Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pussyless Omnipotence:

There is 'plenty of infinity' to go around, there are no long lines for new ideas, but you'll be suprised how many people are clostraphobic in an infinite Universe filled with endless ideas! 'Who is the Original Man?' is the Knowledge degree, this degree is a Holy degree because it's not, diluted mixed or tampered with in any form. Knowledge is the foundation. "Well everybody knows that Embelm. Duhhh! Thatz Basic Math 101?" 'Now-movafuckin-Cipher' they don't! My Enlightener born some deep math to me way back, he told me don't put him on a pedastool! At the time I was young and impressionable and he could have easily said, "You got to stand on the corner in a bow tie, sell papers and bean pies to get 120!" and like all impressionable young people I probably would have! But Jesus' teachings were 'Freedom', Pud's teachings were Culture Freedom. The Culture is I-GOD! I-God culture borns 'Freedom' in the mind, it pulls out the critical nurse's pin of un original thought. Destroy powers are not original in thought, though some are mad talented-their talent is an unconcious regurgitation of the black Mind buried there in their own physical body(A living dead person). Who is the Original Man? is the question that is suppose to resurrect the mentaly dead and inspire endless creativity. The answer to the question is the component of the degree that starts our journey on the Plane of Egoless Omnipotence! "Why Emblem always building on Egoless Omnipotence?" I be saying that shit all the time-I know. I build on 'Egolessness' because I feel it opens the locked safe of Omnipotence. If you want to study your Ego, fast from something: Food: Sex: Weed(even weed): or talking on the the phone. Whatever you choose to consciously withdraw from, is an excercise in egoless behavior, providing your intentions are genuine. I genuinely feel that my primary personal pursuit in Life is to Master my Ego! My determined idea in life has everything to do with binding my Ego in. Now let me be clear, "Egolessness' does not mean I won't whoop your ass if you decide to go picking on people who are genuinely attempting to control their ego. People confuse 'turning the other cheek' with 'Egolessness', confusing the two can get you fucked up if you decide to fuck with Egoless Emblem! 'Egolessness' should not be confused with volunteer work or a can good food drive. "That Emblem sure is a nice guy, did you know he volunteers at the battered woman's shelter three times a week giving free breast exams?" Volunteer work, can good drives, turning the right cheek, walking outside naked to show I've given up materialism, giving away all my clothes, taking a vow of celebacy is pious bullshit! I don't find Egolessness in piety-I find Egolessness in getting at the origin of my own motives and intentions. Egolessness is at the core of who the original Man is. I can get some pussy and still be Egoless as long as I know the fundamental reasons why I'm in the pussy! "Emblem! Your over analyzing the pussy!" Now cipher! As the said persons of that ability-it is our responsibility to understand the nature of our relationship to the pussy!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Beyonce:Serial#QXT-4386976538: Clone-A-Mate; A divison of Microsoft Corp. 2019

CNN broke the story two years ago that Ms. Knowles sold her DNA to Microsoft's subsidiary company Clone-A-Mate. The deal was worth an estimated 25 Billion Dollars, it was the most lucrative DNA sale since Federal legislation made cloning legal in 2011. The Federal Cloning Act in no uncertain terms makes it clear that no clone produced and sold should have the ability to conceive or cause pregnancy in a 'Natural' Human nor have their Cognitive Microchip removed, nor shall any clone have any gaurantees under the United States Constitution.

I'm a lawyer and a Catholic and I was vehemently oppossed to the Cloning Act at first but clones became necessary. Sexual Disease in 'Natural' humans became more rampant and more deadly. HIV/AIDS was cured in 2013 but then came the VEXA 1 and VEXA 2 viruses-diseases that make AIDS and EBOLA look like a common cold. When it was announced that the Beyonce clone was on Sale for a whopping $500,000 dollars per unit I put my ten percent down and financed the rest in monthly installments. 'Natural' Humans stopped having sex with one another, it became too risky particularly for the rich-the poor and middle class still engage in the risky escapade of intercourse but not anybody who was anybody. As animated stars and computer generated images became the new rave in Hollywood, celebrities were going broke. The lot of Musicians wasn't any better, people were no longer paying for music, piracy single handedly slaughtered that entire industry-so all desirable celebrities sold their DNA to Microsofts Clone-A-Mate. Forbes in its last issue estimated Bill Gates'net worth at 600 trillion dollars. Female and Male porn stars started selling their genetic material for millions and everybody who could afford one was buying clones like life rafts on the Titanic. It's nothing to drive down the street and cee four Brad Pitts mowing a lawn, or Morris Chestnut taking the trash out or three Jessica Simpsons in a grocery store scrutinizing the ripeness of fruits or vegetables. My co-worker, Trudy, also a Lawyer, who works in Litigation, purchased a Shaq 32XJ a month ago, and now she's the happiest white woman in the office.

Last month UPS pulled up with my package, I was going to be the first white man in the neighborhood with a 'Beyonce' and I felt like a nervous teenager before his first date. All clones come in a sealed hyperbolic chamber to gaurantee 'Freshness' and 'Virginity'. Before I unwraped this beautiful black Queen I began to read her manual.

Beyonce: QXT Series

"Congratulations! from us at Clone-A-Mate labs. You are now the proud owner of the Beyonce QXT. You have purchased the finest in luxury clones. The Beyonce QXT is a flesh and blood human being grown and made in Microsofts Clone-A-Mate labs.

1: Getting Started With Your Clone

Your clone is installed with GPS in it's arm and has six microchips in it's brain controlling the Rostral Anterior Cingulate Cortex or the Amygdala, this is the part of the brain that controls optimism. Your clone will never be in a bad move! Your clone also has a chip in its left interior frontal lobe, the part of the brain responsible for speech! Did you know your clone can speak 45 languages fluently? Before you take your clone out of its Hyperbolic Chamber make sure you program her to your desired langauge setting. Your Beyonce QXT is equiped with an emotional circuit which completely supresses any emotion. Legally we are required by the Federal Cloning Act to equip all Clones with this emotional supression circuit-so by law she can not express any emotions, she is incapable of anger, sadness, or feelings of humiliation or embarrasment.

2: Settings

Though your clone is incapable of emotions she has a default setting inwhich she can simulate the mood you are in. Are you hungry? The Beyonce QXT is equiped with 24,000 recipes of dishes from around the globe and can cook them with the skill of a Master chef. Do you just want to cuddle and sip wine on the couch? Your Beyonce QXT will hold you as if you were a newborn in your mother's arms. Are you in the mood for a little loving? Your Beyonce QXT has 25,000 adult films down loaded in her memory and can make your deepest disires come true. How about a little conversation? The Beyonce QXT has an entire library downloaded in her memory and can call up page and verse of your favorite book, recite the meditations of your favorite philosopher or the stats of your favorite sports team. Do you have a Mansion or a one room apartment? The BeyonceQXT represents the finest in housekeeping, do you want her to polish the floor of every square inch of a 32 room mansion with a toothbrush? The Beyonce QXT will do it with a smile.


Your Clone lives off of Spirulina, soy milk and spring water. We at Clone-A-Mate suggest this diet for optimum performance. She should spend at least 12 hours a week recharching in her hyperbolic Chamber. Enjoy your Beyonce QXT.

"It's better than the real thing!"


Thursday, April 24, 2008

THE PIPPEN FACTOR: A Study in Differential Calculus


Shaq and Kobe should have born rings by now, but they don't!!!!!!Why? The answer to this question is the Holy Grail of life as we understand it. The Blackman is indeed God! Before I continue all my readers should acknowledge this Universal Truth. With that being said, it should also be understood that 'Egotism' distorts omnipotence from manifesting within the context of Universal, Material, Equality which we all have come to understand as linear time; four dimensional reality; or a Basketball court. Yelp! I said it, "A Basketball court"(Also a Boxing Ring, but thatz another build).

Before we attempt to unravel the Universal math equation of Kobe and Shaq we must study past Koran. The chapter or Sura in this Koran is entitled; The Bull's Dynasty.

"Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem. Scotti Pippen is the greatest spiritual figure in the history of Basketball, for he never challenged the ego of Michael Jordan. Why don't you cee Scotti behind every Jordan symbol? Because Scotti never had the egotistical need to be ceen. Scotti's thorough control of his own 'Ego' allowed Michael to Harmonize with the Universal consciousness of Allah in 360 degrees or in other words "Ball out of Control" Jordan was the light, but Pippen was the blackness behind the landscape of the Bright Star Shinning."

Pippen could feel Michael's current of air. I'm sure Pippen could look into Mike's eyes before a game and approximate M.J.'s state of mind. Allah and Justice 'walked' together. Mike and Scotti 'walked' together and when you 'walk' together you learn very subtle nuances about one another. Those nuances that Scotti drew up and preserved for himself regarding M.J. is the reason why the Chicago Bulls won equality rings. Scotti's 'egoless' court behavior should not be in anyway confused with docility, if we fall into the egotistical trappings of this notion we will loose sight of the Supreme Wisdom present in Scotti Pippen.

Scotti kept the devil of 'ego' roped and bound in the caves of West Asia. He never allowed his 'ego' to be released into the Holy City Of Mecca(Cognitive Consciousness). The restriction that Scotti placed on his 'ego' was the launching pad for the Jet Plane we have all come to know as Air Jordan.


Scotti and Michael are the primary derivatives of this Universal Differential Calculus equation. Kobe and Shaq are the secondary derivatives of this-'The Holy Grail of All Math Equations'. An intrinsic and inate Understanding of the Culture degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture is paramount to understanding the workings of the egoless reality of I-God culture: "Why did we run Yacob and his made Devil from the root of civilization over the hot Arabian desert into the caves of West Asia as they now call it Europe? What is the meaning of E-U and R-O-P-E? How Long Ago? What did the Devil Bring with him? What Kind of Life did the Devil live then? and How long before Musa came to teach the Devil of their forgotten trick-knowledge?"


"Scotti ran the Devil of his 'Ego' over the hot Arabian Desert into the Caves of his third. Both Kobe and Shaq failed at the undertaking of running their 'ego' over the desert. Neither of them could bind in the grafted snake of 'Egotism'. The Devil and/or 'Ego' brings emotional baggage with him. Phil Jackson(The Musa Principle) is the 'honorary' Half Original man in this equation who came to teach the 'Egotism' of Shaq and Kobe of the 'Forgotten Knowledge' and 'history' of the Bull headed God Ausar, he also tried to teach them how to build a 'Triangle Offense' for themselves."

Shaq and Kobe attempted to Make the twenty two hundred mile trip over the Mental Hot Arabian but only succeeded in traveling only half of said distance(1100 mi) together. Eleven Hundred miles or understanding rings together as opposed to the equality rings won by the Bulls' Dynasty.

The Answer to the Holy Grail of All Math Equations is:

Learn to keep your 'ego' roped up in the cave of your own mind, because as soon as the Devil rears its snake like egotistical head you will soon find success fleeting, elusive and causing trouble amongst the 'Righteous'.


I call the above equation 'The Holy Grail of differential Calculus' because if understood properly it can open an individual up to their personal 'Victory' as well as assist with the discovery of their own personal 'Determined ideal'. Your 'determined ideal' is discovered in Equality, hence 'How Old was the Founder? Yacob's age at the true I master equal is a rational whole number with the 'Qualitative' metaphor of 'Equality' subtlely attached. Equality means to be 'Equal in Everything'(NOT IDENTICAL) because 'Likes' repel. When Michael Jordan played ball every Man: Black; Brown; Yellow; and White at one time or another indulged himself in a 'Michael Jordan' Fantacy.

Ques: What Movafucka ain't want to fly 'Like' Mike?

Ans: Scotti Pippen! Scotti Pippen flew through the Air Like Scotti Pippen!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tales of A Belly Head

Belly is my favorite movie of all time, "God is you crazy!" I know..I know...hear me out first. Let me explain why this low budget movie, with some of the worst acting that the planet has ever ceen is my absolute favorite movie of all time. First of all I don't know anyone who's not a 'Scarface' head. I'm a Scarface head to the max, I had Scarface on cap before I had one twenty on cap, but Scarface even has to move aside for 'Belly'. I'm a Godfather, Goodfellas, and Raging Bull head and all must take a backseat to Belly. "Why Emblem? Why?"

The cinematography in Belly is off the chain, Hype Williams dipped the film in acid or some shit to give it this weird, dark look-I have never ceen that in a movie before. Hype does music videos, so he angles every shot to convey 'quick', wordless meaning. Every shot in the movie Belly can be framed and put in an art museum. The visual sequence in the opening of Belly is second to none, Hype made Nas' and DMX's eyes glowing blue-that shit was off the rip. When they bang out in the club and jump into the Benz that is not really moving-though it appears cheesy-its not! If you ever do the knowledge on them Old black and white films with catz like Bogart, they be driving the whip with the Dame in the passenger side and the scenerary is moving but not the car. Hitchcock did that shit all the time and the colored man says he's one of the best that ever did the whole 'film' thing. I'm not saying that 'Hype' is the best movie director ever but he made a mistake and made the best movie in the history of the world. "Get the fuck out of here Emblem!"

T-Boz should have won an Academy award for the 'Worst Actress' ever and Nas should have got the Academy award for 'Worst Actor'. If you blaze equality and want to laugh your ass off keep rewinding all parts with T-Boz in 'em, WARNING: You may piss yourself, choke to death from laughing if you have chronic in your lungs or possibly have a stroke if you suffer from high blood preasure. I have high blood preasure so I always take my medicine before I roll a blunt and watch T-Boz's parts (The shit is Dangerous). I can cee it now-'Emblem died from laughing, smoking weed and watching T-Boz's performance in Belly!' "I mean damn Sin you act like were broke or something-I mean-what the fuck!"(You got to cee the movie). She is one of the reasons why Belly is the greatest movie ever made. How many movies have you ceen where there is no doubt that the performance you just witnessed was the best or worst in history? Well after you watch Belly you will witness an event in word history-She 'hands down' wins for the Academy Award for the worst actress in the entire history of the planet. And if T-Boz ever reads this she should be proud of herself because she made history! When the Scientist predicted her in the year one-they saw that she would be the one to bring about the worst performance in history of any actress.

DMX acted like DMX which is easy if your DMX so throughout the whole movie he is good at being Tommy A.K.A. DMX. DMX brings me to Nas, well if you've never ceen the movie or may not have ceen it in a while-DMX goes by Nas' crib at like the culture hour in the morning, calls and threatens to start blowing the horn and waking up the whole neighborhood and Like any good flunky Nas gets dressed and leaves the house and rides passenger side in Tommy's new White Benz. Anyway DMX and Nas are smoking an 'L' in the ride and DMX starts to build on this new flavor of heroin about to touch the streetz. Nas says one of the worst lines in history, and looks like an idiot saying it, "How much you think we can make off that shit" Well the weed that they were smoking may not have been real but Nas has his eyes real low when he says it and looks like DMX's passive girlfriend. DMX hollers at Nas the whole movie, the shit is fucking hilarious.

The part of the Movie shot in Kingston was hot, even though some of it was shot in New Jersey. Ox(The Original Jamaican Dundada) played the livest Gangsta in any flick since Scarface. I've lived in Medina and I have met my share of Jamaican Rude Boys and needless to say Ox(Ranks)as the best portrayal of any Rude boy I've ceen on film even though he gets his throat cut by a Jamaican chick named after a banana(Chiquita). I'm not bullshittin' the chicks name is really 'Chiquita'. "Jamaica is very Good"(Must cee the movie).

"Is that the illest Nigga in Omaha" Method Man as Father Sha is believable. Why? Because yours truly knows what its like to run up on a set of country Niggaz and come out alive.

I could go on for days about my love of the movie Belly-and I will one day with Tales of A Belly Head!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Round 1: Emblem of Justice vs. Super Earth: The Long Term Relationship Champ. HBO Boxing Main Event

Last Saturday I went to rest on the couch, pissed because Bernard Hopkins lost to Joe Calzaghe. The judges stole it from B-Hop. Hopkins knocked the white boy down, cut him, and all the white boy did is throw these little bullshittin' pitty pat punches that had no effect to pile up points. Anyway I'm on the couch, the true victory is still on, I'm drifting off into rest, and that wavy dream sequence fog hovered over my body like I was on a sit com.

Then the next thing I know I'm on HBO being interviewed by Larry Merchant.

"Emblem you have been the Heavyweight Bachelor Champion of the world five times. Though you have been defeated by long term relationships, on a handful of occassions in the past, you have always managed to regain the belt. You have now been the Heavy Bachelor Champion of the world for understanding years. How long can you go on defending the belt? and How will you defend against such a stunning Champion like Super Earth? This woman is absolutely beautiful, highly intelligent and can cook! How will you fight her tonight?"

"Well Larry! I've watched plenty films of Super Earth fighting and I cee how she knocks Gods out at first sight with her beauty. I've trained for this fight, me and my trainer have devised the game plan of sticking, moving and not taking her beauty on face value. I know Super Earth is a devasting body puncher with her sexual power, knowledge wisdom cipher on cap and her cooking skills but I plan to be evasive, stay on my toes and stick with the game plan me and my corner have made."

Round Knowledge:

Super Earth is coming to the Ring to 'Killing Me Softly' by Roberta Flack, with her trainer Mecca Supreme and her Cut Woman I Asia Horizon. She enters the ring throwing punches and looking absolutely gorgeous. This woman is exactly one hundred and twenty pounds of pure beauty. Emblem of Justice has his work cut out for him tonight folks!

An here comes Emblem jogging toward the ring to Jay-Z's 99 problems(and a bitch ain't one)! Emblem is flanked by his Enlightener and Trainer Life Justice Shabazz Allah and his cut man Salidin Allah.

"Gods and Earths welcome to Allah's arena in Las Vegas Nevada for HBO boxing after dark's Main event but first Please stand for the 'Enlightener' sung this evening by Ms. Alicia Keys.

"Peaceeeeeeeeee to Allahhhhh and Justice

Peaceeeeeeeeee to Allahhhhh U Justice-

The knowledgeeeeee is theeeee fououououndation

The Wisdom is theeee waaaaay

The Understanding shows you that youuuuuuuuuuu are on your way


The Power is the trutttthhhhhhh

The equalityyyyy only shows you that you have planted your rooooooots

Pudddinnnnnnnnnnn came to teach usssss the righteous way

How to build with that which he taught us build to beeeee born in this Glorious dayyyyyy

The knowledge of the cipher is toooooooo enlighten you-to let you know that Godddddd is right among youuuuuuu!


Lets get ready tooooooooo RUMBLEEEE!

"In the red corner, weighing two hundred and seven pounds, with a record of 55 wins 5 losses, the five time Heavyweight Bachelor Champion of the world, The Sharpest Sword in the History of Pelon, the Maniac from Medina: Emmmmmmmmmmmmblem of Justice!."

"In the blue corner, weighing in at exactly one hundred and twenty pounds, The undefeated Long term relationship Champion of the World with a record of 24,896 wins all by knock out The Assasin of Asia, the Six Sextillion ton Hammer: Superrrrrrr Earthhhhhhhhhh!"

"Ding Ding!"

Emblems comes out on his toes, throwing the 'I only need a chick for one thing!' jab. Super Earth is stalking slowly, bobing and weaving Emblem's jabs. 'Oh My God' she hit Emblem in the mouth with a Vegan plate.

"Thatz all you got Earth is Vegan plates? Fuck a Vegan plate!"

"Emblem hits the Earth with a number one from Mcdonalds and a cheeseburger from the dollar menu! That was a savage blow snapping the Earth's head back and a sad case of the wrong foods indeed Chuck." The annoucer says ringside.

The Earth is spinning grabbing on to Emblem to smother his punches, she hugs Emblem and whispers in his ear, "You need love God".

"I need love about as much as I need a Hernia!" Emblem says connecting to Super Earth's chin!

"The Queen Super Earth takes out her bare feet and shows her toes, she has no corns, her toes are absolutely gorgeous. Emblem is in a daze, I don't know how he can stand that type of preasure Jim, he looks like he may hit the canvas. The upper cut of her toes was an amazing punch." The Sports Announcer screams.

"Emblem was saved by the bell in round 1, how he survived after witnessing the beauty of that woman's feet is beyond me Doug. Emblem is a Soldier indeed!"

Coming Soon: Round Wisdom

Friday, April 18, 2008

Menage Troiss', The U.S. Economy and Sloppy Seconds!!!

First of all I have experienced a Menage Trois and needless to say it was enjoyable. There are two types of Menage Troiss'-A 'good' one and a 'bad' one! A 'good' menage trois is a man and two women-a 'bad' menage trois is two dudes and a shorty. I am proud to say I had a 'Good' one. I don't call a 'bad' menage trois a 'bad' menage trois-I think the shit is just plain 'gay'. If I can help it I ain't striving to be in a room wit another naked movafucka under no circumstances. I gotz to have the only dick swinging in the room(I'm an Alpha Male). Bush and Dick have just had a bad menage trois on the United States Economy-they have gang banged the shit out the poor woman and now they want to hand damaged goods over to a White chick or a Black dude?

We've all watched porn at one time or another and I'm sure all my adult readers are familiar with the term 'gang bang'! When I was in college I had to know the history of every girl I got physical with. Who wants to stroll around campus holding hands and have the entire football team laughing behind their back? Not me!

When the new President is sworn into office guess who gonna be laughing in the audience? You got it: Bush and Dick! Bush and Dick are going to be laughing they ass off as Obama walks the campus of the United States of America holding hands with his new sweetheart the U.S. Economy. If Hillary wins she will notice Herpe sores on her new lover's mouth. The U.S. economy needs Valtrex like a movafucka! (Can you imagine the U.S. economy kick boxing?)

The football team (Dick and Bush) is laughing at the fact that the new President whoever it may be will be getting what is known in the American Campus Lexicon as 'Sloppy Seconds'. The U.S. Economy is HIV positive, she was infected during the Bush and Cheney admistration and now they're passing this poor woman down to Clinton or Obama like a used up whore.

I know a few times I myself asked a few of my college buddies with a knowing smirk on my face "Yo dog! you fuckin' her!" And they would proudly say that they love her! If you were a real pal you would say, "Dog she a whore! The Ques and the football team got her on video!" and it would devastate your buddy, but friends don't let friends drive drunk, nor do they let them marry whores. So I have one thing to say to Clinton or Obama: "Yo Dog the Ques and the football team got your girl on videotape."

Egoless Omnipotence

When I first Got math the size of Yacob's head was nothing incomparison to mines. At the time I couldn't even spell 'Arrogance'. Waxed build up caused closed ears so a movafucka wasn't hearing shit-not a movafuckin thing! Nigga What? I was God a.k.a. Mental Movafuckin' Supremacy on a Physical plane. Told my very first Queen Neffertiti , "Polygamy just part of the Solar facts mommy, so keep spinning and deal wit it booh!" I cringe at the thought of what I use to be. Peep this: A Nigga even had disciples, I was a Newborn wit newborns, the blind leading the movafuckin' blind. All that above is caused by the Sun of Man, So the Prescribed Law of I Self Lord and Master had to born some trials and tribulations to slow my Sword Swinging ass down. Ever seen 'Fearless'? Well that movafucka was humble compared to me. I had that Rutger Park 120, meaning I'd bring the lesson down court, bounce it off your dome, spin, break the next cat ankles, then throw a no look pass in the paint making the cipher go, "OH MY GOD!" I was invincible too, I'd ride so dirty that Porno stars said, "That some dirty shit!" and I did all that before I started snortin' Cocaine. Rick James was right, "Cocaine is a helluva drug!" I had so much understanding on the triple beam(this was before the digital scale era) that I couldn't help but take my finger and wipe it across the scale and put a dab between my cheek and gum. A weak later I snorted my first line. Remember Scarface at the end of the movie? Now imagine if Tony had one twenty? Well that was me! My lessons kicked into overdrive, particularly the power degree in the knowledge to knowledge the culture. My motto was, "We ain't ask for Jerusalem, we took the movafucka!" By then I had all the Newborns around me gased. I'm in the backseat with the knowledge wisdom gauge pump shotty and we on are way.......(The rest of this story may be inappropriate for readers) So I will get back to the initial topic: Egoless Omnipotence.

Remember when Denzel's lips got fucked up in 'Mo Better Blues', and he ended up on the floor of his apartment curled up in a ball? Well that was me!(No I don't play the trumpet). My instrument was and is knowledge wisdom cipher, I'm like Miles with that movafucka, but the Prescribed Law of I Self Lord and Master had to reduce my personal egotism to the foundation because it was causing trouble amongst the root of who I truly am. God! God doesn't born through ego, God born through wisdom to manifest what? Understanding. So what is Ego? The ego is psychological masturbation and I'm not saying that to make you feel guilty. We've all masturbated, at least psychologically! I know some Gods will be like "Now cipher! That's a filthy affair-it's babies in here God!" Nigga I said 'psychological'! Psychological masturbation! Psychological Masturbation is when you get Cream and start stroking your own ego and create in your mind an inordinate picture of yourself that turns you on. Knowledge of Self is when you learn to distinguish between your 'ego' and the reality of 'God'. The differrence between the two is vast. The wisdom degree born "Who is the Colored Man?" Now this 'ego' shit ain't got shit to do with a grafted individual. We all have egos, but it must be put in 'check'! Can you find the 'check' in knowledge wisdom cipher that the 'ego' should be put in? I'm waiting Nigga! Nigga I'm still waiting! The knowledge understanding degree borns the ideal of the 'Private Soldier'. What the fuck is a 'Private Soldier'? It is the grunt, the disposable human being(That's how George W. cees' it). But this 'Private Soldier' I'm building on is not a human being sent to die in Iraq. This Private Soldier is the 'ego'! You must know how to dispose of your 'ego' at the right time. Bullshit! Show and Prove that shit Emblem! Well look in your third and peep a chess board. Who is the private soldier? The Pawn! The pawns are usually the first to move unless you open with that bullshit Sicillian Defence which I think is inadequate for control of the central squares. But I digress-that's chess politics. The Pawns are usually involved in the initial opening conflict, but the most powerful pieces lay back in the cut getting locked and loaded for war. It is not smart to play the pawn or 'ego' like it is a 'King' or 'God'. Now in the midst of spiritual warfare particullarly in the Wilderness of North America if you think your going to checkmate the oppossing King by pushing eight aspects of the ego up the board-your gonna get checkmated dummy! Don't feel bad-I use to be that dummy attempting to push eight points of knowledge wisdom cipher up the board, and paid little attention to the spiritual power of a Queen, a Rook, a Bishop and a Knight. There is a Spiritual power inherent in the Captain and Lieutenant in that Knowledge Understanding degree within the knowledge to knowledge the culture. Now roledex or cross that knowledge understanding degree over like Iverson and peep how the Knowledge Understanding manifest "What is his OwnSelf?" I've said on many occassions that the knowledge understanding degree is one of my favorite degrees because it allows you to peel within an infinite number of interpersonal layers related to deeper 'Self Discovery'. The knowledge understanding question itself has 'No Ending', which is the essential beauty of the degree-it opens you up to continued introspection. You must remove the 'ego' from the position of Captain and bust it down to the Private Soldier-if you don't two forty will!

Two forty is not a God-it is merely the Prescribed Law of I Self Lord and Master sort of like the subconscious which manifest reality from the origin of your thought. Showing and proving all that above is Caused by your black ass! Do the knowledge on the wisdom culture in the one to forties-it deals with the 'Determined Ideal' add a cee I power her and you will cee the reality of who you are in the midst of the unknown. Two forty must reduce the ego of the 'Righteous'! 240 is reductive in it's functioning, you know how the understanding say your black ass ain't care about the poor part-well that is how two forty get down-it don't give a fuck about the poor part and does away with all non essential shit that ain't useful. Your ego must get blown to bits like the front line soldiers in Iraq unfortunately, before you can ask the question, "What is his Ownself?" or in another manner of speaking, "Who the fuck are You? and What the fuck are you doing?" all of which fall under the Idea of Knowledge of Self. Interrestingly enough the 'ego' is an integral part of knowledge-if your 'ego' walks around your mind and you can't detect when it's tap dancing-guess what nigga!? You ain't got knowledge of Self! Knowledge of self is knowing when your 'ego' is about to show off. Ever been inside of a Welfare Office in Brooklyn? And the Mother says between clinched teeth to the bad ass child , "You keep showing off and I'm gonna beat yo Ass!" Well that is how we must keep are egos in check, "You keep showing off and I'm gonna beat your ass!" We gotta be that Mother in the Welfare office in Medina. After the ego is in check you will become Allah Manifest or an Earth of the Highest Degree of Refinement.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mathematics, Munchies, Meditation, and Morrison!

I was blazing reading a calculus book. Needless to say the equality was off the ledge. Calculus is the shit, differential calculus gets my divine eye hard, but not that day. I'm picky like an obese person at McDonalds when it comes to my reading material-Do I want two number twos and seven big Macs or seven hundred happy meals? Hmmmm! Equality has ingredients in it that call for differrent angles of thought, sometimes the equality might stimulate hardcore calculus Logic or sometimes it my call for something aesthetically pleasing to the senses and sometimes it might make you clean a bachelor dump(my Redman Palace) to look like something off of MTV cribs. That's why I dig trees because it's all kinds; some equality goes straight to your balls and you get out your Cell and scroll the contact list for college hotties. Some equality will cause you to blog some bullshit, like I'm doing now. But last weekend I had some 'Bin Laden' nigga, then I picked up 'Beloved' for the trillionth time(I think I got the book memorized). Every line of that book is aesthetically pleasing. God Damn Toni Morrison can write. She God God years old and her flow is off the yelzabulb. O.K.- She will never out do 'Beloved' but thatz like Jay-Z out doing Reasonable Doubt or Nas transcending the flow of 'Illmatic': won't happen! 'Classic' in my mind means it will never be eclipsed, every artist should pray that his or her first work is not their best. Michael Jackson was not quite the same after Thriller(him and his nose fell off). 'Beloved' is da shit and her ole' ass will never eclipse that level of meditative funk she laid, Beloved will only haunt Toni like she did Sethe, as Reasonable Doubt haunts Jay, as Illmatic Haunts Nas, as the epic three rounds of Hagler vs. Hearns will forever haunt boxing. Somethings are just not meant to be surpassed. This water is never drawn above six miles! Feel me!

I'm reading 'Beloved' and Toni hit me wit this ill ass line. Beloved said to Sethe, "You finished wit yo eyes?" Now keep in mind I love literature, and I know a great line when I read one and that was a line for all times. The Song of Solomon is tight, nice story line, decent rhythm and also has some tight one liners. When she describes Milkman's cousin (his kissing cousin) as the 'third bottle of beer' it brings forth a powerful, penetrating visual. Jay-Z will always create a great line, Nas can easily creat an excellent line, Morrison is more than capable of laying down a subterrainian line but the constant barrage of poetical prose in 'Beloved' will never be eclipsed(not by her or in her lifetime). I have Read all of Morrison's works; Song of Solomon; Sula, Bluest Eye; Paradise; Tar Baby; Love; and Jazz-they all are excellent but none of them are on par with 'Beloved'. 'Beloved' is a literary meditation. Every single line is prescribed law-like on some biblical shit. I don't meditate to Jigga, I meditate to 'Reasonable Doubt', I don't meditate to Nas, I meditate to 'Illmatic'. It is the work of art to be celebrated not necessarilly the artist. When an artist has produced a 'Classic' the artist themselves are not necessarilly responsible. A glass is not responsible for the water you drink, a glass is just the vessel by which you drink. Egoless Omnipotence travels through them at times, now I ain't on no mystery shit, but the reality is-is that none of us really touch that genius 'source source' on a daily basis. In Beloved Paul D explains the ideal of good sleep as 'sleep sleep' the same applies to that creative, egoless, God at the core of who we are. It's one thing to say, "That's Peace!" but it is another thing to say "THAT'S PEACE!" or maybe it's just the quality of the weed?