Friday, May 30, 2008

NGE and Ausar Auset: Comparison and Contrast

Last night I was building with my Enlightener, I usually build with the God a few times a month, every time I build with the God I get a jewel. When my Enlightener was getting knowledge of self in the mid 70's his Enlightener was a God name Ahad Knowledge Born. When my Enlightener was on his knowledge to knowledge the culture the God Ahad took him to do the knowledge on Ausar Auset in Medina, both of them became deeply involved with Ausar Auset because of striking parallels to the Nation of Gods and Earths. I think everybody in NGE has did the knowledge on Aincient Khemetic tradition or what we might define as Asiatic history at one time or another. I view 120 as an Urban North American Tao and Supreme Mathematics as a Universal Tao. Tao literally means 'the path' or 'the way'. I've did the knowledge on Ausar Auset from an objective point of view, to me it suggested a Mystery God, even though it seeks to awaken the Ausar principle within. Hey-I can get with that-but they do it through rituals, and they believe in tarot and oracles from what I feel is a somewhat 'spookified' point of view. Maybe 'Mystery God' is somewhat harsh but I felt it leaves too much room for mysterious interpretation-being firmly entrenched in 120 I was unconfortable with such an interpretation. The Father said the Black Man is God, it doesn't get any simpler than that, you don't need to go in a trance, dance, or toss a coin for answers. 'Refinement' becomes a question or a quest for all seekers be they in Ausar Auset or NGE, but what is 'Refinement' and what does it mean to be refined? I AM NOT A VEGAN-AS A MATTER OF FACT I WILL EAT A SIRLOIN STEAK IN FRONT OF YOUR MOTHERFUCKIN FACE AND LAUGH, smoke an after dinner blunt, wash it down with some Vodka and Cranberry Juice and go to the Gun range afterward. Is this a lack of REFINEMENT? In my mind it is not a lack of 'refinement'-if I was in Ausar Auset and even within some circles within NGE such a diet would be considered blashephemy and vegans would faint as Emblem eats his dead meat like a Lion in the jungle. 'Health' and 'Strength', they are both relative ideas, how we connect with are spiritual cores are unique to each person walking the planet, no one can tell you how to get to YOUR core, they can give you relative directions, but you are the only one who can touch your spiritual core. An Enlightener sheds light on things that are already present 'WITHIN'. Individually we are responsible for ourselves spiritually, the whole idea for intercession is bullshit, be that Nigga Creflo Dollar, T.D Jakes, Farrakhan or Ra Um Neffer Amen. I don't look at any other science as higher than Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120, I do believe that learning about traditional Aincient Asiatic thought is peace because it allows one to draw parallels to 120 which allows one to excercise their mind. 120, Supreme Mathematics is the Urban cosmogony that applies to the 'Now'. Awakening Ausar within-OK-I can vibe with that, but I also can vibe with Allah on Earth Nowaday. Spiritual Classism is very real-piety is such bullshit. Piety contains just as much treachery as 'Evil'.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

'Da God' drops today FOR FREE!!

First and foremost I wanna give a shout out to my Enlightener 'Lord Life'! It's the God's born day and he turned power cipher today! He's had one twenty for understanding wisdom years and he's been an immeasurable resource in my life and anyone else he's built with. Peace Almighty!! Now back to the science at hand.


Also, we at Platinum Pen Publishing welcome all feedback from the born cipher cipher king! All comments can be forwarded to me at (937) 347-1185 or the God 'Saladin' at


C I Power Her-Her Power I Cee:

A Cipher is a person, place or thing particularly when we understand it in terms of our mathematical language. Slowed down it manifest as Cee-I-Power-Her, in short, the Earth revolves because the light of the Sun is striking the Earth showing and proving 'Cause'-causing the Earth to spin at a (C) or Constant of knowledge cipher understanding God and a third miles per hour. 'Cee' of course means to view in this case, 'I' is the realization of Self. 'Power' is the Truth and/or electro-magnetism and essense of the light. 'Her' pertains to the BlackWoman who manifest as Earth within the material reality. 'Her-Power-I-Cee' Reverses the spin of the zig-zag-zig of the cipher as well as the perspective. C-I-Power-Her and Her Power I Cee are both the perspectives of Allah: Cee I Power Her is Allah understanding his power as the sole controller and Her Power I cee is Allah doing the Knowledge on a Wiz spinning on her own access. Her Power I Cee: What is 'Her' Power? First of all she is the manifestation of knowledge. The nature of this manifestation is a Word, this word is 'Be'. Allah thrust his consciousness from the subjective state of tripple Darkness to the objective state of Material reality. She is the conduit to this process showing and proving 'Be' and 'Born' if we do the knowledge on 'Born' it manifest 'Nine' Quanitatively, if you further break down the word Femi-nine, 'Nine' manifest as the suffix of the word 'Femi-nine'. She holds the Life of Allah and manifest it at Born or in mathematical terminology the set {A,B} This set analysis proves that A yields B and travels through 'be' to (C). The Cee is the result of feeling Wisdom, thus the Understanding or Cee is 'Felt' Wisdom. Allah had to yield wisdom from first knowledgin' 'Self. This state was subjective, or tripple Darkness'.

'Existentialism' is a Philosophical movement for the colored man but a Truth for Allah on Earth. It fundamentally states in its ideaology that we establish the 'essense' of our own lives. 'The ten percent knows that when a man dies that he will never comeback to tell the living whether he lied or not', This equation in the knowledge understanding degree states in no uncertain terms state that the ten percent know that there is no damn mystery God, thus they primarily focus on a 'Will to Power' which is ironically the name of a book written by one the founders of the Eurocentric Existentialist Fredrick Nietzche, who inspired Adolph Hitler's rise to 'Power'. The Devil Civilization is derived ultimately from a 'mis'-Understanding and 'ill' Understanding of 'Power', Devil Civilization views 'Power' as the control, manipulation and subjugation of anothers Culture. Focusing on control over others literally brings about subjugation, global oppression and poverty of black, brown, Yellow, Red, and even white. Oppression is based on the 'un-alike'. All the degrees within the wisdom ciphers in knowledge to culture the cipher are clear, concise and ultimately provide a conceptual framework of 'Power' and the distinctions theirin. Wisdom Cipher deals with the 'Prescribed Law' of Islam of the Said Person of that ability-it says that the Civilized is held responsible for the 'Uncivilized'. Do the Knowledge to the meaning of civilization in the knowledge God degree, it starts its manifestation as 'One having Knowledge'. Knowledge is when you know of your 'Origin' and or your 'Origin in this World'. Now if you do not posess Knowledge of said 'Origin', you can not build but only Destroy and take many other lives with you, showing and proving the knowledge degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture's equation of 'No Peace Amongst 'em". Why? Because they do not possess the Knowledge of Said Origin. That Origin is the Knowledge of Allah who again travels through Wisdom to get to Understanding, this cycle or cipher manifest 'Culture'. Two cultures fine themselves present: Divine and Destroy. Without said knowledge of Origin one can only destroy. Divine Culure is the reality that Culture is ultimately the Freedom of I God's EXPRESSION;I SELF LORD and MASTER; and I Sincerly Love Allah's Mathematics; ISLAM. The 'Cee' or to 'Cee' is Understanding, Proper Understanding should yield the Proper or 'Right' Culture which is Divine. Equality is the Balance from the Independent Variable of 'A' through the 25 dependent variables of 'Be to ZigZagZig'. Each letter in the Supreme Alphabet is an Expression of the Majesty of Allah within the Paremeters of Reality. Each Letter in the Supreme Alphabet balances in Equality with Allah. 'Father' is the first Mascu-line realization of Allah from the KNOWLEDGE. Father yields GOD showing and proving the knowledge Degree; "MAKER, OWNER, CREAM, OF THE PLANET EARTH -'FATHER' OF CIVILIZATION' AND 'GOD' OF THE UNIVERSE. 'God' is an equal Expression to 'ALLAH', the only distinction is that Allah is a Proper Noun of classification as oppossed to the generalization of 'God'. "H' yields 'He or Her' or a synthesis of the {A,B} set equation. {A,B}={He,Her} the union of both sets proves 'process'. The Process that they show and prove is Allah manifesting through tripple Darkness or 'Sex' to yield the material reality. Sex means to 'Cee into the Unknown'. When you travel inside a Woman, you literally travel into the unknown(X). This is shown and proven in her genotypical expression of (XX). Male equals (XY) and Female (XX) when Algebraicly grouped in like terms X is expressed to the third power or XXX or what Destroy culture has classified as 'HardCore Porn',. If you Draw up three Xs using addition and not the ideal of the symetrical multiplication of exponents it yields understanding cipher or "Tell us what and how the Devil is Made?" We know that-the understanding cipher deals with the grafting and separation of the Germs and or Genes in the BlackMan's Body to make physical devil or the designated flesh and blood vesel inwhich the ideal of Devilishment is deposited as egotistical thought patterns, based on and ill-understanding of Power. Why is it 'Ill' or diseased? Because it lacks Refinement. Refinement balances Power.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Physical Justice and the Personal Responsibility of Wisdomz


First of all I am a knowledge wisdom cipher fanatic, extremist, and hardliner. I came up on the cusp of 'physical Justice'. For those not familiar with 'Physical Justice' it was the era when movafuckuz would whoop your ass if you could not quote a said degree. Why? There were a lot of impersonators who could do card tricks with Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and say a few catchy phrases, draw up a shorty and look fly in the name of Allah. Those movafuckuz got they ass whooped in Medina particularly. The doom squad in Medina was Godz who wore camoflage, had bald heads and would ask your ass "How you cee today's Mathematics?" Nowaday if you ask a movafucka to qoute a degree they get offended. Asbury Park in Jersey was known for whooping a movafuckuz ass over a 'the'. That is a bit extreme don't you think Emblem? Well of course a 'the' or an 'of'' is a minor infraction in regard to the recital of degreez but slipping on a whole degree or not knowing your lessons altogether after being a so-called member of a said nation for a number of years is blashphemy and the sign of trifflin laziness or an out right snake. 'Physical Justice' was used to separate the Sincere from the Fad based individual who thought it was cool to change your name from John Doe to Knowledge Born, adopt a grafted persona and come in the name. That type of person needs their ass beat. Don't you think?


How many wisdomz complete knowledge wisdom cipher? First of all if a colored woman can pass the bar and become a practicing Attorney in the colored man's legal system or is a practicing physician within his medical establishment, then any blackwoman who is relatively intelligent so to speak can take knowledge wisdom cipher under cap. Wisdomz with a functional understanding of knowledge wisdom cipher are an essential component to building this Nation. How do you teach a Queen knowledge wisdom cipher? Ans: The same way you teach a God. A female medical student and a male medical student in Harvard are held to the same curriculum and so it should be the case with absorbing knowledge wisdom cipher. Knowledge wisdom cipher is a prerequistite to be God or Earth. Lets not lower are standards for membership in the I-Pod and cell phone era!!!! Taking 120 under cap is your responsibility Queen, it is your journey and it can not be done for the God you may be dealing with. It must be done for yourself and you must hold it in your third with reverence. No sane God is gonna beat a woman's ass for not taking knowledge wisdom cipher under cap, so for a woman physical Justice does not exist, nor am I an advocate of physical Justice for anyone, but I do think that those who are bullshitten with puttin knowledge wisdom cipher on cap should really consider putting on a bow tie and buying a Farrakhan video.

Medina "That Brooklyn Bullshit! I'm on it!"- B.I.G.

Medina, Medina, Medina-Big shout out! It seem like every God that has called has been a Warrior from Medina. Thatz what the fuck I'm talkin' bout! I'm lovin' the builds and missing a slice of cheese Pizza off Flatbush ave at the same time. Yesterday I built with an Ole head God from Medina-the God had knowledge of Self culture power years, and we talked about the beauty of what the Father born to us in the form of Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Math. I told him Fard and Elijah invented the Basketball but the Father was the first person to dunk that movafucka. This mathematics plays above the rim. This shit got movafuckuz dunkin' backwards now. And when I use baskeball terminology to draw analogies to KOS its because it's NBA playoff time and I get crazy.

Giving out my personal math to build has been beautiful, hearing others is like hearing myself think even some of the Gods I've beefed with on the Myspace group have given me calls and said they respect the angle that I represent. I had to spit wild shit on the Myspace Gods and Earths group-I told one God that called me that you got to say wild shit to shake shit up from time to time. If you don't shake shit up from time to time shit will become a R-O-P-E to bind your ass in. Elevation is an adventure, don't believe me-then go climb Mount Everest. The Gods from Medina appreciate the wildness of my angle.

I look forward to hearing from More Gods and Earths from differrent locations. Peep this shit! A colored man called me from West Virginia and wanted civilization. Ma-Son said he been to the School and built with Um-Allah and the destroying angel Azrael and the whole nine. Dude really want civilization and righteousness. That was the first time that I have ever build with a colored man in regard to Allah's Mathematics. He was peace and I figure you got to respect a colored man who is sincerly seeking righteousness. I told him I will walk him every step of the way toward civilization and righteousness. As long as I have had the wisdom degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture on cap that was the first time I saw the equation "Civilize means to teach knowledge and wisdom to the human family of the Planet Earth!"with such clearity.

Speaking of degrees-me and the God Deen was buildin' and we realized that ain't too many 120 fanatics like us in this Nation. Everybody in NGE ain't dealin with knowledge wisdom cipher like an Extreme Sport and it made us look at the book DaGod and consider deeper its implications. The book is steeped in knowledge wisdom cipher and makes use of terminologies found in knowledge wisdom cipher as they apply to the empirical world. This book will draw sharp distinctions between those that have 120 on cap and those that don't, hopefully it will inspire those that don't have 120 on cap-to get it on cap; tight. Tight Tight!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

She'll be back! A Short True Story!

All of this was prescribed in the knowledge, so when the 'Now-a-day' of the moment arrived Emblem controlled the potential explosion. She got caught up, thought up, and drawn up by the Emblematic one. Her eyes touched Emblem like the 'clang' of the steel drawn to the 'piece with' as she helplessly became the 'piece without'. The wetness of Elevated Refinement's panties was proof that he caused the fine Miss to distill like a quenching April rain. Her nipples ached to be sucked and she fell victim to the actual fact that Emblem could care less about the poor part and stress of her sexual weight. He made word bond to himself that she would not get no divine eye until she finished knowledge wisdom cipher and touched down on Pluto.
Elevated Refinement was struggling with the culture degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture and Emblem was cruely withholding the four nine three eleven. He viewed knowledge wisdom cipher as his wedding vows and until she walked every step of the way over all one hundred and twenty degrees he refused to hold the Queen's total weight and grant her Sextillion relief.
"You want one of those Gods who want to fuck the minute after they xerox you a copy of one to ten, then be my guest-go get one, Harriet Tubman is full of 'em!", Emblem said with a cold current and deep frost icing over his words.
"I Got one to ten, and I'm close to finishing one to fourteen-Why can't we get physical God? I have needs!" she yelled loudly, as a tear drop formed and distilled ever so slowly down her cheek.
"Don't you raise your fuckin' voice at me! I been through this shit before and I know the military drill. As soon as you drop dick on a bitch they get abnesia when it come to studying this mathematics! And the next thing you know the Wiz stuck on one to thirtysix for the rest of her life." Emblem said slicing open the blunt, emptying the gutz in a waiste basket.
Elevated Refinement became strategically quiet. This Nigga was playing 'hard to get', she thought. Men had savagely pursued her since she put on her first training bra, now this Negro was actin' like 120 was the prerequisite to bustin a nut. That was O.K. with her, she had some back up 'dick', it was 85 'dick', but none the less 'dick'.
Elevated Refinement's disposition was acidic and cool as she pulled out her Blackberry as if to say, 'Ok Nigga-two can play at that game!' She began to text an 85 cat that had been trying to get at her for a minute, she had been so caught up in Emblem and trying to memorize one twenty for Emblem, that she paid the destroy power dude no mind. As she sat on Emblem's couch vindictively text messaging, she decided that the 85 nigga was indeed fuckable.
As Emblem took the first pull of the blunt his third went into 'All Eye Ceeing' mode. Whoever or whatever she was texting was bullshitten devilishment.
"Get the fuck out my Kingdom!" Emblem said coldly with a tinge of indifference resonating from his voice.
"What Now!" Elevated Refinement yelled, throwing up her hands with frustration on her face as if Emblem had unfairly and falsely accused her of a crime she didn't commit.
"Don't play blind, deaf, and dumb with me. You texting some devilishment!" Emblem said with certainty in his current of air.
"No I'm not God. I'm text messaging the Queen Wise Horizon."
She was lying. Emblem was a human lie detector and doing the knowledge was a full time justice cipher born for the God. "telling lies stealing and how to master the Original man' as Emblem fluently drew up the culture degree his anger began to boil. He had knowledge of Self too long, his third eye was too strong, and as 85 say, "Game recognize game!" This chick was attempting to master God-so Emblem disqualified the dime-bitches like her were a dime a dozen, but a sincere Queen was priceless.
"Get the fuck out!" Emblem said once more.
Elevated Refinement started hymming and hawing as she got up from the couch with indignation, slid her shoes on, fumbled for her cee Allah rule keys, sucked her teeth, mumbled hateful words under her breath and moved at a terrific speed to the door.
"FUCK YOU EMBLEM", she said disappearing like the trader she was.
"PEACE TO YOU TO!" Emblem said sarcastically as he slammed the door.
Good riddens Emblem thought as he pulled on the blunt of Purple Haze and turned on the build track of Reasonable Doubt. 'Can I Live?!'

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wisdom Cipher


Today's Mathematics is wisdom cipher. Tap dance over to Truth in the Supreme Alphabet and you will find your self dancing on culture 90 degree squares. Culture angles exist throughout knowledge wisdom cipher; Doctors, Ministers, Nurses, and Creamators. Four Devils, Traditionally viewed as Jealousy, Envy,Lust and Hatred also slither around on four squares from culture directions. Wisdom cipher deals with the Prescribed Law of I Self Lord and Master in the knowledge to culture the ciphers. On this day one will find beauty in drawing up and synthesizing the relationship of Truth's Relationship to the Prescribed Law of I Self Lord and Master. The Law of I-God has very little if any relationship to the laws formulated by destroy Culture society. Destroy culture's law are bogus;Drug Laws; Corporate Laws; Tax Laws etc, they are not established in Truth, they are established with a 10 percent sentiment of blood sucking, designed to keep the rich-rich and the poor-poor. As a Righteous Teacher of the Poor it is my duty as a civilized person to show and prove Truth via Supreme Mathematics. In an examination of Truth we must understand that it has as relationship or at least should have a relationship to Existenitial Logic which spawns 'Predicate Logic'. All Logic is based on rules of that are sound and tested, thus Logic is not the foundation of Truth but instead Logic is a derivative or branch of Truth. Predicate Logic means that the 'Subject' must in fact express itself. The best way to think of the 'Subject' is to think of the prepositon 'Within'. Allah was 'Within' Darkness or unexpressed, the nature of Predicate Logic is that the Subject theirin must in fact express itself. The N.O.I. has no beginning, nor ending-this establishes eternity and infinity. Eternity never ceases but infinity begins. Infinity begins at Knowledge-Knowledge is still subjective however, or a rooted foundation, hence where knowledge and wisdom of the Original Man started when the planted was first founded'. Knowledge yeilded Wisdom. Wisdom is second or the first Second(time) of the known Universe. Knowledge is eternally existenstially qualified, and Allah is forever aware of Self, his infinite expression is via his attributes. Example: A in the Supreme Alphabet does not stand for 'Cee', A stands for Allah. 'Cee' is a function and dependent variable of Allah. As a matter of Fact it should be understood that all wisdom power letters after Allah are dependent variables. Allah is the only Independant variable in the Supreme Alphabet. Allah is not dependent upon or on anything, He is in which all things 'Depend' or as we say the Sole Controler. The wisdom power letters that come after Allah in the Supreme Alphabet are dependant variables and functions. 'Be' is a function of Allah. Allah caused 'Be' to be a function designed specifically as a vehicle of expression and to express. Remember the 'Subject' is that which is within, 'Be' is the first expression of the 'Object'. Allah was in the Subjective realm of three stages of Darkness and sought expression on four squares or reality. 'Be' is the word that causes the Universe to come into existences, predicated on the expression of Allah's Knowledge which is called Will. 'Be' is an existential idea that transposes into 'Cause'. 'In Fact all that above is caused by the Son of Man. 'Be' in and of itself is a holder of the concept of 'infinitude'. Meaning your blackass is the 'Cause'. Eternity and Infinity is contained in the BlackMan's Body. 'Be or Born or Being" All of these modifications of 'Be' must be integrated and interfaced with Truth. Truth is related to Allah's Law or the Prescribed laws of Islam of the said person of that ability. "Said Person' What the fuck is a "Said person?" A 'Said Person' is-is a predicated being. 'Said' or if you want to get Bibilical-'The 'Word becoming Flesh'. Said Person 'Of that ability' is directly related to your determined Idea in your 'Life'(Self Styled Wisdom). Each of us is a 'Said person' of a pre-scribed ability. Ex: Allah, The Father was suppose to born NGE as it stands to day, he has since returned back to esssense. Why? Because his Justice cipher born was done. Now each of us has an ability, and all of us as the Universal Self, collectively and individually have a duty to perform, that is prescribed from the Knowledge or Year One. Pre-'Scribed'-Scribe comes from the Latin(LO) Scribos-meaning to 'Write'. In this four dimensional Universe which sits on culture squares of Truth-we have a duty to perform in this Koran-This book-this life-this reality! So get to buildin' NAGGA!



1 800-Call-God

Peace Family,
For those that have called I have enjoyed building with you. Please keep the calls coming, I want to build with everybody who deal with this math before I return back to essense. Not that I plan to return back to essense anytime soon. I just love building, not that I am much of a talker, but Mathematics is the only thing that sparks me to talk. Allah is Lord of all worlds even cyberspace, but lets not forget about the world of human coversation and interaction. I keep my math down to Earth, ain't shit spooky about how I spit it, or live it. Naw I ain't no National figure in NGE, I'd rather be a Personal figure, someone that you can touch, talk to and build with at any movafuckin time. I put on no airs. Nor do I seek any fuckin' titles, positions, or prestige, I just enjoy building and no tittle is higher than Allah any movafuckin' way! Nobody has caught me while I'm high yet, that will be the lucky person. God ain't no mystery he is real, he is Emblem! Born God Allah called me at Understanding in the Morning while I was studying Vector Calculus, I will even take a break from my studies to build. I keep 120 open like seven fuckin' eleven.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Call Emblem 937-347-1185

If I'm not at the Kingdom, leave a message after seven rings!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Knowledge Power Refinement

Peace! Who are the 10 percent? Rich Slave Makers..... . 'Slave Maker' strikes me this day. Knowledge Add power manifest equality and that manifests 'use them for a tool and also a slave...' within equality of knowledge to knowledge the culture. In dealing with the idea of 'Slave' in particular we find that a 'slave' is used for 'labor'. The born degree shows and proves that "he makes himself rich from their labor'. Where does the slave begin? Odd question: Yes. The 'Slave' begins in the mind. Investigating the born degree further we find the idea, .."Worshiping something he cannot cee (Invisible).. . Interestingly enough the build degree just above yields the concept " a fine midst that the naked eye can hardly detect....Further bringing home the ideal of invisibility. The knowledge cipher percent feeds the 'Slave' the idea of a 'Mystery God' or an 'invisible God' to be in control of the slave's mind and to establish 'intercession' and/or another way of saying, "A trader made an interpretation". This 'interpretation' or 'intercession' is where we begin to cee 'Religion' take formation as a device used for social control, while simultaneously yeilding a 'spiritual' control over the individual slave. "Yes a Trader made an interpretation that they would recieve more Gold for their labor.." "More Gold" is a concept of reward-in terms of religion 'More Gold' can be construed as 'Heaven'-a place traditionally thought of as paradise after you physically die. This lie is based on the unknown (X). Logically we attempt to look at the 'unknown' based on the 'known'. The Unknown(x) must be factored in to make the human being a 'Slave' this can be shown and proven in the born degree.."They hear thunder above there head but do not try to learn who is causing all this to happen........" It is easier for the 'Made Slave' not to know. Knowing complicates mental matters for the 'slave' proving that ignorance is bliss for many and the complexity is adverse indeed. The realization that there is no mystery God causes complexity, it brings gravity to the situation or cipher. The total weight of what is going on-on the Earth and Universe is heavy-heavier than gravitation, the stress caused by the wisdom knowledge ciphers of Earth and Universe to a 'Made Slave' charges them with a responsibility. They may not be aware of their responsibility in total or the duties therein but nevertheless this charge of responsibility is now present. Civilization is a matter of habituation on an individual level. The uncivilized or the 'Made Slaves' are 'Buried there', awakening someone with the burden of knowledge opens their eyes in many cases while they are buried in a snug, comfortable mental coffin. Knowledge makes the 'Slaves' unconfortable, kind of like awakening in the middle of the night and not being able to return back to sleep. This is what happens when Gods and Earths turn up their magnetic and destroy powers get caught up in the current of knowledge. A tug of war between Knowledge and the chains of ignorance pull on the slave from two different directions. This tug of war is demonstrated in the knowledge wisdom degree "yes that made him other than himself". 'Self', 'Himself', 'Herself' are all personal ideas inwhich we all identify with in some form or fashion. To be made other than 'yourself' intitiates the struggle to get back to the true and living idea of who and what you are be that God or Earth.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

120, Chess Addiction & The assasination of President Obama

My name is Emblem and I am a chess addict. I have been clean and sober from the game of chess for culture years, and I take it one day at a time. My father taught me to play at power years old on a table shaped like a horse, by God years old I was playing adults and holding my own. Once I lost the last game of a seven game series and smacked my opponent and threw the chess board out the window, it was then I knew I needed help. That was the first time I sought professional help with my addiction. But then I moved to Brooklyn where 2 minute speed chess is like crack cocaine. I would gamble with Sweet Pea, and Markey D in Washington Square Park: 5 dollars a game. It got bad, the edginess, the anxiety and the ego. What made my Chess addiction worst is that I alligned the game with with 120. Every piece on the board became a character in knowledge wisdom cipher. The Black King was of course God, Black Queen Earth, Rook was Jebus, bishop-Salim, Knight-Oriel. My Queen side material: My Rook was Muhammad, Jesus my Bishop, and Musa was the knight. Pawns were private soldiers. The White King was the Devil, The white Queen was the Nurse, King side rook was the Doctor, Bishop was the minister, Knight was the creamator. White Queen side Material: Wild beast was the rook, grafted snake was the bishop, the trader was the knight. White pawns were also foot soldiers. It didn't stop there, I found 64 places in 120 that corresponded to each square of the board. E4 was of course 'Mecca'. I will spare you the geography lesson of knowledge wisdom cipher as it relates to the chess board, but anyway chess games can be writen in linear form but in my mind it became a four dimensional living board. 'Grafted snake takes MGT in Arabia' or 'Private Soldier to the Indian Ocean' it made perfect sense in my head if no one elses, so I am the father of 120 chess notation. But I had to stop! The addiction was strong, I studied classical chess obsessively: The Spanish; The French, Reti, Nimsovich Defense, Pirc Defense, King's Gambit, Benoni Defense, Sicillian Defenses(Dragon variation), Gruenfeld Defense, Caro-Kann Defense, King's Indian etc.. I still cee these moves in my third during dreams, and the sharp variations that come with them. I have stopped chess and will never play again, not ever, not ever, not ever, not ever! I will never push another pawn or Private Soldier as long as I breath on Earth. The ego is everywhere on the chess board, and to me that is why I have considered the game a Satanic practice. Chess is partly responsible for my discourses and blogs on 'Egoless' thought patterns and its relationship to ominiopotence, be it artistic or scientific. All pictures of yourself are vane, Myspace pictures, blog pictures, where ever your face is posted for the world to cee is vanity, and it makes me laugh like babies falling when trying to walk. Hey I had my pictures up too on myspace once and I have intorspectively diagnosed the relationship of Ego and Vanity and found it in conflict with my Omnipotence. Vanity on the chess board gets you assasinated real quick, as well as poor position, and those seeking title and prestige etc.. I once saw a Grand Master come to tears because Marky D whooped his ass in a few 2 minutes speed games. Marky D (a drug addict), beat a European Grandmaster. The so-called GrandMaster's indignation and his vanity was funny but eye opening. Who is the Original Man? Who is the Colored Man? What is the Population of both sides and then the square mileage of the planet Earth(Chess Board). The first power questions in 120 correlate to chess. The thing about chess is that when you are great or grand you can cee or predict history by looking many moves ahead into potential futures, in chess these futures are called variations or lines of play. These variations branch out like trees, depending on your opponents responses. In chess there is also a term called 'brute force', meaning how you force your opponent to do exactly what you want him or her to do. If you ever been to a chess party or club you will cee people walking around talking and whispering about how strong someone is or isn't. Bush and Cheney are real strong in terms of Political brute force. They both have made a mint during their Administration. I am not one to hate on Gangsters, Like Jigga said, "Don't knock the hustle". It would be foolish of Americans to think that a 'President' has anything to do with anything. A 'President' is like the wooden piece on the board(a symbol), Bush and Dick were the first real Presidents we have had in a while. What I mean by that is that they were already powerful or from powerful families to begin with. Is it any wonder that George Herbert the father of George W. was a C.I.A. director at one time? Or that Bush's re-Election came via poll results from Florida, a State inwhich good ole' lil bro Jeb just so happened to be Governor? Or the fact that Dick has enormous peripheal business interest and investments on what goes on-on foreign soil? George W. was just doing what his daddy directed him to do, like any good son. Lets use our degrees for once: Who are the 10 percent? Rich Slave Makers of the the who?-'Poor'-meaning the 10 percent don't give a flying fuck about the 85 percent or the singing of the Enlightener at Harriet Tubman. The 10 percent only want to become richer and more powerful. When Bush and Dick leave office officially they will not have any connections in Government nor will they have any influence on Foreign policy!!!! Wake the fuck up Emblem!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will have more fingers on the button when their gone then they do now!!!!!!!!!!! Political Billionaire interest out weighs anything a Congress, or any singular executive officer can do. Obama wants to pull out the troops!? That is such a Noble Idea indeed!!!!! So if I was a chess player and I needed to justify my position or continue my presence over seas what would I do? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Obama would be sacrificed on Foreign soil by what would appear to be hostile forces; insurgence; Hezobolla; Al-Qaida etc. this will justify a continued U.S. Military presence in the Gulf for a few more years. A weeping widow, two weeping black daughters, and a country mourning the death of the First Black President who represented the end of America's racist legacy Assasinated on Foriegn soil will boost CNN, and Fox News ratings. Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X, Medgar Evers and even 50 cent have been victims of political violence. Ain't 'no peace amongst em', '..does not love them regardless' 'ways and actions like those of a snake of the grafted type..' 'if he was allowed to live he will sting someone else...' 'how filthy he is in all his affairs..' 'lies, stealing and how to Master the Original Man...' 120 is more accurate than Nostradamus and the 23 scientist on Mushrooms watching a 72 inch high definition Plasma television of the future. Hell Naw I ain't voting for my brother Obama, to get blown the fuck up, that is my duty as a civilized person. If these movafuckuz whacked Kennedy, the All American Darling War Hero-what the hell you think they gonna do to a Nigga who name rhyme with Osama and got the middle name, 'Hussein'? Is this mic on???????Am I the only one who is trying get Bernard Hopkins and James Toney to teach Obama how to duck! "Oh Emblem you and your wild conspiracy theories". Movafucka look at JFK the movie, "Back and to the Left! Back and to the left!"They blew his fuckin head off showing and proving "ain't no peace among em" Understand the culture "And can your reform him Devil?" No all the prophets have tried to reform him Devil, but have been unable......." . What part of that degree don't you understand? Why did Musa have a hard time civilizing the Devil? Jesus' Ass got 'buried their' and Muhammad the only cat had sense enough to get a Goddamn Sword. I got to go, the C.I.A. and some big white men In dark suits, and sun glasses just kicked in my door. Help! Help! Help!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Emblem to the Rescue

I love a Queen with gorgeous feet. We have all heard the question asked, Are you an 'ass' Man or a 'tittie' Man? I'm a 'Foot' man, I love a woman with beautiful feet, it calls to something deep inside of my being, some wild beast restlessly lurking, a chained savage that roams deep in my primordial Black Omnipotent consciousness. This does not mean I don't love a nurturing pair of 36 D's because believe me, as an artist I can appreciate the two Heavenly Pillows for God to rest his head on. I also love the Black Woman's history, and honor the divine truth that all things 'Behind' her are Grand!
I am a year round Hardcore -Timberland- Boot- Man, I run ball in Timz, hit the heavy bag in Timz, go to my Great Grand Ole Earth's funeral in Timz and my feet are grotesque, they look like I played twenty five seasons in the NBA without sneakers.
I don't go to 'Show and Prove' because it's in the Summer and them Queens be having them feet out! G.O.D. would throw my ass out of 'Show and Prove'. "Throw that pervert God out of here!" I'm exaggerating. I have my 'Foot Fetish' under control and know how to be civilized amongst the righteous. I have managed the slickest ways of looking at a Queen's feet. Ray Charles use to feel a chick's wrist to establish if she was his cup of tea or not and like the late great Ray, Emblem is similar-I can tell by a woman's feet if there is a chance for a long term relationship or not. I call this 'Glass Slipper' Vision. Needless to say this 'Glass Slipper' Super Power that I have has the ability to send love.
A woman's feet speak to her personality, they tell you who she is, what she's about, her feet tell whether she's loyal or a sneaky snake of the grafted type! I can tell the feet of a deceitful woman and I have also mastered the ability to look into a woman's future by looking at her feet. "Emblem you bullshittin!" Now Cipher! Word is Bond!
As a seed I could be in the middle of playing football on the block, but when my Ole' Earth got home from a hard days work, sometimes she would say, "I need my feet done!" No matter what game I was engrossed in with the fellas I had to stop for an hour, go in the born jewel and massage my Ole Earth's feet! This is the origin of my gift for looking into the core of a woman and my Super Power of Glass Slipper Vision. I could tell how her day was by the level of tension in her feet. My Ole Earth wanted her feet done hard, she wanted them cracked, bent and pulled-so early on I learned how hard to pull, twist, bend, and crack.
I was in College when I first discovered my Super Power and the reality of its implications. I met a tall, understanding seed from Indiana. I kicked my room mate out the room and had her alone in my dorm room. I massaged her feet like I use to massage my Ole Earth's Feet.
The next Morning we woke up in the small twin bed of my dorm room and she swore up and down that I was her 'Soul' Mate.
She explained to me that when I was massaging her feet, that I created colors in her brain that she never saw before, she said that they must be Angels or the colors of Heaven. I quickly told her I don't deal with that Mystery Math!
About a year ago I was building with this one wiz over the phone, and I confessed my foot fetish and love of beautiful feet. She got real quiet. I said something to give her 'Pause'. She told me she didn't have beautiful feet, she said when she was culture years old that her Ole Earth was a crackhead and left her in the house by herself. Boiling hot dogs were on the stove, and she reached up to the stove and pulled the boiling pot from the stove. Her feet sufferred third degree burns. The story shifted my current of air. Eventually I did massage her feet, confronting the scars and with my Super Powers I did my best to send Love.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sister Captain Linda 13x: Happy Mother's Day Ma!!!

In 1968 a knowledge power year old shorty in Pelon(North Philly) was rocking her belly like jewelry. Rock your belly Queen. Rock your belly!! The Diamond she was carrying was Yours Truly! Indeed. She distilled me to the planet on knowledge wisdom understanding(Jan. 23 1969). The Queen had perfect timing and good sense. When I came out the womb of tripple Darkness she whispered, "Allah-U-Akbar" in my Ear, and didn't let the nurses take me to no room that was out of her view. She was the first person I ever saw fast. She didn't eat for God days-it freaked me out as a young child, she stayed up late cooking for N.O.I. bake sales, Dinner sales and preparing lesson plans. She was my 1st grade teacher at the University of Islam at Broad and Susquehanna. She taught me to recite the Alphabet through sound, not by letters meaning I didn't say, "A B C" etc, I said Aa Ba Ca Da Eh Fa Ga Ha Ih Ja Ka La Ma Na Oh Pa Qw Ra Sa Ta Uh Va Wa Xi Ya Za-she could recite fast, it sound beautiful. Any way when you born Alphabet to your seed like that it will have them sounding like their speaking in tongues-the tongue of Angels. My mother taught every first grader in the University of Islam that way-and we were all reading Khahil Gibran later that year, we new the circumferrence of the Earth, it's Square mileage and the distance of every planet from the Sun. She quickly ascended through the Rank and File of the MGT and was promoted to 'The Dean of Girls' and eventually Sister Captain Linda 13x.
Back then car theives would steal batteries out of cars. Some thugs from down the block took my mother's car battery. My mother walked up to all of them in full MGT garb, and told them they had 15 minutes to return her battery or she would have the F.O.I. blow up the whole fucking block! Guess what? Within 15minutes, a guy knocked on the door and said, "Miss Your battery is back in your car." The F.O.I. she was speaking of weren't the 'Farrakhan F.O.I.' who take violin lessons, they were Elijah's F.O.I.(Real Assasins). Needless to say my Ole' Earth never had a problem with neighborhood hoodlums from that moment forward.
Once after returning back from Chicago, she stormed in my room while I was at rest and started posting all of these homemade posters on my Wall, "Who is the Original Man?" and The answer:"The Maker, The Owner, The Cream of the Planet Earth etc." The colored Man was of course the 'Skunk' of the planet Earth back then. "Allah is God" the weight of the Earth, bits and peices of Supreme Wisdom decorated my childhood bedroom. Elijah instructed the MGT to do this to the rooms of the babies. While in Chicago, the Ministers taught a course on Sublimination and Mind Control. Is it any wonder I found NGE in my late teens?
I love you mom! Happy Mother's day- your my favorite MGT. Rock your Belly Queen! Rock your Belly!!!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stoop Step Court

I've been in Federal Court, Divorce Court, Criminal Court, Traffic Court and Child Support Court. As a Blackman in the Wilderness of North America I've touched all the bases of the Colored Man's 'Baseball Diamond' like judicial system and have decided to hang up my baseball cleets for good.
At the age of nine years old, I was a thriving Attorney in the Stoop Step Court system. Stoop Step Court came to order between 8:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. during hot summer nights before our mothers would call us in for our dreaded baths. All the boys were dirty and grimey from a hard day of playing basketball, football, freeze tag, 'Catch-a-girl-get-a girl', and hide 'n' go seek. Many cases were brung before the court docket during those hot, humid evenings in the hood. We designated a stoop step far from adult ears, but still within view of their watchful eyes.
After we took our seats on the stoop's steps-Stoop Step Court would swiftly come to order.
First Case: Would you rather eat dookie or burn up in the hottest fire?
The Judge that evening would ask each of us one-by-one the question. Every seasoned Attorney who practiced Stoop Step Law knows that the correct legal answer is a 'No Brainer': 'Burning up in the hottest fire' is the correct legal remedy for such a case. But of course there would always be a kid from the suburbs visiting his Grandmother for the summer, with brand new Pro-Keds on who would choose to eat dookie. The illegal response provoked all of us to yell, "Illlllllllllll!" and for the rest of the summer the suburban kid would be known as 'Dookie Breath!'
Second Case: Muhammad Ali v. Bruce Lee.
The Ali v. Lee case was a case that invoked deep legal and political passion in all Stoop Step Attorneys. We all understood the social, political and spiritual ramifications of our responses to this landmark case. The Suburban kid with the new Pro-Keds was asked first.
"Muhammad Ali or Bruce Lee?" Usually the Suburban kid chose 'Bruce Lee' and was completely oblivious to Ali's impact in the hood in 1978. The boy would be called a 'dummy' once again and held in contempt of Stoop Step Court. In a feeble attempt to recant his testimony, he would quickly enter a plea of "Muhammad Ali!" Again we would call the Suburban kid visiting his Grandmother for the summer a 'dummy'. Why? Because anyone familiar with Stoop Step Jurisprudence knows Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali are a 'Tie'!
Last Case: Which girl on the block do you like the best: Tisha or Keema?
A question of this nature had to be answered with an explanation and pursuant to Stoop Step legal proceedings-'in all legal matters pertaining to girls-no 'Ties' were allowed'.
"I like Keema's face." Dirty Aaron would say.
"I like Tisha because she gettin' titties."said Barry.
"Keema got the prettiest face-so I pick Keema." Calvin said.
"I like Tisha because she got a fat butt." said Glenn.
"Keema said she likes my new Pro Keds-so I asked her, if she could 'Stand a Chance'? She said, 'yeah'-so she became my girlfriend last night." The kid from the Suburbs said proudly.
"Who you like Emblem?" The kids all asked.
"I like Keema the best because she reached her hands through the mail slot of my screen door and played with my 'Thing' this morning."
For the first time me and the kid from the suburbs agreed.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Tragic Assasination of Emblem: Almost A True Story

Every now and then I get a call from some chick's husband threating to kill me, it usually starts out with some dude telling me to leave his wife alone! I don't mess with married women, they mess with me. This particular husband checked his wife's cell phone, and called me back. He told me in no uncertain terms that I am a dead man! Well I told him he gotz to bring some ass to get some ass and bring plenty bullets! I told him to check his wife's phone, and that he would not fine one incoming call from me. I never called her, she calls me. All the time! Then he sends me an E-mail that he is a United States Sniper in the Military and that he would shoot me going to my car. So for about a week I leave the born jewel heated, locked and loaded ready to return this nigga back indeed.
One day I slipped- left the God u now under my pillow and leave the rest without my heat. I'm a Cappuccino addict and I gotz to hit up the local coffee shop every morning for my caffeine fix.
Driving into my complex, I cee a dude in an Envoy driving out-so we pass each other real slow. I don't know this nigga, he don't know me and we give each other that 'Nigga What?!' look. As I pull up in my parking spot with my cappuccino in tow I cee that the same Envoy is in my rear view mirror. He turned around and followed me back. Keep in mind, my heat is under my pillow still sleep-so I'm basically naked! Before I roll up the window, he asked me, "You Emblem ain't you?" The God Emblem thought he was about to be returned back. My last defense was, "Naw. I ain't Emblem! Who's Emblem?" He says, "You is Emblem!" He getz out the Envoy, I get out my Truck, and all I can think of is 'hit this movafucka before he can draw down on your ass'.
So this nigga runs up on me and gives me a movafuckin thug hug. I'm thinking to myself, 'Who the fuck is you?'
He told me equality years ago I sold him his first dime bag of weed and that him and Mary Jane have been happily married since.