do, the shit is like an adventure-everyday I go to Antartica. But today I decided to lay my ass down, and for a day say, "Fuck it!" I worked 18 months straight before I missed my first day, and the 5 years that I have been on deck-I have missed less than a hand full of days. I felt it necessary to take a 'ME' day; think; vibe; ponder; listen to Anita Baker ;do a little writing maybe ;and blaze one in the middle of the day. Hookie is good. We all need to take time out from the rat race of life from time to time.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My emotions have been manipulated throughout life. Emotional manipulation is the greatest tool, or in some cases 'weapon' that can be used against a grown man. When I think back on growing up, I realize just how emotionally manipulative my mother has been throughout the course of my life, not that I don't love her, but she pushes buttons of guilt, shame, pain, sadness inside of me, and then uses them to make me do whatever. At a certain point in a grown man's life he realizes just how diabolical his mother was at certain times. Oh don't get it twisted- I love Ma Dukes without a doubt, but the reality is-is that she can be a real Bitch when she wantz. I have seen my mother sick in the hospital and tears came to my eyes. "Don't die mama-Don't die!" I said squeezing her hand. Then she motioned to me to come closer, because she couldn't speak loudly. I eased my ear close to my mom's mouth so I could hear her weak voice.
"Don't forget to change the cat litter." She whispered in a sickly tone. "Trash day is tomorrow-don't forget to take it out! and get my red coat out da cleaners, the cleaners ticket is on my dresser. You got my rent?"
I violently let go of her old ass hand and mumbled under my breath, "You evil Bitch-you probably ain't even sick!" I'm so glad I don't live wit my mama no more. I left home at 18, couldn't wait to get loose-10 years later I show up on my mother's door step in Brooklyn, "Itz some niggaz want to kill me mama!" So my mother 'The Saint' took me in for a while, hid me from some serious hood soldierz that were looking for Em. Looking back- I should have just let them movafuckuz kill me. Livin' wit my mother as an adult was the worst shit ever. Prison ain't got shit on living wit 'my' mama. The first day back she gave me a note: 'Lettuce; Welch's grape juice;Salmon Steaks; Home Pride wheat bread'. I said, "Whatz dis? Mama I'm 28 not 12."
"You ain't too old to go to store! I'm your mama! And bring back my change."
I walk out the house cussing under my breath like I'm 12 years old again. Ms. Alice my mother's neighbor said, "I cee you back now!" So I give her a hug, and then she say "you going to the store William?-Can you get me something baby!" How the fuck can I say 'no', this old lady use to watch my son. Ms Alice writes me a note, and I'm walking around to the store cussing out two old bitches under breath. I got damn near half the Koran in my head and 120 and these two old bitches still giving me notes. While walking down da block I cee my nigga Chino sitting on da stoop-he became a Latin King instead of a Five Percenter and he says, "Illz Will", don't asked me why he calls me, "Illz Will" he just does-so he starts walkin wit me to the store. "So you live wit your mom now?"
"Yeah. Its just temporary-till I get this dope right."
"Word Word!"
"Indeed son, cause I'm 'bout to get this paper."
Before I could get around the corner, my mom opens up the window and screams, "Raheeeeeeeeeeeeem-Get a 20 pound bag of Fresh Step kitty litter!"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Audit! IRS Made Emblem Bend Over, Spread Both Ass Cheeks and Cough

AUDIT: I. R. S. Made Emblem Bend Over, Spread Both Ass Cheeks and Cough!
IRS came at me mad gangsta, I gotz to respect they swag. They grilled me today. They wanted to know everything about the enigmatic Emblematic One. I had to file tax returns for damn near my whole life in one day. For people who don't know-I officially got out of da drug game 5 years ago. I have had very few jobs in my life- official tax paying jobs. There have been long periods in my adult life in which I have no 'reported' income. "So what da fuck were you doing Em?" The IRS agent asked me.
I told him straight up, "its hard out here for a pimp."
Then da IRS agent slapped da shit out me and said, "Stop wit da Hustle and Flow crap!"
"I ain't know yall can slap movafuckuz!" I looked up at the agent holding a bloody lip.
He said, he was the IRS and he could do anything he damn well please. Then he told me to remove my trousers. He made me bend over and cough just to cee if I had a nickle hidden up my ass.
I ain't know the IRS does anal cavity searches. When I got home I took a long hot shower, crying in a fetal position-I felt violated. I felt dirty. They threatened to attach a lean to all my assets, accounts and property if I didn't comply with their wishes. In the interrogation room they had four pictures; Osama; Wesley Snipes; Emblem; and O.J.-O.J.'s face had a red 'X' through it and at the bottom of the poster written in red was, 'One down-three niggers to go.' They asked me if I could ask my mom or dad for the money. I looked at them niggaz like they was crazy. I'm still waiting on da car my dad said he was gonna get me when I turned 16 and my mama won't say nuffin but, "This is your journey!"-that's my mom's way of saying, "Nigga I ain't givin you shit!"
Then the IRS agents asked me if I could rap? They suggested that I make a rap C.D., so the proceeds could go to paying my principle, penalties and interest. I told them "not all niggaz can rap." Then they asked me about da NBA and if I had any chances of getting drafted and paying them off. I told him I was 40 years and old and that not every nigga can dunk.
"What do you mean all niggaz can't dunk!?" The IRS agent looked at me. "Sure they can!" he said. Then the Agent pulled out a mini skirt, high heals and a blond wig and said "Put this on Emblem-your gonna sell some ass for Uncle Sam."
"Yall can't do this shit! Yall da gubment. Don't I got some rights; first amendment, second amendment-summfin?! Yall can't make no movafucka sell no ass. Thatz unconstitutional."
"You know that degree you like to quote all da time: 'Who is da Colored Man?' Well your lookin at him movafucka! Now put on da movafuckin Mini Skirt!" Then he slapped me wit a pistol and I woke up in the waiting room of da IRS. "Emblem of Justice report to window three."

Earth, Wind and Fire

Monday, October 6, 2008


The McCain Camp is starting to attack Obama's Character, and parading slogans around pertaining to Obama's Affiliation with the White Dude 'Ayers'-Ayers was a member of the Terrorist group the 'Weathermen' back in the 60's. Barack Obama is in no way affiliated with Ayers like that! Obama and Ayers live in the same neighborhood in Illinois and Ayers threw a Fund raiser for Barack in the 90's , outside of that, Obama has no affiliation with Ayers. Barack is crazy, because the job he is seeking won't do nuffin but raise his movafuckin' blood presure. White people get on my nerves at the job, so I couldn't begin to imagine what it would be like to be under scrutiny by white people on a 24 hour basis. Yall know I write 'Sketch of Tranquility' well I had an episode on my passenger side seat in my Truck, a white dude at the job who parks next to me read a portion of the episode from the passenger side window. He didn't understand it and brought it up to me over Lunch, and I said,"Movafucka what you doing lookin in my car?" White folks is some nosey movafuckuz. Now suppose Barack and Michelle want to smoke a blunt? CBS, CNN, Fox News, 60 Minutes, 20/20, Inside Edition: "Top Story: Barack and Michelle Obama were caught on camera smoking a blunt!" How da fuck do you spell 'Povaratzi', I'm a writer and I'm private, and 'Povaratzi' is one word I never want to learn how to spell correctly. Why that movafucka wantz to become President of a bunch of Nosey ass white folkz is beyond me. Michelle Obama is too movafuckin Sexxy-I would make it a point to give her all the quality time in the world, and if I was her movafuckin Husband I would rather spend more time with them long ass legs of hers wrapped around my movafuckin back than be worried about the economy that white folks fucked up. Obama gonna have high blood preasure 2 weeks into his presidency if he win. If I was Barack I would spend every free moment laid up wit Michelle instead of trying to balance White People's fucked up budget. You know them white niggaz can't count! Can you imagine Geore Bush looking at a calculus problem? Now this nigga Barack gonna try to correct every financial calculus problem White Folks done fucked up. He a brave man! They made the economic problem- let them fix it. I don't give a fuck about the stock Market, Who the fuck is Dow Jones any movafuckin way(Fuck that Cock Sucker) I grew up wit roaches in the frosted flakes box- I can make it through a depression, the question is: "Can White movafuckuz make it Through a Depression?"

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Emblematic One Is Back With a Black Eye!

Yes I have been kinda of slowing down on the blog thing. Why? Not writer's block, just other projects, and thoughts and shit! But I do got mad love for all of you who follow my scrolls. Guess who has a blackeye! Me! "The Emblematic one Lost a fight?" Hell no! I was at work today and a tool I work with poped me in the eye! Oouch! Yelp I look like I just went twelve rounds with B-Hop! Aside from getting beat up at work by the equipment, DaGod Em is 'feeling' an Earth, who shall remain nameless. "What do you mean 'feeling' Em?" Is Em in Love? Naw, at least not yet, I'm still doing the knowledge! We both still doing the knowledge but the Math seems to be mad compatible. Imagine that! Emblem without his Bachelor Title! Well Maybe Super Earth Can take the belt, I don't know! Could I ever actually settle down! Emblem the Super hero Writer! Who is so complex and in desperate need of privacy? Maybe I could! Love is deep ain't it, it has this coaxing ability and it aims itself directly at the heart. Usually we say, "Shit happens!" and love eventually takes this giganitic shit on our parade, and something just didn't work out. If you've ever been in love you know how the story goes; Fall in love, fuck a few times, watch a few movies and it is just not the experience you thought it would be. Love has this way of convincing an individual- kinda like a fast talking New York Con Artist that can sway you into investing your life savings in the unknown contents of a brown paper bag. Whatz in the paper bag? Well I don't know, but the con Artist of Love is making some very convincing points. Will Emblem invest in Love? Hell yeah! Why da fuck not, jump off the bridge, shoot da dice, and like poker players say, "Let it Ride!" Love is indeed a gamble, and if you have no problem with loosing: Go for it! I write better when I am in love any movafuckin way, so if I fall in Love in the next six months you can expect some genius type shit coming out of these fingers of mind.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wisdom And Success!

Wisdom is analogus to the Blackwoman; Water; Ways; Actionz and is the relationship between things. 120 or knowledge wisdom cipher is referred to as Supreme Wisdom in some ciphers. When I think of wisdom in terms of 120 I examine the relativity of degreez. If you ever go to Original Thought Podcast you will hear people build, but rarely will you see or hear someone strongly cross referrence degeez. When you can cross referrence degrees you link one degree to another etc. A God called me last night and asked me how do I cee 'Success' within 120. When the God called me I was at rest, but I do have a personal policy to build on math 24/7. If you call me about some other shit-Now Cipher! I won't take the call, but if your coming with a question pertaining to 120 I will indeed build with you at any time of the day. I drew up success by examining the prison house in the wisdom born degree in the knowledge to culture the cipher-never build mental prison houses. Our Culture is Freedom and it must be expressed as such. Then I took the God to the culture freedom degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture and dealt with the 'Rope' to bind you in mentally. We tie our own hands sometimes, and instead of becoming artist we become escape artist always finding out how to get out of previous commitments which literally cancels out Word is bond in the knowledge knowledge degree in the knowledge to knowledge culture. When your bond is broken in life a mental death occurs and it literally limits your power to build, and you slip into the reverse of power to build and become a build power or a slave from mental death and power. Power is the Truth and ultimately all true success occurs in Truth. The God was talking about getting cash! Cash based Gods are interesting; Now I'm not a broke God-I'm about my trading post and paper indeed, however the fundamental thing that I have learned in my two forty is that I will put nothing before Allah, not my mama, not my child, and damn sure not cash! Fuck Cash. Cash did not create the Sun, Moon, Star or Earth. Allah is my priority, and on Earth-Allah Manifest as the Original Black Man and I am my movafuckin Priority, not from an egocentric point of view but from the point of view that I am a vehicle of Omnipotent expression and though Wu-Tang Said 'Cash Rules Everythig Around Me'-The truth of the matter is that Cash does not rule the power of death. Everyone will taste death, Oprah's cash couldn't buy a one hour exstension from the Year, Month , day, hour, minute, and second that it's her time to return back to essence. The reminder of Death is found in the knowledge understanding in the knowledge to culture the cipher 'because the dead is never known to return from the grave...' Keeping that degree in mind like a sword above your head will put the idea of 'success' in perspective. Would you trade in your left arm for 30 million dollars? You will know the type of person you are by the answer you give. The fundamental principle behind the question asks in a very fundamental way: 'Would you sell your soul?'